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CENTRAL PERK (Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe are present)

Rachel: Has anyone heard from Monica or Chandler?

Ross/Joey/Phoebe: No.

Phoebe: When do they get back?

Rachel: Not until the end of the week.

Joey: What day is it today?

Phoebe: Duh, even a dumb monkey knows that today is the day after yesterday.

Rachel: It's Tuesday.

Joey (whining): Man I miss Chandler!

Phoebe: What, are you his love slave or something?

Ross: Come on Joey, it's not that bad. Plus it gives us the chance to hang out together. I know, there is this new exhibit opening at the
Museum of Modern Art this afternoon. What do you say we go check it out?

Joey: Art? Why would I want to see art? Take Rachel, like I would enjoy seeing art.

Rachel: I can't go, I have to go into work for inventory.

Ross: Fine Joey, you don't have to go. I guess I'll look at the paintings of naked women by myself.

Joey: There are naked women in these paintings?

Ross: Yes.

Joey: You didn't tell me that! What are we waiting for? Let's go! (Joey and Ross sprint out of Central Perk)

Rachel: At least we now know where Joey’s brain is located.


ART MUSEUM (Ross and Joey are looking at the paintings)

Joey: Hey Ross, check this one out.

Ross: Which one?

Joey: The one with the naked girl holding the apple with a snake covering her privates.

Ross: That's Eve.

Joey: You know her? Is she single? She's got a great rack.

Ross: No. No, that's a depiction of Eve eating the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden.

Joey: The Garden of Eden? Where's that, New Jersey?

Ross: New Jersey? Aren't you Catholic?

Joey: Yeah, but how am I supposed to know where the Garden of Eden is? I thought it might be in New Jersey. It's the garden state after all.

Ross: The Garden of Eden is where Adam and Eve lived in the biblical story of creation.

Joey: The snake's name is Adam?

Ross: No, the snake is the devil.

Joey: Who's Adam then?

Ross (sarcastically): He's Eve's boyfriend.

Joey: Are they serious?

Ross: They're not even real people!

Joey: Well then how do you know her name?

CHANDLER & MONICA'S APARTMENT (Phoebe and Rachel are lounging around)

Phoebe: It was nice of Chandler and Monica to leave their door open while they're gone.

Rachel: They didn't Pheebs. I still have my key.

Phoebe: Oh. What do you wanna do?

Rachel: Wanna get naked?

Phoebe: Huh?

Rachel: Wanna oil each other up and roll around naked?

Phoebe: Together?

Rachel: Well it wouldn't be as exciting if I did it by myself.

Phoebe: You should try it sometime, it's fun. Did I say that out loud? But no, I don't.

Rachel (laughing): But Courteney said that you kiss so well.

Phoebe: No! I'm not a lesbian!

Rachel (laughing): She also said that you rocked her world.

Phoebe: God, you make out with another woman once and they label you a lesbian.

(Joey and Ross enter)

Joey: Hey Rach. Pheebs, how's the girlfriend?

Phoebe: I don't have a girlfriend!

Ross: So that girl you were making out with at the reception, you just do that occasionally?

Phoebe: Look, I was drunk. Like none of you have ever made a drunken mistake before. Married in Vegas (points to Ross and Rachel), runs
around the apartment building completely naked (points at Joey).

Ross: Ah Pheebs, I know you're probably not interested but I promised Carol and Susan that I pass on their message.

Phoebe: What is it?

Ross: Ah, they said that if you and Courteney are up for swapping partners, they'd be willing to participate.

Phoebe: Stop, stop it! I'm not a lesbian!

Ross/Joey/Rachel: Sorry Pheebs.

Rachel (to Phoebe): So I guess you don't want to roll around naked? (Phoebe glares at Rachel)

PHOEBE'S APARTMENT (Phoebe is meditating. There's a knock on her door)

Phoebe: Coming.

(Phoebe opens the door)

Phoebe: Courteney, what are you doing here?

Courteney: I have a problem. David kicked me out of our apartment. I made the mistake of telling him what happened between us at the
wedding reception.

Phoebe: Who's David?

