††††††††††††††††††††††††† The One With Friends Forever††

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Written by: Stephanie†††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


This fanfic takes place somewhere after TOW Joeyís Porsche. Monica lives with Chandler, Joey lives alone (but is looking for a roommate) and Rachel and Phoebe live together. Ross lives alone too. Now, on with this fanfic!!


Scene: Central Perk

Monica, Phoebe, and Ross are all there talking about if Ross asked Rachel to marry him yet


MONICA: So Ross, have you asked Rachel yet?


ROSS: No. Itís only been three weeks since weíve become friends again, and besides, I canít ask her now


PHOEBE: Why not you love her donít you. Who cares about how long itís been. The main thing is that you love her and you want to marry her


ROSS (rambling on): I know. I do love her but itís just better to wait. After all, we did get divorced only two months ago


(Joey and Chandler walk in)


CHANDLER (sitting beside Monica): Hey guys! Whatís up?


JOEY (sitting down in his usual chair): Hey Ross what did Rachel say, or did you even ask her?


ROSS: No I didnít and why does everyone think I have. I mean, Iíll ask her when the time is right okay


JOEY: Gee, I just asked


CHAN: Yeah itís just a question. You donít have to be so powerful about it


PHOE: Ross just go ahead and ask Rachel to marry you!


(Rachel walked in just in time to hear what Phoebe said)


RACHEL (rushing over to them): What! Phoebe what did you just say!


PHOE: Umm, nothing


RACH: Phoebe!


PHOE (making up something): Okay, okay. I was umm, I was telling a story about a girl named RechelÖGrain and a boy named RussÖKeller. You see Russ wants to marry Rechel but doesnít have the guts to ask her (She eyes Ross)


RACH: You know what, if someone wanted to ask me to marry them I wish that they would just get it over with and ask me


ROSS: Really, I mean, uh, yes, right, yeah


(They are all staring at Ross and Rachel got curious)


Scene: M&Cís Apartment

Monica is in the spare room painting and Rachel walks in almost crying


RACH (waiting for her to answer): Mon, are you home?

MON (O/S): In here Iím painting the other room


RACH (walking into the room, trembling): Mon, I have to tell you something. You canít tell anyone. You promise me you wonít tell anybody


MON: What is it? Rach, you can trust me; you can tell me anything


RACH (starting to cry): Iím pregnant. Monica, Iím having aÖaÖbaby


MON (trying to comfort her): What! Oh my god, whoís is it?


RACH (looking Mon straight in the eye): Mon, itís your brotherís


MON: What


Scene: Joeyís Apt.

Ross and Joey are talking. Joey is sitting in his chair and Ross is standing up pacing around


ROSS: Joey, I just donít know what to do. I mean every time I see her or even look at her I get more nervous then I did when we first met. Joey youíve got to help me. Iím going crazy


JOEY: Well, all I can tell you is that you are going to have to talk to her and tell her how you feelÖand about the crazy thing, I believe it


(Ross gives Joey a weird look)


ROSS: Yeah, Joe youíre a real big help. Look, Iím going over there to see if Rach is there so we can talk, and youíre coming with me


JOEY: Fine, come on letís go


ROSS: Wait! I have to think of what to tell her. Just let me think, then weíll go


JOEY: Okay, gee, would ya just make up your mind!


(Ross glares at Joey and Joey just goes back to sitting down)


Scene: M&Cís Apt.

Monica and Rachel are there. Rachel is on the couch and Monica is getting water. Phoebe walks in and sees Rachel crying


PHOE (walking in): Hey guys! Oh my god Rachel whatís wrong? Are you okay?


RACH (crying): Phoebe, Iím ok. Itís just well, okay, Phoebe you canít tell anybody this


PHOE: Okay. I wonít


RACH: Promise?


PHOE: I totally promise


RACH: Iím pregnant


(Rachel starts to cry again and Chandler walks in)


PHOE: What! Youíre pregnant!


CHAN (panicking): What! Whoís pregnant? Monica are you pregnant?


MON: No!


RACH (getting up and walking fast over to Chandler): Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god! Chandler if you tell anybody I suare (gets cut of by Chandler)


CHAN: So youíre pregnant. Tell me, whoís is it


RACH: Rossís




(Rachel looks at Phoebe)


PHOE (sitting down on the couch): Sorry. Iíll be good


CHAN: To tell or not to tell Ross, that is the question


RACH/MON/PHOE: Chandler!!


CHAN: Okay, I wonít tell Ross your pregnant!


RACH/MON/PHOE: Shhhhhh!!


(Chandler goes over to sit in the chair and Rachel starts to cry again)


RACH: Iím not going to get by with this am I?


MON (gets tissues and helps Rachel to the couch): Chandler!


CHAN: What?! (to himself) Like I would even tell him anything


(Ross and Joey enters)


ROSS: Hey guys! Rachel! (sees sheís crying) Rachel, whatís wrong?


(Ross goes to the couch and sits by Rach)


ROSS: Rach?


RACH (claming herself down): Yeah Ross


ROSS: Whatís wrong? Are you okay?


PHOE (whispering in Joeyís ear): Rachelís pregnant and itís Rossís baby


JOEY (screams): What! This is HUGE!


(Phoebe starts to giggle and everyone is looking at Joey)


JOEY: Oh sorry. Proceed


RACH (looking back at Ross): Ross, I think thereís something you should be included in on. Just promise you wonít be mad


ROSS: Rach, whatever it is Iím sure I wonít be mad. You can tell me anything


RACH (starting to cry again): Ross, Iím pregnant with your child


ROSS: A babyÖa babyÖweíre having a baby (gets up and starts yelling) Iím having a baby! Chandler Iím having a baby!! (Rachel starts smiling in relief) Wait a minute, Rach, why would I be mad? I love you Rach more than anything. Iím not mad


RACH: I donít know. I just felt that you would


ROSS: Well Iím not, as a matter of fact Iím very happy (Rachel smiles) And I have to ask you something and I hoping that your answer will be what I expect (He gets down on his knees and everyone smiles) Rachel Karen Greene, Will you marry me?




