A Geller reunion, part 1 of 2

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This Is my first FRIENDS fanfiction so bear w/ me . Here is what you need to know it is the year 2003, Ross and Rachel still are not together they ended up having another bonus night tho, and now Rachel is pregnant again. Susan has decided that she wants Ross to take Ben, Emma is now 6 months old. Monica and Chandler have finally conceived and are expecting twins a boy and a girl. Lets start the story

Ross and Rachel are in a doctors office.

Rachel(in shock) Are you sure doctor?

DR: Yes I am you are having twins! I am happy for you.

Ross: well Rach we had better go and tell the rest of the gang our news.

Rachel(now getting happy) I guess we should, oh wait how much longer until the due date I cannot wait to find out weather they are girls or boys or one of each?

DR: Well Miss Green they are Identical we know that for sure, and I can tell you what they are if you would like to know?

Rachel: No we want to be surprised, we found out Emma was girl and well this time we want to be surprised.

Ross: Speaking of Emma we better give Pheobe and Joey a breake and get her now. They will be stuck w/ her all day tomarrow too because you are legalizing the custody of Ben.

Rachel: You know what you are right and we want the custody finalized befor I have the twins in 2 more months! Oh my gosh I cannot belive I am going to have twins. gees I always thought I would be married when I finally had another baby, and I certainly never thought I would have twins.(they begin to walk out)

Two weeks later they are at M&C's Getting everything ready for when Monica has the twins

Monica: AHHHH!! RACHEL GET CHANDLER IT IS TIME!! ( Rachel runs to the bathroom)

Chandler:( o/s) Rachel can it wait

Rachel: NO it cannot wait you're wife is in labor now get your but out here now!!

Ben: (to Rachel) Why is aunty Monica screaming so loud? Why did she pee on herself? Why do you guys both have big bellys? Why is she screaming and grabbing her belly?

Ross: Ben it does not matter go tell aunty Pheobe to call the Hospital and then call a cab for her and Joey and you.

Two months (later. I am sorry I am skippin along so fast but I have got to get to the climax.) Rachel has just had the twins. They are two healthy girls Monica is at the Hospitol now with them Her and Chandler are letting Judy watch Emma Ben and the new twins. Ryan the boy and Haley the girl.

They are all in the Hospital room with Rachel.

Rachel: ( holding up one of the girls.) Monica say hello to Madison Alyssa Geller Green, and Gabriela Elisabeth Geller Green.

Monica: Oh my gosh they are sooo cute!!

All: I know/ how sweet.

Ross: Well We better get these girls home the DR just released them.

All: good idea.


Two weeks later Ross and Rachel are now at home with the twins, Emma and Ben. Ben, Emma and the twins are asleep Ross and Rachel are arguing.

Rachel(screaming) Ross would you just shut up! I do not care if you did not mean for her to give you her number or not you should not be dating right now when you have three kids / your ex and another son who now lives with you and who your ex just got custody of too!

Ross: (shouting as well) I don't care what you say I did not mean to get her number..

Rachel: Like you did not mean to call her and ask her on a date?!

Ross: well…

Rachel: Save it Ross I cannot stand this any more I am leaving!

Ross: what about the kids you have got to saty for them I cannot raise four children on my own, and ……

Rachel: Fine I am taking Emma and Gabriela

Ross: Fine I will keep Madison and Ben!!

Rachel runs into the kids room and starts packing Emma's and Gabriela's cloths and getting them ready to go out in the cold winter weather. We see Rachel leaving with Emma and Gabriela in a stroller we can see that she is crying. She has two suit cases and is now at an Airport.

Intercom: FLIGHT 342 to Boston is now boarding.

Rachel:(talking to her girls)We will be okay don't worry.

Emma: Dada?

Rachel:no Ben and no Maddi now either hunny.


Ross is at Monica's now with Ben And Maddi. It has been 3 months since Rachel left nad the only person she has stayed in contact w/ is Monica and Pheobe so she could see how Madison and Ben were doing.

Ross: Well Mon I have to go now. And remember I should be back from the movies at 12 so I will be leaving Mddi and Ben here w/ you. (to Ben and Maddi) You be good for you're aunty Monica uncle Chandler tonight. And Ben do not pick at Maddi, Ryan or Haley okay? ( to the twins) By By uncle Ross loves you.

