Life Through the Years - part 2

This is the continuation to my fic “Life Through The Years” this will follow the next few years in the lives of the group from Friends and will cover the years 2022-2029. Now obviously I have no idea what life will be like then(medically, scientifically etc…) so I am dealing with the personal lives of the characters and not focusing on outside advances as I don’t have any clue what those would be. Also this portion of the fic will focusus a lot on the extended families of the group and not just the main 6. As always I am making no money from this, I don’t own the characters of the show(except for the extended family members who I created) Eventually this fic will cover up to the year 2057 so there are more parts to come J

It’s now about a year since the start of the last fic It’s 2022. To give you background info on the ages of everyone, Monica and Rachel are now 51, Ross, Chandler and Joey are 52 and Phoebe is 53. The triplets are now 24(they will play a part in this section)-except for Frank Jr who was killed in a car accident in 2015(age 17, caused by speeding) and I didn’t mention it in the last part, but Frank Jr and Alice were killed in a car accident in 2021 so the only ones left are Girl Chandler and Leslie. Ben is 28yrs old, Mallory is 18, Courtney is 15 and Scott is 10. Steve is 19, Laura is 17 and Tyler is 17. Ben is now married to a girl named Kate and 3 months earlier she gave birth to a baby girl named Molly. So Ross is now a grandfather and Rachel is a step grandmother. Ben, Kate and Molly live in Conneticut(but very close to the city, right on the border basically) Leslie and G Chandler became very close to Phoebe after their parents death so they hang out with the group and their families quite a bit. Leslie lives in NYC and works as a graphic artist, G Chandler lives in Poughkeepsie and works as a CPA and is engaged to a man named Ryan. I think that’s all you need to know. Oh and if you wondered Ross and Rachels kids have been back and forth between AZ and NYC but the two of them are not back together. Rachel and Scott recently moved back to NY permanently and got their own apt.

May 2022 Ross’s house

It’s the day before Mallory’s High school graduation. She’s sitting in the family room on the phone talking to a friend. Courtney is sitting in a chair studying for her finals and Ross is pacing around the room.

COURTNEY: Dad, would you calm down, you’re gonna wear a hole in the carpet

ROSS: Courtney, you worry about your math, not what I’m doing. Mallory July Geller, would you get off that phone so I can call your mother

MALLORY: well if you’d let me have my own phone line

COURTNEY: why would he put in your own phone line, duh huh, you’re going to college, if anyone should get a phone line it would be me

ROSS: girls! Enough. Mallory tell whoever that is you will call them back later

MALLORY: fine, geesh(hangs up and hands the phone to Ross) Here.

ROSS: thank you(begins to dial) Hey Scott is your mom there, yeah, good, ok you did, oh wow a home run, ok yeah I love you too. Hi Rach

(this will cut back and forth between the two of them.)

RACHEL: Hi Ross, so you heard about Scott’s home run huh?

ROSS: yep!!

RACHEL: so what’s up

ROSS: well I just wanted to be sure you had all the details for tomorrow night. The ceremony is at 7pm but we should prob be there by 5:30 to get seats. Now do you want us to pick you guys up or do you want to just meet?

RACHEL: well if it’s not too much trouble could you pick us up, just to make sure we are all together, I’d hate to get there and not be able to find you guys.

ROSS: yeah, no I understand, that makes good sense and it’s no problem at all. So we’ll see you say around 5pm.

RACHEL: sounds good, now I’m off to the task of getting Scotty into a suit

ROSS: have fun, and I’ll see you tomorrow night

RACHEL see you then(they hang up)

MALLORY: now, can I use the phone

ROSS: yes, now you can use the phone.

(Mallory picks up the phone dials and begins to talk again)

COURTNEY: Can I just say how utterly unfair it is that you guys get out a whole week before the rest of us and don’t have to do any finals

MALLORY: it’s cause we’re Seniors, we’re special.

COURTNEY: All I know is I can’t wait til I’m a Senior. Geometry should be outlawed it is unfair to expect any normal 15 year old to study on a day like today, I mean geesh it was 84 out today and I was stuck in school. What’d you do today Mal?

MALLORY: (She’s off the phone now) oh not much, went shopping with Lilly and Mahgda and then we met up with Austin, Tyler and some of the other guys and went up to Cony Island and to the Beach.

