Life Through the Years

This fic is by me, I have no rights to the show or to the characters etc.. They are owned by Bright, Kaufman and Crane, as well as NBC and the WB

this story does contain(in a roundabout way) one teeny, teeny tiny spoiler about season 8

This fic takes place in the year 2021 but will basically cover a 20 year period 2001-2021. As you know Chandler and Monica were married in 2001, in 2003 they had a baby boy named Steven and in 2005 a girl named Laura. Ross and Rachel were married in 2002 and had a baby girl three months before they were married who is named Chelsea, their daughter Mallory was born in 2004 and Courtney in 2007(They also have a son born in 2012) Phobee moved to Minsk with David and she had a son in 2005 named Tyler, Joey still lives in NYC and is single but enjoying the women. I write mainly about Ross and Rachel and the details in their lives, I also have stuff on the other 4, but not as detailed(since this is a fic about Ross and Rachel's lives) Also there are some years where nothing much happens so I go over those pretty fast, then others will take up a good portion of the fic)

we fade in on a house-it's a house with a cozy atmosphere and in the living room a small dark haired boy is playing a video game

RACHEL: Scotty, Scotty?? Scott Ryan Green i'm talking to you

SCOTT: Oh, sorry Mom, i'm at the good part in the game

RACHEL: Loveley, but I need you to set the table

SCOTT: I will after this part, I just gotta get the treasure

RACHEL: Hmm it seems you told me that when I asked you to set the table a half hour ago. NOw dinner is ready, it is getting cooked and you will turn that game off and set the table now

SCOTT: but mom(sees Rachel is in no mood to argue) fine

(they sit down and eat)
SCOTT: Hey Mom, guess what I found out today??

RACHEL: what??

SCOTTY: there is this new movie about Dinosaurs coming out, can we go see it Mom, pleasse mommmy

RACHEL: sure, maybe in a week or two

SCOTT: yayyy

RACHEL(V/O): Everyday he gets more and more like his dad, he loves dinosaurs and he is just so much like Ross that sometimes it scares me. Of course he doesnt know he is like his dad, since he's never met him. I sometimes can't believe it's been 8yrs since Ross left me and took the girls away. Scott knows he has sisters but he doesn't really understand why they are not here. I just told him it was a decision Daddy and I made together, but now that he's older he's beginning to question how I could just let them go and someday i'll have to tell him that I didn't


RACHEL: Ross there is no way in hell I am naming our child Ella

ROSS: what, I think it's a beautiful name

RACHEL: Ella Geller, I don't think so, now how about Karmen

ROSS: ok yeah, I have images of some like model/porn star in my head

JOEY: dude, Carmen Electra is not a porn star

ROSS: she might as well be the way she dresses, and no daugher of mine is going to grow up say, he I was named after this person let me dress like her

RACHEL: fine, how about Laralia

ROSS: what???

RACHEL: yeah i think it sucks too

MONICA: then why did you suggest it

RACHEL: to make sure he is still paying attention

MONICA: ahh, the old fake out the signifigant other routine, I often try that on Chandler

CHANDLER: when, when do you try that on me

MONICA: (ignoring his question) so anyhow I was thinking I really dont' like that new lemon dishsoap so maybe tommmorow i'll try some of the strawberry scented one, although that brand has a tendency to streak

CHANDLER:(looking bored out of his mind) uh huh

MONICA: Hey, if you can tell me what I was just talking about, I'll wear that little sailor suit when we have sex tonite

CHANDLER: dishsoap

MONICA: very good, you shall be happily rewarded

JOEY: dude, how did you do that, as soon as she mentioned cleaning I tuned her out

CHANDLER: years of experience and a bad outcome when I was not listening

PHOBEE(enters and is crying a little)

MONICA/RACH: Oh my god, Phobee what's wrong, are you ok

PHOBEE: Yeah, I"m fine, i mean i'm not but i'll be ok.

MONICAL are you hurt, are you sick, are you..

PHOBEE: No, I was just on the phone with David and I hate not being able to talk to him for months and then when I do it's so short of an amount of time and god, I just love him so much

RACHEL: is there any chance he'll be home soon

PHOBEE: A snowball has a better chance of freezing in hell than of that happening

RACHEL: aww, poor Pheebs(they hug)

RACHEL(V/O): **Just for a point of info whenever a V/O is done by any character it is happening during the year of 2021***** Those were the moments that I will always remember of the 6 of us together, man those guys were not just my friends they were like my family. I loved them, I trusted them and I always thought we'd be together. I found out I was pregnant literaly the day of Monica and Chandler's wedding and the baby was due Feb 2002-I was scared to death of being a single mother, but once Ross found out it was his baby and everyone else found out about it they were amazing

DEC 2002(Rachel is Very, Very preg by this time and it is Xmas Eve)

JOEY: Open mine next, open mine next

MONICA: ok, calm down Joey, we'll open yours next

(Everyone opens their gifts and finds nature items, like Phobee has a stick, Ross has a rock, Rachel has a fern etc...)

ROSS: Wow, my very own Rock

JOEY: yeah, I thought, you know we always take nature for granted, why not appreciate the world around us

CHANDLER: and this has nothing to do with the fact that you haven't had a job since that movie

JOEY: well, maybe a little

CHANDLER: yep, thought so

RACHEL: so that's it then, that's all the presents

MONICA: well, not exactly

RACHEL: what do you mean not exactly, we've opened them all haven't we

MONICA: just follow us

(everyone goes to Monica and Chandlers room and sees a crib, it is white and is decorated with diff colored moons, stars, suns etc...)

MONICA: Rachel and Ross, this is from all of us for the baby, we know how hard you guys have worked getting ready and that well, you had some problems with the last crib you bought, so this is our way of saying how much we love you and that we cant wait for little Angie or Lucus to arrive

RACHEL:(crying) oh my god, Oh, oh, thank you soo much, I Love you guys

ROSS: yeah, wow- I mean Mon this is great, although we decided against Angie as a girls name

PHOBEE: I cant' belive that in less than two months you two will be parents

MONICA: yeah it's like everything is changing, I mean Chandler and I are married, Ross and Rachel are having a kid...

JOEY: well as long as things don't change too fast

RACHEL:V/O but of course things did change, time marched on and all of us with it. Early in Feb I woke Ross up one morning to tell him our baby was on the way. We had started living together about 3 months after found out I was preg, some may have said we were rushing it but with our history, well I knew him, I knew my feeling and we knew we loved each other. Within a month we had decided to get married the following June, when the new baby would be 4 months old

Feb 2002

RACHEL: Ross, Ross(shaking him as he's sleeping in bed) ROSS!!! ROSS: Holy Crap Rachel, you scared the shit out of me

RACHEL: Ross, it's time

ROSS: yeah, time for me to go to sleep

RACHEL: No it's time

ROSS: I dont know why don't you look at the clock(rolls over and then sits straight upright as he realizes)Oh god, ok, bag packed yeah, ok um phone, phone where is the damn phone, and oh shit we need a cab, why are there never any damn cabs when you need them(On the phone) NO Dammit, my fiancee is in labor we cannot wait 40 min for a cab

RACHEL:(sitting calmly while Ross is running insanely around) Ross, Ross, ROSSSSS

ROSS: what

RACHEL: why don't we just see if we can take the porsche

ROSS: oh yeah(hangs up the phone and calls Mon and Chandler)(talks to them, then hangs up) OK Monica says we can take it, we're gonna walk over there and I'll go upstairs and get the key, you just wait by the porsche

RACHEL: uh huh(through gritted teeth cause there is a contraction coming)

ROSS: Ok, lets' go

(they walk down the stairs and across the street to Mon and Chan's apt)

RACHEL:Damn, Damn Damn, oh owwww, owww, shit this hurts

ROSS: breathe ok, sweetie breathe

RACHEL: yeah, you need to shut the hell up, ok just shut up

ROSS: It will be over soon

RACHEL: if you do not shut up I will hurt you, I will hurt you dead

ROSS: Rachel, I...


RACHEL: V/O Eventualy we got to the hospital and our beautiful baby girl Chelsea Nichole Geller was born. Those first few years were so perfect, I thought nothing could ever go wrong, it was like we were one of those storybook families. But as happy as we were, time still moved on and slowly our lives began to change. In 2003 Phobee shocked us with some unbeliebabl news

May 2003 (everyone is at Mon and Chan's house in Poughkeepsie for their 2nd anniversary party.(Ross and Rachel now live in Scarsdale and PHobee and Joe are still in the city)

CHANDLER: So Phobee, what is this big news you have to tell us

MONICA: yeah, Pheebs I must admit I am most intrigued. Hey Chandler, can you hand me a baby wipe(She is holding a 2 month old baby boy in her arms) Steven here has decided that he needs to drool all over

PHOBEE: well I guess there is no way to say this, except to just say it

RACHEL: Chelsea Nichole(she's 15 months) put that down now, no, no(goes over and picks the toddler up and carries her over next to her and Ross) Sorry Pheebs, go on

PHOBEE: well as I was saying, I talkd to David again last nite and I made a decision, I love him and I can't stand being away from him, his grant was just exteneded for another 5yrs and I'm already 33, I dont want to wait til i'm 38 or worse 43 to be with him, so... I'm moving to Minsk at the end of August

RACHEL: V/O Looking back I think that was the moment that our lives really began to change, that I realized that the group was never going to be the same again. The day Phoebee left, well that was hard for all of us

AUG 2003(everyone is at the airport-and they have to say goodbye before she goes to the boarding area(lets say the new security restrictions are still being enforced-as i'm sure they will be in 2yrs)

JOEY: Pheebs are you sure you have to go

PHOEBEE: Yeah, yeah this is so hard for me I love you guys but see, I have to be with David, I have to

JOEY: I know, and I want you to be happy, but man this sucks


PHOEBEE: Well, I guess we should just do this, so everyone this is something I bought for you all(they all get tiny photo albums filled with pictures of diff events) I also wanted to say how much I love you all. Monica, you gave me a home and brought the most wonderful group of friends into my life-dont go too crazy and remember once in awhile crummies are ok

MONICA: Oh Phee(they hug and of course are crying)

PHOEBEE: Chandler, don't ever lose that sense of humor and wow---I can't belive that the Chandler I once thought was gay is a daddy, try to stay away from Vegas Drag Shows and, and I love you

CHANDLER: Ah Pheebs, thanks

PHOEBEE: Ross, dont ever forget what you have, I watched you and Rachel go back and forth for years and dont ever take things for granted. And for the love of god--remember sometimes it's whom, the world does not revolve around dinosaurs and oh yeah(Smiles devilishly at Rachel) You were not on a break

ROSS: What the, we were sooo on a brea(looks at Rachel) ya know what it's not important. God, Pheebs what are we going to do without you(they hug)

PHOBEE: Rachel, Rachel Karen Green, I am so amazed by you, how far you have come and I can only imagine what you still have left to do. You are a great mother and I only wish I could be here to watch Chels grow up(looks at Monica) and Steven. I'm going to miss you so much and I love you(her and Rachel hug and cry)

PHOEBEE: Finally, Joseph Francis "Big Daddy" Tribianni, wow. I don't even know what to say really. You are the funniest person I know, you are going to be big someday, dont ever quit beliving that and don't ever give up. You're a lot smarter than people get you credit for and someday people will realize that

JOEY: Man, Pheebs did you have to make me cry

MONICA: Hey she did a good job of that, she even made Chandler cry

CHANDLER: She did not(everyone stares at him) Ok yeah she did but it's the end of an era

ROSS: Um guys as much as I hate to point this out, shouldn't you be getting ready to board the plane

PHOEBEE: Yeah, yeah--Ok I Love you guys, we'll stay in touch and be sure to write(they all hug and say goodbye etc...)

RACHEL:/VO When Phoebee left things were hard at first. See Phobee well she was one of my best friends and as much as I love Monica, sometimes I just couldn't talk to her about things, esp anything regarding Ross. I always felt like I was putting her in the middle between me and her brother--and little did I know that in a few years that would really be true

Oct 2003(It's Halloween) Stevie is 5 months old and Chelsea is 1yr and 8 months she's dressed up as a tiny ballerina and Steven is dressed as a little pumpkin.

