Forgive and Forget Part 2
By: Laurie

*I strongly suggest reading the first part before you begin this one! Remember that none of these characters are mine, except the ones I made up! Again, thanks Mandy for all your inspiration! ;) Love ya sis! And Steph, please don't kill me towards the end. :P All feedback to please-good or bad! Thanks! :)

Where we last left off:
Rach: Ross, are you saying you're still in love with me?
Ross: (Takes the one side of her face with his hand and says sweetly) Would it be so wrong if I did?
Rach: (smiling, in a whisper) Ross, I love you too.
(Just as they are about to kiss, the phone rings. They both stand there and stare at each other.)
Ross: (quietly) Maybe you should get that.
(Rachel walks over to the phone and picks it up.)
Rach: Hello? ... Yes, this is she ... Oh my God! ... Yes, I'll tell him ... Okay, we'll be right over ... Bye.
Ross: What's wrong?
Rach: (quietly) Ross, there's been an accident.

And now Part 2:
[Scene: Where we left off from Part 1]
Ross: What?! Was anyone hurt?
Rach: It's Layne. (She starts to cry) The accident that Gabi was talking about earlier was the one Layne was in.
Ross: OMG! Did she tell you if he was okay?
Rach: No, she didn't say. (She's really crying now) Layne could be hurt Ross. What if something happens to him? I can't lose him; he's my life!
Ross: (Hugging her) Shhhh! He's OUR life, Rach! Hey, Layne's a fighter okay? I'm sure he just got a little cut or bruise.
Rach: But what if he didn't? What if-
Ross: Rach, cammon! You can't think like that! Let's just go to the hospital and I'll show you that he's fine, okay?
Rach: (Weakly) Okay.

[Scene: They're in his car.]
Ross: (nervously) Hey, remember when he took his first steps?
Rach: (laughs a little) Yeah, that was when we were all over at Chandler and Monica's. You were so afraid you'd miss your second son's first steps, so you took that camcorder everywhere!
[FLASHBACK: Imagine CnM's house again, the back yard. It's somewhere around 2004. Layne is almost 2 and all the Friends are there celebrating Shawn's second birthday.]
Mon: Hey Rach! I could use some help over here!
Rach: Oh sorry! I was just trying to see if Layne was okay.
Mon: Rachel, he's with Ross. I don't think anything's gonna "go down." (Rachel shoots her a look) What? Cammon, this is Ross. He's a great dad.
Rach: Oh is he? I always thought he was a faithful husband too until I found him in bed with HER.
Mon: Alright, but at least give him a chance. You can't take his son away from him. That's what Carol did to him with Ben. And besides, look at them! (They look over at Ross and Layne. Ross has got the camcorder trying to get Layne to walk. Everytime he thinks he has Layne in a standing position to walk, Layne falls right back down. Monica turns back to Rachel.) You're not seriously going to take Layne away from him, are you?
Rach: Well, I WAS mad enough to do it. I wanted to take him to court and claim full custody. But I dunno, I just look at Layne and Ross seems to make him happy. So no Monica, I can't deny my son a chance to grow up without a father; I can't deny my son what makes him so happy.
Ross: (He's holding Layne, btw) Rach?
Rach: (turns around and says coldly) What do you want?
Ross: Um, I think Layne needs another bottle.
Rach: I put one in the fridge.
Ross: Oh, okay. Thanks. (He walks off)
Mon: Rachel, you mean to tell me you're still mad at him?
Rach: What do you mean?
Mon: Just now. The way you acted towards him.
Rach: I have every right to be!
Mon: Okay, I know that after what he did was hard, but you have to stay strong in front of Layne. You two can't allow him to see how mad you are at Ross.
Rach: Do you have to be right about every little thing?
Mon: (thinks) Yeah, actually I do.
(Ross comes running out)
Ross: Rachel, come here quick!
Rach: What's wrong?
Ross: It's Layne, he was at the table and he stood himself up! He stood himself up!!!
Rach: Ross, he's already done that one, remember?
Ross: Yeah, I know. But I think he's trying to walk!
(Rachel and Monica look at each other. They enter the kitchen to find Layne standing next to the table. They stop in the doorway, Monica goes back out.)
Ross: Oh no wait! Layne, daddy has to get this on film!
Rach: (hits Ross) Don't tell him that! (to Layne, she leans down and holds out her hands) Don't listen to daddy. Come here Layne. (Monica enters again with the others)
Mon: OMG! Is he gonna walk? (She leans down too) Cammon Layne. Come to Auntie Monica.
Rach: (hits her) Hey, who's kid is this?
Joey: Is he about done, cuz I really wanna make a sandwich. (They all turn to look at him)
All: Joey!
Joey: What? A man's gotta eat!
Chan: Ya know, as much fun as this looks I just can't help but wonder.
Mon: Chandler! You can wonder later! This is a once-in-a-lifetime event!
Chan: But honey-
Mon: Chandler! I said not now!!
Chan: Alright! But if we're in here, then who's out there with the kids? (They all look at each other and everyone but RnR leave)
Ross: Alright Layne. You just stay right there in that position and daddy will just reach over here and get his camcorder.
Rach: Ross, cammon! He'll just sit back down if you try to go past him.
Ross: Oh, alright. (He joins Rachel in the same position) Come here Layne. You can do it! Come to mommy and daddy. Even if daddy can't get his camera, he still wants you to walk to him. (Layne smiles and
starts to move)
Rach: Oh God Ross! This is it, he's gonna walk!
(They're both encouraging him and urging him on. Layne walks over to them, but just before he gets there, he trips and falls. Rachel starts to go to him, but Ross stops her.)
Ross: (smiling) Just wait, Rach. He's a fighter. (Layne gets back up and he finishes walking to them. They're cheering and all happy. Ross picks him up.) That's my boy!
Rach: Can you believe he did it Ross? God, I'm just so happy right now.
Ross: Yeah. (They look at each other and there is an awkward silence) It's, ah, it's great that each of his parents were here to see this.
Rach: What do you mean by that Ross?
Ross: Well, it's just that you'll get to see all the rest of his firsts and where will I be?
Rach: (looking down) Well, things change. (looks up at him) People you thought you knew change.
Ross: Rachel, I've tried to tell you before that I didn't do it.
Rach: And I've tried to tell you before that I didn't want to hear it.
Mon: (entering) Hey, Shawn's gonna blow out the candles now. You two coming or not?
Rach: Yeah, we'll be right there. (takes Layne from Ross) Cammon sweetie. (She leaves and Ross stays there with a hurt look on his face.)
***End of Flashback

