Life Through the Years - part 10

Feb 2047

EVA: grandma

(Monica is obvlivious to Eva’s yelling for her)

EVA: Grandma!!

CHANDLER(taps monica on the arm) Monica

MONICA: what?

CHANDLER: your granddaughter is calling you

MONICA: what Eva

EVA: are you sure these shoes go with these pants(Just imagine her being in a cute, stylish outfit)

MONICA: yes I’m sure

EVA: ok, I just want to look perfect this is a big day after all

CHANDLER: yes it it, it’s not everyday my granddaughter turns 16

MONICA: now your friends are all coming around 10pm correct

EVA: yes grandma, there coming at ten, then we’re going to go out bowling. A/N: yeah I know that’s kinda hokey, but honestly what else can 16yr olds do, ya know

MONICA: alright then. All the relatives and other guests should be gone by then, I’ve just fixed a nice sit down dinner, some appetizers, desserts…(looks at her watch) oh my god people are going to be here in 20 mins(looks at Chandler) people are going to be here in 20 mins

CHANDLER: that’s nice(whispers to Eva) am I supposed to care

EVA: (whispers back) I don’t know, but I don’t

CHANDLER: me either

MONICA: You two do know I heard that right? I may be old but I’m not deaf.

EVA: yeah yeah yeah

MONICA: excuse me young lady

EVA: hey it’s not like I was cussing

MONICA: I didn’t like that tone though

CHANDLER: hey, give her a break it’s her birthday

EVA: besides I wasn’t being rude sarcastic I was being funny sarcastic

MONICA: (looks at Eva for a minute) you are way to much like your grandpa

EVA: (smiles) I know

CHANDLER: that’s my girl

(the doorbell rings and Joey and Phoebe walk in)

PHOEBE: Happy Birthday Eva

EVA: thanks(they hug) Hey Joey(hugs him)

MONICA: foods right over there(Phoebe heads to it but Joey just goes and sits down on a chair)

CHANDLER: what’s with him

PHOEBE: he hasn’t been feeling too well his stomach has been bothering him

CHANDLER(goes over and sits next to Joey) hey man, how are you doing?

JOEY: I’ve been ok, just this heartburn has been acting up quite a bit

CHANDLER: are you sure it’s just heartburn?

JOEY: yeah, yeah don’t worry man, I went to the doctor and he said it’s cause I eat so much spicy food

CHANDLER: Then why not stop eating spicy food

JOEY(looks at Chandler like he’s an idiot) because I like spicy food

ROSS: hey guys mind if I join you

JOEY: sure pull up a chair, this will be like the man zone

ROSS: got myself a beer(thinks for a minute) wow, it’s been a while since I’ve had one of these.

JOEY: yeah I never thought there would be a time when I wouldn’t be able to drink a bunch of beer, but I think I’m to that time

ROSS: did I just hear what I thought I heard

JOEY: hey, I’m old guys I’m 78yrs old

CHANDLER: we’re all 78yrs old

JOEY: yeah but I just feel old, I just feel really old lately. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m happy I have a great wife, great friends and a beautiful son and sweet granddaughter, but I just feel like this is it, I’ve reached it all and all that’s left to wait for is the big moment

ROSS: yeah I kow what you mean

CHANDLER: ok this is a really depressing converstation, so.. how bout them Knicks

JOEY: Knicks Rule!!

CHANDLER: there’s my Joey

It’s now around 11:30 pm, Eva and her friends(a bunch of people from High School including Anne, Luke and Amanda are at the bowling Alley, Imagine it as one of those cool bowling Alleys with the lazer light bowling and a restararunt etc… also Amanda is not in HS yet(she’s 13) but Eva invited her so she wouldn’t feel left out. She actually knows some of the older kids because she plays on an 16 and under Fast Pitch Softball Team

ANNE: yeahhh Lisa, that’s lets see Gutter ball number 6

LISA: yeah ok, Miss I knocked down one pin

ANNE: hey at least I got a pin

EVA: alrighty it’s Mandi’s turn

(everyone starts cheering, Go Amanda, go Mandi, whoo hoo)

AMANDA: (throws the ball and hits 3 pins)