CHELSEA: Mama, me go twik tweet now

CHELSEA:(stamping her foot) but no babies(looks at Stevie)

RACHEL: Chelsea honey, remember you, me, daddy and Aunt Monica, Uncle Chandler and Steven are all going


RACHEL: well ok then, I guess we are staying home

CHELSEA: Nooo, no, no momma. Chelsea pweese go twik tweet

RACHEL: Can Steven come too?


ROSS: that's my good girl(picks her up and twirls her around)

MONICA: Ok are we ready

(they head out the door) (about an hour later, Steven is asleep in his stroller and Chelseas is beginning to get tired, but of course she is a toddler so she won't admit it)
ROSS: Ok Miss Chels, this is the last house

CHELSEA: No, me do more

ROSS: Chelsea Nichole

CHELSEA: Otay, but me do it

ROSS: Yes, you can do it

CHELSEA(marches up to the door and rings the bell) Twick or Tweet(she's given candy and runs back to Ross) Daddy, daddy look what I got

ROSS: Oh wow, look at all that candy, are you gonna share some with me

CHELSEA: yah, but only a wittle, Mommy gets to share too

RACHEL: Aww, thank you baby girl

CHANDLER: wow, you know we could eat all of Steven's candy right now

MONICA: Chandler!

CHANDLER: what, he's 5 months old like he even cares about Halloween

MONICA: true, but were' not eating his candy now, we're going to check all the candy to make sure it is safe, then we are going to divide it up between us

CHANDLER: Man, I Love having a kid

MONICA: Yeah, lucky me I get two(hugs Chandler)

ROSS: Ok I think we need to get this little miss home and in bed(Chelsea is asleep in his arms)

RACHEL: Yeah, that's a good idea, you guys wanna come over for awhile

MONICA: that sounds great, but let's take a rain check, I'm actually pretty tired

RACHEL: Ok then, we'll see you guys later

(everyone leaves and Ross and Rachel go back to their place)
ROSS: Hey, is she down(Rachel has just came into her and Ross's bedroom)

RACHEL: yes after reading Goodnite Moon 8 times, she is finally asleep

ROSS: so, she had fun tonite huh

RACHEL: yeah, her first real Halloween, I mean that she is old enough to have an idea what is going on. God, I cant' belive our baby is almost 3. But, speaking of fun, wait here for a minute

ROSS: ok

RACHEL: Ok Mr Ross.(she stands in the doorway wearing a wild cat costume

ROSS: Oh, oh my

RACHEL: I've been a bad, bad kitty

ROSS: Meeooow, Grrrr(runs over to her and pushes her against the wall where he begins to kiss her, she intertwines her legs around his and he lifts her up and carries her to the bed, where he lays her down and begins to unbotton her shirt)--and I'm sure you all can imagine what happens next :)

Everyone is at Monica and Chandler's for a Holiday Dinner-it's xmas day and all the presents and everything have been opened earlier

MONICA: Ok we have chicken, we have beef, we have 4 types of potatoes, carrots, corn, dressing, baked beans, fruit salad... CHANDLER: Um dear-you do realize if you keep naming all the food we'll be here til New Years

MONICA: Anyways(shooting Chandler a glare) everybody dig in

ROSS: wow, Mon this dressing is amazing

MONICA: why thank you

ROSS: Rach, have you tried the dressing?

RACHEL: Um, no I guess i'm just not in the mood for it

ROSS: you dont seem to be in the mood for any food, you haven't eaten hardly anything, are you ok

RACHEL: Yeah, I guess I just haven't felt too good the past couple of weeks

ROSS: is it that bug you had earlier, I thought you were better

RACHEL: Yeah I thought so too, but I don't know I just....(gets up and runs to the bathroom)

ROSS:Rach, are you ok? Oh sweetie, shh, it's ok(he holds her in his arms as she has just gotten thru being sick)

RACHEL: God, I feel so bad, I mean it's everyone's holiday and here i'm ruining it

ROSS: Rachel you are not ruining it and no one will be upset, you can't help that you don't feel well, you prob just had a relapse of that stomach flu from before

RACHEL: Yeah, yeah that's prob all

ROSS: I do think you should go to the Dr though

RACHEL: yeah, i'll go tommorow

ROSS: good, now do you want to go home

RACHEL: yeah, yeah I do, I feel really sick and I just want to go sleep

ROSS: alright, i'll let the others know(goes out by the table) Guys, we're gonna call it a night, Rachel isnt feeling well, I think she relapsed from that stomach flu-she has been working awfully hard, chasing this little one around

CHELSEA: me daddy, me wun, me wun fast

ROSS: yes, you sure do, now come on princess, say nite nite to Uncle Chandler and Auntie Monica and Uncle Joey

CHELSEA: Nitey nite(she's an adorable little girl with hair the reddish color Rachel had in Season 3 and Ross's dark eyes)

(the next day)
ROSS: Hey honey, so what did the doctor say, are you going to be ok, it was just the flu right???

RACHEL: well not exactly

ROSS: what, what is it, is something wrong

RACHEL: Ross, I have something to tell you, um I'm um...

ROSS: for the love of god Rachel, just tell me, i'm going crazy here worrying

RACHEL: Ross, I'm pregnant

ROSS: what? Oh my god, oh my god yes!!!!!(they hug)

RACHEL: yeah im about 2 months along

ROSS: two months, two months, oh my god Halloween

RACHEL: yeah I think that night of wild cat sex really did it

ROSS: whoa, this is soo huge, Chelseas is going to have a brother or sister

RACHEL: Yeah-oh god we have to see what we still have, I mean I know her crib is in the attic and we have her highchair, but I got rid of a lot of her clothes, and I Know Monica has stuff from Stevie, so if it's a boy that will help out and...

ROSS: Rach, don't worry ok, we have 7 months to figure it out, oh my god we have to tell everyone

RACHEL: Yeah, i'll call them now.(picks up the phone) Hey Chandler is Monica in, good. Can you put her on the phone, or better yet put it on speaker we have some big news for you guys(hears talking in the background) hey, is that Joey. Yeah, great put him on too.

MONICA: hey Rach, what's going on

RACHEL: Hey Mon, hold on a second(Ross, get on the other line)

ROSS: Hey guys

CHANDLER: hey man, so what's with the suspense

RACHEL: Well you know how I was feeling sick last nite

JOEY: yeah, your not gonna tell us a gross vomit story are you

RACHEL: what?? Ew Joey no

MONICA: well what then

RACHEL: well the thing is, I went to the doctor and it turns out i'm not sick after all I'm pregnant


CHAN/JOEY: congrats/good job/way to go etc...

MONICA: oh my god I am soo happy for you guys

RACHEL: Yeah, I know it's amazing, it's like--wow, but I have to go ok, we need to call and tell Phobee

MONICA: send her our love

JOEY: yeah tell her big daddy misses her

RACHEL: will do guys

(they hang up and she dials Phoebee)
PHOEBEE: (answers in whatever languge they speak in Minsk and yes I know it is by Russia but I dont know if they speak Russian or what, and also the only words Phobee really knows are the basics like hello, hot, cold, hungry etc..)

RACHEL: Hey Pheebs

PHOEBEE(speaking in English now) Hey Rach, how are you, how is Monica, Is Chandler still telling jokes, has big daddy been behaving...

RACHEL: (laughing) great, great, of course and well as much as he can

PHOEBEE: so to what do I owe the pleasure of this call

RACHEL: well, I have some news

PHOEBEE: oh my god, you're pregnant

RACHEL: how the, how the hell did you know

PHOEBEE: because I am psychic and I can feel your aura is a maternal color

RACHEL: yeah, we just found out today, and we wanted everyone to know

PHOEBEE: I am soo happy for you guys, and guess what--David and I might be coming to the states for a visit, prob sometime next summer

RACHEL: oh my god, that will be sooo amazing, just remember i'm due July 9th

PHOEBEE: Ok if we do come i'll try to come after the baby is born, but i'm still not sure if we will, but the Sciene lab I guess has some paperwork and materials they need and they are in the NY lab, but they dont want to send David to get them unless they absolutly need them and yeah it's all very complicated

RACHEL: sounds like it(Hears Chelsea Crying) Hey Pheebs, I hate to say this but I need to go, Chelsea just woke up from her nap

PHOEBEE: Ok, I'll talk to you later Rach, and i'll keep in touch regarding the trip

RACHEL: Sounds great, oh and Pheebs--we all love you and miss you

PHOEBEE: yeah, me too

RACHEL: V/O I didn't know it at the time but that trip home to visit was more than just that for Phoebee, her life with David was falling apart and she felt more and more homesick every single day, but without a steady job in Minsk, Davids Business trip was the only way for her to come home. It was like all of a sudden our lives just got more and more complicated and little did I know the worst was yet to come

JULY 4th 2004(everyone is at a big fireworks display-Steven and Chelsea are with a babysitter and Frank and Alice are also there with the triplets who are now almost 7yrs old)

LESLEY: ooh look at that one, whoa it was huge


ALICE: Lesley, Frank Jr Jr, watch out for your sparkers their right near Channie's hair

FRANKJRJR: aww it's no big deal, she has a lot of it, she can lose some(Girl Chandler's hair is very long, whereas Lesley's is chin length-it's the only way to really tell them apart)

GCHANDLER: Shut up Frank

ALICE: No saying shut up

GCHANDLER: sorry mom(to Frank Jr Jr) please be quite or I will punch you

FRANKJJ:(laughs) yeah, whatever

GCHANDLER: you wanna piece of me, huh, you want me to kick your as..(see's her mom looking at her and doesnt finish the word)

ALICE: how bout we all just watch the fireworks

CHANDLER: Sounds good to me(he says as he leans in and kisses Monica)

ROSS: Rachel, wasn't that one beautiful(sees she is not paying attention) Rach, Rach are you ok

RACHEL: Huh? Oh yeah I'm alright, I just have a stomachache is all and my back kinda hurts

ROSS: it's not the baby is it? RACHEL: I don't know, but I dont think so I'm still 3wks away and Chels was 2wks late, so I think I just overdid it today is all

ROSS: alrighy roo

**that one's for you Haydee!!*

(about ten mins later-Rachel is now in noticible pain and is breathing heavily and sweating, no one really notices though becaue of the fireworks noise)
RACHEL: Ross, Ross

ROSS: yeah(notices her sweating and biting on her lower lip) Rach, is everything ok

RACHEL: No, I think I may be in labor, the pains have gotten worse and they are getting more constant

ROSS: Ok, ok well the first thing is we have to get you to stand up, put your arms around me and i'll help you up

RACHEL: Ok(they stand) whoah, um Ross yeah we need to get to the hosp my um water just broke

ROSS: Alright, well let's use Chandlers's cell phone call the hosp and then get to the car

RACHEL: alright

ROSS: I'll go get Chandler's phone(the group is in the same general area but not directly next to each other)

ROSS: (goes back to where Rach is and the others are with him-Rachel is on the ground on her knees in obvious pain) Rach, ok we've called the hosp but you have to stand up now so we can get you to the car

RACHEL: I don't think I can, they're coming closer together and I have to push

] ROSS: No, no Rach don't do that, let's just get to the car, you'll be fine

RACHEL: No, I wont' i've been timing while you were on the phone, they are less than 2 mins apart(she lays back on the grass and tries hard not to push, but isn't able to stop from doing so)

ROSS: Ok sweetie, I see the head, now push just a little more

RACHEL: why dont you f*c*ing push a little more you stupid bastard, so help me god after this you are NEVER touching me again

CHANDLER: It always amazes me how cheerful women are during this process, I mean this is one of the happiest moments of your lives

RACHEL: Well you try shoving something the size of a watermelon out of a hole the size of a pea and tell me how happy you are, now get over here so I can strangle you

MONICA: Rach, we can see the head, just one more push ok sweetie, just one more--sound of baby crying- oh my god it's a girl, Ross, Rachel you have a girl

RACHEL: a girl, oh let me see her let me see my daughter(she's put in Rachel's arms) JOEY: here ya go man

ROSS: (cuts the cord) so now we need to think of a name for this little lady

RACHEL: oh I have one, if you agree that is

ROSS: what

RACHEL: well how about Mallory

ROSS: Mallory? Yeah, I like that, hello Mallory(leans over and kisses his daughter) yes Miss Mallory July Geller

RACHEL: Mallory July, I like that it's perfect it's pretty and unusual

SEPT 2004(Phoebee and David have came from Minsk) David is on his business meetings a lot and Phoebee is over at Rachel and Ross's(Ross is at work but Rach still has Maternity leave for another couple months)

RACHEL: So I was thinking, we need to call everyone and have them meet us at CP it will be just like old times. Esp since it's been months since any of us have been there. Funny huh, how you get caught up in life and old habits just die

PHOEBEE: Yeah, kinda like how some people seem to think that the only thing that matters is work(under her breath) damn stupid scientist, stupid ass Minsk

RACHEL: (touching Phoebee's arm lightly) Pheebs, is something wrong

PHOBEE: No, well yeah I'm leaving David

RACHEL: You're what!!!!