Rach: I'm so sorry Ross.
Ross: For what?
Rach: Well, I didn't allow you to spend a lot of time with Layne.
Ross: Well, that was when things between you and I were awkward. I know you were only trying to protect him. Of course, it was from me, but-
Rach: No, I really shouldn't have done that.
Ross: Look, we've got bigger things to focus on right now. (He pulls up to the hospital) We're here, so let's just go.
[Scene: They're in the hospital]
Ross: (to the nurse) Excuse me, I'm Ross Geller and our son was just brought in here. He was just in a car accident.
Nurse: Okay sir. What is the patient's name?
Ross: Layne Geller.
Nurse: Okay, I have a Layne right here. He's on the second floor in the intensive care unit, room 7. Elevators are on your left.
Rach: Intensive care unit?!
Ross: (to nurse) Thank you. (to Rachel) Rach, listen to me. This doesn't mean anything, okay? You need to calm down.
Rach: Calm down?! How can I be calm when my baby is lying in the intensive care unit?!
Ross: You'll feel much better once you see him. He's fine. (to himself) He's got to be.

[Scene: Ross and Rachel are now in the I.C.U. They find Gabi.]
Gabi: Ross! and Rachel! Thank God you're both here.
Ross: Where's Layne?
Rach: What's happened to him?
Gabi: Okay, well I'm not going to lie to you. Layne's accident was serious.
Rach: Oh no! See Ross, I knew he wasn't okay!
Gabi: He was in the front seat when the car overturned. Right now, he's in and out of consciousness and I'm going to have to perform surgery
Rach: OMG! No, this can't be happening!
Ross: Gabi, you have to tell me the truth. Will he make it out of surgery?
Gabi: (she looks down and hesitates) The chances are fifty-fifty. He suffered a serious blow to the head Ross. We're going to try and stop the hemorrhage, but with him in and out of consciousness, well the chances are even worse I'm afraid. I wish I could give you both better news than this. I'm so sorry.
Rach: Yeah, I bet you are! If anything happens to him, I'll hold you fully responsible.
Ross: Rachel! It's not her fault.
Rach: No Ross! Layne is supposed to be safe right now okay?! He's supposed to be in bed asleep. And now he's about to have a life or death surgery!
Gabi: You can go in one at a time, so you don't overwhelm him. He's in that room.
Ross: Rach, you can go in first.
Rach: Thank you Ross.

[Scene: Rachel is now in Layne's room. She walks over to his bed and runs her fingers through his hair. He stirs.]
Rach:  (whispering, she's trying not to cry) Layne? Honey, it's mommy.
Layne: (cracking a tiny smile. He's talking weakly throughout this scene, btw) Mom? Is it really you?
Rach: Yeah baby, it's me. I've been so worried about you, ya know? You scared me to death. How do you feel honey?
Layne: A little tired. Gabi was here and she told me I'm gonna have surgery soon.
Rach: Yeah, I know. (takes his hands in hers) Listen, mommy's not going anywhere, okay? I'll be right here when you wake up again.
Layne: Mom, it's no big deal. I'll be fine, please don't worry about me.
Rach: That's what moms are for Layne. I love you too much not to worry about you honey.
Layne: I love you too Mom and that's why I don't want you to worry. Where's dad? I wanna see him.
Rach: He's right outside. Do you want me to get him?
Layne: Please?
Rach: Okay sweetie.
(Rachel goes to the door)
Rach: Ross, your son wants to see you.
Ross: Okay.
(Ross enters and Rachel starts to leave)
Layne: No mom, I want you here too. (RnR look at each other) Please?
Rach: (to Gabi) Can I?
Gabi: I really shouldn't let you, (Ross looks at her) but if you both try to make it quick I think I can sneak you both in.
Rach: (quietly) Thanks.
(Rachel is on one side of the bed, Ross on the other so that they are facing each other)
Layne: I wanted you both here with me cuz (he looks down and says quietly) I'm afraid of waking up and not finding you here.
Ross: Layne, your mom and I will always be here for you!
Layne: You promise?
Rach: Of course sweetie! We're here forever and always, okay? (hehe, Mandy ... ;)) We'll never leave you!
Layne: Okay. I know I'm just a little kid, but I love you both so much and that's why I want to see you two happy.
Ross: Layne, we always want YOU to be happy!
Layne: Really?
Rach: Yeah Layne! Now what is it that you wanted to tell us?
Layne: I've always wanted one thing; for you both to be happy.
Rach: Yeah, that's what we want for you too.
Layne: I want you to be happy together.
Rach: Layne ...
Layne: No mom! You love dad and dad, you love mom. And I love you both.
Ross: Well we love you too Layne, but we told you that mom and dad just don't love each other anymore. (Rachel stares at him in disbelief, remembering what he said earlier) We each love other people now. We still love you Layne. We always will.
Layne: Why can't things change and go back to what they used to be? (to Ross)  Dad, did you love mom?
Ross: (looking at Rachel, smiling) Yeah, with all my heart.
Layne: (to Rachel) And did you love dad?
Rach: (looking at Ross, smiling) Of course, I lived and breathed for him.
Layne: Then why can't we all be happy together?
Ross: (breaking the gaze between himself and Rachel) Because we just don't love each other that way anymore
Layne. (Rachel looks down sadly) We already told you that.
Layne: Okay. If I come out of surgery and never ask for anything again, will you two get back together then?
Rach: Layne, you're being silly now. Why wouldn't you come out of surgery?
Layne: I don't know. Things happen to teach us lessons mom. You always said that and my one and only wish is for you and dad to be happy together with me. (He takes Ross' one hand and Rachel's and puts them together)
Ross: (Ross quickly breaks it) Layne, we've already explained ...
Layne: At least promise me you'll think about it? (RnRlook at each other)
Rach: Sure sweetie. If that's what you want.
Ross: Okay then. We'll think about this after you come back from surgery.
Layne: (he's all smiles) Thank you so much! This is the best gift ever! (He pulls them into a group hug! :-) Gabi enters)
Gabi: Layne? It's time for your surgery.
Ross: Thanks Gabi. Well Layne, we'll see you later, alright?
Layne: I know dad, love you.
Ross: (hugging him, his voice cracks and he's almost in tears) I love you too Layne and don't you forget that!
Layne: I won't dad.
Rach: Okay sweetie. Be brave for me, okay?
Layne: I will mom. I love you.
Rach: (hugging him, starting to cry now) I love you too Layne, so much!
Gabi: Okay Layne, time to go buddy. (to RnR) You'll have to wait outside and I'll let you know when the surgery is over. (RnR nod and hug and kiss Layne goodbye. They watch as he's rolled away down the hall and out of sight. We see Rachel crying as Ross holds her and cries too.)

