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CENTRAL PERK (Everyone but Rachel is present)


Monica:Ross, whereís Rachel?


Ross:She got called into work.


Chandler:Isnít it Saturday?


Phoebe:Every day to you is Saturday.


Chandler:And whatís that supposed to mean?


Phoebe:Just that.You never work therefore every day is Saturday.


Chandler:I think you have me confused with Joey.


Joey:Hey!I work.(everyone looks at Joey) Ok, not really. But still cheap shot.




CENTRAL PERK (Continued from before)


Monica:Joey, explain to me why youíre not working at Days of Our Lives again.


Joey:Weíre on hiatus.


Chandler:Ah, Joe, arenít soap operas shot year round?


Joey:I thought that too but when the scripts stopped showing up at my apartment I figured we were on hiatus.


Ross:Wait a minute, you donít know for sure that youíre on hiatus.


Joey:Iím sure.




Joey:Ok, Iím not.I think I better call Estelle.


Phoebe:He was fired.


Monica:How can you say that?


Phoebe:Just like I did.(talking slowly) HE WAS FIRED.


Ross:How do you know?


Phoebe:I took the call from Estelle.


Chandler:And you didnít share this with Joey?


Phoebe:I didnít want to hurt his feelings.


Monica:Phoebe! This is his career, not some stupid high school play.


Phoebe:Donít yell at me.Iím just the messenger here.


Ross:Yeah, one who didnít relay the message.


(Joey returns)


Joey:Ah, Phoebe can I talk to you for a minute.


Phoebe:Actually you canít, Iím late for a meeting at work.


Joey:You donít even have a job!


Phoebe:Alright, alright, stop badgering me.What?


Joey:Did you speak to Estelle?


Phoebe:I speak to Estelle all the time.




Phoebe:Yeah, sheís my agent.




Phoebe:Ok, ok sheís not my agent.Sheís my cigarette supplier.


Monica:You donít smoke.


Phoebe (to Monica):Ok, not helping.


Joey:Did you forget to give me a message?


Phoebe:Oh yeah.Your mom called.Ok, see you later.†† (Phoebe gets up to leave)




Phoebe:Yeah?(pause)Oh right, yeah, you got fired from Days of Our Lives.See you later.


Joey:Phoebe, how could you not tell me!Youíre supposed to be my friend.


Phoebe:I am your friend Joey. I didnít want to hurt your feelings.


Joey:Out of all my friends, I trust you the most.Youíre my doobie smoking partner, my secret girlfriend, now youíre just, just, well I canít even say it.See you around.(Joey leaves)


Phoebe:I think heís mad at me.


Chandler:You think?


RALPH LAUREN (Rachel is working at her desk.Kim enters)


Kim:Ready for the meeting?


Rachel:Sure.Do you have any idea whatís it about?


Kim:No, I donít.


(Kim and Rachel enter the conference room)


Rachel:The whole department is here.


Kim:Ralph is probably going to tell us how proud he is of our spring line.


(short time lapse)


Ralph:So, due to shortfalls in earnings the last three quarters, the board and I have decided that cuts have to be made.And while I thank you for coming in on a Saturday, I hate to inform you of this, but everyone in this room is being let goÖ.


Rachel (to Kim):What did he just say?


Kim:I think we just got laid off.


Ralph:Each employee will get one monthís pay plus $5,000.I thank you for the work youíve done, but business is business.Good luck in your careers.


Rachel:Oh my God!I just lost my job!


CHANDLER & MONICAíS APARTMENT (Ross, Chandler and Monica are present)


Ross:Have you guys seen Joey?


Monica:Ah, youíve been with us all day, does that answer your question?


Chandler:Maybe we should go check all the sandwich shops in the Village.


Ross:Or the pizzerias.


Chandler:No, he only orders from Meloís and they deliver.


Ross:Man, whereís Rachel, she should be here by now.


Monica:Maybe she just had to get a project done or something.


Ross:Itís five oíclock, she said sheíd be finished by noon.Iím gonna call her.(Ross picks up the phone)


Chandler:Whereís Phoebe?


Monica:She called earlier.Sheís out looking for Joey.She feels really bad.††


Chandler:She should, what she did was really wrong.It was like me asking if you boobs were real or not.


Monica:I thought we agreed we werenít gonna talk about that anymore!


Chandler:I think Iíll be quiet for the rest of the evening.


Ross:Well sheís not at the office and sheís not home.Where in the hell is she?


Chandler:Maybe she went to her secret boyfriendís.(Ross glares at Chandler)Ok, maybe not the best time for that joke.


