The One With Love and Heartbreak

[Scene: The Xerox Place, Ross is trying to break the trail.]

Ross: (entering) Chloe? Hi..

Chloe: Is this about me taking your watch?

Ross: You took my watch?

Chloe: I’m sorry, I do that.

Ross: Just you keep it, listen did you, did you tell anyone about us?

Chloe: Oh no. I feel it isn’t really anybody’s business, y'know.

Ross: Exactly. So you didn’t, didn’t mention anything to Isaac right?

Chloe: Nope

Ross: Really?

Chloe: No I didn't tell anyone.

Ross: Oh thank god! Listen please don't tell anyone I really love Rachel and I want to work this out with her.

Chloe: No problem I won't tell anyone

Ross: Thank you so much!

[Scene: Ross's apartment, Ross comes home from work, the lights are dimmed, there is soft music playing, and a candle lit dinner is on the table. Rachel comes out of the bedroom wearing a short red dress]

Rachel: Welcome home

Ross: Rachel, you-you did this?

Rachel: Yeah (goes over and kisses him) I figured that since we didn't celebrate our anniversary last night we might as well tonight. Monica made us lamb and potatoes for dinner and I even made dessert.

Ross: You did?

Rachel: Yeah, I, Rachel Green.....cooked! Can you believe it? It must be a miracle!

Ross: (pulls her closer to him) So does this dinner come with, ahem......two desserts?

Rachel: (giggles) Well I don't know yet, but your chances look pretty good. You go ahead and sit down, I'm just gonna go get the wine. (goes to the kitchen)

Ross: Okay (sits down, and looks like he feels a little guilty. Rachel comes back with the wine, she opens it and pours them two glasses, then puts the wine in a bucket of ice and sits down)

Rachel: (raises her glass) To love (they clink their glasses then drink)

Ross: So Rachel when did you find the time to do all this I thought you had to work late?

Rachel: Yeah well I left early, I realized that you were right. I'm sorry I've been neglecting you.

Ross: No Rachel I wasn't! I was being a jerk! This was your dream and I should have been supporting you!

Rachel: Yeah but I mean say I worked my butt off for years and became president of Bloomingdale's, but had buy myself dinner to celebrate! What's success unless you have someone to share it with? So from now on I'm gonna balance my work and social life. You and my friends come first, then work! Ross what's wrong?

Ross: (looks incredibly guilty) I don't deserve you.

Rachel: (laughs) Oh honey. (hugs him) You just too adorable. Here (hands him a wrapped package) open it!

Ross: Oh okay (opens the package, it is a gold watch) Wow!

Rachel: Yeah, I saw them at the store and figured if we're gonna be together I might as well impress some good taste on your fashion impaired self!

Ross: (sarcastically) Oh ha ha ha!

Rachel: (giggles)

Ross: (suddenly nervous) Oh uhhh...your present is in the bedroom, I'll just go get it.

Rachel: Okay

Ross: (gets up, goes to the bedroom and shuts the door behind himself, then bangs his head against the wall) UGH! What are I gonna do?!?!?!

[Scene: The dining room, Rachel is waiting for Ross. He comes out of the bedroom with something behind his back]

Ross: Happy Anniversary! (hands her the gift)

Rachel: (takes it) Wow....a bottle of shampoo.

Ross: Yeah! Because I know how much you like to wash your hair!

Rachel: Uh hu....(takes the lid off) a half used bottle of shampoo! Okay, one of two things could be going on here. Either you forgot to get me something, or your trying to hide what you actually got........and I'm thinking it's the latter because most guys don't show up and their girlfriends office with a picnic basket if they know they don't have a gift, so what's going on?

Ross: Okay your right! (takes a small box out of his pocket) This is what I got you.

Rachel: Okay (she waits for him to show it to her but he doesn't) May I see it?!

Ross: (hands it to her, and she opens it)

Rachel: (gasps!) Oh my god! I.....this is a......OH MY GOD! (looks at him) You were gonna propose?!

Ross: Yeah that's why I brought the picnic, I figured it would be romantic to propose at your office.

Rachel: God if I had know I might have reconsidered throwing you out! Well the answer is yes! Errr.....wait a minute, you didn't want to show me this, does that mean you don't want to get married anymore?

Ross: No it's not that

Rachel: No, getting married is a big step, and I want to if you do, but if you don't I want you to tell me.

Ross: Rachel-

Rachel: Ross, please be honest. I'm not going to walk out on you if you say no, I'd rather wait until your sure your ready then get married now because you feel pressured, and then have you hate me for it later.

Ross: Rachel I would never hate you! And there is nothing more I would like than for you to be my wife.....if you'll have me.

Rachel: Of course I will

Ross: (gets on his knees) Rachel Karen Green will you marry me?

Rachel: (crying) Yes Ross, yes I will marry you! (they embrace and kiss passionately)

[Scene: Joey and Chandler's, Joey and Chandler are there eating breakfast. Enter Ross]

Ross: Hiiiiiiiiiiiii

Joey: What's wrong?

Rachel: Rachel and I are getting married.

Chandler: Dude are you serious?! Congratulations!

Joey: Yeah! That's wonderful!

Ross: No it's not! Guys! We're gonna be married I can't marry her knowing what I did!

Chandler: Ross we already talked about this! No good can come of her knowing!

Joey: Yeah! Hey you plan to keep cheating on her?

Ross: NO! Of course not!

Joey: Right! So you messed up one time! It was before you got married, you were drunk, and you're never gonna do it again, so why ruin it now by telling?

Chandler: Joey's right!

Ross: Well.....don't you think she has the right to know?

Chandler: And do you think that will make her happier? No! It'll just break her heart! You love Rachel right? So do you want to hurt her?

Ross: No I don't wanna do that.

Joey: Yeah, besides this was that one wild oat, so now it's sewed, it's out of the way, gone, so just keep quite about it!

Ross: Yeah I guess you guys are right. And we are getting married so I'm happy about that.

Chandler: Right! In a couple weeks you'll be so busy with wedding plans you won't even remember this whole Chloe thing.

