Life Through the Years - part 11

It’s now 2049 and here, is a rundown of everyone’s relationships and ages(In case you have forgotten) J

Monica and Chandler were married in 2001 and they have two children; Steven born in 2003 and Laura born in 2005. Steven is gay/homosexual and lives with a man named Houston. Laura was a rebellious, wild child, unable to deal with her brothers sexuality or the rules/values her parents tried to instill in her. She was kicked out of college and began working as a stripper in Miami. She has a daughter named Eva(born in 2031) who Monica and Chandler are raising, due to Laura’s lifestyle and problems with drugs

Ross and Rachel were married in 2002, when there first daughter Chelsea was 4 months old. They had 3 daughters, Chelsea(2002) Mallory(2004) and Courtney(2007) in 2010 Chelsea died in a horrific accident—it was not caused by Rachel but a choice she made contributed to it. In his grief, Ross blamed Rachel and they began to argue, she turned to drugs to deal with her pain and they subsequently divoced. They slept together once during this period and she became pregnant. But Ross denied being the father as Rachel also had a variety of one night stands. It was later determined that the baby was Ross’s and their son Scott was born in 2012. Ross and Rachel were remarried in 2025

Their daughter Mallory is married to Mike(2030) and they have two children

Annie born in 2032(who was paralyzed in a car accident in 2048)

Heather born in 2036

Courtney is married to Grant(and lives in Chicago) they have two children

Sarah born in 2033

Andrew(Andy) 2035

Scott attended and graduated from college in California and worked in N. California as a 9th grade history teacher. He was married to a women named Lis and they have twin sons. He recently moved back to NYC after Lisa decided she no longer wanted to be a mom, and left him and the boys

The boys are named Matt and Justin and they were born in 2049

Ben and Kate have a daughter named Molly who was born in 2021

Molly Married Kyle in 2046

Phoebe was shortly married to David, but left him and began dating Joey, she became pregnant and there was question as to who was the father, it was determined that the baby was Joeys and they were married in 2005

Their son Tyler was born in 2005, and was a few months old when they were married.

Tyler is married to Brooke and they have one daughter, Amanda born in 2035

Girl Chandler is the only one left of the triplets(and is like Phoebe’s daughter and part of the group) because Frank/Alice, Leslie and Frank JR Jr all died(in non related accidents)

She was married to Ryan, but divorced him after he was caught cheating on her, they have three children

Deidra(Dee) born 2024

Amber born 2027

And Lucus born 2030

Also at the end of the last chapter Joey died of a heart attack

So ages for everyone are:

Monica and Rachel- 78

Ross, Chandler- 79

Phoebe- 80

Ben 54

Girl Chandler- 51

Mallory- 45

Courtney- 42

Scott- 39

Steve 46

Laura- 44

Tyler- 44

Molly- 28

Deidra- 25

Amber- 22

Lucus- 19

Eva- 18

Annie(Anne) 17

Heather- 13

Sarah- 16

Andy- 14

Amanda- 14

Matt- 9

Justin- 9

Now on with part 11!!!


Everyone is gathered in a church for Joey’s funerel. Phoebe, G Chandler, Tyler, Deidrra, Amanda, and Amber are sitting in the front row, the rest of the gang are a row or so behind.

RACHEL(softly) I cant belive he’s gone

ROSS: I know, I keep hoping it’s some sort of bad dream.

RACHEL: I had a dream last night, that we were all together, back in Central Perk again, like the old days

(They stop talking and stand up as the Casket is carried in by the pallbearers)

we see Phoebe sobbing and G Chandler comforting here( what follows is going to be a montage of scenes and flashbacks)

0h and the italics is the song lyrics

Sometimes the snow comes down in June
Some times the sun goes round the moon

I see the passion in your eyes

Sometimes it’s all a big surprise

Scene of Phoebe kissing Joey, back when he was dating Ursuala

Scene of Joey and Phoebe kissing in the ep where she turned 30

Cause there was a time when all I did was wish
You’d tell me this was love

It’s not the way I hoped or how I planned

But somehow it’s enough

Phoebe arriving from Minks with David and Joey meeting her at the airport

Joey and Phoebe secretly dating

Joey and Phoebe lying in bed the night they conceived Tyler

And now we’re standing face to face
Isn’t this world a crazy place

Just when I thought our chance had passed

You went and saved the best for last

Joey and Phoebe slow dancing together on the rooftop of her apartment

All of the nights you came to me

When some silly girl had set you free

You wondered how you’d make it through

I wondered what was wrong with you

Phoebe conforting Joey after yet another women broke up with him

Joey wondering why he cant stay with one women-for longer than a couple dates

Cause how could you give your love to someone else

And share your dreams with me

Sometimes the very thing you’re looking for

Is the one thing you cant see

Joey telling Phoebe he has always loved her and would marry her, if it wasn’t for David.