Courteney: My boyfriend of three years. Actually he’s my ex-boyfriend now. He completely went insane when I told him. He was saying that
I'm a lesbian and that I like women more than I like men. Anyway, I need a place to stay and since we just moved here from Jersey, I don’t
really know anyone. Can I crash on your couch?

Phoebe: Sure. Actually you can sleep in Denise's old room. She just moved out. How long do you think you'll need to stay?

Courteney: I don't know, until I find a new place probably.

Phoebe: Why don’t you just live with me?

Courteney: Are you sure?

Phoebe: Sure, what are friends for?

Courteney: But we just met at the wedding.

Phoebe: So? Any friend of Chandler’s is a friend of mine. Come on, it’ll be fun! What’s David’s problem? Normally guys get really excited
when they hear of two attractive women making out.

Courteney: I think he's homophobic.

Phoebe: He’s gay?

Courteney: No, he’s afraid of them.

Phoebe: Oh. (pause) I have to know one thing though, you do know that it was a drunken mistake, right?

Courteney: Totally. Don’t you remember? It was a dare from your friend Joey.

Phoebe: Joey made us do that? I’m gonna kill that bastard!

Courteney: Don’t hurt him too bad, he’s so cute.

Phoebe: Getting over David rather quickly I see.

Courteney: What? I’m not allowed to say a guy’s cute? It’s not like I’m gonna act on it.

Phoebe: You must not know Joey very well.

CENTRAL PERK (Joey, Ross and Rachel are sitting on the couch)

Joey: When does Chandler get back?

Rachel: Joey for the last time, they get back on Friday.

Ross: Has anyone seen Phoebe? I feel really bad about teasing her before.

Rachel: You should feel bad.

Ross: As I recall, you’re the one who wanted to roll around naked with her.

Joey: Nice. (Rachel glares at Joey) Sorry.

(Phoebe and Courteney enter)

Phoebe: Hey guys, you remember Courteney from the wedding right?

Joey: How could I forget?

Phoebe: Joseph Tribbiani, you behave yourself.

Ross: Hi Courteney, it’s nice to see you again.

Rachel: Hey.

Phoebe: Courteney’s gonna be my new roommate!

Joey: Nice!

Phoebe: Joseph, if you say anything else you will die!

Joey: Sorry. So Courteney, how you doin?

Rachel (to Ross): He’s already started.

Ross (to Rachel): At least he lasted this long.

Courteney: Pretty good Joey. How you doin?

Joey: You need any help unpacking anything?

Courteney: That’s so sweet. Sure, I’d love a hand.

Phoebe: Courteney, if you’re not careful he’ll try to give you more than a hand.

(Carol, Susan, and Ben enter)

Carol: Hey guys!

Ross: Hey Carol, Susan. There’s my little boy!

Ben: Dad, I’m six years old. I’m not a little boy anymore, I’m a man.

Ross (to Carol): Has he been watching too much Seinfeld again?

Carol: Anyway, Susan and I have to be going. Oh hi Courteney, I didn’t see you there.

Susan: So Phoebe, have you given anymore thought to our offer?

Phoebe (loudly): We are not lesbians! (Everyone in Central Perk stares at Phoebe)

Susan: Ah Phoebe, I was talking about singing at our anniversary party.

Phoebe: Ok, I really have to stop drinking. You guys want me to sing at your anniversary party?

Carol: Yes. Don’t you remember? We talked about at Chandler and Monica’s wedding.

Phoebe: I don’t remember much from that wedding.

Joey: Don’t you remember making out with Courteney?

Phoebe: Shut up Joey. (to Susan) I’d be happy to sing at your party.

Susan: Great.

Carol: All right, we have to go. Be a good boy, I mean man, Ben.

Courteney: Well I better go unpack, I’ll see you guys later. (Courteney goes to leave)

Joey: Courteney wait, I’ll go with you. (Sees Ross and Rachel staring at him) What? She said she needed a hand.

(Joey and Courteney leave)

Phoebe: I think Joey just found his new girlfriend. I’d better go supervise those two.

(Phoebe leaves)

Ross: Well Rach, are you ready to take Ben to the movies?

Rachel: Yup.

Ben: We’re going to the movies Aunt Rachel?

Rachel: Yup, we’re going to see Rugrats In Paris.

