The One With Promising Inception

(This is a continuation of The One With The Wrong Moment)

Written by: KC

Note: Sorry it took me this long to write,I'm kinda busy right now, but

I found time during the night when everybody's asleep.I keep having a
lot of ideas at night so I just better write them down when I think of them b/c
I always forget about them in the morning. Hope you enjoy reading and pls. send
me any suggestions or comments

Disclaimer: These characters are owned by Bright, Kaufman, and Crane. This
fanfic was just made for fun and is non

(As you know, both of them admitted that they love each other, the problem is
that they didn't say it directly to each other.)

(Bank near the unversity where Ross is)
The paramedics, ambulance, and NYPD came just after Rachel called. They put Ross
in a strecher and the doctors checked
on his heartbeat, he's alive but unconscious and loosing a lot of blood. They
started putting medicine and wiping his
wounded knee and placed a temporary bandage to prevent the blood to flow a lot

(Ross' apt)
Rachel's going bonkers and panicking like crazy calling everybody. She calls
Monica but she went to the restaurant with Joey
without bringing her mobile. She calls Chandler, but he's asleep. So she just
left them a message. She calls 911, told them
that she was the one who called about the man that was shot and ask them where
the paramedics took Ross (we can see all
this but can't hear anything)

        - - - - - - - - - -  Intro - - - - - - - - - -

[Scene: Hospital, Information desk Rachel just arrived an hour and a half later]

Rachel: Did the paramedics take a Mr. Ross Geller here?
Info Nurse (lets call her Amy. She's played by Lisa Ling): Let me check (checks
her pc screen, types stuff and looks at
                  Rachel) there's a Mr. Geller that was brought in here an hour
and a half ago. He's in the ICU. Are you a family
Rachel: Well, kinda, he is my ex husband
Amy: Alright, take this (id) to pass his room. (she gives her the id and a bag)
and these are his things like his wallet, a box
         and his papers
Rachel: Thanks

(she continuously walked until she reached the room Ross is in. A doctor comes
out of the room. lets call him Dr. Matthews
  he's played by Dylan McDermot.)

Dr. Matthews: (sees Rachel coming closer) sorry miss you can't go in there
Rachel: but the nurse told me I could with this pass
Dr. Matthews: I'm sorry, I should've asked you before I said anything. So are
you the patient's wife?
Rachel: No, well actually ex-wife. Why do you ask?
Dr. Matthews: b/c it's either the wife or the parents get the news first. And
you don't seem old enough to be his mother
                     (laughs a little. he sees Rachel not smiling) ok, I know
I'm not that funny, but the least you could do is smile
Rachel: I'm sorry, I'm just really worried about him
Dr. Matthews: Miss (signals her to give her name)
Rachel: Green, Rachel Green
Dr. Matthews: Miss Green, he's ok now. However he's still unconscious because he
lost a lot of blood. He still needs a little
                      more to be on the safe side. (pauses) Are you a type (I
don't know his blood type so whatever)
Rachel: I'm not sure. You can check.
Dr. Matthews: Ok, my name is Dr. Lawrewnce Matthews, come with me

[Scene: Chandler and Monica's, Monica and Joey just got home and Chandler just
woke up]

Monica: (shouting) Chandler!, Chandler! are you home? (to Joey) Do you think he
went to work?
Joey: (scared of the tone of her voice so he ducked and covers his head with his
arms) i dunno, why do you ask me?
Monica: (sees Joey) Sorry I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at Chandler if he's not
Chandler: (O.S.) He's in the bedroom, MADLY AWAKEN
Monica: Sorry Chandler I didn't know. Did you check the messages yet?
Chandler: I just woke up now, so no sorry
Joey: Monica, why are you mad at him for spending a lot of time at work? I mean
maybe his boss made him stay that late
Monica: I think he is hiding something from me
Joey: Like?
Monica: I dunno (she goes to the answering machine)but i'll find out (presses
the button)
Answering Machine: (panicked) Chandler?!, Monica?! are you home?! Somebody?! ok
I'm at Ross' he , he was shot (every
body has their eyes wide open) I called 911 already and they're on their way.
I'll call you back for details ---beep---
Are you guys home?!, ok, no? Alright I'm at (whatever known Hospital in NY) When
you come just wait outside cuz they wont
let too many people in, ok? bye ---beep--- end of final message
Monica: Oh my gawd!
Joey: Ross got shot?!
Chandler: (rushed out of his room) Ross got what??!
Monica: He got shot
Chandler: Does Rachel know??
Joey: She's the one who told us dude
Monica: We gotta go to the hospital NOW
Chandler/ Joey: ok
Monica: I'll bring my mobile in case she calls

[Scene: Hospital,Hours later... Now its 9:00 Ross & Rachel have the same blood
type so she donated some to Ross]

Dr. Matthews: Thanks to you Ms. Green, he'll definately be fine
Rachel: (kinda pale) I'm glad
Dr. Matthews: You know, I never expected for you to be generous to your ex
Rachel: He's still one of my best friends
Dr. Matthews: It's good to know you can still count on them
Rachel: Yeah, can I see him now?
Dr. Matthews: Sure, they moved him to a private room, you also can rest there
Rachel: Thanks (they walked toward where Ross' room is)Dr. Matthews, can you do
me a favor?
Dr. Matthews: Sure
Rachel: Could you let my friends, Monica, Chandler, & Joey come in even though
they're late?
Dr. Matthews: Sure, I'll tell Amy the nurse on the information desk, ok? (Rachel
nods) now you go in there and take a rest
Rachel: ok

