The Geller Bunch

by Lili



This second part could be done with a lot of help (only that way!) So, for everyone who helped my here, a big smack on your cheeks: Kris, Gabi, Tina, Steph, Andrea and my brother Rafael (who would say, hu? LOL). Oh, and I donít know if I mentioned it on the last part but the fanfic happens on the holidays season, okay?

P.S. Before you read this, you might wanna take a look at these pictures:

Erin - Jen - Dylan - Gaby - Alyssa



~*~*~*~*~*~*~ RossíníRach ~*~*~*~*~*~*~


ROSS: Ok, then letís go get your luggage. (they leave to baggage claim) So, who did you come with besides Alyssa?

GABY: You donít wanna know...

ROSS: Yes, I do!

(they stop and Gaby puts both hands on Rossís shoulders)

GABY: Daddy... are you feeling alright today?

ROSS: Gabriella, whatís going on?

GABY: (points over his shoulder) Check it for yourself...

(Ross looks back and so does everyone else. At first, they donít see nothing much, just a bunch of peopleís backs. Ross aproaches, intrigued. It shows Gaby, Jen and Alyssa looking after what heís gonna do. He keeps looking to see if he reconizes everyone. Heís five feet away from Rachel...)

ROSS: Gaby, who are you talking about?

(at this time, Monica and Rachel both turn around. Rachel faces Ross. Ross faces Rachel. Monica keeps waiting for whatís gonna happen. Jenís jaw drops. Alyssa is still staring. Gaby makes a face, waiting for an explosion)

ROSS: Ra...

(Rachel covers her mouth and starts to cry. Ross still havenít noticed Monica. Heís just staring at Rachel without any reaction. Seeing that, Rachel hugs him tight, but doesnít get a hug back for a few seconds. Then he closes his eyes, starting to cry too, and runs his fingers through her hair)

RACH: Oh my God...

(Ross suddenly breaks the hug and pulls her away. She gets confused, still crying, and he leaves off, lost)

GABY: (going after him) Dad...

(the camera stays)

JEN: That canít be...

RACH: Jennifer?

JEN: Yes. Why? Surprised?

RACH: Please, forgive me...

JEN: (teary eyed, but coldly, still in shock) You donít know me...

RACH: Honey, what can I do to make it up to you?

JEN: Just go back to wherever the hell you came from. (runs away and that makes Rachel cry even harder. Monica holds her as she breaks down. Alyssa sits on the floor, buries her face in her hands and cries)

MON: Sweetie, calm down...

(Rach cries even harder. Monica sees Alyssa on the floor and doesnít know what to do. A man kneels down next to Alyssa)

MAN: Honey, are you lost?

MON: No-no, sheís with us, thank you.

MAN: Thatís alright. (pats Alyssaís hair and gets up to leave)

MON: No, wait! Can you help me here?

MAN: Sure, what?

MON: Help me take them to my car.


[Scene: the parking lot. The guy and Monica are putting Rachel and Alyssa in the car.]

MON: Thank you so much for your help.

MAN: No problem. (walks off)

(Monica gets in the car and closes the door. Rachel is in the front seat, still crying uncontrollably and Alyssa is layed on the back seat very-very upset)

MON: Rach, please, calm down.

RACH: I donít know where Jennifer is...

MON: Sheís a smart girl, she wouldnít get lost here. Now, letís just go home and weíll think about it later.


[Scene: still in the parking lot. Ross is crying and just entered his car. Gaby is running after him and gets in the car before he can leave off.]

GABY: Dad, listen to me. Donít cry, camon...

ROSS: Sheís here... and you knew that. You made me come anyway.

GABY: No, you were the one who wanted to come here! I tried to tell you not to and you hung up on me.

ROSS: How could she do this?

GABY: She didnít mean to cause you any grief, she came back because she wants things back the way they were.

ROSS: Where did you find her?

GABY: I bumped into her in a mall but it doesnít matter right now. The important thing is that sheís back for good, sheís regreted. And I believe her.

ROSS: Sheís only thinking about herself, sheís not here for any of us.

GABY: Would you just stop thinking like that? You wouldnít believe how much weíve talked during the time I was at her house. And it was only a day! She never stopped loving you or any of us. Since day one she wanted to come back here, but didnít have the courage to!

ROSS: And what was the push?

GABY: All the time sheís been away isnít enough reason?

ROSS: And you are just okay with this?

GABY: "Okay"? Iím thrilled! Thatís the best thing that couldíve ever happened to me! Weíll have a whole family again, dad!

(silence. Ross is coming to his senses now and stops crying. He turns on the engine and Gaby smiles)

"Thatís what I was afraid of. That Rachel came back just all of the sudden. A train wreck was supposed to happen, that I was sure of, but I didnít expect her to have any reaction over that. She surprised me." ROSS


[Scene: a bus. Jen is in it and sheís leaned against the window, looking distant. A tear rolls over her face.]


[Scene: Monica and Chandlerís houseís driveway. Monica is parking her car and Rachel looks more calm now. Alyssa is the first one to get out of the car. She leans against the door as Monica helps Rachel. They come hugging and Alyssa follows them.]

RACH: (smiling sadly) You still have this house?

MON: (smiles) Yes. We almost moved out last year (looks at Rachelís face) but that doesnít really matter...

(they enter the house. Chandler is in the kitchen and we hear his voice)

CHAN (o/s): Katie?

MON: No, itís me.

CHAN: (coming from the kitchen) Hey, you ca- (faces Rachel and gets shocked) Holy cow... Rachel?!

RACH: (tries to smile) Me.

(Chandler smiles widely and hugs Rachel. She smiles relieved and hugs him tight)

CHAN: Could I be any happier right now?!

RACH: Me too.

CHAN: Where were you?

MON: Chandler, we can talk about it later. Just let her get calmer, okay?

CHAN: (breaks the hug) Okay. So glad to see you again!

RACH: I know, me too... (he kisses her cheek and they go upstairs. Just when theyíre up there that Chandler notices the lil girl following them :))


[Scene: Rossís. Ross and Gaby are entering. Dylan is passing by the door.]

DYLAN: Hey! (notices) Whatís wrong, dad?

(Ross just shakes his head like "not now" and goes upstairs)

GABY: Whereís Erin?

DYLAN: Sheís in her room, sick. Whatís going on?

GABY: (carefully) Mom.

DYLAN: Ah, you know what? This is getting old.

GABY: No, you didnít get me. Sheís back. Dad saw her at the airport and was just the worst scene ever.

DYLAN: You have to be kidding me...!

GABY: Iím not.

DYLAN: Wh-where is she?

GABY: I donít know, but I can call her and she tells me where she is. Do you wanna see her?

DYLAN: You-you talked to her?!

GABY: I was yesterday all day long with her! She came with me in the plane. And check this out: we have another sister.

(Dylan smiles amazed)

DYLAN: I wanna see them right now!

(Gaby gets the phone and dials a number)

GABY: Hello? Aunt Monica? (listens) Yea, Iím home. Where are you? (listens) Okay, Iíll be there in a second. (hangs up) Theyíre at aunt Monicaís. Letís go.

(when theyíre about to leave, she stops)

GABY: Wait a minute... what about dad?

DYLAN: Iím sorry, but Iím going to see my mother!

GABY: Alright, Iíll stay with him then. (kisses his cheek) Youíll love her!

DYLAN: Of course I will! (leaves happy)


[Scene: Erinís bedroom. Sheís on her bed, under her covers, all sweaty and shivering.]

ERIN: (weakly) Dad...

(but it was loud enough for Ross to hear. He enters, still really sad)

ROSS: What, honey?

ERIN: Whatís wrong?

ROSS: You donít have just a cold, thatís whatís wrong. (puts one hand on her forehead)

ERIN: I meant whatís wrong with you.

ROSS: Donít worry about me now.

ERIN: You can tell me.

(Ross hesitates)

ROSS: You mother is back...

ERIN: What did you just say...?

ROSS: But donít worry about that now, I have to take care of you.

ERIN: No, dad. Do you realize what you just said?! (gets up and almost falls back, dizzy) Ow...

ROSS: Erin, will you stay here? Iíll call a doctor.

ERIN: Where is she?

ROSS: I donít care.

ERIN: Well, I do! I have to see her.

ROSS: (putting her back on the bed) Youíre not going anywhere. Stay here and weíll think about your mother later. (leaves. Erin is just as shocked as everyone else, but she ocasionally closes her eyes)


[Scene: Rossís. Ross is looking around the house to see if he finds someone. Gaby comes from the kitchen with a cup.]


ROSS: (pointing to the cup) Whatís it for?

GABY: For me, why?

ROSS: Take it to Erin, sheís not feeling normal.

GABY: What does she have?

ROSS: Not a cold, thatís for sure. Iím calling a doctor now.

GABY: Dylan went to aunt Monicaís.

ROSS: Tell me that itís not to see Rachel!

GABY: Dad, you canít stop it. We are all interested in our mother, one way or the other.

ROSS: Whatís the other?

GABY: Jenniferís. She is still not home. What does that tell you?

ROSS: She did not... (he looks at Gaby and she nods) Not again!

GABY: Sheíll come around, you know that.

ROSS: That gets me worried as hell and you know that!

GABY: But you know that when she makes up her mind about something, thatís it. But you can throw me out the window if sheís not here by 8pm. You know her.

ROSS: That doesntí change things.

GABY: Just be cool.

(goes upstairs. Ross stops for a moment, now worried. He goes to pick up the phone and it rings. He answers)

ROSS: Hello?

(cuts to Monica and the scene keeps on cutting)

MON: Itís me.

ROSS: Oh, hi. (pause)

MON: Yes, sheís here.

ROSS: I didnít say anything.

MON: But you thought. Sheís here and is still crying. Can I set something up?

ROSS: (more upset now) What?

MON: Thanksgiving dinner here tonight. We can reunite everyone and we can straighten things up. What do you think?

ROSS: Iím not talking to her.

