By: Queen B

Scene: [We see a blur of police car lights and ambulences driving away. In
the background we can hear various news reporters, all talking about the
same thing, but we don't know what. As everything fades away, the screen
goes black]


Scene: [A little boy, around five years old enters a bedroom. It's early
morning and he is in his pajamas]

Boy: (Gets up on the bed and whispers) Mommy.

Rach: (sleepy, kind of annoyed) Junior? What, what is it?

Jun(ior): I can't sleep.

Rach: (leans over to her night table and looks at her clock) It's 6 am, I'm
not getting up yet. What happend did you have another nightmare?

Jun: (nods) Can I lay in your bed?

Rach: Will you go to sleep?

Jun: (nods) Yes.

Rach: Alright, come on (he climbs on the other side of her, and goes to

*(Picture Junior to have brown hair, blue eyes, and kind of small for his
age. He's one of those smart, serious type kids. Imagine him to be like the
boy from "The Sixth Sense" (except he doesn't see dead people))

Scene: [Later that morning. Junior is on the couch, watching TV. Rachel
enters out of her room, wearing a robe]

Rach: 'Morning honey.

Jun: 'Morning.

Rach: Did you eat yet?

Jun: (shakes his head) No.

Rach: Okay (goes to the kitchen but turns around and looks at the TV) Are
you watching ER?

Jun: (nods) Yeah. I think it's interesting.

Rach: Well it shouldn't be interesting to a five year old.

Jun: (shrugs) I guess I'm wierd.

Rach: You are not wierd.

Jun: So then I can watch it?

Rach: Alright, whatever (goes into the kitchen. After a few minutes Rachel
comes back out) Here (hands him a bowl of cereal and sits down in a chair)
Okay, ya know what Mr. Trauma? We're going to have to change the channel
while we're eating (gets the remote and changes it to the morning news)

News Woman: (O.S) We've just recieved information that the trial for Ross
Geller will be held on September-

(Rachel quickly grabs the remote and changes the channel)

Jun: What were they talking about?

Rach: I-I don't know.

Jun: Oh (Looks confused)

(Cuts to Monica's face. She's watching the same news program, and frowning)

(Cuts to Sandra and Dr. Green's face. They are also watching it, and

Scene: [Pheobe's house. Pheobe, Joey and Rachel are in the kitchen talking,
and Junior is in the other room]

Rach: (sighs) I just don't know how much longer I can keep this from him,
you guys. I mean he diserves to know why his father hasn't come home from
his "buissness trip" in over a year.

Joey: Ya mean he still believes that story?

Rach: (shakes her head) I don't know. He is a smart kid. He must have some
idea about were he really is.

Pho: So what are you going to do?

Rach: Well.........I guess eventually he'll have to know the truth.

Scene: [A big, busy room. We can tell that it's obivously not a cheerful
place, because.......well, no one's cheerful. Anyway, alot of people sit on
benches, waiting for something, while police officers drag a bunch of
criminals into the back. Rachel enters, and walks over to an information

Wom(an): Can I help you?

Rach: Yes I'm here for visitation hours.

Wom: What is the I.D. number?

Rach: Number 126.

Wom: Go on in.

Rach: Thank you.

(She leavs the area and enters a kind of dark room. She sits down in a
ragedy chair and waits. Soon after, a security officer enters, followed by
Ross. He's wearing one of those orange jump-suits, and looks real dirty,
and we can tell he hasn't shaved in a while. Ross sits down in a chair,
across from Rachel)

Officer: You got 15 minutes (leaves)

(There is a pause Rachel tries to smile. Ross just has a blank look on his

Rach: Hi.

Ross: Hey.

*(Ross talks real low and different)

Rach: How ya' doin'?

Ross: (looks around the dirty room, and shakes his head) This place is

Rach: It looks like it (pause) Well, c'mere (she gets up, and he does to.
They hug tightly) So.....I uh, heard about the trial.

(They break, and sit down)

Ross: Really? When's it gonna be?

Rach: You mean they didn't tell you?

Ross: (shakes his head) They don't tell you anything here.

Rach: Oh. Well I didn't hear the whole thing, but it's going to be sometime
in September, so at least it's soon.

Ross: It sure took them long enough to set the date.

Rach: (nods) Yeah.


Ross: So,'s Junior?

Rach: He's good. He'll be starting school in the fall.

Ross: Did you tell him about me yet?

Rach: (kind of surprised) I'm not really sure that I should.

Ross: He's a smart kid Rach (shakes his head) Nothin' like me (pause) How's
everybody else?

Rach: They're fine. They miss you.

Ross: (shakes his head) They don't all miss me (long pause. He looks down,
and talks real serious) I'm innocent, Rach.....

Rach: (nods) I know........(she leans toward him. Just as they are about to
kiss, the security guard enters)

Security Guard: Times' up.

Rach: (to Ross) Bye.

Ross: Bye.

(The guard leads Ross out of the room. Rachel leaves, looking down)

Scene: [A large house. We can hear some kids playing in the next room. The
front door opens and a man enters]

Man: I'm home! (We zoom in to see that the man is Chandler)

(Two kids run in. A boy about 5, and a girl about 3)

Boy: Hi daddy!

Girl: Hi daddy!

Chan: Hey guys (he hugs them) What were you two doing?

Girl: We were playing tag and Tyler broke a lamp!

Tyler: You snitch!

Chan: Hey come on, don't fight. Amy, you shouldn't always tattle on your

Tyler: See, I told you I wouldn't get in trouble!

Chan: Who said you weren't in trouble?

Amy: Ha-ha!

(Tyler sticks his tongue out at her)

Chan: That's enough, why don't you two go play upstairs.

Tyler: I'll race you! (runs upstairs)

Amy: Hey, wait up! (runs after him)

Chan: (looks around the room) Mon?

Mon: (enters) Hi.

Chan: Hi, were've you been?

Mon: Just in the other room. How was your day?

Chan: Fine. Yours?

Mon: Well......

Chan: What?

Mon: (pause. She lowers her voice a little) I saw the news today.

(Chandler realizes what she's talking about, and he grows serious)

Chan: And.....what did it say?

Mon: (pause) September 10th.....

Chan: In one month?

Mon: (nods) Yeah......what should we do?

Chan: 'Same thing we've been doing for the past year. Stay away from all of

Scene: [Rachel's house. She enters]

Rach: Junior?

Jun: Hi Mom (he enters from the next room)

Rach: Junior, why aren't you in bed it's almost midnight?

Jun: (shrugs) Ashley never told me to go to bed.

Rach: Who's Ashley?

Jun: The babysitter, Mom!

Rach: Oh, right. Were is she?

Jun: Upstaires on the phone.

Rach: (sighs) Alright, I'll go pay her. And you go get in bed younge man,
I'll be there in a minute.

Jun: Okay, I'm going.

(Rachel goes upstaires and enters a TV-room type thing, were the
baby-sitter (Ashley) is talking on the phone)

Ashley: And I talked to Mark and he said I should just go ahead and have
the pool party, because I mean think about it, we're-

Rach: Ahem.

Ashley: (Looks up) Oh, hey Rachel. I gotta go Malissa, I'll call you later
(hangs up)

Rach: So, how was Junior?

Ashley: Junior? Oh right, yeah I uh, hardly noticed he was here!

Rach: I'll bet. So let's see, I was gone about five hours, so I guess I owe
you about thirty dollars (gets the money out of her purse and hands it to

Ashley: Thanks Rachel.

Rach: (a little sarcastic) No no, thank you for baby-sitting.

Ashley: No problem. So do you need me to come next week?

Rach: Uh, how 'bout I'll call you if I need you?

Ashley: Sure, okay. Well, I'll get going! (turns to leave, but then stops)
Oh, yeah Rachel, I was just curious. Aren't you a Mrs.?

Rach: (a little nervous) Uh, y-yes, I am.

Ashley: Well were's your husband, I don't think I've ever seen him.

Rach: Oh, well, he uh, he's away alot.....on buissness trips.

Ashley: Oh, well that's cool.

Rach: Yeah it is But I uh, think you should get going now.

Ashley: Yeah I should. Well, I'll see you later. Bye!

Rach: Bye (Ashley leaves, and Rachel looks a little annoyed. She starts to
clean up the room a little, then she goes down the hall to Junior's room.
She opens the door, and sees that he's asleep, so she starts to close the

Jun: Mom?

Rach: What honey?

Jun: Were'd you go tonight?

Rach: (lies) I told you I had to go out with some people from work.

Jun: Oh.....okay.

