Life Through the Years - part 13

Welcome to life part 13.

It’s now February of 2053. Amber and her Fiancee Daniel were married in May of 2052.

Heather is back from France(as she was only allowed to stay 6 months) she is now a HS graduate and hopes to study in Paris and live there permanently.

Ross and Rachel’s

RACHEL: I know you dotn want to admit it or think about it, but you need to do something about Monica.Ever since Chandler died she’s been failing more and more. She needs to be in a home of some sort

ROSS: Yes, but she’ll never go for that, she still wants to be in control of everything

RACHEL: well she’s not in control. She hardly eats, she watches tv all day-tv which she cant even hear, and she looked like she hadn’t showered in over a week

ROSS: I know all that, but I can’t find a home on my own, nor can I afford one

RACHEL: well talk to Steve I’m sure him and Houston would kick in and even Eva and Lucus if needed.

ROSS: fine, I’ll do it this week ok

RACHEL: good-now come here(grabs him and kisses him) *and no nothing sexual or smutty just a nice romantic kiss

Monica’s place(about a week later)

STEVE: so you see Mom, we found you this nice home, it’s wonderful. They have 3 good meals a day, and I even talked to the cook and he said you can even help out with cooking if you’d like(softly the the others) supervised of course

EVA: wow grandma, that sounds wonderful

STEVE: they also have a swimming pool, whirlpool, tennis courts, aerobic room, big dining room, activity room and there’s a garden and lots of stores nearby and the library

ROSS: so what do you think?

MONICA: I think no, This is my home this was my home and my husbands and I’m not leaving it

STEVE: Mom, I know how you feel. I don’t want this place to be sold either, but you cant take care of yourself like you used to./ You took care of us for years and now it’s your turn to relax.

MONICA: I’m just fine here

ROSS: Mon, be reasonable you keep forgetting things, you almost burnt down the place the other day, you keep forgetting to shower.

MONICA: what is this, pick on Monica day?

STEVE: no this is doing what is best for you day—please consider moving into the home

MONICA: fine if it will get you all off my back I’ll think about it.

Everyone else leaves. Monica is agitated and upset, she begins angrily slamming down dishes on the table for her lunch. Suddenly as she turns the corner her foot slips out from under her and she lands on the linoleum floor in a heap

1 month later(Monica had broken her hip and is just getting out of the hosp—hip injuries take a long time to heal and require lots of hospitalization for older people)

STEVE: so do you have anything else you need

MONICA: yes I’m fine. Looks like you got your wish after all. Ironic huh

STEVE: what

MONICA: the day you come over and try to get me to move, I swear I wont leave, then fall break my hip and get put in a home anyways. Life sure is funny sometimes

STEVE: Mom, it wont be all that bad. The home really is lovely and you’ll have more time to relax

MONICA: I know all that, but I still don’t want to go. Someday when you’re my age you’ll understand. My whole life is in that house, all my memories, all the dreams and hopes, the things I did and the things I wanted to but never got to. Now some stranger will be living there who wont understand or care about any of that.

Everythign is changing. Chandler and Joey are gone, Phoebe’s almost blind, Rachel cant walk without a walker or cane and I’m getting more and more forgetful everyday and losing my hearing. So I’m sorry if I’m having a hard time dealing with this

STEVE: it’s ok mom

_the two of them gaze around the house one last time, drinking in the colors, the sites the sounds. Reliving their memories in their minds. They then slowly turn and walk out the door(Monica being helped down the steps by Steven)


HEATHER: Mom, mom Moooom

MALLORY: what!!

HEATHER: oh my, oh my god they accepted me I got in, I got in, I got in!!!!!

MALLORY: who let you in where?

HEATHER: the(Ok I feel dumb because I know there is this really well known French school/College and I cant think of the name—but yeah it’s that school) The ****

MALLORY: when did you even apply there. I thought we decided we’d put off Paris

HEATHER: no we did not decide anything, you decided. I have always wanted to go back to Paris

MALLORY: yes, but why now why not wait until after you finish college here in the states, why do you have to go to France so quickly

HEATHER: because I loved it, I adore it so much and I cant even put it into words. It was like heaven, like magic, like I knew I was meant to be there.

MALLORY: then finish up school here and move to France after you graduate.

HEATHER: because I cant wait that long. Why the hell does it matter, I got into the school, they accepted me. I know I’m only 19 but I’m ready to do this. I want to do this.

MALLORY: Well I still think it’s a big mistake and you should wait, but I really cant do anything about it, you are an adult. Just remmber that your father and I cant always bail you out if things don’t go the way you want.

HEATHER: I know that, and I will not regret this

MALLORY: so when do you leave.

HEATHER: classes start in September-mid September to be exact so I would have to leave the first part of the month. I have all my immunizations up to date, my passport is still good. I just need to figure out how to ship my things there and sign up and pre pay for housing.

