TO Where It Is Incomplete




-This fic is about Ross and Rachel; where Rachel wants to have a baby and Ross has other plans.  There is no Emma, and no Ben.


-The story is set a year after Ross and Rachelís wedding.  Ross and Rachel still live in New York City in ugly naked guyís apartment.  Monica and Chandler moved into the country after they had a son named Daniel.  After ďOver ThereĒ was a sleeper hit with critics and audiences, Joey did go to Hollywood to pursue other films.  He can be seen in a couple of new movies including ďNow Over Here,Ē the sequel to ďOver There.Ē  Joey felt lonely about leaving his friends behind.  After asking them if they wanted to all go to California to be with him, Phoebe was the only one who wanted to go.  Ross and Rachel, and Chandler and Monica were happy in New York and didnít want to leave it. 


-We are in a reception hall in the city; the story now begins as Ross and Rachel celebrate their one-year anniversaryÖ



Chandler:  Iím so glad everyone could make it here, especially family members of Ross and Rachel, and of course Phoebe and superstar Joey Tribbiani.  I know that you two (points to Ross and Rachel) wanted to be alone tonight to celebrate your one-year anniversary, but we couldnít resist the idea of all of us together.  And by together, I meant just the 6 of us.  Ha!  (Pauses and looks around to people not laughing) Okay, Iím going to sit down, because that would be just as funny as what Iíve just said.


Monica:  Thank you sweetie, that, that was different.  Okay, letís have the couple of the moment dance to their song.


Rachel:  Monica, we really donít have a song.


Monica:  Fine, then dance with what song theyíre playing now.



-Ross stands up and takes Rachelís hand.  He leads her to the center of the room and she smiles.  ďShare My WorldĒ plays by Dru Hill.  While they are dancing, with everyone watching them, Rachel speaksÖ



Rachel:  Happy one-year anniversary, Mr. Geller.


Ross:  Happy anniversary, Mrs. Geller.



-They both smile lovingly at one another.  The song ends and a few people applaud the two.


-Itís 11:36 p.m. and the party comes to an end.  As family and friends leave, the gang stays to reminisce.  They are all sitting on chairs making a circle.  Chandler and Monica are sitting together holding Daniel.  Phoebe has her legs on Joeyís lap, and Rachel is sitting on Ross, while he holds her tight.



Monica:  I canít believe all that has happened in the last two years. 


Joey:  I know.  I canít believe you two have a child (looks at Chandler and Monica who smiles at Daniel), and you two finally got married (looks at Ross and Rachel who smile at Joey).  But, I can believe that I became an even bigger star than I was before!


Chandler:  Yeah, congratulations on that Joey.  Oh, speaking of that, how are you and Phoebe living life in Hollywood? 


Phoebe:  Well, I like it a lot because Joey has these 2 butlers that would do anything for you, including sexual favors.


Rachel:  Thatís nice Pheebs.


Monica:  (Pause) I miss this. 


Phoebe:  Me too.


Rachel:  Me too!


Monica:  You know what!?  We should make a plan to get together like every week or so.


Joey:  Thatíd be nice, but I have such a busy and hectic schedule in the next few months, I donít know if I can make it.  Plus, I donít know if Phoebe would like to fly every week.


Phoebe:  Yeah, sorry Monica, I get mood swings every time I change time zones.


Rachel:  I also donít know if meeting every week is a good idea.  Ross and I have busy schedules too.  Like next weekend, I have conference in Minnesota.  Ralph Lauren is opening a mini mall right next to the Mall of America. 


Monica:  Well, how about every month?


Chandler:  Honey, letís not plan these things out right now, what ever happens, happens.  We all have different things going on now.  Itís not like the old days. 


Monica:  Yeah, but I like the old days, (slight pause) I miss the old days.


Phoebe:  Me too!


Rachel:  Me too!


Joey:  Me too!



-We fade out as the guys continue to talk.


-Itís 1:24 a.m., and Ross and Rachel are at their door.



Rachel:  It was really sweet of our friends to give us that party, right?


Ross:  Yeah, it was very sweet.


Rachel:  Youíre sweet.


Ross:  This is the wine talking, but you get hotter every single day.


Rachel:  (Smiles) Thank you.



-Ross takes his keys out and opens the door.  Before they go in, Ross picks up Rachel and carries her through the door.



Ross:  To another year of being married.


