The One With The Forgotten Night


(Author’s Note: This is a fan fic with two parts (TOW The Forgotten Night & TOW The Desert Road), and it’s not supposed to be humorous. Expect a lot of drama and feelings, just the way I like it. It’s almost only about Ross and Rachel, and the others are just supporting roles. I hope you have a nice time reading it. / Sarah)

[This has happened: Ross said Rachel’s name in London, but still married Emily]

[Scene: At the wedding reception. Ross is standing in front of a closed door. Emily’s in there]

ROSS: Please Emily, just hear me out… [No answer] Please…

EMILY o.s: How could you? I hate you!

[Ross looks sad and Monica walks up to him]

MONICA: Leave her alone for a while.

[They walk into a big room filled with people. Joey comes up to them loaded with food.]

JOEY: This is great!!!

MONICA: Joey! [Looks angry]

JOEY: Yeah, yeah… [He hands Ross some pickles] Want some pickles?

[Monica hits him over the head]

JOEY: What!?

[Chandler emerges with a glass of wine. Ross takes it out of his hand, and drinks it all at once]

CHANDLER: Hey that’s mine… [Ross looks disappointed at him and Chandler turns around and talks to himself] Yes I am a jerk.

ROSS: Where’s Rachel?

MONICA: Over there [pointing on a couch].

[Rachel’s zipping on a glass of wine, and looks pretty depressed. Ross takes another glass of wine and walks over to her.]


RACHEL: Hey… [She tries to smile, but isn’t very successful] How are you?

ROSS: [Looking at his glass] Well, I need something stronger than this. [It’s silent for a while] We have to talk.

RACHEL: I know. Oh, Ross…

ROSS: Why did you come here?

RACHEL: You know it was because of you. But you’re married now.

ROSS: Yeah… But now I feel like to forget about that. [He empties his glass again]

[A few hours later. The same couch, only Ross has been drinking a lot more, and is in a foggy kind of state. Most of the people are gone.]

RACHEL: [laughing, pretty drunk too]… And I came to say that I love you, and you said Rachel and that’s me!

ROSS: [doubled up with laughter] Maybe I should call you Emily! E-M-I-L-Y!

[Joey comes up to them, watches them for a while, but decides to interfere]

JOEY: What are you doing? Are you drunk? Wait, wait… Rachel, how you doin’?

RACHEL: Quit it Joe!

JOEY: Ok, not THAT drunk.

ROSS: [laying his arm on Joey] I’m just fine, how are you?

[Joey quickly moves away from Ross and looks at Rachel.]

RACHEL: Ok, I see what you mean. C’mon Ross, let’s go to our rooms.

[Cut to Ross and Rachel outside Ross’ room.]

RACHEL: Ok, hubby. Time to sleep.

ROSS: [Looking sad.] Can’t you just stay with me for a while? I really don’t wanna be alone on my wedding night.

[Rachel is somewhat unsure of what to do, but she can’t resist Ross puppy look and steps into the wedding suite. Ross walks up to a bottle of champagne standing on a table.]

ROSS: Want some?

RACHEL: Sure… [Sits down on the bed.]

[Ross reaches her a glass and she takes a zip. He sits down beside her.]

ROSS: Thanks for being here.

RACHEL: Anything for you…

[He quickly kisses her on her cheek.]

RACHEL: Oh, Ross, what are you doing?

[“Please forgive me” by Bryan Adams starts playing.]

It still feels like our first night together

Feels like the first kiss

It's getting better baby

[She doesn’t know if she should stay or leave, then Ross kisses her again and she replies the kiss.]

No one can better this

Still holding on

You’re still the one

First time our eyes met

Same feeling I get

Only feels much stronger

I wanna love you longer

Do you still turn the fire on?

[They kiss passionately and their hands explore each other’s bodies. Rachel looks at Ross. They both know what’s going to happen. She smiles at him]

So if you're feeling lonely, don't

You're the only one I'll ever want

I only want to make it go

So if I love you a little more than I should...