MALLORY: You do realize that you will be paying for your own flight there and to ship your belongings

HEATHER: I know Mother(Said in the snotty/whiny teenage type of voice) A>N: this is not to be taken as me being offensive to teens cause I was a big brat as a teenager-lol

(the two of them continue discussing the trip)


A horseback riding ranch, there are about 6 little boys and girls riding horses. They are like normal kids except all of them are paralyzed or hurt in some way(Articicial legs etc..) Annie is on a horse sitting behind a little girl(holding on to her and talking to her)

ANNIE: see that’s not so bad is it

GINA: I’m still scared what if I fall

ANNIE: if you fall you fall, no one will let you get hurt though, so don’t worry about it

GINA: Horses are so big

ANNIE: yes they are but there very sweet, so you don’t’ need to be scared of them. See how his nose is twitching

GINA: yeah

ANNIE: That means he likes you, Starfire only does that when he’s happy

GINA: (giggles) really. (Reaches out and strokes his nose) Hi Starfire, I like you too. You are a nice horsey

ANNIE: after the ride you can give him a carrot

GINA: he eats carrots

ANNIE: yep, he loves carrots

GINA: didn’t anyone tell him vegetables are yucky

ANNIE: I guess not(laughing)

GINA: are we done

ANNIE: (yes we are ( the two fo them wait as they are helped off the horse and into their wheelchairs)

They wheel across their fields to a small clearing next to the stables.

ANNIE: what the???

(a bunch of young kids and the other staff members of the stables are standing by a table decorated with balloons and a big cake—a banner stretched across two trees says “Happy 21st Birthday Anne”

GINA: Were you surprised, did we surprise you huh

ANNIE: you sure did. I’m so lucky I get two parties,t his one and one later tonight with my friends

(The kids go over to their own area to eat and play-and a coupel of Annie’s Friends from the Ranch sit next to her and start talking)

KYLE: so what’s up for tonight

ANNIE: I have to do the family thing with my parents and sister but I’ll be done with that by 8

KYLE: Ok I’ll swing by and pick you up around say 9:30 and we’ll hit the bars

BRITTNEY: wer;e going to O’Malys right?

ANNIE: hello of course we are, they have free drinks on your b-day, we are so going there

(they continue talking and making plans)


RACHEL: So are you excited about being a great grandma.

MONICA: uh huh

RACHEL: Eva sure seems excited, she told me she hopes the baby is born around the holiday season

MONICA: that’s nice.

RACHEL: so would you like to go on a walk outside today

MONICA: I don’t think so I’m really tired

RACHEL: ok. Are you feeling alright

MONICA: I’m fine. Just tired. I’ve been tired a lot lately. I’m sorry I’m not more fun. I’m glad you came though. I wish Ross would have been able to come

RACHEL: He’s going to come next week. He wanted to take Heather out to the museum before she leaves for France-he’s bound and determined that one of his children or grandchildren will like dinosaurs. He’s even started in and Tasha and Taylor.

Rachel and Monica contiune on talking and as Rachel prepares to leave Monica says

MONICA: Rachel

RACHEL: yeah

MONICA: I just wanted to say thanks for coming to vist, and for being such a great friend. We’ve shared a lot havnet we

RACHEL: yeah we have(they hug)

Ok bye Mon, I’ll call you tomorrow

She leaves and Monica lays down on her bed and closes her eyes.

The next morning

R/R place—the phone rings

ROSS: I’l get it. (picks up the phone) hello. Yes, Yes, Oh my god, no, oh no(starts to cry) and hangs up the phone

RACHEL: sweeties(Rushes over and puts her arms around him) what is it

ROSSS: Monica, she, she died in her sleep last night

RACHEL: (Crying) no, no oh no(her gaze travels across the room to a set of various photos landing on one of Her and Monica taken in 1995(season one) she see’s that and begins to cry harder.

ROSS: I’m going to call and Let Phoebe know

RACHEL: I’d better check and see if Steven or Eva need anything and find out when the funerel is going to be

A couple days later

Everyone is at the funerel

CLERGY PERSON: before we conclude the service and head the the cemetery, Monca’s granddaughter Eva would like to say a few words.

-as Eva is speaking a women walks in and stands near the back door of the funerel parlor(I know Mon/Ross are part Jewish—so I don’t know if the’d have a jewish funerel or what, so I’m saying they just had a non demoninational service held at the funerel Parlor)

EVA: (she’s finishing up her speech) the most important thing that I learned from my grandmother was love.She loved me enough to take me in and raise me, even though she was a senior citizen and looking foreward to retirement, time alone etc.. she took me in to her home. She gave me food, clothes, love and so many opportunities. I would have been nothing without my grandparents, they made me the person I am today. I wasn’t the easiest person to get along with as a teenager. We fought a lot, we argued, screamed, and said hurful things.But all the things she taught me the same things that I once thought were pointless and meaningless,. I now see how much they meant. She taught m e how to cook, how to bake the perfect apple pie, to make incredible cookies, how to run a clean and organized house and how to be a good mother. I will forever regret and wish that she will never get to see her great grandchild born.