Rach: Goodnight.

Jun: 'Night Mom.

(She closes the door, kind of sad that she had to lie to him)

Scene: [A grocery store. Rachel is walking down an isle with her shopping
cart. She's looking to the side as she walks, and she bumps into a woman]

Rach: Oh, excuse me.

Woman: That's quite alri- (she turns around to reveal that it's Sandra. She
gets a shocked face and starts to back away)

Rach: Mom? What are you-

San: No! Stay away from me! (she turns and leaves quickly. Rachel looks

Scene: [The dark room. Rachel is sitting in a chair, waiting. After a few
moments, the security guard enters with Ross. He leads him over to a chair
across from Rachel, and sits down]

Security Guard: 15 minutes (leaves)

Rach: (tries to smile) Hi.

Ross: Hey.

Rach: How are you?

Ross: 'Same as yesterday, and the day before. What about you?

Rach: Well, I saw my Mom at the store today.

Ross: Really? What'd she-

Rach: She ran away from me.

Ross: (looks down) I'm sorry you have to deal with that, all because of me.

Rach: (touches his knee) It's okay baby.

Ross: No it's not.....

Rach: Yeah, well......(pause) Oh, here, I brought you a new toothbrush. I
figured it's been at least three months since I last gave you one (she
hands it to him)

Ross: Thanks.....

Rach: You're welcome (pause) Oh, I wanted to talk to you about something.

Ross: What?

Rach: Well, I have to register Junior for kindergarden soon, and I was
thinking that I should register him as Ross Green Jr. instead of Ross
Geller Jr.......what do you think?

Ross: Why would you do that?

Rach: Well, ya know, because of this whole..... "thing" with you. I mean
everybody knows who you are. Don't you think his teacher would get kind of
freaked out if she had a student named Ross Geller Jr.?

Ross: So basaiclly you're ashamed to let anyone know that he's my son?

Rach: Oh no, baby that's not what I mean. I just think that for now it
would be best if nobody knew. Don't you think?

Ross: (looks down) Yeah, alright...

Rach: Aw, come here (goes over and kisses him) Feel better?

Ross: For the moment, yes (he pulls her down onto his lap. She snuggles up
to him)

Rach: (strokes his face, and sighs) Oh, I wish you could come home.

Ross: One month until the trial, right?

Rach: Well, actually about three weeks now.

Ross: That's good......I guess.

Rach: What do you mean you guess?

Ross: Well......I don't know for sure how the trial's going to go.....

Rach: Wait, you don't think it'll go well?

Ross: Well, I hope so.....but I don't know for sure (Rachel looks worried)
Hey, just please don't worry about me, alright? I'll be fine.

Rach: Really?

Ross: Yeah (they kiss) Oh no, I got you all dirty.

(She leans back to see her shirt all dirty from leaning against him)

Rach: Oh, that's okay honey.

Ross: (looks down) I'm sorry you have to kiss a filthy husband.

(She wants to say something, but doesn't know what. The security guard
comes in)

Sec. Guard: Times' up.

Rach: (nods, and gets off his lap) Okay, well I'll see you next week.

(Ross nods, kind of sad as he followes the guard out. Rachel sighs, and

Scene: [That night. Rachel is in her bed, asleep. We can hear Junior crying
in his room. Rachel wakes up, and looks at her clock, which reads 3:00 am.
She hears Junior crying, and gets out of bed and goes to his room)

Rach: Junior? (goes over to his bed and realizes that he's still asleep.
She shakes him a little) Junior, wake up. Junior? (he wakes up suddenly,
and stops crying)

Jun: (He doesn't know she's in the room) Mom?

Rach: What honey, I'm right here.

Jun: Oh....

Rach: What's wronge, did you have a bad dream?

Jun: (breathing hard) Yeah, I guess.

Rach: Well, do you want to come sleep in my bed?

Jun: (shakes his head) No.....I'm okay.

Rach: Are you sure?

Jun: Yeah (he lays back down, and closes his eyes, Rachel just strokes his
hair until he falls asleep)

Scene: [Rachel is at work (she works for Bloomingdales) She's sitting at
her desk, typing something. A woman enters]

Woman: Mrs. Green?

Rach: Yes?

Woman: Someone's here to see you, should I send them in?

Rach: Yeah, sure.

(The woman leaves, and Judy Geller enters)

Judy: Hello Rachel.

Rach: (looks up) Judy? What are you doing here?

Judy: Oh, I just thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing.

Rach: (surprised) Okay, well come on in.

(She walks in, and sits in a chair on the other side of Rachel's desk)

Judy: So, how are you?

Rach: Oh, I'm alright, what about you?

Judy: I'm pretty good. How's my grandson?

Rach: Well, he's going to be starting kindergarden pretty soon.

Judy: Oh, is he excited?

Rach: I'm not really sure, he hasn't really said anything about it.

Judy: Hm.. (there's a pause) know...

Rach: Oh, well.....he's doing okay, I guess.....

Judy: (nods) Good.

Rach: When was the last time you saw him?

Judy: (looks serious) Well.....I guess it was the day before it all

Rach: That long?

Judy: Yes. (longe pause) So.....I assume you've heard about the trial?

Rach: Yeah, I can't believe how long it took them to set the date......Are
you going to go?

Judy: Well.......I don't know actually. Do you think they'll ask me to be a

Rach: (shrugs) I don't know.....I'm sure they can use all the wittnesses
they can get.....But I understand if you don't want to go.

Judy: (nods) Well, I think I'd better be going, it's getting late.

Rach: Okay, well it was nice seeing you. Say hello to Jack for me.

Judy: I will (gets up) Oh, and next time you see Ross, tell him......well,
just tell him that I miss him, okay?

Rach: Okay.

Judy: Thank you. Well, take care, dear.

Rach: You too, Judy.

(Judy leaves. Almost immediately, a man enters)

Man: Rachel?

Rach: Yes?

Man: Ah, I'm having some family problems, would you mind working a few
extra hours tonight?

Rach: Uh, sure that's fine.

Man: Great, thanks.

Rach: No problem.

Man: I'll see you later.

(He leaves, and she picks up her phone, and dials a number)

Rach: Hi Pheebes.

(split screen of Rachel and Pheobe talking)

Pho: Hey Rach, what's going on?

Rach: Well, my boss just asked me to work late tonight, so do you think you
could watch Junior for me?

Pho: Sure, were is he now?

Rach: He's at his babysitter's house.

Pho: Okay, so do you want me to pick him up and take him to my place?

Rach: Well....I think it's better if you just take him home and stay with

Pho: Alright.

Rach: Great, he's at 22 Park Avenue, just pick him up around six, and I
should be home around ten. You have a key to my house, right?

Pho: Yeah.

Rach: Okay, thanks alot Pheebes.

Pho: No problem.

Rach: Oh, and have him in bed my nine.

Pho: Nine? That's pretty early.

Rach: He's only five.

Pho: Oh, right. Hey, can I bring Joey?

Rach: Sure, why not?

Pho: Okay, well, see you later.

Rach: Okay Pheebes, thanks alot.

Pho: Sure, bye.

Rach: Bye (they hang up)

Scene: [Rachel's house. Joey, Pheobe, and Junior are playing cards]

Pho: Go fish.

Joey: Oh man!

Jun: Come on you guys, can't we play something else?

Joey: Oh well I'm sorry if this game isn't sophisticated enough for you!

Pho: Joey!

Joey: Sorry.

(They hear a car pulling up)

Pho: There's your Mom, go get in bed!

(Junior runs upstairs)

Joey: Alright, now let's play for money!

Pho: No way I'm sick of this game.

(Rachel enters)

Rach: Hey guys.

Pho/Joey: Hey.

Rach: How was Junior?

Joey: Well, he did NOT beat me in "go fish" twenty times!

Pho: Yes he did.

Rach: Okay.....well, did he go to bed at nine?

Pho/Joey: Yeah, sure/Of course.

Rach: Good. Well thanks you guys, I really appreciate this.

Pho: That's alright. So, how was work?

Rach: Well, something pretty strange happend. Judy came to see me.

Pho: Really? What did she say?

Rach: Not much, she just wanted to know how everybody was doing.

Joey: That's it?

Rach: Well, I could tell she wanted to say more, but for some reason she

Pho: Is she going to go to the trial?

Rach: (shakes her head) She doesn't know. I hope she does. Ross could sure
use her as a witness.

Scene: [A classroom with alot of toys in it. A bunch of little kids are
running around, and the Moms are all standing around, talking. Rachel and
Junior enter]

Rach: Okay, here we are.