(they continue talking…)

The next evening. Ross, Rachel, Courtney, Scott, Monica, Chandler, Steve, Laura, Ben, Kate, Leslie, G Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Tyler are all at the High school sitting in bleachers next to the football field. There talking amongst themselves and waiting for the processional to begin.

SCOTT: mom, that kids not wearing a suit, you said I had to wear a suit, I did not have too.

RACHEL: No, correction Scott I said YOU had to wear a suit, I am your mother and you listen to me.

SCOTT: but why??

RACHEL: why do you listen to me?

SCOTT: no, why do I have to wear a suit

RACHEL: because it’s considered to be good manners, it’s a way of showing respect in a ceremony like this you want to look your best and part of having good manners is dressing for the occasion.

SCOTT: yeah, ok. So when does this thing start

ROSS: it should be any time now, see if you look over there you can see everyobody line up.

SCOTT: why do they have those funny hats?

ROSS: well you know how your mom told you about dressing for the occasion, well it’s a tradition that every graduate has to wear a dorky looking hat and look stupid for a few hours.

SCOTT: will I have to?

ROSS: yep, you sure will

SCOTT: oh joy

TYLER: yeah and we’ll all come and laugh at you when that day comes

SCOTT: so when will it be dad

ROSS: when you’re a Senior, not for about 8 years

SCOTT: oh that’s an eternity from now.

(music starts playing)

COURTNEY: ok everybody sit down and shut up, it’s starting

STEVEN: actually, you’re supposed to stand up when they walk by

COURTNEY and LAURA: shut up

MONICA: children

LAURA: we are not children Mother.

MONICA: hmm, could have fooled me

RACHEL: shhh, shh it’s starting

(they all rise as Mallory and her classmates walk by)

about an hour later(the speeches were given, hats were thrown etc…)

MALLORY: hey guys!!!!!

STEVEN: whoo hoo, it’s my cousin, the graduate

MALLORY: yeah!!! I’s be edeucated

COURTNEY: whoah, you’s be a genius

ROSS: girls, you do know the proper term is Educated not edeucated and the word is pronounced you are not You’s

COURTNEY: ( rolling her eyes) daaaad, we are just joking

ROSS: Good grammar is not a joking matter

(Monica and Rachel look at each other and crack up laughing)

JOEY: so come on, lets go eat, I’m starving

CHANDLER: ooh let me guess, you want, sandwiches?

JOEY: (in his Joey way) yeah, how’d you guess?

CHANDLER: dude, I’ve been friends with you for almost 20yrs now, it’s not hard to figure you out.

JOEY: ok, so enough talk lets go get some sandwiches!!

LAURA: no, I want Japanese

TYLER: eww gross, lets get pizza

SCOTT: yeah!!! And ice cream

COURTNEY: no I had pizza the other day, lets get Mexican

SCOTT: no pizza

RACHEL: why don’t’ we let Mal decide, it is her day after all

MALLORY: thank you mom. Ok everbody we are going to Selderelis, they have pizza, sandwiches and well not total Mexican but they do have tacos and burritos.

ROSS: sounds good everyone in agreement

EVERYONE: yeah/yes/yep/sounds good

(about an hour later, they are all at the restaurant)

STEVEN: so Mally, any good grad parties this weekend

MALLORY: well there’s this great party at Ella’s and Mahdga is having a beach bonfire and then there’s Craig’s and Austin’s and…

STEVEN: I’m sorry I asked

RACHEL: oh Ross, Scott and I will be over tomorrow around 4 to help clean the house for Mal’s party.

SCOTT: what!!!!

RACHEL: oh yeah did I forget to mention that to you Mr. Scott Ryan Geller? Hmm must have slipped my mind

SCOTT: her party isn’t til Sunday, why do we have to start cleaning tomorrow

RACHEL: because I’m the mother and I said so, that’s why

PHOEBE: you know I always swore I would never say those words to my own child

TYLER: Mom, you say that to me all the time

PHOEBE: yeah I know, I said I’d promised, not that I kept the promise

MONICA: yeah, it’s like an inborn mom thing, you just automactically say these certain phrases.