Phoebe telling Joey she hasn’t been happy with David for a long time and wants to leave him

And now we’re standing face to face

Isn’t this world a crazy place

Just when I thought our chance had passed

You go and save the best for last

Joey and Phoebe kissing at their wedding

The courtoom,t he day they found out Tyler was Joey’s son

Sometimes the very thing your’e looking for is the one thing you cant see

Sometimes the snow comes down in June

Sometimes the sun goes round the moon

Just when I thought our chance had passed

You go and save the best for last

Joey and Phoebe teaching Tyler how to ride his bike

Tylers first day of school

Joey and Phoebe on a romantic weekend

The whole gang—at Phoebe and Joeys’ 20th anniversary

Tylers HS graduation

Tyler’s wedding to Brooke

Amanda’s birth

Joey holding Amanda in his lap reading to her and Phoebe smiling at them

Joey handing Amanda the Friendship album at her 13th b-day party

You went and saved the best for last

(Present time) Phoebe placing a single rose in Joeys hands(In the casket) and kissing him goodbye

it’s now about a month later—Phoebe still misses Joey a lot(everyone does) but they are moving on as best they can

DEIDRA: I cant believe you actually had a student use the dog ate my homework excuse

SCOTT: comapared to other excuses iv’e heard that one is actually tame

DEIDRA: man, I don’t know how you keep a straight face,w ith some of the stories you tell me

SCOTT: this is fun

DEIDRA: yeah it is, isn’t it—I’m glad I finally got a day off(she’s doing her residency work for Med school)

SCOTT: I like spending time with you Dee

DEIDRA: thanks

SCOTT(Reaches across the table for her hand) in fact I think, I think I might be falling in love with you

DEIDRA(stares at him speechlessly) wow

SCOTT: Dee, don’t freak out on me ok

DEIDRA: what, I’m not freaking out, it’s just this is well—it’s a bit shocking

SCOTT: if you don’t have feeling for me it’s ok

DEIDRA: dotn have feelings for you, I’ve liked you since, since, well since I was a kid—I just never thought

SCOTT: I never thought either but it happened. I know it’s not what’s expected but to hell with what’s expected. So we are not close in age—who cares, we know we care for each other that’s what matters, I do care for you Dee, I really do. I’d do anything for you

DEIDRA: all I know is, every man I’ve ever been with, in some way or another I’ve never felt they measured up to you

SCOTT: so, what now

DEIDRA: well I guess we start dating, I mean what else can we do. Oh sure we could have random sex, or just be friend with benefits, but I’m not into that type of thing- I want more, I’m 25yrs old. I cant just be in a relationship and not have a chance at a future

SCOTT: I want that too, I want it so badly, but you’re right we need to take things slow.

(They gaze into each others eyes and slowly begin to kiss)


ROSS: so I’ll see you on Tuesday then(You can tell he is sad about something)

RACHEL: yeah, I’ll meet you at the airport, your flgith gets back at 6pm right

ROSS: yeah

RACHEL: Tell Susan I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, but I’m thinking of her.

ROSS: sweetie dotn worry about it, what’s important is I will be there, you need to keep that doctors appointment and find ot what is wrong with your back

RACHEL: I just cant belive Carol is gone

ROSS: I know, thankfully it happened quickly. She died in her sleep, if I can pick how to go,t hat’s they way I want it to happen

RACHEL: it seems like just yesterday she was pregnant with Ben(looks at her watch) oh sweetie you really need to get going, traffic is bad this time of day

ROSS: Alright, bye(they kiss)

Monica and Chandlers(Eva and Lucus are sitting outside on the front porch)

EVA: you know what my grandma said last night

LUCUS: what?

EVA: she said we should think about Seeing other people, that I shouldtn get tied down so young

LUCUS: what did you say

EVA: why, do you not want to be with me?