Ross: I hope your right.

[Scene: (one month later) Central Perk, Ross and Rachel are sitting on the couch]

Rachel: Okay so I was thinking about red for the brides maids gowns, with pale pink overtones.

Ross: Okay, sounds good.

Rachel: Okay (checks her watch) I have got to get to work. I'll be home late tonight, but we can do more planning tomorrow okay?

Ross: Okay sure. I love you

Rachel: I love you too (kisses him) See you later (leaves, a couple seconds after she leaves Joey and Chandler come in)

Chandler: Hey uhhh Ross?

Ross: Yeah?

Joey: Remember what happened with Chloe?

Ross: Yes, and we swore we'd never talk about that again!!!!!

Chandler: Yeah well read this (hands him the paper)

Ross: She was arrested for murder?!?!?! Oh my god!

Joey: Yeah you see the date of the murder she was arrested for?

Ross: (looks) Uh oh

[Scene: Ross is visiting Chloe, a guard brings Chloe out, she is wearing an orange uniform]

Chloe: Ross! Uhh....hi

Ross: Hi

Chloe: So I guess you heard?

Ross: Yeah umm....Chloe that guy was killed the night we...ya know, that means your innocent! Why haven't you told them?!

Chloe: There's no point! I have no proof other than my word! Besides I promised I wouldn't say anything, so I know you'd just deny it if I did tell.

Ross: (looks troubled)

[Scene: The first day of Chloe's trail, Joey, Chandler and Ross are there watching]

Judge: Will the defendant please rise? (Chloe and her lawyer stand up) Chloe Winterton, you are charged with the murder of Emilio Salazar. How do you plead?

Chloe: Not guilty your honor

Judge: Be seated (they sit) Prosecution you may call your first witness

[Time laps: The investigating officer on the murder case it on the witness stand]

Du Bios (prosecutor): Officer will you please describe for us Miss Winterton's relationship with the late Mr. Salazar?

Officer: Well I don't know about any relationship, other than that Miss Winterton owed the deceased a considerable amount of money.

Du Bois: Uh hu and do you suppose this would be motive enough for her to kill? In order to avoid her debt?

Office: I believe it might be a possibility yes.

Du Bois: Hmmm...thank you. Officer do you suppose you could identify this for me? (holds up a bag with a gun in it)

Office: That is the weapon found at the scene of the crime. One round was missing, the bullet found during the autopsy matched the others in that gun. Finger prints lifted from the gun matched Miss Winterton's.

Du Bois: Thank you. No further questions your honor.

Judge: Defense?

Sullivan (Chloe's lawyer): Defense rests.

Judge: You may step down officer

[Scene: Isaac is on the witness stand, he is being questioned by Sullivan]

Sullivan: The gun we saw earlier was your gun is that correct?

Isaac: Yes

Sullivan: Uh hu, your apartment was robbed a week before the date of the murder, and the gun was stolen then correct?

Isaac: Yes

Sullivan: Okay, so had Miss Winterton ever used your gun before?

Isaac: Yeah we'd sometimes go to shooting practice together, and she'd use my gun.

Sullivan: So it's not surprising to you that her finger prints were on your gun?

Isaac: No

Sullivan: No further questions (Du Bois stands up)

Du Bois: So Miss Winterton had experience using your gun?

Isaac: Yes, she sometimes used it at shooting practice like I just said!

Du Bois: Would you say she was good at it?

Isaac: Fairly

Du Bois: In this robbery, what else was stolen?

Isaac: Some money I had stashed, and a couple CD's.

Du Bois: So....valuable stuff?

Isaac: Yeah

Du Bois: Uh hu and at this same time Miss Winterton was having financial trouble. Interesting. Did she ever ask you for money?

Isaac: No! But if she had I would have given it to her.

Du Bois: Do you suppose it could have been possible it was Miss Winterton who broke into your apartment?

Isaac: Chloe would never do that!

Du Bois: But you don't know that for sure-

Isaac: Yes I do man! Chloe is my best friend and there is no way she could have killed that guy!

Du Bois: Well, I'm sure Miss Winterton appreciates your faith in her. No further questions your honor.

Judge: Trial will resume in five days time (bangs gavel to signal court adjourned)

Chandler: Man this is pretty intense!

Joey: I know!

Ross: It's not looking too good (he watches the guards go over and take Chloe out of the court room)

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, the gang is there]

Monica: Gosh isn't it weird? The girl from the copy place accused of a murder!

Phoebe: Yeah it's so........ya know?

Rachel: I mean we all knew she was slut but who would have guessed she was also a murderer?

Ross: Hey just because she's accused doesn't mean she actually did it! She could be innocent you know!!!!

Rachel: Ross clam down!

Monica: Yeah we're not saying for sure that she's guilty! Chill out!

Joey: Hey the man is just trying to be fair! Give him a break!

Chandler: Yeah, ever heard of something called the Constitution?! (the girls look at them confused)

[Scene: Ross's bedroom, Ross is tossing and turning in his sleep, he awakes with a start and notices Rachel is gone]

Ross: Rachel? (gets up to search for her, he finds her in the bathroom throwing up in the toilet) Oh Rachel are you okay?!

Rachel: (after she's done throwing up) UGH! I guess, I am. (goes over to the sink and rinses out her mouth) I just feel like crap! I don't know what's wrong with me!

Ross: Ohhh (gives her a hug) Come lets get you back to bed (takes her back to the bedroom and lays her down on the bed on her stomach, then straddles her hips, and rubs her back in deep, soothing, circles until she goes back to sleep)

[Scene: The next court day, the guys are there, a woman is on the witness stand]

Woman: I was coming home from a late night date, I got out of the taxi in front of my apartment, as I was going up to the entrance I bumped into a woman, she seemed to be in a hurry.

Du Bois: And what time was this?

Woman: 1:05 AM, I know because I checked my watch after going inside my apartment building.

Du Bois: Is the woman you saw in this room right now?

Woman: Yes

Du Bois: Could you point her out?

Woman: (points to Chloe)

Du Bois: You sure that's her? Perhaps it was dark, maybe you are mistaken?