ROSS: Yes? You said yes! She said yes!


MON/PHOE/JOEY/CHAN: Congratulations!


(Ross and Rachel hug and then kiss)


MON: Man, they get a baby and get engaged on the same day! (Rachel looks at Mon) But Iím still happy for ya!


(Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe all hug and all the guys shake hands etc.)


2 months laterÖ


Scene: Rossís Apt. (Rachel doesnít live with him YET)

Rachel and Ross are sitting on the couch talking about the past


ROSS: Remember our first kiss


RACH (smiles): Yeah


Flashback to TOW The East German Laundry DetergentÖ


RACH: Alright, listen, missy. If you want this cart, you're gonna have to take me with it (the lady leaves and Rachel turns to Ross) Yes! Did you see that?


ROSS: You were incredible! Brand new woman ladies and gentlemen


RACH: I couldnít have done this without you


(Rachel kisses Ross. Ross looks stunned)


ROSS: Ok, um, uh, more clothes in the dryer? (Ross turns and bangs his head on an open dryer door) I'm fine, I'm fine


RACH: Are you sure?



(Back to Rossís Apt.)


RACH: The first time we said we loved each other (They smile at each other)


Flashback to TOW Old Yeller DiesÖ


ROSS (enters): Ok, what the hell happened back there?

RACH: I don't know, you tell me. One minute I'm holding Ben like a football, the next thing I know, I've got two kids, I'm living in Scarsdale complaining about the taxes

ROSS: Well I'm sorry, I think about stuff. Ya know, I mean, you're at work, you're assembling bones, your mind wanders

RACH: Ross, you have planned out the next 20 years of our lives, we've been dating for six weeks

ROSS: C'mon, what, you never think about our future?

RACH: Yes, but I, I think about who's apartment we're gonna sleep at tomorrow night and, and where we're gonna have dinner next Saturday night. I do not think about what our childrenís names are gonna be. Oh my god, you know what our childrenís names are gonna be

ROSS: No, no, I mean, ya know, I, I read a book and there was a girl named Emily and I thought, I thought that might be good

RACH: What was the book?

ROSS: The big book of childrenís names

RACH: Ok, Ross, Ross, ok listen, what we have is amazing

ROSS: Yeah

RACH: But I do not want to have everything decided for me. I spent my whole life like that. It's what I had with Barry, and that was one of the reasons I left. I, I like not knowing right now and I'm sorry if that scares you but if you want to be with me you are gonna have to deal with that

ROSS: Ok fine

RACH: Thank you

ROSS: We're not done

RACH: I didn't know that

ROSS: Ok, then you're gonna have to understand that you're with a guy who's not gonna stop planning his future with you because he knows that we're gonna end up together and if that scares you, tough, 'cause you're gonna have to deal with that

RACH: Fine, I will

ROSS: Good, 'cause I love you

RACH: Oh yeah

ROSS: Yeah

RACH: Well I love you too

ROSS: Well that's the first time we've said that

RACH: Yes it is

ROSS: Well, I'm gonna kiss you now

RACH: Well you better


(Back to Rossís Apt.)


ROSS: I love you


RACH: I love you too (pauses) Iím glad we met


ROSS: Iím glad you left Barry at the alter (Rachel laughs)


RACH: Remember the time I lost your monkey


ROSS: How could I forget?


Flashback to TOW The Monkey Gets AwayÖ


RACH (On the phone): Okay, he's a, he's a black capuchin monkey with a white face... (Ross Enters) ...with, with Russian dressing and, and pickles on the side. Okay. Thanks

ROSS: Hey. How did, uh, how'd it go today?

RACH: Great! It went great. Really great. Hey, is that wine?

ROSS: Yeah. You, uh, you want some?

RACH: Oh, I would love some. But you know what? You know what? Let's not drink it here. I'm feeling kinda crazy. You wanna go to Newark?

ROSS: Uh, okay, yeah, we could do that, but before we head off to the murder capital of the North East. I was, uh, kinda wanting to run something by you. You know how we were, uh, you know, talking before about, uh, relationships and stuff? Well-

RACH: Oh God, Ross, I cannot do this

ROSS: Okay, quick and painful

RACH: Oh God...Okay. Alright. Alright. Okay. Ross, please don't hate me

ROSS: Oh, what? What? What?

RACH: You know Marcel?

ROSS: Yeah?

RACH: Well, I kind of... I kind of lost him

(Cut to outside the window, with Ross reacting with disbelief. The shot pans back until we see Marcel sitting on the window ledge)

ROSS (Angry): I- I- I ca- I can't believe this. I mean all I asked you to do was keep him in the apartment

RACH: I know, I know, I'm sorry

ROSS: No, you know what, I guess it's partially my fault. You know, I shouldn't have, uh, asked you to start off with a monkey. I should've started you off with like a pen or a pencil

RACH (Tearfully): Ross, I'm doing everything that I can, I've got everybody looking for him, and I- (Door buzzer rings and she runs to get it) Oh! Who is it?

INTERCOM: Animal Control

RACH: See? I've even called Animal Control!

ROSS: You called Animal Control?

RACH: Uh-huh. Why...do you not like them?

ROSS: Marcel is an illegal exotic animal. I'm not allowed to have him in the city. If they find him, they'll take him away from me.

RACH: O-okay, now see, you never ever told us that

ROSS: That's right. I didn't expect you were gonna invite them to the apartment!