LUCUS: of course I want to be with you Evvie, I just wondered if you wanted to be with me is all, I don’t want to ever hold you back

EVA: you could never hold me back, I love you. Of course I want to be with you

LUCUS: then, dotn worry about what your grandma said, it’s your life after all

EVA: oh don’t worry I wastn going to listen to her, I was just telling you what she said

LUCUS: you know I was thinking—why don’t we get an apartment together

EVA: you cant get an apartment as Freshman(They are both going to be going to NYU)

LUCUS: yes you can

EVA: no you cant, did you not read the housing info, the only way you can get an apartment is if you are a Jr or Senior(A>N I have no idea what the rules are at NYU but for this fic lets say that is the rule)

LUCUS: not if it’s married housing

EVA: wer’e not married

LUCUS: no, but what if we were

EVA: huh???

LUCUS: (droppng to his knee and holding Evas hand in his) Eva Gabriella Bing—I have known and loved you for years. I want nothing more than to share all my memories with you

EVA: oh my god, that was gorgeous, how long did it take you to think of that

LUCUS: a few weeks. You really liked it

EVA: it was, it was wow!!


EVA: yes, yes I will

LUCUS: Oh Evvie, I love you, I love you so much

EVA: and I love you.

LUCUS: I’m sorry Id ont have a ring yet, not a real one anyway—but I jus don’t have that kind of money but I promise you I will get you one, the most beautiful ring in the world for the most beautiful women

EVA: I don’t need a fancy ring, that type of stuff doesn’t matter to me—all I care about is being with you.

LUCUS: I want you to hand this(slips a small sterling silver ring on her hand) it beonged to my grandparents. Not Phoebe and Joey but my real grandparents

EVA: Thank you, I love it(they kiss again)


MOLLY: holy mother of god this hurts, get this thing the hell out of me

KYLE:T hat thing is our baby, could you talk a little nicer please

MOLLY: I am going to squeeze something the size of a Semi truck out of a hole the size of a pea---so Shut up!!!!

KYLE: don’t you think you’re exaggerating just a tad

MOLLY: woud you like to have this child, huh would you, would you??

KYLE: um… no??

BEN: Kyle can I talk to you for a minute

KYLE: Sure(they go off to the side of the hospital room)

BEN: piece of advice, never ever ever ever argue with a women, esp a pregnant one

KYLE: I didn’t think she’d be so crabby

BEN: oh get used to it, it will get worse. When Kate was givng birth to Molly, she threatened to divorce me—oh yeah and cut my thing off

KYLE: so I should just not talk

BEN: bingo!!

NURSE: Ok lets see how were doing here---ok, we are at—10 centimeters,it’s time for you to have a baby

KYLE: Oh my god, oh god, oh god I’m having a baby, I mean we’re having a baby, we’re having our baby

(Molly is wheeled to the labor room)

(Outside in the waiting room)

ROSS: what is taking so long, I wonder if she’s ok I mean it should not take this logn should it, why haven we heard

RACHEL: Ross, would you calm down, you are drivng me crazy with all the pacing

ROSS: that is my great grandchild being born in their, I think I have a right to pace

CHANDLER: great grandchild, man we are old

ROSS: yeah man, we really are

(Just then the dr walks into the room)

DR: who is here for Molly and Kyles baby

RACHEL: we are doctor(I’m the great grandmother)

DR: you have a beautiful great granddaughter

RACHEL: a girl ross, did you hear that, she had a girl!!!!!

KYLE(Runs inot the room) it’s a girl, we have a girl, a beautiful baby girl. Tasha Jillian, she has dark hair and blue eyes and oh she’s so perfect

Monica and Chandlers

MONICA: you are doing what????

EVA: im marrying Lucus. There is nothing you can do to stop me either, so don’t even try

MONICA: you know what, fine, I think you are too young but your’e 18, I cant tell you what to do. Just please be sure you have thought this thru

EVA: I have, I love him, I want to be with him and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make this work

MONICA: fine, then if you’re sure this is what you want I support you, and wish you years of happiness

EVA: and you grandpa

CHANDLER: I cant say I’m happy with this, but I agree with your grandma, I’ll support you no matter what

EVA: then there’s one more thing. I want my mom to be there

CHANDLER: That might not be possible

EVA: I know she hasn’t been a good mom and that you guys had a falling out, I understand that, but she deserves to know about this