Jun: (looks around the room) I thought this was school.

Rach: Well, it is.

Jun: Were's all the books and stuff?

Rach:'re only in kindergarden, you're pretty much just here to

Jun: Oh.

Teacher: Good morning everyone, I'm Miss Barret. Right now we'd like to ask
all the parents to please be going so the children can begin their first
day of school!

(All the Mom's start hugging their kids and stuff. Rachel turns to Junior)

Rach: Okay, I gotta go. Are you gonna be okay?

Jun: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Rach: Alright, Miss Johnson (his babysitter) will pick you up at noon, and
I'll be home later tonight.

Jun: (nods) Okay.

Rach: Okay, bye sweetie (she hugs him) Be good.

(he walks over to a round table, and sits down with the other kids. A woman
walks up to Rachel)

Woman: Oh, you just have the cutest little brother! (pointing to Junior)

Rach: Brother?

Woman: Yes, he's very cute.

Rach: That uh, that's my son.

Woman: (the woman looks surprised) Oh.....excuse me (she walks away. Rachel
waves to Junior and leaves)

Scene: [Rachel's at work in her office. Someone knocks on her door]

Rach: Come in.

(A man in a buissness suit enters)

Man: Hello Mrs. Geller.

Rach: Hi, what can I- wait did you call me Mrs. Geller?

Man: (nods) Yes I did.

Rach: But how-

Man: It's okay. My name is Todd Maverick, I'm the lawyer you hired last

Rach: (looks relieved) Oh, well come sit down.

Todd: Thank you.

Rach: I assume you're here to talk about the trial.

Todd: Yes. Since I'm going to be defending your husband, It's my job to
meet with all the witnesses before the trial.

Rach: And I'm the main witness, right?

Todd: Right. Now first off, I want to tell you that I'm going to do
everything I can to make sure that I win this case.

Rach: Good. What is your uh, record?

Todd: Well, I actually just graduated law school last year so I've only
worked on four cases so far.

Rach: Oh... (she looks a little uneasy)

Todd: And I won all four of them. Don't worry, I won't let you down.

Rach: Well I hope not.

Todd: Now do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Rach: No, not at all.

Todd: Okay (Get's out some forms) Do you and Mr. Geller have any children?

Rach: Yes, we have a five year old son.

Todd: And does he visit his father often?

Rach: Uh, no actually he hasn't seen him in over a year.

Todd: Hm. Are you going to have your son testify as a witness?

Rach: My son? Well, he doesn't really know anything about.....the incident.

Todd: He doesn't have to. Anyone can be a witness as long as they've known
the defendent in the past.

Rach: Well.....I'll have to talk to him about that. Can I get back to you?

Todd: Sure. Now, how often do you see your husband?

Rach: Once a week.

Todd: And do you ever disscuss this incident with your other family

Rach: Well, no actually, not at all.

Todd: Alright (pauses to write it all down) Well that's it.

Rach: That's all you want to ask me?

Todd: That's all that I'm aloud to ask you for now. Oh, by the way, before
you can legally testify in court, I'm going to need a copy of your birth

Rach: (worried) Really?

Todd: Yes, you can mail it to this adress, anytime before the trial (hands
her a buissness card)

Rach: Okay, well thank you for stopping in.

Todd: Have a nice day Mrs. Geller. I'll be getting in touch with you again
within the next week or so.

Rach: Okay.

Todd: Goodbye.

Rach: Bye. (he leaves)

Scene: [Later. Rachel's house. Junior enters]

Jun: Mom?

Rach: (enters from the other room) Hi honey. Were's Miss Johnson?

Jun: Out in the driveway.

Rach: Oh, just a minute (she goes to the window and waves to the
babysitter) So, how was your first day?

Jun: It was okay....

Rach: Did you make any friends?

Jun: Not really. The teacher talked all day so we didn't get to play.

Rach: Well maybe you'll get to play tommorrow (she walks into the kitchen,
Junior follows her)

Jun: Mom?

Rach: What?

Jun: Why do we have to have nap time?

Rach: Cause otherwise you'd be tired.

Jun: But I don't take naps when I'm at home.

Rach: True....but I guess some kids need to. Why, what's wronge with taking

Jun: Nothing....I just.....nevermind.

Rach: Okay. Well, what do you want for dinner tonight?

Jun: I don't care.

Rach: Come on, there has to be something you're in the mood for.

Jun: Well......could you not cook?

Rach: Why? You don't like my cooking?

Jun: (trying to hide it) Uh, no I do.....I just think you should rest!

Rach: Oh, well that's sweet of you to say. I'll go order in (picks up the

Scene: [Rachel pulls into the driveway of a big suberban house. She gets
out of the car and walks up the front steps. She pauses for a moment before
knocking on the door. She knocks twice before Sandra answers]

(Sandra opens the door, but sees that it's Rachel and tries to shut it, but
Rachel stops her)

Rach: Mom please, I need to talk to you.

San: Well nobody here wants to talk to you! (tries to close the door again,
but Rachel holds it opened)

Rach: Mom would you just let me talk to you for a minute?!

San: No I won't!

(Rachel finally eases her way past Sandra, into the house. She closes the
door and stands in front of it)

San: Move aside from that door before I call the police!

Rach: Oh yeah, I'm sure the police will be happy to spend the afternoon
arresting me for stepping through the door of my parent's house!

San: You're not just anyone! You're a criminal's wife!

(Rachel looks angry but stays calm)

Rach: Mom, I wouldn't have driven all the way out here if weren't for a
really good reason, so can I please just talk to you?

San: (pause) Fine. What do you want?

Rach: Well, I need a copy of my birth cirtificate.

San: What for?

Rach: Well.....I uh, I just got promoted at work, and they need to
uh.....have a legal record of me on file.

San: That's not the real reason!

Rach: What else would I want it for?

San: (thinks but comes to no conclusion) Alright, wait here.

Rach: Thank you.

(Sandra goes upstaires)

Dr. Green: (V.O) Sandra, who's here?

(Rachel doesn't know what to say)

Rach: I-It's me, Dad.

(He enters the room)

Dr: Green: Rachel? What are you doing here?!

Rach: Daddy calm down, I just need something from Mom.

Dr. Green: (looks at her closely) I thought I told you not to come around
here anymore.

Rach: I know you did, but it's really important.

Dr. Green: What are you bothering your mother for?

(Sandra enters)

San: She needs a copy of her birth certificate for work. Here (hands it to

Rach: Thank you (She looks at her parents who just glare at her) Well, okay
then. I'll go (turns and leaves, kind of sad)

Scene: [The dark room. Rachel and Ross are hugging. Rachel's crying softly]

Rach: They just glared at me, waiting for me to leave (sniffs) They hate me
Ross, they hate me.

Ross: Hey hey, calm down (strokes her hair) They don't hate you.....they
hate's all my fault.

Rach: But it's my fault too......they never wanted us to get married.

Ross: Hey, no it's not your fault at all. If they can't accept you than I
think they're both jerks.

Rach: (crying harder) But Ross, they're my parents, I mean they're supposed

Ross: Shhh, calm down, it's okay.

Rach: (getting whiney, and talking really fast) No it's not Ross, my own
parents won't even look at me! (burries her face in his shoulder)

Ross: Rach, I'm gonna get you all dirty.

Rach: I don't care Ross......I don't care....

(He hugs her tight as she cries, and the scene fades out)

Scene: [Later that night. It's around 10 o'clock. Junior is in bed. Rachel
is sitting at the kitchen table, reading some papers from work. The phone
rings and she answers]

Rach: Hello?

(split screen of Rachel and another woman talking on the phone)

Woman: Hello, Mrs. Green?

Rach: Yes?

Woman: This is Debbie Mitchel, our son's are in the same kindergarden

(Imagine Debbie to have short hair and little overweight. She's also real
chirpy and kind of annoying)

Rach: Oh, hi.

Deb: Hi. I'm sorry to bother you so late, but I was wondering if you would
be interested in joining the PTA?

Rach: Ah, well-

Deb: You would be involved in planning activities for the children, and
disscussing ways to improve the school.

Rach: I th-

Deb: (cutting her off again. Rachel looks annoyed) Our next meeting is
tommorow night at seven at my house.

Rach: (pauses to make sure she's finished talking) Uh well, the thing is,
my son's babysitter can only keep him until six, and-

Deb: Oh you can bring him along with you! That's what all the other Mom's

Rach: I see. (trying to get out of it) Um, could I get back to you on that?

Deb: (all cheerful) It's now or never!