Please forgive me, I know not what I do

Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you

Don't deny me, this pain I'm going through

Please forgive me, if I need you like I do

Please believe me, every word I say is true

Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you

[And then… well I guess you know…]

[Rachel wakes up by a sunbeam playing on her face. She smiles when she remembers what happened last night. She turns around only to see Ross’ side of the bed empty. On the pillow lies a note. She picks it up and read it to herself: “Please forget about what happened this night. I’m married now, please forgive and forget”. She starts to cry quietly while reading the note.]

[Cut to Monica's room. Rachel comes in.]

MONICA: Someone’s wearing the same clothes as yesterday… Where have you been? [She quiets when she sees Rachel’s crying.] Honey, what is it?

RACHEL: I was with Ross… We had the most amazing night, but when I woke up he’d left a note saying I should forget about what happened.

MONICA: What are you going to do?

RACHEL: What can I do? I’ll do what he wants, I’ve already caused too much problems.

MONICA: But it wasn’t right that he did like that.

RACHEL: Maybe, but I can’t deal with it now, I just want to go home. I can’t stand being here.

[A few days later in NY. The girls’ apartment, Phoebe’s there too. Rachel walks around in a robe looking pretty depressed. The doorbell rings, and when she hears it’s Ross she walks into her room and closes the door. Monica lets him in.]

ROSS: Is Rachel here?

MONICA: Yeah, but I don’t think it’s a good idea you’re here.

ROSS: I have to talk to her.

PHOEBE: You didn’t do the right thing, Ross. Wait until she feels she wants to talk to you.

ROSS: [ignoring their words he walks up to Rachel’s door] Rach? Please open the door. I have to talk to you.


ROSS: I’ll talk to you anyway. You’re at least listening. [He takes a deep breath] I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. It was a wonderful night we had together, but I can’t give up my marriage. Emily’s ready to give it another try.

[Rachel opens the door slightly.]

RACHEL: Oh, how nice for you [tears are running down her face]. But what about me, huh? I’m always the one you leave behind. It isn’t fair…

ROSS: I know, and I wish it never happened. I’m sorry, Rach…

RACHEL: Please go [she closes the door].

[Ross looks at the others and leaves the apartment. Monica opens Rachel’s door and Phoebe follows her into the room. Rachel lies on her bed crying.]

MONICA: Poor thing, you’re worth so much better. But you have to realize that Ross is married, and what happened that night in London was a mistake. It wasn’t good for any of you.

RACHEL: But how much I regret it I don’t want it undone. I love him and hate him in the same time. It’s killing me…

PHOEBE: Don’t worry, men will line up to have you.

RACHEL: But I want Ross.

MONICA: We know, sweetie, we know…

[Three weeks later. Monica is working. Rachel isn’t feeling too well, and Phoebe comes over to keep her company. They’re watching Legends of the fall. Both are sobbing.]

RACHEL: That Brad Pitt is one beautiful man…

PHOEBE: Almost as handsome as Regis…

RACHEL: What!? Regis Philbin?

PHOEBE: Uhu! Who else?

[Chandler enters the room.]

CHANDLER: Hey, Chan-chan-man is in the house. What are you watching?

RACHEL: Legends of the fall… [Blows her nose]

CHANDLER: A chickflick.

PHOEBE: No, it’s not. There are bears, guns and beautiful women. Everything a man appreciates in a movie.

CHANDLER: It’s Brad Pitt!

[Rachel runs into the bathroom, feeling sick.]

CHANDLER: Ew that’s gross! She doesn’t like Brad Pitt either?

PHOEBE: Of course she does, she’s just not well yet.

CHANDLER: Hasn’t she been sick a long time now?

PHOEBE: Yeah, I’ll take her to a doctor. She has been throwing up and feeling tired more than a week… Oh my god!


[Rachel comes out from the bathroom.]

RACHEL: What is it?

PHOEBE: I know… Yeah, I kinda know about that feeling. Wait a minute.

[She pokes around in her bag and picks up a small box.]

PHOEBE: Here it is! I knew I had one in there.

RACHEL: What is that?

PHOEBE: A pregnancy test.

CHANDLER: And you have one in your bag, why?

PHOEBE: I thought I might need it sometime.

[Chandler makes his famous handmoves.]

RACHEL: I’m notpregnant! It’s just the flu.

PHOEBE: Then it’s ok to take the test. So it can be excluded.

RACHEL: It’s alrexcluded. Sure, I can take the test, but I am not pregnant!

