By: ShellBell13

(Note: This fanfic takes place in the upcoming season, right after Chandler and Monica decide to get married. Also, I have never
written a fanfic by myself before, so tell me what you think of it, k?! J )

Scene: Rossís apartment. Rachel has stopped by for a "visit"

Rach: Hey Ross.

Ross: Oh, hey Rach.

Rach: So, can you believe Monica and Chandler are finally getting married?!

Ross: Ya, itís pretty hard to believe.

Rach: Yup, it sure is. (not to sure what to say to him)

Ross: Seems like a lot of people are getting married these days.

Rach: And what is that supposed to mean? (getting a little angry)

Ross: Oh nothing, just the fact that a lot of people are getting married lately (and then he slightly whispers) and it doesnít work

Rach: And it doesnít what?!

Ross: Work out! It doesnít work out okay!

Rach: Are you still thinking about that night in Las Vegas?!

Ross: Yes, yes I am. There was an advertisement in the newspaper today, for the wedding chapel we were in. It says, " Thereís no
other place to get hitched. 35% of all marriages work, but here, 37% of our marriages work, so come on down!"

Rach: Is that what made you bring it up again?!

Ross: Yes. Rach, our marriage could have worked! If, you had let it.

Rach: Ross, we were drunk! Those vows we took, they didnít mean anything! We had no idea what we were even saying! Youíve first
of all have to sober, and second, you have feel what you say.

Ross: I did feel what I said.

Rach: What?!

Ross: (thereís a long pause of silence) I did feel what I said. (almost in a whisper)

Rach: Oh Ross. Oh my God. Oh my God, oh my God!

Ross: Iíve been wanting to say that for a long time.

Rach: You meanÖÖ.

Ross: I still love you Rach. Ever since the first time I saw you, when you came home from school with Monica. I even remember just
how beautiful you looked too. Your hair was pulled back in that cute little bun, and you had on that long blue dress with a gold
chain around your neck that spelled out, "Rachel." You came in the house full of laughter, took one look at me and said, "Hi." Then
you ran up stairs and laughed some more.

Rach: Oh RossÖÖÖ

Ross: I know Iíll never forget that moment Rachel, I never will, and do you know why? (He comes close to Rachel and holds up both
of her hands) Because I love you, and I want to spend every day with you for the rest of my life.

Rach: Oh my, oh my God. Iíve gotta sit down.

Ross: No, wait, I need to know how you feel.

Rach: Well, Ross, this is a big thing. I mean, Iím not like you. I canít just look somebody in the eyes and tell them I love
themÖÖ(thereís a long pause and they stare deep into each otherís eyes) But then again, Iím finding Iím becoming more like you
every day.

They kiss.

Ross: I do love you Rach, more than anybody Iíve ever loved in my entire life.

Rach: (thereís another long pause) I love you too Ross.

Ross is overjoyed. They kiss, and while they are still kissing, he picks her up in his arms and carries her over to the couch, where
we end the scene.

Scene: Central Perk. Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe are sitting in their usual places. Ross and Rachel enter holding hands
and looking very close.

Mon: (she is shocked Ė reminder: Ross and Rachel just got back together. Nobody knows they are yet) Are you guysÖÖ.

Ross: Yup, Rach and me are back together!

All: Yeah!!! Way to go!!! Itís about time!

Rach: I know, it just happened last night.

Joey: Oh, last night, eh Ross.

Mon: Joey!

Joey: (to Mon) Sorry! Just askin'! (to Ross) You can tell me about it later.

Phoebe: Ooh! Ooh! Now heís your lobster again!

Rach: What?

Ross: Ugh! Long story!

Rach: OkayÖÖ.so (to Ross) you wanna get some coffee sweetie?

Ross: Sure honey.

They both sit down next to each other on the couch (with their coffee). And just so you know, Chandler and Monica are sitting next
to them, Phoebe is on the chair on the right, and Joey is on the chair on the left.

Mon: Hey guys, I just thought of something, Valentineís Day is next week.

Chan: Oh yeah! Well, I certainly didnít forget. (he is obviously lying)

Joey: Oh man!

Phoebe: What?

Joey: I donít have a date!

Everybody stares at him like, "Joey doesnít have a date???!!!"

Phoebe: Hey, yeah, neither do I. Why donít we all get together so no oneís lonely!

Everyone else but Joey quickly comes up with an excuse like they already have plans, and then comes up with an excuse to leave.

Scene: Monica and Chandlerís apartment. Ross and Rachel stop in, but no oneís home. They suddenly, yet obviously, seize this
opportunity to make-out on the couch. They are in the middle of kissing when thereís a knock at the door.

Ross: Who is it? (a little annoyed)

Carol: Itís Carol.

Ross: (heís suddenly worried b/c Carol never comes by unexpectedly) Oh, oh my Gosh, come right in. The doorís open.

Carol flings open the door. Ross is now standing in the kitchen and Rachel is sitting up on the couch.

Carol: Oh, Iím sorry, I didnít know Rachel was here. It was stupid of me to come.

Ross: No, wait. Donít go.

Rach: You know what, you guys obviously need to be alone to talk about something, so Iím just gonna go.