Rach: Well, o-okay I guess I could join.

Deb: Good! You'll need pay a fee of fifteen dollars.

Rach: I have to pay to be a member of the PTA?

Deb: Well how else do you expect us to make profits?

Rach: R-right, okay.

Deb: Well then, we'll see you tommorow at seven sharp!

Rach: Aren't you going to give me your adress?

Deb: Just look in the school directory. Goodbye!

Rach: Bye (hangs up and sighs. She gets back to her work. After a few
moments, Junior enters, wearing his pajamas. He looks all sweaty and

Jun: Mom?

Rach: (looks up) Junior, what's wronge, are you okay?

Jun: I can't sleep.

Rach: You had a nightmare.

Jun: (nods)

Rach: Well come sit down (he sits down at the table. She feels his
fore-head) Here (she gets up and pours him a glass of water, than waits
till he's done drinking it) Do you want to tell me about it?

Jun: Why does everyone at school call me Ross?

(She looks surprised that he changed the subject so fast)

Rach: Well, because that's your name, honey.

Jun: Then why do you call me Junior?

Rach: Because that's your nickname, and Ross is your real name.

Jun: I like Junior better.

Rach: Well did you tell the people at school to call you Junior?

Jun: I told my teacher. She said that nicknames weren't appropriate for

Rach: Hm. I guess you'll just have to be called Ross while you're in

Jun: Why didn't you just name me Junior instead of Ross?

Rach: Well, because your Da- (realizes)......because I've always liked the
name Ross.

Jun: (he stares at her for a moment) I think I'll go back to bed now.

Rach: Are you sure?

Jun: Yeah.

Rach: Okay, well let me know if you need anything else.

Jun: Okay. Goodnight.

Rach: Goodnight. I love you.

Jun: Love you too.

Scene: [The next night. Rachel and Junior walk up the steps of a large
house. Rachel rings the bell and Debbie answers]

Deb: Oh hello. We assumed you weren't coming.

Rach: (looks at her watch) It's only seven o'clock.

Deb: Well normally we expect members to be at least ten minutes early
(turns to Junior) Ross, why don't you go into the next room, that's were
all the other kids are.

(Junior looks up at Rachel)

Rach: Go on.

(he goes. Rachel turns to Debbie)

Rach: Oh, by the way, he uh likes to be called Junior. It's always been his

Deb: Oh, well thank you for telling me. You can put your coat over their,
and follow me.

(Rachel does so, and follows her into a living room were a bunch of parents
are sitting around a table, talking)

Deb: Everyone, this our newest member, Rachel Green.

All: Hello/Nice to meet you/blah blah blah

(Rachel and Debbie sit down)

Deb: Now, before we begin, does anyone have any questions or comments?

(A woman speaks up)

Woman: Yes, I'd just to say that I think it's wonderful that students are
finally allowed to join the PTA (reffering to Rachel)

All: Yes/I agree/It's wonderful.

Deb: What are you all talking about? Students aren't allowed to join the

Man: Well how else could she have been able to become a member? (points to

(Rachel realizes that they are talking about her and speaks up)

Rach: Uh, I'm not a student.

(They all look at her, shocked. Now they all assume that she probably
dropped out of high school)

Deb: Rachel has a son in Miss Barret's class.

(They all stay silent for a few moments. Rachel wants to say something, but
doesn't know what. Debbie speaks up)

Deb: Well, our first issue is the kindergarden bakesale that's coming up
next week. The profits will go to the class. Now, we need volunteers to
donate baked goods.

Woman #1: I can bring cupcakes.

Woman #2: I can bring muffins.

(Everyone else except Rachel volunteers to bring something)

Deb: Uh, what about you Rachel?

Rach: (tottally clueless) What?

Deb: What can you contribute to the sale?

Rach: Uh, well......

Deb: We need cookies, could you bring those?

Rach: Uh, yeah I uh, I guess so.

Deb: Good. Then that's all settled. Now, we need to.......

(She goes on disscussing more school issues. We cut to about an hour later.
The meeting is over and all the parents and their kids are walking out to
their cars. Rachel and Junior walk past some women who start wispering
about her)

Woman #1: Just look at her.

Woman #2: She must have been thirteen when she had that child.

Scene: [Rachel's office. Rachel is busy writing something. Her phone rings
and she gets it]

Rach: Hello?

(cuts to Todd Maverick)

Todd: Hi, this is Todd Maverick.

(cuts back to Rachel)

Rach: Who?

(cuts to Todd)

Todd: I'm defending you husband, remember?

(cuts to Rachel)

Rach: Oh, yes. What can I do for you?

(split screen of Rachel and Todd talking)

Todd: Well I told you last week that I would be getting in touch with you
before the trial.

Rach: Oh my God, it's only two weeks away isn't it?

Todd: Yes it is. Now, I have a list of the main witnesses that are
schelduled to testify. I was wondering if you could just varify that you
and your husband know them?

Rach: Sure.

Todd: Okay, do you know a Pheobe Buffay?

Rach: Yes.

Todd: Joseph Tribianni?

Rach: Yes.

Todd: Judy Geller?

Rach: Yes.

Todd: Jack Geller?

Rach: Yes.

Todd: Well those are all of the witnesses schelduled so far.

Rach: So there will be more witnesses?

Todd: Oh yes, several more.

Rach: I'll be testifying last, right?

Todd: Yes. Oh, by the way. Will your son be testifying?

Rach: Oh God, I didn't even talk to him about that yet. Do I still have
time to get back to you?

Todd: As of now, you have two weeks.

Rach: Okay, i'll talk to him about it as soon as possible.

Todd: Thank you Mrs. Geller. Have a nice day.

Rach: Goodbye.

(They hang up. As soon as Rachel gets back to work, a woman comes in. Let's
call her Linda)

Linda: Rachel, did you hear the news?

Rach: No, why?

Linda: They just interviewed the guy who's going to defend Ross Geller.

Rach: Interviewed him? I just talked to-......

Linda: What?

Rach: I uh, just talked to myself about it.

Linda: (confused) Okay. Well don't you think that guy diserves to go to
jail? I mean, even if he pleads not-guilty, who's going to believe him
anyway? Don't you agree?

Rach: Well.....I uh, I think that everybody diserves a chance to prove that
they're innocent.

Linda: You think he's innocent? (sarcasitcly) What, are you married to the
guy or something?

Rach: (looks startled that she said that) Um, ya know what Linda? I really
should get back to work now.

Linda: Right, okay, see you later Rachel.

(She leaves and Rachel looks worried)

Scene: [Later that evening. Junior enters the house]

Jun: Mom?

Rach: Hi honey.

Jun: Hi. Miss Johnson wants to talk to you.

Rach: Really? What about?

Jun: I don't know.

Rach: Okay, is she waiting in her car?

Jun: Yeah.

Rach: Alright, I'll be right back.

(she goes out to the driveway were Miss Johnson is sitting in her car with
the window rolled down)

Rach: Hi.

M.J: Hi. Sorry to bother you, but Junior's teacher wanted you to give her a
call sometime soon.

Rach: Do you know why?

M.J: No, she didn't say.

Rach: Hm. Okay, well thanks for telling me.

M.J: You're welcome. See you tomorrow!

Rach: Bye.

(she pulls out of the driveway, and Rachel goes back inside)

Rach: Junior?

Jun: What?

Rach: Um, are you uh, are you having any problems in school?

Jun: (shrugs) No, not really.

Rach: Well, are you, are you sure?

Jun: Yeah. Well, I don't really like those grahm crackers that we have to
eat for
snack. They get all mushy and gross.

Rach: Hm. Grahm crackers. Okay.

*(Remember in preschool when we had to eat grahm crackers and apple juice
everyday? Eew those were so gross! Anywayz...:)

Jun: Mom?

Rach: What honey?

Jun: Can we have pizza for dinner?

Rach: Uh, yeah sure. Go get me the phone.

Jun: Okay (he goes to the other room. Rachel looks concerned)

[Scene: Later that night. Junior is in his room, and Rachel is sitting on
the couch in
the living room, and she's dialing a number on the phone]

Rach: Hello, Miss Barret?

(Cuts back and forth to them talking)

Miss Barret: Yes?

Rach: Hi, this is Rachel Green, Junior's mother. Uh, Junior's babysitter
said you
wanted to speak to me.

Miss Barret: Yes, actually I think it would be best if you came down to the
Can you come tomorrow around five?

Rach: Sure, that's fine. Uh, is-is anything wronge?

Miss Barret: Well yes, I think we might also need to speak with a counsler.