MON: You want to talk to her. You need to talk to her.

ROSS: And you know what I want?

MON: Ross, I know you, alright? Itís just your pride that is not letting you think clearly. So, we will have the dinner here at 8.

ROSS: But Erin is sick.

MON: What does she have?

ROSS: I donít know. I was going to call a doctor right now but you called.

MON: Wonít she be feeling better tonight?

ROSS: I donít think so. You know what? Iíll call you back later. Bye.

MON: Bye.

(keeps on Monica and Chandlerís house. Monica is in the kitchen and the doorbell rings)

MON: Dylan, hi!

DYLAN: (entering) Gaby told me. Where is she?

MON: Sheís upstairs (he goes to the stairs but Monica stops him) But I donít think you should go there now.

DYLAN: Why not?

MON: Look, when she and your father met at the airport, she was just devastated. So, I think you should maybe give her sometime.

DYLAN: How long would that take?

MON: (smiles) You can hang around and Iíll tell you. You can meet your sister though!

DYLAN: Is she really my sister?

MON: Yes, by mom and dad. (louder) Alyssa!

DYLAN: (smiling at himself) Alyssa... cool!

(Alyssa comes from upstairs. Sheís feeling better by now)


MON: This is your brother, Dylan.

ALYSSA: (grins) Oh really??

(Dylan smiles widely too. Alyssa just runs to him and they hug tight :) Sooo cute!)

DYLAN: Youíre so cute! Couldíve been a brother though.

(Alyssa laughs and Monica playfully hits him)


[Scene: Erinís bedroom. Gaby enters with the tea.]

GABY: Hey you.

ERIN: Hi...

GABY: This tea here was supposed to be mine, but sense of compassion is bigger than my health.

ERIN: (smiles) Thanks. (tries to sit up but canít)

GABY: Are you feeling alright?

ERIN: My whole body hurts so much...

GABY: Just stay layed then. Iíll get you one more blanket.

ERIN: No, Iím not cold. Iím sweating.

GABY: If you donít mind changing the subject, I have something to tell you.

ERIN: That momís back? I know.

GABY: So, how do you feel?

ERIN: Dizzy, warm, cold sometimes...

GABY: Erin...

ERIN: I donít know actually... When dad told me about it I wanted to look at her, to see her with my own eyes. But I donít feel it that much now...

GABY: What are you saying?

ERIN: I donít know... I donít have a whole opinion formed yet.

GABY: Erin, sheís our mother.

ERIN: I know. But didnít sound that mothery last time.

GABY: Sheís regreted.

ERIN: You know what? We can talk about it later. I donít feel so good.

"The only thing I knew that moment is that I did not want to see or talk to her. Yes, having my mother back was like my dream for all my life long, but when the time came, didnít feel that special anymore." ERIN


[Scene: Monica and Chandlerís bedroom. Rachel is on their bed, thinking. Her tears are gone but sheís still really upset. Someone knocks.]

RACH: Yes?

SOMEONE: Can I come in?

RACH: (not sure of who sheís talking to) Sure.

(Dylan enters with a huge smile on his face)

DYLAN: Hi mom.

(Rachel just smiles widely too and hugs him)

RACH: Dylan!

DYLAN: You are my mom!

RACH: (laughs) Of course I am! Sweetie, how are you?

DYLAN: Better now. You?

RACH: You canít even imagine! Since when did you get so yum?!

DYLAN: Iím growing up.

(Rach laughs again and they hug again. Monica enters)

MON: Sorry to interrupt this moment, but I have an announcement to make.


MON: Weíre having Thanksgiving dinner here tonight (Rachel opens her mouth to say something) with everyone, yes!

DYLAN: Camon mom, it will be great!

RACH: I only met half of my kids.

DYLAN: Great opportunity to meet the rest of the cast. Great idea, aunt Monica!

(Rachel is frustrated)


[Scene: Rossís, later Ė around 7:30. Jen is just getting home :) She enters and goes straight to her bedroom. When sheís about to enter, Ross stops her.]

ROSS: Do you mind telling me where youíve been?

JEN: Out.

ROSS: (sarcastically) Could you be more vague, please?

JEN: Dad, I didnít go anywhere special. I was just clearing my mind.

ROSS: You know how much I hate it when you simply disappear. Yes, we know that you will come back, but donít you realize how much that worries us??

JEN: Dad, Iím here now and Iím fine.

ROSS: Alright, anyway, the Thanksgiving dinner will be at Monicaís in a half hour, okay?

JEN: Wow, I forgot... but it was at their house last year, right?

ROSS: Yes. I know I promised you weíd have the dinner just us this year but I donít really think youíre right about that.

JEN: Katie is such a pain this season!

ROSS: You may think so but Monica wants the dinner to be there because of your mother, to reunite everyone.

JEN: And do you expect me to come?

ROSS: I donít expect anything. You are coming, wether you want to or not.

JEN: If sheís there I wonít go.

ROSS: That would be my same line two minutes ago but I thought about it and maybe itís worth it.

JEN: Alright, but I donít promise anything. Iím going under pressure.

ROSS: (saracastic) What is it that you do that itís not?

"Jennifer is the most dificult person in the world. She can be spoiled, even a brat. I guess it was too much time with Sandra and my mom. (laughs) Sometimes she can prove herself wrong but wonít admit it just to look tough. Sheís very sweet too, but you have to really deserve this sweetness of hers." ROSS


[Scene: Erinís bedroom. Gaby is sitting on the floor talking to her. Erinís still feeling bad. Ross enters.]

ROSS: Can I come in?

ERIN: Sure.

ROSS: How are you feeling, sweetie?

ERIN: Not good but better.

ROSS: Can you make it to Monica and Chandlerís now?

ERIN: Why?

ROSS: Thanksgiving dinner at Monicaís in like a half hour.

ERIN: You didnít say anything before.

ROSS: I know, Iím sorry.

GABY: Ok, Iíll get ready. (stands up)

ROSS: Are you going?

GABY: Of course! Why wouldnít I?

ROSS: Try to convince Jennifer to come to. Well, sheís coming but you know her.

GABY: Ok. (leaves)

ROSS: Are you sure youíre able to get out of the bedroom?

ERIN: Yea, itís just a lousy flu. Iíll be fine. Tell me something.

ROSS: What?

ERIN: What do you expect from this dinner?

ROSS: Well, heads flying around, all types of sharp objects and some people less in the family.

ERIN: (laughs) Dad, seriously. Do you consider even forgiving her?

ROSS: Right now my answer is no, but letís see what she has to say in her defense.



Monica and Chandlerís. Everything is ready now. Thereís a not-that-soft song playing on the background and we canít hear what theyíre saying. Monica is finishing the cooking and is all dressed up. Chandler, Nick and Dylan are talking, sitting on the stairs. Katie is talking to someone on the phone walking around the house :) Alyssa comes down the stairs, all dressed too. The guys sort of compliment her and she sits next to Dylan. Cuts now to the guest room, where Rachel is. Sheís fixing her hair in the mirror. It looks pretty much like in "TOW Phoebeís cookies". The clothes, you can picture her in whatever you want, but nothing that fancy, after all sheís going downstairs for a dinner! :) But she looks really great. She looks at herself one more time and takes a deep breath, confident. She gets out of the room and the guys see her.

NICK: Woohoo!

DYLAN: (to Nick, offended) Dude, thatís my mother!

CHAN: Rach, you look fabulous.

RACH: (kind of embarassed) Thanks. (she manages to pass through them on the stairs and goes to the kitchen :)) So, howís everything?

MON: Perfect. You like duck medalion, right?

RACH: Not much, but I can do that for my kids.

MON: Itís gonna be fine, youíll see.

RACH: Hope so...

MON: Forgot to mention, you look great! Love what you did to your hair.

RACH: Thanks, Ross told me that he loved my hair on your wedding, so... (smiles)

MON: It really was wonderful.

RACH: Whoís coming to the dinner?

MON: Ross, the kids, Phoebe and Joey.

RACH: What about Julian and Claudia?

MON: Julian went to a camp and Claudia is with her mother tonight. (doorbell rings) Ready?

RACH: I think so, yea.

MON: Wanna go answer that?

RACH: (not sure) Okay. (she goes to the door and it reveals Phoebe and Joey. Joey has a bottle of wine in his hand. The three of them smile widely) You guys!!

(they group hug)

PHOE: Rach, you are back!

JOEY: And I thought Chandler was drunk when he told me!

CHAN: (going to the door) Thanks man. (hugs Phoebe)

PHOE: Whereís Monica?

RACH: Sheís in the kitchen, camon. (they go to the kitchen and the camera follows)

MON: Hi Phoebs!

PHOE: (kisses her cheek) Dinner looks great!

MON: (a la Monica) I know!

PHOE: Rach, I still canít believe Iím seeing you right now!

RACH: (smiling) Me neither. I missed you guys so much! Oh, come here, I want you to meet my daughter.

PHOE: Which one?

RACH: Funny. Itís a long story.

(they leave the kitchen chatting and Katie enters, still on the phone and sheís not fully dressed yet. She has two pairs of shoes on her hands)

MON: Katie, why are you not dressed yet?

KATIE: (on the phone) Hold on. (to Monica) Do you hate any of these? (shows her the shoes)

MON: No, but the black one would look great with your dark blue dress.

KATIE: Not this one? (points to the one that sheís wearing)

MON: Well, in that case you should wear the black sandal.

KATIE: Ok. (on the phone again) Anyway... (leaves)


[Scene: Monica and Chandlerís street. Rossís car is arriving. Cuts to inside, thereís the three girls and him (duh!). Jen has her arms crossed, looking out the window. Gaby looks pretty happy, Erin looks ill but ok. Ross looks worried but tries to be cool.]

ROSS: Jennifer, whatever you do, donít talk back to your mother, okay? Be nice, please.

JEN: I told you I wouldnít promise anything.

GABY: Dad, no recomendations to me. Iíll be just fine.

