A Geller reunion, part 2of 2

We left of with Ross taking Ben and Maddi to Boston with Judy, His mom. Jack is staying in NY To spend Christmas with C&M and with Ryan and Haley.

Ross: Well here we are Boston. Mom I am going to ask you this again why is seeing the Red sox ( I think that is the team for Boston) Such a big deal.

Judy: Because it is the Christmas benefit game and I have always wanted to see it aren't you all excited about it too?

Ben: You can count me out I have got plans to see Boston in the winter.

Maddi: I wanna see Boston too. And I wanna go shopping. Daddy will you make Ben take me with him? Please Please Pleeeeeeassse!!!

Ross: Ben you can take your sister to the mall tomorrow.

Ben: Oh man!

Maddi: Yes!! Thank you daddy!!

Judy: ( to Ross ) you can tell she is like her mother. I mean loving shopping and only nine years old plus she has got her hair too…

Ross: don't forget she has my eyes and is good in Science too. You know lokking at Maddi makes me realize I have another daughter out there that looks just like her, I sometimes wonder if Emma looks like me or Rachel.

Judy: well then why did you let her go to… God knows where and not chase her,I mean you still love her and she has your girls. I bet she would love to see Maddi again and Ben.

Ross: Mom that is stupid she does not wanna see me, and the girls are fine without me But I sometimes wonder about how I will deal with Maddi when she gets older and starts acting like her mom more.

Judy: Well you still have a few years and maybe Rachel will come back.

Ross: I wouldn't count on it.

Maddi/Ben: Okay guys lets go to the Hotel.

Ben: I got a cab and the bags are over there.

Maddi: I want to carry mine.

Ross: Okay sweetie.


We go to M&C's Monica has just realized Ross is in Boston. Even though she has not talked Rachel for a year she knows she is still in Boston.

Monica: Oh Crap!! Ross is in Boston!! Chandler why the h*** did you let him go!! And then not tell me!!?

Haley: Mom you said a bad word!

Monica: I know sweetie now go find your brother I have to talk to daddy.

Ryan: Mom I am here and you did say a bad word now you have got to put money in the jar!!

Monica/Chandler: Go to your rooms… Now!

Chandler: We have to talk about something

Haley: Fine!!


The next day at Rachel's apt. Rachel's friend Grace is getting ready to take Emma and Gabbi Shopping. Because Rachel has to work.

Grace: come on girls we have got to go.

Rachel: Mommy's leaving now I love you, and remember I will meet you at pizza hut. Then we can go get the tree.
Emma: Mom Why do you have to work today it is December 21st almost Christmas and they told you, you could have the week off?

Gabbi: Yeah Mom why are you working? You promised we would spend the week together just the three of us.

Rachel: I know and we will I have to fix an order an I will be done in a few hours. I promise.

Grace: come on girls lets hit the mall.

Rachel: Bye and thaks for watching them.

Grace: no prob.

Grace: What are we waiting for lets go!

Emma/Gabbi: Yes!

Scene later that day we can see tjhat Grace has three shopping bags full of stuff And Emma and Gabbi have an Ice cream coan. They are trying on cloths and guess who else just happens to be there. Ben and Maddi, Maddi wanted to get a new dress and so does Emma.

Maddi: Come on Ben I need to hurry and get the dress on daddy wants to meet us at the park in…What time is it?

Ben: Three, and I know two hours there is plenty of time.

Just then Maddi bumps in Grace and Emma.

Grace: Gabbi come on we have got to go now.

Emma: You know what Gabbi you really should put back on your dress befor we leave I think the store wants to keep the outfit you have on, if you aren't gonna pay for it.

Maddi: I am not Gabbi why are you calling me that? And this is my outfit I bought it at Bloomingdales.

Emma: Very funny Gabbi, Mom has never taken us to NY for some reason.

Maddi: I don't even know my mom I have a brother not a sister my dad lives with me and him in NY! Now let me go!

Gabbi: Emma what are you doing with that girl….. Hey why does she look just like me?

Maddi: Ahhh! Ben come here! NOW!!

Ben comes sees what is going on and then just stares at Emma and Gabbi like he is remembering something

Emma/Gabbi/Maddi: Why are you staring?

Ben: You look so familiar.

Maddi: well she looks like me. And she looks like me a little too! Wait something is going on.

Grace: (who has been quiet all this time and knows Rachel's story about Ross and The girls and Ben. Begins to talk) Wait I think I can explain what is going on. If… Are you Ben and are you Madison Geller?

Ben/Maddi: Yes how do you know that?

Ben: I think I can remember you (points to Emma).

Grace: Oh greate. Well if you two have a dad named Ross Geller and an aunt named Monica Bing then I know what is going on and I will tell you.
Your mom will kill me, but you deserve to know.

Maddi: That is my dad and aunts name.

Grace: well then we better go sit down. Now and have long talk. But for starters, Ben meet your sisters Emma and Gabbi. Gabbi meet your twin, Maddi short for Madison.