Ross and Carol: Oh no, you donít have to.

Rach: No really, itís okay. Iíll goÖ.shop.

Ross: Alright. Bye Rach.

Rach: Bye. (she is now out of the apartment)

Ross: so, what is it? Whatís wrong? Is it Ben?! Please donít let it be about Ben.

Carol: No, itís not about Ben. Benís fine. Itís Susan and me that aren't fine.

Ross: Why? What happened?

Carol: (pauses) Susan left me.

Ross: Oh my God. Iím so sorry.

Carol: Ya, well, I realized I really didnít love her the wayÖ..the wayÖ..I loveÖ.you.

Ross: Wow Carol. What are you getting at?!

Carol: Ross, Iím saying Iím still in love with you.

Ross: Carol, Iím with Rachel now. Donít you see. I love her.

Carol: (looks very hurt) Oh.

Ross: No wait, I didnít mean it like that.

Carol: No, I think I know what you meant perfectly. (gets up to leave)

Ross: No Carol, you donít understand. Iíll always love you, you know that, butÖ..well, you know what I mean.

Carol: Ya, I do. Gosh, I must have sounded crazy.

Ross: Ya, you kinda did.

Rachel enters the apartment.

Rach: Sorry. I got halfway down the street when I realized I didnít have any money.

Ross: No thatís okay. You can stay. Carol and I had our little talk.

Carol: We sure did.

Scene: Joeyís apartment. Joey and Phoebe are hanginí around thinking up ways to spend Valentineís Day, since everybody else "has

Joey: Man, isnít there anything for two people to do on Valentineís Day?!

Phoebe: Hey I know! We could hang around at Central Perk and talk. We never do that any more!

Joey: We could do that, or just the two of us could, like, go to a nice restaurant for dinner. Just as friends of course!

Phoebe: Oh, right, just as friends! But, ya, that sounds kinda nice.

Joey: Okay, Iíll meet you at Central Perk at 8:00.

Phoebe: OkayÖ.bye! (the two of them pretty much flirting the whole time)

Scene: Rossís apartment. Ross and Rachel are on the couch kissing, of course!

Rach: Hey honey?

Ross: Ya?

Rach: What are we planning on doing this Valentineís Day?

Ross: Well, I thought weíd start off by having a glass of wine here, then move on to see a romantic movie of your choice, and then
weíll come back here for Rossís famous homemade cooked dinner.

Rach: MmmmmmmmÖÖ. Sounds perfect. My mouth is watering already. (They keep kissing even more)

Scene: Hallway outside Joeyís apartment and Mon and Chanís apartment. Phoebe is exiting Joeyís apartment at the same time
Chandler is exiting his.

Chan: Phoebe! Oh thank God I found you! I need help very, very badly.

Phoebe: Oh my God! Are you dying?! You poor thing! Donít worry weíll make sure you get a big, expensive funeral.

Chan: What?! No, Iím not dying!

Phoebe: Oh boy am I glad to hear that!

Chan: AnywayÖÖ I didnít get Monica a Valentineís Day present yet, and I really need your help picking one out.

Phoebe: OoohhhÖ.Chandler is in trouble.

Chan: Ya I know. Are you gonna help me or not?

Phoebe: Alright, alright! Jeez, you donít have to sound that desperate!

Scene: Sidewalk down the street from the apartment building. Phoebe and Chandler are walking side by side each carrying a
shopping bag.

Chan: Are you sure sheíll like the gift.

Phoebe: Chandler, Iím a woman, so I think I know a little more about them than you do. Trust me, sheíll love that air purifier! I
mean, I know I would. It says on the label it cleans up to 99.9% of your aura.

Chandler nods very reassured.

Scene: Rossís apartment. Itís the next morning so Rachel has just woken up in Rossís bed. She sits up and looks out the window,
listening to the birds sing. She is in a very good mood. Suddenly Ross comes in with a tray. On it is some pancakes, a glass of
orange juice, a bowl of cereal, bacon, and a beautiful Lilac centerpiece in the middle.

Ross: Hope your hungry.

Rach: Oh Ross, youíre so thoughtful.

She gives him a soft kiss on the lips. Then she takes a bite of the pancakes. Her face suddenly changes and itís obvious the food is
horrible. Nevertheless she puts on a good face for Ross.

Rach: I think Iíll just wait a little while before I eat. I just got up.

Ross: Oh sure. No problemÖÖ. ya know, I canít wait Ďtill Valentineís Day.

Rach: Oh I know. Itís the most romantic day of the year. Hey Ross, what a minute.

Ross: What? What is it?

Rach: Do you realize that this Valentineís Day will be the anniversary of the day we met?

Ross: Hey, youíre right. Which makes even more romantic.

They both get back into bed andÖÖwellÖÖyou know.

Scene: Monica and Chandlerís apartment. Monica is washing dishes with those big yellow gloves in the sink, and Chandler isnít
home. Phoebe walks in.

Phoebe: Ooh Monica!

Mon: Hey Pheebs. Whatís up?

Phoebe: Okay, I gotta tell someone this, and I couldnít find anybody to tell.