[Scene: Ross and Rachel are in the waiting room asleep. Rachel has her head on Ross' shoulder, and Ross has his arm around Rachel. FLASHBACK: They are both dreaming this. It's 2002 and it's the same house you saw in Part 1, Rachel's house that is. Rachel's on the phone with someone.]
Rach: And I cannot wait to tell Ross the news! I just don't know how to tell him!
Voice: Well, knowing my brother, he'll flip out with utter joy. Cammon Rach, I say the next time you see him, you tell him.
Rach: Oh, maybe you're right Mon. I dunno. How'd you tell Chandler?
Mon: Very gently! (They laugh) But Chandler and Ross are two totally different men.
Rach: Yeah, okay. I'll tell him. I would call him at work, but I know he's busy of late.
Mon: (laughs) Doing what? He stands up there and reads off note cards.
Rach: Well, that new assistant of his is really having a hard time learning everything.
Mon: Ah, Rach, hasn't she been there for 2 weeks? I mean, you'd think she would know everything. It's just typing.
Rach: Yeah, I told Ross that and he started to blame me for being all jealous.
Mon: Are you?
Rach: Well, I have eyes! I mean, I've seen her and given the chance, I think Ross would take her.
Mon: Rach, Ross just married you okay? I know he doesn't have the best track record of marriages, but it IS you! He's loved you since, well, forever!
Rach: Yeah okay. (there's a beep) Oh hey, that's another call and I should really get ready to tell
Ross the big news tonight. Talk to ya later, right?
Mon: Oh for sure! And good luck!
Rach: Thanks, I'm gonna need it!
(She presses the call waiting and answers it.)
Voice: Rach?
Rach: Ross! Honey, how's work?
Ross: Well, I just got out of my last lecture. I thought about you the whole time.
Rach: (smiles) Oh?
Ross: Well, who else is there to think about?
Rach: I dunno, maybe your new assistant.
Ross: Rachel, I thought we were past that.
Rach: Yeah, well we are. I was only kidding!
Ross: Oh, right. Ha. Ha.
Voice in Ross' background: Ross, do you think you could help me with my zipper. It seems to be stuck.
Rach: WHAT?! Ross, what the hell were you doing after that lecture?!
Ross: Oh no! Jessica had this problem all day! This is not the first time!
Rach: I bet it's not!!!
Jess: Ross, are ya gonna help me again or not?
Rach: Again?! How much training does she need?!
Ross: Would you just shut up!
Rach: Excuse me?!
Ross: No, no, no! Not you! Her!
Rach: Yeah, I'll see you whenever you think she's had enough training!
(Rachel hangs up and Ross slowly puts the phone back and pounds his head on the desk)
Jess: What did I say?
Ross: Next time, could you please talk a little softer?
Jess: Geez, sorry.
Ross: No, it's okay. I should've taken the phone elsewhere.
Jess: No, she IS your wife. I feel so guilty. Why don't I take you out to get a drink or something?
Ross: I dunno.
Jess: Well, you can't sit around here all day and be depressed. (Ross looks down) Please?
Ross: Oh, okay. One little drink can't hurt. Let's go.