ROSS: Great. Erin, if you donít feel good, just tell me, alright?

ERIN: Donít worry, Iíll be fine.

ROSS: Okay, everyone ready to go?

(they leave the car. Jen slams the door real hard. Gaby holds her hand, showing sarcasm and Jen kind of smiles. Ross hugs Erin and they go to the door. Cuts to inside. Alyssa goes answer the door)

ALYSSA: (like some shockwave just went through her :)) Hi...!

GABY: Hi Lyl! (hugs her) This is Erin and thatís the last one, I promise!

ERIN: (not sure) Hi... and you are...?

GABY: Oh Iím sorry! I forgot to mention. Jen and Erin, this is our little sister Alyssa.

(Alyssa smiles. Erin smiles too but Jen gets the usual reaction :))

JEN: Who?!

ROSS: (dumbfounded) Rewind it...!

GABY: Yes daddy, she is your daughter.

(Ross kneels down in front of her and lets go that goofy smile :) Alyssa is still smiling, but this time is relief)

ROSS: Hi...!

ALYSSA:! (giggles and Ross hugs her tight. Gaby and Erin looks sweetly at the scene. Jennifer enters, kind of mad)

JEN: (to Dylan) Where is she?

DYLAN: In the kitchen.

(Jen goes there and sees Mon, Rach and Phoebe talking)

JEN: (not sure of what to say) Um hi!

(the girls turn around surprised, especially Rachel)

JEN: I just wanted to let you all know that weíre here. (leaves, angrily)

RACH: (puts her face in her hands) Oh my God...

PHOE: Rach, just be cool. She can be kind of bratty sometimes.

RACH: (frustrated) I should know that... (leaves the kitchen. Monica and Phoebe exchange looks, feeling sorry for Rachel)

(cuts to the living room again. Ross and Erin were on their way to the kitchen and they bump into Rachel. Thereís this awkward silence, where nobody knows where to look at. Ross passes by Rachel straight to the kitchen. Erin stays looking at her)

ERIN: (looks down, ocasionally looks at Rachel) You look... great.

RACH: (lifts up her chin) Would you hear me out?

ERIN: (looks away) I donít know...

RACH: Honey, what have you got to lose?

(Erin stays in silence and looks down again. Rachel is waiting for her answer. Erin lets go a tear and Rachel hugs her)

RACH: Donít cry, please...

(Erin and Rachel just stay like that for a while. Erin is not crying hard though. Rachel breaks the hug, looks at Erinís eyes and smiles to try to cheer her up. Erin doesnít smile back, just looks down, really upset. She closes her eyes, feeling dizzy)

RACH: Are you okay, honey?

ERIN: No, itís nothing. Donít worry.

[time lapse]

Theyíre all around this big fancy table, pretty much like this: Monica on one board, on her left thereís Chandler, Katie, Gaby, Jen, Phoebe and Ross. On Monicaís left thereís Alyssa, Rachel, Dylan, Nick and Erin. And across to Monica, thereís Joey. Theyíre already eating. Monica stands up, gets her glass and lightly bangs the fork against it to get everyoneís attention, you know the thing.

MON: Well, first I would like to thank everyone for coming here tonight, I really apreciate it. It shows that no matter what we still are the same team that we once were, eleven years ago. (Rachel looks down) Second of all, the main reason I invited you all to come here was, not only for Thanksgiving, of course, but mainly to welcome Rachel and our brand new family member, Alyssa (Monica looks sweetly at her) But the other great reason is to try to get this family back together again. Itís been a really tough time in each one of usí lives and, hopefully, we can put and end into it tonight. (pause; raises her glass) To us!

ALL: To us.

(thereís this silence while everyone goes back eating)

KATIE: Alyssa, right? (Alyssa nods) Can you pass me the rice?

ALYSSA: Sure. (hands her the bowl)

PHOE: You know what we should do? We could do that thing where everyone says what theyíre most thankful for.

NICK: That sounds like cool.

CHAN: I think so too.

PHOE: Ok! Who should start?

MON: (raises her hand pretty fast :)) I go! (stands up once again and everybody pays attention to her) I don't have that much to share because of my speech two minutes ago, but it could be used to make my point again.

KATIE: (making her go on) Mom.

MON: Ok, um... Iím grateful for everything I always say every year, like the health of my children, my wonderful husband, but this year specially is that Rachel is finally back and I hope this time for good. (smiles) Thatís it! (sits down, proudly) Chandler, you go.

CHAN: Do I have to stand up for this?

MON: No.

CHAN: Ok, then Iíll make mine Monicaís words. (they look sweetly at each other and kiss. Katie looks disgusted)

KATIE: Okay! It is my turn now and Iíll pass it to my cousin here. (pats Gaby)

GABY: Well, I wasnít waiting for that but thanks anyway. (pause) Okay, Iím thankful for my family, my friends and, most importantly, my mom. (smiles at Rachel and she smiles back, sweetly) I guess thatís all. Jen?

JEN: What?

GABY: Youíre up.

JEN: Iíll pass.

NICK: Camon, your part is the best one!

ROSS: Heís right, honey.

JEN: Thatís because every year I have something to be thankful for, what didnít happen this year.

(Rachel looks down)

JEN: But I guess I can only be thankful for my new sister anyway.

(she smiles at Alyssa like "Iím-trying-to-be-nice-to-you" but seems it like she means it. Alyssa doesnít look that happy about what she said about Rachel)

ALYSSA: (trying to look comfortable, smiles) Thanks.

DYLAN: Thatís unexpected but it was sweet.

PHOE: Alright, my turn! (to herself) I love this part. Well, Iím finally proud to say that Iím thankful for iodized salt.

(everybody has weird looks at her and she looks proud of herself)

PHOE: Ross?

ROSS: Well, I think you didnít expect me to say this but Iím thankful that Rachel is here again, for our childrenís sake, and the fact that I have a new daughter. (smiles to Alyssa and she winks at him with both eyes, also smiling :) Rachel looks at him and smiles weakly but he looks away)

ROSS: Um, Joey?

JOEY: Iím thankful for ******

CHAN: (disgusted) Joe, please! Weíre eating here!

JOEY: But thatís the thing! There was-

ALL: Joey, we get it!

JOEY: (bummed) Alright, Erin?

ERIN: Well, um...

(Erin closes her eyes and takes a deep breath)

ROSS: Erin, whatís wrong?

ERIN: Nothing, I just... (she trembles a little, as if she was cold) Oh... (puts her hand on her forehead and stands up) Excuse me.

(she goes upstairs and Jen goes after her)

MON: What does she have?

ROSS: I have no idea. Do you have something to give her?

CHAN: No way, you can take her to a doctor now.

GABY: Yea, sheís been like this all day long.

ROSS: No, itís not that bad.

(cuts to Katieís bedroom. Erin sits on the edge of the bed, still trembling, ocasionally closing her eyes, dizzy. Jen enters)

JEN: Erin, whatís going on?

ERIN: I donít know, I feel terrible...

JEN: (hugs her and breaks) Youíre burning.

ERIN: Iím cold...

JEN: Oh my gosh... (gets up and picks up the phone)

ERIN: What are you doing?

JEN: Iím calling 911.

ERIN: Jennifer, please, this is not an emergency. You can just get dad and heíll know what to do.

JEN: Are you sure?

(Erin nods weakly. Cuts to the dining room. Rachel looks really impatient)

RACH: Excuse me. (stands up and goes after the girls)

JOEY: Ross, donít you think you should go up there?

ROSS: Erinís fine.

JOEY: I meant about Rachel.

PHOE: Joey, shut up.

(cuts to Katieís bedroom again. Rachel enters, but not fully)

RACH: Erin?

JEN: What do you want?

RACH: (enters) Iím here to check up on her. (kneels down in front of her, feeling her forehead) Tell me how you feel.

ERIN: Cold and... my body hurts and Iím all... (closes her eyes again and almost falls back on the bed but Rachel holds her)

RACH: Oh my God, Jennifer, hand me the phone.

JEN: (bitterly) Why would I do that?

RACH: (firmly) Now! (Jen says no more and just gives her the phone) And call Ross here. (Jen leaves reluctantly)

(the camera follows Jen down the stairs)

JEN: Dad, she wants to talk to you.

ROSS: (standing up) Erin?

JEN: No, Rachel. (sits on her chair again. Gaby shoots her a look)

GABY: Sheís your mother, did you know that?

JEN: Oh really?

ROSS: Jen, please. (quickly goes upstairs)

(he enters the bedroom and finds Erin under the covers and Rachel on the phone. He doesnít know what to say at first. Rachel looks at him and then looks away, continuing to talk on the phone)

RACH: Alright, thank you. (hangs up) I just called an ambulance for Erin.

ROSS: Do you really think she needed that?

RACH: Ross, sheís feeling horrible.

ROSS: And thatís enough reason to call an ambulance?

RACH: Iím sorry, but I just had to do something about it. I couldnít just sit there while my daughter is here almost fainting!

ROSS: What a great mother you are! You donít even know her, how can you simply come with this lousy talk?! Not on me, okay?

ERIN: (sits up on the bed) Please stop...

RACH: I know I made a terrible mistake, but you donít have to throw that on my face now!

ROSS: If anyone is giving me a reason to do that, itís you. Donít you teach my how to take care of my children!

RACH: Our children.

ERIN: (she stands up, but can barely stay still, her body canít support her) Oh my God, stop that! (starts to cry)

RACH: (holds Erin and she buries her face in her shoulder) See what you did??

ROSS: I didnít do anything alone.

(Erin falls all of the sudden. Rachel tries to hold her but almost canít)

RACH: Erin!

ROSS: Sweetie, talk to me!

(Erin fainted)

RACH: Ross, donít just stand there, do something!!

(Ross leaves the bedroom running down the stairs)

MON: (stands up worried) What happened?

ROSS: Erinís unconscious.

ALL: Oh my God!

ROSS: Rachel called an ambulance but it should be here by now.