They go sit down Grace tells them the story And they have decided that they need to get Ross and Rachel to meet again soon. Grace agreed w/ them on that because she thinks that Ross and Rachel should be together, and that the kids should be able to know each other and live together instead of in different states.
Ben: Wait my real mom is a lesbian?!

Maddi: What is that?

Ben: never mind lets call dad and have him meet us in the hotel lobby.

Gabbi: I'll call mom first to tell her to meet us there.

Time laps they are all in the lobby Grace is there too and Ross and Rachel have just walked in.

Ross: (bumps into Rachel at first not noticing who she is then he sees her face) Oh God Rachel what the h*** are you doing here!!!!

Rachel: Me What the H*** are you doing in Boston you are supposed to be….Wait is Maddi here with you?! I have got to see her and if Ben is here then I want to see him too.

Ross: Rachel of course they are….Wait why are you in the lobby?

Rachel: Emma told me to….

Ross and Rachel look over to see Emma, Gabbi, and Maddi talking to Ben.

Emma, Ben, Gabbi, And Maddi are staring at them and w/ sly smiles on their faces.

Rachel: Emma…Uh… Gabbi…..Uh… I may have forgotten to mention that you have a brother and a sister. It…..Uh…..well…. It…..It slipped my mind.

Emma: Sure it did mom, Now uh how about we here the truth?

Ben: Yes dad how about we here the truth?

Rachel: Well Ross why don't you tell them why I left.

Ross: I'll tell them and another thing I have to say this again. I AM sorry I did not mean to make a date with her!

Rachel: Okay, fine,….tell them what happened.

Ross and Rachel tell Emm, Gabbi, Maddi, and Ben what happened between them.

Gabbi: Okay well here is what we have decided… First mom, me and Emma and You are going to go to NY for Christmas with dad and Maddi and Ben.

Rachel/Ross: What? No?...Well

Rachel: Okay.

Emma Maddi Gabbi and Ben all smile like they have accomplished something. And they all head to places to start packing to go to NY
Now we can see them all talking to Mrs: Geller and then they all have bags Maddi and Gabi are smiling and we can tell they are planning something then we can see Ben whisper something to Maddi who tells both Emma and Gabbi. Later that day we can see everyone on the plane headed to NY. Gabbi, Maddi, Emma, and Ben are all in two different rows. Emma beside Maddi and Ben beside Gabbi so they can get to know each other. We can see Judy is in between Ross and Rachel because they are still a little angry. Later we can see them all step off of the plane and get into some cab's and head over to Monica and Chandler's where Joey pheobe and there son who has now decided his name would be better as Super Man. So everyone calls him that now. SM is playin with the twins who are nine in a halfe years old now. Haley screams as Ryan Takes something away. Ross and Rachel decided to surprise Monica and the gang so they are now on the steps and ring the bell.

Haley: I'll get it mom!!
Monica: Okay… wait who is it.

Ryan: Who the heck are you? Oh hey uncle Ross is here with some lady and there is a girl that looks like Maddi!!

Haley: Oh hey Grandma is here too.

SM: Monica get in here I have written a song for you.

Monica: (runs into the room when she has heard what is being said) Oh God Rach I am so sorry I did not know that Ross was going to Boston to… Wait why are you here with Emma and Gabbi?

Emma: Oh we have a long story to tell you.

They tell them the story and begin to go get setteled in and things because they are gonna stay with Monica and Chandler. Rachel and Ross are still a little tense around each other and things. Emma, Maddi,Gabbi, and Ben are discussing a plot to get Rachel and Ross Back together again and have gotten Phoebe involved in the scam too. She told them that Ross and Rachel were lobsters and she would love to help. Of course Gabbi and Emma not knowing phoebe as well as Ben and Maddi seem a little surprised when told this.

Gabbi: So it settled then Maddi and I will switch places w/ each other, and Phoebe is going to come up with some reason to get them alone, after Maddi and I have had time to see why mom really left, and why dad did not go after her. I mean there has got to be more to the story then some woman hit on him, mom saw that and left I mean there has to be more to it than that.

Ross: Maddi, Ben we have to go home now okay? Say by to your sisters and we will be back to see them tomorrow since it's Christmas.

Gabbi(Maddi): Ah dad cant we stay the night? Please?

Rachel: Honey, no but I love you very much, but you need to go w/ your daddy so can get some sleep for the morning.

Pheobe: By guys we'll see tomorrow, and Me and Super Man wrote a new song for you guys so we'll sing it tomorrow.
Ross: Why she let him change his name to Super Man. I am never gonna understand.

Rachel: It is a Phoebe thing, and besides her husband is Joey so that has to have something to do w/ it.

Monica: Okay by guys we will see you all in the morning.

Haley: By Gabbi, I mean Maddi. You guys just look so much alike

They all leave and we can see Rachel going up to the guest room to tuck in Maddi(Gabbi) and Emma. Then she puts a blanket over them on the blow up mattress Monica has, and lays down in the guest bed. The next day We can see Gabbi(Maddi), Ben and Ross coming through the door. Everyone else is there and Rachel and the girls have been up for a little while. They all go into the living room and open present.