Rachel:  (Smiles) Okay, enough foreplay, to the bedroom, Mr. Geller.



-Itís 7:14 a.m. on Monday, and Ross and Rachel walk into their kitchen all dressed up for work.  Rachel opens the fridge and sees that it is empty.



Rachel:  Weíre out of milk.


Ross:  (Looks at the pantry) Weíre out of cereal.


Rachel:  (Goes to the cabinets) Weíre out of food.


Ross:  (Looks at the cupboard) Weíre out of plastic dishes, and only have about 3 forks left.


Rachel:  You know what?  Someday we should go shopping for more than just a few items.  And we shouldnít eat out so much, and we should really buy some real dinner plates instead of these plastic ones. 


Ross:  But baby, then we would have to wash them, instead of throwing them out.


Rachel:  Ross, sweetie, we really have to change our ways.  I mean, what are we going to do if we have a baby?  Are we going to take it out to dinner every night, or not feed it when we donít have any food?


Ross:  Whoa.  Slow down.  (Pauses) Okay, how about tonight, we go shopping for food, real plates, and weíll eat at home tonight.


Rachel:  Really!?


Ross:  Yes.  Now come on, weíre both late for work if weíre going to walk.


Rachel:  Thank you, honey.


Ross:  Donít thank me now, thank me tonight.



-They smile and both leave for work.  Since it is a beautiful day in the city, Ross and Rachel decide to walk to work instead of taking their car.  As they exit out of their apartment, they turn left and walk towards Times Square.  Ross is holding a briefcase in his right hand, while Rachel is holding her bag on her left hand and has her right arm around Rossí left arm.  They smile at one another and start to talk as they walk to Rachelís work.


-They finally arrive at her work and stop at the front entrance.



Ross:  Okay, so when are you going to be home?


Rachel:  I say around 3 or so, this week is going to be a breeze, because all of us will have to work our asses off at that conference in Minnesota.  When are you going to be home?


Ross:  I say 6 or 7.  (Rachel frowns) Iím sorry babe, but I have 48 term papers to grade, and you know I canít do any work at home with you and your body there.  (Smiles and pauses) Iíll try to make it home as fast as I can, okay?


Rachel:  (Still sad) Okay, donít forget about our plans tonight.


Ross:  All right, I should get going.


Rachel:  All, right.  Love you.


Ross:  Love you too.



-Ross then kisses her, and walks away.  Rachel stares at him and walks into her building.



Rachel:  Hey Tara.


Tara:  Hey Rachel. Oh, congratulations on your anniversary.


Rachel:  Thank you.


Tara:  Iím sorry I was out of town, but how was it?


Rachel:  It was very nice and romantic.


Tara:  Oh, thatís so sweet.  (Pauses) So are you excited about the conference in Minnesota?


Rachel:  Yes, I am.  And I am so ready for it.  Listen, Iím going to go into my office and look over the notes for the conference.  You want to have lunch later?


Tara:  Isnít your husband having lunch with you?


Rachel:  No, he said he had a ton of work to do.


Tara:  Sure, Iíll join you.


Rachel:  Great, Iíll come get you at 12 or 12:15, okay?


Tara:  Great.  Iíll see you later.


Rachel:  Okay, bye.



-We are now on a few blocks from Rachelís building and entering the museum.  Ross enters his office and hears a ring.



Ross:  Yes, hello? 


Prof. Shea:  Yes, hello Dr. Geller, this is Prof. Shea.


Ross:  Oh, hello Prof. Shea.  What can I do for you?


Prof. Shea:  I know that this is short notice, but I was wondering if you can stay a little late tonight; my TA is sick, and I need to have some essays graded by tomorrow. 

Ross:  Oh, I donít know if I can, I have plans tonight.


Prof. Shea:  It would mean a lot to me if you could help me out, doctor.


Ross:  Well, I guess I could cancel my plans, but that means that you owe me a favor now professor.


Prof. Shea:  Of course, thank you so much Dr. Geller.  Come by my office at around 7, and weíll get started.


Ross:  Sure, Iíll see you at 7.  Bye.


Prof. Shea:  Thank you and good-bye.



-Canceling his plans because of work now saddens Ross.  He picks up the phone, and dials Rachelís work.



Rachel:  Hello?


Ross:  Hey you, itís me.


Rachel:  Hey sweetie, whatís going on?


Ross:  I have to cancel our plans tonight.