Woman: Well I suppose there's always the chance, but I'm pretty sure that was who I saw.

Du Bois: (Smiles) Thank you, no further questions (Chloe puts her head in her hands and acts very upset, Sullivan tries to comfort her a little, Ross sees this and looks very upset)

[Scene: Ross's apartment, Ross is there watching TV]

TV: In court today an eye witness placed Chloe Winterton in the Brooklyn neighborhood where Mr. Salazar was murdered, at less than an hour before the time of death- (Ross flips off the TV and sighs, Rachel comes out of her bedroom tying her robe closed as she walks)

Rachel: Hey, what are you doing out here it's late.

Ross: Oh nothing

Rachel: Hmmm.....are you okay sweetie you've been acting really weird.

Ross: Yeah, I'm fine don't worry about me.

Rachel: Okay, but if there's anything you want to talk about I don't mind. (she comes up behind him and threads her fingers through his hair, he smiles and closes his eyes, then grabs Rachel and pulls her into his lap) Ahh! Ross! (giggles)

Ross: You know I love you right? No matter what, I love you, you and no one else!

Rachel: (smiles) Of course I know that all you wanted to say?

Ross: Yeah

Rachel: Well I love you too. (stands up) I'm going to bed, you coming?

Ross: I'll be there in a few minutes. (smiles at her sadly)

Rachel: Okay (smiles and goes to the bedroom)

Ross: (looks sad for a few minutes then takes a deep breath and picks up the phone and dials) Hi may I speak to Mr. Sullivan please?

[Scene: Chloe's trial, Joey and Chandler are there, they are sitting with Rachel.]

Rachel: Guys why did you bring me here?

Judge: (bangs gavel) Court is now in secession, defense may call the first witness.

Sullivan: I call to the stand one Ross Geller

Rachel: What?! (Ross, who was sitting in another part of the court room, stands up and goes up to the witness stand without making eye contact with Rachel)

Sullivan: Do you swear that the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Ross: I do

Sullivan: Where were you on the night of Mr. Emilio Salazar's murder?

Ross: I was with Chloe (Rachel looks shocked)

Sullivan: Can you walk us through the events of that night?

Ross: We were at a bar, we left at about 11: 45 and went to my apartment, we were there all night. (Rachel looks upset, Chloe looks surprised and touched)

Sullivan: So at 11:45 you left the bar, and went to your home in Manhattan to have sex?

Ross: (looks directly at Rachel) Yes

Sullivan: And your sure Miss Winterton did not leave your apartment until the next morning?

Ross: Yes I'm sure

Sullivan: Thank you Mr. Geller (Rachel is heartbroken, one tear slowly falls down her cheek)

[Scene: Outside the courthouse, Rachel is walking away very quickly]

Ross: Rachel! Rachel wait!

Rachel: For what Ross?!

Ross: Rachel I can explain!

Rachel: Explain?!?! Either my boyfriend just committed perjury, or what you said in there was true! I'm not sure which I would prefer so just tell me...........

Ross: (looks down)

Rachel: OH-MY-GOD!

Ross: Rachel-

Rachel: Oh my god! How, how could you do this to me?!?!?! You son of a bitch!!!! (hits him)

Ross: Rachel I'm sorry!

Rachel: Yeah well I'm......I'm pregnant!

Ross: Your....WHAT?!

Rachel: I'm pregnant Ross! Almost three months along.

Ross: That's......that's fantastic.

Rachel: Yeah I thought so too until I found out about this! Oh god Ross I cannot believe you did this! (runs off)

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's apartment, Monica opens the door, it's Ross]

Ross: Is Rachel here?

Monica: Yes she is but....Ross I really think it would be better if you left.

Ross: Mon please! I need to talk to her.

Monica: She told me that she didn't want to talk to you, Ross I'm really sorry now just isn't a good time.

Ross: Okay I'm just....I'm gonna go. (leaves, Monica shuts the door and Rachel comes out of the bathroom)

Rachel: Thank you

Monica: Your welcome. Rachel you really should talk to him, it's been three weeks!

Rachel: Mon there's nothing to say! After knowing what he I just can't!

Monica: But Rachel what your baby? Your gonna have his child.

Rachel: Mon! I really don't need to be reminded of that it's pretty much all I've thought about for the past three weeks! I mean when I first found out I was pregnant I was shocked but eventually I realized it wasn't so bad since I was getting married, and then I was actually happy! I was getting a husband and a baby, but now I'm not! I'm gonna be a single mother! How will I handle this!? (cries Monica hugs her)

Monica: Rachel we will all be her for you in this, even Ross.

Rachel: (nods) Thanks Mon.

[The Museum where Ross works, Ross is in his office talking to a very pregnant woman, Rachel comes in]

Ross: Rachel!

Rachel: Hi (looks at the woman) What? Did he cheat you too? (the woman looks confused)

Ross: Umm....this is Dr. Curtis, she's the museum's anthropologist.

Rachel: (coldly) Hi

Dr. Curtis: Hi, listen I'm just gonna go (rushes out very quickly)

Rachel: Well, I see your taste is improving, she actually had two brain cells!

Ross: Rachel come on I'm not involved with her! She's married to one of the security guards.

Rachel: Whatever, I just came to give you this. (hands him her engagement ring)

Ross: Rachel, (Rachel doesn't look at him) Rachel please don't do this can't we just talk about it?

Rachel: There's nothing to say! I can barely even look at you right now! God! Why did you do it Ross?!

Ross: It was a mistake! I made a mistake! Okay?

Rachel: A mistake?! What were you trying to put it in? Her purse?! Ross, you had sex with another woman!

Ross: I’m sorry, okay, I’m sorry. I wa-I was disgusted with myself, and that morning I was so, I was so upset and then I got your message and I was so happy, and all I wanted was to get her out of my apartment as fast as possible.

Rachel: Whoa!! Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. What time did your little friend leave? (Ross can’t answer that) Oh my God. She was there? She was still there? She was in there, when I was in there?!

Ross: Listen. Oh hey, hey, the important thing was that she meant, she meant nothing to me!