ANNE: yeah Mandi

AMANDA: whoo hoo,(looks at her ball) ok baby give me a strike(throws the ball and misses the pins) Man I suck at this game(looks at everyone) see this is why I’m a softball player not a bowler

LUKE: yeah it’s a good thing you don’t play softball the way you bowl, otherwise your team would really suck

(everyone continues playing for another couple of hours-not just bowling but video games, the climing wall, eating food/cake etc…)

as everyone is getting ready to leave Luke comes up behind Eva and puts his arms around her

EVA: hey you

LUKE: hey you(he pulls her close to him)

EVA: wow

LUKE: thanks

EVA: no that’s not what I meant

LUKE: what you’re not glad to see me(grins at her)

EVA: Oh I’m very glad, I think someone is even more glad to see me(pushes her leg up against his pants, where it’s apparent he is very excited to see her)

LUKE: oh that, yeah it has a mind of it’s own

EVA: really

LUKE: would you like to see

EVA: why of course(They walk outside to the parking lot to his car) well

LUKE: well not here, I’m not going to get arrested for indecent exposure, we’ll go back to my place

EVA: hold on, I just need to call home(dials) hey grandpa, A bunch of us are going to go watch Movies at Claire’s house, yeah, yeah ok I will

LUKE: what did he say and Why Claires

EVA: he said that was fine and to let myself in with the key, or if I decided to stay all night to just call and leave a voice mail. I said Claires because hello this is my grandfathers I cant tell him wer’e going to be alone at your place

LUKE: what if he calls Claires

EVA: he wont they don’t have her number, they don’t even know her last name, cause I just met her at the start of the semester in Chemistry class

LUKE: oh you are tricky, that’s why I love you

EVA: is that the only reason

LUKE: its one of many(gently runs his hand against her cheek and draws her in to him as they begin to kiss and grope each other-his hand going up her shirt)

EVA: um shouldtn we save this for your place

LUKE: yeah, you’re right

They get to his house and walk inside and immediately begin kissing, Eva pulls her shirt off and arches back on the couch as Luke begins kissing her with even more passion, his hand fumbling for her pants.

EVA: Luke, what what are you doing

LUKE: don’t you want to

EVA: yeah I do, but you’ve never gone this far before I thought you didn’t want to

LUKE: I have for so long,but I want it to be special, and what’s more special than your 16th birthday

EVA: (gazes into his eyes) Oh I love you

(the two of them remove each others clothes and fall onto the couch-I’m not going to go into detail, but I think you all can use your imaginations)

April 2047

EVA: Hey Anne

ANNE: oh hey Ev

EVA: so do you need a ride after school

ANNE: actually no, Kyra is giving me one

EVA: cool(looks over at a group of 4 boys standing in the hallway) they are so stupid

ANNE: I know, what kind of idiots bring alchohol to school and drink it by their lockers

EVA: there just pathetic

ANNE: no kidding(the bell rings) I’ll call you tonight ok

EVA: ok(they walk off towards their classes)

After school Anne gets in her friend Kyra’s car and they pull off down the street, they both notice the guys who had been drinking earlier get in a car and take off speeding down the road

KYRA: someday there going to get caught

ANNE: no kidding, I’ve thought of going to the principal or someone but

KYRA: you know if George ever found out he’d make your life hell(George is kind of the leader of the group)

ANNE: exactly

(all of a sudden the car with the guys circles around and comes back and begins tailing their car)

KYRA: what the hell are these morons doing

ANNE: there trying to pass

KYRA: it’s a no passing zone

ANNE: Kyra, look at who wer’e dealing with, just pull over and let them pass(Kyra attempts to pull the car over at the exact time that the guys car passes and clips them on the side. Kyra loses control of the car and spins, hitting the other car head on-the sound of metal breaking and brakes squealing is heard as everything goes black…

A hospital

Everyone is their sitting in uncomfortable waiting rooms with worried expressions

ROSS: god dammit what is taking so long

CHANDLER: Ross, calm down, getting angry wont change things

ROSS: calm down, calm down, that’s easy for you to say it’s not your granddaughter that was in a car accident because of some dumb ass boys who decided to get drunk and act stupid

DEIDRA: to be fair we don’t know for sure that they were drunk

ROSS: Eva and Luke both said that these boys have been seen drinking in school before and like to party, if I get my hands on those little ****s

RACHEL: Ross(glances over at Mallory who is crying softly in a chair)

ROSS: (goes over to Mallory) sweetie it’s ok, she’s going to be ok

MALLORY: what if she’s not, what if she’s not ok, I cant lose her I cant

ROSS: I know baby, I know(hugs her as they both start to cry) Ross’s mind drifts back to another hospital, a nother day, now so long ago-when his baby girl had been lost to him forever and wonders how he ever got through it.