Rachel:  What? Why?


Ross:  A professor needs me to help him with grading some papers.


Rachel:  Well, I need you to be home with me tonight.


Ross:  Please, donít start.


Rachel:  What am I going to do then?


Ross:  Well, you could go and do the things we had planned on doing.


Rachel:  I guess. (Pause) So what time are you going to get home?


Ross:  I donít know.  It depends on how many students the professor has in his class.  I am so sorry baby.


Rachel:  Itís okay; donít worry.  Youíll owe me. 


Ross:  Thank you.  Listen, I have to go and start getting things done.  Iíll see you later okay?


Rachel:  Okay.  Bye.


Ross:  Bye.



-The time is 12:36 and Rachel and Tara are having lunch uptown in the Terrace Room.



Tara:  If this conference goes well, we are so going to benefit from it.  I mean, raises, promotions, incentives, fringe benefits, the works.


Rachel:  I knowÖso are you ready?


Tara:  I am, Iím a little nervous, but who isnít?


Rachel:  Donít worry, youíll do great; we all will.


Tara:  (Smiles) So, any big plans this week, since itís going to be a breeze?


Rachel:  Well, Ross and I were planning on going shopping for you know the basics; food, cereal and milk, and dinner plates, (Tara smiles) but he called earlier and had to cancel. 


Tara:  Why?


Rachel:  He said he had to work late helping some professor.


Tara:  Well thatís understandable, itís near the summertime and finals have arrived.


Rachel:  I know; Iím just disappointed thatís all.  I mean, I wanted to go shopping with Ross.


Tara:  Rachel, youíre missing the concept.  Youíre still going shopping!


Rachel:  I know, but still.


Tara:  (Sighs) I know how you feel.  When Bob and I were first married, we couldnít keep our hands off each other.  But you know, as our marriage went on, our romance died down, and we were sick of each other.  Thatís probably why we went our separate ways.  ÖIím not saying you two are going to get divorced or anything.  I know the history.  Iím just saying that in a few years or so, you are probably going to be glad heís working late all the time.


Rachel:  I donít think thatís going to happen with me and Ross.


Tara:  WhatÖyou think that you two are a special couple or something?  You think you and Ross could be the same people today as letís say, 10 years from now?


Rachel:  Yeah, sure.


Tara:  I donít think so, but I wish you luck.


Rachel:  Listen, Ross and I have been together for such a long time, and so far, we canít seem to stay away from one another.  And when we have children, I think weíll be even closer.


Tara:  Maybe, but you could be further apart.


Rachel:  Explain.


Tara:  (Smiles) What I mean is that you and Ross have to dedicate a lot of your time towards the baby, and you guys will still have your hectic jobs to do.  Quality time for you two will decrease; trust me.


Rachel:  I donít care what you say; (smiles) I still think Ross and I are going to be okay and be more in love than ever before once we have a baby.


Tara:  Does he even want to have a baby?


Rachel:  Of course he does, why wouldnít he?


Tara:  I donít know, have you guys talked about it?

Rachel:  (Pauses) Well, I haveÖwith MonicaÖand you.


Tara:  What about Ross?  Have you guys talked about it?


Rachel:  (Quietly) No.


Tara:  Has he mentioned having a baby to you?


Rachel:  No, but he calls me ďbabyĒ all the time; maybe thatís his way of saying he wants one.


Tara:  (Smiles) I donít think thatís it.  (Pauses and frowns) What if he doesnít want one?


Rachel:  He wants one.


Tara:  How can you be so sure?


Rachel:  Heís my husband, I know him.  He loves children; he plays with Daniel all the time.


Tara:  All Iím saying is that you two have very busy lives, and that could be a problem for him if you want to have a baby. 


Rachel:  How could it be a problem?  I mean, sure weíd have to work less, but thatís a good thing.  And I guess weíd have to move out of the city to accommodate for the baby, and weíll need more money to raise the baby.  (Pauses and looks at Tara) Okay, maybe weíll have some problems, but knowing Ross, he and I will get through this, just like we got through everything else.


Tara:  Are you sure?


Rachel:  Iím sure of it, and Iím sure he wants to have a baby too.


Tara:  I hope youíre right.


Rachel:  (Pauses) Me tooÖme too.



-It is now 3:19.  We are at NYU, Ross is in his office going over his notes for his 4 oíclock lecture.  Suddenly the phone rings.