(A knock on the door. Rachel swiftly opens it)

RACH: Hi, thanks for coming

ANIMAL CONTROL: Somebody called about a monkey?

RACH: Oh, you know what? That was a complete misunderstanding!

ROSS: Yeah, we thought we had a monkey, but we-we didn't.

RACH: Turned out it was a hat.

ROSS: Cat!

RACH: Cat! What am I saying? Cat!


(Back to Rossís Apt.) (Rachel and Ross are laughing)


RACH (sighs): Weíve had some great times


ROSS: But weíve also had bad ones


Flashback to TOW Ross and Rachel Take A BreakÖ


RACH: What, Ross what do you want from me? You want me, you want me to quit my job so you can feel like you have a girlfriend?

ROSS: No, but itíd be nice if you realized, itís just a job!

RACH: Just a job!


RACH: Ross do you realize this is the first time in my life Iím doing something I actually care about. This is the first time in my life Iím doing something that Iím actually good at. I mean, if you donít get that

ROSS: No, hey, I get that, okay. I get that big time. And Iím happy for ya, but Iím tired of having a relationship with your answering machine! Okay, I donít know what to do anymore

RACH: Well neither do I!

ROSS: Is this about Mark?

RACH (shocked): Oh my God

ROSS: Okay, itís not, itís not

RACH: Oh my God. I cannot keep having this same fight over and over again, Ross, no, youíre, youíre, youíre making this too hard

ROSS: Oh Iím, Iím making this too hard. Okay, what do you want me to do

RACH: I donít know, I donít know. Urrrgh! Look, maybe we should take a break

ROSS: Okay, okay, fine, youíre right. Letís ah, letís take a break, (goes to the door) letís cool off, okay, letís get some frozen yogurt, or something (opens the door)

RACH: No Ross. A break from us

(Ross looks at her, then leaves slamming the door behind him)


Another Flashback to TOW The Morning AfterÖ


ROSS: You know what, you know what, Iím-Iím not the one that wanted that, that break, okay. Youíre the one that bailed on us. Youíre the one that, that ran when things got just a little rough!

RACH: Thatís...

ROSS: Thatís what?!

RACH: That is neither here nor there

ROSS: Okay, well here we are. Now weíre in a tough spot again, Rach. What do you want to do? How do you want to handle it? Huh? Do you wanna fight for us? Or, do you wanna bail? (sits down next to her) Look, I, (on the verge of tears) I did a terrible, stupid, stupid thing. Okay? And Iím sorry, I wish I could take it back, but I canít. I just canít see us throwing away something we know is so damn good. Rachel, I love you so much

(He kisses her on her shoulder, then her neck, then the side of her face, then just before he kisses her on the lipsÖ)

RACH: No Ross!! (stands up and moves away from him) Donít! You canít just kiss me and think youíre gonna make it all go away, okay? It doesnít work that way. It doesnít just make it better. Okay?

ROSS: Okay, okay, okay

RACH (softly): I think you should go

ROSS: What?

RACH (softly): I really think you need to go now

ROSS: (moving over to stand in front of her) Okay, okay. This morning you said there was nothing so big that we couldnít work past it together

RACH: Yeah, what the hell did I know!

ROSS: Look, look, thereís got to be a way we can work past this. Okay, (takes a hold of one of her arms) I canít imagine, I canít imagine my life without you. (Both of them are starting to cry) Without. Without these arms, and your face, and this heart. Your good heart Rach, (drops to his knees and hugs her around her waist) and, andÖ

RACH (crying): No. I canít, youíre a totally different person to me now. I used to think of you as somebody that would never, ever hurt me, ever. God, and now I just canít stop picturing with her, I canít, (Ross stands up and backs away) it doesnít matter what you say, or what you do, Ross. Itís just changed, everything. Forever

(We see the rest of them are now crying)

ROSS (crying): Yeah, but this canít be it, I mean (pauses)

RACH: Then how come it is?


(Back to Rossís Apt.) (Rachel has tears in her eyes)


ROSS: I am so glad I didnít lose you


RACH: I'm glad I didn't lose you. I donít know what would happen if I didnít have you in my life


ROSS (takes her in his arms): I know Rach. I know


(Rachel looks up at Ross and they kiss for a really long time then break)


ROSS: I love you so much


RACH: I know. I love you just as much


ROSS: Come on letís go to bed. Weíve had a long day


(Ross and Rachel leave to go to bed and the scene fades out)


Scene: The Next Morning at M&Cís

Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, and Monica are all there eating breakfast. Ross and Rachel walk in


R&R: Hey!




PHOE: Okay, now that youíre here Iíve got to ask you something


ROSS: Okay. What is it?


PHOE: Not you smartass! (points to Rachel) Her!


(Ross glares at her)


RACH (sitting down at the table): What?


PHOE (notices Ross): Oh cheer up I was just joking! (Ross rolls his eyes and moves to the couch with Chandler) Anyway, since you and Ross are engaged now, are you going to move in with him?


RACH: Well, we havenít really talked about itÖ(gets cut off by Phoebe)


PHOE: Okay! Cause I was thinking I could move in with Joey!


JOEY: Since when did I tell you that you could do that?


PHOE: Since I told you to


JOEY (agrees): Okay


PHOE: So Ross what do ya say?


ROSS: Itís okay with me but Iím not forcing her to do anything


(Phoebe looks at Rachel)


RACH: Okay


PHOE (all cheery): Okay! Everythingís settled then (gets up and helps Monica)


MON: Oh Rach, I was thinking we could go shopping for baby stuff today


RACH: Mon, isnít it a bit to early?


MON: Nonsense! Itís never to early for that!


RACH: I guess


MON: Alright! Iíll go get ready! Phoebe, are you gonna come with us?


PHOE: You bet your ass I am!


