Forgive and Forget Part 1
By: Laurie

NOTE: Okay, this is my very first fan-fic! (I really never thought Iíd say that! lol) I owe it all to my best friend and sweetest sis, Mandy!!!! ;) (Who is the best RnR fan-fic writer out there!!!) Thatís why Iím dedicating this series to her!!! ;) Please remember to email me with your comments/suggestions at the end. Thanks!!! :)

[Scene: The year is 2002. The camera scans over an apartment. As it enters, it scans over the living room and then proceeds until it stops at a door. The camera enters to find Rachel sitting on the edge of the bed. Itís obvious sheís crying because sheís holding her head in her hands.]

Rachel: (through sobs) I canít believe it! How? How could you do it to me? Iíll never forgive you, never!
(The camera comes in closer to show that sheís holding a picture frame of Ross and her. We hear nothing but her sobs as she throws the picture frame up against the wall and it shatters in a million pieces. Much like their lives had been ever since it all happened that night. That was 7 years ago. And just like a broken mirror, for Ross and Rachel the broken picture frame was 7 years bad luck.)

[Scene: It is now 2009. The camera comes in closer on a bigger apartment. It goes inside and goes upstairs. It enters a big bedroom and we see Rachel lying in bed asleep. A boy that looks 7 enters the room.]

Boy: Mom. (He shakes Rachel.) Mom! Wake up! You have to take me to Shawnís today remember? MOM!!
(Rachel is now waking up.)
Rach: Layne, just give me another minute.
Layne: No way mom! You promised Iíd be there by noon and itís almost 11!
Rach: (moans) Whereís Eric? Canít he take you?
Layne: Mom, I donít know where youíre stupid boyfriend is! He probably went to work. Would you just get up?
Rach: Oh, alright! Call Shawn and let him know that youíll be there. Did you shower yet? (He nods his head yes.) Did you get your stuff for the weekend all packed? (He nods his head yes.) Did you eat breakfast? (He nods his head no.) Then I suggest you go do that while I get up and ready.
Layne: Okay mom, but hurry! (He starts to run off.)
Rach: Hey! (He stops.) Whereís my good morning kiss?
Layne: Mooooooom!
Rach: Layyyyyyyyyyyyne! Over here now!
(Layne walks reluctantly over to Rachel and gives her a peck on the check.)
Rach: There, thatís a little better. Hug?
Layne: Mom cammon! I bet Shawn never has to do this with his mom!
Rach: Knowing his mom, I bet he does! Now eat!
(Layne gives Rach a big bear hug :) and runs off down the hall as Rachel stares after him with a smile.)

[Scene: Rachelís car.]
Layne: Mom? How come all you listen to is oldies?
Rach: Oldies? You call 90s rock oldies?
Layne: Well, I donít know what else youíd call it!
Rach: Well excuse me! But The Rembrants were a great band back then, everyone listened to them! I remember in í94 they had this great hit but I canít for the life of me think of the lyrics right now.
Layne: Yeah, okay. But can I just change it now?
Rach: Fine! (He changes it to rap. :P) Layne!!
Layne: Oh cammon mom! Youíre no fun! Itís no wonder you canít keep a boyfriend!
Rach: What?! Excuse me, but last time I checked you had no say in my love life!
Layne: Please mom! Youíve been going out with Eric for what now? 6 months maybe and I see no commitment there at all mom.
Rach: Oh really?
Layne: Yeah mom. Since I can remember, itís always been that way, man after man. (They sit in silence for awhile) Mom? How come you never got back together with dad?
(Rachel slams on the brakes and pulls the car over.)
Rach: Listen Layne. Sometimes life just doesnít go as you thought it would. The things you expect to happen donít, while the unexpected happens. I have my reasons for not being with your father. I think you need to respect them and let it go Layne because the impossible never happens.
Layne: Okay mom. Iím sorry. Itís just that, well, I only get to see dad once a week if even that.
Rach: Yeah, I know but right now thatís just the way things are. Besides, you have Eric in your life right now.
Layne: Oh yes, thanks for reminding me. Heís worse than dad! Does he have to collect every single rock?
Rach: Everyone needs a hobby Layne. And where is all this talk coming from about your father? Has he said anything to you about me?
Layne: (Kinda guilty) No. Listen, Iím sorry I brought it up can we please go to Shawnís now?
Rach: Yeah, okay.
(She drives on.)