Rachel sees the look on his face and gets up and walks out of the room, where she begins to sob

MONICA: Rach(puts her arms around her) she’s going to be ok, you’ll see Anne’s strong

RACHEL: he’s thinking of her

MONICA: who’s thinking of who

RACHEL: Ross, he’s thinking of Chelsea, he’s remembering I can tell. Why did this have to happen, why?

MONICA: I don’t know, I don’t know why anything happens in life, all I know is we are never given anything we cant handle

RACHEL: Thanks Mon

DR: Can I please speak to Anne’s Parents(Mallory and Mike go over to talk to him)

MALLORY: how is she, how’s my baby

DR: (A>N: I am no doctor so if this is not medically correct than I’m sorry) well she suffered some internal bleeding, we removed her spleen and repaired a laceration to one of her kidneys. That shouldtn be a problem at all, she’ll be sore for a few days but should soon heel, the big problem is her 5th and 6th vertebraes were damaged

MIKE: what does that mean

DR: it means your daughter is a parapaligic

MALLORY: you mean, she’s she’s paralyzed

DR: not totally, but from the waist down yes

MIKE: but ther’s stuff that can be done yes, some surgery, some repairs, some sort of procedure

DR: (smiles sadly at them) no, no there isn’t the damage was to great, there’s no way to fix this. But at least she is alive, I know that might sound clique of me to say, but in the grand scheme of things it’s true. You know her friend Kyra

MALLORY: Yes, Oh how is she, I’ve been so concerned with Mallory I didn’t even think of Kyra

DR: she’s dead as are the 4 boys in the other car, so you see although she may not see it or belive it at first, your daughter is very lucky

MIKE: thank you Dr, thank you so much(holds on to Mallory as they walk back to the waiting room to tell the others)

Meanwhile in San Francisco

SCOTT: I cant belive you would just leave

LISA: Why not, I don’t want to be here

SCOTT: You would just leave me after all this time and the boys what about the boys?

LISA: what about them

SCOTT: you can just leave and not care

LISA: I don’t want to be a mother, what is so hard to understand about that?

SCOTT: well nows a fine time to make this announcement

LISA: what would you rather I pretend to be happy, rather I pretend I give a damn about the boys or about you or about this life

SCOTT: Oh know I wouldt dare ask you to care about your children, the children you gave birth to

LISA: you know what I’m just going to leave now

SCOTT: good

LISA: do you know what you’re going to do

SCOTT: I’m going back to New York, I’m going to be with my family, they need me esp after Annie’s accident

LISA: ok

SCOTT: That’s all, ok, ok I’m taking your sons clear across the country and all you say is ok

LISA: what, I really don’t care, I dotn see why I have to pretend I do. Honestly I’ll be glad never to see them again.

SCOTT: wow, you really are a code hearted bitch

LISA: nice talk

SCOTT: I’m sorry I know that was a bit harsh, but why did you get married if you felt this way

LISA: because I didn’t at first, at first it was great, being with you, dating, going on trips, going to movies, going to the theatre, but then the boys came and all the changed it ws like I didn’t have time to have fun anymore

SCOTT: (stares at her incredulously) you’re not supposed to have fun all the time, you’re a wife and a mother. Your’e supposed to grow up, to be responsible

LISA: that’s just it, I don’t want to live some dull life in a house where I do the same thing over and over, to feel like I’m trapped, I just cant do it I can’t

SCOTT: so this is it

LISA: yeah, this is it

August 2047

Scott has moved back to NYC with his 7yr old twin sons Matt and Justin

I’ts Amanda’s 13th birthday and everyone is over at Brooke and Tyler’s for a pool party

EVA: Luke!!(screams as he cannonballs and splashes her)

LUKE: Oh I’m sorry did I get you

EVA: yeah

LUKE: ahh, are you ok

EVA: I’m good, you?