(Joey runs upstairs and enters the bedroom)

RACH: Joey, please help me here!

JOEY: Rach calm down, everything will be fine.

RACH: (teary eyed) I canít lose her, Joey...

JOEY: (getting Erin on his arms) You wonít. (they leave)

(everyone is going crazy there. People running around, crying and all. The doorbell rings and itís finally the paramedic people. They put Erin in the ambulance and Ross and Rachel go in it with her)




The hospital. Rachel, Monica, Gaby, Dylan, Alyssa and Jennifer are in the waiting room. Itís late night by now. Alyssa and Monica are on a couch comforting Rachel. Jen is drinking water on the corner, Gaby is leaned agaist Dylanís shoulder, next to Rachel. Ross comes from one of the rooms. Rachel and Monica get up.


ROSS: She has *** pneumonia, itís one of the bad types.

RACH: Oh God...

MON: How is she?

ROSS: They say itís too soon to tell, but sheís on an early stage, which is a good sign.

MON: But will she be okay?

ROSS: Thatís the problem. They wonít tell us anything. Damn doctors.

RACH: Look, Iím sorry I yelled at you before, I had no right to.

(he just looks at her and goes to the couch. She looks hurt and looks down. Then she sits back where she was and buries her face in her hands)

"The only thing I knew that moment is that it didnít matter if Rachel was pulling a wonder-woman or not. She did what I wouldnít do and that , in a way, saved Erinís life. (pause) Erin couldnít breathe until we got to the hospital. (pause) I donít even wanna think of what would have happened if Rachel wasnít there." ROSS


[Scene: the hospital. Itís almost morning. Rachel and Ross are in Erinís room, both asleep on a couch, leaned against each other... Some nurse woman enters and that wakes Rachel up.]

NURSE: Good morning.

RACH: Hi... what time is it?

NURSE: Almost 5am. Iím here to check up on Erin.

RACH: (gets up) Whereís Dr. Bower?

NURSE: Heís on surgery right now, but it should be finishing by now.

RACH: I still havenít spoken to him since we got here.

NURSE: Once heís finished with his patient, he will be here, donít worry.

RACH: Can you do me a favor and tell him to come straight up here?

NURSE: Iíll do it.

RACH: Thanks.

(the nurse leaves. Rachel looks around and the room is still dark. She opens up the curtains but just a little, to look outside. It brightens up the room a little and it wakes up Ross)

ROSS: (startling) Huh?

RACH: (looks back at him) What?

ROSS: What time is it?

RACH: The nurse said itís almost 5.

ROSS: Has the doctor been here yet?

RACH: Nope. And I wonít leave here until I talk to him.

(Ross looks at her and we can see that sheís teary eyed. He stands up and goes to the window, next to her)

ROSS: Listen, Iím the one who should be sorry about yesterday.

RACH: Thatís okay. You had every right to be mad, I donít blame you.

ROSS: I just have to get used to the sight of you from now on.

RACH: (smiling weakly) You better. (pause) Is that so hard?

ROSS: No, itís just... new and different.

(Rachel looks at him and heís looking down. They hear Erin groan and both quickly look at her)

RACH: Do you think she woke up?

ROSS: She wasnít supposed to.

(they go to her and they stay each on one side of the bed. Erin kind of opens her eyes, weakly. She squints because the room is a little brighter. When she looks at R&R there looking at her, she smiles)

ERIN: Hi...

RACH: Are you feeling alright, sweetie?

ERIN: In general, yea...

ROSS: The doctor said you have to stay here for a couple of days?

RACH: (to Ross) Why didnít you tell me?

ROSS: Iím sorry, you were asleep.

RACH: No, why didnít you tell me you spoke to the doctor?

ROSS: Rachel, it was that time, right when we got here.

ERIN: Um, guys? (they look at her) Hi, Iím still here, between you two, so please...

(R&R look guilty and smile embarassed)


[Scene: Now, itís another montage of what will happen the days that Erin has been in the hospital. Tina gave me the idea of the song actually (hope itís okay!!!). Itís "Buttefly" by Mariah Carey :) And once again, the scenes come along with the lyrics.]

"When you love someone so deeply, they become your life. It's easy to succumb

to overwhelming fears inside. Blindly I imagined I could keep you under glass.

Now I understand to hold you I must open up my hands and watch you rise..."

Erin is sat up on the bed, with all the girls surrounding her: Rachel, Gaby, Jen and Alyssa. Rachel is giving her food on her mouth and sheís really hating it. Gaby is next to her reading a story from a childrenís book and Erin is about to kill her :) Alyssa is on the other edge of the bed laughing and Jen is layed on the couch, with headphones, reading.

"Spread your wings and prepare to fly, you have become a butterfly. Oh, fly abandonedly into the sun. If you should return to me, we truly were meant to be. So spread your wings and fly, butterfly..."

Erin just fell asleep. Ross turns the lights off and gets Alyssa, who also fell asleep on the couch.

"I have learned that beauty has to flourish in the light. Wild horses run unbridled or their spirit dies. You have given me the courage to be all that I can and truly I feel your heart will lead you back to me when youíre ready to land..."

Jen is in the waiting room, filing her fingernails. Rachel sits next to her, trying to talk, but Jen just gets up and goes somewhere else. Rachel is extremely hurt.

"I canít pretent these tears arenít overflowing steadily, I canít prevent this hurt from almost overtaking me, but I will stand and say goodbye. For youíll never be mine until you know the way it feels to fly..."

Gaby and Katie are on Erinís bed talking to her. Rachel and Ross enter, looking really happy. Rachel says something and Erin hugs her, also happy. Ross watches, smiling.

"Spread your wings and prepare to fly, you have become a butterfly. Oh, fly abandonedly into the sun. If you should return to me, we truly were meant to be. So spread your wings and fly, butterfly..."

Ross, Rachel and Dylan are in the waiting room, talking to Dr. Bower. Itís been over a week and the song stops here :)

RACH: So, when will she be out?

BOWER: For what I see, she no longer needs to be here anymore.

ROSS: We already know that, can we take her anytime now?

BOWER: Absolutely, you have nothing to worry about anymore.

RACH: Aw, thank God!

(the doctor leaves)

ROSS: So, what do we do now?

RACH: We can take her home right now coz thatís what Iíve been waiting for all week!

DYLAN: But canít we do something special, like a surprise welcome-home-from-the-hospital party?

ROSS: That might work.

DYLAN: Great, we can leave all the details to Jennifer, sheíd love that.

ROSS: Iíll go talk to her. (leaves)

DYLAN: So, how is the moving thing going?

RACH: Well, I already have everything here with me but I still have nowhere to live.

DYLAN: Why donít you stay at our house, like Alyssa?

RACH: Because your father doesnít want me there.

DYLAN: Who said so?

RACH: Dylan, I know him like the back of my hand. I know that weíre on talking grounds but that doesnít change the fact that he hasnít forgiven me.

DYLAN: Oh... we can go shopping today, canít we?

RACH: (laughs) Of course!


[Scene: still at the hospital. Jen is on this window looking at the view. Ross aproaches her.]

ROSS: Hi there.

JEN: Hey.

ROSS: Are you okay?

JEN: Normal.

ROSS: In the mood for a party?

JEN: (smiles) Really?

ROSS: You will get to organize Erinís welcome party.

JEN: (frowns) So not a real party?

ROSS: It still is if youíre involved. (hugs her and she smiles) Iíll take that as a yes.

JEN: Ok.

ROSS: So, you will all go out today to get everything ready.

JEN: Whoís you?

ROSS: You, Dylan, Gaby, Alyssa and Rachel.

JEN: Aw man, really?

ROSS: Sweetie, you have to stop with it, alright? Why donít you reach a compromise with her?

JEN: Why would I? So I can forgive her and she can run away again?

ROSS: (hopeless) Oh god...


[Scene: a mall. Everyone mentioned before is there. Dylan, Rachel and Gaby have ice creams and are looking at the windows and chatting. Jen comes behind them with Alyssa, also chatting. Theyíre sharing a bag of candies :)]

RACH: (stopping in front of a fancy store) Gaby, would you look at that dress?!

GABY: Itís great, isnít it?

JEN: (comes and stops) Whatís great?

GABY: (pointing) That light grey dress over there.

JEN: (amazed) Oh my word... wow!

RACH: Do you like it?

JEN: (she was about to answer, but when she sees that Rachel was the one who asked...) No, why? Did I say so? (walks off)

(Rachel is hurt)

GABY: (gets her hand) Calm down, itíll be okay soon.

RACH: (looks down) Yea...

"I was so worried about Jennifer. She didnít want me near nor around. It started to look like she hated me. (pause) But, on the other hand, she is so much alike me that it scared! I think that thatís how Iíd act with my parents if they had divorced when I was younger." RACH


[Scene: still the mall. Gaby and Jen are entering the ladiesí room, that, btw, is empty. Jen looks pissed and enters slamming the door. Gaby follows.]

GABY: Jennifer, camon!

JEN: Why does this have to be so...?!

GABY: So what?

JEN: I donít know! Weird, hard, whatever!

GABY: Jennifer, itís only hard because you put it this way.

JEN: Donít blame me!

GABY: What are you talking about? Iím not blaming anyone. Iím just saying that-

JEN: (cuts her) Well, donít! I know, youíre a softy and forgave her but I canít do it.

GABY: I donít get you. You were always "if mom were here" "I wish mom could see it" and everything, so why this now?

JEN: I donít know, itís just different. I canít explain it.

GABY: I bet if you knew where she was you would have done something about it. Or is that too weird too?

JEN: (softly) I did.

GABY: You did what?

JEN: I knew where she was living.

GABY: Huh?! How did you know that?

JEN: Grandma kinda told me. Well, she sent us a letter and Dylan decided not to show anyone, it would just not be healthy to everyone...

GABY: I canít believe this... How long have you known?

JEN: About three years... (Gaby looks at her) ...or two.

