The One With the forgiveness

Disclaimer: by R+R4VR:
These Characters do not belong to me. They belong to Bright, Kauffmann and Crane Productions and Warner Bros. This fanfic is only written for entertainment.

Well, this is my 1st Fanfic and is clearly dedicated to Ross and Rachel but the other characters do have a story.
I have set this fanfic roughly at the middle of season 9.
You need to know that, Phoebe is going out with Cliff, the guy she met at the hospital and Joey is, for the first time in a serious relationship with a girl called Sarah. Ross and Rach are both seeing people, Rach is going out with a guy named George and Ross is with a girl called Mary. But both couples haven´t been too much together and they aren´t too serious because they have to take care of Emma. I think that´s all you need to know. Enjoy it!
SCENE (Central Perk) Everyone is there, including Emma.
Joey: Hey you guys want some more coffee?
Everyone: No thanx Joe.
Monica: So Pheebs, how are things going with Cliff?
Phoebe: Well, great, you Know? I'm starting to feel I'm falling in love with him.
Monica: Oh, Pheebs that's so great!
Chandler: Still no sex huh?
Monica: Chandler! Ignore hin Phoebe he is too... guy to understand.
Phoebe: No, he is right, Mon. The problem is that we haven't done it.
Rachel: Well Phoebe relax, I've been dating George for more or less the same time you are with Cliff and we haven't done it either.
Chandler: And you Ross? You've been seeing Mary pretty much the same time. Have you had sex with her?
Ross: Well, I must say we did. But I'm not sure of where this relationship is going, you know?
Rachel: Well, just give her a bit more time and then make a decision.
Ross: Hey Rach, since when are you my love advisor?
Rachel: (hurt) Sorry, I thought I had that right!
Ross: No, no Rach it's ok with me. It´s just...
Rachel: What?
Ross: It just seems weird. Even though we broke up a long time ago, I don't know...
Rachel: Ok, I understand.
Phoebe: (looking at her watch) Oh god! I'´s 7:30!! I've got a date with Cliff in a half hour! (she storms out the door)
Rachel + Ross: (at exactly the same time) I also gotta go... I've got a date...
Rachel: Wow, that was really weird wasn't it?
Ross: Yeah, it was. So, we get going?
Rachel: Ok, there´s only one problem, who's gonna watch Emma
Monica: I'll do it! I'll do it!!!
Ross: Ok. Great, but don´t let Chandler... be Chandler around her ok?
Chandler: Hey!!
Monica: Don't worry.
Chandler: (hurt) Monica!!
R+R : Be good!!
SCENE (R+R's appartment)
Rach: Well, I'd better get going.
Ross: Yeah, me too.
SCENE (Restaurant Four Seasons)
Rach: So? What are we celebrating, George?
George: Well, nothing special, I just needed to tell you something important and this would make you understand better what I have to tell you.
Rach: Go on.
George: Well, (he takes a deep breath) I think we should stop seeing each other.
Rach: What? Why?
George: Well, although I like you a lot, I think, you don't correspond me with the same feeling.
Rach: But why!
George: Sincerely?
Rach: Yeah, of course.
George: Because I have a feeling that you are in love with another man. I don't even know him but I do know you and I'm also sensing you've been in love with him for a long time.
Rach: (obviously lying) Well, I don´t think you are right but...I guess... I must appreciate your sincerity.
George: Rachel, you do know who I am talking about but you don't want to see it, am I right?
Rach: What are you, a psychologist or something?
George: No, I'm just a... a good observer. I hope we can still be friends.
Rach: Yeah, sure. Maybe you've made myself realize things.
George: You see Rach? That's the spirit!
SCENE (Allessandro's)
Mary brakes up with Ross because of the same reason. She thinks Ross loves another person. They also stay as good friends.
SCENE (R+R's appartment) Rach is there.
(Ross enters)
Rach: Hey, how was your date?
Ross: It sucked. She broke up with me. She said I'm in love with someone else.
Rach: (smiling) Reeeally!!
Ross: Yeah... hey, why do you get so happy!?