LUKE: (wraps his arms around her) I’m good now

MATT: ooh Kissy Kissy

JUSTIN: yeah look at the lovebirds

LUKE(swims over and picks the two of them up under his arms) you want to be dunked, do you want to be dunked

MATT/JUSTIN: no, no no(protesting but laughing at the same time)

LUKE: what was that, yes, yes Luke we’d love to be dunked. Ok(Dunks their heads under water)

JUSTIN: yeah well take this(Starts splashing Luke-pretty soon everyone is splashing each other)

MALLORY: (walks over to Anne, who is sitting on the deck in her wheelchair) you know you can get in if you want sweetie, remember the phycial therapist said swimming would be good for your legs

ANNE: (bitterly) that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, who cares if it’s good for my legs I’m not going to walk again, no matter what anyone does or anyone says or how much you all pretend it’s ok it’s not

MALLORY: do you really think pouting and locking yourself in your room is the answer?

ANNE: it’s not your business now is it?

MALLORY: I’m your mother

ANNE: Yes but I’m the one who cant walk Im the one who’ll never play basketball again or ride my bike or ride a horse or do anything and it’s so not fair but that’s life right, now just leave me alone

MALLORY(walks back over to where everyone is sitting) I just don’t know what to do with her

RACHEL: give her time sweetie, this has to be hard for her

SCOTT: let me try

MALLORY: thanks Scotty but it’s hopeless she wont listen to anyone

SCOTT: let me try though, you guys are forgetting I work with teens for a living(he walks over to Anne) hey Annie

ANNE: oh hey Uncle Scott, Listen if they sent you over to cheer me up you can forget it

SCOTT: Cheer you up, no not me I could care less if your happy or not

ANNE: really that’s amazing, everyone else has been smile, think of how lucky you are..

SCOTT: I’m not going to say that, In fact I was going to say that I agree with you, you have every right o be upset, your whole life has changed

ANNE: Yeah

SCOTT: you have to get used to all these new feelings and new things and you’re probably confused

ANNE: damn straight

SCOTT: but you know your life is not over, it’s different yes but it’s not over. You are still alive, woud you rather be dead?

ANNE: you know, at first I thought I would have, when my parents first told me, I wished I had died, but then I saw Kyra’s parents and how uspet they were, I couldn’t bear to think of mom and dad being that upset

SCOTT: ou know grandma and grandpa lost a child

ANNE: Yeah I know-Aunt Chelsea.

SCOTT: Yeah I never even knew her she died before I was even born, but See I think abot that and I see that they got through the hardest thing ever, losing a child and it makes me think that there’s nothing I cant get through. When Lisa left me I felt my heart had been ripped out but I got through it, just like you’ll get through this

ANNE: I know and I’m trying I am but so much is different, there’s so much I cant do

SCOTT: you can do a lot more than you think

ANNE: I cant play basketball, I cant ride a horse anymore and I cant’ get my drivers license

SCOTT: You can play wheelchair ball, which if you think about it is a challenge in itself, I mean you’re farther away from the net, you have to figure out how to control the speed of the chair and not bump into the other people with it. You can still ride a horse, not all alone no, you’d need someone to help you on and off but you can still do it and as for driving, you can get a specially modified car.

ANNE: Really

SCOTT: Yeah you can still do just about anything, maybe not as easily or not as gracefully as before, but it can be done. You just have to work hard, just like you always have Annie. Now what do you say we go wish Amanda a happy 13th birthday

ANNE: all right(starts to wheel after Scott towards Amanda) Uncle Scott

SCOTT: what

ANNE: I love you

SCOTT: I love you too Anne

ANNIE: you called me Anne, not Annie

SCOTT: well you’re growng up aren’t you

ANNIE: Yeah, Yeah I guess I am(stops in front of Amanda) happy birthday Mandi

AMANDA: Thanks Anne(looks at her for a minute) Um, I was just gonna go swim, do you um do you want to come in with me

ANNE: Sure, why not

MALLORY: wow, I don’t know what you said to her, but thank you

SCOTT: don’t mention it, glad to help

Later in the day after most of the guests have left

JOEY: Amanda, come her for a minute

AMANDA: yeah grandpa

JOEY: I wanted ot give you this gift special. This is a bracelet that belonged to your great grandmother(Hands her a beautiful emerald bracelet)

AMANDA: oh wow!!! It’s so pretty ahd it’s green my favorite color

JOEY: I also want you to have this,(hands her a green and white checkered photo album that says friends on it) and I’ll tell you why. I want you to put photos of your friends in here, you may not hve realized this now but Friends are some of the most important people in the word. You are so lucky, you don’t have just your friends at school but you also have Anne, Luke and Eva, people who are like family to you, Don’t ever take that for granted.