Ross: You know son, pretty soon Aunt Rachel is going to be your step mom. (Cut to Rachel who looks like she’s a deer caught in headlights)

Gunther (from behind the counter): Not if I can help it!

Ben: I’m gonna have three moms?

Ross: Yeah kiddo, three moms.

Ben: Cool.

Ross (to Rachel): I told you he’d like the idea of having three moms.

JOEY’S APARTMENT (Joey and Ross are hanging out)

Joey: Ross, how did you know when Rachel was the one for you?

Ross: When I saw her in a two-piece bathing suit for the first time.

Joey: Was it a thong?

Ross: She was in the tenth grade, so no! Why are you asking me about this?

Joey: I think I found my soulmate.

Ross: Who?

Joey: Courteney.

Ross: Joey, you just met her. She just broke up with her boyfriend of three years.

Joey: So? After Rachel broke up with you, didn’t you always know that you’d end up together again?

Ross: I guess deep down, yeah I did.

Joey: It’s just that I was helping her unpack and I felt this strong connection to her. It was even stronger than the way I felt about Kate.

Ross: Dude, you’re scaring me. What did you do with the womanizing Joey who lives in this apartment?

Joey: I’m serious. For the first time in my life I’m actually scared of a woman.

(There’s a knock on the door)

Ross: Must be a stranger, everyone we know just barges in.

Joey: Come in.

(the door opens and its Courteney)

Courteney: Hey Ross. Ready for dinner Joey?

Joey: Yeah, I’ll be right there. Ross, could I talk to you over here for a minute?

Ross (unsure what Joey wants): Ok.

Joey: How do I not sleep with her on the first date?

Ross: What?

Joey: I always sleep with my dates on the first date. I can’t help myself, they love my special charm.

Ross: Well the easiest way is to not invite her back to your place.

Joey: It’s that simple?

Ross: Ah, yeah.

Joey: Great, thanks. (to Courteney) Ready?

ROSS & RACHEL’S APARTMENT (Ross and Rachel are lying in bed)

Rachel: Ben is so cute. Do you know what he said to me while you were hanging out with Joey?

Ross: What?

Rachel: He said that out of his three moms, I’m the hottest.

Ross: He said that? That kid is growing up so fast.

Rachel: Do you wanna make another one?

Ross: What? You can’t be serious?

Rachel: I’m not. I wanted to see your reaction.

Ross: You want kids right?

Rachel: And what if I didn’t? Would you still marry me?

Ross: Of course!

Rachel: What about the whole two kids, living in Scarsdale complaining about the taxes thing?

Ross: You remember that fight?

Rachel: How could I ever forget it? You had planned our whole life together after we’d only been dating for six weeks.

Ross: I love you, whether we have kids or not doesn’t really concern me at this point.

Rachel: You do know that I want to have kids with you right?

Ross: I do now. (Ross rolls over on top of Rachel and starts kissing her. Ben comes into the bedroom)

Ben: Ahem!

Rachel: Ross. Ross stop! You’re son is here.

Ross: Hi Ben, I was just showing Aunt Rachel how to do CPR. What’s up?

Ben: I can’t sleep.

Ross: How come?

Ben: What’s a lesbian? What did Aunt Phoebe mean when she said she wasn’t a lesbian?

Ross (to Rachel): Do you want to handle this one?

Rachel: I think you better.

PHOEBE & COURTENEY’S APARTMENT (Courteney and Joey are returning from their date)

Courteney: I had a really great time tonight.

Joey: So did I. Well I guess I’ll see you later. (Joey turns to leave)

Courteney: Joey?

Joey: Yeah?

Courteney: Aren’t you gonna kiss me goodnight?

Joey: Sorry. (Kisses Courteney)

Courteney: Do you wanna come in for some coffee or something?

Joey: I can’t.

Courteney: Why not?

Joey: ‘Cause coffee will lead to sex and I’m not allowed to sleep with you on the first date.

Courteney: What? You think I want to have sex with you tonight?

Joey: You don’t?

Courteney: No! I think you better go. Goodnight Joey. (Courteney goes into the apartment and leaves Joey standing in the hall).

Joey: Didn’t see that one coming.