PHOEBEE: Yeah that's right i'm leaving him

RACHEL: but what happened to not being able to live without him?

PHOEBEE: Yeah, that's over, all he cares about is his stupid lab and his work, do you know we have not had sex in months. Well we had sex a couple weeks ago, but it was only cause I kept hassling and hassling him, before that it had been over 6 months

RACHEL: so what will you do

PHOEBEE: Oh im moving back here, that's why I was so keen on coming for this trip. I've had this planned for months, David didnt want to bring me you know, wanted to just fly to NY and return to Minsk, but I made him take me

RACHEL: does he know

PHOEBEE: Well he will soon, I slipped a letter in his briefcase and he has a presentation with some sciency people today

RACHEL: wow Pheebs, so what will you do

PHOEBEE: Not really sure I guess i'll find a place to live, check out the want ads etc..

RACHEL: You know, you should call and ask Joey about rooming together, I know he isnt working right now and he could prob use help with the rent

PHOEBEE: Joey, yeah, yeah I like that, that's a great idea(smiles)a really great idea

RACHEL:V/O well Phoebee did move in with Joey and that same month Monica found out she was Pregnant again, then in November Phoebee found out she was pregnant, which let loose a whole chain of events that no one could have foretold

March 2005
Chandler and Monica's house, Ross and Rachel are there with the kids, Monica is 6 months pregnant and Steven is 22 months old, Chelsea is 3yrs old and Mallory is 8 months old

CHANDLER: so has anyone heard anything about Joey's secret girlfriend

RACHEL: what do you mean secret, you mean like imaginary

CHANDLER: yeah, I can tell you from experience none of Joey's girls are imaginary, I shared a wall with him for years remember

ROSS: Ok, didn't need the details

CHANDLER: (does the hand gesture thingy) anyhow, aparently Joey has some amazing women he is dating, he said he thinks he's falling in love with her but he doesn't want to introduce us because he is afraid of moving too fast

MONICA: we've been friends with Joey forever, how is that moving too fast

CHANDLER: Hey, im not the one who said it, why don't you ask Tribbiani

MONICA: that's right I will(picks up the phone and dials) Hey Pheebs is Joey there, yeah ok, can you put him on, ok yeah sure. Joey. Hi, now what is this about not wanting to introduce your women to us

JOEY: Dude, I want to but it's like I like this women sooo much and I dont want her to feel pressure or like i'm moving to fast you know, I just want to go slowly(while he's on the phone he slides his hand down Phoebees back and begins to kiss her(and we're not talking the kind you give a relative either)

MONICA: yeah, I guess that does make sense, ok bye Joe

CHANDLER: so what'd he say

MONICA: oh my god you guys, this women must be amazing, he said that he thinks he is falling in love and wants to move slow and not pressure her

RACHEL: awww, our little Joey is growing up

ROSS: hey guys, do you think it might be Phoebee who he is in love with(they all look at each other and bust up laughing)

MONICA: oh my that hurts my stomach, geez Ross did you forget I was pregnant, I cant' be laughing like that

CHANDLER: Man, the very idea is funny, Phoebee and Joey if they never hooked up beofre they sure wont do it now, they'll always be just friends

RACHEL:V/O the rest of that spring and summer went by pretty normal in June Monica and Chandler's daughter Laura Elizabeth was born and in August Phoebee's son Tyler Austin was born, she refused to give him David's last name so he was Tyler Austin Buffay. She continued to live with Joey and kept the babys' crib in her room, the rest of the year passed uneventfully and before we knew it 2006 was here

Jan 2006

Phoebee and Rachel had been shopping and are now at an outdoor cafe eating, the kids are being watched by Monica

RACHEL: Phoebee, you're being awful quiet today is anything wrong

PHOEBEE: No, not much just I got a letter from David and he is coming to the US and suing me for custody of Tyler

RACHEL: What!!!! How the hell can he do that, he hasn't even seen him or acknowledged him since he was born

PHOEBEE: I know but he seems to think since he is the father(says under her breath) or thinks he is, that he can do this

RACHEL: what do you mean thinks he is

PHOEBEE: oh, did I say that part outloud

RACHEL: Yeah you did, now what did you mean

PHOEBEE: well um, um yeah see Tyler might not be his. See After David and I had separated well he came back to NY In November I never told anyone cause it was just a one night thing and I knew I was not going back to him, but we got to talking and drinking and well yeah the sex was had. RACHEL: so how does that make Tyler not his, the dates are right, you had him about 9 months later

PHOEBEE: well see there's more, see I was also sleeping with(says softly) Joey


PHOEBEE: Joey ok Joey I've been sleeping with Joey for months now, but it's not about just sex, I really love him and he loves me

RACHEL: Oh my god this is sooo huge, why did you not tell any of us

PHOEBEE: well at first cause we thought it was just for fun, you know just a way for me to forget my probs and for Joey to have some sex, but then it turned into more it really became a relationship and god look at how much trouble you and Ross had when you first dated and how hard Mon and Chandler worked to keep their relationship secret at first, so we just wanted to know what we had before we officially announced it

RACHEL: V/O Hearing about Phoebee and Joey was one of the most shocking things i've ever heard, for so long we had hoped they would get together and it never happened, and I know I had resigned myself long ago to the fact that they were just friends, so I was well shocked would be putting it mildy to hear what had been happening. Within no time everyone else knew and their relationship became public. In April 2006 David came from Minsk and went as far as taking Phoebee to court to prove with Paternity tests who the father was, the trial took over 9 months I still remember the day the results were read

Feb 2007

Everyone is in the court room-the gang, lawyers, David, etc....
JUDGE: will the plaintiff and defendent please rise as I give the results of the test(*I have never been to an acutal court case so i'm just basically making this up*)

(Phoebee and David both stand up along with their lawyers)
JUDGE: now before I read the results I want it to be understood that their are to be no loud outbursts, no screaming, arguing or fussing of any sort, or I will not hesitate to hold you in contemp of court. Is that understood

PHOEBEE: yes sir, yes your honor

JUDGE: (to David) and you?

DAVID: Yes sir

JUDGE: very well then. According to these results which are 99.9% accurate, David(Ok i forogt his last name so David-----) you are not the father

DAVID: What!!!!!

JUDGE: remember what you promised sir

DAVID: sorry your honor

JUDGE: as I was saying, according to the test results submitted by both parties and the 2nd possible father, it is concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that the father of this child is Josesph Francis Tribbiani and therefore your claims for custody based on parternal rights are null. Case dismissed

JOEY:(runs over and hugs Pheebs) he's mine, he's really mine.

PHOEBEE: ours Joey, he's ours.

JOEY: hey if he is ours then, we should do this.(gets down on his knees) Phoebee Buffay I have loved you since the moment I saw you-and also because you don't make fun of me too much and you make good sandwiches. Would you do me the honor of being my wife

PHOEBEE: Yes, yes, yeeessss!!

Later that day, Ross and Rachel are shopping, Monica and Chandler are watching the kids

RACHEL: so what do you think of this dress

ROSS: it's nice(cleary bored out of his mind)

RACHEL: Rossss, come on I want your honest opinion

ROSS: ok honestly, I like them all ok, anything looks good on you, so I don't see why you need to spend 5hrs trying on 3 gazillion different dresses

RACHEL: awww, is Dr Geller the dinosaur man getting bored

ROSS: a little bit, yeah

RACHEL: well I know what could make you not so bored. How about if you help me try this dress on

ROSS: you mean in their

RACHEL: Ross, it's a dressing room not a torture chamber

ROSS: yeah I know,but I'm not allowed in their am I,I mean it's the ladies dressing room

RACHEL: oh who cares, besides there's no one around-besides it can be a challenge, let ya see how fast you can be

ROSS: you mean, you want to, in there


ROSS: well.... ok(grabs her arm and pulls her inside the dressing room) (a few minutes later they emerge looking very disheveled)they leave the store and walk towards home

ROSS: well, that was certainly fun

RACHEL: ohhh yes(they both kiss)I just wish we could have days like this all the time

ROSS: what do you mean

RACHEL: well with the girls around it's hard to get privacy, I love them, I do but I can't wait until they are both in school

ROSS: it will be here soon enough, Chels starts Kindergarten in September, sometimes I can't belive how fast the years have gone by

RACHEL: yeah, and it's amazing you know

ROSS: what's amazing?

RACHEL: how much has happened over the past 5yrs, stuff we never could have imagined

ROSS: yeah, but i'm so glad i've been able to share them with you(they gaze at each other and kiss)

RACHEL: well here we are(as they arrive at Monica's)

ROSS: yep, here we are

RACHEL: I guess we gotta pick um up huh(jokingly)

ROSS: yep, time to be sensible parents again. Are you ready Mrs Geller?

RACHEL: Yeah, yeah i'm ready(Rachel said smiling as she gazed at the kids running around the fenced in yard)

CHELSEA: Mommy, mommy look what I did, I made mud pies

RACHEL: so I see, you seem to have gotten most of the mud on you though

CHELSEA: yeah, and Auntie Monica was mad cause I wouldn't let her wash it off

RACHEL: I can bet

MALLORY: Momma, me owie, me hold you

RACHEL: aww, what happened baby girl(picks her up)

CHELSEA: she fell, she was running and she fell

STEVEN: nu uh, you tripped her

CHELSEA: did not, she fell over my feet

STEVEN: nooo, you tripped her

CHELSEA: did not, did not, did not

STEVEN: did too, did too, did too

RACHEL: ok you know what it's not important, why don't we go inside and see mommy and Auntie Monica

STEVEN: mommy made cookies

RACHEL: she did, yummm, ok I bet I can beat you guys to the cookies

CHELSEA/STEVEN: nooo, we'll win/we're gonna beat you

MONICA: hey guys, cookies are on the table,but first wash those hands

STEVEN: but mommmmy

MONICA: but nothing, hands washed now

(the kids wash there hands then sit down and eat, while Monica and Rachel talk)
MONICA: so you look happy


MONICA: well may I ask what brought on this sudden burst of joy

RACHEL: oh you know the happiness over Joey and Phoebee, the nice weather, having sex with Ross in the dressing room at Sacs

MONICA: what!!!!!

RACHEL: what MONICA: spill it, you and Ross in the dressing room

RACHEL: Monica, the children

MONICA: oh please there clear across the room and they aren't even listening, now talk Missy

RACHEL:well it's like I said, we had sex in the dressing room

MONICA: so how was it

RACHEL: it was great, it's like we've had so little free time, what with the girls being sick last month and the court case and everything and we just had to be with each other, that we just did it

MONICA: wow, wish me and Chandler could have that

RACHEL: what, you don't, I thought everything was perfect between you guys

MONICA: oh it's not us per say, it's just with the kids being so young, and Laura having all her ear infections and Steven is scared of the dark so we can't lock the door, or he freaks out if he tries to get to us during the night and....