Monica:Is that being quiet?


CENTRAL PERK (Joey is talking to Gunther)


Gunther:Let me get this straight, they fired you again?


Joey:Yeah, something about me not being able to pull off being a woman.


Gunther:But they didnít drop you down an elevator shaft this time?


Joey:No.What does that have to do with anything?


Gunther:So thereís still a chance that you could get your job back.




Gunther:How long have you been on ďhiatusĒ?


Joey:Just this week.


Gunther:And how often are you on?


Joey:On what?Drugs?


Gunther:No.How many days a week are you on the show?


Joey:Usually twice a week, sometimes three.


Gunther:So youíve only been missing for two shows, three at the most.


Joey:Whatís your point Gunther?


Gunther:Go get your job back.Prove to them that youíre a good woman.


Joey:I can do that!I can be a good woman!(realizes everyone in Central Perk is looking at him)Thatís right, I can be a damn good woman!


SOMEWHERE ON THE STREETS OF NEW YORK CITY (Rachel is walking aimlessly. A cop approaches her)


Cop:Miss?(pause) Miss?




Cop:Are you ok?




Cop:Did someone hurt you?






Rachel:Ralph Lauren.


Cop:The designer?




Cop:What did he do to you?


Rachel:He fired me.


Cop:Whatís your name?


Rachel:Rachel Green.


Cop:Itís getting late.Do you live in this neighborhood?




Cop:Do you live around here?


Rachel (starting to cry):I donít know!Where am I?!


Cop:Rachel, come with me, Iíll get you home.


Rachel:Will you get me a job?


Cop:Letís get you home first, then weíll see about the job.


Rachel:If I become a cop, can I shoot Ralph Lauren?


Cop:No, I donít think so.


ROSS & RACHELíS APARTMENT (Chandler and Ross are present)


Ross:Where is she?I have called everybody sheís knows and nobody has seen her.


Chandler:Did you call Mark?


Ross:I am not calling Mark.


Chandler:Iím only trying to help.


Ross:Then stop trying.


Chandler:Look Ross, you won.Rachelís marrying you, not Mark.Call Mark.


Ross:Ok. Youíre right.(Ross picks up the phone again and starts to dial.Rachel enters with the Cop)


Cop:Are you Ross Geller?


Ross:Yes.Rachel!Where in the hell have you been?I have been trying to find you all day!


Cop:I found her walking aimlessly on 52nd Street.She said lost her job today.Sheís really upset.Do you have things from here?


Ross:Yeah.Thanks for bringing her home.


(The Cop leaves)


Rachel (sobbing):Iím so sorry Ross.Iím so sorry I lost my job.


Ross:Itís ok sweetie, as long as your safe, I donít care about anything else.Do you wanna tell me what happened?


Rachel (crying uncontrollably):Ralph, Ralph let me go!


Chandler:Should I call Monica?


Ross:Thatís ok.Weíll be over later.


Chandler:See ya man.Donít worry about it Rach, everything will work out fine.


(Chandler leaves)


Ross:Come here honey, itís gonna be ok.(Ross takes Rachel in his arms as she continues to cry)


CHANDLER & MONICAíS APARTMENT (Phoebe, Chandler and Monica are present)


Monica:She got laid off?


Chandler:Yeah and sheís not taking it well at all.


Monica:Should I go over there?


Chandler:No, Ross said that heíd handle it.


Monica:But her best friend should be there.


Chandler:Mon, her best friend is already there.


Phoebe:Joey still hasnít shown up?




Phoebe:I donít want Joey to be mad at me, I mean heís my secret boyfriend.Heís my back up.


Monica:Why didnít you just tell him that he was fired?


Phoebe:Donít you remember how depressed he was when they dropped his character down the elevator shaft?I didnít want him to feel that pain again.


Chandler:And heís not depressed and hurt now?


Phoebe:Ok, ok.I made a mistake.


(Joey enters)




Joey:Iím not done not talking to you Phoebe.Hey Chandler, Monica.


Monica:Joey where have you been?Everyoneís been looking for you.


Joey:I was down at the producersí office getting my job back.


Chandler:You got your job back?




Phoebe:But you just said you were at the producersí office.


Joey:Did you guys hear something?


Chandler:Hear what?


Joey:A woman talking. (cut to Phoebe whoís not pleased)Oh well itís not there anymore.Anyway, I went and talked to one of the producers and she told me there was nothing that she could do.


Monica:Then why are you so happy?