When Ross is gone Ben goes up to Monica.

Ben: Aunt Monica? Do I have a mommy or two sissys anymore?

Monica: Ben you know that you don't okay your two mommys could not keep you anymore and Aunty Rachel is gone now with the You're sisssys so no you don't sweet heart. And please try and not say anything about your Sissys or aunty Rachel to your daddy okay.

Since Ben is only six years old he listens to Monica.

Ben: Okay I will not talk about it again I will forget completely. I love you aunty Monica.

Monica: I love you too.

Ben goes and sits down beside Pheobe, Joey, and Chandler who are watching Happy days.

Joey: Man that Chick is soo Hot.

Pheobe/Chandler: Joey Ben is right beside of you!

Joey: so He likes chicks dosent he.

Ben: What are Chicks?

Chandler: well I think it is time for bed go get your pjs out of the bag your daddy left for you and your sister.
Ben: But it is only 9:00 and it is Easter brake.

Chandler: wow it is already nine you should go to bed soon or the boogy man will get you.

Joey: good one man!

Pheobe and Monica in unison: you guys are idiots! Ben there is no boogy

Monica: but it is time for bed.


Same time Rachel is tucking Gabbi into bed.

Emma: Ahhhh! Mommy monstews awe aftew me!!

Rachel: honey no they are not. Now go to sleep mommy loves you very much!


we see a montage of the next few years, as Rachel celebrates Christmas with the girls, and Ross celebrates Maddi's 8th b'day.

It has now been 9 years since Rachel left. Maddi and Gabbi are 9 years old Emma is now 10 years old, Ben is 16, and Ryan and Haley are 9 and a half

Rachel is in the kitchen of her apt. in Boston, she looks kind of sad, so she walks into Gabbi and Emma's room. She first goes to Emma, She has her mom's hair and it is down to her shoulders. Rachel thinks about how much she looks like both her and Ross, She then thinks how Maddi must look just like Gabbi with the dark brown eyes and Dirty blonde hair.

Rachel:( talking to the girls while they are sleeping) Mommy loves you, and I love your sister too so very much.
Emma: ( Waking up at this comment) Mommy what do you mean you love our sister? Me and Gabbi are your only kids aren't we?

Rachel: I did noty mean anything, go back to sleep I have a surprise for you in the morning.

Emma listens to her mom and goes back to sleep. Rachel kisses her forehead and does the same to Gabbi. She then walks out of the room shutting the door behind her. She walks into the living room and takes out a old photo, of her Ross Emma, Gabbi and Maddi. Rachel is holding Gabbi and Emma Ross is holding Maddi and has his arm rapped around Rachel, they look so happy there.

Rachel: Ross I miss you and our daughter so much.( she says as she begins to cry.)

Gabbi: ( she has come into the room and Rachel does not notice her at first) Mommy why are you crying, and who is Ross?

Rachel: Come here I was going to show this to you and your sister together but since you are up I will show you.( Just then Emma walks in wearing a pink shirt and white pants with pink flowers. Gabbi is wearing the same thing.)

Emma: Mom what are you and Gabbi doing up you just told me to go to bed.

Gabbi: She is goingf to show us something now come over and sit on the other side of mommy.

Emma: Okay. What is it?( she asks as she walks over and sits on the other side of Rachel)

Rachel: ( picks up another photo out of the box she has. We can see it is a picture of Ross) You guys have been asking who your dad is lately and I have pone here so you guys can have this one. I love you girls.

Gabby: We love you too mommy. What was daddy like?

Rachel: He was a really greate guy and he loved both of you very much, but one day we got in a stupid fight said some things we did not ,mean and I took you girls got on a plane and came to Boston.

The girls and Rachel talk for a while then we see her take them to bed and tuck them in.


we see Ross who is talking to Maddi and Ben.

Ross: so we are settled we are going to get on the plane tomorrow and fly to Boston with Grandma and have Christmas there.

Madi/Ben: Yes dad

Maddi: I cant wait I have never been to Boston befor.

Can you see where this is going? Well you will have to wait a little while the next part will be up soon!!