KATE: so I have that too look foreward too

MONICA: oh yeah, when you least expect it.

BEN: so Channa, how are the wedding plans going?

G CHANDLER: Pretty good, we have the hall, the church, and all the flowers ordered, I have my dress, the bridesmaids are almost done with the fittings now we are starting in on the invitations and then the seating chart.

ROSS: oh the seating chart, the funnest part of every wedding

CHANDLER: you oughta know, you’ve been married enough

ROSS: as I was saying, it’s always such a hassle to decide who’s going to sit next to who

MONICA: the worst is when someone comes without a date, you don’t want them to feel awkward or to be stuck by a bunch of people with dates, but you want them to be by their own age group and to have people to talk too

G CHANDLER: Ok now you guys are making me nervous

CHANDLER: you must also be absolutely sure that your husband is one who is likely to take a wife

MONICA: and doesn’t talk about pig sex all day

(they crack up laughing)

ROSS: um.. anyway. I think it’s time for Mallory to open her gifts now. (takes out a small wrapped box) I know your party is in two days but you’ll be getting gifts and cards from your friends then, I thought all of us could give you our gifts now.


ROSS: (hands her the box) this is very special, it belonged to your grandma Althea.

MALLORY: (opens the box and inside is a beautiful pearl necklace) Oh my god dad, thank you, thank you sooo much I love it(jumps up and hugs him)

RACHEL: Ok this is from Scott and me

MALLORY: Oh, oh m y god mom a real cashmere sweater, it’s soo pretty and Scott did you pick this pin out?

SCOTT: yes I did. It’s a cameo

MALLORY: I know it is, it’s beautiful and everytime I wear it I’ll think of my adorable baby brother(kisses him)

SCOTT: ok, ok enough mushy stuff

COURTNEY: Ok big sis, this is from me

MALLORY: oh yeah!!!! Courtie you know me too well(holds up a purple leopard purse)

MONICA: Ok this is from us(hands Mallory a huge box)

CHANDLER: good lord, what did we get her and how much did it cost

MALLORY: (opening the box) oooh Aunt Monica it’s so pretty, where did you find it? (holds up a quilt)

MONICA: this belonged to your great, great grandma Rose, she made it by hand and it was one of the only items she brought over when she came here from Germany. *AN: I have no idea what country there ancestors are from so I’m just making one up*

(the dinner comes/everyone eats and Mallory opens the rest of her gifts)

It’s now December of 2022, everyone is over at M/C’s for Christmas-the presents have all been opened and it’s later in the evening. Everyone is pretty much sitting around talking.

TYLER: Hey Scott, can I use your legos

SCOTT: yeah, but I got dibs on the space station

TYLER: deal

JOEY: ooh Legos I wanna play

MONICA: so Pheebs, hows it feel having two children

PHOEBE: great, Joey is like a big kid, but it’s great especially when it comes to well, his stamina

RACHEL: Phoebe Buffay, I so did not need to hear that

PHOEBE: Oh please Rachel Karen Green, like you’ve never been the least bit curious

RACHEL: ok, that is neither here nor there

SCOTT: what are you guys talking about

MALLORY: You don’t want to know

ROSS: wait, you mean you know

COURTNEY: Dad, I know what they’re talking about, I mean really, get with the times

LESLIE: heck I knew what it was when I was 7

G CHANDLER: yeah but look at our mom and dad

CHANDLER: Oh no kiddng, you know they started doing it in the waiting room the day you guys were born

LESLIE: Really?? That’s funny, but so like Mom and Dad.

SCOTT: I ask again, what are you talking about?

LAURA: you’ll know when you’re older

SCOTT: I hate when people say that

RACHEL: yes, but it’s true

SCOTT: yeah, yeah, yeah

TYLER: so are we building here or what?

(they continue building and talking)

KATE: So Channa, one week to go, are you getting excited?
G CHANDLER: Yeah, and nervous and petrified and…

ROSS: hey as long as you say the right name, you guys should be set

RYAN: oh don’t worry, I have heard the London story enough times to know better than that by now.

RACHEL: I can’t belive you guys are getting married on New Years Eve, that is soo romantic.