GABY: (shocked) Three years?!

JEN: Or two! I had no choice, alright? Dylan wouldnít let me say anything.

GABY: (puts both hands on her shoulders, as if sheís gonna say something sweet) Jennifer, I want you to know I am very pissed at you, but what you just said, believe it or not, doesnít really matter right now. The important thing is that now you have a mother and you canít simply throw that away because of your stupid pride. (pause. Jen looks down) This might sound mean but youíre being the biggest pain in the world acting like this. (pause. Gaby smiles) It may not seem like it, but I love you, alright?

JEN: (still looking down, smiles weakly) Love you too...

GABY: Okay, now you may not wanna talk to her right now, but you will.

JEN: How much time do you give me?

GABY: The answer for that would be "the long you need" but in your case, itís different. Iíll give you three days, or else-

JEN: (upset, aware of what sheís gonna say :)) You take all my capri pants, I know.

(they hug and leave)


[Scene: Rossís houseís driveway, later that day. Rachelís car comes, with everyone in it. They hop off with a lot of shopping bags :)]

RACH: So you guys, this was fun, Iíll see you all here tonight, okay?

ALYSSA: Mom, arenít you gonna come inside?

RACH: Nah, I donít wanna cause you any trouble with your father.

GABY: You wonít. You just get in there and help us with Erinís party, heíll be thrilled.

RACH: Yea, but I wonít.

JEN: (obviously uncomfortable) Maybe it can be a good thing.

(they all look at her)

JEN: You can come in, Iím sure he wonít mind.

(everybody keep looking at her. She looks at Rach but then looks down and enters the house. Dylan goes after her and the camera stays)

RACH: (smiling a bit) Can you believe she just said that?

GABY: I donít want this to sound like a spoiler but I kind of talked to her.

RACH: What kind of talk?

GABY: The one you, certainly, would like to have with her.

ALYSSA: What do you mean?

GABY: I donít know, I feel like she might be giving in now.

RACH: You think?

GABY: For what I know of her, yea.

(Rachel smiles sweetly and hugs Gaby. They keeps like that for a while and Rachel kisses her hair)

ALYSSA: When do we get to go in??

RACH: Alright, missy!

(they go towards the door. Cuts to inside. Jen just entered and is going straight upstairs. Dylan grabs her arm)

DYLAN: Is it me or you just invited mom in?

JEN: And whatís that supposed to mean?

DYLAN: You tell me.

JEN: Dylan, itís been a hard day, alright?

DYLAN: (sarcastic) Sure, shopping all day long is very exaustive and incredibly boring for you, I forgot.

JEN: Ah, Dylan! (runs to her bedroom and Dylan smiles, mischievous)

(Rachel enters with the girls. Alyssa goes to the kitchen and Gaby stands there with Rachel, who is not quite sure of what to do)

RACH: Whereís- whereís your father?

GABY: Probably at work but even if he was here, mom!

RACH: That makes me feel, I donít know, better... I guess.

GABY: I think he will go straight to the hospital from work to get Erin, so this gives us plenty of time to prepare her welcome party.

RACH: Okay.

GABY: And I called Katie, Nick and Aunt Monica, they should be on their way now. In the mean time, do whatever you want, this is still your house, alright?

RACH: I guess I can remember that...

GABY: (kisses her cheek) Love you.

(Gaby runs to the kitchen and Rachel looks after her, thoughtful. When she turns to the other side, she sees a calendar on the wall and gets this surprised look)

RACH: (to herself) November 30th...

~*~ Flashback ~*~


(Monica and Rachelís. Monica is decorating her Christmas tree, helped by Chandler and Ross. Phoebe is feeding Erin. Sheís on the couch while Erin is on those baby chair things. And Rachel is on the kitchen table talking to Jill and two little girls. The calendar behind Rachel says November 29th )*

* Observation: Erin is a little older than 1 years old; Monica and Chandler are dating.

RACH: ...and then the two of you throw petals, alright?

GIRL1: Where do we get them?

RACH: Someone will give them to you, honey, in a basket.

GIRL2: What basket?

JILL: Okay, girls, just let Aunt Rachel speak, questions later.

RACH: Jill, where did you get these girls? I mean, theyíre cute and all but if they keep going like this, there will be kind of a problem.

JILL: Theyíre my new boyfriendís daughters.

(Rachel rolls her eyes)

RACH: Okay, anyway, the rehearsal will be tonight at six, donít be late.

JILL: Got it. (stands up) Letís go girls.

RACH: (leads them to the door) Bye! (they wave and leave. Rachel leans against the door and makes a frustrated face) Oh my...

MON: Rach, theyíre so adorable!

RACH: Yea, because you didnít have to hear about Toy Story for two and a half hours.

ROSS: Honey, itís gonna be alright.

RACH: (goes lay on the couch) Yea...

CHAN: Phoebe, take it easy there with the food.

PHOE: Why? Erinís eating well.

MON: (horrified) My carpet!

PHOE: Uh-oh...

RACH: Mon, let it go, Iíll clean it up later.

ROSS: No, you have to get some rest because tomorrow is our wedding and I just want you to relax, okay?

RACH: Okay.

ROSS: (pulls her gently off the couch) Okay now go to your bedroom and get some sleep, youíre too stressed.

RACH: (puppy face) Arenít you gonna come with me...?

ROSS: (smiling, pulls her closer, leading her to the bedroom) Is that a proposition?

RACH: Maybe... (they kiss and get in the bedroom. The camera stays and shows Phoebe covering Erinís eyes with her hands)

~*~ End of Flashback ~*~

(Rachel looks back with the same thoughtful face and spots the shopping bags on the corner, near the door. She looks at them for a while and then leaves)


[Scene: Rossís kitchen. Alyssa is looking for something in the fridge and Gaby enters.]

GABY: Itís in the freezer.

ALYSSA: (startles) What? The ice cream?

(Gaby nods)

ALYSSA: Oh, thanks.

GABY: You should try to convice mom to move back in here, after all you know her better than I do.

ALYSSA: But itís not up to her and you know that.

GABY: True.

(at this time, Katie, Monica and Nick enters from the kitchen door)

KATIE: (giddy) Gaby! Come here, I have to talk to you! (grabs Gabyís hand and they leave running)

GABY: (confused) Okay...

MON: (kisses Alyssaís hair) Hey sweetie.


MON: Whereís your mom?

ALYSSA: Somewhere in there.

MON: Okay, weíre here to help. What do I do? (Alyssa is about to answer) Well, I think we could put some ballons on the corner.

ALYSSA: Ballons?

MON: Yes. I know itís not a birthday party but Erin loves them.

NICK: Do they have ballons here? Because I didnít get any.

MON: (looking through a bag) I have green ones.

NICK: Iíll go out and get more.

ALYSSA: More ballons?

NICK: Yea, Erin likes blue ones too.

ALYSSA: Oh-kay...

"Could I just get used to this family?? I love them, but sometimes I feel kind of out of place... I canít explain it. I lived with my mom my whole life and now I live with four siblings and my father. Without my mom around sometimes it can get really lonely." ALYSSA


[Scene: the hospital. Ross is walking through the hallway holding a big teddy bear. He enters Erinís room and spots her asleep, but when he enters, she wakes up a lil.]

ROSS: Hey baby.

ERIN: Hi. I thought you wouldnít come around anymore.

ROSS: Iím so sorry Iím late but something happened with the directorís step father and...

ERIN: Thatís okay. (sits up) So, howís it gonna work? I get up and we leave thatís all?

ROSS: I wish. I still have to talk to your doctor to make sure and he has to check you up too.

ERIN: But I was checken up twice today!

ROSS: Sweetie, we have to make that you are really okay.

ERIN: Dad, I am! (gets up from the bed really fast and gets a headrush) Okay, maybe not...

(Ross laughs)


[Scene: Rossís. Everyone is putting stuff up for the party. Nick and Alyssa are helping Monica cook, Gaby, Jen, Katie and Dylan are putting up the baloons and getting everything ready. Katie and Jen are sitting on the stair way.]

KATIE: Why there are no pink baloons?

JEN: You got the wrong person.

KATIE: Oh. Well maybe because Erin never left the tomboy phase yet.

JEN: (looking weirdly at her) Huh?

KATIE: You know, no pink baloons.

JEN: What does that have to do with anything?

KATIE: Honey, every girl likes pink.

JEN: Katherine, are you eating well?

(Katie shoots her a look. Cuts to Gaby and Jen. Gaby is on this ladder by the door and Dylan is giving her the baloons)

GABY: Where do you think mom went?

DYLAN: Isnít she upstairs?

GABY: Dylan, please, she disappeared almost two hours ago!

DYLAN: She must be out shopping, I donít know.

GABY: This is really freaking me out, you know...

DYLAN: What, you donít think she ran away again, do you?

GABY: No, no. Iím just worried.

"I mean, not worried-worried... just wondering. (pause) You never know..." GABY

(Gaby thinks for a sec and then shakes her head. At this moment, Rachel walks in. She has two shopping bags on her hands and looks kinda happy)

RACH: Hey guys.

GABY: Hi, where were you?

RACH: I... went back to the street, I forgot to buy somethings.

(Dylan looks at Gaby like "see?" and she just ignores him)

RACH: Anything left for me to do?

GABY: (hopping off the ladder) Sure, you can put these baloons up because my arm is killing me. (kisses her) Thanks.

RACH: Sure.

(the camera follows Gaby to where Katie and Jen are. Jen was looking at Rachel the whole time, kind of not liking her presence and Katie is rambling on and on, not knowing that Jen isnít paying attention. Gaby clicks her fingers in front of her and sits next to her)

GABY: Wake up.

JEN: What?

GABY: Would you bother making a better face?

JEN: I wasnít doing anything.

KATIE: (finishing the story she was telling) when you come to your senses and realize youíre a girl, pink has to be part of your life, as it always shouldíve been.

GABY: (looking weirdly at her) Katie, what are you talking about?