ROSS & RACHEL’S APARTMENT (Ross is trying to explain what a lesbian is to Ben)

Ross: Ok Ben, a lesbian, a lesbian is someone who likes girls.

Ben: So you’re a lesbian?

Ross: No, no. I’m not a lesbian.

Ben: But you just said that a lesbian is someone who likes girls.

Ross: Rachel, could you come here please?

(Rachel enters)

Rachel (to Ross): What?

Ross: Could you help out here please?

Rachel: Ok. (long pause- Ross looks at her)

Ross: Well?

Rachel: Well what?

Ross: What is a lesbian?

Rachel (softly): You’re the one who married one. (Ross gives Rachel a look that could kill) Ok. Ben. Ben a lesbian is a girl who likes other

Ben: Oh. So all the girls in my class are lesbians?

Rachel: Ross?

Ross: Ok Ben. You know how you have two mommies?

Ben: Yeah.

Ross: Well your two mommies are people who love each other very much and share a special bond.

Ben: Huh?

Rachel: Ben, you know how your Dad and I kiss to show that we love each other (Ben nods his head) well a lesbian is someone who kisses
another girl to show the same thing.

Ben: So my mommies are lesbians?

Ross: Yes son, your mommies are lesbians.

Ben: Cool.

Rachel (to Ross): Joey and Chandler should not be allowed to babysit Ben anymore.

Ross: Do you understand Ben?

Ben: Yeah. Goodnight. (Ben returns to the spare bedroom)

Ross: Do you feel like a mom now?

Rachel: Yeah, and you know what? It doesn’t scare me anymore.

Ross: That’s ‘cause you’re the hottest mommy.

PHOEBE & COURTENEY’S APARTMENT (It’s 3 a.m. and Joey is standing out in the hall pounding on the door)

Joey: Courteney wake up! I have to talk to you!

(the door opens and it’s Phoebe)

Phoebe: Joey, if I open my eyes and you’re still here, I am going to kill you.

Joey (pushes Phoebe aside): Where’s Courteney?

Phoebe: She’s sleeping jackass!

Joey: I have to talk to her. I screwed up Phoebe. I have to make things right.

Phoebe: I told you that you’re womanizing ways would bite you in the behind someday.

Joey: You never said that!

Phoebe: Uh huh!

(Courteney appears from her room)

Courteney: Phoebe, I’ll talk to Joey, go to bed.

Phoebe: Goodnight. (to Joey) Don’t screw this up.

Joey: I’m sorry Courteney, I just couldn’t sleep. Not with you mad at me.

Courteney: Why are you here?

Joey: I really like you and I don’t want you to hate me.

Courteney: Then don’t tell women that you expect sex on the first date.

Joey: That’s the problem, I don’t. They just volunteer.

Courteney: What?

Joey: That didn’t come out right. Anyway, I didn’t want to sleep with you either. I wanted to develop a relationship with you first.

Courteney: What?

Joey: You must be tired, you keep saying what. Look, I have never met anyone like you before, you’re so, so….

Courteney: Looks like I’m not the only one who’s tired.

Joey: I just like you a lot.

Courteney: I like you too.

Joey: Really?

Courteney: Yeah, no guy would ever come crawling back like you did tonight. I like that you admitted your mistake. Look I’m really tired,
can we talk some more later?

Joey: Yeah, thanks for hearing me out. I’ll see you later.

Courteney: Do you wanna spend the night with me?

Joey: Ah….

Courteney: Don’t worry, there will be no sex.

Joey: That would be a first. Damn it, I can’t believe I said that out loud.

Courteney: Well?

Joey: Sounds great.


ROSS & RACHEL’S APARTMENT (the next morning. Carol and Susan have come to pick up Ben)

Ross: Hey Carol, Susan.

Carol: Where’s Ben?

Ross: He’s making his bed with Rachel.

Susan: I see Rachel is practicing to be a mom.

Ross: Pretty scary huh?

Carol: Rachel’s gonna be a great mom someday.

Ross: Yeah.

(Rachel and Ben enter)

Rachel: Hi Susan, Carol.

Carol/Susan: Hi Rachel.

Carol: Did you have fun Ben?

Ben: You betcha you lesbian!

Ross: Ah, Carol, Susan, can I talk to you for a minute?