COURTNEY: I cant’ wait to wear my new dress, it has removable straps

ROSS: which you are leaving on

SCOTT: Why do you all get so excited over dressing up, I for one am not looking foreward to wearing a suit

TYLER: you’re not the only one bud

STEVE: Hey Tyler, Feel like going for a drive

TYLER: sure

SCOTT: hey I wanna go too

STEVE: not this time ok, Scotty, this is more of a older guy talk.

SCOTT: fine

JOEY: dude, it’s ok, I’m here

CHANDLER: Yes everybody it’s Joey, the perpetual 10 year old

(Steven and Tyler leave to go for a car ride)

TYLER: so, what’s up and don’t say nothing cause I know you, and I know something is bugging you.

STEVE: You’re right. Well the thing is, well first off I am telling you this cause we have been friends, what our entire lives right

TYLER: yeah

STEVE: and even though you are two years younger I consider you one of my best friends

TYLER: yeah hug, hug, kiss, kiss get on with it

STEVEN: Ok the thing is, all right this is hard, this is going to change everything and I don’t know how to say it

TYLER: for the love of god, just spit it out

STEVEN: Ok, I’m just going to say it.

TYLER: please do

STEVEN: ok, I’m, I’m gay

TYLER: what!!!!

STEVEN: I like men ok

TYLER: Yeah I know what it means, but what about all those girls, what about Candice?

STEVEN: Well I’ve had these feeling since I was prob Scott’s age but I just hid them, I just went out with girls and tried to be into girls to be normal, to be how I’m supposed to be. I mean you know how crazy my dad is about grandpa and the whole cross dressing thing and how that affected him.

TYLER: yeah, so you were just using Candice

STEVEN: no, not using her, I care about Candice, she is sweet and kind but I don’t love her in that way.

TYLER: does she know

STEVEN: Yeah I told her the other day

TYLER: how did she take it

STEVEN: she actually took it really well, said she’d suspected for awhile. So, how are you taking it.

TYLER: you know all that stuff you said about us being best friends and being like brothers?

STEVEN: yeah

TYLER: well it still goes. This is 2022 I could care less who you like, all that matters is that you are happy.

STEVEN: thanks man(they hug)

TYLER: so do your folks know?

STEVEN: not yet, I’m going to tell them tomorrow

TYLER: well good luck with that

STEVEN: thanks

It’s now the next day about 3pm at Monica and Chandler’s

STEVEN: Mom, Dad, Laura can you guys come in here, I need to talk to you

LAURA: this had better be good, I’m supposed to be going out with Kyle at 8

STEVEN: that’s 5 hours from now

LAURA: yeah, but I don’t know what I’m wearing yet or how to do my hair or what shoes or…

STEVEN: ok, ok I’m sorry I asked.

CHANDLER: so what’s the big announcement Steve?

STEVEN: well first off I want you all to know that I love you very much and mom, dad when I tell you this please don’t think this has anything to do with you

MONICA: Ok.. but what are you talking about?

STEVEN: All right, I’m gay

LAURA: excuse me

STEVEN: gay as in homosexual, as in liking guys as in..

LAURA: yeah, I know what gay is, what I don’t get is, how can you, you Mr football stud, Mr. Number one high school basketball player, Varsity all 4yrs be gay

STEVEN: because I am

CHANDLER: I knew having a cross dressing dad was going to bite me in the ass someday

STEVEN: dad, this has nothing to do with you or grandpa. Grandpa could have been a stick whittling storyteller for all the difference it makes. I am who I am because of me no one else but me. I only hope you guys aren’t too disappointed in me.

MONCA: Oh Stevie, we could never be disappointed, you’re our son and we love you, right Chandler

CHANDLER: right. I mean the stuff with my dad, well it used to really bug me but after your mom and I got married and I started a better relationship with him that all changed. I don’t care who you choose to date, you are my son and I will always love you.

LAURA: So does anyone else know?

STEVEN: No, well just Tyler

LAURA: Tyler, Tyler knows

STEVEN: yeah, I told him yesterday. So are you ok with this Laur?