***End of Flashback
[Gabi comes up to them with a look of disgust on her face.]
Gabi: Um, excuse me? Ross, Rachel! (Ross stirs and wakes up)
Ross: Huh? (he causes Rachel to wake up too)
Rach: Is there any news on Layne?
Gabi: Yeah. His surgery is over and it was a success.
Rach: Oh, thank you God!
Gabi: But-
Ross: But? There's a but?
Gabi: But we're still not sure if he'll make it through the night.
Rach: What?! I thought you said that if he came out of the surgery, he'd be okay!
Gabi: Yeah, for what we could guess. The hemorrhage could still worsen. We have to watch him overnight from now on.
Ross: So basically you're saying that he's won the battle, but not the war.
Gabi: Unfortunately, yes.
Rach: How long before we know he's cleared?
Gabi: If he makes it through tonight, he should be as good as new within a few weeks.
Ross: So now all we can do is wait.
(Chandler and Monica are now running into the waiting room. Monica is holding this cutie of a little girl that looks really tired and she's sucking her thumb. She's about 4. Shawn is tagging behind Chandler. He's got a Gameboy in his hands.)
Mon: OMG Rachel! (She's trying to hug Rachel) Honey, there you are I'm so sorry!
Chan: Hey Ross. Where is he?
Ross: Where's who?
Chan: The Pope! (Ross stares blankly at him) Who do you think? Layne of course!
Ross: Oh, he's (pointing to room) in there.
Mon: Can I see him?
Gabi: I'm sorry. I just operated on him, he really just needs his rest right now.
Mon: Oh, I guess we'll see him later then. Rach, you look really tired, maybe you should go home and get some rest yourself.
Rach: No way! Would you leave if Shawn or Chanel were in there?
Mon: Rach, I know what kind of hell you must be going through right now, but if you don't get some sleep
soon, you won't be able to stay awake when Layne comes to!
Rach: I'm sorry Mon, but my son needs me.
Ross: Rach, if you wanna go home and sleep, go ahead. I'll just call you when he wakes up.
Rach: What part of 'No way' don't you people understand?
Chan: Hmm, now that's a thinker. Can I buy a vowel?
Mon: (hits him) Chandler!
Chan: You rang? (Everyone gives him a look) What did I say?
Mon: Here. (Hands him Chanel) Take her and try not to make any jokes.
Chan: (Talking to himself and looking at Shawn) He's playing with a Gameboy and I get yelled at!
(There's a scream. They turn and hear a voice.)
Voice: Look mister, I did not ask for your attitude! Now you sit back down in this wheelchair and if I hear one more peep out of-Hey!!!
Rach: Phoebe? OMG!
Phoebe: Rach! Hey, how are ya?
Rach: (hugging Phoebe) I've been better. You?
Phoebe: (looking at the old man in the wheelchair) I've got a pain in my ass, but I have a feeling it'll get better soon.
Mon: Pheebes? Is that you?
Phoebe: Monica! Hi! Is everyone here?
Mon: Ross and Chandler are over there with Chanel and Shawn.
Phoebe: Chanel and Shawn?
Mon: My children.
Phoebe: Oh right! Now I remember. Wait Rach! Didn't you have a kid too?
Rach: (she bites her bottom lip like she's going to cry) Yeah, he's here too.
Phoebe: Great! Can I see him?
Mon: Ah Pheebes, Layne is in the hospital.
Phoebe: Well duh! We all are!
Mon: No, he's in here because of a car accident.
Phoebe: OMG! Rach, I'm sorry! How is he?
Rach: He's holding up. He just got out of surgery with success. Gabi is just keeping a watch on him overnight
since he could worsen at any moment.
Phoebe: Gabi?
Mon: Dr. Russell.
Phoebe: Oh, okay. That name just sounded familiar. Hey, didn't Ross go out with a Gabi once?
Rach: Phoebe, he's engaged to Gabi!
Phoebe: Really? Wow! He must really like that name.
Rach: No, Dr. Gabriella Russell. It's the same one.
Phoebe: And you're not scratching her eyes out by now?
Mon: (Phoebe and she are laughing) Yeah Rach. What's up with that?
Rach: Look, I am so totally through with Ross!
Mon: Please! I've heard that too many times Rach.
Rach: Yeah, well after tonight I mean it!
Phoebe: Okay, what did you do now?
Rach: Well he-wait a minute! Me?! It was him! He told me he was in love with me again! (Phoebe and Monica gasp)
Mon: He what?! Woah, this is too huge!
Phoebe: Did you tell him you're still in love with him too?
Rach: Well, yeah, but wait! How did you know?
Phoebe: Oh please Rachel! You've got that look all over your face.
Rach: What look?
Mon: The 'I love Ross' look.
Rach: No I don't!
Phoebe: It's totally written all over his face too!
Rach: Ya-huh! (she pauses) Really? Ya know what? He didn't mean it anyway.
Phoebe: How do you know?
Rach: When we were in there with Layne, he took it all back.
Mon: Well, of course he did! He only said that so he wouldn't upset Layne before surgery.
Rach: You think?
Mon: Totally! You're both so obvious!
Phoebe: Yeah, that's why I picked him for a backup! He's such a great dad!
Rach: Pheebes! That was almost 10 years ago.
Phoebe: Right! I still have to hold out for one more year!
Rach: What happened to Joey as your backup?
Phoebe: Didn't you hear?
Mon: Hear what?
Phoebe: Joey's engaged now!
Mon: Get out!
Rach: No way!
Phoebe: That's what I said too! And his fiancé is also a robot!
Mon: Phoebe! Are you sure Joey wasn't talking about his new gig?
Phoebe: (thinks about it) Maybe. Look, I have to get back to work. I'll catch up with you later.
Mon/Rach: Bye!
Mon: I wonder where Joey is right now?
Rach: I don't know. I miss him.