Ross:  Hello?


Joey:  Hey, buddy.


Ross:  Joey!?  Wow, how are you?


Joey:  Just fine, today is my day off and Iím just calling to say hi.


Ross:  CoolÖhi.


Joey:  Hi.  (Pause) So whatís new?


Ross:  Nothing, same as the last time you saw me, which was 2 days ago.


Joey:  So what are you doing?


Ross:  Iím just going over some notes for my lecture at 4.

Joey:  Nice!


Ross:  Hey, do you want to hear it?


Joey:  I came to talk to you, not to fall asleep.


Ross:  Sorry.  So, howís your movie thingy going?


Joey:  Itís fine.  Great actually.  A lot of scripts have been coming my way after ďOver ThereĒ came out. 


Ross:  Iím so happy for you Joe.  So howís Phoebe doing?


Joey:  She loves it here.


Ross:  Yeah, what is she doing?


Joey:  I donít know.


Ross:  Well, good to know youíre on top of things.


Joey:  So howís it going with Rachel?


Ross:  Joey, you were at our anniversary party, you should know.


Joey:  Oh, (pauses) I mean, how does it feel to be married to Rachel for a year?


Ross:  OhÖit feels great. 


Joey:  Yeah?


Ross:  Yeah, I mean, we are so happy, and Iíve never been more in love.


Joey:  (Smiling sweetly) Duuuuude!


Ross:  Thanks Joey.


Joey:  So, are you guys planning on having any kids?


Ross:  What?


Joey:  You know, little people.


Ross:  I know what you meant, Iím just surprised that you would bring something like that up.


Joey:  Why are you surprised?  Have you and Rachel not talked about it?


Ross:  UmÖ


Joey:  You guys havenít, huh?


Ross:  No, (feels guilty) I guess not.


Joey:  Itís okay buddy.  But I gotta tell ya, if you two arenít talking about it, there are others who are.


Ross:  Like who?


Joey:  Well, me for one, and Phoebe for two.  Thereís also Chandler and Monica, your parents, their friends, my friends out here, Chandlerís co-workers, Monicaís co-workers, and a couple of strangers.  (Slight pause) Oh, and Rachel.


Ross:  What!?  Rachel has talked about this?


Joey:  Yes.  She and Monica talk about it all the time, without you hearing of course.


Ross:  How do you know this?


Joey:  Iím a huge celebrity, I have connections.


Ross:  Monica told you?


Joey:  Yeah.


Ross:  (Pauses) I canít believe this, why didnít she tell me she wanted a baby?


Joey:  I donít know, I figured she was scared of how you felt, considering you guys never talk about it, and you never mentioning the word ďbaby.Ē


Ross:  I mention the word ďbabyĒ all the time.   I call Rachel ďbabyĒ every single day!


Joey:  Ross.  Seriously, she is scared because she wonít know how you will react. 


Ross:  Is that how she really feels?


Joey:  Probably.  (Pause) Ross?


Ross:  Yeah?


Joey:  How do you feel?


Ross:  About what?


Joey:  About having a little person. 


Ross:  Weíll, Iím scared because Iím afraid of midgets, but as for babies, wellÖIím afraid of that too.


Joey:  So you donít want to have one?


Ross:  IÖI donít know Joey.  I meanÖitís a lot more complicated than just having one or not.


Joey:  I understand.  So what are you going to tell Rachel?


Ross:  What do you mean, ďwhat I am I going to tell her?Ē


Joey:  You are going to tell her, arenít you?


Ross:  Ömaybe if she brings it up.


Joey:  Thatís not fair for Rachel, Ross.  You have to tell her what youíre feelings for having a baby are.


Ross:  That is it Joey.  I donít know what Iím feeling towards having a baby.  I meanÖI mean I like kids.  Daniel is so great and I love him, but having a kid of my own?  ÖI donít know.


Joey:  Well, either way, you gotta tell Rachel.  Otherwise, sheíll find out the hard way, and you wonít like it. 


Ross:  I know.


Joey:  Listen, I have to get going.  Itís lunchtime for me over here, and talking about tension makes me hungry.


Ross:  Okay, Iíll talked to you later.


Joey:  Okay buddy, see you later.


Ross:  ByeÖ(hangs up the phone and lets out a huge sigh) greatÖthis is just great.



-It is 12:32 in the morning, and Ross has not come home yet.  Rachel is sitting on the couch watching TV, waiting for her husband to show up. 