Rachel: And yet she was worth jeopardizing our relationship!!

Ross: Look, I didn’t think there was a relationship to jeopardize. I thought we were broken up.

Rachel: We were on a break!

Ross: That, for all I knew would, could last forever. That to me is a break-up.

Rachel: You think you’re gonna get out of this on a technicality?

Ross: I’m not trying to get out of anything, okay. I thought our relationship was dead!

Rachel: Well, you sure had a hell of a time at the wake! And you weren't even going to tell me! You just thought you could get away with it! Didn't you!?

Ross: Rach-

Rachel: If Chloe hadn't been arrested we would have gotten married and you would have let me live on forever never knowing so you could have a story to tell your friends about the time you cheated on your wife and how the stupid cow never found out!

Ross: No I would not! Look Rachel, I wanted to tell you, I thought I should, I-I did, and then Chandler and Joey convinced me not to.

Rachel: Is that suppose to make it better?!

Ross: I don't know! Look Rachel, I-I’m sorry, okay, I’m sorry, I was out of my mind. I thought I’d lost you, I didn’t know what to do. Come on! Come on, how insane must I have been to do something like this? Huh? I-I don’t cheat right, I, that’s not me, I’m not Joey! (Rachel crosses her arms and looks like she's about to cry) Rach I (sighs) I don't know what to do to make this better! Tell me what to do.

Rachel: There's nothing you can do Ross. It's over. (puts the ring on his desk then rushes out, once she's out in the parking lot she breaks down crying)

[Scene: Rachel's office (next day), Sophie is there enter Rachel]

Rachel: Hey Sophie

Sophie: Hey Rachel, oh you got some flowers. (points to the flowers on her desk)

Rachel: Thanks

Sophie: They from what's his name? Ross?

Rachel: (reading the card) Yeah (she picks the flowers up and puts them in the trash can)

Sophie: What did you do that for?

Rachel: We uhh...we kinda broke up.

Sophie: Really?

Rachel: Yeah, look I don't want to talk about it okay? I'm, I'm not feeling very well (puts her hand on her stomach and looks to be in great pain) Excuse me! (runs off)

[Scene: Ladies room, Rachel goes over to the sink and splashes some cold water on her face. She turns off the faucet and looks in the mirror with a very worried expression. She winches and holds her stomach, after a couple seconds she looks in the mirror and pulls up her shirt to look at her stomach which is already slightly swollen. She rubs her hand up and down it then tucks her shirt back in and leaves the bathroom]

[Scene: The hallway between Rachel and Monica's and Joey and Chandler's apartments. Rachel walks toward her apartment looking very sick and in pain. Ross comes up the stairs behind her and stops when he sees her]

Ross: Hi

Rachel: Hey. (things are very awkward)

Ross: Listen Rachel-

Rachel: Save it Ross! (turns toward her door) Just go away.

Ross: (moving over to stand in front of her) Okay, okay. This morning you said there was nothing so big that we couldn’t work past it together...

Rachel: Yeah, what the hell did I know!?

Ross: Rachel we can't just give up okay! I told you that I loved you! I mean it! I never wanted this to happen! Please just, just hear me out.

Rachel: (painfully) GO AWAY!!!

Ross: No!! No!! I wanna stay. I wanna talk about this.

Rachel: (gasping for breath) Ross, I- (grabs her stomach) Ahh!!!

Ross: Oh my god! Rachel are you okay!?

Rachel: (nods) Yes I'm fine Ross just leave me alone!

Ross: No Rachel your in trouble, you need to get to a hospital!

Rachel: I'm fine! AHHHHHHHH!!! (she keels over this time, Ross catches her and slowly lowers her to the floor)

Ross: Rachel! Oh my god!

Rachel: (crying) It hurts really bad Ross.

Ross: You'll be okay, I'm gonna go get help! (goes into Monica and Rachel's apartment to call 911, Rachel lays her head on the floor and cries softly)

[Scene: The hospital Ross is sitting in the waiting room looking very scared, the doctor comes out of the room.]

Dr.: Excuse me are you the father?

Ross: Yes, yes that's me! How is she is she okay?!

Dr.: She'll be fine.

Ross: Oh thank god! Can I see her now?

Dr.: Yeah sure she's just resting. She had what's called a threatened abortion, it can lead to miscarriage. However I found a fetal heartbeat that means that the baby is still alive. So I'm going to keep her here for a while to monitor and make sure there aren't anymore problems. If I think everything is okay than she can leave but she'll have to take it easy and be careful.

Ross: Okay thank you doctor.

Dr.: Your welcome sir (he walks off and Ross enters Rachel's room. She is lying in bed with her back towards the door)

Ross: Hey, so I heard you're okay.

Rachel: (nods) Yeah I'm fine

Ross: Look Rachel I know that what I did was wrong, but I couldn't just let an innocent person go to jail that would have been wrong too! So I made the decision to do what I knew I had to even though I knew it might mean losing you!

Rachel: So your saying you care about her more than me?

Ross: No! I'm not saying that! I'm saying I had to do what was right! Now we're gonna be parents whether you can forgive me or not! Either way we're gonna be involved in each other's from now on! So we need to at least be able to talk and be civil.

Rachel: (Sniffles) I know

Ross: I'm already a single parent, I only see my son on weekends most of the time, and I miss a lot in his life because of that. I still love you Rachel, and I would like for me and you and our baby to be a family.

Rachel: Ross I still love you too, but I can't say that yes eventually we'll end up together because I'm not sure if I can be with you again. I'm sorry.

Ross: It's okay I'll be here for you even if we don't get back together. Look I want you to keep this. (gives her the engagement ring)

Rachel: Ross-

Ross: No, no, this isn't making any promises! Okay? I just want you to keep it and think, and if we find out that we can't be together again then you can sell it or whatever.