LAURA: Oh yeah I’m great, I only go to high school with a bunch of stuck up, judgemental people, I only have to see them everyday and the way news travels in this area, it should be all around school by 2pm tomorrow that my brother is a

Fag. AN: *I have nothing at all against homosexuals, I have friend who are straight, gay and bi I am just using that word as a storyline device for Laura’s character, she is very big on image and has her own ideas on what is acceptable in life*

MONICA: young lady, I cant tell you how to think but I can damn sure tell you how to act, he is your brother and when ou are in this house you will treat him with respect and if I hear any unacceptable talk outside of the house you’ll be grounded so fat your head will spin. Do you understand?

LAURA: yes mom

*everyone else is told about Steven and nobody has a problem with it, they treat him the same as always with the exception of Laura who is polite but distant towards him. It’s now Jan 1st and the day after G Chandler and Ryan’s wedding*

ROSS: so that was a great wedding, huh Rach

RACHEL: Oh yeah, when they started dancing at their first dance, oh I just wanted to cry

ROSS: remember our first dance

RACHEL: how could I forget

ROSS: yeah it was great wasn’t it

RACHEL: yep sure was

(the two of them stare at each other for a moment)

ROSS: so..


ROSS: anyways

RACHEL: ok, this is pathetic. We were married, we both know we were married, I think we are allowed to talk abou it.

ROSS: Yeah, heck we could talk about both wedding if we wanted.

RACHEL: (laughs) I don’t think me puking my guts up and the free pizza at Pizza Hut is the worlds best wedding story

ROSS: yeah, that’s true

RACHEL: Do you ever wonder, no, never mind it’s silly

ROSS: what?

RACHEL: what would have happened if we’d never split up

ROSS: which time

RACHEL: the last time, if Chelsea hadn’t died, or if she had but I hadn’t met George

ROSS: yeah, yeah sometimes I do

RACHEL: guess it doesn’t’ really matter though huh

ROSS: I Just wish…

RACHEL: what Ross, what do you wish

ROSS: I sometimes wish that we had never broken up, if I could take back all the things I said, I would in heartbeat. My god Rachel I know how much you loved that little girl, how could I have accused you of her death.

RACHEL: but it was as much my fault, I am the one who got involved with the drugs and just ditched you guys

ROSS: That’s in the past Rachel, god look at yourself now, you’re a successful designer, you are a great mom and you’ve become an even better person than I ever dreamed you could and that’s saying a lot because I always had faith in you Rch

RACHEL: Thanks Ross. (they gaze deeply at each other for a minute) Can you even imagine that next month would have been Chelsea’s 21st birthday.

ROSS: I know, can you believe I’m a grandfather

RACHEL: of the worlds cutest baby

ROSS: Miss Molly sure is cute isn’t she

RACHEL: it’s those good genes

ROSS: why thank you miss Green

RACHEL: Man I miss this, this just being able to talk and hang out and laugh together, for the longest time I didn’t think it could ever happen again

ROSS: Yeah it’s nice huh

RACHEL: oh yeah(they gaze even deeper in each other’s eyes and Ross puts his hand on Rachel’s shoulder)

ROSS: can I tell you a secret>

RACHEL: Always

ROSS: I never stopped loving you, I never gave up on the hope that someday we would be together

RACHEL: are you, are you saying you want to get together again

ROSS: I don’t know, I mean yes but then no, but not no I guess more like I don’t know.

RACHEL: Funny as it is, I know what you mean. I have to confess something too. I have never loved anyone the way I loved you, I think about you constantly and I wonder what could have been, but then I think why mess it up. Our lives are good now, the kids are happy and we are happy. But then I think, how can I live without you.

ROSS: yeah(begins trailing his hand up Rachel’s cheek and she wraps her arms around his waist)

RACHEL: Ross, kiss me, please I need to be near you if only for this one moment

ROSS: But Rach, I (Rachel wordlessly puts her lips on his and begins kissing him softly at first but then deeper and deeper)

March 2023:

Monica and Rachel are out shopping, they stopped at a sidewalk to café to eat and rest.

RACHEL: Ok Monica, out with it

MONICA: out with what?

RACHEL whatever is bugging you, we have been friends for what 47 years now, I can tell when something is wrong

MONICA: is it that obvious?

RACHEL: yep, now out with it.

MONICA: it’s Laura

RACHEL: what about Laura, is she hurt, is she sick, is something wrong with my Laury Loo(that’s Rachels’ pet name for Laura)

MONICA: no she’s not hurt or sick, she’s just oh she is irritating the crap out of me

RACHEL: what, why?