Mon: Pheebs, itís 8:30 in the morning, thereís nobody to tell.

Phoebe: (thinks for a second) Okay, ya, whatever. Anyway, guess who Iíve got a date with for Valentineís Day?!

Mon: I give up, who?

Phoebe: Joey!

Mon: Joey? Really? Now that I think about it, maybe you two would make a cute couple.

Phoebe: I know! Iím really excited!

Mon: So, howíd it happen?

Phoebe: Well, after you guys all left the Central Perk yesterday, me and Joey went to his apartment to think of something to do on
Valentineís Day.

Mon: Ya, andÖ.

Phoebe: And so I suggested sitting around and talking at the Central Perk, because obviously we never get to do that
anymoreÖ(Monica gives her a weird look) but then he suggested that we could go out to dinner, just the two of us, to a nice
restaurant. But then he also said, "just as friends."

Mon: Oh, please! "Just as friends" my ass. Heís got the hots for you.

Phoebe: Ya think?

Mon: Oh definitely! Ya know when I first started dating Chandler (Phoebe is walking out of the apartment daydreaming about Joey
and completely ignoring Monica) he said the exact same thing, and look at us now! (she looks up from the sink, noticing Phoebe is
gone) Phoebe? Phoebe!

Scene: (Oh, and by the way, just so you know, itís the day before Valentineís Day) Central Perk. Chandler is sitting on the couch
and Joey is on the chair on the left. Ross walks in.

Ross: Hey guys.

Joey and Chandler: Hey Ross. (Ross sits down on the couch next to Chandler)

Ross: Listen you guys, I didnít get Rachel a Valentineís Day present yet, and itís tomorrow. Do you have any ideas?

Chan: Yeah, ask Phoebe. Sheís a lifesaver!

Ross: Really, what she help you pick out?

Chan: An air purifier that cleans up to 99.9% of your aura. (looking very proud)

Ross: (gives him a weird look) Thanks but no thanks. I want to get Rachel something really special this time.

Joey: Well how Ďbout (Ross cuts him off)

Ross: What a minute, I know exactly what Iím gonna get her.

Chan and Joey: What?

Ross: (heís obviously very distracted right now) Bye guys! See ya later. And thanks! (leaves mumbling to himself)

Chan: Well that just made this whole conversation worth while.

Scene: Itís the next day, and Rachel, again, wakes up in Rossís bed, with him right next to her, already awake.

Ross: Happy, Anniversary.

Rach: Happy Anniversary. (smiles, and they kiss) Oh, Gosh, I just love waking up in bed with you in the morning.

Ross: I know it makes my day. (they kiss again)

Scene: Central Perk. Itís now 8:30 (p.m.) and Joey is waiting on his chair for Phoebe. Chandler and Monica are sitting on the couch
politely arguing over where to go to dinner.

Chan: No, really, we can go anywhere you want to go.

Mon: Oh no, no, no, no. I wouldnít dream of it. You pick the restaurant.

All of a sudden, Phoebe comes through the door in a long red dress, with a pearl necklace around her neck, and her hair flowing
down. She looks very beautiful.

Joey: (walks over to her, stunned at her beauty. He looks into her eyes like heís going to say something very romantic. Thereís a
long pause) How you doiní? (Phoebe giggles and they walk off to dinner)

Mon: Ah, arenít those two just the cutest.

Chan: YeahÖÖ.now really, you pick the restaurant.

Scene: Joey and Phoebe are now at the restaurant, La Cordon Blur. (I just made that up by the way) They are sitting at a table
talking nicely)

Joey: This is a really nice place you picked Pheebs.

Pheebs: Oh ya, isnít it? (not sure what to say)

A waiter comes over carrying two dinner plates.

Joey: Oh, looks like our dinnerís here.

Pheebs: Ooh, ya. Looks good, huh?

Joey: Sure does. Ya know, what Pheebs? I should have said this earlier, butÖ look so beautiful tonight.

Pheebs: Really?

They kiss!!!

Phoebe and Joey: WowÖ.

They kiss again, and the scene ends.

Scene: Rossís apartment. Ross and Rachel are sitting on the couch. Romantic music is playing in the background, and Ross is
pouring wine into two crystal wineglasses.

Rach: Ross, this has been the most romantic night Iíve ever had. I mean, first, the, you know, then the movie, and now this. I donít
see how it could possibly get any better.

Ross: Youíre sure of that now?

All of a sudden, Ross gets down on one knee, and pulls out a black velvet box!!! Rachel puts her hands over her mouth and starts to
cry, completely shocked, as Ross says:

Ross: Rachel Green, I love you more than anyone Iíve ever loved before, and you would make me the happiest man on earth if you
would be my wife. Will you marry me? (As he is saying this, he is placing the ring on her finger)

Rachel: (she is staring at the ring shocked, and she takes a few seconds before she answers because she is now crying her
hardest. Thereís a long pause, then) Yes.

Ross: (Ross looks shocked and overjoyed) Yes?! Yes?!!! You said yes! You said yes! (takes her face and gives her a long passionate

Rach: WowÖÖ(smiles and they kiss as the scene fades out)


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