Rach: O-okay. Well, I'll see you tommorrow then. Bye.

Miss Barret: Goodbye.

(Rachel hangs up and looks worried)

[Scene: The dark room. Rachel and Ross are talking]

Ross: You havn't told him anything yet?

Rach: No, there's just never a good time too. (shakes her head) I-I don't
know how
I'm going to do it Ross.

Ross: Just tell him the truth. He diserves to know the truth.

Rach: (nods) Yeah. (pause) So, what about you. Are you getting nervous?

Ross: Nervous? I can't wait till the trial.

Rach: Really?

Ross: Yeah, I'll get to see my parents, and all my friends I havn't seen in
over a

Rach: Well, I'm nervous.

Ross: You are?

Rach: Yes! I get more and more nervous every day. Hey, have you met your

Ross: Yeah. He seems like he knows what he's doing.

Rach: I sure hope so. (looks at her watch) Oh, I gotta go I'm supposed to
meet with
Junior's teacher at five.

Ross: Okay.

Rach: I'll see you next week (kisses him, and walks towards the door)

Ross: Rach? (she turns around) Please tell him, okay?

Rach: I will. Bye (she leaves)

[Scene: Rachel enters Junior's classroom. Miss Barret is sitting at a desk
in the

Rach: Hello Miss Barret.

M.B(Miss Barret): Hello Mrs. Green, thank for coming in on such short
notice. Here
have a seat (motions for her to take a seat on the other side of the desk.
Rachel does

Rach: So um, what's the problem.

M.B: Well I've been very concerened about Junior lately, and I just thought
should know.

Rach: Well why are you concerened about him?

M.B: Well, your son seems to be having some trouble sleeping. Everyday at
nap-time, he starts crying in his sleep. I've asked him about it, but he
has no idea
that he does it. Now, has Junior ever done this at home?

Rach: Well, yes he has done it a few times. He also has alot of bad dreams,
but I
thought all kids did.

M.B: Mrs. Green, I think this is much more serious than just a few bad
dreams. Do
you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Rach: Uh, no not at all.

M.B: Alright. Have you ever abused your son in any way?

Rach: What? Of course not!

M.B: Well, what about your husband? You are married, right?

Rach: (nervous) Y-yes. But I can assure you that my husband has never
Junior either.

M.B: Hm....Is there anything alse you can think of that would be causing

Rach:, I guess not.

M.B: (looks at her closely) Mrs. old are you?

Rach: (a little uncomfortable) Twenty-four. Why?

M.B: Well, sometimes younger parents can make early mistakes in raising

Rach: (trying to stay calm) Hm. Miss Barret, I don't think age has anything
to do
with this, and just so you know, I have a very good relationship with my
son. He
tells me everything.

M.B: Did he ever tell you that he hasn't made one single friend so far? And
durring playtime, he goes over in the corner by himself and doesn't talk to

Rach: (pause) No, he didn't tell me that.

M.B: I suggest you discuss a few things things with your son if you intend
to keep a
"good relationship" with him.

Rach: (pause) Yes, I'll talk to him....

[Scene: A courtroom. Everything is dark and gloomy, and everyone is dressed
black. As the camera moves around the room, we see alot of familiar faces,
alot we don't know. Ross is seated in the front, and Rachel is seated
behind him.
We focus on the judge who is talking but we don't hear any sound. He looks
as if
he's making a final decision on something. He then bangs that thing and we
can tell
that he said something like "case closed". Some police officers come and
drag Ross
away with Rachel sobbing histerically. Ross blows Rachel one last kiss
before he is
taken away to jail forever]

(Rachel opens her eyes and sits bolt upright in bed. She's breathing hard

Rach: (whispering to herself) It was just a was just a

[Scene: A PTA meeting. Rachel and a bunch of other parents are sitting
around a
big table, talking. Rachel looks bored]

Man: This year's fund raiser was a huge success, and I think we owe a round
applause to our PTA president, Debbie Mitchel.

(Everyone applauds. Rachel who is deep in though, does not)

Man: Uh, Mrs. Green? Are you alright?

Rach: Huh? What?

(everyone chuckles a bit)

Man: I said is everything alright?

Rach: Oh, y-yeah, fine.

Man: Alright, well that's it for tonight, see you all next week (everyone
gets up)

Woman: She could at least pretend to care (talking about Rachel)

[Scene: The school playground. It's the end of the day, and the kids are
waiting for
their parents to pick them up. Junior is sitting on one of the swings by
himself. He's
looking at all the other kids who are playing on the playground. He sees a
few kids
walking away with their fathers and looks a little confused. Then a boy
with dark
hair runs up to him]

Boy: Hey.

(Junior looks up)

Jun: Hey.

Boy: Why do you always sit on the swings?

Jun: (shrugs) I don't know. Why do you care?

Boy: I'm just wonderin'. What's your name?

Jun: Junior Green. What's yours?

Boy: Tyler Bing.

Jun: Bing? That's a funny name.

Tyler: I know, I hate it. When I get older I'm gonna change my name to

Jun: You can't change your name.

Tyler: Yeah you can.

Jun: Whatever.

Tyler: Hey, do you ever play video games?

Jun: Yeah, I play them all the time. Do you have a PlayStation 2?

Tyler: No, but-

(we hear a woman calling him)

Woman: (O.S) Tyler!

Tyler: Oh, hey Mom.

(The woman is Monica)

Mon: Come on, it's time to go.

Tyler: Okay, I was just talking to Junior.

(Monica looks up at Junior, and her face turns white)

Tyler: What's wronge Mom?

(Rachel enters)

Rach: Junior, are you ready to- (sees Monica, and looks shocked) Monica?

Mon: (coldly, points to Junior) You! Stay away from my son!

(Junior looks at Rachel)

Rach: Don't yell at him, Monica! He didn't do anything to you!

Mon: (pause) I'll see you in court! Come on Tyler (takes his hand, and they

(Junior looks confused, and Rachel just tries to smile weakly at him)

[Scene: Rachel is on the phone, talking to Pheobe. The scene cuts back and
forth to
them as they talk]

Pho: So, Monica's son goes to the same school as Junior?

Rach: Yes! I don't know why I never thought about it before, I mean it
makes sense
since we both live in the same neighborhood.

Pho: Well, what happened?

Rach: She just told me and Junior to stay away from her, and then she left.

Pho: Ugh! Isn't it sad? We all used to be such close friends.

Rach: I know Pheebes. I think about that all the time.

Pho: So do I. But hey, maybe after the trial things will be different.

Rach: I sure hope so.....well, I should go, it's almost dinner time.

Pho: Okay, Bye.

Rach: Bye (they hang up. Junior enters)

Jun: Mom?

Rach: Yes?

Jun: Are we gonna eat soon?

Rach: Yeah, in a little while. Um, Junior we need to talk. Here, sit down.

(They sit down at the table)

Jun: What's wronge Mom?

Rach: Well, uh....I spoke with your teacher the other day, and she said
you've been
having problems at nap-time.

Jun: She did?

Rach: Yes.....she sais that you cry in your sleep almost every
anything on your mind that you wanna tell me about?

Jun: Well.....

Rach: She also said that you never want to play with any of the other kids.
the matter, do you not like them or something?

Jun: They're okay I guess. I just never feel like playing with them.

Rach: Hm, okay. Are you sure there's nothing wronge?

Jun: Well, why did that lady tell us to stay away from her today?

Rach: Well....that lady, she's uh, she's just an old friend that I uh, had
a big fight
with a long time ago, and we don't speak anymore.

Jun: Why was she mad at me?

Rach: Oh, she's not mad at you. She has no reason to be. She just doesn't
anything to do with me.

Jun: What about Tyler?

Rach: Well....I think maybe you should just stay away from him for a while.

Jun: Okay. Mom, were's my Dad? (He blurts it out real fast. Rachel looks

Rach: W-what did you say?

Jun: (sais it slowly) Were's my Dad?

(Rachel takes a deep breath and doesn't quite know what to say)

Rach: Okay Junior, we need to have a long talk (pause) Your Daddy is in
jail (he
looks shocked) But it's okay, he didn't do anything wronge.

Jun: Then why is he in jail?

Rach: Well....because he's accused of doing something wronge.

Jun: come you never told me?

Rach: I wanted to....but I just never knew were I should start. It's not
that easy to
just sit down with your kid and tell him his father's in jail.

Jun: Well....does he remember me?

Rach: Oh, of course he does! He askes about you all the time.

Jun: see him alot?

Rach: Every week.