[Phoebe hands her the test and she walks into the bathroom and closes the door.]

[Time lapse. It’s totally quiet in the apartment, but you can hear the timer tick. When the timer rings they get startled.]

PHOEBE: Ok, it’s done…

RACHEL: I can’t go in there.

CHANDLER: I can do it, if you want?

RACHEL: Would you?

[He walks into the bathroom. Phoebe takes Rachel’s hand. Chandler comes out again. Rachel watches him with big eyes.]

CHANDLER: [Takes a deep breath.] Rach, it’s blue…

RACHEL: No, it can’t be… [She begins to cry.]

PHOEBE: Let’s go to a doctor, you can’t trust those tests.

RACHEL: But what if…?

CHANDLER: Listen Rach, we’ll take a cab right away. It’s important you get the true answer.

PHOEBE: We’ll take my grandma’s cab.

[Cut to a hospital. Rachel, Chandler and Phoebe are waiting outside the doctor’s office. Monica comes into the room.]

MONICA: Oh, Rach, how are you? You look so tired…

RACHEL: He’s checking the tests now.

[A few seconds later the doctor comes out.]

Doctor: Miss Green, can you please come in here?

RACHEL: Monica, please come with me.

[They walk into the room and the door closes. After a while they come out again. Chandler and Phoebe waits for someone to say what’s going on.]

RACHEL: Yeah… I’m pregnant.

PHOEBE: [Hugs her] I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.

RACHEL: Me neither. Can you please drive me to Ross?

PHOEBE: Of course I can.

[Cut to Ross apartment. He’s watching TV when the doorbell rings. He opens it to find Rachel stand on the other side.]


RACHEL: Ross, we really need to talk.

[She walks pass him and sits down on his couch.]

ROSS: I didn’t expect you.

RACHEL: Well, sometimes things happen when you at least expect them to.

ROSS: Uhm… What?

RACHEL: Is Emily here?

ROSS: No, she’s still in London. [sits down beside her]

RACHEL: Are you in love with her? The way we were?

ROSS: It’s not the right time for this now…

RACHEL: [Angrily] No, but I was perfectly fine when she didn’t want you! And one night is enough…

ROSS: Enough for what?

RACHEL: Enough for me getting pregnant! [She begins to cry.]

ROSS: It can’t be… But it is, isn’t it?

[She looks at him with big eyes. Tears are streaming down her face.]

RACHEL: Oh, Ross… I don’t want to give birth to an unwanted child. But we can’t make this undone.

ROSS: Omigod. You’re pregnant with my baby… You can’t imagine how much I wanted this to happen before. How long has it gone?

RACHEL: Five weeks…

ROSS: Rach, I can’t… I’m married. I’ll do anything for that baby, and I’ll try to be a good father, but I can’t leave Emily.

[Rachel rises and walks up to the door, still crying. “I try” by Macy Gray starts playing.]

Games, changes and fears

When will they go from here

When will they stop

RACHEL: Bye, Ross…

ROSS: Rach, the baby is not unwanted…

I believe that fate has brought us here

And we should be together

But we’re not

[She turns around and leaves the apartment.]

[Cut to the cab. Rachel steps in.]

PHOEBE: How did it go?

RACHEL: Please don’t ask. Just drive me home…

I play it off but I’m dreaming of you

I’ll keep my cool but I’m fiendin

I try to say goodbye and I choke

I try to walk away and I stumble

Though I try to hide it, it’s clear

My world crumbles when you are not near.

Goodbye and I choke

I try to walk away and I stumble

Though I try to hide it, it’s clear

My world crumbles when you are not near.


[Girl’s apartment. Monica sits beside Rachel in the sofa.]

MONICA: What are you gonna do?

RACHEL: I’ll give birth and raise it myself. But I want all those things I won’t get... I want the boyfriend listening to my belly, I want the decorating of the baby’s room together with the one I love and I want the excitement only a couple can have when the baby’s coming. What have I done not to deserve that?

MONICA: Oh, honey… You deserve it, more than anyone else does. But everything doesn’t go the way we plan it to. I just want you to know that I’ll always be here for you, never forget that.

RACHEL: I won’t. Thanks… What would I have done without you?


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