[Scene: Joey enters! lol, How could you have not seen that one coming? He goes up to the nurse]
Joey: How you doin?
Nurse: (laughs) I'm fine and you?
Joey: I'm good, but I'd be doing even better if I had your phone number.
Nurse: (yup, still laughing) Only if you give me yours too.
Joey: Oh, I can give you a whole lot more than that!
Chan: (coming up to him) Joey? Is that you?
Joey: Dude! I'm trying to get a woman here!
Chan: Oh please finish.
Joey: Thank you! (goes back to nurse) Do you go any other name beside Angel?
Nurse: Actually, that is my name.
Joey: I knew it!
Angel: What?
Joey: That you were made in heaven. Listen, I'll give you a call.
Angel: Okay, ah-
Joey: Joey. Later babe.
Angel: See ya Joey.
Chan: (sets Chanel down on a chair) Joey, you do realize you're a year away from 40, right?
Joey: Meaning?
Chan: Don't you think it's time you settled down?
Joey: To do what exactly?
Chan: I dunno, maybe get married, have a kid to pass on your legacy to-ya know what? You're right. You don't need that!
Joey: Dude, don't worry. I got Rach as my backup.
Chan: What? Wait. I thought Ross was hers.
Joey: How can Ross be her backup? He was already married to her and divorced her twice. It's my turn for some Rachel lovin.
Chan: Yeah, cuz I'm so sure she'll agree with that.
Joey: (smiling, not getting it) Thanks man, you're so supportive! Don't worry about me though. I'm making money now.
Chan: Doing what?! Joey, your last starring role was last Christmas when you played the Christmas tree in Barney's Jingle Bell Hop video.
Joey: (smiling) Yeah. That was so some good stuff! And the food, oh dude!
Chan: I don't even know how to respond to that!
(Chandler shakes his head. They don't notice that
Chanel is gone from the chair. A woman enters and runs into Joey)
Joey: Hey, watch where-(sees it's a woman)oh, How you doin?
Woman: Oh God! I'm so sorry, I guess I wasn't watching where I was going.
Joey: Hey, it's no problem. You need some help?
Woman: Actually, yeah. I'm looking for my little girl, she was brought in here tonight because she was in a car accident with another car. They just released me or I would've been up here sooner.
Joey: Oh, so you're married then?
Woman: No, I'm a single mother.
Joey: (smiling) Really?
Chan: Joey! Excuse me Ms.-
Woman: Oh, sorry! Ms. Sydney Clark. (ha ha Maddie! :P) Please, you can call me Sydney though.
Chan: Nice to meet you, Sydney.
Joey: (whispering to Chandler) Dude! You already have Monica!
Chan: Joey! (looks back at her) Tell us, did you happen to know who was in the other car?
Syd: Yeah, they said there was a man with two boys. I heard the one boy had serious injuries though.
Chan: I'm almost certain that was my friends' child. He's in that room over there, he just got out of surgery.
Syd: OMG, I hope he's okay.
Chan: Well, we're just waiting it through the night.
Syd: Thanks for all your help, um-
Chan: Chandler.
Joey: I'm Joey. You need anything, you can always come to me.
Syd: Aww! That's really sweet of you Joey. I'm going to go find out my daughter's room number, I'll see you two later.
Chan/Joey: See ya!
Chan: (hits Joey) What was that?
Joey: Me? What about you? Mr. 'that was my friends' child.'
Chan: Joey! It was! Layne's in the hospital!
Joey: What?! You mean Ross and Rachel are here?
Chan: Yeah! They're over there.
Joey: Well let's go!
(They walk over to the waiting area)
Chan: Ross, you remember Joey?
Ross: Of course! Hey man, how's things?
Joey: Things are great! I heard about Layne. How is he?
Ross: Well, we're really not sure. For now, he's okay.
Joey: I see. Can we see him soon?
Ross: Well, Gabi said when he wakes up.
Gabi: Ross, I gotta check in on another patient, I'll be right back.
Ross: Okay honey, see ya soon!
(Camera goes to where Rachel and Monica are)
Mon: Oh look who it is! Joey's over there.
Rach: Oh yeah, with the guys. (says coldly) And Gabi.
Mon: Listen Rach. I really think you should talk to
Ross about all of this.
Rach: I dunno Mon. I'm afraid I'll just make things worse.
Mon: Rachel, do you still love him?
Rach: Well, yeah I guess.
Mon: Then march your butt over there and tell him!
Rach: Oh, alright! But what should I say to him?
Mon: Just tell him whatever comes from your heart.
(Camera goes back to the guys)
Joey: So, what's going on with you and Gabi?
Ross: We're engaged, if that's what you mean.
Chan: Did you ever apologize to Rachel?
Ross: Yeah.
Chan: And?
Ross: We got into another fight.
Chan: And you're not dead?! What did you say to her to make her decide not to kill you?
Ross: I kinda told her I was still in love with her.
Chan: I KNEW IT!!!
Ross: Shhh! Keep your voice down! She's right over there.
Chan: What'd she say when you told her this?
Ross: She told me she loved me too.
Joey: Dude! I thought you just said you were engaged to that other chick.
Ross: Yeah, I am. What's your point?
Joey: If you still love Rachel and she loves you, then
what the hell are you standing here talking to us for?
Ross: What, you think I should go talk to her about it?
Chan: Ya-huh!
Ross: Well, what should I say to her?
Chan: Whatever you do, don't speak from your heart!
Joey: Yeah man! It always gets you into trouble!
Ross: What are you saying?
Joey: Act like you don't know what she's talking about!
Chan: Joey! He can't ignore what happened! I say you play hard to get.
Ross: Wouldn't that just push her away?
Chan: No, it'll just make her want you all the more.
Ross: Really?
Joey: Totally! Here she comes, good luck dude!
Ross: Thanks.
(Joey and Chandler go to where Monica is. Rachel comes up to Ross)
Rach: Ross, I think we need to talk.
Ross: What do you mean?
Rach: You know, about what happened between us earlier tonight.
Ross: Oh that. I was just thinking about what we said.
Rach: (smiling) You did?
Ross: Yeah, and I'm really sorry I said that.
Rach: (in a whisper) What?
Ross: I know how much you must love Eric and I know how much I love Gabi. I must've confused the hell out of you.
Rach: Ross, are you saying that you don't love me?
Ross: Yeah, that's just it. I meant that I loved you as a friend. I think you might have took it the wrong way.
Rach: OMG! (she starts to laugh) That's what I meant too! I mean, you're my best friend Ross.
Ross: (looks shocked) You mean, you don't love me either?
Rach: Only as a friend, just like you love me-
Ross: (finishes) as a friend. Right. Okay. So, we're okay then?
Rach: Of course!
(They hug and we can see their pained expressions. Camera goes to Monica with Chandler and Joey)
Mon: (hits Chandler) Well this is just great!
Chan: What did I do now?!
Mon: Would you look at them? I told her to tell him how she felt!
Chan: That she loves him? Are you crazy?
Mon: Are you?! (Off Chandler's look) Why shouldn't they tell each other that? Saying I love you to someone is the best thing in the world!
Chan: Mon, they're both in other relationships right
now. They don't need their minds messed with.
Joey: Yeah, that's why we told Ross to play hard to get!
Mon: You what?! You two are complete idiots! Now Ross and Rachel are going to be miserable for the rest of their lives! Is that what you want? (They look at each other) Is it?!
Chan/Joey: (quietly) No.
Mon: That's what I thought! Now you two get back over there and you tell Ross to tell Rachel the truth about how he feels!
Joey: But Monica!
Mon: Now!
Chan: Honey, I don't see how this is going to solve anything and-
Mon: Do you wanna sleep on the couch tonight?
Chan: You didn't let me finish. And that's why Joey and I will be going over there to tell Ross that now.
(Chandler and Joey walk over to RnR(who's still hugging, btw) Chandler clears his throat, and they break the hug)
Ross: Yes?
Chan: Ross, can we talk to you for a sec?
Ross: I guess.
Joey: In private.
Ross: Oh, okay. (to Rachel) So, we're good now?
Rach: Yeah, of course. We're fine.
Ross: Good. I'll catch up with you later.
(Just as the guys are about to go, Gabi comes up to them)
Gabi: I've got some great news.
All: What?
Gabi: Layne is awake and you can all go in to see him.