-A little while later, Ross comes in the apartment and sees Rachel asleep on their couch.  He has a guilty look on his face.  He drops his briefcase to the floor and walks over to Rachel.  He loosens his tie, and gives her a kiss on the head.  After that, he whispers ďsorryĒ to her ear and picks her up.  He then carries Rachel, who is still asleep, into the bedroom.  Ross then lays her down and pulls the covers over her.  He then goes to the bathroom to change and gets ready for bed.   After 5 minutes in the bathroom, Ross exits to see Rachel sitting on the bed, leaning against the headrest.



Rachel: You are really late.


Ross: I know, and Iím sorry.  (Pauses) Arenít you supposed to be asleep?


Rachel: Yeah, but you woke me up. 


Ross: When?


Rachel: When you dropped your briefcase. 


Ross: Oh, sorry.  (Looks at her) Then why didnít you wake up?


Rachel: I wanted to see what you were going to do to me. 


Ross: How did I do?


Rachel: Good.  Although you should have come home earlier.


Ross: I know, and I owe you.  What can I do to make it up to you?


Rachel: Well there is something you can do.


Ross: (Smiles and looks at her) Okay, take your clothes off and letís go!


Rachel: No, not that!  Iím still mad at you.


Ross:  (Pulling his pants up) Okay, what did you have in mind?


Rachel:  (Smiles at him).


-We are at Central Park at 1:46 in the morning.  Rachel takes Ross to the park for a walk and to discuss some matters.



Rachel: Isnít this great?


Ross: (Yawning)Yeah, itís better than sex and sleeping.  (Pauses) Shouldnít we being doing one of those things right now? 


Rachel: Hey, you owe me remember?


Ross: Okay, Iím sorry.


Rachel: (Wraps both of her arms around his left arm) So, how was work today?  Anything interesting?


Ross: No, not really...just...


Rachel: What?  What happened?


Ross: Joey called me.


Rachel: Really?  Why would he do that?


Ross: I donít know.  He told me he called me because it was his day off.


Rachel: That was nice of him.  What did you guys talk about?


Ross: Nothing, just guy stuff


Rachel: What kind of guy stuff?


Ross: You know, stuff.


Rachel: What stuff?  Oh....forget about it....That must be so great.


Ross: What would be so great?


Rachel: You know, not having to work on Mondays. 


Ross: Yeah, that would be great, but would never happen to us.


Rachel: I know, but itís fun to dream isnít it?


Ross: Yeah, I dream of having sex with you and then going to sleep afterwards.  (Pauses) Man I wish that could happen. 


Rachel: You know what I dream about?


Ross: Doing it in the park?


Rachel: No.  (Smiles) About us.


Ross:  Sleeping?


Rachel: No, know, just living a great life.  (Pauses) Do you dream about our future?


Ross: Of course I do. 


Rachel: What do you dream about?...and donít tell me something about us doing it.


Ross: Well then, I have nothing to say.


Rachel: Please?  Tell me.


Ross: (Pauses and sighs) Fine....I do dream about us.  I dream that we finally find the house of our dreams.  I dream that we have a flower garden in the back where you can grow your own lilies.  I dream that every Sunday morning, we would wake up, read the paper, then spend the whole day together doing anything.  And I dream that we are  in our 90's, still living at our dream house, and we are making out on our 50-year old couch.


Rachel: (Looks at him and smiles) Wow, thatís...thatís so sweet.


Ross: Yeah, well thatís the guy you married.


Rachel: What about our kids?


Ross: Our kids?


Rachel: Yeah, what will they be like?


Ross: Uh...I donít know.


Rachel: Well, how many would we have?


Ross:  I donít know.


Rachel: What do you know?


Ross: I..I know that Joey refers to them as little people.


Rachel: You donít want kids do you?


Ross: Listen...itís not that I donít want them...itís...itís just that I donít think we need any right now.


Rachel: Youíre afraid to have kids, arenít you?


Ross: No, Iím not...itís just that weíre living very busy lives, and I really doubt that having a baby would do us any good.


Rachel: But itís a baby Ross, it will be something that we created.


Ross: We created something last week.


Rachel: Making a cake for my bossí birthday party together is not what I had in mind.


Ross: (Gets serious) Rach, to be honest, I like the way things are now, I donít want to change the way things are now.  If we had a baby, everything would change and that would freak me out.  I love living life right now with you. 