MONICA: fine, if that’s what you want, we’ll help you search for her

July- Scotts apt

SCOTT: So what would you like to do tonight

DEIDRA: oh, I don’t know we could go see a movie I suppose

SCOTT: yeah, although we did that last week

DEIDRA: yeah.. we could go to dinner

SCOTT: yeah, we could do that, or


SCOTT: we could go to the new Putt Putt golf place

DEIDRA: you mean the one down the street

SCOTT: yeah I thought we could take the boys

MATT: yeah, can we go, pleassse

JUSTIN: yeah come on Dee, pleasse

DEIDRA: fine, you know I cant resist those cute faces

SCOTT: Thanks

DEIDRA: I was talking about the boys

SCOTT: so my face isn’t cute

DEIDRA: nah, your face is sexy

MATT: Ewwww

JUSTIN: yeah really get a room

SCOTT: Where did you two hear that

MATT: that’s what Anne says whenever Eva and Lucus are kissing

DEIDRA: well, she’s right about that, they do need to get a room

(by this point Matt, Justin, Deidra and Scott are walking towards the Mini Golf place-as they approach the enterance Deidra notices a huge sign—one of those where people put up ads) What the…. Oh my.. oh my god

SCOTT: do you like it

MATT/JUSTIN(jumping up and down) were you surprised were ya, were you, were you

DEIDRA: Do you really mean it

SCOTT: Yes, I have always cared about you and over time that turned into love, I can think of no one better to help me raise my boys. I want to marry you Dee. I want to keep that promise we made so long ago—remember

DEIDRA: yeah, at Mallory and Mike’s wedding.

SCOTT: so will you let me

DEIDRA: there isn’t anything id rather do. I just have one request though

SCOTT: what

DEIDRA: I have always wanted a December wedding, I know it’s only 5 months away but..

SCOTT: you want to get married in December

DEIDRA: yeah, I think if we really really plan and work we can pull it off. I don’t need a big fancy wedding, and I bet the families would be glad not to have one. WE could just get married ourselves and have a dinner out for everyone or something.

SCOTT: if that’s really what you want, then that’s what we’ll do

It’s now 2050—Deidra and Scott were married in a simple ceremony with a nice dinner afterwards. Eva and Lucus are both attending school and planning their wedding,

Drs office-Monica and Chandler are in a waiting room

CHANDLER: don’t worry so much Mon, I’m sure it’ nothing

MONICA: nothing, nothing. You haven’t been able to eat in days, your tired all the time and you passed out twice last week. There is something wrong

CHANDLER: it’s probably just old age

MONICA: I don’t think old age means chest pain, and coughing up blood


RECEPTIONIST: Mr Bing, the doctor can see you now

(Monica and Chandler walk into his office)

DR: Hello Chandler, Monica

MONICA: hello Doctor. So what’s the problem, just a cold right or maybe the flue

DR: Would the two of you like to have a seat

MONICA: (Realizing something is up) Doctor, what’s wrong.. there’s something wrong isn’t there

DR: Chandler—your test results have came back and I have examined and reexamined them. I’m sorry to say that the results are correct

CHANDLER: what, what do they say

DR: Mr Bing, you have lung cancer

MONICA: Oh my god(Chandler and her hug)

DR: now it appears that you are in stage 3, that’s advanced but many people have survived this you can too(A.N: I am well aware that by 2050 there may be a cure for Cancer but for the sake of this fic lets say there isn’t yet) I’m going to give you a booklet and some info on your options. There is chemo, radiation or surgery. With the type of cancer you have I recommend surgery. I belive we can get most of it removed, and take care of the rest with Chemo

But you two talk it over.

MONICA how long do we have to decide

DR: the sooner this is doen the better, if you elect not to have the surgery we’d need to begin high dose chemo and radiation, so I need to know by the end of this week

(he leaves the room)

CHANDLER: oh my god, Mon, Monica why, why me(starts to cry)

MONICA: I dotn know baby, I don’t know—all I know is I’m going to help you through this, we’ll get through it together, just like wev’e gotten through everything over the last 50yrs

CHANDLER: that’s right, we have an anniversary coming up, prob our last one ever

MONICA: don’t talk like that, don’t you dare talk like that. I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you. You’re my heart, my everything I couldn’t imagine living in a world without you

CHANDLER(looking thru the info booklet) look at this. 95 percent chance of death within one year without surgery, with surgery only a 25 percet chance of surving over 3yrs

MONICA: then lets have the surgery

CHANDLER: what if it doesn’t work

MONICA: Chandler, that’s a 25 percent chance, compared to 5 percent, we have to take the best odds

CHANDLER: less than three years even with those odds

MONICA: but that’s three years you’ll never have otherwise, 3yrs to see your granddaughter finish school, maybe to see some great grandchildren be born, to live and, and to be with me

CHANDLER: Ok, ok I’ll do it. I’ll have the surgery.