Monica: Hey Rach, me and Chandler made this for you, Ross the girls and Ben.( it is a picture of them all standing together in Ross' old apt. the day they brought the girls home from the Hospital, they all looked so happy there.)

Rachel :( starting to cry.) This is so great… I have to go upstairs okay?

Ross looks at the picture and follows her up to the guest room.

Emma: You know what guys we may not need a plan to get them together after all. That picture may have done it.

Gabbi: I think your right.

Joey: It would be good to see them together again.

Cuts to Ross and Rachel upstairs, Rachel is crying.

Ross: Rachel? Are you okay?

Rachel: Ross,(starting to calm down a little) When I saw that picture I saw how happy we used to be. And…well back then I always thought we would be together.
Ross: I did too Rach (he says as he hugs her) I wish I had never seen that lady who gave me her # . I prolly shouldn't tel you this but, I was gonna ask you to marry me the eavnig you left.

Rachel begins to cry more and then she looks up at him. Ross takes his hand and wipes a tear away from Rachel's cheek. They stare into each others eyes for a long time, then Rachel kisses Ross on and he kisses back, They start to intensify the kiss, and then they lay back on the bed,

Rachel:( in between kisses) Ross(kiss) I Love (kiss) You.

Ross: I love (kiss) You too (kiss) Rachel.

They continue kissing and the camera cuts down stairs. (you all know what Ross and Rachel are doing now)

Emma: Why have they been up there so long?

Phoebe: Well maybe they are back together. I certinely hope they are.

An hour has passed and then we can see Ross and Rachel coming down the stairs. They have the girl's and Rachels stuff in their hands.

Rachel: We have some news.

Ross: well for starters clear your schedule for Valentines day.

All: Why?

Rachel: Can I tell them.

Ross: Ok

Rachel: Well we are getting Married then, and girls we are moving in with your dad and Maddi& Ben today, so as soon as we finish Christmas dinner we will head over there and get settled in.

All: Congratulations/ That's great/ its about time/ Thank you God! Etc.

We see them all finishing dinner then Ross and Rachel leave with their kids, and go to the apt. We see them all go in there ar three rooms in the apt.

Ross: Madison (he says this talking to Gabbi because they still have not told them that they had switched places.) I know you are used to having your own room, but you three are going to have to share a room.

Maddi: Dad Uh you are talking to Gabbi, we switched places last night we were gonna get you guys back together, but I guess that has already happened so we don't have to do that anymore.

Rachel: Why did you guys not tell us sooner?

Gabbi: We sort of….forgot to mention it to you.

We see a montage of the next few days. We can see Ben and Madison Helping Gabbi and Emma move into their room , then we see Ross and Rachel standing together looking into a room, we see that it is The girls room and they are looking at all of them sleeping, then we can see Ben on the floor asleep at the foot of Emma's Bed. Later we can see Rachel out shopping with the girls for her Wedding dress, then we can see a church, the gang is all there and so is a minister. We can see that it is Ross and Rachel's wedding. Rachel has on a beautiful beige dress, the girls have on really pretty baby blue dresses on that are sleeveless. Gabbi and Maddi are the flower girls, Emma is the Maid of honor, and Monica and Phoebe are brides maids.

The wedding Ross and Rachel have just finished saying there vows, Monica is crying and Phoebe is looking at them smiling.

Minister: I now pronounce you man and Wife. You may kiss the Bride.

Ross and Rachel kiss, later on at the reception the gang is sitting at one big table w/ all the kids, and Joey has just stood up to make his speech.

Joey: I just wanted to say congrats to you guys, and well I speak for everyone here when I say it is about time, and Ross thank God you said the right name, of course you do have a habit of saying Rachel's name so thank God you said the right name man.

Later that day we can see Ross and Rachel leaving for their honeymoon.

Rachel: Okay.. Now Emma I want you to behave at aunt Monica's and Gabbi And Maddi I want the two of you to please not switch places anymore, you know how that confuses your Uncle Chandler, and scares Joe.

Maddi: We promise. Now Mom you and dad had better get going, befor you miss the flight.

Ross: Okay Ben I want you to help aunt Monica out w/ the girls you know what a handful they can be when they are together.

Ross/Rachel: Okay by./we love you/ be good kids.

All: By/ Have fun!

We can then see a montage of The next few months, and they are all a wonderful family the next scene is at a hospital, and then we can see a room where Monica is she has just had a baby girl.

Rachel: Oh my gosh Mon she is so cute what is her name?

Monica: Cathryn Elizabeth.

Joey: Did you get all that on camera man?

Chandler: Oh yes, I had the camera right there.

Joey: Really?

Chandler: ..no, you idiot!

Joey: huh?(cofused)

Phoebe: Why not?(sounding as stupid as Joey)

Rachel: How they can live w/ out 'round the clock supervision, I'll never know.

The end. Hope you liked it. Email me at actorchick_15@yahoo.com