Jun: Can I see him?

Rach: (surprised) Y-you want to see him?

Jun: (thinks) Yes.

Rach: Well....if you want to see him....I think you have the right to.

(He looks a little flushed from hearing all this. Rachel hugs him)

[Scene: A white room. It's dark and moonlight shows through the window.
There is
a bed in the middle of the room were Rachel is sleeping. We focus on her
for a
moment, then we hear a sound. The large window opens, and Ross slowly steps
He's wearing all white, sort of like he's an angle. He slowly walks over to
bed. Rachel wakes up immediately, and smiles when she sees Ross standing
her. Ross bends over and picks her up. He carries her towards the open
and out onto a balcony that overlooks a lake. He then puts her down, and
they kiss
passionately. Rachel wraps her arms around his neck, and rests his hands on
waist. He kiss for another few moments, and then Ross brakes it. We don't
anything, but we can tell that he sais that he has to go. Rachel looks sad.
kisses her lightly once more, and than he fades away. Rachel looks out at
the moon
as things start to get blurry. (Yeah, duh, it was a dream)]

[Scene: The dark room. Ross is sitting in a chair, waiting for Rachel.
moment passes, and Rachel and Junior enter. Ross looks shocked]

Ross: (gets up) J-Junior?

Jun: (softly) Dad?

(Ross looks as if he's about to cry. He looks at Rachel who smiles. Ross
picks up
Junior and hugs him)

Ross: (gasping) Do you-do you remember me?

Jun: (softly) Yes.

(Ross hugs him again. Then Rachel joins them and they all share a group

[Scene: Later that day. Rachel and Junior enter their house]

Rach: So? What'd you think?

Jun: Am I ever going to see him again?

Rach: Well, yes. You'll see him tomorrow at the trial.

Jun: Then will he come home?

Rach: Well....hopefully, if he's proven innocent.

Jun: But...what if he's not?

Rach: (holding back tears) Well....then he won't ever get to come home...

(Junior looks sad. He sees Rachel is about to cry and goes over and hugs

[Scene: Later at night. Junior is in bed, and Rachel is lying on the couch,
deep in
thought. She closes her eyes as if she's remembering something]


(We focus on a bedroom. Alot of clothes are strewn all over the floor, and
there is a
big bed with a big purple flower on the bedspread. As we wander around the
we stop at the door. After a few moments it opens and Rachel enters
followed by
Ross. They both look about 17 years old)

Rach: Come on, it's not a big deal, I was just wondering.

Ross: Fine, it was seventh grade, and we were playing spin the bottle.

Rach: And?

Ross: And when it was my turn, the bottle ended up pointing to Becky Lewis.

Rach: Oh my God, your first kiss was with Becky Lewis?

Ross: Not by choice!

(Rachel laughs a little, then walks over to her closet. She takes off her
jacket, and
hangs it up. She's wearing a short skirt and a light blue V-neck shirt.
Ross sits down
on the bed, starring at her legs. Rachel notices)

Rach: Ross, quit it!

Ross: Huh? Oh...sorry. (he gets up and goes over to her.)

Rach: You just can't keep your eyes off me, can you?

Ross: Nope, I can't.

(They start making out. Things get pretty heavy as they ease their way over
to the
bed. They slowly lay down, still kissing. They break and look deeply into
eachother's eyes. They start kissing again. By now things are really hot.
slowly moves his hand down to her butt, but it kind of slides under her
shirt a little.
Rachel reaches for his belt-buckle and the scene fades out)

Two Years Later

(A dingy aparptment. We go around the room and see a table with a bunch of

schoolbooks on it-one of them is labled "Paleontology". We continue around
room to see a girl sitting on a couch. She's reading a book and has her
head down
so we can't see who she is. After a few moments, Ross enters. He looks
about 19
years old. Hearing him enter, Rachel looks up from her book. She also looks

Rach: Hey.

Ross: Hey.

(He hangs up his coat and sits down in a chair, looking a little tired.
Rachel gets up
and goes over to him)

Rach: (she sits on the arm of the chair and massasges his shoulders) Did
you have a
good day?

Ross: (sarcasticlly) Let me

Rach: Bad day at work?

(Ross grunts)

Rach: School?

(He grunts again)

Rach: Both?

Ross: Yep. Proffesseur Carter was real rough on me today. I wonder why he
picks on me?

Rach: Probably thinks you have the most potential.

Ross: Yeah, right. (sighs) Work was even worse than school. It's like I
have to
constantly be working my ass off just to make enough money to live in this

Rach: Awww. (strokes his face) Poor baby. (kissing his cheek) Your Mom

Ross: Ugh. What did she want?

Rach: She just wanted to know how we were doing.

Ross: And?

Rach: And I told her that we're perfectly happy.

Ross: Psh. That was a lie.

Rach: Ross, it was our decision to leave our parents and live life on our

Ross: I know. Sometimes I wish we could still depend on them.

(Pauses and looks at him)

Rach: Ross, is it that bad?

Ross: (pauses and looks up at her) No....

Rach: I least we have eachother.....right?

Ross: (smiles and pulls her down on his lap) Right....

(Fade out)

One Year Later

(The same aparptment, but it's a little neater, and the furniture is
different. R+R
enter, slamming the door behind them)

Rach: I can't believe you did that!

Ross: Rach, that guy was totally flirting with you!

Rach: But I wasn't flirting with him! God Ross, just becuase another guy
looks at
me doesn't mean that I'm attracted to him!

Ross: But I still can't help getting jealous! You're my wife, and I don't
want any
other men looking at you!

Rach: (puts her hands on her forehead) Oh my God, you are acting like such
a jerk!

Ross: Am I?!

Rach: Yes, you are! And if you're gonna keep acting like this, than it's
just gonna
ruin everything! (She starts to cry a little, but turns her back to Ross so
he won't

Ross: Rach, what are you talking about?

Rach: Ross..... (she sniffs and sits down on the couch) I....

Ross: What?

Rach: I'm....pregnant....

(Ross gets a look of complete shock. Rachel cries more)

Ross: Wh-....what, well far?

Rach: Two weeks.....

Ross: Well....uh... (He sits down in a chair, still shocked)

Rach: (upset) Well, if you don't want it than-

Ross: (cutting her off) Wait, no Rach, I-I do...I do want it...I....I'm
just really

Rach: I can see that.


Ross: I'm gonna be a daddy....and-and you're gonna be a mommy?

Rach: Yes, that's the general idea.

Ross: Well....(smiles and chuckles a little) Well, then....okay.

(Rachel smiles and we fade out)

Nine Months Later

(A hospital room. We go around the room to see a bunch of toys and stuffed

animals. Rachel is asleep in a hospital bed. She looks kind of weak. A baby
is asleep in a bassinet beside her. After a few moments, the baby starts
Ross enters, and goes over to the bassinet.)

Ross: Aw, don't cry. (he picks him up) Shhh, it's okay, daddys' here. (he
next to sleeping Rachel, and wispers to the baby) Shhh. Don't wake up your
mommy. (the baby quiets down, and Ross leans over and kisses Rachel's
Good job, Rach....

Scene: [A courtroom. This time it's for real. A bunch of people sit on the
left side of
the room, and a bunch sit on the right side. On the right side: Rachel,
Junior, Joey,
Pheobe and some other familiar people are seated in the front row. Ross and

Todd Maverick are in the very front, sitting in chairs. On the left side:
unknown people are all seated in the same format as the left side, only we
can't see
who the witnesses are. Everyone is dressed up (the men wearing suits, and
women wearing dresses). After a moment of silence, a man speaks up]

Man: All rise for Judge Taylor.

(Everyone stands as a middle-aged man enters, and walks up to the judge's
wich is in the front)

Judge: Will the two lawyers remain standing.

(Everyone else sits down. Todd Maverick and the other lawyer remain

Judge: Charles Freeman (the victim's lawyer) will you raise your right hand
and put
your left on the bible (a man goes over to him and holds out the bible)

Man: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the
truth so
help you God?

Freeman: Yes.

(The man now walks over to Maverick and holds the bible out. He places his
hand in the air, and puts the other one on the bible)

Man: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the
truth, so
help you God?

Maverick: Yes.

Judge: Freeman, you may begin, Maverick you may be seated.

*(Okay, now I'm not a lawyer or anything of the such so if this isn't
exactly like
they do it in court, don't be mad at me:)

(Freeman walks over to the other side of the room, and waits while Ross
gets sworn
in by the man* I really should give this guy a name.....nah)

Freeman: (Paces around as he speaks) Now, Mr. Geller. What were you doing
day of April 21, 1999.