Rachel: (looks at him for a long moment) Thanks. (takes the ring) Um.......(tries to stop crying) this monitors the baby's heart beat. (points to a screen with lines on it) I'm starting to get bigger already, (puts her hand on her stomach) you can feel (takes his hand and places it on her belly)

Ross: Ummm...(tentatively rubs it a little)....hey in there. (Ross and Rachel both smile sadly)

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Rachel is sitting on the couch wearing flannel pajama pants and a plain white T-shirt, Monica and Phoebe are there with her]

Monica: (bringing Rachel another pillow) So are comfortable enough?

Rachel: Yeah, yeah, I'm just fine. I can't believe the doctor is making me stay home from work for a 4 weeks!

Monica: Well, honey your gonna have to be careful, he just wants to make sure your okay.

Rachel: Yeah, when I told Joanna I had to take a whole month off she went berserk! She even threatened to fire me, but then changed her mind when I explained that I was actually pregnant. (the girls laugh)

Monica: Well I gotta get to work. I made you some of that stew you like for lunch, it's in the fridge, you'll just need to heat it up.

Rachel: (smiles) Thanks, Mon.

Phoebe: Well I also have to go to work.

Rachel: Okay, see you later

Phoebe: Bye

Rachel: (rubs her stomach a little) So....just you and me.....yep.......(looks around uncertainly)

[Scene: (later) Rachel is leaning back on the sofa, talking to her stomach]

Rachel: So THEN he suggested this heinous mustard colored stuff for the summer line! I mean come on! I mean it was a good idea, but only if Bloomingdale's decided that they were tired of making money! So...and how was your day? Probably not very good since you barely even have bones yet! UGH! God I am so bored!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!! And I'm talking to myself which probably isn't normal.......okay, I gotta get out of here! (gets up)

[Scene: Out side a grocery store, Rachel is coming out carrying her shopping bags.]

Ross: (bumps into her) Oh sorry! Rachel? Uh....hey.

Rachel: (awkward) Hi

Ross: I thought you were at home resting?

Rachel: Yeah, I got bored so I figured I might as well go shopping so Monica doesn't have to after work.

Ross: Oh well here, (takes the bags)

Rachel: Ross come on, I can handle a couple grocery bags!

Ross: Don't argue with me.

Rachel: Excuse me? What you think that because I'm having your baby you can just boss me around?! Is that it?1?!?!

Ross: No....Rachel I was trying to help you!

Rachel: Oh yeah?! Well you could have helped me three months ago by buying a brand of condoms that worked! (grabs her bags and stomps off)

[Scene: Central Perk, Ross is talking to Phoebe and Monica]

Ross: I mean it was totally unexpected!

Phoebe: Well you should probably apologize.

Ross: What?!?! But I didn't do anything wrong!

Monica: Yeah I know but this is really hard on Rachel! Look Ross I know things are still tense between the two of you because of what happened, but you need to let it go for Rachel's sake! She really needs you to be there for her, she just won't admit it!

Ross: You really think so?

Monica: Yes! So quit being so proud!

Ross: (looks down)

[Scene: Rachel is sitting on the couch in her apartment, enter Ross]

Ross: Hey

Rachel: Hi

Ross: Rachel I'm sorry-

Rachel: No, no, I am. I know you were just trying to help, I guess it must be just hormones or something.

Ross: Yeah (an uncomfortable silence follows) and Monica are planning to go shopping in the next few months?

Rachel: Yeah, we figured we might as well get all the baby stuff now when I was off work.

Ross: know I wouldn't mind helping you with that too.

Rachel: Oh! Okay, thanks. If you want to come along I guess that would be okay.

Ross: Thanks. (there is another uncomfortable silence) Well, I guess I'd better go.

Rachel: Okay see you later. (Ross leaves, and Rachel looks after him for a minute then goes to her room)

[Scene: (a few weeks later) Ross and Rachel are in Monica and Rachel's apartment putting together a play pen. Rachel is a little bigger.]

Rachel: (looks troubled)

Ross: Something up Rach?

Rachel: Oh, no nothing.

Ross: Are you sure?

Rachel: Yeah, yeah, I was just thinking.....well, I go back to work tomorrow and I'm just wondering. How am I going to keep working and ever see my baby?

Ross: Well, I don't know. Don't worry about it too much though, we'll work something out.

Rachel: (frowns) Okay, whatever you say.

[Scene: Rachel is now six months pregnant, and his a lot bigger now. Her and Joey are at her apartment reading baby name books.]

Joey: Josephine?

Rachel: No

Joey: Josephina?

Rachel: No

Joey: Joseph?

Rachel: Joey!!!!

Joey: Okay, okay, umm....oh how about...Heywood?

Rachel: Yeah, ya know Joey I would prefer if my baby didn't grow up to the a gangster!

Joey: Alright what about........Paige?

Rachel: Yeah that would be a good name for a girl.

Joey: So do you actually know the sex yet?

Rachel: No, we don't. I don't know I mean I kinda just want to wait to find out.

Joey: Yeah.

[Scene: Three months later. Ross is in his apartment, there is a nock at the door. He answers it, it is Chloe]

Ross: Chloe! Hey!

Chloe: Hi

Ross: So I heard you were acquitted?

Chloe: Yeah, charges dropped.

Ross: Well that's good.

Chloe: (nods) Listen Ross I just came to thank one had ever done something like that for me before.

Ross: Oh come on! I'm sure that's not true!

Chloe: Yes it is! You are the sweetest guy I have ever met. (she pushes him up against the wall and kisses him, she breaks the kiss after a couple moments) Thank you. (she leaves)

Rachel: (comes around the corner looking shocked)

Ross: Rachel?!

Rachel: Hi, look I just came to give you this book cuz I thought you might want to read it, so......bye.

Ross: Rachel no! There's nothing going on! She just came by-

Rachel: Ross! It's fine! I don't care, I mean it's none of my business.....we're not....together anymore. (Rachel runs off leaving Ross looking said, we see Rachel walking back home with tears streaming down her face)

[Scene: The conference room at Bloomingdale's, Rachel and a lot of her co-workers are there for a meeting, the next day.]

Joanna: I'd like to send a team out to survey designers, find out what we can expect this season-

Rachel: (she looks preoccupied and is twirling her pencil as Joanna keeps talking, suddenly she gasps and grabs her stomach)

Joanna: Rachel? Are you okay?