Rachel: What are you so scared of?  Are you scared that something will happen to us if we have this baby?


Ross: No...maybe...Iím just not ready to take it to the next step.

Rachel: Thatís too bad, because I am. 



-Rachel walks away shedding tears as Ross calls her name.  She doesnít turn around, and he sits down on a bench with his hands covering his face.


-There is now a montage of events after the talk in the park.


-Rachel comes back to the apartment and goes to the bedroom.  Ross comes back a little while later and looks at the bedroom door, but decides to sleep on the couch.

-Rachel and Ross walk to work alone. 

-Ross and Rachel are in the kitchen eating breakfast, but silence fills the air.

-Ross is at his office at the university.  The time reads 12:47 am.  Rachel is at home on her bed reading a Nora Bing book, and she glances over to Rossí side and looks down.

-Rachel is at her conference in Minnesota; she is presenting her ideas to clients and executives.

-Ross is at home watching the discovery channel.

-Rachel is talking to Monica, looking sad, Ross walks in and they look at each other.  Then he leaves for the bedroom, while she continues to talk to Monica.

-Ross comes home and goes to the bedroom; he sees a note and reads it.  It said that Rachel went to live with Monica for a while, and that she doesnít know when she will return.

-Rachel is at Monica and Chandlerís; she is watching the discovery channel looking sad.

-Ross is at home watching E!; he has a sad look on his face.

-Phoebe and Joey come to Chandler and Monicaís for a get together.  Just the five of them sit and talk.


-It has been a couple of weeks since Rachel left.  Both Ross and Rachel have been trying to ignore whatís going on.  We are at Monica and Chandlerís.



Monica: Rachel, Iím going to the market, do you need anything?


Rachel: No, nothing.


Monica: All right, Iíll be back in half an hour.


Rachel: Okay, bye.


Monica: Bye.



-Monica leaves and Rachel gets up from the couch and wonders around the house; she comes to the patio door and sees Chandler playing with Daniel.  She looks at them and smiles.  She comes out and greets them.



Rachel: What are you guys doing?


Chandler: Just playing.  I promised this little guy that I would always spend at least an hour with him everyday.


Rachel: Thatís really sweet, Chandler.


Chandler:, you want to play with him?


Rachel: No, you go ahead.  


Chandler: I will, but first, please hold him.

Rachel: Why?


Chandler: Because I have to pee.


Rachel: (Laughs) Okay, come here Daniel.


Chandler: Thank you, be back soon. (He leaves)


Rachel: Hey, you, you are so cute.  I could just eat you up.  (Pauses) Oh Ross, why donít you want one?



-Rossí office at NYU.  Thereís a knock on the door.



Ross: Come in.


Prof. Shea: Oh hello, Ross.  What are you doing here so late?


Ross: Well, what are you doing here so late?


Prof. Shea: I have to teach summer classes and had big meeting with some of the professors.  Do you have summer classes to teach?


Ross: No, just wanted to stay around and finish some stuff.


Prof. Shea: Go home, see your wife.


Ross: Okay, I will.


Prof. Shea: Goodnight, and try not to work late again.


Ross: Iíll try not to.



-The professor exits and Ross lets out a big sigh.


-At Rossí apartment, it is dark and silent.  Ross is just sitting on the couch looking at the TV, which is turned off.  He sits there with no expression on his face, and looking nowhere.  The time is 3:37 am.


-Ross finally goes to sleep, but he wakes up realizing something. 



Ross: Whoa...Man, am I an idiot.



-Chandler and Monicaís.  They are having a backyard barbeque with several guests.



Monica:  No, honey, the forks go on the left side of the plate, not the right side.


Chandler: Theyíre plastic forks!  And were having burgers!


Rachel: You guys, we have guests.



-A car suddenly pulls into the driveway.  Itís Rossí.  He gets out and goes to the backyard.  He looks around and then finally sees his wife with Monica and Chandler.  He approaches them as Rachel walks into the house, not realizing he is there.  Ross walks up to Chandler and Monica.



Ross: Hey.  How are you?


Chandler: Good.  And you?


Ross: Iím doing great.


Chandler and Monica: What!?


Ross: No, Iíll explain later.  Iím going to see Rachel. 


Monica: Are you sure you know what youíre doing?  Sheís still very sensitive, Ross.


Ross: I know. 