Rach: No, no, Ross It's not what you think. It's just that the same thing happened to me tonight. And he also broke up because of
Ross: Yeah? Well, lots of coincidences between us today huh?
Rach: Yeah, I'm with you. Hey Ross...
Ross: What?
Rach: No, no, forget it. It's a stupid question.
Ross: No please, it doesn´t matter, ask me.
Rach: (unsure) Ok. Do you think ... uh... about us? You know, as a couple.
Ross: Do you want the truth?
Rach: Yeah, of course.
Ross: (takes a deep breath) I constantly think about us that way.
Rach: Really?
Ross: Sure. I never stopped thinking about you.
(Rachel laughs).
Ross: Why do you laugh?
Rach: Because, once again, we coincide.
Ross: (suprisedly) You also think like that? About us?
Rach: Yeah, always. We are lobsters, according to Phoebe right?
(they laugh and get closer together, they look at each other for a looong time and Rach gets hooked up by the moment and kisses him. He kisses her back. They start getting into it when, suddenly, we hear a cry, they brake the kiss and go to see what's the matter with Emma, Rach had gone to pick her up her after her date to Chandler and Monica's. We see Ross grabbing Emma from her cradle and calming her. We then see Rachel watching them from the door. She is very moved.)
Rach: (THINKING) So that's what's happening, that feeling I had for Ross was love. Don't be stupid you've always loved him! Why can't I just go there and tell him. No, Rach, wait for the best moment. Be patient.
SCENE: The next morning (Ross's bedroom)
Ross: (THINKING) Oh god, I think Mary is right, I am in love with another woman and that woman is Rach! How could I be so stupid and not be aware of my feelings for her. I guess because I've always been in love and I didn't notice... I don't know.
SCENE (R+R's Kitchen) Rachel is feeding Emma when Ross enters.
Ross: (smiling) Morning girls!
Rach: Morning! Emma, say hello to dad!
Ross: How are you doing?
Rach: (getting it) good, yeah good. (smiles)
Ross: (smiles back) yeah, me too.
( They share a long Ross+Rachel´s look...)
Ross: I gotta go to work but before, I would like us to talk about what happened last night.
Rach: Ok, I just want to say to you that, uh... that I don't regret it ok? At all.
Ross: Well, that's great because I feel the same way!
Rach: Great!
Ross: Great! See you later ok?
( he walks slowly to the door while Rachel watches him go, he closes the door but Rach is still looking at the door. After two seconds, Ross storms in, throws his bag and runs to Rachel. They share a reeeeally passionate kiss. They stay like this until Ross slowly breaks it.)
Rach: Wow... I forgot what a good kisser you are.
Ross: I'm sorry.
Rach: For what?
Ross: For the kiss, I couldn´t resist myself.
Rach: (they look at each other in the eyes and then Rachel says, smiling) Forgiven.
Ross: I'm also sorry if I could have ever hurt you somehow, someway and I'm sorry I didn't say sorry until now. I'll never forgive myself.
Rach: I'm sorry I didn't realise before how much I loved you and needed you. I'm also sorry I wrote that stupid letter.
Ross: (smiling, you know, one of those smiles) Forgiven. Oh god, of course you are forgiven. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you more than anyone in the world.
Rachel: (also smiling, nearly crying) Forgiven.
(after this, Ross kisses Rachel as passionately as before or even more. They start getting turned on and... Ross carries Rachel into his bedroom.
Rach: (smiling) Didn't you have to go to work?
Ross: Well, this is worth getting a day off don't you think?
Rach: Absolutely!! (she kisses him and the scene fades)
SCENE: Ross' bedroom. (R+R are there kissing)
Rach: (softly) Wow... I've missed you!
Ross: (between kiss and kiss) I don't... think as...much as... I've missed you!!
Rach: Let's say... it's a draw.
Ross: (smiling) Ok. (he now pulls her closer to him and kisses her more intensely... Things start to get too hot... they fall on the bed and... well, I don´t think I need to describe what's happening now right??!)
SCENE: same place a few hours later... (They are cuddling, looking at each other)
Rach: Well, I missed THAT too!!!
Ross: (smiling) OOOOH YEAH!!! (Then Rach just needs to kiss him... you know... I would! They stay close together)
Rach: Sooo! (sexily) You´ve been working out, huh?