Rachel: (laughs a little) I just had a contraction!

Joanna: Oh my god! (all of Rachel's co-workers jump up) Someone go call an ambulance!

Rachel: No, no it's okay! It's barely even started yet. If someone could maybe help me get a cab and call my roommate that would be fine.

Joanna: Are you sure?

Rachel: Yeah, I'm sure (stands up and starts to walk out of the room)

[Scene: The waiting room at the hospital, Monica is the there, the rest of the gang minus Ross comes rushing in]

All: Hey!

Monica: Hey! Where's Ross?

Phoebe: We haven't been able to get a hold of him.

Monica: Oh my god! Well, okay why don't you and Joey try to get a hold of him, and Chandler and I will help Rachel.

All: Okay

[Scene: Rachel's room Rachel is standing hunched over a chair, she is wearing a bathrobe. Monica enters.]

Rachel: Monica!

Monica: Rachel! Oh my god are you okay?!

Rachel: UGH! This one's really bad! (grips the chair really tightly)

Monica: Okay! (goes over behind Rachel and holds her shoulders) Just take deep breaths!

Rachel: AHHH!!!!!!! Oh god!

Monica: Shhh! (brushes Rachel's hair out of her face) Are you okay now?

Rachel: (nods)

Monica: How far apart are they?

Rachel: About an hour.

Monica: Okay, you've still got a while to go. You wanna get into bed for a while?

Rachel: (shakes her head) No, no! The doctor said that walking around would make labor go faster.

Monica: (rubbing the sides of Rachel's arms) Okay, whatever you want sweetie.

Chandler: (enter) Here you go I brought you some cool water

Rachel: Thanks (takes the water and sips it, Chandler holds her up and rubs her back while Monica puts her hand on Rachel's belly)

Monica: (kinda laughs) I won't be long now!

Rachel: (sigh) Yeah

Chandler: Joey and Phoebe said they still can't get a hold of Ross.

Rachel: Pfft! He's probably out with CHLOE!

Monica: Rachel! Come on! You have no reason to think that!

Rachel: Oh yeah? Sure I only caught them kissing yesterday, no reason at all for me to think that!

Chandler: What?

Monica: You saw them kissing?! Well......are you sure it was them?

Rachel: Positive!

Monica: Oh my god! What has my idiot brother done now?! Look Rachel it's gonna be okay.....Ross would not miss the birth of his own child!

Rachel: He's already had a kid! I mean he's probably like...been there, done that, would rather sleep with some slutty girl! (starts to cry)

Monica: Okay honey, calm down! I really think you should get into bed!

Rachel: (still crying) Yeah, I should, I really should. (she puts her cup of water down and lets Chandler and Monica help her into bed)

Monica: Okay now just relax

Rachel: How can I relax? God you have no idea how much this hurts!

Chandler: Honey, we'll find Ross and the baby will be born soon! Okay? It'll be over before you know it!

Monica: Yeah.

[Scene: 8 Hours later, all of the Monica, Phoebe and Joey are in Rachel's room, Chandler comes in with a tray of coffee cups]

All: (jump up and grab a cup of coffee, they all look very tired and worn out)

Monica: (sips her coffee) Oh! That tastes so good!

All: (Agree)

Phoebe: So any word from Ross yet?

Joey: No, none (everyone looks worried)

Rachel: (screams in pain, the gang goes over and holds her hands until the contraction subsides, a couple seconds later a doctor comes in)

Doctor: So how are we doing?

Rachel: Painful! And you?

Doctor: How far apart are they?

Rachel: Fifteen minutes

Doctor: Hmm....well, you still have a while.

Rachel: Ohh!!! God I hate Ross for doing this to me!!!!

Doctor: If you wanted we could give you an epidural, it would take away the pain that way you could at least get some sleep.

Rachel: Yes! Give me drugs!!!!!!

Doctor: Okay! (pats Rachel on the shoulder) I'll call an anestisiologist up.

Rachel: (sighs and lays back)

[Scene: The entire gang is over by Rachel, Rachel is sweating really hard, it is now about 3 AM]

Rachel: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! OHHH!!! (cries) Oh, it hurts so bad!

Monica: It's okay Rach, it's okay (Rachel keeps crying from the pain, the gang tries to reassure her while exchanging worried glances)

Rachel: OH! OH! AHHHH!!!!! OW!!!!!!!! I shouldn't hurt this much! It shouldn't!!!!!!!!!! (cries more)

Monica: (rubbing Rachel's hand) Okay, okay, it's okay, it's over now. (Rachel curls herself into a fetal position and cries, Monica starts to go over to the rest of the gang)

Rachel: (very dazed) No!!!! Don't leave me!! Please! (whimpers pitifully, Monica looks at her helplessly, we see the gang standing in the corner, Phoebe is crying, Chandler and Joey look very scared. Rachel starts screaming extremely loud again, Phoebe screams and buries her head in Chandler's shoulder.)

Joey: Stop it! Make it stop! I can't! I can't stand to see her like this! (Joey and Monica are both on the verge of crying now)

Monica: (Rachel screams yet again) That's it I'm going to get the doctor! (runs out, then returns a couple minutes later with the doctor)

Doctor: What seems to be the problem?

Joey: I'll tell you the problem! You gave her the epidural two hours ago, it should have worked by now!

Doctor: Hey will everyone just calm down! Now look epidurals don't always work, it may just be the Rachel is responding to it. I'll just take a look at her, make sure everything's okay. (goes over to Rachel, by now everyone is crying, the doctor moves aside Rachel's gown and turns on the ultra sound machine, and puts it on Rachel's stomach) Okay, everything looks normal here. Whoa! What a minute......(looks really closely)....oh no!

[Scene: Ross's apartment, Ross stumbles inside, he's a little drunk. He goes over and pushes the button on the answering machine then sits down on the couch and rubs his eyes like he has a headache]

Machine: "Ross! It's Phoebe, listen please be there! We're at the hospital, Rachel is having the baby!"