Monica: (Hugs him) Okay, good luck.


Ross: Thank you.  (He goes into the house)


Monica: I hope he knows what heís doing.


Chandler: Of course he does; he doesnít want another divorce, does he?



-Ross walks in and looks around for Rachel.  She finally walks out of the bathroom, and sees him on leaning against the wall.



Rachel: (Shocked) Hey.


Ross: Hey.


Rachel: Wow, this is unexpected, I havenít seen you in so long.


Ross: Itís been too long.


Rachel:  I know, but listen, if youíre here to...


Ross: Iím here to tell you something.


Rachel: (Looks at him) What?


Ross: Before you do anything, or say anything.  Just listen to me.  Okay?


Rachel: Okay.


Ross: ...I was miserable when you left...and life sucked.  But then, I had this revelation in one of my dreams.  See, I ignored what had happened to us, and didnít talk to anyone about it.  Then all of a sudden I dreamt something that made absolute sense.  Without sharing my feelings to anyone about us, or even without mentioning our situation to anyone, I realized that I do want to have a baby.


Rachel: You do?

Ross: Yes.  It should have been that simple.


Rachel: (Pauses) What was so special about the dream?  What did you dream about?


Ross: (Looks at her) I dreamt about my dream of, you know, us having our dream house, having a lily garden, and still making out into our 90's.  (Pause) But there was something different.  I also dreamt that we had kids; three actually, all girls.  And not only did I dream about the girls, I dreamt that I was happy.  (Pauses) Living life with you and having three girls is what I want; itís now very clear to me what I want, and Iím sorry for not realizing it sooner.


Rachel: Wow.  All that in a dream.  I donít know what to say?


Ross: You donít have to say anything.


Rachel: Yes, I do. (Looks at him) Now you listen to me.


Ross: Okay.


Rachel: I was hurt when you didnít want a child.  I hated you for making me think about divorcing you and finding someone who wanted a baby with me.  You made me feel terrible about having these awful feelings about us.  Every time I dreamt about you, I wanted to come and hug you, then kill you for putting our relationship in danger.  (Pauses) But now that youíre here, and after you said all those wonderful things, I canít help but hug you.


Ross: So, youíre not going to kill me?


Rachel: Thatíll come later.



-Ross walks over to Rachel and they finally hug.  Chandler and Monica look through the window and smile.



Ross: Letís make a baby.


Rachel: Now?


Ross: How about tonight, after you come home.


Rachel: Okay, but I have to see The Amazon on the Discovery Channel.


Ross: Oh, and E! Is having a best and worst dressed list show, I have to watch that.



-Ross and Rachel exit to the backyard.  They come to Chandler and Monica.



Monica: We couldnít help but see what went on in there.  And weíre so happy for you two.


Ross: Thank you.  (Pauses) Whereís Phoebe and Joey?


Chandler: Oh, they couldnít make it, they had other plans.


Monica: You know what we should do, we should call them later and see if they could come next weekend so we can all finally be together again. 


Rachel: Yeah, thatíll be great.


Monica: Yeah, all of us together again.  (Pauses) I miss that!


Rachel: Me too!


Chandler: Here we go again.



-Ross and Rachelís apartment.



Rachel: Wow, itís good to be home.


Ross: Itís good that youíre home.


Rachel: Thank you.


Ross: So, what you wanna do?


Rachel: You know what I want to do.


Ross: All right.  Letís go get ready.


Rachel: I have been waiting for this since forever.



-5 minutes later, we see Ross and Rachel on the couch cuddling and watching the discovery channel and eating popcorn. 



Ross: Werenít we supposed to do something?


Rachel: We have plenty of time for that.  The discovery channel has long commercials.


Ross: Cool.  Oh, by the way, weíre out of popcorn.


Rachel: Yeah, and weíre out of napkins.


Ross: Weíre out of those plastic forks too.


Rachel: And I donít think thereís any food left.


Ross: (Pauses) Man, our kids are going to die.


Rachel: Now, donít say that, weíll be more responsible and weíll have food.  And weíll have real stuff for the kitchen too. 


Ross: I hope we know what weíre getting ourselves into.


Rachel: Donít worry, sweetie.  Raising children is easy.  They practically raise themselves, with the internet and all.


Ross: What!?


Rachel: Shhh!  Theyíre talking about prehistoric carnivores!






The End...                                            July 15, 2002