(Phoebe leaves and Monica goes into her room)


ROSS: Rach where do you want to meet for lunch?


RACH: It doesnít matter. You pick


ROSS: Okay, how about **** at 12:30?


RACH: Okay. Iíll meet you at Central Perk first


ROSS: Alright. I gotta go to work but Iíll see you later (kisses her) I love you (kisses her stomach) And I love you


RACH (smiles): Bye!


ROSS: See ya!


(Ross leaves and Chandler gets up and goes to the kitchen table)


JOEY: Okay well I gotta go as well


CHAN: Why?


JOEY: Iíve got an audition


RACH: Oh really?


CHAN: For what?


JOEY: Well this dude is some sort of cop and tries to track down several murders that were in his town


RACH: Thatís great!


JOEY: Yeah, I play the guy who gets shot. See ya!


CHAN (laughs): See ya Joe!


RACH: Bye!


(Joey leaves and Phoebe walks in)


CHAN: Hey Phoebs!


RACH: Phoebe what are you doing back so early I thought you had to get ready?


PHOE: Yeah well I just got down the street and realized Iím already ready!


RACH (laughs): Ok-ay


MON (coming out of her room): Alright, is everyone ready?




MON: Okay then letís go (turns to Chandler) Bye Sweetie! I love you!


CHAN (kisses her): Bye!


(The girls leave and leave Chandler by himself)


Scene: A Baby Store

Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica are walking down aisles in the store looking at toys, clothes, etc.


PHOE: Aw! Look how cute! (holds up a little girl outfit)


MON: Awww! Rach, Iím so jealous! You get a baby before me!


RACH: Okay guys, first of all itís not for another 5 months until I have this baby, and second of all we donít even know what the sex is so how are we supposed to shop for stuff?


MON: Well, just find out what the sex is


RACH: Yeah but me and Ross want to be surprised


PHOE: Well then how are you gonna shop for stuff?


RACH: Phoebe I just asked that


PHOE: I know


(Rachel looks at her weirdly)


MON (ignoring Phoebe): Well, talk to Ross about it and then reconsider


RACH: MonÖ(gets interrupted by Mon)


MON (spots a little baby outfit): Awwwwww! Rachel look!


RACH (looks at the outfit and gives in): Alright, Iíll talk to Ross about it!


(Monica and Phoebe both laugh)


Scene: Joeyís Audition

Joey is there auditioning for the part


JOEY (reading from the script): Wait! Donít shoot them! Theyíre not the ones you want, Iím the one you want!


MAN (played by **** and also reading the script): Fine!


JOEY (getting shot): Goodbye Everyone! (on the floor whispering to the person who plays his wife) Take care of yourself and the kids. I love youÖ(acts like heís dead)


DIRECTOR: And cut! (Joey gets up and goes over to him [The Director]) You were really good! You got the part


JOEY: Really? I got the part!




JOEY (walking over to the woman who played his wife): Man, Iím on a roll today! (talking to the woman, who is played by Sarah Jessica Parker) How you doiní?


WOMAN (laughs): You know youíre really cute! Whatís your name again?


JOEY (smiles): Joey Tribbiani. And you?


WOMAN: Lisa Matthews. Nice to meet you, Joey


JOEY (still smiling): What do ya say we go out tonight?


LISA: Okay. Do you know where Central Perk is?


JOEY: You bet I do


LISA (laughs): Iíll meet you there at 7:00 then (walks off)


JOEY (to himself): Yes!


(Joey walks out with a smile on his face)


Scene: Central Perk

Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel are talking when Joey walks in


JOEY (yells and walks up to them): Guess what!?


CHAN (sarcastically): What Joe? Did ya win the lottery?


JOEY (looks at Chandler): No! (gets excited again) I got the part in the movie I was talking about!


PHOE/MON: What movie?


PHOE: You were never talking about a movie


CHAN: Oh you mean you got the part where the guy gets shot


JOEY: Yeah!!


MON/PHOE (starting to understand): OhÖ


ALL (but Joey): Congratulations! Nice Job! Etc.


JOEY: And thatís not all, I got a date with this REALLY hot chick!!


CHAN (sarcastically): Thatís nice! I wish you all the happiness in the world


JOEY (sits down): Thanks Man!


(Ross walks in)


ROSS: Hey Honey! You ready?


RACH: Hey! Yeah, letís go


ROSS: Weíll see you guys later


MON: Donít forget what I told you Rach!


PHOE: Yeah donít forget


ROSS: What are they talking about?


RACH: Iíll tell you at lunch


(Ross looks at Monica and she smiles)


ROSS (talking to Mon): If itís not good, youíre dead when I get back


MON (smiling): What makes you think itís bad?


ROSS: That right there!


RACH: Come on honey letís go. See you guys!




(Ross and Rachel leave)


JOEY: Do you think I should sleep with her?


(They all look at Joey weird)


JOEY: What?!


Scene: **** [Ross and Rachelís Restaurant]

They are sitting down talking. They have already eaten


ROSS: So what did you want to tell me?


RACH: WellÖMon, Phoebs, and me were shopping today and got to talkingÖDo you want to know the sex of our baby now?


ROSS (relieved): Oh is that all


RACH: Ross! This is very important!


ROSS: I know I know. Itís just from Monicaís point of view it sounded bad


RACH: Monicaís point of view itís always bad


ROSS: Thatís true


RACH: So what do you say?


ROSS: Okay. Iíll take off work tomorrow and we can go together


RACH (smiling): Okay


(They lean in and kiss then break) (A couple next to them came up and starting talking to them)


WOMAN: You guys are a really cute couple


ROSS: Thanks


MAN: Baby on the way?


RACH: Yeah, how did you know?


WOMAN: We overheard you talking




MAN: Well, we better be off. Maybe weíll see ya around?