Ross: (also sexily and smiling in that ROSS way...) So you did realize!!! And?
Rach: I must say you're yum anyway but now WOW! (she touches Ross’chest)
Ross: So I´ve got better since we last had... you know... stuff!
Rach: Well it was a long time ago and you are always great but... yeah! (Ross then smiles again and kisses Rach a bit more intensely and they start to roll over the bed)
Ross: Let me show you a bit more of the new Ross!! (Rach just giggles...)
We suddenly hear Emma crying and Rachel makes a face.
Rach: Ignore her please she’ll calm down by herself, I’m busy (she starts kissing him again but the cry gets louder)
Ross: As much as I would love to, I can't. Don't stand up. I’ll take care.
Rach: (smiling a lot) How can I be so lucky... (Ross just smiles and stands up)
He is just wearing this boxers (yay!) and gets out of the room. A while later he brings Emma to his room.
Ross: Hiiii, here we are!!!
Rach: Hi you little!
Ross: I think she wants mommie. And I want her too||
Rach: (smiling) Yeah, I’m sure of that too!! (Ross gives Rach Emma and she calms down)
Ross: You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy. All of this is just so great, you know Emma... (he looks at her in the eye) and specially you.
Rach: Really!!! That’s so sweet honey...
Ross: Well I mean it. (he then approaches then and gives Rachel a looong kiss)
Rach: Oh yeah, me too!! Never been this happy you’ve just assured it.
Ross: (with a cute grin) Really??
Rach: Yeah. (playfully) But I’m not totally sure you know...
Ross: (Smiling and also playfully) Got that one... (he kisses her again but this one is even longer) Emma’s calm now right?
Rach: Yeah... (getting it) we can take her back to her room now.
Ross: Gimme two seconds. (he leaves with Emma)
Rach: Be quick!! (Ross now enters alone now) There you are...(He just jumps into bed and starts kissing Rach again they are getting very hot again so we leave the scene there. You know what´s gonna happen anyway...)
SCENE: Central Perk.The next day. (Phoebe and Monica are there)
Rach enters smiling.
Phoebe: Wow, someone’s happy today!
Monica: Yeah, something exciting you wanna tell us?
Rachel: Oh! Lots of exciting things... With the most wonderful man in the whole universe.
Mon: So I suppose it went well with George.
Rach: What?
Mon: Well, you know, you had a date two days ago and I only saw you like two seconds when you came to pick up Emma...I suppose it went well...
Rach: (still in a daze) We broke up!!!
Phoebe: What? Oh I’m sorry Rach I had, we had no idea...
Rach: Don’t worry, I don´t care.
Mon: Wait a minute... So if George is not the creator of that smile in your face thet who is it?
Rach: (smiling even more) Is it so visible?
Phoebe: Yeah, kind of...
Rach: Well, I’ts just that my wonderful man is upstairs taking care of OUR daughter- (ph + mon start to freak out)
Rach: (smiling) YEEEEEEEEEEEAAH!!
Both: Oh my god! That’s great!!!
Rach: I know!!!
Mon: So? Aren´t you gonna tell us everything?
Rach: Yeah of course, here I go. I came from my date and like 5 mins later he came in and both of our dates had broken up with us because of the same reason, they thought we were in love with another person, Can you believe it?
Phoe: From you and Ross? Yeah definitely, you ARE lobsters...
Rach: (smiling even more)I’m kind of starting to believe that theory you know?
Mon: Ok, continue.
Rach: Yeah sorry. So then I kind of asked him if he ever thought about each other, you know, not only as friends. And, he said that always. So we kind of looked into each others’ eyes and...
Both M+P: And?
Rach: And...
Mon: You kissed?
Rach: (again, in a daze) YEAH!!!!! Oh he couldn’t be more sweet. So then, we went to bed... ALONE... and the next morning, well he was going to work and was going out the door when, he stormed in and kissed me. Ohhhhhhh you girls, WHAT a kiss!!! And, well, we said sorry to each other and we forgave each other and... well you know what happens next!
Phoe: But didn’t he have to go to work?
