I'll never let go

This is around season three and four; Ross and Rachel have been going out for nearly two years. They live together in 'Ugly Naked Guy's Apartment'. I think that's all you need to know. Enjoy!

~Scene 1~ Ross and Rachel's apartment
(Rachel walks into the kitchen to find Ross)

Ross: Hey honey, breakfast is ready for you.

Rachel: Oh thank-you sweetie, but I don't have time to eat.

Ross: Rachel, you have two hours before you have to leave.

Rachel: I know but today I'm getting that promotion I was talking about remember?

Ross: Oh right, what's the promotion?

Rachel: Well I'm not sure yet, but it has to be great right? Oh whatever it is, it has to be better than what I'm doing now.

Ross: Rachel, your one of the top fashion designers ever, what could be better then that?

Rachel: I know, but what if they want me to take Joanna's place? (Daydreaming) Oh I can see it now, an office, with walls, bossing people around'

Ross: (Cuts in- playing around) Might I add that's what you do best

Rachel: Shut-up. Anyway, I see people getting coffee for me, well whatever it is I'm
going to accept it.

Ross: Well it's good to see you all excited and I support you all the way. (He kisses
her and she breaks the kiss)

Rachel: Well I have to go.

Ross: Would you mind telling me why you have to leave two hours early?

Rachel: (Sighs, as if she's told him a million times) Because I have to be there on time
and what if there's a lot of traffic and it takes me two hours to get to work. I just don't want to be late it wouldn't look good.

Ross: And if you're early?

Rachel: I'll just go shopping

Ross: Okay, bye.

Rachel: Bye (starts to walk out the door) oh and by the way, you were great last
night. (She kisses him quickly) Bye.

Ross: Bye honey. Good luck.

Rachel: Thanks. (She leaves)

~Scene 2~ Bloomingdale's
(Two hours later, when Rachel is just beginning working.)

Joanna: (Her boss, walks in) Rachel, you can come in now and we'll talk about your promotion.

Rachel: (Obviously lying) Oh I completely forgot about that.
(They go into her office)

Joanna: Why don't you have a seat?

Rachel: Okay.

Joanna: (Sits) okay now you know that you are one of the top fashion designers. You know what looks good on people, and what kind of occasions they should wear certain clothes. But I was thinking, 'why are you here and not in Los Angeles telling some of the most famous celebrities what looks good?' Rachel, we want to move you to California.

Rachel: (surprised) What? Are you serious?

Joanna: Yeah, so what do you say, do you accept?

Rachel: Well I already told Ross that whatever the promotion was that I was going to take it, but'

Joanna: (Budding in) Great, you move next week.

Rachel: (Trying to get a word in) But I'

Joanna: You'll have a beautiful apartment that overlooks the ocean, you'll have a car and'
Rachel: (Getting furious) But I'

Joanna: And don't worry we've taken care of everything.

Rachel: No, but

Joanna: And when you'

Rachel: (She has to raise her voice so Joanna will stop talking) Joanna! Stop and let me talk. (Joanna stops, and Rachel calms down) Okay now I told Ross that whatever the job was I was going to take it, but

Joanna: Yeah that's why'

Rachel: (cutting back in) But, But that was before I knew that it was way on the other side of the country!

Joanna: If you don't want to leave Ross, have him move with you.

Rachel: But he has his job and his son; he wouldn't move.

Joanna: Rachel, if Ross loves you like you always talk about, then he'll move in a heartbeat. If it is true love, there's no doubt about it that he'll move.

Rachel: (agreeing with her) You know what you're right.

Joanna: Just talk to him and give me an answer tomorrow.

Rachel: Okay, thanks. (She leaves)

~Scene 3~ Ross and Rachel's apartment
(This scene takes place at night when Rachel is just getting home from work, she's about fifteen minutes late. She walks in the apartment a little worried about what Ross will say, but also excited.)

Rachel: Hey honey

Ross: Hey Sweetie, I was getting worried. I thought something might have happened to you.

Rachel: Oh I'm sorry.

Ross: I just thought that if something happened to you I wouldn't be able to live without you.

Rachel: (Changing the subject) I got my promotion today.

Ross: Oh that's right; how'd it go?

Rachel: We need to talk.

Ross: (Not liking where this is going) Uh-oh, what is it?
(They sit on the couch)

Rachel: Well'

Ross: Was the promotion worst then you thought it would be?

Rachel: No, no it was a whole lot better then what I thought it would be.