Ross: This is great! Thanks hon! (he kisses Gabi lightly on the lips and we see Rachel's hurt expression. Gabi notices)
Gabi: Of course Ross. (Stares coldly at Rachel) I'll always be the only woman that can make you happy.
Rach: (Stares coldly back at Gabi and grabs Ross' hand) Cammon Ross. Let's go see OUR son.
(Author's note: hehe. Is anyone else loving this as much as I am?)
Ross: Okay Rach. Let's go!
Mon: Chandler and I are taking the kids down to the cafeteria to eat, so we'll come up and see Layne when we get back.
Joey: I'll be right there, I just really have to go!
(points to the bathroom)
Ross: Okay. (looks at Gabi) Aren't you coming?
Gabi: Of course I am. (Rach looks sadly down as Gabi smiles and enters with Ross)
Mon: Shawn and Chanel, you ready?
Shawn: Sure mom.
Chan: Oh crap.
Mon: Chandler, where's Chanel?
Chan: Well, I, we were over there and then Joey and an angel and I sat her down and then-
Mon: (hits him) OMG! You lost Chanel?!
Chan: I didn't lose her, we were um-
Mon: You were what?
Chan: Playing hide and go seek! Yes, that's right and it's her turn to hide!
Mon: Well then, find her Chandler so we can eat.
Shawn: (to Chandler) Boy, that was a close one!
Chan: Ya think?! Come on, help me find your sister before your mother does!

[Scene: Joey's coming out of the bathroom]
Joey: (in his head) Now what was I going to do? Oh yeah! See Layne. Okay, his room was right here, wasn't it? Damnit Joey! Think! Mmmmm ... is that pizza I smell? No! Focus. Okay, they are definitely in this room. (He enters a room and there is a little girl sitting up in bed playing with cards)
Joey: Oh, I'm sorry. I must've gotten the wrong room.
Girl: No wait mister! Please don't go. My mom said she'd be right back and she's been gone for over an hour!
Joey: Really? Who would do that? Um, okay. Well, I'm Joey. What's your name?
Girl: My name is Caitlyn. Wanna play War?
Joey: War? I love that game!! Cool, so your mom's gonna be back soon, huh?
Cait: Yeah, that's what she said. Okay, ready to have your pants knocked off?
Joey: Please, I'm gonna take you down so bad, (realizes he's talking to a little girl) um, well I'm gonna kick your butt!
(Time Lapse: Joey has apparently lost a LOT of times!)
Cait: Aw, cammon Joey! Let me see that smile.
Joey: I don't wanna!
Cait: But really, you almost had me that time! One more game?
Joey: (Pouts) No! You always win!
Cait: Well, I tried to warn you!
(There's a tiny knock on the door. It's guess who???)
Syd: Hey sweetie, sorry it took me so long but I-(Stops when she sees Joey) Joey? What are you doing here?
Cait: It's not his fault mommy! Joey's my new friend. I made him stay.
Syd: Oh you did, did ya?
Cait: Yeah, and we played War while you were gone too!

Syd: Oh Cait, you shouldn't have made Joey lose like that!
Joey: Hey! How do you know I didn't win a game?
Syd: Because if I can't beat her, then no one can!
(They laugh)
Joey: (Whispering to Sydney) Yeah, well I just let her win.
Syd: (Whispering back) That's what I tell myself too Joey, ya might as well let it go.
Joey: (To Caitlyn) Well, I guess I should go now that your mom's back.
Cait: (looks down) Oh, yeah.
Joey: (notices-for once! lol) But ya know. I could stay a little longer and try and kick your mom's butt!