KATIE: Jennifer can tell you, I have to go to the bathroom. (leaves)

(Gaby looks at Jen, expecting the story)

JEN: Hey, donít look at me!


[Scene: now there are shots with a rocky song in the background. Stuff like Jen bossing everyone around, organizing everything; the house kinda hectic, everyone dressinp, running around, finishing with the food and the decoration. Now, the song fades and comes the real scene :) All of them are there now: the six friends and their kids. Well, except for Ross and Erin :). Jen is looking through the window. She sees Rossís car arriving.]

JEN: (jumping up) Guys, guys! Theyíre here!

(everyone hides around, like in surprise parties and Jen turns the lights off. Ross and Erin enter)

ALL: Surprise!

ROSS: (freaked out) Shhh! She just came from the hospital!

ERIN: (grinning) You guys!

ROSS: Are you okay, sweetie?

ERIN: Iím fine. (she goes hugging everyone, like Phoebe did in her b-day party in the first season) I had no idea! (hugs Rachel) Mom! Youíre the best!

RACH: (smiling) Welcome home, sweetie.

ERIN: Jennifer, I bet you did it all, didnít you?

JEN: Yea, kinda. (Monica playfully hits her)



Everyone is around the house, eating and having a good time. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe and Gaby are in the living room talking, laughing`` and all. Ross passes by and looks at Rachel, who havenít noticed him. He looks down and goes upstairs. Rachel finally looks at him and sees him going.

RACH: Um, Iíll be right back. (stands up)

MON: (laughing) Sure.

(the girls continue on laughing as Rachel leaves. She goes to a room, under the stair way, and takes a bag out of there. She takes a little black box out of it, leaves the bag in the room again, closes the door and goes upstairs. When she passes Dylanís bedroom door, he sees Joey, Dylan, Julian and Alyssa watching a Knicks game)

RACH: Um, guys? (they donít look at her but they all say "what") Have you seen where Ross went? (this moment they all jump up because of a missed score) Urgh, nevermind.

(she continues her way down the hall and spots her and Rossís bedroom door half open. At first she stays still, not sure if she should go in there. But then she seems to find some confidence and approaches the door. She hesitates for a while though, but then she sticks her head in and sees Ross on the balcony, thoughtful. She enters closes the door slowly so he doesnít hear it. She gets closer and stands by the glass window that separates the bedroom from the balcony, looking at him a bit down. Then she enters the balcony and leans over the ****, right next to Ross. He startles)

ROSS: My God!

RACH: Sorry, I didnít mean to scare you.

ROSS: Okay...

(long silence. Theyíre both looking at the view, not facing each other while they talk)

RACH: Iíve always thought that there would ever be a house as big as this one in Brooklyn, but then I woke up and realized that everything is possible.

ROSS: What do you mean?

RACH: I donít have a point really... (she laughs softly and he smiles) ...but I can understand now, better than ever, that peopleís feelings matter when it comes to being happy.

ROSS: Iíll get back to my question.

RACH: I seriously donít know what Iím saying (now he laughs) but thatís because I havenít done this in a while.

ROSS: Done what?

RACH: This. (she looks at the little box and gives it to him) (sweetly) Happy anniversary.

(he doesnít know what to say at first, but then he looks deeply in her eyes and smiles a bit. She smiles more in response. He gets the box and opens it. She bites her bottom lip, expecting his reaction. Itís a beautiful rolex. He smiles a bit)

ROSS: Thanks.

(she frowns for a second, by hearing the lousy thanks. He closes the box and goes back to his old position, looking at the view. Rachel recomposes and does the same, trying not to look at him)

RACH: I have to say that I expected more than that...

ROSS: Itís a beautiful gesture of you remembering our anniversary but itís gonna take a lot more than that.

RACH: You donít think I remember every year?

ROSS: I donít know what goes on in your head anymore. I thought I knew you but see what happened.

RACH: Okay, I know I havenít apologized yet for doing what I did-

ROSS: (cutting her softly) And even if you had, it would be no use. The right way would be actually being here for the kids but I guess you canít do that long enough.

RACH: (now getting upset) Ross, I am here now and I ainít leaving, not again. I thought I made that clear already.

ROSS: Who am I to believe you...

RACH: (softly) I donít wanna arguee with you, Iím just trying to fix everything Iíve done so things can all be back the way they were.

ROSS: Itís not that easy when someone does what you did.

RACH: I know that and Iím trying my best!

ROSS: You had no reason to do it! Four kids wasnít your problem at all.

RACH: You know better than I do that things werenít okay between us for a while.

(he looks guilty)

~*~ Flashback ~*~


(Rachelís office at Ralph Lauren. Sheís in there with... Tag :) She doesnít have a crush on him here, donít worry. Anyway, sheís sitting on her desk (actually on the desk) and heís standing in front of her. Theyíre talking and laughing. Cuts to outside of her office. Ross is getting there with the four kids, obviously having a hard time with all of them. He looks at Tagís desk and looks puzzled that he isnít there. Cuts back inside)

RACH: ...there would be no way!

TAG: Camon!

RACH: And you stop saying itís not, you liked it!

TAG: Did you see the size of her head??

(Rachel laughs really hard now. Thatís when Ross opens the door and sticks his head in)

ROSS: Rach?

(Rachel kind of frowns a little and Tag gets a serious look)

ROSS: (nervous, but trying not to show it) Oh, and youíre still in here.

TAG: (kind of sarcastic) Never left actually.

(Rachel senses the tension)

RACH: Okay, Tag, Iíll catch up with you later.

TAG: Okay, bye. (leaves, facing Ross, both serious)

(as Tag leaves, the kids come running in)

KIDS: Mom!

RACH: (happy again) Look whoís here! (hugs all of them at once and kisses each one) Now be good, I have to talk to daddy.

(they sits around her desk, playing around with the stuff on it. Rachel now look serious at Ross, who is kind of mad)

ROSS: Okay, how many times have we discussed this?

RACH: If youíre talking about Tag, drop it. Iím sick of this!

ROSS: You know heís only hitting on you, right?

RACH: And for the zillionth time I ask, donít you trust me?!

ROSS: We have a lot of experience on this, so you know perfectly where this is gonna go.

RACH: Oh my God! He is my friend for crying out loud! That scene you made at the restaurant the other day only got him to hate you!

ROSS: I can see that written all over him.

RACH: Would you stop being such a baby?! I canít take anymore of this! Thatís all you do, thatís all you think about, thatís all you talk about! I hate that! And I hate you!! (storms out)

(Ross looks extremely guilty. The kids stop playing and look at him, confused)

~*~ End of Flashback ~*~

Back to the balcony.

ROSS: I know I was a jerk...

RACH: You were only protecting me. Overprotecting, I might add, but I now can understand your side.

ROSS: Maybe. (pause) Thank you for the gift anyway. (leaves the balcony and Rachel just remains there, dejected)

"I blushed, really. I mean, I went to the store and bought the watch, but I knew how he would react. It was like those flashes sometimes that you do a certain thing but you never know why youíve done it. Ross was damn right to have that reaction on me, but what was I supposed to do? Just listen."RACHEL


[Scene: the kitchen, later. Everyone, except for Phoebe, Joey and their kids, are in there, saying goodbye to Monica and Chandler.]

MON: (to Katie and Nick) Are you staying over?

KATIE: I am.

NICK: No, Iíll come with you.

(hug and kiss everyone and blablabla. Rachel goes outside with Monica)

MON: Are you staying here too?

RACH: No, Iíll go back to the hotel.

MON: Rach, we have a spare room, you know that. Why donít you come?

RACH: Iíve made up my mind. If Iím leaving the hotel, is to move back in here.

(they smile at each other and hug)

MON: Hope everything works out, sweetie.

RACH: Me too. Bye.

(they break and Monica enters the car to leave. As they leave off, Rachel goes back inside. Katie is talking to Gaby. Jen is behind Katie)

KATIE: Where will I sleep?

GABY: Alyssa is in my room, so I guess you wonít fit there. (Jen makes a silent "yes!" and Gaby shoots her a look)

KATIE: Well, before Jennifer throws a party because of this (Jen mouths "how did she know I was here??" to Gaby and she shrugs her shoulders, now smiling) we can have like a slumber party.

ROSS: (passing by them) School night, Katie.

KATIE: (waits for Ross to leave and continues) Anyway, four girls in a bedroom? Thatís a blast!

DYLAN: (joins them) Say that to Joey and youíre golden.

KATIE: Sick!

(cuts to Rachel and Erin talking on the counter, while cleaning up)

RACH: Are you feeling good enough to go to school tomorrow?

ERIN: I guess... but only if you promise me something.

RACH: Anything.

ERIN: (smiling) Pick me up tomorrow after class so we can go shopping!

RACH: (laughs) Okay, sure.

(cuts to Ross and Jen, by the door)

ROSS: Iím going to bed now. Tell them not to take too long, okay?

JEN: Okay. Listen dad, is she sleeping here?

ROSS: I donít think so, why?

JEN: No reason. Good night.

ROSS: Good night, sweetie. (leaves)

"In the back of my head there was this very loud voice, actually screaming ĎGet a life, Jennifer!í (laughs) As if I wasnít thinking about that since the day I saw her at the airport, right? (pause) Itís just weird to simply say ĎI love you, momí when she did absolutely nothing to earn it. (pause) Well, not since the day she came up again." JEN


[Scene: Gaby and Jenís (and now Alyssaís:)) bedroom, night. Gaby, Alyssa, Jen and Katie are there. The beds remain untouched, because they put matresses on the floor and theyíre all sitting there, in a circle, playing a board game.]

KATIE: (reading on the board) "Your daughter has just been born. Receive the gifts." Okay, $1.000, everyone.*

* hehe, "O Jogo da Vida". Do you know that Tina?

ALYSSA: What are you? A rabbit? (they laugh) Iíve never seen this load of kids before.

KATIE: Well, I guess thatís the Gellers.