Ross: Well that's great, what is it? (He's very happy for her and has a huge smile on his face)

Rachel: It's in California. (His smile drops) I told Joanna that I would have to think about it.

Ross: Well what's there to think about? You should take it.

Rachel: They said you could move with me.

Ross: (Getting upset) What, and leave my job, so you could do your dream job and my dream job would just have to go down the drain? And leave my son? I can't believe you would even ask that. What were you thinking Rachel?

Rachel: (Disappointed) Sorry, I guess I didn't know what I was thinking. (Starts to remember what Joanna told her, ' 'If he loves you, he'll move in a heartbeat. Rachel gets up and without saying a word goes into their bedroom, and starts throwing her things in a bag. Ross follows her from behind. Rachel has tears in her eyes.)

Ross: What are you doing?

Rachel: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm packing; I leave tomorrow.

Ross: What?

Rachel: (Lying) That's right, I leave tomorrow and there's nothing you can say or do to change my mind.

Ross: So this is how we're going to spend our last day, by fighting? I'm going to miss you so much.

Rachel: Bull shit Ross; you wouldn't miss me if I died. I'm going to a hotel for the night, bye.

Ross: Rach'

Rachel: (Grabbing her stuff, being sarcastically) I'll miss you too. (She walks towards the door)

Ross: Rachel, wait. (She turns around) What is your problem?

Rachel: What is my problem? Gee Ross, I don't know, could it be the fact that my boyfriend doesn't even care that I'm going to be 3000 miles away? You said that you'd support me in anything that I do.

Ross: But I do support you. This is just a huge surprise.

Rachel: You know, Joanna said that if it was true love, that if we were really meant to be, you'd move in heartbeat. (That leaves Ross speechless. Rachel starts to walk out the door)

Ross: (Begging) Rachel don't go, please don't go.

Rachel: Who's going to stop me, you?

Ross: I'll go; I'll go, okay? To show you just how much I do love you, I'll move with you.

Rachel: (Touched) Really?

Ross: Yes if that's what it takes to show you how much I love you, then yes. I love you so much.

Rachel: I love you too.

Ross: So we really leave tomorrow?

Rachel: (Sighs) No, not until next week. I was just so angry that I wanted to storm out on you.
Ross: Well I guess we better start packing, huh?

Rachel: Yeah.

Ross: I'm sorry. (They hug)

Rachel: Oh it's not your fault, I just'

Ross: I know.

Rachel: Wait, wait, I just, I can't do this.

Ross: Do what?

Rachel: You can't move with me. I don't want you to leave your job because of me. I
don't want you to leave Ben either.

Ross: Rachel, I don't get you.

Rachel: Well what kind of girlfriend makes their boyfriend move away from their life? I mean Ross; we aren't even married or engaged for that matter.

Ross: But I love you.

Rachel: Then you have to stay here.

Ross: But'

Rachel: Just do it, okay Ross?

Ross: I don't want to. How do you know that we won't ever be engaged?

Rachel: Because it's been two years and it would've happened by now. (She starts to get tears in her eyes) I can't believe what I'm about to say, but'

Ross: (Knowing what she's going to say) Then don't, okay? We are not going to
sacrifice our relationship for your job; we'll just have to have a long-distance relationship.

Rachel: But nobody's relationship ever works out.

Ross: But are we nobody?

Rachel: I don't know, are we? I mean think about it, we're going to be 3000 miles apart, we won't ever see each other.

Ross: We could at least try.

Rachel: I guess we could do that. But if someone else comes along, and you don't feel
like you can date them because of me, forget about me and go for it okay? I don't want to be the one standing in the way of your love life.

Ross: Yeah, same with you. But you don't have to worry; I'll never let go.

Rachel: I don't think we'll have a problem with that. I just won't have any time. Plus, I wouldn't want to.

~Scene 4~ The Airport
(One week later; the day Rachel leaves, Ross is there but the rest of the gang isn't there. They already said their 'goodbyes')

Flight Attendant: (Over the intercom) Last call for flight 217 to Los Angeles should now board.

Rachel: Well I guess this is it, huh?

Ross: I'm going to miss you so much. (He kisses her)

Rachel: I'm going to miss you too. Remember what I said about that if someone else comes along, to just forget about me, okay?

Ross: Okay, but I don't think that'

Flight attendant: Flight 217 to Los Angeles should now be on board.

Rachel: Okay, let's get over this; what is it?

Ross: I don't think that it would be possible to be with someone else because (He gets down on one knee and takes out a black box, with a very beautiful ring) Rachel, will you marry me? (Rachel is very shocked)

The End of Part One