RACHEL: yeah, I think that was our problem. But I realized too that in a few months Chelsea will be in school and before we know it Mal will be too

MONICA: God, I can't even imagine not having the kids at home, Steve starts preschool this year though

RACHEL: I want to add on more hours at work, maybe a day or two, would you possibly mind watchin Mal during those days

MONICA:(laughing) I was just going to ask you if you'd do the same with Laura, I want to work some extra shifts at the restaraunt

RACHEL: yeah of course i'll help, we can work out the details as far as days etc...

MALLORY: Mommy, mommy, mommy(sobbing)

RACHEL: what is it sweetie

MALLORY: Chelsea said der wad a gost in da cwoset and pushed me inside, and she wocked the door mommmmmyy

RACHEL: Mallory, there is no ghost in that closet ok, I promise you

MALLORY: (snuggling in Rachel's lap) you pwomise

RACHEL: I promise. Chelsea Nichole Geller, get in here now

CHELSEA: yes mommy(trying to look innocent)

RACHEL: did you tell your sister there was a ghost in the closet and push her inside


RACHEL: Chelsea Nichole

CHELSEA: well, maybe

RACHEL: maybe yes

CHELSEA: possibly yes

RACHEL: do I need to remind you what happens to little girls who lie?


RACHEL: ok then did you do it or not


RACHEL: apologize to your sister

CHELSEA: I'm sorry, sorry stupid stupid baby(pinches Mallory)

MALLORY: owwwie Mommmmmyyyy

RACHEL: Ok, I think this is our ticket to leave, thanks for watching the girls Mon and i'll call you later in the week

MONICA: your'e welcome, and bye(they hug)

RACHEL: Ok girls get in the car

CHELSESA: Noooo i dont wanna, I wanna stay h ere and play with Steven, I don't wanna gooo

(Ross and Chandler walk into the house, they'd been in the backyard shooting hoops-or well attempting too, cause I think we can all imagine the athletic prowess of Ross and Chandler)
ROSS: ok, what's going on now miss Chelsea

RACHEL: she scared her sister, pinched her sister and now is acting like a spoiled brat

CHELSEA: I'm not a brat, I'm not, i'm not

RACHEL: yes, you are now get your ass in that car now

CHELSEA: fine(stomps out to the car)

ROSS/RACHEL: bye guys(go out to the car with Mallory and drive home)

RACHEL: Ok Chelsea, go to your room, get undressed and go to bed


(Rachel goes inside and starts to give Mallory her bath)

(about an hour later, Rachel is reading Mallory a bedtime story)
RACHEL: and the little kittens gently closed there eyes and purred a happy song, the end(notices Chelsea is asleep) nite sweetie(kisses her)

ROSS: hey, is she down

RACHEL: yeah

ROSS: that's good cause I want to talk to you about today

RACHEL: yeah, what about, our dressing room extravaganza

ROSS: no, about what happened with Chelsea

RACHEL: what, she was bad, she was punished

ROSS: yes but did you have to yell at her and call her a brat, I mean seriously Rachel I think that was a little harsh

RACHEL: oh well excuse me, Mr I'm at work all day

ROSS: what the hell does that have to do with anything

RACHEL: it has plently to do with it, you are never here to disipline the girls or to see them fighting, you dont' know what it's like, you get to go to work all day and i'm stuck here

ROSS: stuck here, stuck here. You know most moms would consider it a privilage to be with their children, any good mother that is

RACHEL: to hell with you, to hell with you Ross Geller, I am a good mother and you know it, but i'm the one who is here all day you get to work, I always have to be here, I never get to do anything for myself, you don't know what its like ok, you get to do things for yourself, you get to spend time away and do adult things, I have to spend my days watching Sesamee Street and breaking up fights

ROSS: you know what, I don't even want to be around you right now

RACHEL: fine, get out

ROSS: excuse me you get out

RACHEL: dammit Ross, just leave, just get out

ROSS: why dont' you leave, you don't want the kids

RACHEL: damn you I never said I dont want the kids, how the hell do you get off putting words in my mouth. I love the kids, I love them, but I want time to myself ok, why the hell can't you understand that. I love them I do, I love them, I never meant that I didn't, I do love them I do, I do(begins crying)

ROSS: oh Rachel, Rach it's ok, shhh, I"m sorry I never meant to make you cry, god you know how much I hate it when you cry

RACHEL: Ross, i"m sorry, I do love the girls and you, just I want to go to work again, I want to go back to work for at least a couple days

ROSS: Ok, ok you can, you can work, alright, and you're right, I dont' know what it's like, I don't see the girls when they fight and i'm not here for most of the day, I'm going to cut back on some of my hours, so I can be here more

RACHEL: Ross, I love you

ROSS: I love you too Rach

It's now a couple weeks later, Rachel had been only working two days a week at Ralph Lauren and she is now working 4 days, Ross is working 4 days at NYU and stays with the girls all day on Fridays(Rachel is with them on Mondays) and on Tues and Thurs they are with Monica, and Ross and Rachel have Monica's and Chandler's kids Saturdays and every other Thursday

ROSS: Hey Rach, how was work

RACHEL: ehhh

ROSS: that good huh

RACHEL: No work was fine, i'm not

ROSS: what do you mean

RACHEL: I dont know I just haven't felt well all day, i'm gonna go lie down


CHELSEA: daddy, where's momma goin

MALLORY: Yeah, where mommy go

ROSS: it's ok girls, your mommy just doesnt' feel very well right now so we're going to let her sleep

CHELSEA: otay, can I color her a picture

MALLORY: me too

ROSS: yes you can

(they start to color)
ROSS: girls I'll be right back, i'm going to go check on mommy(he goes upstairs and finds Rachel throwing up in the bathroom)Oh sweetie, here let me get you some water

RACHEL: (weakly) thanks Ross

ROSS: do you feel better now

RACHEL: no, I feel worse actually, I(runs back to the toilet and throws up again)

ROSS: ok Rach, lets get you into bed(he helps her lie down and covers her up)

RACHEL: thanks Ross

ROSS: I'll put this bucket by the bed, so if you get sick again you dont' have to get up ok

RACHEL: alright, and thanks

(ross goes back downstairs)
ROSS: Miss Mallory July Geller what have you done

MALLORY: I colored daddy(the walls are covered with scribbles)

ROSS: I see that, well what do you say we clean this up, then we can make homemade pizzas and ice cream sundaes for dessert

MAL/CHELS: yeah!!!

(they clean the walls then sit down to eat)
ROSS: ok girls, what do you say to watching a video and then taking your baths and going to bed

CHELSEA: cindrella daddy, Cinderella

MALLORY: yah, Cindella

ROSS: alrighy roo, Cindrella it is(he pops the video in and looks over his lesson plan while they watch)

(they watch the movie)
CHELSEA: can we watch again daddy, huh, can we

ROSS: well seeing as how your sister is about ready to fall asleep right there on the floor and you seem to have the entire backyard caked under your fingernails i'm going to have to say no

CHELSEA: awww, alright, so bath time then huh?

ROSS: yep, bathtime(he gives them their bath and puts them to bed)

Next morning
ROSS: (notices Rachel is awake) hey, how are you feeling

RACHEL: not so good

ROSS: is your stomach still upset

RACHEL: yeah

ROSS: oh Rach, i'm sorry

RACHEL: what are you sorry for, you didn't do this to me

ROSS: I know,but I just wish I could make you feel better, do you want me to stay home with you

RACHEL: no, i'll be ok, oh Ross today is the day I'm supposed to have Laura and Stevie, call Monica and tell her I can't watch them

ROSS: Ok(leaves the room to call) Ok Rach, I called and Mon and Chan both said they hope you feel better soon, and Monica is going to stop by after work, prob around 3 and see how you are doing

RACHEL: ooom, ok(is half asleep)

ROSS: bye Rach(kisses her and covers her with a blanket)

(later in the afternoon) MONICA: Rach, Rach are you awake(goes up to the bedroom-they have keys to each others houses)

RACHEL: oh hey Mon

MONICA: how are you feeling, any better

RACHEL: a little, I Don't actually really feel sick, I mean besides the throwing up I feel fine

MONICA: you mean you dont have a headache or a fever or anything

RACHEL: no, I almost feel good, except my stomach is all upset

MONICA: Rachel, you dont think you could be....

RACHEL: what?

MONICA: pregnant

RACHEL: oh my god, oh my god, I, I oh my god

MONICA: what

RACHEL: well I hadnt' even noticed or thought about it, but yeah I'm almost a week late

MONICA: do you want me to get you a test

RACHEL: yeah, might as well

MONICA: ok i'll be right back

(retruns about 15 min later)
MONICA: Ok here it is, i'll wait out here while you do it(15 min later) well...

RACHEL: uh huh

MONICA: uh huh what

RACHEL: uh huh I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant(begins to cry)

MONICA: Rach, what's wrong

RACHEL: I'm happy I am, I really am it's just you know we had plans, these plans to work more and do more stuff and, now I have to start thinking about labor and nursing and babyproofing and it will be even longer to go back to work fulltime again, I mean I love the girls and I'll love this baby, I'll love it so much, but I put so much of myself into fashion and worked so hard to get to where I was and now...

MONICA: Rach, you can still work, do what you are doing now, just work a couple days and i'll watch all of the girls, it will work out you'll see

RACHEL: Yeah, yeah... thanks Mon

MONICA: dont mention it, now don't you think you need to tell that husband of yours

RACHEL: Yeah, i'll tell him tonite, this calls for a nice fancy dinner

MONICA: oooh can I cook it for you, can I, can I

RACHEL: ok you even have to ask, you know my idea of fancy cooking is Tuna Casserole

MONICA: alright then you will have, duck ala orange, asparagus, lemon pepper rice and chocolate Mousse

RACHEL: oh that sounds soo good, do you need any help(yawning)

MONICA: no that is ok, you just rest, and take care of that little niece or nephew of mine, and i'll do the cooking

RACHEL: thanks mon

(she rests and Monica begins cooking, after a couple hours Ross arrives home)
MONICA: Ok, he just pulled up, I"m going to go-the table is set and all the food is on the table ready to be served.

RACHEL: Thanks Mon

ROSS: Sweetie, i'm home(comes up the stairs) Rach, are you here

RACHEL: Yeah Ross, i'm in the bedroom

ROSS: Hey you(they kiss) Hey Mon, how's the patient doing

MONICA: Oh much better, i'm gonna go ahead and go now, i'll see you two later

ROSS: bye Mon, and thanks for everything.

RACHEL: Hey Ross

ROSS: yeah

RACHEL: Monica cooked some dinner for us, so what do you say we go eat

ROSS: alright, but are you sure you feel up to eating

RACHEL: Oh I feel ok, besides i'll be feeling this way for a few months

ROSS: what??

RACHEL: well, what I have its not just going to go away

ROSS: huh

RACHEL: lets just say it's a 9 month problem

ROSS: what are you babbbling about

RACHEL(exasperated) my god Ross, you think after being thru this twice before you'd get what I'm talking about

ROSS: would you just get to the point

RACHEL: I'm pregnant Ross, with child, knocked up, having a baby, bringing in the miracle of life, with bambino...

ROSS: ok, Ok I get you

RACHEL: so what do you think

ROSS: what do I think, I think, I think it's amazing

RACHEL: yeah, and maybe this time it will finally be a boy

ROSS: yeah, yeah a boy, a boy I could actually see everyday and be a part of his life

RACHEL: your part of Ben's life

ROSS: yeah, but it's not the same

RACHEL: so anyhow,what do you say we go eat

It's now 3 months later, Rachel is just starting to show and everyone is busy working on plans for Phoebee and Joey's wedding(Monica, Phoebee, and Rachel are at Phoebee and Joeys)
MONICA: ok so I was thinking, first off since the wedding is going to be in the summer we need to go with light colors but not pink because well it just doesn't look that great on Rachel, but def t hink about BLue, then we need to match the flowers with the dreses, now here is a list of each suitable bridesmaid dress color and a list of flowers to match with it

PHOEBEE: Stop! Stop! Stop the madness, I mean seriosly Stop

MONICA: what

PHOEBEE: who's wedding is this, huh, huh??

