I'll never let go (part 2)

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~Scene 1 ~ The Airport
(Continued From before)
Ross: Rachel, did you hear me?
Rachel: (Still surprised) Yeah.
Ross: So what do you say; will you marry me?
Rachel: (Can't believe what she is about to say) No.
(Author's note: I know that's not what you wanted; but just keep reading and I'm sure you'll like the rest.)
Ross: (Confused by her answer) What?
Rachel: I said 'no”. (Ross doesn't say anything) Ross, it's just too complicated right
Ross: (Not fully agreeing with her) You're right.
Rachel: Ross, think about it; we're going to be 3000 miles away. You know it's just going to be hard being your girlfriend and not being able to see you. How do you think it'll be being your fiance? I just want to see how this job goes first.
Ross: Yeah, okay. Here (he gives her the ring) I want you to have it. Just so you can have something to remember me by.
Rachel: (Has tears in her eyes) Oh thank-you, honey. But I would never forget you. (She gives him a kiss) I love you.
Ross: I love you too. (He kisses her many times)
Rachel: Bye. (She goes on the plane)
Ross: (softly) Bye. I'll never let go.
*Authors Note-What I'm going to do now is write about what happened within the five years that they were apart. It basically is a montage showing Rachel, in California and Ross in New York. Otherwise this fan fiction would be extremely long.
Rachel got to California and everything worked out great; her bosses loved her and she fitted in well. Her and Ross wrote letters back and forth. They called each other every now and then. They mostly talked about work and how they missed each other so much. It took Ross awhile to get over Rachel being gone. After two years Ross started dating a woman, Alicia. They went out for a year, and then Ross and her got engaged. The plan was to get married six months later after their engagement but Ross kept on postponing it because deep down he still wanted to marry Rachel. Ross also never told Rachel about Alicia. Alicia didn't know too much about Rachel, except that they used to go out. After he met Alicia, he and Rachel started to lose touch; they used to write each other at least once every other week, but it started to hardly be even once a month. About three weeks after Rachel moved to California, she wasn't feeling well; she just figured she was homesick and that it would go away eventually. Well it went on for a week and then she decided to go to the doctors. They tooks tests and it turned out that she was pregnant. She knew that it was Ross' baby; because he was the only guy she had been with. She found out that she was already one month pregnant. She never got the nerve to tell Ross. Eight months flew by and Rachel had a boy; she named hem Ross Jr. After a couple of months (which was around the time Ross and Alicia were supposed to get married), Rachel's job ended up having some problems. Some problems would've been when she had her baby, she had to take a leave of absence; her work wasn't very thrilled about that. And Rachel was always talking about the baby and calling in all the time because the baby might've been sick and so on. So they ended up firing her because they didn't think that she was one hundred percent focused on her job anymore.

*Author's note-So that's what happened the last five years in a nutshell. So now it's five years later.
~Scene ~ Ross' Apartment
(Ross and Alicia are there) (Alicia is Ross' girlfriend; she can be bitchy at times) (Ross loves Alicia but not as much as Rachel; he's not very happy)
Alicia: Well I have to go to work, bye.
Ross: Bye.
Alicia: (Reminding him) What are you going to do toady?
Ross: I don't know. Was I supposed to do something?
Alicia: (Sighs) Don't you remember? You are going to pick a day for the wedding, this time we are not postponing it.
Ross: Oh right, bye.
Alicia: Bye. (She kisses him)
(A half an hour later, Ross hasn't done anything he was supposed to do. There's a knock on the door)
Ross: (Out loud to himself) This better be good. (He opens to find Rachel)
Rachel: (She overheard him; she has a huge smile on her face.) Am I good enough?
Ross: (Very stunned) Oh my gosh, Rachel.
Rachel: Hey you.
Ross: Oh my gosh it's you, it's really you.
Rachel: Yeah; oh I've missed you. (She grabs him and kisses him very passionately. At that moment Ross completely forgot about Alicia; he was just so thrilled to see her. Rachel breaks the kiss. They are both very happy to see each other.)
Ross: Well come in, come in. How've you been?
Rachel: Good, really good? How about you? Is anything new?
Ross: Nope, nothing nothing's new with me. You?
Rachel: Well about five months ago, I got fired.
Ross: Oh I'm sorry to hear that.
Rachel: Oh it's okay; I just can't believe I'm here.
Ross: Are you here to stay?
Rachel: Yes, definitely.
Ross: That's great! (Hugs her)
Rachel: I know, but Ross there's a couple of things I need to tell you.
Ross: Me too.