CLERGY: thank you very much Eva. The service will now conclude and I invite all of you to come to the cemetery with us for the burial, after which there will be a brunch at Lucas and Eva’s house

As everyone is walking out the door a women walks over and puts her arm on Eva’s shoulder

EVA: yes

WOMEN: Eva, I’m, I’m your mother

EVA: just get away from me, you didn’t care about me for the last 20 some years and you never cared about grandma, grandpa or Uncle Steve. Now all of a sudeen you come back. You come back after all this time for , what, to make yourself look good. To look lke some hero(while’ she’s saying this she’s sobbing and yelling)

STEVEN: What’s wrong Eva

LUCUS: (puts his arms around her and leads her away)

LAURA: it’s me It’s your sister-Laura

STEVEN: I don’t think you need to be here right now, this is a hard time for us and you are making it worse. You came back and said goodbye to mom, great. I’m glad you got to do that, but please leave now

LAURA: I know I made mistakes but why cant we be a family again, why cant we move on

STEVE: we can move on, I’m sure we can with time learn to be a family, as you say. But it will take time and now is not the time to do it. You made a lot of mistakes, your’e not nor have you ever been a mother To Eva. We cant just let you into our lives when you’ve been gone for so long, just go please and we’ll work thru this later

LAURA: fine(she leaves)

A few months go by. In October Deidra had a baby boy named Adam and in December(Dec 23rd to be exact) Eva gave birth to a baby boy named Austin. Laura is in contact with Eva and Steve but there not overly close. Eva esp is still very cautious of her mom.


RACHEL: Ross, I really wish yo’d get that cough checked out

ROSS: You worry too much, it’ sjust a cough

RACHEL: yeah that’s what chandler said, and he had lung cancer

ROSS: he also secretly smoked 2 packs of ciagarettes a day. I’m fine it’s just a chest cold

RACHEL: a chest cold that makes you tired all the time and makes you wheeze.

ROSS: would you just let it drop

RACHEL: fine

ROSS: so what’s on tv tonight

RACHEL: I heard that movie on channel 8 is supposed to be good. Hey, why don’t we invite Pheebs over

ROSS: yeah, great idea. WE could even play some Canasta(I Have no clue how to play or if it’s a 3 person game but lets say it is)

Phoebe comes over the the three of them sit and reminise about old times.

PHOEBE: ok it’s getting late, so I’d beter be going, Thanks for the great night guys

RACHEL: nite

ROSS: nite(you can tell he’s preoccupied about something)

RACHEL: ok what’s bugging you

ROSS: You know how I said it was just a chest cold

RACHEL: yeah

ROSS: it’s not, it’s something worse, There’s a burning in my shoulders and arms and I cant catch my breath. I, I..(He stares at Rachel for a minute, fear in his eyes and she watches as he collapses to the ground)

RACHEL: Ross, Ross—she calls the ambulance and then runs over next to him-he’s drifting in and out of consiensness

ROSS: Do you remember the first time we met

RACHEL: I came over to play with Monica, I was 6 and you were 8, you thought it would be funny to throw mud at me

ROSS: Yeah—you screamed and chased me around the yard(He’s able to talk btw but it’s slow and quiet, as he is having trouble breathing)

RACHEL: don’t talk let me talk. Do you rememver the prom video, and the first time we ever made love, at the museum

ROSS: all those kids

RACHEL: yeah. And our wedding day

ROSS: which one

RACHEl: (laughs) all of them, but esp the last one, the one hwere we knew it would finally work. And our girls, our girls and scott. I can still remember when each of them where born, and eac and every moment of their lives. Of our lives. Our life together, because we’ve been together thru it all.

The ambulance arrives and takes Ross to the hospital. Rachel and everyone else spends the evening wating and wondering hoping, thigns will be alright.

DR: Mrs Geller


DR: I’m sorry-he’s gone. He suffered a second heart attack while being examined and there was nothing we could do.

So Lately Been wondering
Who will be there to take my place?

When I’m gone, you’ll need love

To light the shadows on your face

If a greater wave shall fall

It will fall upon us all

With those dreams that are set in stone could you make it on your own

If I could, then I would

I’d go wherever you will go

Way up high or down low

I’ll go wherever you will go

And maybe I’ll find out

A way to make it back someday

To watch you, to guide you

Through the darkest of your days

If a greater wave shall fall

And fall upon us all

Then I hope ther’es someone out there

Who can bring me back to you

If I coud then I would

I’d go wherever you will go

Way up high or down low

I’ll go wherever you will go

Run away with my heart

Run away with my heart

Run away with my heart

I know now just quite how

My life and love might still go on

In your heart, in your mind

I’ll stay with you for all of time

If I coud then I would

I’ll go wherever you may go

Way up high or down low

I’ll go wherever you will go

If I could turn back time, I could then I would

I’ll go wherever you will go

Way up high or down low

I’ll go wherever you will go

If I could make you mine

If I could then I would

I’d go wherever you will go

Way up high or down low

I’ll go wherever you will go

Chapter 14, coming soon, the last and final chapter.

In the final chapter—we say goodbye to the final two friends L

Heather, Amanda and Sarah get married

Two new great grandchildren are born

Coming as soon as I can get motivated to write it J