MONICA: it's your wedding

PHOEBEE: That's right, my wedding, mine, and I dont need you taking over

MONICA: I"m trying to help

PHOEBEE: trying to dictate is more like it. Trying to take over like you always do, becaues oooh you're Monica and you're oh so perfect

MONICA: welll excuuuuuse me for not wanting you to look stupid(under her breath) for once

PHOEBEE: Ok first off, I heard that, and second off, what the hell do you mean

MONICA: Rachel, dont you agree some of Phoebees ideas and clothes are well, tacky

RACHEL: Don't drag me into this

PHOEBEE: Yeah Monica, this doesnt concern Rachel, this is between you and me and I want to know what you meant

MONICA: well, some of your clothes are well, a know i'm just going to say it ugly

PHOEBEE: My clothes are so not ugly, just because I don't wear the same stuff as you or fit to your ideal of style, damn Monica you think you are so wonderful, at least i'm not an anal retentive bitch

MONICA: oh you, you, oh just shut up. Hey, here's an idea how bout if I leave and you plan your stupid wedding alone(storms out the door>

PHOEBEE: fine by me

RACHEL: um, do you still want me to help Pheebs

PHOEBEE: no offense, but I'm going to just do it all myself ok, because well I just think it would work out better if I plan everything myself

RACHEL: Pheebs, you know i'd be glad to help, I dont' agree with what Monica said

PHOEBEE: I know, I just think it would be best to plan myself, Monica was right about one thing, we do all have different taste

RACHEL: yeah, but she didn't need to be so rude, I wonder what was up with that

PHOEBEE: like I said she's an anal retentive bitch

RACHEL: we all know how Monica is but she is never that bad, that outburst just came out of nowhere, there has to be something else going on

PHOEBEE: yeah,but what

(Later that evening)
RACHEL(knocking on Monica and Chandlers's door) Hey Chandler, is Monica home, I need to talk to her

CHANDLER: Yeah she is, but I want to say, I know what happened with Phoebee today, MOnica told me, she is really sorry but she's goign thru a tough time right now, she found out some bad news today

RACHEL: really? What??

CHANDLER: Id better let her tell you herself

MONICA: Hey Rach. Chandler, can you leave us alone for a bit

CHANDLER: sure(kisses her on the cheek)

RACHEL: Ok MOn, what's up with the attitude and the being mysterious

MONICA: was Phoebee really pissed

RACHEL: Yeah, but she'll get over it, but what is up with you

MONICA: well, I hadn't been feeling too great, really tired, out of sorts you know. In fact I felt well, the same ways I felt when I was preg with Stevie and Laura

RACHEL: You're pregnant again!!! But wait, Chandler said you'd found out bad news, that's not bad--is it??

MONICA: No, see the thing is, I went to the Dr, thinking I was pregnant. You know, wanting to get it checked out and he did some tests and it turns out i'm not pregnant, no I'm(bitterly) going through the Change-you know, Menopause.

RACHEL: wow, that, that sucks

MONICA: no Sh*t, I'm 36, I mean I know it happens in your 40's or so, but I figued I had a good ten years yet. Now I can never have another baby and I guess I just felt Jealous of you, and of Phoebee. I mean she's getting married and you're having another baby and you know i'm just getting old

RACHEL: ok first off, this is not a competition to see who can be the happiest or who has the most kids, best wedding etc... 2nd, you're my best friend, next time come and talk to me, and third even though you can't have kids of your own anymore, you could adopt if you really really wanted to, plus you are the greatest Aunt, and pretty soon you are going to have another niece or nephew and you get to have the good parts. You dont have to put up with the 3 am feedings or the spit up or the fights, the potty traning etc.. you can just be the fun aunt and Spoil them

MONICA: Thanks Rach(they hug)

RACHEL: Ok, i've gotta go, I have to stop by the market before dinner

MONICA: ok, and I need to call Phoebee and apologize

RACHEL: V/O Phoebee and Monica did make up of course. That year was hard for Monica she had to get used to the idea of only having two children,her and Chandler thought a bit about adopting, but never did and she slowly adjusted to the changes going on in their lives. In Nov of 2007 our third daughter Courteny Eliza Geller was born and in June 2008 Phoebee and Joey were married

June 2008. It's Phoebee and Joey's wedding. The wedding is taking place outside in a garden gazebo(at a local park-not Central Park, just imagine a nice looking park with lots of flowers) Phoebee is wearing a simple white dress and the guys are in tuxes. Rachel as maid of honor is wearing a yellow dress and Monica and two friends of Phoebees from work are in Blue. Everyone has wildflowers and Chelsea(age 6) and Laura(age 3) are flowergirls
MINISTER: repeat after me. I Joseph Francis Tribianni, take you Phoebee Dawn(yeah I made her up a name) Buffay as my lawfully wedded wife. I promise to love, honor, and cherish you, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad, til death do us part

JOEY: (holding Phoebee's hand and smiling) I Joseph Francis Tribbiani take you Phoebee Dawn Buffay as my lawfully wedded wife, I promise to love, honor, and cherish you, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad til death do us part

MINISTER: Now Phoebee, repeat afer me. I Phobee Dawn Buffay take you Joseph Francis Tribbiani as my lawfully wedded husband. I promise to love, honor and cherish you in sickeness and in health, in good times and bad til death do us part.

PHOEBEE: I Phoebee Dawn Buffay take you Joseph Francis Tribianni as my lawfully wedded husband. I promise to love, honor and cherish you in sickenss and in health, in good times and bad til death do us part

MINISTER: Now Phoebee and JOey have something they would like to say to each other

JOEY: Pheebs, I just want you to know how happy you have made me, when we first met who would have ever gussed that our little group would pair off into 3 sets of couples. I know i've been with a lot of women(Chandler snorts and tries not to laugh-and Monica glares at him) But, I've neevr felt about anyone the way I feel about you, I honestly can say that I dont care if I never look at another women again, becaues I know i'm where I'm meant to be

PHOEBEE: Joey, you were always the one who could make me laugh and the one who listened to all my crazy stories and ideas, you made me happy and loved when no one else could. I always knew in my heart that somehow we would end up together and this is just proof that the heart never lies

MINISTER: It is now time for the exchanging of the rings(they do so) I now pronoune you Husband and Wife you may kiss the bride(Joey brushes a strand of hair off Phobees forehead and they begin to kiss, and kiss, and kiss and kiss

ROSS: sheesh, how can they breathe that long

CHANDLER: (yelling) get a room

MONICA: Chandler(trying not to laugh)

(we see Rachel looking at Phobee and Joey and then at Ross with a sad look on her face)
It's now about 3 hrs later, the reception is being held outdoors and there are decorated tables, paper lanters, a band etc.... Ross is over at the bar with Chandler and Monica. Joey and Phoebee are dancing and The kids(Chelsea,(age 6),Stevie(age 5) Mallory(age 4) Laura (age 3) and Tyler(almost 3) are running around and chasing each other around the room, Rachel is holding 7 month old Courtney

RACHEL:(to Ross) Ross, Do you think you could take Courtney for a few minutes

ROSS: I'm kinda busy here Rach

RACHEL: Yeah, I can see how time consuming it is to drink a bunch of alcohol and totally ignore your wife, who's been sitting and doing nothing all night while everyone elses husbands have asked them to dance

ROSS: what the hell is your problem

RACHEL: well my main problem right now is you are being an ass

CHANDLER: Um, we're just going to go(him and Monica leave)

ROSS: seriously Rachel, what the hell is your problem

RACHEL: Dammit Ross this is supposed to be a wedding, a romantic evening, and you have spent the entire time talking to everyone but me, and i've been sitting around all night watching the baby

ROSS: you're the one that wanted to bring her

RACHEL: no correction Einstein, we had to bring her because you could not remember to call the sitter even though I reminded you 4 times

ROSS: well sorry, but that is no reason to be such a bitch, so I made one mistake, get over it

RACHEL: first off I won't get over it, Ok I have had to sit her all evening and watch Joey and Phoebee be all over each other and Monica and CHandler be all over each other and hell every single couple in this room be all over each other except us. YOu never kiss me anymore or tell me i'm beautiful or that you love me, it's like our life is the same routine over and over and over and there's no room for romance and I want to know what is happening between us

ROSS: (yelling) Dammit Rachel, there you go agan tottally aggagerating every little thing, I have had it up to hear(points to his forehead) with your stupid mnd games, now just leave me alone(he leaves)

(Rachel walks past the wedding guests and pretends not to notice everyone staring at her she then walks down a paved walkway in the flower garden
MONICA: Rach, hey Rach are you ok


MONICA: what was that all about

RACHEL: Oh nothing

MONICA: that was not nothing, now serioulsy what was it about

RACHEL: I, he, I mean we....(starts crying) he never talks to me anymore, it's like he comes home from work and we are like robots, we eat, watch tv, take care of the girls and then go to bed and there is no romance, nothing spontaneous, he never says he loves me or, or anything anymore

MONICA: you're just in a rut, that's all. Ross loves you, you dont need to worry abuot that. Remember he just finished up with the end of the Semester and finals. Even Chandler and I have times where we get like that, where we are so settled in a routine, that happens in the best of marriages

RACHEL: it's not just that though, he's been staying out really late, really really late like til 3-4 am and a couple times he's gotten a phone call and left the room to take it, like he didnt' want me to hear, then when I asked he told me it was a wrong number

MONICA: that is kind of weird

RACHEL: I don't want to jump to conclusions but I just have this feeling that he might be seeing someone else and I, I want to know but it's like I dont want to. I need to know, but yet if I know and i'm right then why??

MONICA: I dont Know Rachel, I don't know(they hug and Rachel cries softly in Monica's arms)

(at the same time-we see Ross in an apartment with a beautiful dark haired women-think Catherine Zeta-Jones)
ROSS: errgh, she just drives me crazy, ya know. Do this Ross, do that Ross, take care of the kids, the kitchens a mess, I'm tired, why dont you tell me i'm pretty, why dont you love me, you never talk to me, blah, blah blah...

CARA(that will be her name) Shh, Ross, none of that now--I thought you came over to see me

ROSS: I did, I like hanging out with you, you're fun

CARA:so why wont you ever stay the night

ROSS: because i'm married, I cheated once before and well it cost me years without Rachel and I love her, I don't want to hurt her again

CARA: So why are you always over here, why are you always with me instead of her

ROSS: because I'm so tired of the routine of my life, it's the same thing day afer day after day. I love my girls so much and I love Rachel but sometimes I just need a break

CARA: so that's all I am to you, just a distraction

ROSS: No, you, you're a good friend and you're funny and beautiful and....(they look at each other and begin to kiss) No, No I can' do this, I can't(he leaves)

a few hours later it's now around 5 am(Rachel is at home with the girls asleep) and Ross creeps into the bedroom
RACHEL: I'm not asleep,and I want to know where the hell have you been

ROSS: I've been out


ROSS: I dont want to tell you that right now, just leave me alone

RACHEL: ok, fine, not like that will be hard, since you haven't touched me in months-is there somebody else Ross, is there

(Ross just stays silent)
RACHEL: Ross, Ross, oh my god there is, there is somebody else-who is she, what did you do, where did you meet

ROSS: you want answers, you want answers? Then fine. Yes there was someone else, but I didn't cheat,all we did was kiss and only a couple times

RACHEL: (screaming) you kissed her, you kissed her

ROSS: Rachel, the girls

RACHEL:(lowers her voice) I cannot belive you Ross Geller, I want to know when, where and how

ROSS: Fine, her name is Cara, she teaches Biology in the room next to mine, we started talking during a lunch break one day. She's pretty, funny, and loves science and we just started hanging out, and yeah we kissed but only two times and I've made it clear that nothing else can ever happen between us, because I still love you

RACHEL: yeah well if you love me so damn much how come you never say so anymore

ROSS: because you spend all your time nagging, to watch the girls or clean the house or complaining about feeling trapped or being in a routine or not having time to do anything...