Cait: (smiling) I'd like to see that one! My mom's the second best War player there is! Second to me, of course!
Syd: (winking at Caitlyn) Of course!
Joey: Hey, now am I gonna get that game or what?
Syd: Okay, let's go! Cait, you shuffle.
Joey: (grabs the cards) No need for that. You are looking at a professional ladies. (He goes to shuffle the cards and they all fly out across the floor. Syd and Cait are laughing hysterically) Ya know what? How 'bout we just call this one your win? (He too starts to laugh as the scene fades out and then in again. Time has passed and we see Caitlyn lying asleep. Sydney motions for Joey to come out in the hall.)
Syd: I see you and Caitlyn have a lot in common.
Joey: Yeah, I guess we do. She's a great kid, just like her mom.
Syd: Aww, that's sweet of you Joey.
Joey: Syd, do you mind if I ask you something?
Syd: No, what's on your mind?
Joey: Well, I was wondering ... um, where's her father? (Sydney looks down) I mean, you don't have to answer that or anything, but I just wondered how much it must bother you knowing he's out there and not here for his own daughter.
Syd: I really can't let it bother me Joe, cuz it's really my own fault.
Joey: I'm not following.
Syd: See, I don't know who Caitlyn's father is.
Joey: Oh ...
Syd: No, not for that reason. Because Caitlyn's father was a sperm donor. (Off Joey's confused look) I went to a sperm bank.
Joey: Oh? My friend wanted to do that once but I stopped her. (laughs) Actually, come to think of it I was a donor myself once.
Syd: Really? Why may I ask?
Joey: Oh, I just needed some pocket money back then. I'm an actor.
Syd: Neat! So, what was the description on yours?
Joey: Ah, let me think. 27. Italian-American guy. Actor. Born in Queens. 7 sisters and-
Syd: (finishing his sentence) You're the only boy.
Joey: Yeah! That's right! How did you know that?
Syd: (looks down) Um, Joey. I think there's something you should know.

[Scene: Chandler and Shawn enter the cafeteria looking worn out. They spot Monica with Chanel and take a seat at the table. Shawn and Chandler on one side, Monica and Chanel, in a booster seat, on the other side.]
Mon: Chandler, I was wondering when you'd get here.
Chan: (to Chanel) You sold daddy out, didn't ya? (she giggles) I knew it! Okay, Monica before you get upset, let me explain.
Mon: Chandler, do you have any idea where I found our daughter?
Chan: Um, if this is 20 questions, can I pass?
Mon: Chandler! She was with some homeless man and you're lucky that he was nice enough to turn her in!
Chan: I'm sorry! But look, she's safe now.
Mon: Aargh! I don't have time to argue with you now. We're all hungry, so can you go order us some food?
Chan: Sure thing.
Mon: (to the kids) What do you guys want?
Shawn: Just grab me a burger and a Coke.
Chanel: I want s'cream mommy.
Mon: Chanel, you can't have ice cream because your tummy will hurt. You want some fries instead?
Chanel: Yeah! Fies! (Author's Note: Yes, it's spelled the wrong way! She's about 4, what do you expect?)
Mon: Okay, Chandler you got that?
Chan: Yup, and what do you want?
Mon: Oh, just get me chef salad with Light Ranch dressing.
Chan: Okay honey. Be right back. (He starts to walk away)
Mon: (yelling) And remember to get the light dressing!
Chanel: Mommy?
Mon: Yes sweetie?
Chanel: Why's that man eating out of the garbage?
(Monica looks over and sees a man going through the garbage can.)
Mon: Well honey, sometimes poor people do that because they have no money for food.
Chanel: Don't we have money?
Mon: Yes.
Chanel: Why don't we give him food?
Shawn: (looking up from his Gameboy) Yeah mom, you're always telling us to share.
Mon: Well, (looks at pleading looks of her kids) okay. I guess we could buy him a burger or something. (She walks over to the man and taps on his shoulder.) Excuse me sir?
Man: Yeah, what do you want?
Mon: I was just wondering if maybe you'd like to join me and my family for dinner.
Man: Oh really? That's awfully nice of you-
Mon: Monica.
Man: Monica, but I don't have a dime to my name.
Mon: Oh, no! It's on me.
Man: Well, I dunno. Usually I don't take charity, but from a pretty girl like you I guess I could make an exception.
Mon: (smiles) Good. Come over here and meet my family. (She takes him back to the table.) Kids, I want you to meet-
Chanel: Herb!
Herb: (laughing) That's right, I'm Herbert. Just call me Herb.
Shawn: Hi Herb!
Herb: Hey, nice to meet you. What's your name, son?
Shawn: I'm Shawn and this is my sister Chanel.
(Chandler walks over with the food.)
Herb: Oh, I've met your sister.
Mon: Um, am I missing something?
Herb: Oh, this little lady is the girl I happened to stumble across today.
Mon: Really? Wow, I guess I should thank you then!
Herb: Oh, no need really. I was glad to help!
Mon: Wait, here comes my husband now. He'll be so happy to meet you!
Chan: Okay, here we are. (He bumps into Herbert.) Oh, I'm sorry-(He looks at the man and gasps.) OMG! Mon, we have to talk.
Mon: Honey, what is it? You're scaring me.
Chan: Why is he near our kids?!
Mon: Who? The homeless man?
Chan: Ya-huh!
Mon: (laughs) Honey, it's okay. Look how good he's getting along with our children. And he's the man that turned in Chanel!
Chan: No, this is all wrong! I want him away from them now!
Mon: Chandler wait! We can't just leave Herbert alone!
Chan: Why? Why not?
Mon: Because, first of all, what kind of example would we be setting for them? And second of all, he saved our daughter! We owe him something.
Chan: Well, you'll just have to find another guy to help out!
Mon: Chandler! What has gotten into you? Why don't you wanna help Herb out?
Herb: I know why.
Chan: You stay out of this!
Mon: Herb, I'm sorry my husband's acting this way. Usually he's not like this, I'm sorry.
Herb: It's okay Monica. I wouldn't expect a warmer greeting after all these years.
Mon: After all these years? Wait. Do you two know each other or something?
Herb: (He looks at Chandler) What's the matter
Chandler? Don't you think your wife should know about your dad?
(Scenes fades out on Monica's shocked face.)