ROSS: Maybe






ROSS: Nice couple!


RACH: Yeah


ROSS: SoÖyou wanna go back to the apartment


RACH: Yeah letís go


(Ross and Rachel leave the restaurant)


Scene: The Next Day

Ross and Rachel are at the hospital getting the sex of the baby


RACH: So what do you think it will be?


ROSS: I donít really care. Just as long as itís ours (Rachel smiles) So what do you want it to be?


RACH: I donít knowÖ(gets cut off by the doctor)


DOC: Good afternoon Rachel, here for a checkup?


RACH: Actually no. Can we know the sex?


DOC: Sure! But I thought you wanted to wait


ROSS: We decided we wanted to know now


DOC: Ok! (looks at Ross) I donít believe Iíve met you before. Iím Rachelís temporary doctor until Dr. Hunt gets back


ROSS: Nice to meet you! Iím Ross Geller, Rachelís fiancť


RACH: Okay. Can we get to the chase?


DOC: Sure


(Rachel lays down and the doctor gets everything set up) (The baby appears on the screen and Rachel and Ross smile)


DOC: Letís seeÖhereís one hand (points) thereís the head (points) and hereís his feet


(They smile again)


ROSS: Wait a minute, did you just say that weíre having a boy?!


DOC: Yes I did! Congratulations, youíre having a boy!


(The doctor leaves and Ross grabs Rachelís hand)


ROSS: Weíre having a boy!


RACH: I know I heard (smiles)


ROSS: I knew it!


(Rachel looks at Ross and smiles)


2 weeks laterÖ


Scene: The Baby Store

Everyone is there including Lisa (Joeyís date from before) looking at stuff for the baby


RACH: Awww! Ross look! (points to a cute little teddy bear) Isnít it cute?


ROSS: No-way! No son of mine will be playing with dolls


RACH: Itís not a doll. Itís a stuffed animal. And itís for boys and girls


ROSS: WellÖ(Rachel looks at him with a sad look) Okay (Rachel smiles) I never can resist that face


(Cut to Monica and Chandler)


MON: Chandler I was thinkingÖ


CHAN: Thinking about what?


MON: That we should tell them we got married in Vegas


CHAN: Iím not sure that I want to die yet!


MON: Chandler!


CHAN: Well, can we wait a little while longer? I like them not knowing right now


MON (smiles): Okay


(They are about to kiss when they hear someone giggling. They look down and Joey and Lisa are making out on the floor)


CHAN: Joey?


(Joey and Lisa stop and stand up)


MON: Joey! This is a public place!




MON: NevermindÖ


(Chandler and Monica leave and Joey and Lisa start making out again)


(Cut back to Rachel and Ross) (Phoebe walks up to them)


PHOE: Hey! Looky what I found! (holds up 3 outfits for a boy)


RACH: Aww! How cute!


(Monica and Chandler walk up to them)


MON: Aw! Phoebs where did you find those?


PHOE: Where Joey and Lisa are making out!


ROSS: In Public!?


PHOE (laughs a little): Yeah


RACH: Okay, well letís just get this stuff and get out of here. Phoebe, go get Joey and tell him weíre leaving soon


PHOE: Okay


(Rachel, Ross, Monica, and Chandler go to the register and Phoebe goes to get Joey)


(Cut to Joey and Lisa) (Phoebe taps Joey)


JOEY: H-Hey! That hurt!


LISA: What? I didnít do anything


PHOE: Joey! Weíre getting ready to leave! Come on


JOEY: Iím coming! Iím coming!


(Phoebe, Joey, and Lisa meet the rest of the gang at the register)


RACH: Okay, everyone ready?


ALL: Yeah


Scene: That Night

The gang (not including Lisa) is helping Phoebe move into Joeyís Apt. and Rachel move into Rossís


JOEY: Is that everything?

PHOE: Yep thatís everything


JOEY: Okay, so letís go help move Rachelís stuff


(Cut to Phoebe & Rachelís)


RACH (carrying a big suitcase): I think weíve got everything


ROSS (sees that Rachel has the suitcase): Rachel, you shouldnít be carrying stuff that big. Here let me take it (takes the suitcase)


(Joey and Phoebe walk in)


JOEY: Need help?


RACH (pointing to a HUGE box): Yeah could you get that


JOEY (picking it up): Wow Rach! What do you have in here?


RACH: Just clothes


JOEY: Just!!


(Rachel just ignores him)


MON: Letís go before I get ready to drop this!




(They all leave. Rachel comes back in)


RACH (to herself): Canít forget this! (Rachel looks down at a picture of her and Ross from Atlantic City)


ROSS (O/S): Rach, sweetie, are you coming?


RACH: Coming! (smiles and then leaves)


Scene: R&Rís Apt.

The gang is just walking in


ROSS: Okay guys just put the stuff down anywhere


(Everyone drops the stuff)


ROSS: Or just drop it

JOEY: Sorry, but that was really heavy!


ROSS (ignoring Joey): Anyway, itís been a long day and a long night so weíre going to try and get some sleep


MON: Yeah, we better be heading home too


(We hear a loud snore and everyone looks at Joey, whoís asleep in a chair)


PHOE: Joey!


JOEY: Huh? W-What?


CHAN: Itís time to go home


JOEY: Oh okay. Bye you guys




ALL (but R&R): See ya tomorrow! Bye! Etc.


(Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey leave)


RACH: So I guess we better get to bed


ROSS: Yeah. Hey Iíve been meaning to ask you something


RACH: What?


ROSS: Since I took off to be with you, do you want to spend the day together tomorrow?