RACHEL: really, I, I do complain a lot huh, it's just now with Courteny I had to cut back my work hours again and I guess i'm just jealous, you get to be out of the house and around other adults, I spend my day watching "Blues Clues"

ROSS: Rach, I do love you, I do, and I'm sooo sorry. I never meant to hurt you and I just got caught up in myself

RACHEL: I was talking to Monica and she suggested maybe we should go away every couple of months or so, just take a weekend to ourselves

ROSS: yeah that's a good idea. So are we good

RACHEL: Yeah, we're good(they hug and begin kissing and fall back on the bed as he begins removing her shirt)

RACHEL: V/O- When Monica and Phoebee found out what Ross had done, they were surprised that'd i'd just forgiven him. But see, I'd learned that sometiems you have to just move on from stuff, I knew he hadn't meant to kiss Cara and that when he said it would never happen again, he meant it. I also knew I still loved him and he loved me and I just wanted to fix our relationship. The next couple of years were wonderful, we started going away on weekend trips and everyone was happy. The girls grew older and before we knew it, it was 2011 and well, that was when our world began to fall apart

Sept 2011(Chelsea is now 9yrs old, Mallory is 7 and Courtney is almost 4. Stevie is 8, Laura is 6 and Tyler is 6) Rachel is at Chelsea's dance class, watching from the observation room(Ross is home with the other girls)
TEACHER: Ok, we have about 5 mins left and I want to spend the rest of class working on our Pique Turns-everone go stand over in the corner and we'll go across the floor one at a time ****Ok if you don't dance or never took lessons this is hard to expalin but it's a really cool turn(my favorite kind) where you turn and when you turn your toe kinda goes into the ground and you'r not really up on your toes but you kind of are******

(the class ends and Chelsea walks over to Rachel. Chelsea is a normal sized 9yr old but you can tell she will be tall when she is older, because she has incredibly long arms and legs, she's thin and has reddish brown hair that crinkles down to her waist and big green eyes
CHELSEA: Hey Mom, did you see my double??

RACHEL: Yes I did, did you notice Miss Smiythe put the Nutcracker audition info up

CHELSEA: yup! I signed up already too, I hope I get somethng good this year, like Mechanical doll, not mice again

RACHEL: so when are the auditions

CHELSEA: October 1st

RACHEL: alrighy roo then, we'll mark it on the calender

CHELSEA: I think you've been with dad too long

RACHEL: what makes you say that

CHELSEA: cause he is the one who says that all the time

RACHEL: what can I say, I Love your father so much, I can't help but talk like him, now come on we need to get home and have dinner

CHELSEA: coming Mom(they head out the main door past a bunch of kids some leaving class, some arriving to take class)

(Rachel and Chelsea are riding down the Freeway towards home) RACHEL(notices Chelsea is unbuckling her seatbelt) Chels, what are you doing?

CHELSEA: Mom, I dropped my bracelet, it rolled under the seat

RACHEL: Ok. Hey can you hand me that CD in the blue case?

CHELSEA: this one

RACHEL: No the one next to it see,(takes her hands off the wheel to point to it)

CHELSEA: Mommmy, look out

(there car swerves into the other lane and right into the path of a truck, Rachel and Chelsea scream as Rachel manages to steer back onto the other side of the road and away from the truck, but the car lose traction and keeps going down into a ditch where it flips over)

RACHEL: Chelseas, Chelsea, oh my god Chelsea where are you?(looks around the car and then notices Chelsea lying outside in the dirt, where she was thrown from the car

Two days later, Rachel had slight bumps, bruises scrapes and a sprained ankle from the accident. Eevryone is gathered at Ross and Rachel's house

JACK: It was a lovely funerel, good turnout too. It always seems to rain at these things though. I remember when Judy died, it just poured and poured the day of her funerel, you remember that Ross?

ROSS(not paying attention) huh

MONICA: I remember Dad

JOEY: Hey, you ok man?

ROSS: Am I ok. Gee Joe, here's a question for you, how stupid are you. My little girl just died, it's my wives fault and You ask if i'm ok

MONICA: Ross, it was nobodies fault

ROSS: nobodies fault, nobodies fault? She is the one who was driving, she is the one who let Chelsea take off her seatbelt and she is the one who took her hands off the wheel

RACHEL:(tears in her eyes) go to hell Ross Geller, just go to hell(runs out of the room)

PHOEBEE: Rachel wait

RACHEL: He hates me, he really hates me

PHOEBEE: he's just upset, he's in shock, he'll get over it you'll see

RACHEL: No, no he won't. I know him and I've, i've never seen him this angry. He hates me he really hates me

PHOEBEE: Rach, i'm sorry

(later that nite)
RACHEL: are you coming to bed, Ross

ROSS: what I do and when I do it, means nothing to you

RACHEL: I'm sorry ok, i'm soo sorry, god I should have made her keep her seatbelt on it was just for a minute, just so she could pick up her bracelet but I should have made her wait. I should have been more careful and it was my fault it was, but it was an accident. It wasnt' supposed to happen, it wasn't(she's crying throughout this)

ROSS: yeah, well it did, it did and it was your fault. All the apoliging in the world won't bring her back

RACHEL: yeah well yu're the one who didn't take the car in to have the breaks repaired, you know part of the reason I couldn't stop before going into the ditch was those breaks not working right, so hmm mauybe it's your fault too, maybe it's really all your fault that she died

ROSS: it is not my fault

RACHEL: well dammit Ross, it's not my fault either

ROSS: you know what, i'm just going to sleep on the couch tonight

RACHEL: fine by me

It's now about 3 months later, Ross and Rachel have been fighting constantly. We see Rachel about to leave work, it's late, around 11pm.
GINA(a fellow RL worker): Hey Rach, a bunch of us are going out for drinks do you want to join us, or do you need to get home to your family

RACHEL: No, I can come

GINA: your'e sure your husband won't care

RACHEL: trust me, he won't care

(Rachel goes to the bar with some people from work and gets totally smashed. She can barely walk and is fliring with lots of diff guys-this continues for the next few months until one night...)
It's late and Rachel is just getting home. She tiptoes in quietly to the bedroom
ROSS: Where the hell have you been

RACHEL: oh i'm sorry, I wasnt' aware you were even speaking to me

ROSS: Dammit Rachel, I think I deserve to know why you disappear into all hours of the night, come home reeking of alcohol and basically have neglected your girls

RACHEL: F*ck you Ross, just F*ck you. I owe you nothing, nothing

ROSS: yeah well you may not owe me, but you do owe those girls, Mal wanted to know why you weren't at her Nutcracker performance yesterday, it was parents day

RACHEL: Because I cant Ross, I can't. She is not the dancer, she' not. CHelsea was the dancer, Chelsea should have been there and she's not

ROSS: So you just ignore your other daughters

RACHEL: I don't care Ross, I' dont' care. I'm so damn sick of doing what everyone wants all the time, I don't want to deal with this sh*t anymore, I just want to have fun

ROSS: Fun is getting drunk every night

RACHEL: why not(as she says this she takes out a white substance from her purse and puts it on to a mirror and begins to snort it up her nose(NOTE* I know diddly about drugs so i'm going on what i've seen from TV and whatnot, not from what I know**)

ROSS: (grabs her arm and shakes her) how dare you bring that crap in this house, how dare you

RACHEL: get your hands off me

ROSS: I cant' belive you bringing that stuff around when the girls are here

RACHEL: the girls, the girls that's all I hear is the girls, I dont' give a damn about the girls

ROSS: if you're going to do that crap then get out of my house

RACHEL: Fine(she walks out the bedroom door and stumbles down the stairs-holding a whiskey bottle which slips from her hand)

MALLORY: Mom, are you ok(bends over to pick up the bottle)

RACHEL: Dammit Mallory, dont touch that

MALLORY: I'm only trying to help

RACHEL: I dont' need your damn help, really Mallory how stupid are you

MALLORY: I'm sorry Mommy, I'm sorry

RACHEL: Oh shut up , I cant stand your damn whining. I'm just gonna go, tell your dad i'll be back for my stuff later

MALLORY: Mommmy, no, dont go, please don't go. I promise i'll be good, I promise(sobs by the door as Rachel leaves)

(about an hour later-we see Rachel at the door of a random apartment building
RACHEL:(to the guy at the door) Hey sexy(the guy will be named George)

GEOREGE: Hey Babe, ready to party

RACHEL: hell, yeah

GEORGE: well come on in, the party's just getting started, there's beer, mixed drinks, jello shots, you know all the good stuff

RACHEL: sounds great(leans over and kisses him right on the mouth)

GEORGE: wow! and your'e not even drunk yet

RACHEL: nope. Just you wait til you see what is in store for you tonite

GEORGE: oooh, i'm intrigued

RACHEL: well, i'm gonna go have some fun but i'll see you later ok

GEORGE: all right babe

(Rachel goes inside)
Meanwhile-back at Ross's
ROSS: I just don't get what is wrong with her, I mean, errrgh it's like she's acting so crazy, she comes home drunk just about everynite-if she even comes home, then I caught her doing a hit of cocaine, she said she doesnt' care about the girls...

MONICA: Ross, I dont' know what to tell you, what happened well it was bad, I mean her daughter died, she was driving and you blaming her prob did not help

ROSS: I didn't mean to blame her, I was angry, hell my daugher had just died I had to blame someone you know. Rachel should know that I love her, that I would never really mean to say anything like that

CHANDLER: then maybe you need to tell her that, when she comes home, tell her what you've been telling us

ROSS: yeah, yeah I could do that

MONICA: Ok, then do it, do whatever it takes to save your marriage. Let us know how it's going too ok? Chandler, we'd better go, it's getting late and I don't altogether trust that sitter

CHANDLER: You dont trust any sitter

MONICA: well, I really don't trust this one

Back at the party
RACHEL:(is dancing and grinding next to 3 guys) So do any of you all have any hmm how do I put this substances for real fun? Heee hee, substances what a funny word. Sub stance seees, substances

GEORGE: there you are

RACHEL: yeppers, h ere I be

GEORGE: wow, you are mighty hammered

RACHEL: hell ya I am baby

GEORGE: So wanna go up to my room

RACHEL: ok. Where is it?

GEORGE: upstairs silly

RACHEL: this is your place, wow

GEORGE: yeah, how the hell much have you had to drink

RACHEL: I dunno, I sorta lost track

GEORGE:(leading her upstairs) so this is it

RACHEL: wow, nice. Almost as nice as that sexy ass of yours, speaking of which, I belive somebody is not naked yet(begins to take off his clothes)

(they proceed to well to quote Paulo, Have the sex)
The next morning
RACHEL: (she is awake and looking at a photo of the girls and Ross) I wish, I wish things would have been different but I can't be a mom now, I can't. It's too painful

GEORGE:(just waking up) huh

RACHEL: nothing

GEORGE: so are you going to the party at Leslie's tonite

RACHEL: oh yeah, i'll def be there

GEORGE: I heard that this guy named Mitch is coming and he's a big time Heroin dealer, should be able to get us some great stuff

RACHEL: great. Hey listen, I have to go to my husbands place and get some stuff,but i'll be back later

GEORGE: I thought you left him

RACHEL: Well I did, but not officially and I still have things there

GEORGE: I see, well i'll talk to you later then

RACHEL: bye baby(kisses him)

(at her and Ross's place)
ROSS: I was wondering when you were going to come back

RACHEL: well here I am

ROSS: Rachel, we need to talk

RACHEL: we have nothing to talk about, we are over

ROSS: Rachel, I love you, I love you ok. I can't imagine spending even one waking moment without you. I'm sorry aobut what I said, You should know I never really meant it. I was upset ok, I was in grief and I wasnt thinking clearly

RACHEL: this has nothing to do with what you said, this has to do with the fact that my life is different now. I was a mom ok, I was a wife, I did all that stuff, now I just want to have fun.I can't deal with this anymore I can't.