MONICA: I’ll go get the doctor

(a few minutes later)

DR: so you have decided on the surgery

MONICA: yes sir

DR: I must say that is a good decision, I’d like to schedule the surgery for next Friday

CHANDLER: oh no, oh no no no

DR: what

CHANDLER: we cant do it then, our 50th Anniversary is next Saturday

DR: alright then, the next time I have open is 2 weeks from next Saturday

MONICA: that will work… wait, oh no


DR: who

MONICA: our granddaughter, that’s her wedding day

DR: al right then the Monday after that

MONICA: that will work

DR: fine, I’ll put you on the list. I’ll be contacting you with info about the surgery sometime next week

MONICA: thank you. Come on Chandler lets go home(she helps him out of his chair and they walk towards the car)

It’s now Monica and Chandlers 50th Anniversary Celebration. They are having a family dinner at a nice restaurant. In lieu of Gifts they asked for donations to be made to the local Humane Society. The restaurant is a very n cie one with flowers on the tables, a small dance floor and a piano player

RACHEL: sweetie just look at them, they look so happy

ROSS: Yeah, I cant belive it 50yrs

RACHEL: I know, and god to think of what’ going to happen next week. That it could all be over so fast

ROSS: he’s going to be fine, he’s going to get thru the surgery and be just fine

RACHEL: I know, I know he is, it’s just

ROSS: no, don’t, don’t think about the might be’s just enjoy tonight.

RACHEL: I will, I’ll never forget this night, I just wish Joey could be here

MONICA: are you having a good time

CHANDLER: I’m having the best time. For the first time all week I’ve managed to not think about—well you know

MONICA: I know, But you know what, for the first time all week I feel like everything is going to be ok, I really really do

CHANDLER: All I know is I’m so glad to have you in my life. You have made these past 50yrs so special to me. I don’t know what I would have done witout you

MONICA: or I without you

It’s July of 2051 and the day of Eva and Lucus’s wedding. Molly is now one month pregnant with her 2nd child(and Tasha is 2yrs old)

Courtney, Grant and their kids( Sarah and Andy-who are now 20 and 1 flew in from Chicago for the wedding

EVA: why am I so nervous. I know I love Luke, I know I want to be with him, why cant I stop worrying

MONICA: because that’s what a bride is supposed to do on her wedding, when I married your grandpa I was scared as anything-and just like you I knew we were going to be together the rest of our lives

EVA: I just cant believe this day is finally here. Does my dress look ok

MONICA: (at a loss for words for a minute) it looks beautiful, no correction you look beautiful

(Chandler walks in the room)

CHANDLER: there’s my girl

EVA: hi grandpa

CHANDLER: you look absolutely stunning

EVA: (jokingly) what no saracastic comment

CHANDLER: nah, not today. Now when it’s time for you to leave on your honeymoon, come see me then

EVA: oh great Condom jokes

CHANDLER: hey, I may be an old man but I can still tell a good condom joke

EVA: I’ll be looking forward to it.

(Clergy person-poking head in the door)

CLERGY: are you almost ready, it’s about time to start

EVA: I, I guess so

MONICA: she’s ready

CLERGY: all right then, why don’t you you go find your seat ma’m and you two get in line(points to Chandler and Eva)

CHANDLER: well this is it

EVA: yeah, this is it

CHANDLER: I am so proud of you. Not just for today but for everything you have turned into a beautiful young women. I have ot say I wanst happy about you and Lucas getting married so young, but I know you’re going to be happy together

EVA: really, I mean I know we will too but how can you be sure

CHANDLER: there are some people who are just meant to be together, like your uncle Ross and Aunt Rachel, like Scotty and Deidra

EVA: like you and grandma

CHANDLER: yes, like me and grandma

EVA: grandpa


EVA: are you nervous about next week

CHANDLER: yes, but I try to just take it one day at a time, and today is a day to be happy, so no worrying about me you understand(he tilts her head up and wipes a tear from her eye)

EVA: I understand

(The march starts playing)

CHANDLER: so what do you say we do this

EVA: alright(they begin walking and stop in the center of the aisle_everone is standing up and looking at Eva, Lucus is up at the front smiling)

CLERGY: Who gives this women to be married

CHANDLER: her mother and I do(he kisses Eva then goes to sit down as Lucus goes down to meet Eva)

(the wedding proceeds and it’s very beautiful…..)