Joey:Well she did say that she was leaving Days of Our Lives for General Hospital.




Joey:And that she likes my work and will get me a job on General Hospital as a Neurosurgeon.


Monica:Thatís great Joey!Iím so happy for you.


Chandler:And the fake Neurosurgeon is back!Medicine will never be the same again!


Phoebe:So youíre not mad at me anymore?


Joey:No, Iím still mad.




Chandler:So Joe, what made you go down to the producersí office?


Joey:Gunther did.




Joey:Yeah, he told me to be the best woman I can be.


Chandler:What strange advice.


Joey:No, he told me to go fight for my old job.


Monica:Good.You had me worried for a minute that you were gonna be stealing my clothes.I already have to worry about that when Chandlerís Dad comes to visit.


Chandler (to Monica):And I thought we werenít talking about that anymore!


Joey:Well Iím gonna go shower.


Monica:Joey wait, before you leave, Rachel lost her job today so if you see her, donít say anything to upset her.


Joey:Rach lost her job?


Chandler:She got laid off.Budget cuts.


Joey:Alright.I need a shower.Bye.


(Joey leaves)


Phoebe:Joeyís not talking to me.


Chandler:Yes, that was very apparent.


Phoebe:What did you do to get Joey to talk to you again after you kissed Kathy?


Monica:He was in a box for six hours.


Phoebe:Great, that gives me an idea.Iíll see you guys later.(Phoebe leaves)


Monica:I donít wanna even know what sheís going to do.


Chandler:If she were smart, sheíd hop in the shower with Joey naked.


JOEYíS APARTMENT (Joeyís in the shower.Phoebe enters the bathroom)




Joey:Phoebe Iím in the shower!Get out of here!


Phoebe:But I need to tell you something.


Joey:What is it?


Phoebe:Iím sorry and I wanna make it up to you.




Phoebe:Can I join you?




Phoebe:Can I get in the shower with you?


Joey:No, you canít!


Phoebe:Well isnít that what youíve always wanted.


Joey:Well yeah, but Iím in a monogamous relationship with your roommate.


Phoebe:But Courteney wonít mind, we shower together all the time.




Phoebe:Ok, we donít but I bet that you can picture that in your mind.




Phoebe:What do you mean almost?


Joey:Iíve never seen you naked.


Phoebe:Well peel back the shower curtain.


(Joey peels back the curtain and sees Phoebe fully clothed.)


Joey: Phoebe!Put your clothes back on!


Phoebe:I have my clothes on.


Joey:Not in my head.


CHANDLER & MONICAíS APARTMENT (Everyone but Ross and Rachel are present)


Joey:Pheebs, pass me the chips.


Chandler:I see your talking to Phoebe again.


Joey:Well if you saw Phoebe naked youíd talk to her too.




Phoebe:Relax, he only got a peek.(to Chandler) Itís better than sitting in a box for six hours.


Chandler:Trust me, it was better than getting naked for Joey.


Joey:Amen to that.


(Ross and Rachel enter)




Monica:Rachel, we heard what happened, are you ok?


Rachel:Iíve been better.


Joey:Man, Rach I havenít seen you this bad since the whole ďwe were on a break thingĒ.




Joey:Sorry, just trying to help.


Rachel:Itís gonna be ok.There are plenty of jobs around, Iíll fine another one.


Chandler:Thatís a great attitude to have.You are going to find another job, a better job.


Phoebe:I bet Gunther would give you your old job back at Central Perk. (Rachel starts crying)Ok, maybe this isnít the best time to bring that up.


Ross:Rach, itís gonna be ok.Itís like I told you, things happen for a reason.


Joey:Yeah Rach, look at me, I got fired from Days of Our Lives again, and now Iím gonna be on General Hospital.†† Youíll bounce back, you always do.


Rachel:You got fired again?


Joey:Yeah.Iím always getting fired and I always bounce right back.Youíll be fine.


Rachel:Thanks Joey.


Chandler:Ok, whoís up for strip poker?




Chandler:Thereís never a right time to ask if we can play that game.






Ross:Are you doing ok honey?


Rachel:Yeah, Iíll be alright.You know you always hear about people you know losing their jobs, I guess I never figured Iíd be one of them.


Ross:Youíre gonna be fine.You know why?




Ross:Because youíre with me, and people with me always, always bounce back stronger than ever.


Rachel:Thatís just because youíre such a pain in the ass.


Ross:Ok, look at that, youíre bouncing back already you smart ass.


Rachel:I love you.


Ross:I love you too.