Ross: (looks up then grabs his coat and runs out)

[Scene: The hospital waiting room, the gang is there. Ross comes running in.]

All: Ross! /Where the hell have you been!?/ etc.

Ross: I, I went out for a drink but it doesn't matter, did I miss it? Please say I didn't miss the birth of my own baby!

Monica: No, you didn't miss it! Listen, there's a problem-

Ross: WHAT?!?!

Monica: They've taken her for an emergency caesarean.

Ross: Oh my god!

Monica: They've won't let any of us in, but they might let you since your the father- (Ross runs off before she can finish talking)

[Scene: The operating room, now to understand what's going on need to know something about medicine, for an operation like a caesarean section they use a local anesthetic, which means that Rachel is awake but numb from the neck down. I'm sure most of you knew that already but just incase you didn't.....]

Rachel: (she's very dazed and confused) Stop! Stop please! (cries) It hurts!!!!! (the doctor looks very worried, he pokes her stomach really hard, she doesn't flinch)

Doctor: Did you feel that Miss Green?

Rachel: Wha?

Doctor: (gives the nurse a look)

Nurse 1: (goes over to Rachel) It's okay Miss Green, we're gonna take good care of you, just relax.

Rachel: NO!!!!! (she continues to wail incoherently)

Doctor: (looks frustrated) We may have to go to general anesthetic, it's more dangerous that way but it would be just as dangerous to proceed right now if we can't calm her down.

Nurse 2: Doctor there's a man here he says he's the father of the child

Doctor: Let him in. (Ross comes in he's dressed in hospital srubs)

Ross: (goes over and strokes Rachel's cheek) Rachel?

Rachel: Huh?

Ross: (he speaks to her very softly in this entire scene) Hey, it's me, it's Ross.

Rachel: Ross? Ross make them stop! (cries)

Ross: Rachel it's okay

Rachel: They're....hurting me!

Ross: No their not honey, they're trying to help you, to help the baby.

Rachel: (looks at him like she has no idea what he's talking about) Baby?

Ross: Yeah, sweetie, our baby.

Rachel: (confused) I...don't....have a baby?

Ross: Not, yet but you will soon. (takes her hand and holds it) Shhhh! Just hold on Rachel it'll all be over soon.

(Rachel seems to relax a little bit after this. The doctors work on her for a couple minutes, then we hear a baby start to cry)

Ross: (excited) You did it Rachel!

Rachel: (weak) Huh?

Ross: You did it! Look! Look at there's your baby....our baby! See?

Rachel: (they hold up the baby for her to see, she sort of half laughs, half cries for a second then, faints asleep.)

[Scene: We see Rachel sleeping in a bed, she is covered by a white sheet, the sun is pouring in through the window, behind her we see the bedspread kinda bunched up in a circle shape. A crying sound starts, Rachel stirs then sits up and leans over to the other side of the bed and picks up the baby. She had used the bedspread to make a sort of make shift crib for the baby. Her baby is very small, he has a little bit of blonde hair, he's dressed in a green Onzee.]

Rachel: Hey, hey, shhhhh, it's okay. (She kisses the side of his head, he stops crying but still makes those adorable whimpering sounds that babies make. Rachel kinda gazes at him while bouncing up and down slightly) know you gave me a lot of trouble! Yeah! You did! But since your only a week old I'll cut you a break.....and I won't ground you! (she pokes his nose gently) But don't get used to it okay? (he look around, then leans against Rachel's chest so it looks kinda like he's hugging her. Rachel laughs) Oh, I love you to! (Rachel hugs him back, and strokes the side of his head.)

[Scene: Later that morning, Rachel is running around the room. The baby is now in his bed.]

Rachel: Okay, I'm just gonna go hop in the shower real quick! You be good okay? (she goes over and tickles his tummy, he giggles and kicks his legs, Rachel smiles and goes to the bathroom)

[Scene: Rachel is drying her hair after finishing her shower. She hears a noise and shuts the dryer off. After a couple seconds she hears the baby crying.]

Rachel: (quickly grabs a towel and wraps it around herself) Hold on! Mommy's coming sweetie! (she opens the door but stops, we see Ross out in the bedroom. He is wearing white sweat pants, and no shirt)

Ross: (picking up the baby) Hey Dylan, what's up? Huh? (He bounces him up and down, and carries Dylan into the living room. Rachel get a kinda sad look on her face, she then shuts he bathroom door.)

[Scene: Ross is sitting in the living room holding Dylan. (we now realize that this has been in Ross's apartment the entire time) Rachel comes out of the bedroom dressed.]

Ross: Hey

Rachel: Hi (joins them on the couch) Hmm......I didn't know it was possible to love anything this much.

Ross: Yeah it's pretty amazing isn't it?

Rachel: I'll say. (an awkward moment follows)

Ross: Ummm.....there's coffee made if you want some.

Rachel: Oh! Thanks (she gets up and goes to the kitchen. There is a knock on the door, Rachel opens it, it is the gang.)

All: Hey

Ross: Hey guys

Monica: Can we come in?

Ross: Yeah sure (they all enter)

All: Awww....he's so precious! etc.

Joey: Hey! Now two of us have one of these!

All: Yeah (laugh)

[Scene: Rachel's office at Bloomingdale's, Rachel enters with Dylan in a stroller.]

Sophie: Rachel hey! What are you doing here I thought you were on maternity leave?

Rachel: Yeah well I just came by to get some work done that I couldn't do at home.

Sophie: Oh okay

Woman: (walks by) Oh my god what a cute baby! Is he yours?

Rachel: Yeah

Woman: Awwww

-*Time laps*- Rachel is sitting at her computer working, and there are like ten women gathered around Dylan.

Woman 1: Oh he is the sweetest little thing ever! (tickles his toes)

Woman 2: Yeah

Rachel: (laughs) Okay guys! I'd like him to at least get to puberty before he joins every other man in thinking he's god's gift to women! (goes over and picks Dylan up)

Woman 3: Oh we're sorry Rach, he's just so cute!