Rach: (Smiling even more, if it’s possible) Yeah but he took the whole day off! For me!!
Phoe: And?
Rach: Does the fact that we never left our room except for visiting Emma ring a bell?
Rach: Yeeeeeahhh!
Mon: I can’t believe it. This is so great!!! I´m really happy for you guys!!!
Rach: Not as much as I am! Look we we-
Mon: Rach, please, he’s still my brother!!!
Rach: Ok! I’m just so damn happy you know? This is what I’ve always wanted.
Both: Yeah we know.
(Ross enters)
Ross: (Just looking at Rachel) Hey you (smiling) I’ve missed you!!
Rach: So have I. (she grabs his tie and pulls him closer to him) Veeeery much!! (they kiss really, really passionately)
Mon: You hoo!!! Get a room!!! (they keep kissing) HEY!!! (they break) Thank you!!!
Rach: (still looking at him) So where’s Emma?
Ross: I left her at my mother’s house (still close to her) so we have the appartment just for us for a whole weekend. I took care of everything.
Rach: (to P+M smiling) Isn't he just yum?!?!?!! (to him sexily) That means lots of fun right? huh?
Ross: Yeah baby!!!
Rach: (whispering to his ear) I can’t wait... (they kiss again as passionately as before)
Mon: Oh come on. You’re alone right? Well, go and have fun but privately!!
Rach: Oh yeah Mon, you’re right the weekend can start a bit earlier no?
Ross: Oh Rach, I have to go someday to work... (she grabs him again by the tie and kisses him again) Oh, come on, what’s another day? Let’s go have that weekend. See ya girls.
Rach: Don’t expect our visits at least until monday!!
Ross: (sexily) Three whole days huh?
Rach: (also sexily) Yeah babe three whole naked days!!
Ross: I can’t wait. Grrrrrrrrr. (r+r exit)
Phoebe: See? They´re lobsters! Naked lobsters!!
(after a moment Joey and Chandler enter)
Mon: Hey guys! Big news!
Phoe: Ross and Rach got together again!! (Noticing Joey) Oh sorry Joey...
Joey: No, no don’t be... I'm not in love with Rach anymore, well I never was really, I just cared about her a lot, you know...
Mon: When did you realize that Joe!?
Joey: Well, kind of yesterday... I saw for the first time I’m really in love with Sarah... and we didn’t have sex!!!
Chan: Wow, that’s great Joey!!
Joey: I really think she’s the only girl I’ve ever been in love with!
Mon: Thank god!
Joey: Why did you say that Mon?
Mon: Well, you know, I was sad you were getting in Ross and Rachel’s way because I really think they belong together.
Joey: I’m with you, I think they’re made to be together and I’m really happy they did it.
Phoe: You see, everybody is aware now, my theory is true!!!
Chan: No, Phoebs, not again...
Phoe: But they are, they’re lobsters!!
Chan: Well, there you go, you said it again.
Chan: Hey Phoebs, take it easy...
Phoe: Ok, ok.... (with a big grin) Lobsters are back!!!!!!
All: YAY!!!!!
SCENE: R+R’s appartment (R+R are there kissing)
(They are lying on the couch, fooling about and stuff...)
Rach: How could I live without you for so much time... (She kisses him reaaaally passionately.)
Ross: I don’t know but...(he kisses her) I’ll make up for all the time wasted.
(they kiss again and Rachel starts unbottoning Ross’s shirt. When she has finished, he quickly takes it off, and throws it to the floor. He then goes back to... stuff... and they start kissing again. He starts doing the same thing Rach had done a moment ago, he starts undressing her while they’re still kissing... He then brakes it and says really softly to Rach’s ear)
Ross: Move in with me...
Rach: (smiling) But honey, we live together...
Ross: To my bedroom... (he kisses her again)
Rach: You know Ross, I’ve been sleeping there for two days now.
Ross: Yeah, but only because we were doing... stuff... I want you to sleep with me officially.
Rach: (playfully) Sir, yes sir!
Ross: (smiling) That’s better... (they kiss again and scene fades...)

THE END!!! (Chapter 2 coming...) E-mail me!