Life Through the Years - part 12

Welcome to Life part 12! I’m hoping to get this part out much faster than the other one J Anyways as usual I own none of the orginal friends characters only the extended family members I made up. So on with the fic!!
Oh and before I forget, someone pointed out a mistake I made, I originally had given Grant and Corutney a Daughtter name Hannah, my original plan was to have her die of Leukemia(but I then figured I had enough death/drama in the fic already so I decided to not have Hannah in it anymore-as there were also so many characters already but I forgot to edit out the parts with her. So when reading this pretend as if she never existed and I’ll go back and edit as soon as I can

August 2051

Monica and Chandlers(Chandler is taking a nap and Rachel is over visiting)
RACHEL: so tomorrows the big day huh
RACHEL: are you ok?
MONICA: yeah no, I mean.. not really
RACHEL: it’s going to be ok
MONICA: I hope so…but oh Rach, what if he’s not(begins to cry)
RACHEL: (hugs Monica) it’s going to be ok, Chandlers strong, he’s going to be ok you’ll see—he’ll be fine(said not only to convine Monica but also herself) You know that Ross and I will be at the hospital with you tomorrow morning.
MONICA: thank you
RACHEL: how are Eva and Steven doing
MONICA: Steven and Houston are coming over this afternoon and Eva is doing ok, I think she’s still somewhat in denial though doenst want to face up to how serious this is.
RACHEL: have you heard anything from Laura?
MONICA: no, you know how we couldn’t track her down in time for Eva’s wedding
RACHEL: yeah
MONICA: well the detective we hired finally found her in Ft Lauderdale, she knows whats going on but we haven’t heard from her
RACHEL: I hope it all works out
MONICA: I hope she comes home, I mean no matter how things were and what happened in the past, she’s still his daughter and I know he wants to see her
RACHEL: (looks at her watch) I hate to do this Mon, but I really need to be going, I have an appointment with the orthopedist and it’s taken 6wks to get it scheduled
MONICA: oh don’t worry about it, it’s fine. Thank you so much for stopping by though, it means so much to me
RACHEL: alright then, Ross and I will see you tomorrow

The next day(at the hospital)
(Chandler is in surgery and everyone is just sitting and waiting, they are all nervous but trying to act normal) Everyone means: Monica, Steven, Houston, Eva, Lucus, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe. The others are at home, waiting to hear the news(they decied having everyone along would be too crowded)

PHOEBE: so Rachel, what did the doctor say at your appointment
RACHEL: well after many many tests and examinations, they have discovered that the source of my trouble is a Siatic nerve
STEVEN: in English
RACHEL: apparently there is a nerve in my spine that is damaged, it will continue to grow worse until finally it will be too painful to walk very far.
ROSS: there is however some surgery that can be done
HOUSTON: well that’s good then
RACHEL: yeah, I guess so. Ugh, I hate getting old
ROSS: getting old
RACHEL: sorry, being old

LUCUS: so is anyone hungry, I think Eva and I are going to go get some food
HOUSTON: yeah, I could use some coffee, mind if Steve and I come with
EVA: not at all
(they go to the cafeteria)

it’s now a few hours later

DR: Mrs Bing
DR: the surgery went as well as could be expected, your husband is in recovery and should be awake in a few hours. You may go in if you like
MONICA: alright, thank you doctor.
(she goes into Chandlers room-and the others decide to leave, since it is late and there really is nothing else they can do, they tell her to call if she needs anything)

Chandler is lying on a hospital bed asleep, hooked up to various machines. Monica pulls up a chair and grabs his hand.
MONICA: hey sweetie. It’s me. The doctors said you did real good, they think they got most of the tumor too. What they didn’t get, they are very postive they can get it with some rounds of chemo though. It’ll be hard but we can do it. (she continues to talk to him as the day passes)

Two weeks later-Chandler is now home from the hospital he did great the first few days but now has been having problems

MONICA: (on the phone) I’m so worried about him Rach. He was doing so well at first but now he’s having so many problems. Trouble walking, eating, just, just everything. I don’t know what to do.(all of a sudden she hears a thud) Rach, I have to go(hangs up the phone and runs—well as fast as she can, considering her age, down the hall towards the bathroom)
There she see’s Chandler passed out in the bathtub(he’dbeen trying to take a bath)
MONICA: oh my god, Chandler, Chandler(Begins shaking him and crying.) –the ambulance comes and they go to the hospital