MONICA: well ever since Steve “came out” she has been horrible. She was always a high strung child but lately she has became impossible. She hangs out with all the “popular kids” and they are such a bad influence on her all she cares about is her looks and going to parties, last week her principal called. She’s been cutting classes left and right, she’s close to flunking out and she doesn’t’ seem to care.

RACHEL: Oh my god< Mon I had no idea. Do you think she’d listen if I talked to her?

MONICA: it’s worth a shot, after all I’m her Mother you’re her cool auntie Rachel

RACHEL: all right, send her over tonight and I’ll give it a try

MONICA: thanks Rach

Later that night:

LAURA: Hey Aunt Rachel

RACHEL: Hey Laury Loo

LAURA: Aunt Rachel I’m not 5 anymore you know

RACHEL: yes I do know, you’re 18 years old and so grown up, which is why I want to talk to you

LAURA: I k now my mom talked to you and I’m sorry I cant’ agree with or support what Steven is doing

RACHEL: Nobody can tell you how to think or what to feel Rachel, you are entitled to your opinon. That is not what this is about.

LAURA: then what is it about?

RACHEL: it’s about family, Steven is your brother no matter what, you want to be there for your family, you never know hen they will be gone

LAURA: mom, what happened to your parents and sisters was horrible but, that is nothing at all like this

RACHEL: but it is. After my mom and dad divorced well being around them was awkward and when they reconciled It was the greatest thing but also scary I mean they had divorced once, who’s to say it would not happen again.

LAURA: but they stayed together didn’t they

RACHEL: yes they did, but I still had shut them out for so long and made a life without them, so when they invited Ross nd Me on that camping trip we said no

LAURA: but if you’d gone, you would have drowned just like they did and like Aunt Jill and Aunt Morgan

RACHEL: yes, but I think about it a lot, about what might have been(half to herself, I seem to do that a lot in life) and now I have a niece who I never see because I shut Jill out of my life and her husband didn’t want some aunt she’d never met being sprung on her.

LAURA: what was her name again, Aly?

RACHEL: Alyson, yeah she’s be, gosh she was older than Chelsea she’s be around 22 now I think. But Laura my point is, you’re family is the most special bond you have, and you never know when you could lose it forever, or when you might need your family. You don’t have to agree with what your brother does, but at least let him be your brother, and try to get those grades up. No one is asking for straight A’s just passing so you can graduate in May.

LAURA: All right Aunt Rachel, I’ll try, and thanks, for well for sharing with me

RACHEL: don’t mention it

It’s now Sept of 2023: Laura got her grades up not really high but enough to graduate. She is going to a Jr. College since her grades were so bad. Tyler is going to NYU. Since starting College Laura has gotten even wilder and is skipping classs, drinking etc.. but nobody knows about it yet as it’s only been a few week of school and grades wont be out til Dec. She barely talks to Steven at all and he has started seeing a guy named Houston oh and Ross and Rachel are now dating.

Rachel’s apt: She is dusting when the phone rings.

RACHEL: Hello. Hey! Hi Pheebs, what, what’s wrong. Ok, calm down, calm down and, what?? Oh my god, oh my god no, yeah, yeah no, Monica’s not home she works today, she changed her Thur hours she has the lunch shift today. No, no Pheebs don’t’ worry about it, I’ll tell her,yeah and we’ll be over as soon as we can. (hangs up the phone and grabs her coat and runs out of the apartment-she is in the same building as Ross but on a diff floor)

ROSS: Hey Rach

RACHEL: Ross, I need you to drive me to Monica’s work right now

ROSS: Rach, I kinda have a class to teach in a half hour

RACHEL: Ross, this is an emergency. I just got off the phone with Phoebe there was a fire at Leslie’s apartment

ROSS: Oh my god, was there much damage

RACHEL: It was bad Ross it was really bad.

ROSS: how bad?

RACHEL: Ross, Leslie’s dead

ROSS: oh my god. Poor Leslie, poor Channie, poor Phoebe.