RACH: Yes, I would love to (leans in and gives him a little peck on the lips) Now letís get some rest cause Iím really tired


ROSS (smiles): Okay


(Ross and Rachel go to their room)


Scene: A Montage (*I guess?*)

Itís the next day and Ross and Rachel are spending the day together. The song playing in the background is ďDreaming Of YouĒ by Selena

(*I really love this song*)


ďLate at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you, And I wish on a star that somewhere you are, Thinking of me tooĒ


Ross and Rachel are walking in a park and stop to feed the ducks. They kiss and then start walking again


ďCause Iím dreaming of you tonight, Till tomorrow Iíll be holding you tight, And thereís nowhere in the world Iíd rather be, Than here in my room dreaming about you and meĒ


Theyíre sitting down at a table across from each other feeding each other ice cream and we see them talking but canít hear what theyíre saying


ďWonder if you ever see me, And I wonder if you know Iím there, If you looked in my eyes, Would you see whatís inside, Would you even care?Ē


Theyíre now ice skating together and Ross falls, then Rachel tries to help him up but Ross pulls her down with him and they kiss


ďIíll be dreaming of you tonight, Till tomorrow Iíll be holding you tight, And thereís nowhere in the world Iíd rather be, Than here in my room dreaming about you and meĒ


Theyíre having a candlelight dinner and they keep looking up at each other and smiling


ďLate at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you, And I still canít believe, That you came up to me and said ĎI love youí, I love you tooĒ


Theyíre both laying down in the grass and looking up at the stars. Rachel puts her head on Rossís chest and he strokes her hair


ďNow Iím dreaming with you tonight, Till tomorrow and all of my life, And thereís nowhere in the world Iíd rather be, Than here in my room dreaming of you endlesslyÖĒ


4 months laterÖ


Scene: M&Cís

Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe are theyíre trying to decide which dress Rachel should choose for a wedding gown. They were all on the couch and looking at a bridal magazine. Rachel is about eight months pregnant. Ross walks in


ROSS (walks over to Rachel and kisses her): Hey Honey!


RACH (kisses him back and smiles): Hey


ROSS: Would you like to go out with me somewhere?


RACH: Where?


ROSS: Somewhere Special. Itís actually a surprise


RACH: Okay! Canít wait


ROSS: Alright, well Iíll be over at Joeyís if you need me


RACH: Ok, See you later


ROSS: Yeah, Bye!




(Ross kisses Rachel and her stomach then leaves)


PHOE (looking at the magazine): Oh! This would look perfect on you Rach!


MON (leaning over to see): No, thatís really not her type. What about this?


(Phoebe looked at her weird)


MON: What!? It would look great on her!


PHOE (mumbling): Obviously, you donít know anything


(Rachel looked at both of them)


MON: What was that?


PHOE: Nothing


MON/PHOE (both starting a argument): Well!!


RACH (getting really mad): Uhh!! Thatís it! I canít take it anymore! No more arguments and no more fighting over my dress! (grabs the magazines their holding) From now on I choose my own dress!


PHOE/MON (stopped fighting): Gee, Sorry Rach


RACH (claming down): Itís okayÖand I didnít really mean it when I said Iíd choose my own dress


MON: We know


RACH: Okay, so youíll still help me right?


PHOE: Yeah


(Phoebe and Monica both get up and walk into the kitchen)


PHOE: Defiantly a mood swing!


(Rachel rolled her eyes and then put her hand on her stomach)


RACH (yelling): Ahhh! Oh my god!!!


PHOE/MON (turning around yelling): What!!


RACH: My water broke!


(Ross, Joey, and Chandler came running from across the hall)


ROSS/CHAN/JOEY: Whatís wrong?


PHOE (shouting at them): Oh my god Rachelís water broke!


JOEY: Oh thatís all!


MON: Joey!


JOEY (getting to understand): Oh!!


ROSS (walking over to Rachel): Oh god, okay, clam down, weíre okay, we just need to get to a hospital (panicking) Well donít just stand there somebody call a cab!!


(Ross and Monica were helping Rachel, Chandler was holding the door waiting for everyone, Joey called a cab, and Phoebe got Rachelís bag)


RACH (screaming and yelling): Hurry!!


ROSS (still panicking): Weíre going to the hospital Rach donít worry hang in there (claming down a little) Chandler did you call a cab?


CHAN (looking at him weird): No. Joey did


ROSS (panicking again): Well, did Joey call a cab!?! Joey did you call a cab!?!


JOEY (getting scared of Ross): Yeah and itís waiting for us!


(Joey, Chandler, and Ross started arguing)


GIRLS: Shut up!!!


(They all clamed down immediately and helped Rachel down the stairs to the cab)


Scene: Hospital

Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey all walk through the door. Ross is trying to get a doctorís attention


ROSS (screaming in a doctorís face): Thereís a woman in labor here! Woman in labor!!


DOCTOR: I can see that


ROSS: Sorry, Sorry. Iím really sorry


DOC: Itís alright. Rachel, letís get you to your room


(*Rachelís real doctor is back so Ross doesnít know who it is and Dr. Hunt doesnít know who Ross is* Did I just confuse you big time? Sorry!*)


(They all walked down the hall towards Rachelís room)


DOC: Whoís the father?




DOC: You? Okay, you can come in, but the rest of you will have to wait in the waiting room


(Ross went in with Rachel and the gang went to the waiting room)


Scene: Waiting Room/Rachelís Hospital Room


MON: I canít believe Rachelís having a baby


PHOE: Yeah, and itís Rossís


JOEY: Ross and Rachel back together again. I always knew theyíd end up together


MON: I wonder how Rach is doing


(Rachelís Hospital Room)


RACH: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


(The Waiting Room)


CHAN: Does that answer your question?


MON: Yeah. Pretty much


(Rachelís Hospital Room)


ROSS (holding Rachelís hand): Okay Honey, we got through that one. You can do it! Just keep going!


