TOW Ross and Rachel Find out

(Sorry if this is kinda short but I'll try to make future ones longer.
J=Joey, M=Monica, C=Chandler, P=Phoebe, Ra=Rachel, Ro=Ross, you need to read TOW They all go to jail first)
J: Previously on Friends- (montage from last few episodes)
[Scene: The jail,
Cop: Your bail has been paid
C: By who?
Man(we can't see): By me-
C: Oh my god!!!! (camera zooms to a man, who is a transvestite) Dad?!
(lets' see well call Chandler's dad Steve Bing (St)
St: Chandy!!! (hugs Chandler before, Chandler can stop him)
C: Ahhhhh, how, how, how did you find me here?
St: Well, uhhhh I have a uhhh, friend..who works here (waves to one of the cops, the wave is more than friendly) He called me.
C:(to himself)Your own fault for asking Chan,(to his dad) anyway could you bail out my friends too?
St: Oh sorry I don't have enough with me
C: Okay then just my fiancie?
Ra: (to Monica) You guys are engaged?
M: Yeah
Ra: Oh that's so great!!! (they hug)
J:(dirtly) Ohhhh my (all glare at him)
Opening Credits (all from Vegas)
[Scene: The gang is walking down a street (Ross and Rachel are dressed now)]
Ra: So let me get this strait, we are staying at your dad's?
C:(not happy) Yes
J:(horrified) At an all male burlesque?
C: (not happy) Yes
P: But it's an all male thing what about us girls?
C: (not happy) He's gonna let you guys in
Ro: Who's idea was this?
C: Monica's! (all look at her like to say what were you thinking)
M: What? Hey it's my boyfriends dad I was just being polite!
All: Ugh! (the gang minus R&R lag behind, they are whispering)
P: So guys what are we going to do about Rachel and Ross? (they know but R&R don't)
M: Well we have to tell them
J: Ohh but then they'll get divorced!
C: Mon's right they can't just stay married, and not know it! (they continue arguing,)
Ra:(looks back at the rest of the gang) Hey uhh, Ross do you remember what happened after we left the hotel?
Ro: The last thing I remember is..............graduating from high school. But ya know they told us we went swimming in fountain.
Ra: I can't believe we did that!
Ro: Well we were really drunk! And I just got drunk cuz you did.
Ra: Well you drew on me!
Ro: You told that guy I kissed him!
Ra: You told everyone I wanted to have sex in the bathroom!
Ro: You wet my pants!! (Rachel bursts out laughing) What?
Ra: I was just thinking.. what someone would think if they heard this conversation. (they both laugh at the thought) Well ya know I just, I just have this feeling that something else happened that we don't know about, ya know?
Ro: Oh my god I was thinking the exact same thing, but I thought it was just my imagination
Ra: I know! So I guess we should be prepared for anything.
Ro: Yeah
Ra: I'm glad to have you as a friend
Ro: Me too (they give each other a side ways hug)
P: Oh my god they have their arms around each other!!!!
M: So?
P: Ooooooo I've got it! I'll get them back together, then we'll tell them their married and they'll be happy!! Yay!
M: No Phoebe we have got to tell them!
P: Oh come on!!! Mon please?
M: Alright, you've got until we go home, then I tell them
P: But that's in two days!!!
M: Uh-hu (continues walking)
P: That bitch!
[Scene: The hotel room at Viva Las Gaygas, next day, Monica is in the room reading, enter Steve in men's clothes]
St: Hey
M: Hi
St: So how do you like it here?
M: Oh it's okay, I'm getting kinda tired of being asked where I got my operation, but good
St: Great, will you excuse me for a moment?
M: Yeah (exit Steve, enter Chandler) Hey you, how you doing?
C: Well this is like my worst nightmare come true, but other that just peachy keen!
M: I'm sorry sweetie, I just wanted him to like me.
C: (puts his arms around her waist) Honey I love you, I don't care what my father thinks.
M: That's sweet, I just would prefer if he liked me that's all
C: Okay (they start kissing)
J:(singing from in the shower) I believe in miracles!!! Where you from? You sexy thing (ya know Hot Chocolate, M&C look at each other and laugh)
[Scene: A store R&R come out of it, both are carrying shopping bags, most are Rachel's]
Ra: So any luck with remembering last night?
Ro: No you?
Ra: No, god this must be what it's like to have amnesia, I........uhh oh my god!
Ro: What? (he looks at what she is, we see that they are in front of  The Little White Chapel) Whoa
Ra: I, no, no this ridicules why would we be in a chapel?
Ro: Yeah (they look at it again unsure)
[Scene the room at Viva Las Gaygas, the gang is there minus R&R, R&R storm in]
Ra/Ro: We are married!!!!!!!!
All: Uhhhhhhhh
Ra: And you guys (points to C&M,) you knew about this, and you didn't tell us!
M: No we didn't
C: Yeah why, why, why would you think that?
Ro: Well we talked to the receptionist and she said that our wedding was right before the Geller/Bing wedding.
C: Okay I know that this looks bad, but there is an explanation...................and we'll think of it in about 10 years.
Ra: How could you guys do this to us?
Ro: Yeah?!
P: No, no stop! It's my fault! I talked them into not telling you guys.
Ra: What?!
Ro: Phoebe, how could you do that, why would you do that?
P: Well you've gotten divorced
Ra: So what you we're just gonna not tell us ever?
P: No I was gonna get you back together then tell you.
Ro: (sighs) Okay ya know what, I'm gonna try to make this perfectly clear, Rachel and I are over, over!! And thanks to you guys I'm gonna get divorced for the third time!!!!!!!
M: Hey it's not our fault you guys got drunk and did something stupid, so stop trying to lay the blame on us! (all, minus R&R, leave)
[Scene: The Airplane, C&M are talking]
M: Wow, some vacation uh?
C: Yeah I can't believe we're getting married
M: Me either (they kiss)

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