RACHEL: I know, she’s really upset, Ever since Frank and Alice died, they have been like her own girls, she loves them so much and to have this happen on top of what’s already happened to her. So I want to get Monica and go over and be with her

ROSS: of course, let me just call and arrange for a sub and we’ll go

RACHEL: Oh god, how are we going to tell Courtney and Mallory, they idolized the twins

ROSS: first lets get Monica and then worry about telling everyone else

(they pull up at Monica’s work, she’s in the kitchen busy making pasta)

RACHEL(runs into the kitchen) Monica, I have to talk to you right now

MONICA: Hey Rach, I’m sorry but it’s gonna have to wait, I’m kinda in the middle of something

RACHEL: Monica, Leslie’s dead.

MONICA: what!!(drops the pan of noodles)

RACHEL: yeah, Phoebe just called, there was a fire at Leslie’s apartment last night and she was inside,. She didn’t make it out.

MONICA: Oh my god, poor Phoebe.

RACHEL: I know, she thinks of those girls as her own, esp since their parents died

MONICA: why does someone as nice as Phoebe have to be hurt so much, I mean isn’t it enough that her mom commited suicide and her step dad died in jail and she never knew her real dad, then her brother and sister in law die, her nephew whho was also a child she gave birth to is killed and now Leslie.

RACHEL: I know, Joey is with her and Ross and I picked up Chandler on the way here, we’re gonna go over and be with her.

MONICA: All right, let me wash my hands and we can go

They arrive at Phoebe and Joey’s

MONICA: hey sweetie, how are you

PHOEBE: (looks at Monica and bursts into tears as Monica and Rachel hug her) I miss her already. I know she wasn’t really my daughter but when Frank and Alice died, well, I was the one she turned to you know. She reminded me so much of myself, her and Channie both, I mean there parents died, there brother died, they knew what it was to lose people you love. I stil remember the day they were all born, that I had carried those three miracles inside my belly for 9 months and now she’s gone

RACHEL: no she’s not

PHOEBE: Um yeah she is Rachel, she’s dead

RACHEL: Phoebe Tribbiani-Buffay, is this the same person who always spoke of hearing her grandma’s spirit.

PHOEBE: Oh of course her spirit is still here, but Leslie herself as a person is gone

RACHEL: yes, but her memories aren’t you’ll always have those. I’m speaking as someone who lost a child, over time the pain fades, you move on and you start to do the ordinary things again, but you never forget. There’s not a day that goes by tht I don’t wonder what Chels would be doing now, what she would be like.

PHOEBE: I just don’t want to forget her.

MONICA: oh sweetie you won’t

PHOEBE: thanks you guys

(they continue hugging and talking)

It’s now a couple days later and Leslie’s funeral has just ended. Eveyone is at Phoebe and Joey’s they’ve just gotten back from the cemetery and the adults are all talking and the teens and Scott are out in the backyard, the girls(Mallory, Courtney and Laura) are sitting on the porch talking and Steve, Tyler and Scott are playing catch.

COURTNEY: well that was, that was surreal. I’ve never been to a funeral before, least not for someone I knew personally

MALLORY: I thought it was sad, poor Leslie. She was so beautiful

LAURA: Yeah, hey anyone of you got a lighter or some matches


LAURA: So I can have a cigarette, duh

COURTNEY: Oh my god, do you have a death wish?? You know how Phoebe feels about smoking, or putting anything that’s not natural into your body

LAURA: like I care, she’s not the boss of me

MALLORY: yeah, but this is her house, it’d be rude to smoke

LAURA: oh my god, listen to you. You are such a little miss goody goody.

COURTNEY: Laura-shut up

LAURA: bite me(pushes Courtney)

MALLORY: Don’t push her. Dammit Laura I don’t know what your problem is but you have became such a bitch, so your brother is gay, get over it. Nobody has a problem with it but you, you’re pathetic.

LAURA: well if I were you, I’d be worried he might corrupt my little brother, do you really want him standing that close to scott(Steve is helping Scott with a batting stance while they play baseball)

MALLORY: No, that doesn’t concern me. But if I were you I’d be worried about my big mouth getting me in trouble and flunking out of college.

LAURA: why don’t you worry about your life, and I’ll worry about mine(she walks off)

It’s now November 2023-Thanksgiving Day, everyone is at Chandler and Monica’s including Molly who is now 21 months old.