[Scene: Layne's room. Gabi, Ross, and Rachel are there. Ross and Gabi are on one side of the bed and Rachel is on the other. Layne's waking up.]
Layne: (weakly) Mom? Dad?
Rach: We're here Layne.
Ross: How do you feel?
Layne: Really tired. (sees Gabi) What's she doing here?
Ross: Don't you want Gabi to be here with you too? She did save your life and someday soon she'll be your new mom.
Layne: I don't need a new mom! My mom is right here with me and (talking to Rachel) you'll always be my mom, right?
Rach: Of course I will sweetie! (looks at Gabi) No one will ever replace me.
Gabi: I'm really sorry, but I think you need to leave
Rachel. It's obvious that you're upsetting Layne.
Rach: Me?! For God's sake, I'm his mother he wants me here!
Ross: (sees Layne's upset face) Okay, cammon you two out here. (starts to lead them to the door)
Rach: I am not going anywhere!
Gabi: If she's not leaving, then I'm not either!
Ross: NOW!!!
(They go out in the hall.)
Ross: Okay, look. It's obvious that for some reason you two can't be civil enough to be in the same room with each other. I'm going back in there with my son and until you two can calm down, I think this is where you should stay. You're only going to make Layne worse.
Rach: Fine, I can do that.
Gabi: I have another patient to visit. (She leaves as
Rachel starts to sit down)
Ross: Rachel?
Rach: What?!
Ross: Do you wanna come in with me?
Rach: No, I think I just need to stay out here for awhile and think.
Ross: About?
Rach: Things that have been on my mind. (walks over to him and hugs him) Look, I'm really sorry. Just go to Layne right now, he needs his father.
Ross: I will, are you sure you don't want to come in? (He breaks the hug, but they are still holding onto each other) He needs his mom too ya know?
Rach: Yeah, I do. I'll be in in a minute. I just gotta go do something first.
Ross: Okay, we'll wait on you then. (He smiles at her and kisses her forehead.) Don't take too long, okay?
Rach: I won't. Promise me you won't let Layne fall asleep without me telling him how much I love him.
Ross: I promise. (Rachel smiles and goes to kiss him on the cheek, but Ross turns his head and they kiss! ;-) They're really into it, btw! Gabi comes back and stops as she sees them)
Gabi: (You guessed it, she's pissed! hehe) OMG! Ross, what are you doing?! And with HER?!
(Ross breaks the kiss and sees Gabi, unsure of what to do)
Ross: Um, Gabi. What are you doing back so soon honey?
Gabi: Don't you honey me Ross! (to Rachel) Just how long have you been planning that one out you little whore?!
Rach: (she's obviously hurt, Ross notices) I, we didn't plan it ...
Gabi: I bet you didn't! (notices Ross gazing at Rachel) Didn't get enough of your little whore of an ex-wife, did ya?
Ross: Hey! You can't talk to her that way!
Gabi: Ross, how else am I supposed to talk to the whore?
Ross: Gabi, I told you not to call her that! Would just calm down, it was nothing okay? (Rachel looks up at him) I was just comforting her. She's my friend. Our son IS lying in there and Rach got upset.
Gabi: So what? You just decided to go ahead and stick your tongue down her throat?! (They can't see, but Layne is walking out of his room and he's now listening in. He's leaning on the doorway, btw) Ya know what Ross? You want her again, you got her!
Ross: Gabi-
Gabi: No Ross! Don't even bother cuz this engagement is off! (She throws her ring on the ground at Ross' feet and starts to walk away. Layne looks really happy.)
Ross: (grabs her arm) Gabi wait! You're not thinking clearly alright!
Gabi: Oh, that's where you're wrong! (looks at Rachel) Things are turning out crystal clear Ross.
Ross: Okay, I can see how you're a little upset right now but-
Gabi: A LITTLE upset?! Ross! You're making out in a hospital with your ex!
Ross: Gabi it's not like that at all okay? Rachel and I don't love each other any more. We're through forever! Nothing and NO ONE is going to change my mind!
Layne: (trying to step forward. He's already half-crying too) What about me dad?
Rach: Layne! Sweetie, what are you doing up? You should be in bed.
Layne: No mom! You and dad, you promised me that after surgery you'd get back together! (Gabi looks shocked and more upset, Ross and Rachel look down)
Gabi: (looks at Ross) Is this true?!
Ross: Gabi, not now! Layne, listen to me-
Layne: No dad! You took back your promise! You lied to me and for that I'll never forgive you! I'll never forget what you did! (Rachel's crying. Layne says quietly) I thought you loved me. Now I- (He stops mid-sentence and closes his eyes. They watch as he grabs with one hand his head and the other his heart and he collapses on the floor. They run over to him)
Rach: Layne! No, don't leave me please! I love you! (grabs Gabi) What the hell is the matter with you?! Did you see what you did to him?
Gabi: Me?! Look, I don't have time for this, I just need you all to stand back. (She starts to page another doctor and calls for a nurse. They carry him back into his hospital room. Ross and Rachel just stand back and look through the window as they see Gabi performing CPR on him. After what seems like forever, Gabi comes out of Layne's room.)
Rach: Tell me he's okay!
Ross: Please Gabi. Layne, he's alright?
Gabi: (looks down, quietly almost to herself) God, I hate this part.

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