[Scene: Rachel pulls up in front of a big house.]
Rach: Okay, weíre here. Have fun!
Layne: Oh, arenít you coming in?
Rach: Well, I dunno.
Layne: Cammon mom! Just to say hi!
Rach: Okay. Be right there!
(Rachel watches as Layne runs up the driveway to the house and sighs.)
Rach: Well, here goes nothing.

[Scene: Rachel enters the house and sees everything like she had imagined the last time. She hears their voices and enters the kitchen. She sneaks up behind Shawnís mom.]

Rach: Guess who?
(The woman turns around to reveal Monica.)
Monica: OMG! Rachel! Hi! God, itís been too long!
(They hug)
Rach: I know. So, how are you?
Mon: Good. How are you?
Rach: Oh, same as always. Whereís Chandler?
Mon: Oh, heís out with my dad actually. Another bonding experience.
Rach: Oh God! You mean your dad hasnít killed him yet?

Mon: Actually, no. I think both of my parents are just happy because Chandler helped in the grandchildren process.
Rach: I see. (She sits at the table.) So, anything new with you?
Mon: Oh, not much besides the usual run the kids here, run the kids there routine. How about you?
Rach: Oh, well itís almost Eric and Iís seven month anniversary.
Mon: Oh really? Great! So howís it working out with him?
Rach: Good I guess. I donít think Layne likes him though.
Mon: The only guy Layne will ever like with you is Ross and I think we both know that.
Rach: Yeah. No matter what I say to him, he never gives up. Heís still got it in his head that his mom and dad are going to be together again someday.
Mon: Are you?
Rach: Monica!!! What kind of question is that after what Ross did to me?
Mon: Iím sorry, really. Well, I should go tell Shawn to turn off the stereo.
Rach: I donít hear anything.
Mon: Not yet you donít.
(Monica walks off leaving Rachel in the kitchen. She looks through the letters on the table and finds a wedding invitation. As she opens it up, and starts to read it she lets out a scream.)
Mon: (running in) My tarts! (After seeing theyíre okay) What happened Rach?
Rach: Monica, how come you waited until now to tell me that Ross was getting married next month?
Mon: Oh my God! Rach Iím so sorry, but he made me promise not to tell you! In fact, he made basically everyone promise. Honey, Iím so sorry. I know I shouldíve told you but-
Rach: But what?! You think I couldnít handle it again? God Mon! What else are you hiding from me?
Mon: Rachel, Iím really sorry and-
Rach: Yeah, I bet you are. (she gasps) OMG! You still take his side donít you?
Mon: Rachel, no! Cammon! Itís not like that at all.
Rach: Yeah, I bet itís not. If Ross werenít coming here to pick up Layne tomorrow, Iíd take him with me. Ya know what Monica? Donít do me any more favors.
(Rachel storms out of the house and drives off.)

[Scene: 2 days later. Ross is bringing Layne back home. Rachelís in the living room reading when she hears Layne and goes to the door.]
Layne: Mom! (He runs and hugs her.)
Rach: Layne! How was your weekend, sweetie?
Layne: It was great mom! The best! You shouldíve dad!
He took Shawn and me to the court and it was so funny watching him try to make a basket!
Rach: Speaking of your father, where is he? I need to speak with him.
Layne: Heís just bringing in my bags. Why do you wanna talk to dad, mom? (He smiles)
Rach: Oh, nothing special. I just wanna get a few things off my chest. Why donít you go out and put your bike away?
Layne: (At the doorway) Oh mom! Davidís home! Can I go ride my bike with him?
Rach: Sure, but be careful Layne!
Layne: I will! Peace out mom!
Rach: Yeah! You too! (She goes to turn, but sees Ross standing in the doorway with all kinds of bags attached to him. Rachel starts to laugh out loud.)
Ross: (not amused) You think this is funny? (Rachel just laughs more) Ya know, I could use some help here.