(Rachel enters and sees Ross)

Rachel: (she comes closer to Ross) I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked you to buy
anything (crying) this is all my fault
(she sits there and just stare at Ross and mins. later she falls asleep)

[Scene: Hospital, Info. desk, Monica, Chandler, & Joey just arrived. It's about
9:45 really late b/c they tried to call Phoebe
*remember she's on a trip?* Monica called her parents but they were out of

Amy: (sees the three approaching) I'm sorry but no more visitors, it's really
late now. Or unless one of you has an emergency
Monica: Actually my brother Ross Geller is confined here and. . .
Dr. Matthews: (he hears Monica and walks toward them) Are you Monica?
Monica: (stunned) Yeah, how'd you know?
Dr. Matthews: Oh, I'm no psychic, but Miss Green the ex wife asked if I could
let you and your other friends in
Chandler: And?
Dr. Matthews: Yes, come with me (looks at Joey) Have we met before?
Joey: Are you gay?
Dr. Matthew: Hell no, I'm married, I have a wife and a daughter. I just feel
like I saw you somewhere. What's your name?
Joey: Joey Tribbianni
Chandler: Have you ever watched low budget plays, movies or days of our
lives?(laughs for a minute then stops cuz Joey stares at him)
                 Sorry, Man
Dr. Matthews: Wait, (thinks) you were Dr. Drake Ramore my mother watch you
everytime until they let you fall on an elevator shaft, she
                       was crushed. (they reached the room) Ok, you guys have to
be quiet these two need their sleep
All three of them: ok/ no problem/ sure

(time lapse: hour later)

Dr. Matthews: I'm sorry guys but you really have to go
Monica:  What about Rachel?
Dr. Matthews: She's ok, she's a patient too
Joey: What?
Dr. Matthews: She donated blood to him, and she's the ex
Monica: She told you? (Dr.Matthews nods yes)(to Chandler) Can you believe that?
Chandler: Not that but something else
Joey: What?
Chandler: Nothing
Monica: Are you sure you got your sleep?
Chandler: Yeah,  I just meant that I can't believe she did that but I think, I
think she's falling for him again
Dr. Matthews: Guys
All: Oh sorry/ yeah/ we're goin

[Scene: Morning, Hospital Rachel is still asleep and Ross is now awake]
Ross: Oh gawd, where am I? (he looks around and kinda sits up) Oh right (he lays
back down. as he's looking around he saw
           Rachel on a hospital chair sleeping)Rachel, your here (he smiles)

(Dr. Matthews enters)

Dr. Matthews: I see one of my patients is up
Ross: Huh?
Dr. Matthews: I believe we haven't met. I'm Lawrence Matthews your doctor. So
how are you feeling?
Ross: I'm fine. (pauses) By patients you mean one of your patients in the bldg?
Dr. Matthews: No, I mean you and Miss Green over there (pointing at her)
Ross: Why? What happend to her?
Dr. Matthews: Nothing happend. She was your blood donor. If it wasn't for her
you would still be in the ICU
Ross: I can't believe she did that

(*PA system they have to call doctors* Dr. Matthews we need you at the ER now)

Dr. Matthews: Well I better get going, I'll check on you later
Ross: Ok

(by now Rachel is starting to wake up)
Ross: (softly)hey
Rachel: (softly) hey (still holding the bag she stands up and goes near Ross but
not near enough) how you feelin'?
Ross: Other mornings were better. (looks at Rachel) Are you afraid of me?
Rachel: No it's just that I'm scared if I go near you that I might hurt you
Ross: You won't hurt me (opens his arms) come here, I promise (they hug, notices
the bag) What's this
Rachel: It's your stuff
Ross: Oh, Thanks for everything Rach
Rachel: (she breaks and sits next to him)For what?
Ross: (holding her hands)For being my best friend, being here with me, and being
my blood donor
Rachel: How'd you know?
Ross: Dr. Matthews told me
Rachel: (getting teary eyed) I'm sorry Ross, If it wasn't for me you would've
been home safe (starts to cry)
Ross: (wipes her tears)This was not yours or anybody's fault Rach (he struggles
to sit up, holding her hands)It just happend
          to be that I was there to take the shot. (she cries more) Please
Rachel don't cry, I'm safe now (looks into her eyes, she
          dries her tears and looks back to him) b/c of you

(Rachel is sitting really close to him. they just looked at each other, Ross
looking at her with those eyes, and Rachel looking
at him with tears dripping one by one. Ross caught her off gaurd and kisses her
affectionately and she kisses back. After
that moment Ross wiped her tears again and just touches her face gently. Scene
fades.  )

[Teaser: Chandler's office]
(boss enters)
Boss: Hey Bing how many more days do you want to have an overtime?
Chandler: Just one more day of a 15 hr shift sir
Boss: Do you want it tomorrow?
Chandler: I'll ask Monica
Boss: Is she your wife?
Chandler: Not yet, she's my girlfriend
Boss: Alright, tell me ok?
Chandler: Yes sir
(boss leaves)
Chandler: And I'll tell you that I'll be buying her the perfect engagement ring
after payroll

T o  b e  c o n t i n u e d . . . . .