ROSS: so what now

RACHEL: I go live with George

ROSS: who the hell is George, one of your little boy toys

RACHEL: hey, at least he knows how to get it up

ROSS: you once said I was the best you ever had. You once said my kisses, my touch made you melt. so how about it Rachel, does this do anything to you(kisses her) does this(pulls her skirt down and begins to finger her) -eventually they end up on the floor having sex

RACHEL: (after it is over) to answer your question no, no that didnt do sh*t for me

ROSS: fine, fine just get out, just get the hell out of this house

RACHEL: goodbye Ross(leaves)

(later that evening) Rachel is with George at a house, which is packed with people, think of it like a house party, if you have never been to a house party it's just how it sounds, a house filled with people
RACHEL(she's slow dancing with George) I'm so happy right now

GEORGE: Really

RACHEL: of course, i'm with the man I love, I have no worries, and we have enough coke to last us a good couple of weeks

GEORGE: yeah but I know what could make you even happier

RACHEL: what?

GEORGE: if we go get some of that Heroin that Mitch is selling

RACHEL: oh yeah, I want some of that

GEORGE: Ok then babe, I need you to do me a favor. See I sorta haven't paid Mitch for the last stash I took, so I need to vamoos from this here party. I"m gonna go back to the apt, so you go buy us some fun, you have money right?

RACHEL: yeah I have the hundred I took from my ex when I was picking up my stuff this afternoon

GEORGEL: whoa, you are a bad ass bitch, you took money from him

RACHEL: what you're defending Ross now

GEORGE: no, i'm just surprised you were that ballsy

RACHEL: well it's not like he really needed the damn money, I was running out of Whisky, plus who gives a damn what he thinks

GEORGE: So you'll get the stuff

RACHEL: Yeah i'll get 84 dollrs worth

GEORGE: I thought you had a hundred

RACHEL: No, I had, had 100, but I spend 16 on Whiskey

GEORGE: Ok, well 84 dollars worth then, after you get it, bring it to the car, i'll be waiting outside

(Rachel walks up to a big, bouncer type guy named Mitch)
RACHEL: Excuse me, Mitch

MITCH: yeah

RACHEL: yes, i'd like to make a purchase

MITCH: really, how much you need

RACHEL: 84 dollars worth

MITCH: all right that I can do, but you do realize that I expect a tip, a good tip

RACHEL: is this good enough for you?(leans over and kisses him, as she does so she begins to unzip his pants and well you all know what happens then)

MITCH: for that, you get an extra 15 dollars worth

RACHEL: thanks and maybe i'll see you around some time

MITCH: maybe, although I do have a girlfriend, but ya know if your up for it, well we could all get together sometime

RACHEL: yeah, y eah that might be fun, i've never been with a women before

MITCH: well you know before you try us both at once, perhaps we should be with each other, you know just to make sure we are compatible

RACHEL: you are making me so hot right now, I want you so bad, I need you Mitch, I need you

MITCH: ok, lets go find a bedroom

RACHEL: no, I can't, I can't wait, I need you right this second(pulls him onto the floor)(they are surrounded by people, dancing, talking, drinking etc.. some people are watching but most are too drunk or wasted to care)

MITCH: hell yeah baby, I will make you feel better than you've ever felt,(he begins to strip off her clothes as she does likewise, their arms are exploring each others bodies, as their bodies begin to thrust on top of each other--blah blah...


MITCH: I told you

RACHEL: oh you were definitly right, I almost wish I didnt have to go

MITCH: then don't

RACHEL: no, I have to, I really like being with George, I never went into this thinking it was to be a more than one time thing

MITCH: eh, it's all right, Lara can be very jealous anyways

RACHEL: thanks for the great evening and for the stash

MITCH: dont' mention it

(Rachel leaves)
it's now about 2 months later, Rachel is still with George, she has not talked to Ross or anyone from the group at all, she has been partying nightly(drinking, drugs(Coke, acid, Marijuana, Heroin etc...) she's also slept with about 6 more guys(although they have just been one nite stands)
GEORGE: hey babe, up for a party tonite, there's a huge bash going on down at the Docks

RACHEL: no, I don't think so, I feel really gross today

GEORGE: gross how

RACHEL: like I have the stomach flu or something

GEORGE: maybe you're hung over

RACHEL: No, I didn't even drink at the party last nite, or the night before

GEORGE: well, that sucks, but hey you dont' mind if i go check out the party do you


GEORGE: ok then i'll see you later

RACHEL(walks by the calender and sees that it says Feb 9th on it)(thinking to herself) oh my god, my period is almost 2wks late

RACHEL: oh my god no, it cant' be, it can't, shit where the hell is my damn purse(grabs her purse and runs out the door) (its now about an hour later, Rachel walks into the apt carrrying a preg test, she does the test's positive

RACHEL V/O: YOu can imagine my shock at that moment, I was pregnant, pregnent and i'd been partying, drinking, doing drugs etc.. not to mention that there were only about 20 possible fathers. It sounds stupid, even now to say this, but I just knew, I just knew in my heart that it was Ross's baby. I also knew I had to tell George about it. At that time, I loved him so much, and I wanted to be with him, I thought he would be thrilled about the baby, but sadly I was wrong

(The next day)
RACHEL: George, sweetie, I need to talk to you

GEORGE: what about babe

RACHEL: well you know how I've been feeling sick

GEORGE: yeah

RACHEL: well yesterdeay I realized that i've been a couple weeks late, I took a test and it was positive. I'm pregnant

GEORGE: why are you telling me this, it' not my kid

RACHEL: I thought you'd want to know, I feel I owe it to you, esp if we are going to be together

GEORGE: correction were going to be together

RACHEL: what

GEORGE: sorry(in a way that he isn't really sorry at all) I have no need for a baby or a pregnant, moody women

RACHEL: so what now

GEORGE: so you have until noon tommorow to get out

RACHEL: but what we had, what we feel for each other does it mean nothing to you

GEORGE: we had fun ok, the fun is over, time to move on. Now if youll excuse me I still have some sleep to catch up on

(by the next day Rachel has moved out, she is sitting in a hotel and on the phone talking to her office-I know I hadnt' mentioned her job, she took a "leave of absence" but she still has the job)
RACHEL(on the phone): All right, so the position is still open? Yes, I know Arizona is a long way away, but I need a change. Ross, no he won't mind, we're divorcing as a matter of fact. THe girls, no they will stay with him, it's, it's easier that way(hangs up) (starting to cry) everything is just easier this way

It's now one year later, the gang is still the same, Ross has the girls, and Rachel is living in Arizona- her baby was a boy named Scott who is 3 months old
RACHEL V/O: I admit I moved to Arizona to get away from the past, in fact up until Scott was three months old I didn't even talk to anyone from the gang. That first year was hard, I knew that I had to stop drinking and partying, and I knew as unexpected as it was and as uncertain as the identity of the father was, that I wanted that baby. I spent a good amount of time in counseling and in rehab that first year, I met a women in one of my counseling groups named Linda who was also an ex heroin user, and another friend named Marissa from the Phoeinex branch of Ralph Lauren. She was an ex alcoholic and in fact was the one who talked me into going to AA meetings, the two of them became two of my closets friends-but it wasnt the same as being able to hang out and talk with Monica and Pheebs

Rachel is in her apt in Arizona. Scott is napping. She picks up the phone, looks at it for a minute then begins to dial
MONICA: Hello?? Hello? Is anyone there? Steven quit teasing your sister. Hello??

RACHEL:(softly) Monica

MONICA: yeah who is, Rachel??


MONICA: well, long time no talk, how nice of you to call(saracasticly)

RACHEL: Mon, i'm sorry. I know I made mistakes and belive me I have lots of regrets but I couldn't call until now, I had to straighten out my life first

MONICA: where the hell are you

RACHEL: I'm in Arizona, I transferred here for work, I started going to a counselor and to AA, I realized that I was using the partying as an excuse to get away from my pain, but i've stopped all that and, and I um, I have a baby

MONICA: What!!!!

RACHEL: yes, I have a 3 month old son named Scott, he's Ross's baby

MONICA: um Rachel, all of us knew how you were acting,g ettting drunk and high all the time, how do you know it's Ross's

RACHEL: I just know, there's just this feeling I have, and he has Ross's eyes

MONICA: it's a 3 month old baby, I dont' think you can really go by it's eyes

RACHEL: I know it's Ross's I just know it's his. Do you by chance have his number or address

MONICA: yeah, but I cant' give it out, not until I ask him first

RACHEL: Yeah, yeah I understand(begins to cry) god, why did everything have to get so messed up, I've lost my husband, my girls, my friends

MONICA: Rachel, I"m still your friend and I know Phoebe misses you, and Joey

RACHEL: what about Chandler

MONICA: Chandler has no hard feelings towards you

RACHEL V/O: Monica tried to talk to Ross, but he refused to talk to me or to let me contact the girls. So I began sending letters to them Thru Monica, which Ross refused to accept, so Monica began to save the letters in the hopes that one day the girls would get a chance to read them. The years passed by and before I knew it, it was 2017

2017 Scott is now 5yrs old, Mallory is 13, Courtney 10, Steven 14 and Laura and Tyler are 12
Dear Mallory,
I cant' belive that today you are turning 13yrs old. Everytime I see fireworks I think back to the day you were born. I only wish I could be with you now to share in your life. I love you so much and I want you and Courtney to know that no matter what happened in the past, I never once stopped loving you.

(Ross's house) He is there with the gang and a bunch of 13yr old kids(It's Mallory's party) ROSS: I can't believ you even saved that letter Monica, how many times do I have to tell you I don't care what Rachel has to say. She doesn't need to ever see the girls again, they want nothing to do with her or her letters

MONICA: first off, she is not the same as she was back then, I told you she went to therapy and she got straigtened out, dont you owe it to her to at least listen to her

ROSS: I owe her nothing, esp not when she keeps insisting on that charade of me being the father of that little boy

MONICA: Ross, I have seen the pictures, he really does look like you

ROSS: that doesnt change the fact that she abandoned the girls

MONICA: I'm not denying that she was wrong to do that, and that yes she did make mistkaes, but she is trying Ross, she's trying

ROSS: It's too late, besides the girls dont' seem to rememember her anyways

MONICA: Fine ROss, the letter will be in my desk drawer, along with all the others

(The whole time Courtney had been listening, but no one noticed her, she then follows Monica upstairs and after Monica puts the letter in her desk, Courteny removes it along with a bundle of other letters
(later that nite-Courtney walks into Mallorys room) Mallory has blond shoulder length hair and brown eyes and Courtney has long dark hair and dark eyes
MALLORY: Don't you know how to knock

COURTNEY: guess what

MALLORY: Excuse me I don't recall inviting you in, now get out

COURTNEY: Mallory listen

MALLORY: Hmm, did I hear something, nope guess not

COURTNEY: Mal, I heard Daddy and Aunt Monica talking today and I found these(shows her the letters)

MALLORY: oooh, letters, wow, how interesting. Now get out

COURTNEY: No not just letters, their letters from Mom, letters she's written us since she left

MALLORY:(grabs Courtney) you shut up, just shut up. Don't ever mention her name again, I don't ever want to see or think about her again

COURTNEY: dont you miss mom

MALLORY: No, I don't You are too little to rememember but she doesnt care about us, that's what she said when she left, that she didnt' give a damn about us, about you or me, we dont' need her


we now see a montage of the next 4yrs
We see a variety of scenes:
Mallory's first school dance, Ross keeps asking her boyfriend a bunch of embarrasing questions, and the boy(whos' only 13) keeps looking at Mallory to help and she's embarrased by her dad, and Courtney keeps running around snapping pictures with a camera, until Mallory chases her upstairs

4th of July, the whole group is together at the fireworks, Chandler and Monica are cuddling and kissng, Ross looks at them with a sad look on his face, Mallory sees this and hugs her dad

Courtney is Playing softball and hits a home run and runs around the bases. Ross jumps up and down in the stands, when Courtney gets to home plate her teammates all hug her

A pool Party at Monica's house, Laura are Tyler are trying to push each other into the pool

Rachel's place in Arizona, Scott is ready to start his first day of kindergarten, Rachel kisses him goodbye after dropping him off at school, he looks back and waves, then runs off to play

Rachel and Scott reading a book and cuddling together

Scott learning to ride his two wheeler

Mallory, running in the house the day she got her drivers license and begging Ross to let her take the car out

Mallory, Steve, Courtney, Laura and Tyler driving to the Movies and hanging out around the city

Courtney's 1st day of Jr high and her 1st day of HS

Courtney running track at her 1st HS meet

Laura and Tylers Joint 16th Birthday Party

Steve's High School graduation, he's standing on the field with his class holding his diploma, Everyone else is in the stands, CHan has the video camera, Tyler, Courtney and Laura keep making faces into it, Mallory is screaming and yelling to try and embarrases Steven, Monica is crying, Pheebs and Joey are laughing and Steve and his classmates throw their hats in the air

Scott playing soccer, it's his first day as goalie and he saves a ball from scoring a goal, as he team high fives him he looks over at Rachel and smiles

Scott sprawled out on the living room floor playing with his dinosaur collection

It's now 2021. Scott is 9yrs old, Mallory is 17, Courtney is 14, Steve is 18 and Laura and Tyler are 16
Scott is looking for some glue(to try and fix one of his dinosaurs, which lost a leg) as he is looking around Rachel's bedroom desk he sees a letter
RACHEL: Scotty, what are you doing

SCOTT: looking for glue, mom

RACHEL: well its not in their, check the kitchen

SCOTT: Kay, mom, can I ask you something

RACHEL: what

SCOTT: who's Courtney and Mallory

RACHEL: what

SCOTT: Courtney and Mallory, this photos says Courtney and Mallory ages 1 and 3, and this letter is addressed to Courtney and you signed it Love, Mom

RACHEL: were you snooping thru my things

SCOTT: no, I was just lookin for the glue and it was right on top,so who are thye and why did you put mom on it

RACHEL: Scott, come sit down

SCOTT: yeah

RACHEL: Ok, well I guess I just have to tell you, you have two sisters

SCOTT: I have sisters, why, why are they not here, where are they, who do they live with, can I meet them, are they nice....