Rach: Iím sorry, youíre right. (She goes over to Ross, but passes him and turns back to face him.) I think the neighborís dog might be able to help you.
Ross: Rach! Cammon! Some of these are really heavy!
Rach: Okay, but answer me something first.
Ross: Sure! What?
Rach: Why didnít you tell me you and Gabi were getting married next month?
(Ross drops everything on the floor.)
Ross: Who told? Did Layne tell you that? I told him not to tell you!
Rach: Layne knows?!?! Our own son knows??? Ross, who else knows this besides me?
Ross: Okay, look. I was going to tell you.
Rach: When Ross? On your death bed? And the worst thing was I had to find out from your own sister! And she wouldnít have even of told me had I not found your wedding invitation!
Ross: Rach, Iím sorry, I just-
Rach: You just what Ross? God! This is so like you, but making our own son lie to me about it is just, just- God Ross! Why? Why didnít you tell me? What were you so afraid of?
Ross: (looks down and moves closer to her) Rach, listen I am sorry. Really. I was just afraid of your reaction. That and God! Is it so wrong that I just hate seeing you hurt?
Rach: Hurt? Why would I be hurt Ross? Gee, this is only the gazillionth time you lied to me!
Ross: I didnít lie to you, I was only trying to protect you!
Rach: Protect me? Ross, I hate to tell you this but I am NOT yours to protect!!! I can take care of myself!
Ross: So youíre saying that if I had sent you an invitation to my wedding youíd be okay with that?
Rach: Why wouldnít I?! I was okay with it before and Iím okay with it now!
Ross: Fine! Youíll see one in the mail!
Rach: Fine!
(Ross leaves, slamming the door behind him. Rachel breaks down and cries.)

[Scene: The next day at Monica and Chandlerís. Ross and Chandler are outside by the underground pool, sitting at the patio table.]

Ross: And then she had the nerve to actually blame ME for her finding out last!
Chandler: Gee, I wonder why? Hmmm, maybe because she WAS!!
Ross: Oh, donít even go there!
Chan: Well what did you expect her to do, Ross? Jump up and down and say, 'Oh boy! My ex-husband and father of my only child is getting married! Oh, yay!'
Ross: Okay, fine! But still! She should understand my point of view! I was only trying to protect her!!!
Chan: By lying to her about it?
Ross: Okay look! I didnít lie to her, I just kept the truth about my engagement from her!
Chan: Oh, yeah! Now I see how the two are different! Lying, keeping the truth; yeah! cuz those two arenít alike at all!
Ross: What should I do Chandler? Go back over there and apologize?
Chan: Oh yeah! Sure!
Ross: (smiling) Really?
Chan: If ya wanna die!!!
Ross: What? You donít think sheís still mad about it, do you?
Chan: Ya-huh! Okay Ross, this is fixable if you act fast. You still want Rachel as a friend right?
Ross: Of course! I couldnít imagine my life without her and our son in it!
Chan: Alright, then youíre going to have to apologize to her.
Ross: Okay. If it will make her happy, then yeah Iíll apologize.
Chan: Woah! Youíd really do that for her, wouldnít you?
Ross: Of course! After all weíve been through, I still love her Chandler.
Chan: How can you say that? Youíre getting married to Gabi in a month from now.
Ross: Yeah, I know that. Itís just that Rachel is the mother of my other son. I still love her Chandler, as a friend. I always will.
Chan: And youíre sure that this marriage will be the one that works?
Ross: Huh? Yeah, I really care about Gabi.
Chan: Yeah, but do you love her?
Ross: What kind of question is this? If I didnít love her, I wouldnít have asked her to marry me. (Looks at his watch) Listen, I gotta go now. Later man!
Chan: See ya! (After Ross leaves) Could he BE more in love with Rachel?!