Rachel: Yeah just like his father- (Rachel stops when she realizes what she just said, and looks embarrassed) Umm...well it looks like I'm done here so I better just go. (gather's up her stuff and leaves)

[Scene: Ross's bedroom, Rachel is sleeping there (alone!!!) we see her tossing in her sleep.]


(We see people looking down at Rachel)


(Rachel is laying on a table, looking hurt (physically) and confused)


(Rachel wakes up from her dream screaming, she looks around then lays back down onto the bed. She lays there for a minute then cries softly.)

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Monica is there, enter Rachel with Dylan]

Monica Hey! There's my little nephew! (takes Dylan from Rachel) Rach are you okay?

Rachel: Yeah! Yeah I'm fine why?

Monica: I don't know you look tired.

Rachel: Well you know I do have a new baby to keep me up at night.

Monica: Hm.....

Rachel: And maternal instincts are causing trouble I guess.

Monica: What do you mean?

Rachel: see.....lately when I see Ross and Dylan together......Ross looks.....irresistible! I mean the whole picture of my baby and his father is enough to make we want to cry! Is that so weird?

Monica: (looks at Rachel for a minute then starts to laugh)

Rachel: What?!

Monica: You want Ross!

Rachel: What?! I do not want Ross!

Monica: Rachel you just said you did!

Rachel: NOOOOO! I said that seeing Ross and Dylan together made me really emotional not that I wanted Ross.

Monica: Yeah sure Rach.....emotional! Most people just call it horny!

Rachel: Monica!!!!!!

Monica: (laughs some more)

Rachel: Okay you know what? Fine! You just stay her and laugh your little tushie off if you want to but don't expect me to stick around. (takes Dylan and leaves, Phoebe comes in after her)

Phoebe: Hey....what's so funny?

Monica: Nothing, I'm just messing with Rachel.

Phoebe: Oh

[Scene: Ross's apartment, Ross is there watching tv, enter Monica]

Ross: Hey

Monica: Hey, I just brought by some Spaghetti for dinner.

Ross: Oh great!

Monica: Yeah...Rachel here?

Ross: No, she's out

Monica: Oh (and of course on que Rachel enters)

Ross: Hey there's my boy! (comes over and picks up Dylan out of the stroller, and walks away with him.)

Rachel: (Watches Ross and Dylan with a sweet look on her face, until she notices Monica watching her very smugly. Then she looks away and shoves the stroller into the closet.)

Monica: Okay, so the dinner's in the kitchen it should be warm but if it's not just heat it for 10 minutes on the stove.

Rachel: Okay can do (starts to usher Monica out of the apartment)

Monica: (teasing) Yeah, and umm.....remember Rach you do have a baby with you know. So you'll have to be careful about what you do in front of-

Rachel: Mon!

Monica: Hey I am just trying to keep my nephew from having to pay thousands of dollars in therapy for a childhood trauma! (laughs a little)

Rachel: (pushes Monica out the door)

Monica: (as Rachel pushes her out) Oh and I made some extra spaghetti, since you guys might be hungry after all the sex!

Rachel: Oh will you get out!!!! (shoves Monica out the door) Jeez!

Ross: Hey, what was that all about?

Rachel: Oh it's just....Monica, has the wrong idea about something.

Ross: (confused) Oh...okay.

Rachel: (uncomfortable) So you hungry I could get us some of that spaghetti?

Ross: Sure sounds good.

Rachel: Okay (goes to the kitchen, and starts dishing up the pasta. She turns around and starts to bring it into the living room but stops and gasps)


(The same dreamlike quality as before. We see the figures doing something to Rachel, then the shiny metal of a scalpel)


[Scene: Rachel is standing in the kitchen looking kinda in shock.]

Ross: Rachel? (comes into the kitchen) Are you okay?

Rachel: Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine I just dropped the plate. (squats down and start picking up what she dropped)

Ross: Here let me help

Rachel: No it's fine I've got it! (she picks up the stuff then, and throws the food that was on the floor away, and puts the plate in the sink, then splashes some cool water on her face and looks a little worried)

[Scene: Ross's apartment, Rachel is in the living room, Ross comes out of the bedroom]

Ross: Hey, I finally got him to sleep.

Rachel: That's good

Ross: Yeah (awkward silence)

Rachel: Listen uhhh Ross, I never.....I never got a chance to thank you.

Ross: For what?

Rachel: For helping me......when I was having Dylan I was (starts to cry) I was scared. I just....I had no idea where I was, or what was happening to me! I was so delirious I could barely even remember my name, much less that I was pregnant! I.......(sighs) I truly thought I was going to die, told me it would be okay....and I believed you so.....thank you.

Ross: Oh Rachel (takes her into his arms and she hugs him while crying into his shoulder)

Rachel: Ross I'm still scared! And I know it's stupid because I'm fine and Dylan's fine but.... (sobbing) I felt so bad! I forgot about my own baby !

Ross: Rach it's okay.

Rachel: No it's not Ross!!!! What kind of mother am I if I can't even remember my own kid!!! (Ross strokes her hair and lets her cry)

Ross: Rachel, you are a wonderful mother. Your great with Dylan, and you love him so much.

Rachel: (still crying) Yeah....thanks Ross. Thank you for helping me, and for loving me, and for giving me my baby! (Ross kisses her, she kisses him back and cries at the same time. After a couple minutes they break. Rachel laughs) Will you look at me....I've changed so much. I....I still can believe that I have a son!

Ross: Yeah

Rachel: You know I remember you once said you wanted your second to be girl.

Ross: Yeah....well Ben loves Dylan so it should be okay.

Rachel: (laughs)

Ross: I still would like to have a know sometime in life. I don't know just the.....daddy's girl factor I guess.

Rachel: Hm......anyone in mind for the mother?

Ross: Uhhh....maybe

Rachel: Is that your way of asking?

Ross: Is that your way of offering?

Rachel: Maybe

Ross: Umm......(laughs uncomfortably)....umm....okay...then.....well that's-

Rachel: Ross

Ross: Yeah?

Rachel: Shut up! (kisses him, he kinda squirms at first then gives in and kisses her back)

The End

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