It’s now about a week later-Chandler is still in the hospital. He had been improving for a few days but has suddenly taken a turn for the worse

MONICA: (on the phone) Eva, sweetie. You need to get down here right away. Your grandfather is very sick
EVA: (starting to cry) We’ll be right there

It’s now a couple hours later- family and friends have been in and out of the hospital all day. Now it is just Eva, Steven, Lucus, Houston, Ross and Rachel.
STEVEN: I hate this, this waiting and not knowing what’s going to happen
MONICA: guys, the dr says you can each go in for a few minutes at a time to see him
ROSS: how’s he doing?
MONICA: not so good, in fact well, it looks really bad. You all need to go in and say goodbye
EVA: grandma, no
MONICA: sweetie, you need to be strong ok. Grandpa can hear you when you talk to him but he cant respond he’s in a coma. But you just go in and tell him how much you love him and say goodbye ok
EVA: all right.

They all go in and say there goodbyes and finally Monica is left alone in the room with him, the others are still at the hospital and peridicaly check in the room to talk to Chandler and to see how Monica is holding up.

DR: it’s getting near the end, it wont be much longer now. I’m so sorry
MONICA: thank you, for everything
(The doctor leaves)

EVA: hey grandma
MONICA: hello
EVA: hi grandpa(walks over and takes Chandler’s hand-the heart/blood pressure monitor he is hooked up to keeps getting slower and slower as the numbers begin to drop lower and lower) I just wanted to tell you how much I love, you, you have done so much for me and I can never thank you enough for that. All the good times, the memories. But I also want you to know that I’ll be ok. We’ll all be ok. I know it’s hard to leave us, but you can go ahead—we want you to be happy and if that means letting go, then go ahead. I will look after grandma and keep her safe, you don’t need to worry about her. (she leans over and Kisses Chandler-then leaves the room in tears)

It’s now about 2hrs later
The heart rhythm monitor is dipping lower and lower.
Monica is talking to Chandler and holding his hand
Never knew I could feel like this
Like I’ve never seen the sky before

Monica and Chandler in London, talking about the “7 times”

I want to vanish inside your kiss
Everyday I love you more and more

The apartment filled with Candles the night of the proposal

Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing
Telling me to give you everything

The day of their wedding

Seasons may change winter to spring,
But I love you to the end of time

Monica finding out she’s pregnant with Steven and Lauren
Giving birth
Bringng the children home from the hospital and starting their families

Come what may
Come what may
I will love you until my dying day

Monica holding Chandler’s hand in the hospital,
Telling him how much she loves him

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly it moves with such perfect grace
Suddenly my love doesn’t seem such a waste

Stevens first day of kindergarten
Laura learning how to walk
A family holiday celebration
Steven and Laura graduating High School

But our world revolves around you
There’s no mountain to high
No river to wide

Everyone celebrating at Monica and Chandlers 25th anniversary

Sing this side and I’ll be there by your side
Storm clouds may gather
And stars may collide
But I love you until the end of time

The day Eva came home from the hospital
Chandler teaching Eva to ride her two wheeler
Eva’s first Jr high dance
Eva graduating High School
Monica and Chandler’s 50th wedding Anniversary

Come what may
Come what May
I will love you until my dying day

Monica holding Chandlers hand as she watches him struggle to breathe
He keeps gasping for air and the numbers on the heart monitor dip lower and lower, until finally all that is heard is the slow, steady whine of the machine as he slips away

It’s now January of 2052

HEATHER: mom, can I talk to you for a minute
HEATHER: I was talking to my guidance counslelor today about some stuff and if it’s ok with you and dad, I want to do something, something really big
MALLORY: how big
HEATHER: life changing big
MALLORY: so, what is it
HEATHER: I want to go to Paris, I want to study as an exchange student. I’ve thought it out, I can go in two weeks. See the girl who was supposed to go, backed out and they made an annoument that is anyone is interested and can get the money together they can go. I’d leave in two weeks. All I need to do is pay ** dollars(just make up an amount that sounds reasonable) and I have to get a physical exam and we need to fill out some papers. But I can do it, I know I can
MALLORY: I don’t know I need to talk to your father
HEATHER: but if he says yes, I can go
MALLORY: we’ll talk about it tonight, I’m not saying yes
HEATHER: but you’re not saying no either
MALLORY: no, im not saying no. You do realize if you go, that means you wont be a bridesmaid in Ambers wedding, right
HEATHER: I know—and I’ll get her a nice gift I will, but I really want to do this
MALLORY: all right, I’ll talk to your dad, and we’ll let you know by Monday
HEATHER: thank you
MALLORY: and thank you, for being so mature about this, for not whining or begging