Ross: I was in school.

Freeman: Yes, and were do you go to school. Or should I say, were did you
go to

Ross: I went to NYU.

Freeman: For what purpose?

Ross: I was working on my P.H.D.

Freeman: Ah huh. And what did you plan to become?

Ross: A paleantologist.

(everyone chuckles a little. Ross stays silent)

Freeman: It doesn't seem likely that an accused criminal would be working
on his
P.H.D before going home to his family.

(Ross looks aggravated, but sais nothing)

Freeman: Now, Mr. Geller, you are married, correct?

Ross: Yes.

Freeman: And how many children do you have?

Ross: One.

Freeman: I see. Do you love your son?

Ross: Of course.

Freeman: Does he visit you often in prison?

Ross: He's only visited once since I've been in jail.

Freeman: Was that your choice or your wife's choice?

Ross: We each decided that it would be best.

Freeman: How long have you and you wife been married?

Ross: Six years.

Freeman: Meaning that you got married and had children while you were

Ross: Yes.

Freeman: Do you love your wife?

Ross: Yes.

Freeman: Does she love you?

(Maverick stands up)

Maverick: Your honor, may we get to the point here?!

Judge: Sit down Maverick! Freeman, please finish up the background

Freeman: Yes your honor. (he turns to Ross seriously, and begins pacing
Now, Ross Geller. Will you explain to the jury exactly what happened on the
of April 21, 1999?

(There is a pause. We focus in on Ross)

Ross: Well, it was around seven o'clock, and my last class had just let
out. It was
friday night, so I decided to go hang out with my friend Chandler at a
bar (pause) After a few hours we decided to go home-

Freeman: (interupting) Were you drunk?

Ross: (pause) No, we weren't drunk. Anyways, we went......

(The scene changes to April 21, 1999. Ross and Chandler are in the parking


Chan: Were do you wanna go now?

Ross: I don't know. But oh, hey I need to pick up some liquor.

Chan: Dude, we were just in the bar.

Ross: I know, but Rach and I are having our college graduation party next
and she told me to get some on the way home.

Chan: You're having a party?

Ross: Yeah, next week. Now let's go before the store closes.

Chan: I'm only going with you if you invite me to the party!

Ross: Chandler I sent your invitation last week.

Chan: Alright then, let's go.

(they get in Ross' car and drive away. We then cut to them driving into the
lot of a liquor store. They get out of the car and walk inside)

Chan: Hey, could there be more alchohal in here? (craks up at his lame

Store Owner: Can I help you find anything?

Ross: Yeah, what's your most expensive bottle of liquor?

Store Owner: Well, over here we have-

(A man dressed in all black, wearing a hood runs into the store and points
a gun at
Ross, Chandler and the store owner)

Man: Put your hands up!!

(they do so, looking frightened)

Man: (to the store owner) You!! Empty the cash register, or I'll shoot!!

(the store owner eases over to the cash register and starts to open it.
While the
robber isn't looking, Chandler and Ross hide behind a display of beer)

Man: Hurry up!!

(Everything now happens very fast: The robber all of a sudden drops his
gun. Then
an unknown man runs over and grabs it (we can't see his face) he shoots at
robber, but misses and hits the store owner. Then he shoots again, this
time hitting
the robber. Both the robber and the store owner colapse to the floor. The
man puts the gun in Ross' hand and runs out of the store. We now hear
police cars
and ambulences pulling up in front of the store. The cops run in. They look
at the
two dead men lying on the floor, and then at Ross who is holding the gun.
The scene
fades back to the courtroom)

Ross: And that's how it all happened. That's why I've spent the last two
years of
my life in prison for a crime I didn't commit.

(he looks down. The courtroom stays silent for a moment. Freeman speaks up)

Freeman: Now, Mr. Geller. I'm curious. What happened to your friend

Ross: Nothing.

Freeman: So he escaped?

Ross: (pauses and takes a deep breath) Chandler was the one who shot the
two men.

(everyone gasps. We cut to Chandler who is on the other side of the room.
He turns
white, and gets real nervous. Monica looks at him, shocked)

Freeman: So you're saying that Chandler shot the two men, then put the gun
in your
hand, and then ran away?

Ross: Yes.

(everyone starts talking)

Judge: Order in the court! (everyone gets quiet) We are going to take a 15

Scene: [We go through a series of witnesses, starting with the victims. (we
just skip
around to the important people testifying)]

(We start with Sandra)

Maverick: Now, Mrs. Green. How do you know Ross Geller?

San: He's my daughter's husband.

Maverick: Do you have a good relationship with your daughter?

San: No, not since she graduated high school.

Maverick: And why is that?

San: Because I didn't aprove of the things that she did.

Maverick: What did she do?

San: (looks over at Ross in discussed) She ran off and married that boy
when she
was only eighteen years old, and then had a baby a year later.

Maverick: Can I assume that you don't like Ross Geller?

San: Yes, you can assume that.

Maverick: (paces around) Mrs. Green. Could you tell me what you remember
Ross Geller when he was in high school?

San: Well, I remember when he would come over to study with Rachel. I
told her not to have boys in her room, but she didn't listen to me.

Maverick: Did Ross get good grades in high school?

San: (shrugs) I suppose so. At least that's what Rachel used to tell me.

Maverick: So why don't you like him?

San: I did like him at first. Until he ran off with my daughter.

Maverick: Do you believe Ross when he says that he didn't murder the two

San: (pause) Why should I believe anything he says?......

(We cut to Dr. Green testifying)

Maverick: What do you remember about Ross Geller?

Dr. Green: He only wanted one thing from my daughter.

Maverick: And do you believe that he's guilty of the murders?

Dr. Green: (pause) I'll be damned if he isn't.......

*(Now we move a little faster. We cut to Gunther testifying)

Gunther: He stole Rachel from me.

(Cuts to Chloe testifying)

Chloe: I wanted to sleep with him in college. But he always used the lame
that he was married!

(Cuts to Carol testifying)

Carol: He asked me out when he knew I was a lesbian!

(Cuts to Julie testifying)

Julie: When we were in high school he dumped me to be with Rachel!

(Cuts to Mark testifying)

Mark: He got mad at me when I went out with Rachel. They were on a break
God's sake!

(Cuts Bonnie testifying)

Bonnie: He broke up with me just because I shaved my head!

(Cuts to Jill tesitying)

Jill: He always wanted me......

(Cuts to Janice testifying)

Janice: Oh My Gawd! He was so whiney!!

**Note-I know that these people shouldn't technically exist at all, but for
the sake of
the story, let's just assume that they've all known Ross and Rachel in the
past, and
had simalar incidents to the one's in the show. Did that make sense?.....I
don't think

(Cuts to Monica tesifying)

Monica: Chandler came home that night and told me that Ross had killed the

Maverick: And you believe Chandler?

Monica: (pause. she hesitates before answering) Yes.

Maverick: Now, how would you discribe Ross Geller?

Monica: (she tries to think of something bad to say about him) Well....he
always a pretty good brother. He was good in school. Never got into any

Maverick: How would you discribe your childhood relationship with Ross?

Monica: Well....actually we got along pretty well. We would play house and
would dress up like a woman.

(the courtroom snickers a little)

Maverick: Now Monica, you can't really think of anything bad about your
can you?

Monica: (thinks hard) He used to give me wedgies!

(Cuts to Chandler testifying)

Chan: He was my best friend all through high school and college. I guess
you could
say he was a pretty good guy.

Maverick: Right now I think it's more important that you explain to the
jury exactly
what happened on the night of April 21, 1999.

Chan: (defensivly) Ross is lying!

Maverick: Are you saying that your best friend since high school would make
something like that?

Chan: Yes.

Maverick: You're under oath Mr. Bing.

Chan: (pause) Well I'm......(trails off) I'm innocent.

(We fade out on Chandler's face)

Scene: [Later. We assume that several hours have passed by. Ross'
wittnesses are
now testifying. It'll go in the same format as the other side]

(Freeman is pacing around the floor. Judy Geller is testifying)

Freeman: Mrs. Geller. How would you discribe your son?

Judy: Well, he was a good kid. He did well in school. Especially in

Freeman: Did he have a good relationship with his sister?

Judy: Yes, I suppose so.

Freeman: Mrs. Green said earlier that Ross got married and had children at
a younge
age. How did you feel about that?

Judy: Well, I can't say that I fully aprooved, but I don't still hold it
against either of

Freeman: I see. Do you believe that your son is innocent?