[Scene: Rossí apartment that night. Not the one he was living in from the show, imagine one that is really neat and a bit bigger. Gabi is there with him in the living room as they eat.]
Gabi: I was with Susan today and we saw THE most amazing wedding dress! Isnít that great?
Ross: Yeah, sure hon! I canít wait to see you in it.
Gabi: Oh Ross! Did Chandler help you pick out what youíre wearing yet?
Ross: Actually, I was thinking of just re-using the same tux that I did for my last wedding.
Gabi: Really? Which wedding?
Ross: haha. My wedding to Rachel.
Gabi: Okay, the one in Vegas?
Ross: No, I donít think that even counts as a marriage.
Gabi: Wait, I thought you got a divorce for that one too.
Ross: Ya know what, letís not talk about it anymore.
Gabi: Okay, so how was your sisterís?
Ross: Oh, theyíre fine. Actually, that reminds me of something. I was thinking, maybe we could go out to eat with Rachel and Eric tomorrow night.
Gabi: I guess, but why are we going out with them?
Ross: I have to apologize to Rachel.
Gabi: For what?
Ross: I kinda didnít send her a wedding invitation.
Gabi: Ross! Why would you do that? I know sheís your ex-wife, but she is Layneís mother.
Ross: Yeah, okay. It was stupid of me. But can you make it?
Gabi: Well, I think I can get off work. Why donít you call her and see if theyíre free.
Ross: Oh, I forgot to do that. Be right back.
(He goes over to the phone and starts to dial.)
Rach: Hello?
Ross: Hey Rach, itís me, Ross.
Rach: Yeah, well I think Iím done talking to you for the day.
Ross: No! Please donít hang up! Iíve called to ask you and Eric to dinner!
Rach: Really? Is Gabi coming?
Ross: Yeah. And if you need someone to watch Layne, heís already going to Gregís house remember?
Rach: I dunno, I donít really wanna go out.
Ross: Well, we could come there or you could come here.
Rach: Oh, I just got a turkey!
Ross: Okay, but I thought Layne was pushing for a cat?
Rach: Ross, you know what I meant. So, can you come here tomorrow night, around 8?
Ross: Better make it 9 cuz of work.
Rach: Okay, sure. So, weíll see you then?
Ross: Yeah, see ya!
Rach: Bye!
(Ross hangs up the phone)
Ross: Okay, weíre going to Rachelís at 9.
Gabi: Sounds great to me! I canít wait to see Rachel again. Itís been a long time.
Ross: (smiling) Yeah, isnít it always?

[Scene: Next day. Rachelís.]

Layne: Mom! I canít find my glove! Have you seen it?
Rach: Layne, how many times have I told you to put your stuff away after you use it?
Layne: What time am I leaving again?
Rach: Gregís dad will be here any minute and-(doorbell rings)
Layne: Thatís them!
Rach: Okay, well have a good time and stay out of trouble!
Layne: (hugging her) I will mom! Love ya! Bye!
Rach: Bye sweetie! Love you too!
(Phone rings)
Rach: Now who could that be? (She picks up) Hello?
Eric: Rach, itís me.
Rach: Eric! Honey, why arenít you home yet? Ross and Gabi will be here soon!
Eric: Yeah, about that. Look, Iím sorry but I canít make it. At least not for a little while.
Rach: Eric! How late are you going to be this time?
Eric: Iím really sorry hon, but it looks like I may be here all night. Look, Iíll make this up to you!
Rach: You promise?
Eric: Cross my heart! You promise not to have too much fun without me?
Rach: You know I can handle that one!
Eric: Okay, Iíll see later then. I love you!
Rach: I love you too! Bye honey!
Eric: 'Night!
(Rach hangs up the phone)
Rach: Great! What am I going to do now?

[Scene: That night at 9. Doorbell rings.]
Rach: Coming!
(She opens the door to find (who else?) Ross and Gabi.]
Gabi: (hugging Rachel) Hi Rachel. God, itís been a long time.
Rach: (breaking the hug) Yeah, it sure has.
Ross: Hereís some wine for dinner. Whereís Eric?
Rach: Oh, he had to work so itís just us tonight.
Ross: (smiling) What a shame we had to miss him.
Gabi: Yeah. Oh, whatís that smell? Itís heavenly.
Rach: Oh, you should thank Ross for that.
Ross: Me? Whyís that?
Rach: You were the one who taught me to cook, remember?
Ross: Ah, yes! After a million tries, I finally was able to teach her how to make toast!
Gabi: Oh, how nice. Ross is the cook for us, arenít you sweetie?
Ross: (noticing Rachelís sad glare) Yeah. Rach, really it does smell better than anything I ever cooked for us.
Rach: (smiling) Thanks Ross. Well, are we just gonna stand here or are we going to eat?
Gabi: Letís eat!