RACH: Ross, I donít know if I can do this!


ROSS: Yes you can! (whispering in her ear) Just keep thinking of how any minute now we will have a baby that we can call ours


DOC: Okay Rachel, weíre going to push on this one!


RACH: Oh god, oh god, oh god!! Ahhhhhhh!


(Rachel squeezed Rossís hand)


ROSS: Ahhhhh!


DOC: Your doing good Rachel just keep pushing!


RACH (pushing with all her force): Oh my god!!!


DOC: Congratulations to the new mother and father of the healthy baby boy!


(The doctor hands Rachel the baby and leaves)


RACH: Oh my god, heís beautiful!


ROSS (down on his knees whispering to Rachel): Rach, look what we brought into this world. You were so brave. You did it Rach!


RACH (whispering too): We did it


ROSS (kissing Rachel on the forehead, then on the lips): I love you


RACH: I love you too


ROSS: Iíll be right back okay


RACH: Okay


(Ross went into the waiting room and everyone stood up)


MON: Well!?


ROSS: We had it! Itís a boy! We had our boy!


(Everyone smiled and hugged each other)


ROSS: Come on, you guys can see him


(Everyone followed Ross but just as Ross was turning around he bumped into a pole and hit his head)




Scene: The Hospital Hallway

The gang (minus Rach) is walking down the hall towards Rachís room and talking along the way


MON: So how does it feel to finally have a family with Rachel


ROSS: Canít believe it. I actually thought it would never happen


(They all smile)


PHOE: Yeah, we know what you mean


(They look at her)


PHOE: What! What did I say this time?


(They laugh and then enter Rachelís room)


ROSS: Hey, you up for some company?


RACH: Sure


(They all sit down. Chandler with Monica, Phoebe with Joey, and Ross kneels beside Rachel)


MON: Aw, just look at him. Heís so precious. I canít believe Iím an aunt (she pauses while Ross looks at her) again!


(They all looked at the baby and there was complete silence for a moment)


JOEY (breaking the silence): Oh! So what are you gonna name him?


RACH: I donít know


ROSS (looking at the baby and Rachel): Um, how about David?


RACH: I like that


ROSS: Okay now you pick a name


RACH: I donít know, um, how about Jonathon?


ROSS (sweetly): Okay. David Jonathon it is then


(*David Jonathon- http://www.geocities.com/littlesis_31/david.jpg *)


RACH: Sounds good (kisses Davidís head and then kisses Ross)


MON (jumping up): This may not be the best time to tell youÖ


CHAN (jumping up with her): Monica!


MON: But we have some news to tell you


CHAN: Mon, what are you doing?


MON: Chandler Iím sorry I held it in as long as I could

ROSS (sorda panicking): Monica? Chandler?


CHAN (giving in): Well okay


MON (looking at everyone): We got married in Vegas!


JOEY (jumps up and hugs them): Hey! Thatís great! Congrats!


PHOE (hugging them too): Oh yay! Youíre married! Iím so happy!


RACH: Thatís great you guys! Iím happy for you!


(Monica goes to hug Rachel then they all look at Ross who looks upset)


MON: Ross?


ROSS (looking at Monica then at Chandler): Youíre married! (lets out a little laugh then hugs both of them) Iím so happy for you guys!


(Chandler looks relieved and everyone goes to Congratulating again)


Scene: Rachelís Hospital Room
Rachel and Ross are watching David sleep and whispering to each other††††††††††††††††††


RACH: I canít believe we have this little bundle of joy and that itís ours


ROSS: Yeah. Rach, I love you


RACH: I love you too (they kiss, then break. Rachel pauses) Ross Iíve got a question


ROSS: Yes?



RACH: Are you really happy for Monica and Chandler?


ROSS: Yes Very


RACH: Ross?


ROSS: Yeah okay, you know me to well (Rachel smiles) I was just thinking that well nevermind just nevermind


RACH: Ross what is it?


ROSS: I donít really know. Iím just well you know


RACH: Yeah I know. You need some sleep, youíve had a long day


ROSS: Rach, Iím staying right here with you and David


RACH: Thanks


(They kiss and Monica and Chandler walk in)


CHAN: Uh-um


(Ross and Rachel break)


ROSS: Um, yes?


MON (walking over to them and sitting down beside Ross): We just came to apologize for this evening


RACH: Apologize? Why do you need to apologize?


(Chandler walks over and stands beside Monica)


MON: Well, we shouldnít have ruined your day and everything. We should have just waited to tell you later


RACH: No, sweetie, thatís okay. Weíre so happy you guys got married. Right Ross? (she turns to Ross, who fell asleep in the chair) Well, even without his opinion, itís okay, Mon, were very happy


MON (smiling): Okay


(Monica and Rachel hug)



CHAN: Well, weíll leave you guys to get some rest


RACH: Okay. Bye




(Monica and Chandler leave. Rachel puts David in a cradle beside her and falls asleep holding Rossís hand)


One In A Half Weeks LaterÖ


Scene: M&Cís
Phoebe and Monica are in the kitchen talking and Joey and Chandler are sitting on the couch watching a football game. Rachel walks in


MON (finishing her story when Rachel walks in): I know!


RACH (sitting down with Phoebe, and putting David down in his car seat beside her): Hey!




MON: Oh come here, let me hold my little nephew. Heís so cute


(Monica picked up David and started to spoil him)


RACH: Can you guys do something for me please?


PHOE: Well, Iím not doing anything tonight and I know Mon isnít (Monica glares at her) soÖyeah, okay


RACH: Okay will you watch David then?


MON: Yeah (looking at David now) yes of course I will (looking back at Rachel [who is smiling] now) Why?