RACHEL: whoah, one question at a time. Mallory is now 17 and Courtney is 13 you also had a sister named Chelsea who would be 19 but she died in a car accident when she was 9. They live with their dad, with your dad in New York City. We got a divorce a few years ago, because well because of lots of reasons

SCOTT: Can I meet them, pleeeese

RACHEL: well it's not as simple as that

SCOTT: why not

RACHEL: well your dad and I, well we have not talked in a very long time and it's all very confusing, but the main thing is that you do know that I love you right

SCOTT:(looking at Rachel likes she's nuts) of course mom. Hey Mom, you know how your office keeps asking you to go to that business conference in NYC, well why dont' you go, then we coudl see my dad and sisters

RACHEL: I dont know, its been a long time

SCOTT: dont you want to see them

RACHEL: yeah, yeah I do

SCOTT: well...

RACHEL: you know what, you're right, you're right, i'll tell the office i'll go and we can leave tommorow

SCOTT: yeahhhh!!!

we now see the plane landing at La Guardia(not to be confused with Guatalajara *sp*) Rachel and Scott walk over to baggage claim and grab their bags, then hail a cab and ride into the city
RACHEL: (on the phone) Monica, hi um I'm sorta in the city right now and wondered if I could see you. What, yeah he's with me, yeah i came for a business meeting. Ok, uh huh, yeah, yeah, right, ok, sure, yeah i'm at the Westin on 55th st

SCOTT: who was that

RACHEL: that was your Aunt Monica she and your uncle Chandler are coming to visit us here

SCOTT: cool

(about 40 min later)
M/C: Hey, anyone here

RACHEL: Oh my god you guys

(they all hug and cry)
SCOTT: Um, excuse me

RACHEL: oh sorry, Monica, Chandler this is your nephew Scott and don't you dare tell me this not Ross's kid(Scott basically looks exactly like Ross, same hair, same face, same eyes etc..)

CHANDLER: Oh my god, could that be more like Ross's kid

RACHEL: so, does he know i'm here

MONICA: no, no he doesn't. I'm not sure if you wanted to see him or not, so I didnt say anything

RACHEL: you know part of me doesnt' want to, I mean it has been almost 10yrs and we've made our own life, but I owe it to Scott to let him at least meet his dad, ya know

MONICA: yeah, I know. It'll be all right you know(hugs Rachel)

RACHEL: so is he at the same house

MONICA: yeah he never moved, but he's not there now, their was some sort of lecture that he had to give somewhere, I forgot where though

CHANDLER: maybe because you weren't listening

MONICA: can I help it if Ross babbles a lot

(Knock on the door)
RACHEL: who the heck could that be

MONICA: oh yeah, I sorta told Joey and Pheebs you were in the city

RACHEL: You guys, oh my god you guys come in(they all hug) and everyone starts showing Rachel pictures of their kids, families etc... and she shows them photos of Scott

it's about 2hrs later, Rachel and Scott are walking around the Museum of Natural History-Rachel leans over to look at a case of Jewels and Scott spies the dinosaur exihibit in another room and runs in their, Rachel notices he is gone a few minuts later and begins to look around frantically for him
SCOTT: whoah cool, a Tyrnasourus Rex. wowww

MAN: you like those huh

SCOTT: yeah, there my faves

MAN: say, you look a little young to be here alone where is your mom

SCOTT: oh, she was looking at Jewlery or something boring like that, I came here to look at the dinos

MAN: well, why dont we go find your mom, cause I bet she is worried, I'm Ross by the way, Ross Geller

SCOTT: I'm Scott Green and this is the coolest museum ever, Arizona just has boring museums, hey there's my mom now, Mom, hey Mom

RACHEL: Scott Ryan Green, dont you ever run off like that again, I was so worried

SCOTT: mom it's ok, this man helped me

RACHEL: well thank you very much sir(turns to look at him and gasps) Ross

ROSS: my this, this is interesting

RACHEL: I'll say<. It's kinda like a scene from one a movie

ROSS: a bad movie

RACHEL: yeah, (softly) yeah, I guess

ROSS so this is your son

RACHEL: no this is our son

ROSS: (looks at Scott) oh my, oh my god, as much as I want to argue that fact I have to admit you are right

SCOTT: wait a minute, you two know each other and your my dad

ROSS: Yes Scott, i'm your dad

SCOTT: wow!!!! so where are my sisters

ROSS: he knows, he knows about the girls

RACHEL: he just found out the other day, he happened upon a picture and a letter I wrote to Courtney

ROSS: oh well, this is awkward because they don't know about him

RACHEL: oh, well I guess it's time they find out becaue he wants to meet them and I think he deserves at least that, and dont' they deserve to at least know they have a brother

ROSS: yeah, yeah but this, well it will be hard for them

** bear in mind Ross is still super pissed at Rachel but they are talking civially for Scotts sake***
RACHEL: I'm not saying I expect them to want to be a part of a big happy family but I just think they should be able to make up their own minds

ROSS: fine, come by the house around 7 tonight, say does anyone else know your in town

RACHEL: yeah, Monica and Chandler oh and Phoebee and Joey

ROSS: wow, it's like the whole gangs together again, oh how swell

RACHEL: um yeah, well ill see you tonight


R0oss's house, it's around 6pm Mallory just got home from Cheer practice. She's 5'7 with blond hair cut in a cute bob, brown eyes and she has on Red shorts and a white T-shirt that says Cheerleader on it in Red letters. Courtney is 5'2 with long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail and she has on her softball practice clothes

ROSS: girls, could you come here a moment please

MALLORY: Yeah dad

COURTNEY: Ok this had better be good, cause I am on AIM with Tara who heard from Jayne that Tyson told Chris who told Pete who told her in mat that he thinks i'm cute

MALLORY: Pete thinks your cute

COURTNEYL: Noooo, Tyson

MALLORY: whatever

ROSS: girls, as inticing as love life sagas of High School is, I have some big news


ROSS: well, well, I guess I have to just say it, but wow, how do I say it, well, um, well the news is

COURTNEY: would you just tell us already

ROSS: all right, your mom is in town and she wants to see you, she's coming over in an hour, so get changed and washed up oh yeah and you have a brother

MALLORY: Mom is in town

COURTNEY: we have, we have a brother

ROSS: yes, he's 9, his name is Scott

MALLORY: how do you know it's ours, as I recall Mom was quite the slut before she left

ROSS: first off dont ever use that kind of talk in this house, 2nd, I wondred too but i've seen him, he is my kid, you'll know what I mean when you meet him

MALLORY: I dont want to meet him and I dont want to see her and i'll call her a slut if I want to, slut, slut, slut, stupid slutty whore(runs up to her room)

ROSS: Damn


ROSS: yeah

COURTNEY: I want to meet him, and I want to see her, I dont' remember much about her, Mallory keeps telling me she is so bad and mean, but, but I remember her singing to me one time and I want to see her dad

ROSS: well she'll be here in an hour so go get ready ok

COURTNEY: all right

(an hour later)
RACHEL: hi, we're here

ROSS: hey, come on inside. Scott, this is your sister Courtney. Courtney, this is your brother Scott

SCOTT:(kinda shy) hi

COURTNEY: hey(to Ross) wow dad, he looks just like you

ROSS: I know

RACHEL: hi Courtney


RACHEL: so where is Mallory

COURTNEY: she's upstairs, she thinks your a whore

ROSS: Courtney. You'll have to excuse her she's rather blunt

RACHEL: yeah, I remember that, you always spoke your mind even as a little girl

COURTNEY: really? What else do you remember

RACHEL: well when you were two years old we had a dog named Spike and you decided that he was hungry, so you dumped out an entire bag of Lucky Charms(c) for him to eat

COURTNEY: cool, what else do you have

(they continue to talk on about the past and she fills her in on events in her current life and Scott tells about himself)
RACHEL: Courtney

COURTNEY: yeah mom? Mom, Mom, hey that sounds nice, I like that

RACHEL: (smiling) where is Mallory's room

COURTNEY: upstairs, but she really does not want to talk to you

RACHEL: I know, I know she thinks i'm a slut and you know she was right, I was a slut, I did some bad things and I want to talk to both of you aboutthat

COURTNEY: she won't listen, will she dad

ROSS: yes she will, I'll make her listen, hold on i'll be right back

(he returns with Mallory, who has a sullen, pissed off look on her face)>br> MALLORY: Fine i'll listen,but only cause if I dont dad says I can't go to the movies with Grant this weekend

RACHEL: is that your boyfriend

MALLORY: i belive we are here to talk about your life, not mine. My life is of no concern to you, it stopped being your concern when you left,(softly) when you stopped loving me

RACHEL: Mallory, I never stopped loving you or Courtney, I left because I was messed up, I made some bad choices and I needed time alone to straighten myself out

MALLORY: yes you did stop loving me, you said so, that nite when you left, you were on the stairs and you dropped a bottle, which I know now was alcohol and I tried to help you and you said to go away, that you hated having kids and never wanted to see us again

RACHEL: oh my, oh my god, Oh god, i, i'd forgotten. Mallory, sweetie i'm soo sorry.I never meant that, I never meant it like that, I was drunk ok, I didn't know what I was saying

MALLORY: then why did you never call or write

RACHEL: I did write, I wrote all kinds of letters, your dad has them, he just didn't want to giev them to you until he felt you were ready to read them

MALLORY: but why why did you do it

RACHEL: why did I leave, why did I get drunk...

MALLORY: everything

RACHEL: I just didnt' know how to deal with things, how to deal with stress, my oldest had just been killed, it was somewhat my fault, your dad and I were fighting, you two were very young and I just, I just turned to the alchohol to deal with it and I started hangign out and partying, just to pretend like none of the bad stuff had happened.


RACHEL: so, are we, are we ok

MALLORY: I dont hate you and I see more where you were coming from, but I cant' just forgive you or let you back into my life, I need time

ROSS: we all need time Rachel

RACHEL: but there's a chance

ROSS: yeah, there's a chance

RACHEL: you know, Scott really needs a dad

ROSS: yeah, yeah and I would love another son, and he could come visit her during the summer

RACHEL: and the girls could come out to Arizona(if you wanted to that is)

ROSS: I cant' promise you anything, except that we'll try because for better or worse we are a family

THe End for now(I may write a sequel if enough people want one and if I can come up with ideas)--so if anyone has any, let me know :)