(Erin enters with a bowl of popcorn)

ERIN: Thatís the last one, alright? I ainít going down there anymore. (sits)

JEN: When did- when did (cleans her throat, uncomfortable) you know, when did-

GABY: Mom?

JEN: Yes! You know, when did she leave tonight?

ALYSSA: About na hour ago, why?

JEN: No reason.

ERIN: Speaking of which, she will pick us up tomorrow at school for shopping.

GABY: Oh yay!


KATIE: Can I go too?

GABY: Sure.

JEN: (looks down) Okay...


[Scene: the school, the next day. Jen is passing by the empty hallway, coming from the bathroom. She sees a group of girls by the lockers, obviously having an argument. If youíve seen "Jawbreaker", try to imagine girls like them, acting like them: one of them pushes another one against the lockers, while the others watch, afraid of interfeer. Jen just stops at the very moment she spots the scene, also afraid and confused. A woman comes from one of doors.]

WOMAN: What the hell is going on here?!

GIRL1: (bitterly) How many times do I have to say that itís none of your business?

WOMAN: You donít speak to me like that, Courtney! (to the... victim :))Samantha, what is she doing now?

SAM: (looking down) Nothing...

WOMAN: Alright, all of you to my office now! (the girls all go on one direction, reluctantly. Thatís when the woman turns around and sees Jen) Jennifer?

JEN: (waking up) Huh? Me?

WOMAN: Yes, you. Didnít I tell you to go to my office?

JEN: But I-

WOMAN: Camon, I donít have much time here!

(the woman gets her arms and takes her, who is totally confused)


[Scene: Rossís house, about an hour later. Rachel opens the door and sticks her head in.]

RACH: Ross? (no answer)

(she gets in and closes the door. She looks around, looking for someone, but doesnít find any. The phone rings and that scares her a little. It rings about four times before she decides to answer it)

RACH: Hello?

(cuts to the hallway of school. Itís Jennifer)

JEN: (confused) Hello?

RACH: May I help you?

(scene keeps on cutting)

JEN: Who is this?

RACH: Rachel.

(Jen hangs up, nervously. Rachel looks at the phone and puts it down, confused. Jen waits a few seconds and calls again. Rachel answers)

RACH: Hello?

JEN: Damn it! You again?!

RACH: (a bit mad) Who is this?

JEN: Jennifer.

RACH: Oh, hi...!

JEN: Can you please put someone else on the phone?

RACH: Thereís no one here, Jen.

JEN: Oh...


RACH: Jen?

JEN: You know what? Nevermind.

RACH: Wait! Donít hang up!

JEN: What?

RACH: Where are you?

JEN: Iím at school.

RACH: Why are you calling home? Can I help you with anything?

JEN: Well, I wanted to go home now, because something happened here and... (pause) why am I telling you this?

RACH: No, Jen, go on. What happened?

JEN: (looking down) Why would you care?

RACH: Listen, Iím going down there to pick you up, okay?


RACH: Iíll take that as a yes. Bye. (hangs up and leaves)

(Jen puts the phone down slowly, a bit down)


[Scene: a classroom. Gaby and Katie are there, making what it seems to be a paperwork. So theyíre talking while doing it.]

GABY: Okay, so now what?

KATIE: What?

GABY: What do we do now?

KATIE: With what?

GABY: Urgh, Katie! Iím talking about the paper!

KATIE: Oh right. (pause) I donít know.

(Gaby puts her hands on her face, losing her patience :))

KATIE: Did you tell your dad that weíd be shopping after class?

GABY: He must know, mom must have told him.



[Scene: the entrance of the school. Rachel just parked her car on the street and is going in. Itís a really big school. She walks down the hallways and spots Jen sitting on a bench, in an open air area, looking down and sad. She looks sweetly at her and aproaches.]

RACH: Hey.

(Jen looks up and looks down again. Rachel sits next to her)

RACH: Why arenít you in class?

JEN: Iím not in the mood to.

RACH: What happened?

JEN: A misunderstanding. Some girls were fighting and the director thought I was involved. It ruined my mood today.

RACH: Oh. (pause) Do you want me to take you home?

JEN: No, it doesnít matter. I wanted to though, but now I guess Iíll just stick around until class ends.

RACH: I can take you.

JEN: I know that, but I donít want you to.

RACH: Why not, sweetie?

JEN: (teary eyed, still looking down) Why did you do that, mom?

RACH: (surprised that she called her "mom", but sad) I wish I had an answer for you...

JEN: Was it because of me?

RACH: No! What makes you think that?!

JEN: You have no idea of what has been going through my mind these past years.

RACH: I loved you too much to leave because of you. But... I donít know... it was too damn hard for me to go on like that... (getting teary eyed) Then I found out about Alyssa. It was okay for a second until I realized that my marriage was going nowhere too...

JEN: He made you leave?

RACH: I was too immature to just run when things got rough for us. I shouldíve stayed to work things out, but it seemed too impossible for me to do that.

JEN: Why?

RACH: I felt sorry for you. You didnít have to go through that, because I knew that if I was willing to fix my marriage, it wouldnít be healthy to you, coz I was going through a lot of pressure on myself and I know Ross really well, he would want things his way. I would hate that, you know? It wouldnít work. On the other hand, my decision was made the worst way possible. I wasnít thinking. The only reason I had to cheer up sometimes was Alyssa.

JEN: So you wanted to come back?

RACH: There was not even one day that it didnít cross my mind.


JEN: (crying now) Are you staying now?

RACH: Oh baby... (she hugs Jen and she hugs Rachel back. Itís a beautiful scene, really :) Theyíre both crying hard now. The "Butterfly" chorus plays on the background "Spread your wings and prepare to fly. You have become a butterly. Fly abandonendly into the sun. If you should return to me, we truly were meant to me. So spread your wings and fly, butterfly..." The song fades and so does the scene :))


[Scene: the school. The students were just dismissed. Erin, comes out first and meets Rachel and Jen at the door.]

ERIN: Hey (kisses Rachel) (to Jen) You left early.

JEN: Yea, I didnít attend to the last classes.

RACH: (to Erin) So, are you feeling alright, sweetie?

ERIN: I canít believe that coming to school would make me so good!

(Rachel laughs. Gaby and Katie join them)

GABY: Hi mom. (kisses her)

KATIE: Can I go too?


KATIE: Okay, easy there!

(Dylan comes with a friend)

DYLAN: Hey. Mom, listen, I have a paperwork to do. Can I go to Steveís?

RACH: Well, thatís fine with me. You just have to tell your father first.

DYLAN: Iíll call him, donít worry. (kisses Rachel) Bye guys. (leaves)

RACH: Whereís Alyssa?

ALYSSA: Will I do the job?

RACH: Hi sweetie. Are you enjoying your new school?

ALYSSA: No one tried to kill me yet, so... (they laugh)

RACH: So, all here? Letís go now then.


[Scene: Rossís house. Heís pacing around nervous, when Rachel comes in with the girls, as usual, with a lot of bags.]

ROSS: OMG, where were you?

RACH: I took them out, what?

ROSS: You almost killed me! You could have told me!

RACH: Ross, donít yell at me, I told them to tell you!

ROSS: Jennifer?

JEN: (a bit guilty) Iím sorry, I forgot.

ROSS: Thatís just great. (leaves the house)

(they exchange looks for a second)

ERIN: Iíll go out there.

RACH: No, let me. (leaves)

GABY: I told you to call him, Erin.

ERIN: I left it to Jen.

JEN: I-I forgot...

(cuts to outside. Ross is walking down the street, still half upset, half nervous. Rachel catches up to him)

RACH: Ross, wait.

ROSS: I thought it would take longer until you did something like this.

RACH: What do you mean?

ROSS: Remember when you lost my monkey?

RACH: Ross, thatís a totally separate thing! That was a monkey, these are our children.

ROSS: Exactly. This is much worse.

(they keep walking silently)

RACH: I didnít mean to do it, I told them to tell you first.

ROSS: Just... leave me alone, okay?

RACH: Ross, theyíre my children too.

ROSS: Did you think about that for eleven years?? Well, I guess I did, I nursed them through, flus and brokenhearts, through plays and laughs and fights. Where were you? Now you walk in here expecting nothing to have changed. Why, why did you do it?! Why did you leave me?? How could you! (heís got tears rolling down his cheeks now)

RACH: (feeling guilty) At least you let it out... all the anger...

ROSS: Thatís not nearly all the anger I feel. Everytime I see you, I mean everytime I look at you with one of those kids I wanna scream. I spent everyday with them and suddenly they all want to be with you! I canít handle it! I just canít!

RACH: Ross, I... well, I think you should know that not a day went by that I didnít love you. I always have for eleven years. And I do love you. (getting teary eyed) And Iím sorry I left you all those years ago, I was scared, I was afraid, we were crumbling and I didnít know what else to do.

ROSS: Rachel, youíre selfish, you always have been and you always will be. Youíre self-centered, manipulative and... (pause. Softens and smiles slightly) ...unbelieveably beautiful...

(Rachel, who was looking down, just listening, looks up surprised. She looks sweetly at Ross, who comes closer and they face each other for a second. She wipes his tears and smiles softly. He turns away and walks off. Sheís devastated)

"The main thing about Rachel leaving was she leaving me, I admit. She was too protective of our children, she really loved them, but what freaked me out all this time was the fact that all the years we spent together, all our ups and downs, all our love simply meant nothing to her. (pause) As I live along these days with her I see that I was wrong, I guess. I almost get the feeling that she still loves me..." ROSS


[Scene: back to inside the house. Rachel is just entering with the same expression as before. The kids are still there, standing by the door.]

ERIN: How did it go?

RACH: Well, I don't know where he went but he should be back in a few, so I hope...

GABY: Is he okay?

RACH: Look at me and I won't have to answer.

(Jen is kinda angry and is about to say something to Rachel)

GABY: (to Jen) Nuh-uh! (Jen frowns, embarassed) Mom, can we do anything for you?