Judy: (pause) I certainly do.

(Cut to Jack Geller testifying)

Jack: I didn't fully aproove of him running off and getting married either.
But he's a
good kid. He would never harm anyone.

Freeman: So you also believe that your son is innocent?

Jack: Yes, I do.

(Cuts to Joey testifying)

Joey: Ross is a really great guy. I met him in college, right after he and
Rachel had
gotten married. I even remember the day their son was born.

Freeman: Do believe he's innocent.

Joey: Of coarse.

(Cuts to Pheobe testifying)

Pho: How could Ross ever kill anybody. He's so sweet and nice....and such a
kisser......(realizes) not that I would know.

Freeman: Do you believe he's innocent?

Pho: Yes.....was that not clear?

(Later.....Junior is now testifying)

Freeman: Now, Junior....what do you remember about your father?

Jun: (thinks) He really liked dinosours.

Freeman: Anything else?

Jun: He liked to kiss my mommy.

(everyone chuckles)

Freeman: Is that it?

Jun: (thinks hard) I remember wondering why he left for two years. All the
kids at
school have moms and dads. I always wondered why I only had a mom.

Freeman: Do you believe that your father could have commited any crimes?

Jun: (pause) No.....

(Later..... Rachel is testifying)

Freeman: Now would you describe your husband?

Rach: (clears her throat) Well....he's

Freeman: Smart enough to murder two men?

(She looks annoyed but keeps quiet)

Freeman: What made you decide to get married at such a younge age?

Rach: I don't see what that has to do with-

Freeman: (cutting her off) Answer the question please.

Rach: Well....we just wanted to be on our own, and live our lives' without
parents holding us parents hated us as a couple....they always
we moved to fast.....I guess it was a rebellion......we just had to show
them that we
didn't care what they thought.

Freeman: Will you describe how it happened?

Rach: What?

Freeman: Your marraige. Describe how it happened.

Rach: Well.....

(The scene changes to 1996. Rachel and Sandra are pacing around a large
room. Rachel looks 18)

Rach: (yelling) Just tell me why you don't like him!

San: (also yelling) He's way too younge and immature!

Rach: He's the same age as I am, and he's an honor student!

San: It's not just that! I have a problem with your entire relationship
with him!

Rach: Why, just tell me why!

San: You two move way too fast! When I was your age I never claimed to love
high school boy!

Rach: I do love him!

San: And I suppose you think that he loves you too?!

Rach: He does love me! Mother, I'm 18 years old, you can't control my life


San: As long as you live in this house, I have the right to tell what to

Rach: But you can't tell me who I can and can't date!

San: I forbid you to keep dating that boy!

Rach: What?!

San: I said, I forbid you to keep dating him! Now go to your room!

Rach: Fine mom, it doesn't matter because I don't care what you think!

San: I said go to your room Rachel!

(Rachel turns and angrily goes up the stairs. She enters her bedroom,
crying. She
lays down on her bed and cries into her pillow. After a moment, she looks
up at her
phone. She sniffs then picks it up and dials a number)

Rach: Ross?

(cuts to Ross)

Ross: Hey honey, what's up?

(cuts to Rachel)

Rach: Well....

(cuts to Ross)

Ross: Are you crying?

(cuts to Rachel)

Rach: No, no. I'm fine.

(cuts to Ross)

Ross: Good. So are you excited about graduating tommorrow?

(cuts to Rachel)

Rach: Yeah, I can hardly wait.

(cuts to Ross)

Ross: Me too. Are you sure you're okay, your voice sounds wierd.

(cuts to Rachel)

Rach: Ross.....I....

(cuts to Ross)

Ross: What is it?

(cuts to Rachel)

Rach: Let's get married.

(cuts to Ross)

Ross: What? Rach that's crazy.

(cuts to Rachel)

Rach: Why, you don't want to marry me?

(cuts to Ross)

Ross: Well, sure I do, but we-we can't just get married. What about our

(cuts to Rachel)

Rach: They don't have to know anything, we could just take off tommorrow
after the graduation ceremony.

(cuts to Ross)

Ross: Rach, I really don't think that's such a good idea.

(cuts to Rachel)

Rach: (crying) Ross please, I-I have to get out of here.....I'm sick of
being pushed
around by my parents, I.....I just want to be with you....

(cuts to Ross)

Ross: (pause) Well.....than I guess we should get married....

(cuts to Rachel)

Rach: (still crying, but smiles) Okay.....I love you.....

(cuts to Ross)

Ross: I love you too.....

(The scene changes back to the courtroom)

Rach: And that's how it happened.....the next night, after the
ceremony....we went to
the nearest wedding chapel and got married.

Freeman: What do you have to say about your relationship with the Bings?

Rach: They were two of the best friends I've ever had.....we used to have
so much
fun together.....If I had one wish, I want to erase this whole thing, so
that things
would go back to the way they used to be.....

Freeman: Do you believe that your husband killed the men?

Rach: just can't be true.

Freeman: Why not?

Rach: (her eyes fill with tears) Because....because I don't want it to be
(pause) I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone....without my
my friends....or my family.....(puts her head in her hands and cries)

(Chandler jumps up)

Chan: Hold on! (everyone turns to Chandler) I can't do this any was me
that shot the men....i'm guilty.

(the courtroom gasps)

Judge: Sit down Mr. Bing! You were not given permission to speak!

Chan: I'm sorry....but that's my friend! (points to Rachel) And him, he's
my friend
too! (points to Ross) And I'm the worst friend their ever was.....

(He sits down)

Judge: Mr. Bing. I'm afraid you're going to have to explain this situation.
will you take over?

(Maverick stands up, and goes over to Chandler)

Maverick: Mr. could you keep this from your friends for all
this time?
Do you know that if you had owned up to this from the very beginning you
have avoided facing criminal charges?

Chan: I know....but I just didn't know what to's not like I ever
myself murdering two men....It's a situation you never expect to have to

Judge: I'm afraid we'll have to schedule a separate trial date for you Mr.
Until then, you will be on probation.

Chan: Can I just say something first?

Judge: Yes, you may.

Chan: There's probably nothing I can do that would ever make up for the
pain that
I've caused everyone. Rachel.....I'm sorry you had to spend the past two
alone....I also wish everything could be the same as it used to be.
Ross....I owe you
way too many should have been me spending time in
sorry man. To everyone else.....I'm sorry for tearing apart your
whatever punishment they give me....I diserve it....

(The courtroom is silent. Rachel looks like she feels a little bit
sympathetic for
Chandler. Ross looks a little relieved that Chandler confessed. Monica
looks hurt.
Everyone else just looks shocked. The judge speaks up)

Judge: Well, it looks like this case is closed, at least for now (he turns
to Ross) Mr. have been proven innocent. You may go home with your family.

(Rachel screams, and runs to Ross, who is nearly crying. Junior joins them,
and the
three share a group hug. Pheobe, Joey, Jack, and Judy join them, and they
all hug
tightly. Chandler looks at them, and smiles a little)

[Scene: Rachel, Ross and Junior are in the lobby, getting ready to go home]

Ross: Okay, are we ready?

Rach: Yeah, oh no wait, I forgot my purse. I'll go get it, why don't you
two get in
the car.

Ross: Okay, come on Junior.

(they leave and Rachel looks after them happily)

Voice: Rachel?

(Rachel turns around to see Monica)

Rach: Monica....hi.

Mon: Hi. Look um....I just wanted to say I'm sorry for...basically being a
bitch for
the past two years. I miss you.....and I really hope that someday we can be

Rach: (nods) I'd like that....

Mon: (smiles) Good. Well I'll see you later.

Rach: Okay. Oh, hey Mon?

Mon: (turns around) Yeah?

Rach: Tell Chandler that I forgive him.

Mon: (smiles and nods) I will.

Rach: Okay.

Mon: Bye.

Rach: Bye.

(Monica leaves. Rachel watches her go.....)

Five Years Later

Ross went back to school and earned his P.H.D in paleantology, and is now a

proffesuer at N.Y.U. Rachel quit her job at Bloomingdales and soon got an

assistant job at Ralph Lauren. Rachel had two more children, and is now the

president of the PTA. Pheobe and Joey got married and have twin girls.
and Rachel soon became close friends again, and they now live one block
from eachother. Chandler avoided facing criminal charges, but was put on
for six months. He now works as a data processer. Rachel did not speak to
parents for two years after the trial. They eventually made up and now keep
in touch
regularly. Although they've been through some hard times, their is no doubt
that the
six will always remain the best of F*R*I*E*N*D*S.


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