[Scene: Theyíre eating.]
Gabi: So then Ross trips over the bear he got and falls right into the lake!
Rach: Oh, youíre right. That is funny! Tell me Ross, were there also ducks involved?
(Ross and Rachel laugh)
Gabi: Ducks?
Ross: See, when Rach and I went, there was always this duck crossing sign, yet there were never any ducks. Until the last time we went up together and this huge duck came-(beeper goes off)
Gabi: Oh no!
Ross: What is it?
Gabi: I gotta go, itís the hospital. Apparently thereís been a car accident and they need me. Iím sorry.
Ross: Well, canít they call in another doctor?
Gabi: Iím really sorry Ross, I may have to perform emergency surgery. I have to go. Rachel, thanks for the dinner, itís been great seeing you again.
Rach: Yeah, sure! And good luck!
Gabi: Thanks! Ross, Iíll see you tomorrow morning I guess.
Ross: Okay.
Gabi: Bye! I love you!
Ross: I love you too! (They kiss) Bye.
Gabi: Bye Rachel! Take care of my Ross!
Rach: Bye Gabi and I will!
(Gabi leaves.)
Rach: Well, I guess itís just you and me then.
Ross: Yeah, I guess so. Well, dinner was great. Thanks again.
Rach: Lifeís strange isnít it?
Ross: What do you mean?
Rach: If someone told me 10 years ago that I would have a son, been married and divorced twice to the same man, and knew how to cook Iíd call them crazy!
Ross: (laughs and grabs her hands) Ya know Rach, Iím so proud of you!
Rach: What for Ross? My life is a mess!
Ross: Thatís not true! After everything, youíve always managed. You have a great job, a nice place to live, and youíre a terrific mom to Layne.
Rach: Thatís because Layne is my life.
Ross: I guess we should thank him.
Rach: Layne? Why?
Ross: Because after all weíve been through together, Layne is a part of you and a part of me combined. Nothing and no one can change that. (Rachel smiles) Every time I look at him, I see you.
Rach: Really? I always see you when I look at him.
Ross: (smiling) Did you ever wonder what our lives wouldíve been like if we had stayed together?
Rach: Everyday actually.
Ross: Really? I did too until I found Gabi. (Rachel looks down) Sheís my life now, like Eric is yours.
Rach: Yeah, right. (Angrily) Maybe you should go to the hospital and try to find her.
Ross: Iím sorry, I like being with you too.
Rach: What? How I am supposed to even react to that
Ross? You just keep messing with my head!
Ross: Listen, I know what this is about.
Rach: I doubt that.
Ross: Youíre still mad at me for not telling you about my wedding. I never did apologize for that.
Rach: Apologize? Please Ross, we both know thatís not possible.
Ross: And what is that supposed to mean?
Rach: Letís see, does 'We were on a break!' ring a bell?
Ross: Ya know, the only reason I came over here tonight was because I honestly wanted to make an apology and now youíre bringing up the past in my face again?!
Rach: Maybe I wouldnít have to if it werenít the truth
Ross! If you wouldnít have slept with her that night then Layne would still have a father!
Ross: OH MY GOD!! I knew you were still pissed off about that!
Rach: Well what do you think Ross? Itís not like I wanted to walk in on the two of you!
Ross: Okay, I have told you a million times over that we never did anything Rach! She set me up! God, I loved you so much and after the first time, I learned my lesson. I never, ever want to you because I love you too much, but youíre too damn stubborn to ever think that maybe I didnít lie about it!
Rach: Ross, I know what I saw! Are you trying to tell me that Iím blind?
Ross: Iím only trying to tell you that you were wrong every time and you never once stopped to give me a chance to explain myself!
Rach: There was no explanation needed! You were in the wrong every time Ross! Why canít you be man enough to admit it?!
Ross: Because itís not the truth. And I made a promise to myself never to lie to you! If I told you that I slept with her, then it would only be a lie.
Rach: Are you actually saying that you didnít sleep with her?
Ross: How many times do I have to say it Rachel? I wouldnít have done anything to jeopardize our marriage!
Rach: And yet you did Ross! Did you ever stop to think how hurt I was?
Ross: (He walks over to Rachel) I always think about that! (He grabs her arms) Rach, I hate seeing you hurt because I love you too much!
Rach: Ross, are you saying youíre still in love with me?
Ross: (Takes the one side of her face with his hand and says sweetly) Would it be so wrong if I did?
Rach: (smiling, in a whisper) Ross, I love you too.
(Just as they are about to kiss, the phone rings. They both stand there and stare at each other.)
Ross: (quietly) Maybe you should get that.
(Rachel walks over to the phone and picks it up.)
Rach: Hello? ... Yes, this is she ... Oh my God! ... Yes, Iíll tell him ... Okay, weíll be right over ... Bye.
Ross: Whatís wrong?
Rach: (quietly) Ross, thereís been an accident.

Okay, so thatís the end of Part 1, please remember to email me and tell me what you thought! (Good or bad!)
What will happen next? Will we ever learn who Ross supposedly slept with that night? Who was in the accident? Will I ever find a decent story line for Joey and Phoebe? Will Ross marry Gabi? Will Ross and Rachel ever be together again? Those answers and more coming in Forgive and Forget Part 2!