AMANDA: I wotn grandpa

JOEY: you know I’ve known Chandler and Monica, Ross, Rahcela nd al of them for almost my entire life right

AMANDA: Yeah, you guys knew each other even before you married grandma

JOEY: Yeah, I”ve always thought about how lucky I was to have met those guys and look at us now, 50 some years later, still friends, and our children and grand children are friends. Not many people are as lucky as me, so my point is don’t ever forget to treat your friends with kindess and to tell those you love how much you care for them

AMANDA: I wont grandpa, I wont

JOEY: now come here and give me a hug(Puts his arms around her and squeezes her tightly)

AMANDA: whoah

JOEY: your old grandpa still gives good bear hugs huh

AMANDA: Yeah, you sure do.

Early October

DEIDRA: I’m glad I ran into you, Scott it’s nice to have lunch with Someone

SCOTT: yeah I thought I’d have to spend my lunch break all alone again

DEIDRA: So you get a two hour break every Thursday

SCOTT: No, just this week because I teach a Senior History class at 1pm but there all at a Collge application/orientation assembly today

DEIDRA: ohh I see

SCOTT: so are you seeing anyone Dee

DEIDRA: nope

SCOTT: I cant belive that, someone as pretty as you not dating anyone

DEIDRA: it’s not like I don’t go on dates or haven’t had relationships it’s just no one has ever had that spark

SCOTT: yeah, that makes sense, you’r a lot more mature than a lot of women out there, you’ll meet someone amazing, don’t worry

DEIDRA: thanks

(They continue laughing and talking)

a couple of weeks later

Phoebe and Joey’s house

PHOEBE: hey, get your hands out of that

JOEY: Awww but Pheebs I want some Chilli now

PHOEBE: It’s for dinner and not a minute before Joseph Francis Tribbiani

JOEY: Ok, Ok you don’t have to middle name me

PHOEBE: now I’m going to go call Monica back, can I trust you to behave

JOEY: you can trust me

PHOEBE: (walks into the living room and picks up the phone, begins to dial Monica’s number-she is halfway thru dialing when she hears a crash) Joey, Joey are you ok

He had walked over to the pan, and lifted up the spoon to take a taste, when a sudden sharp pain is felt in his chest, he doubles over in pain and slumps to the ground, his hand knocking the pot onto the floor)

PHOEBE: (runs over to him) Joey, Joey Joey can you hear me?? She begins to sob as she leans over him to see if he is breathing, she picks up his wrist and places her hand on his chest to check for a heartbeat. She calls for an ambulance and begins doing cpr.

PARAMDEDIC: here ma’m let us take over

PHOEBE: His names Joey

PARAMEDIC: Joey, Joey sir can you hear us(they continue performing cpr and checking his vitals-after about 15 min they turn and look at Phoebe) I’m sorry Ma’m he’s gone

PHOEBE: (silent tears begin to run down her cheeks as her shoulders shake) can I, can I be with him please

PARAMEDIC: sure, we’ll just go ahead and notify the Coroner. Do you hae anyone you’d like us to call any family?

PHOEBE: yes my son, my son Tyler(points to his phone number) then walks over and sits down on the ground where Joey is laying. My Joey, my sweet Joseph, I loved you from the first time I ever saw you, I always felt this connection, this bond. You were my heart my love, how can I ever live without you. I’m going to miss you so much.(she brushes a strand of hair off his face and leans down and kisses him then lays her head on his chest and begins to sob)

Part 11 coming soon.

In the next chapter

Deidra begins an unexpected relationship

Chandler and Monica face the biggest obstacle of their lives

Luke and Eva both graduate High school and make a decision that will shock their families

The first great grandchildren are born