CLERGY: now with the power vested in me for the great state of NY, I pronounce you man and wife, You may kiss the bride

(Eva and Lucus kiss as everyone claps)

The reception

SARAH: congratulations Eva

EVA:” thanks. I’m so glad you could come, its been so long since I’ve seen you

SARAH: I know

EVA: so how is Cinncinnati

SARAH: it’s good, I love my classes this upcoming semester

EVA: My cousin, the famous singer.

SARAH: I hope so. I’d like nothing more than to just sing for the rest of my life, but to make mom happy I’m majoring in Vocal Performance but minoring in Business

EVA: so what’s Andy up to

SARAH: why don’t you ask him, he’s right over there(yells) hey Andy

ANDY: what

EVA: how’ve you been

ANDY: I’ve been good, you look great by the way

EVA: thanks. So are you going to school in the fall

ANDY: yeah I’m going to Northern Illinois, got a partial basketball scholarship so..

EVA: I know I heard. Mr mvp of his H.S team

ANDY: I showed Anne the tape and she started telling me what I’d done wrong

EVA: ha ha, that sounds like Anne

ANDY: I shot some hoops with her, she’s great, considering

EVA: yeah, she’s been working hard at being able to play ball again, she’s hoping to actually join a wheelchair basketball team

SARAH: I just wish I could have been here, you know when it happened, ever since we moved to Chicago it sems like I miss out on so much, I miss you guys. Remember when we used to sneak off with our bikes to Central Park

EVA: yeah(laughs) until somebody tattled on us(looks at Andy)

ANDY: what, I was just a kid

LUCUS(comes over and puts his arms around Eva) it’s ok Andy, we got you back, didn’t we Evvie

EVA: oh yeah, the snake in his bed

LUCUS: just a harmless little garter snake, scared you to death though

ANDY: well most people don’t go to bed expecting to find a snake under their pillow

(They continue talking—and eveuntlly Anne and Amanda come over and join them)

PHOEBE: oh my god Dee, are you sure

DEIDRA: yes, I’m sure I took the test three times and went to the doctor yesterday. I’m having a baby

PHOEBE: I am so happy for you(they hug)

DEIDRA: Scott is so excited he’s already started planning how to fixc up the nursery and babyproof the apartment

PHOEBE: how are the boys

DEIDRA: They seem ok, they seem to be excited, but I’m sure there’ll be some jealosy as the day gets closer

PHOEBE: well there 11 now, so just be sure to make it clear how much older they are and how much more they get to do than the baby, and what ab ig help they can be

DEIDRA: yeah, Scott and I are planning on taking them on a trip somewhere, before the baby is born—maybe to Disneyworld

G CHANDLER: so I take it youver heard the good news

PHOEBE: Yes, isn’t it wonderful

TYLER: isn’t what wonderful

DEIDRA: I’m having a baby

BROOKE: oh my god,t that is the best news ever

DEIDRA: I know, isn’t it

G CHANDLER: (watching people dance) look at them.

TYLER: who

G CHANDLER: Ross and Rachel and Chandler and Monica, they ar so much in love,. I wish I could have found someone to love me that way

PHOEBE: yeah, yeah it’s the best feeling in the world to be loved like that. To be with your soulmate

TYLER: I wish dad could have been here to see this

PHOEBE: me too. But eh, what’s done is done, cant do anything about it now(she’s cleary upset and missing Joey—but doesn’t want to be too negative or ruin the happy day)

CHANDLER: I love you so much, and I will never forget this moment

MONICA: I love you too

CHANDLER: I’m serious, I will always remember and treasure our time together, I just wish it didn’t have to end so soon

MONICA: what are you talking about. The reception is on for another 3hrs

CHANDLER: no I mean us. The surgery next week

MONICA: is going to go well, you’re going ot come thru it just fine and we’ll move on and get through this like wev’er gotten through every other crisis, together.

CHANDLER: I’m not going to make it, I know I’m not

MONICA: dotn say that, don’t ever say that. You’re going to be fine

Part 12 coming soon

In the next part

Chandler undergoes surgery

Deidra and Molly give birth in a very unusual way

Amber marries

And many other events!!!

Coming soon!!!