RACH: Well, Ross is taking me out somewhere special since we never got to go before. Oh and when Ross gets here I need to use your spare room so I can talk to Ross


MON: Okay


PHOE (laughing): Somebodyís gonna get some tonight!


(Monica and Rachel glare at her)



PHOE: Sorry!


(Ross walks in)


ROSS: Hey guys!


ALL: Hey!


ROSS (to Rach): Hey you!


RACH: Hey! What are you doing home so early?


ROSS: Well, I took some more time off to be with you




(Rachel and Ross look at them and smile)


ROSS (walking over to Monica and taking David): And howís my son today? (David just looks at him and Ross smiles) (looking at Rach) So what time do you want to leave tonight?


RACH: I donít know, maybe around 7:00?


ROSS: Okay


RACH: But before we go get ready, um, we need to talk (points to Monicaís spare room)


ROSS (giving Phoebe David): Alright (goes with Rachel into the room)


PHOE (to Mon): I get the baby!


(Monica just looks at her)


Scene: Monicaís Spare Room
Rachel and Ross are talking


ROSS: Yes?


RACH (smiling): Well, I just wanted to thank you for giving me the most beautiful gift. Youíve been so great through all of this


ROSS: Rach, it wasnít just me, it was you too. You were just so brave and caring. Iíll have to remember to thank your mom and dad for bringing you into the world



(Rachel smiles and then remembers something and her smile fades)


ROSS (worried): What?


RACH: Our parents! We forgot to tell them!


ROSS: They can wait. I just want to spend time with the woman I love


(Rachel smiles again and they kiss, for what seems like forever, then break)


ROSS (walking over and turning the radio on): Dance?


RACH: Sure


(They start dancing to the song, ďMy WonderfulĒ By Jessica Simpson. The scene fades out on them dancing and the song fades out with it)


Scene: M&Cís Living Room

Joey and Phoebe are on the couch talking and Monica and Chandler are watching David)


JOEY: Theyíve been in there for almost an hour now. What are they doing? They canít possibly just be talking


PHOE: Thatís what I said but nobody chooses to believe me


JOEY: See thatís whatís wrong with the world today. Nobody believes anybody


PHOE: Exactly


(They continue to talk while we skip over into Chandler and Monicaís conversation)


MON (talking to David): Aw, youíre just so sweet. Youíre just a sweetheart. Yes you are! Yes you are!


CHAN (with a puppy dog face): And what about me?


MON: Aw, you are too!


(They kiss and David starts to cry. Ross and Rachel come running out)


RACH (taking David from Monica): Shhh! Itís okay sweetie mommyís here! Shhh!


(David started to clam down and Rachel gave him to Ross)


RACH: Well, Iíve got to go get ready so watch David until I get back. HisÖ(Ross interrupted her)


ROSS: I know where everything is


RACH: I know


ROSS: Just meet me here when youíre done


RACH: Okay! Bye guys!


ALL: Bye! See ya! Etc.


(Rachel leaves and Ross sits down on the couch with Monica and Chandler)


Scene: R&Rís Apt.
Rachel walked out of their room and just got done getting ready. She is wearing a strapless long, sparkly white dress. She walks out the door smiling and we fade into Monica and Chandlerís Apt. with everyone but Rachel there)


Scene: M&Cís
Ross was gazing out the window at Rachel and then set down with the gang


MON: I still canít believe youíre getting married to Rach, (says this sarcastically) and actually staying married this time


ROSS (glares at her): Yeah, and I wish your comments would stop. You all know how much I love her and care about her. I have ever since the first time I saw her


MON: I know Iím sorry


PHOE: I told you guys you were lobsters!


JOEY: See you should always listen to Phoebe!


PHOE: Thank you Joey!


JOEY: Anytime! Hey, How you doiní?


PHOE: Oh Iím fine! Thanks for asking! (gets up and walks into the kitchen)


JOEY: Aw Man!


(Chandler, Monica, and Ross laugh)


CHAN: What ever happened to Lisa, or whatever her name was?


JOEY: Lisa? Sheís gone. She moved to California




(Rachel walks in)


RACH: Hey guys!


ALL: Hey!


RACH: You ready to go honey?


CHAN: Yeah I guess


(They both look at Chandler and Monica glares at him)


CHAN (facing Monica and laughs a little): I love you!


(Monica gets up and goes in the kitchen with Phoebe)


ROSS: Yeah letís go


RACH (walking over to Davidís carriage and kneeling down): Bye sweetie. Mommy loves you (kisses him on the cheek)


ROSS: Mon, if you bump his head or anything, youíre dead


MON: You still havenít forgiven me for that?!


ROSS: Hurry Rach! Letís go!


(Ross and Rachel run out the door and Monica stands there yelling)


MON: Iíll get you when you come back Ross Geller!!


CHAN: Gee, clam down Mon


MON: Shut up Chandler!


(Monica gets David and puts him in her room for his nap)


Scene: A Restaurant

Ross and Rachel just got through with dinner and are talking


RACH: We still have to tell our parents ya know


ROSS: Yeah I know


RACH: So what do you say we call them for lunch one day and tell them then?


ROSS (looking at someone behind Rachel very worried): Or we can just tell my dad and your dad right now


RACH: What?


(Someone comes up behind Rachel)


DR. GREENE: Pumpkin?


RACH (turning around): Daddy? Daddy! Hey Dad! (hugs him)


(Someone else comes behind them)


JACK: Hey son!


ROSS (worried): Hey dad


(Rachel and Dr. Greene break their hug)


(Rachel and Ross both gulp and the scene fades out with Ross looking at Rachel and Rachel looking at Ross)




To Be ContinuedÖ


The One With Friends Forever Part II Coming Soon



Note: This is my very first fanfic and I would like to thank all the people who helped out and gave me ideas! Thanks to Lili! I couldnít have done this without ya, Girl!



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