RACH: Yea, I guess. Let's go to the kitchen, we can make dinner.

ERIN: What about dad?

RACH: He'll be back, honey.

"I knew I would have to face him again, but that's mainly why I didn't return, I was afraid of that look, that disappointed depressed look on his face. It makes me wanna cry to know I'm the cause of that look. I understand why he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore, I know it's because he's scared, not because he doesn't love me.. or is it because he doesn't love me!? I dunno." RACHEL


[Scene: still there, later. Rachel is alone in the kitchen, on the counter, thinking. All the kids are done eating and their plates are in the sink. Rach then gets up, looks around and goes to the living room. She firstly looks around, smiling sadly. When she approaches a shelf with a lot of framed pictures, she smiles more, getting some of the kids when they were babies. She looks sweetly at them and then puts them back, goes to the couch and turns the tv on. We can see the main door on the back of her head. The camera focus there, and that's when Ross enters. Rachel looks back quickly and stands up.]

RACH: Hi...!


RACH: (going to him) Where were you?

ROSS: Just walking. (pause) Why are you still here?

RACH: I-I was having dinner with the girls. They already went to bed.

ROSS: Okay.


RACH: There's still plenty of food there if you're hungry.

ROSS: I am, thanks.

RACH: I didn't eat with them, I was kinda hoping we could do it together.

ROSS: Really?

RACH: Yea, we could maybe talk this whole thing up, you know?

ROSS: Yea, okay...



Ross and Rachel are on the couch. Their plates are on the center table, they just ate there. They are looking at each other, smiling, we can see that they are having a pretty good talk. Iím just gonna put the ending, peeps, itís too much to write! LOL

RACH: So, are you really sure that the kids are fine? I am, but you know them better, so...

ROSS: They are. Theyíre really mature, but it was kinda pushed. They had to learn how to live without you very harshly.

RACH: I know... (pause, takes a deep breath) I have to say that I was more worried about you though.

ROSS: What do you mean?

RACH: It just this thing, their position as children, they needed me back. You could perfectly live with the situation and when I came back, they would simply be happy, but you... (trails off) You would hate me.

ROSS: I never used that word, Rach.

RACH: And I wouldnít blame you if you ever did.

ROSS: Donít say that.

RACH: Just the fact that the sight of me doesnít make you puke is really smoothing.

ROSS: (laughs softly) You donít change, do you?

RACH: I think itís better that way.

ROSS: I think so too.

RACH: After all, this wasnít such a bad idea, right?

ROSS: I hate to admit it...

RACH: I know.

(he laughs)

RACH: Truce?

ROSS: I donít see why not.

(they look sweetly at each other and hug. Itís pretty late by now, so Jen comes from upstairs in her pjís, sleepy, to get water in the kitchen. Ross and Rachel donít notice her, who stops rubbing her eyes, kind of in disbelief on what sheís seeing. She takes two steps further and leans by the doorway to the living room, smiling sweetly. Ross then breaks the hug and kisses Rachelís forehead. She closes her eyes, smiling. Then they look deeply into each otherís eyes and kiss :) Tenderly, but deeply. Cuts back to Jen, who has her mouth drop open, but smiling (ya know the thing). She looks both sides and then back at Ross and Rachel, going on and on with the kiss. Jen gets kind of desperate (funnily though) and runs upstairs. The camera follows her as she rushes in her bedroom, jumping on her bed)

JEN: (to Alyssa and Gaby) You guys! Wake up!!

ALYSSA: (who wasnít really sleeping) What?

GABY: (grumpy) What bug did you find in the kitchen now??

JEN: Get this: mom, dad, couch, making out!


JEN: I wouldnít recommend this to Alyssa, itís kinda gross, but Gaby go there and check it out!

(Gaby rushes out)

ALYSSA: (after a pause) Is it that gross?

(Jen rolls her eyes. Cuts to the hallway. Gaby is on her tip toes going downstairs. Someone comes from behind)

SOMEONE: Ahem...

(Gaby turns around and sees Dylan, sleepy, standing on the door of his bedroom)

GABY: (whispering) What?

DYLAN: Why are you whispering?

GABY: Shhh!! (she montions for him to join her) Come.

(when he gets next to her, Gaby puts her finger on her lips Ė to be quiet Ė and he nods. When they stick their heads to the living room, they donít see anyone there)

GABY: (confused) Huh...

DYLAN: Whatís going on?

GABY: Jen told us that they were here...

V.O.: Who? Us?

(Gaby and Dylan quickly turn around to see Ross and Rachel standing there, looking at them)

GABY: (embarassed) I did not see that coming...

(R&R laugh)

DYLAN: I was just on my way up...

RACH: Shouldnít you be in bed by now?

DYLAN: I was.

GABY: Yea-yea, me too...

(Jen comes running from upstairs, followed by Alyssa. Jen comes and jumps over Ross)

JEN: Iím so happy!

(Ross and Rachel exchange embarassed looks)

GABY: Then thatís true?

DYLAN: Whatís true? Will someone tell me whatís going on??

JEN: Are you sleeping over tonight, mom?

ROSS/RACH: Jennifer!

JEN: (innocently) What?

GABY: (gets Dylanís hand and runs upstaris with him) Camon, Iíll tell you. (to R&R) We will be very quiet, you wonít have to worry about us, okay? (she and Dylan enter in her room. She, giggling)

RACH: (blushed) I-I think I better go now...

JEN: What?! No-no, camon! Gaby meant that, Iím with her.

ROSS: (laughing, kind of embarassed) Jen, will you please go to your room?

JEN: Absolutely. Have a magical night! (enters her room, giggling)

(Ross and Rachel exchange looks, smiling blushed. Then they realized that they were holding hands the entire time :) They look it and laugh softly. Ross pulls her closer and they kiss lightly)

JEN (o/s): Iím not seeing anything!

(they break, laughing)

ROSS: So... are you gonna go now?

RACH: Yea, I better.

ROSS: Are you sure?

RACH: Not really.

(they laugh softly and kiss one more time. He breaks the kiss and peeks, to see if no oneís looking. When heís sure, he picks Rachel up and runs with her to their bedroom. She closes the door and we stay out :))


[Scene: the house, the morning after. Rachel is leaving the bedroom, in a bath robe. Itís early morning, Saturday. She looks extremely happy, going to the kitchen. Erin is there on the counter, drinking coffee and reading the paper.]

RACH: (kisses her forehead) Good morning, sweetie.

ERIN: Morning, mom. (realizes) Mom?!

RACH: (smiling widely) Yes?

ERIN: What are you doing here so early?? Wearing a robe??

RACH: I know, still fits, isnít that great?

ERIN: (amazed) You, dad, last night, dish...?

RACH: It kinda feels weird to share this stuff with you but since you asked, yes.

(Erin covers her mouth in shock, yet smiling. She goes over to Rachel and hugs her)

ERIN: I donít know what to say!

RACH: Great, because Iím leaving in a few minutes.

ERIN: (breaking the hug) What? Why?

RACH: I donít want everyone to know I spent the night here.

ERIN: Mom, they will be thrilled!

RACH: I know that, but itís too soon, donít you think?

ERIN: Iím sorry, I donít. Thatís simply the one thing we have been waiting for our whole lives and it just happened. Think about it!

RACH: I donít know...

(Ross enters)

ROSS: You donít know what?

(both turn around quickly and smile)


ERIN: Iím taking off now. (grabs the paper and leaves smiling)

ROSS: I guess she knows, huh?

RACH: Kinda...

(he hugs her from behind and kisses her neck)

ROSS: This feels so good.

RACH: I know. (she looks back at him smiling and they kiss) I have to say that for people who havenít performed in more than a decade, we were awsome last night!

ROSS: (laughs) Tell me about it!


[Scene: Now itís another montage. Itís not like "oh, again..." because theyíre really cute, arenít they? LOL Itís just to close the fanfic :) The song Iím using here is called "Love By Grace" by Lara Fabian. I donít really know who she is but the song is beyyoo-tiful! ** Lili thinks... ** Actually, it wonít be a montage... Follow me. The next scene will be those quotes (monologues), but Iíll write them more like a scene, youíll see why.]

"I remember the rain on the roof that morning and all the things that I wanted to say. The angry words that came from nowhere without warning that stole the moment and sent me away. And you standing there at the doorway crying. And me wondering if I'd ever be back..."

(Gaby and Jen)

GABY: Well, the best thing about all this is just everything. I got my mom back and to top that of, with my dad attached.

JEN: Yea, thatís the best.

"I said I didn't come here to leave you, I didn't come here to lose, I didn't come here believing I would ever be away form you. I didn't come here to find out there's a weakness in my faith. I was brought here by the power of love. Love by grace..."

(Dylan and Alyssa)

DYLAN: Is things can keep up like this from now on, Iíd be thrilled.

ALYSSA: Completed, I might add.


ALYSSA: Itís great that now I have this big family and itís relieving to see my mom happy again.

"And I remeber the road just went on forever, just couldn't seem to turn that car around. 'Till in the distance like a long lost treasure a phone booth that just could not be found. And you standing there at the doorway waiting. And the moment when we laid back down..."


ERIN: I used to be all for the independence thing, but now I donít ever wanna get out of my house! (laughs) Iíll live off my parents, that will be the best.

"That was just a moment in time and one we'll never forget, one we can leave behind, 'Cause when there was doubt you'll remember I said..."

(Ross and Rachel)

ROSS: Nothing much to say, unless that I wanna stay like this forever.

RACH: Agreed.

ROSS: Being with everyone I love, always.

RACH: Perfect. (to Ross) What about going to Hawaii?

(Ross laughs)

"I didn't come here believing I would ever be away form you. I didn't come here to find out there's a weakness in my faith I was brought here by the power of love, I was brought here by the power of love. Love by grace."


_ : _ THE END _ : _

Iím sorry if that was not what you guys were hoping for but I tried my best here. Hope you liked it anyway :)