Ross/Rachel: You go first, no you go first. (They laugh)
Rachel: Okay I'll go first, just because I'm so anxious to tell you this.
Ross: Well what is it?
Rachel: Look. (She shows her ring finger, which has the engagement ring he gave her. He doesn't remember what it looked like though.)
Ross: (Sad) Oh, I'm happy for you then. But why did you kiss me like that?
Rachel: Ross, I'm not engaged to someone else.
Ross: (Confused) What?
Rachel: Honey, after five years of being apart, I've decide I want to get married to you.
Ross: (Didn't see that one coming) Oh, wow.
Rachel: That's all you have to say, oh? It's not like you're seeing someone? I mean you would've told me already right?
Ross: Right.
Rachel: Right. (Changing the subject) Now what did you want to tell me?
Ross: (Scared to tell her) Wait wasn't there another thing you wanted to tell me?
Rachel: Oh yeah, how could I forget? Okay, now what I'm about to tell you might change your life forever.
Ross: You mean change it more than you already did by telling me you accept my proposal five years later?
Rachel: Probably. Okay now I haven't been totally honest with you; I was too afraid to tell you on a piece of paper. Five years ago when I was in California I wasn't totally feeling…
(Alicia walking through the door interrupted them. She doesn't notice Rachel right away.)
Alicia: Honey did I leave my briefcase lying around? (Sees Rachel) (In a bitchy kind of way) Hello and who are you?
(Rachel looks very hurt now and she doesn't say anything)
Alicia: Ross, can I see you for a second?
Ross: (Very nervous, he says to Rachel) This will only take a second.
Rachel: (Mad) You know, don't even bother. Good-bye.
Ross: No wait, okay? I want to talk.
(Rachel relentlessly sits back down. Ross and Alicia go into the kitchen. Rachel can hear just about everything, too.)
Alicia: (Yelling) Who the hell is she?!?!
Ross: Calm down Alicia, she's just a co-worker.
(When Rachel heard 'co-worker' her heart just about broke in half)
Alicia: Why was she here?
Ross: We had to go through some papers for tomorrow's lecture.
Alicia: (Not buying it) Oh right. You know what? I don't think we can get married anymore; I have had it with all the lies and postponing the wedding all the time.
(Rachel is on the verge of crying)
Ross: (Surprised) Really? Just like that? (Raising his voice) Fine, do you want to know what? Rachel isn't a co-worker; no she's not. In fact she was my ex-girlfriend, and I proposed to her the day she left; she said 'no' but today she came back to tell me she accepts my proposal. I love her so much and I never stopped. That's why I kept on postponing the wedding, because I was waiting for this day to come when she'd return! I was just using you to try to get over Rachel, but it didn't work.
Alicia: I've heard enough; good-bye. (She throws the ring at him, and walks in the living room; being sarcastic) Bye Rachel It was nice meeting you! (She leaves)
(Ross comes out of the kitchen; Rachel just stares at him with a hurt look)
Ross: Listen, um, I know what you just heard might have surprised you a bit. (She doesn't say anything) I just want you know that I was never happy with her, you were the only one I truly loved. I hope you will forgive me. The only reason I said was lying to her about you being my coworker was just an act to make her think I loved her. I was just too vulnerable and scared to tell her the truth; she's not the nicest person when she's mad. So when she said that she didn't want to get married anymore, I just started to say all of these things because I didn't care anymore; it was because you came back. So do you understand why I did what I did?
Rachel: (Still kind of hurt) Not really. Why didn't you just tell me the truth about her? Now I feel bad.
Ross: For what?
Rachel: Well I just came here and kissed you like that and now you just lost a fiance. I told you how I accept your proposal. I'm just so embarrassed.
Ross: Don't be; it was bound to happen sooner later; you just helped me, I should thank you. Will you ever forgive me?
Rachel: Yeah I forgive you. I was just hurt at the moment, but I really missed you.
Ross: So are we okay?
Rachel: (Smiles) Yeah, we're okay. (They hug)
Ross: Now what was that thing you wanted to tell me?
Rachel: Um, well to make a long story short, five years ago, I was feeling sick; I ended up going to the doctor's and later I found out that I was pregnant. Ross, you have a son.
(Ross looks very shocked, stunned, amazed, pretty much any feeling you can think of; he stays like that for a while and doesn't say anything.)
Rachel: (She's getting the hint that he is really upset about the whole thing; finally she says this with her voice crackling) So I guess this is it huh?
Ross: (Still shocked, stunned etc.) Um, I actually think that this is just the beginning.
The End (The Beginning)