Later that evening
MALLORY: so shoud we let her go
MIKE: I think we should. She really wants to do this, and how often does one get a chance like this. She’s always been a good student and fairly responsible, as responsible as a 16yr old can be anyways.
MALLORY: all right then, she can go. I’ll tell her tomorrow. This means I need to set up a physical for her

It’s now 2wks later, the past weeks went by in a whirlwind of activity. Trying to pack her stuff for the trip, arranging air transportation, saying goodbye to friends etc…

HEATHER: well I guess this is it
ANNE: yep
HEATHER: I’ll miss you Anne, I know we don’t alwsy get along but you’re a pretty cool sister
ANNE: thanks Munchkin
HEATHER: hey, I’m taller than you now
ANNE: oh yeah, that’s fair, you cant count that, I’m in a wheelchair
HEATHER: yeah, but regardless I’m still taller, you’re 5’4 I’m 5’8
ANNE: yeah, yeah yeah
MALLORY: ok, here is a book with eveyrone’s address in it. Grandma and grandpa wanted me to give you a hug and they are sorry they couldn’t make it but grandma had to make her doctors appointment today
HEATHER: it’s ok, I understand, besides I said goodbye to them the other day when I spent the night at their plac
HEATHER: I love you guys, I’ll write as often as I can
MALLORY: have a great time, I love you
(they watch as she walks thru the gate to the resticted area of the airport)


MOLLY: Kyle, Kyle(screaming) Kyle it’s time
KYLE: ok, bag packed, check. Gas in car, check. Have you called your parents
MOLLY: yes there on there way over
TASHA: mommy, what you doing(she’s 3yrs old with long blond hair-and is rubbing sleep from her eyes as it’s 5 a.m)
MOLLY: Mommy is going to go to the hospital now to have her baby, pretty soon you’ll have a new baby brother or sister. Grandma and grandpa are going to come watch you ok?
TASHA: okay, me do puzzle
KYLE: ok sweet girl, you go do your puzzle
(Ben and Kate arrive and they leave for the hospital)


Scott and Deidra’s
SCOTT: Dee, are you ok
DEIDRA: I, I think so
SCOTT: what’s wrong
DEIDRA: I just had this sharp pain, I’ll be ok though I’m sure I will. I just need to rest(She goes to sit down and screams in pain-ow, owww, oww ow, oh my god)
SCOTT: ok this is not normal we are going to the hospital to get you checked out, just to be safe
DEIDRA: ok, yeah, that sounds good. (she stands up and suddenly notices dripping) Scott—oh my god, my water just broke
SCOTT: what?? But your not due for 2 months
DEIDRA: yeah, tell that to your child.
(Scott puts his arm around her and helps her to the car and they speed off to the hospital)

The hospital

MALLORY: oh, there she is, hi baby girl(smiles as the nurse places her just born daughter in her hands) hi baby girl, hi Tasha. You were such a good girl, much better than your sister. Did you know it only took me 4hrs of labor to have you, and it took your sister-16hrs to come out.
MIKE: I’m sure as she gets older, she’ll be thrilled to hear that story.
MALLORY: so how is Dee doing.
MIKE: last I heard she was in labor
MALLORY: I cant belive this, the two of us having our babies on the same day. I hope she’s all right though, I mean two months early that can be serious
MIKE: I’ll go see what I can find out ok
MALLORY: thank you

MIKE: Ross, how is she
ROSS: she’s doing ok, she had a girl, a baby girl. 2 pounds 4 ounces(hee hee-yeah I used my own birth weight) she has some lung problems but the doctors are optimistic that she’ll be fine.
MIKE: does she have a name
ROSS: yes, yes her name is Casey Joy Geller
MIKE: She’ll be fine, she’ll be fine. It’s amazing you know, how much our two families have shared and now those two, cousins are going to have the same birthday—they’re going to share something special for the rest of their lives

In the next chapter

We say goodbye to two more Friends
Heather makes a momentous decision
Sarah gets married
Two more great grandchildren are born
Mallory and Mike celebrate their 25th anniversary