ROSS: this is nice

JOEY: Turkey, hell yeah

ROSS: No Joe, I mean all of us being here together

JOEY: we’re here together every Thanksgiving all that changes is there’s more of us every year.

ROSS: yeah, but it’s still nice

JOEY: Was I arguing with you

ROSS: No, I’m just saying

CHANDLER: ok, ok, ok we got ya Cheech

MONICA: so anyways, is the food ok, everyone get enough, anyone still hungry…

RACHEL: Mon, you have enough food to feed an entire third world country, I think we have enough

LAURA: yeah mom quit nagging

MONICA: I’m a mother, it’s what we do

LAURA: no kidding

CHANDLER: so Laura, how are your classes going?


CHANDLER: Ok, that’s all you can say is ok

LAURA: yeah, there ok, there not fun, nothing exciting just ok, they’re just classes.

KATE: what classes are you taking?

LAURA: oh English, math, science you know the usual

MONICA: how are your grades looking?

LAURA: pretty good

MONICA: well time will tell, the semester ends next month

LAURA: yeah, hey Channie you said you had some news, what is it

TYLER: yeah, what’s this big news you keep hinting at

G CHANDLER: well(smiles and holds Ryan’s hand) Ryan and I, are going to have a baby

EVERYONE: oh my god/congrats/yay/how long etc..

G CHANDLER: I’m one month along.

MONICA: a baby, yay, another baby

KATE: yeah, Molly will have a playmate

RACHEL: yep a whole new generation is being born.

MONICA: I know our kids are all almost grown up, time has gone by so fast

RACHEL: (starting to tear up) I know my baby is almost 12

SCOTT: I’m not a baby

RACHEL: oh but you’re my baby

SCOTT: oh somebody please stop the mushy talk

LAURA: so Houston, how’s it feel to suck another mans…

STEVE: Why you little snot, I oughta(stands up and advances towards Laura)

CHANDLER: Steven, sit down, you’re mother and I will deal with this

MONICA: Laura-go to your room

LAURA: mother, I am 18yrs old and in college you cannot send me to my room

MONICA: think again missy. You live under this roof, you do as we say, now get your ass in that room.

LAURA: fine(starts to stomp off)

CHANDLER: Laura, come back here a minute

LAURA: (snottily to Monica) see, dad wont make me go to my room

CHANDLER: yeah I will, you are going to march your ass to that room after you apolize to your brother, to our guest and to this table for being so rude.

LAURA: sorrrry(leaves)

MONICA: I am so sorry about her behaviour, she has been impossible these past few months

HOUSTON: it’s ok, It’s happened before, some people just don’t have open minds

CHANDLER: but that’s not the point. The point is we did not raise her that way, we raised her to be open minded and to be kind to others

STEVEN: it’s not your fault dad

MALLORY: Yeah Aunt Monica, you did nothing wrong, Laura’s just well Laura’s different now. She’s rude and nasty and she’s been drinking more and she’s flunk…

MONICA: what, what did you say, is she flunking out of school


RACHEL: Mallory, if you know something you need to tell us

MALLORY: yeah she is, she got her midterms a few weeks ago and she’s flunking 4 classes and barely pulling a D in English

MONICA: why on earth didn’t you say something

MALLORY: I’m sorry Aunt Monica she swore she was going to tell you guys and get her grades up, I wanted to trust her and believe her so I just hoped she’d said something

CHANDLER: oh she most certainly did not.

MONICA: Honey, what do you say we have a parental talk with our darling, daughter tonight

CHANDLER: oh most definitely

TYLER: see this is why I love eating here, something always happens

G CHANNA: (to Ryan) sorry you joined this crazy family dear?

RYAN: oh not one bit(they kiss)

SCOTT: ewwww

STEVE: Scott my man someday you’ll enjoy kissing girls

COURTNEY: hey, Steve I was wondering, what is the difference between kissing a guy and kissing a girl

STEVE: well, guys kiss more rough I guess, it’s more passionate, most girls can kiss that way but they’re more gentle, more hesitant at first

COURTNEY: Ok, cool.

MONICA: My son, the man expert

MALLORY: yeah we should come to you with our dating questions

STEVE: gee, I might have to start charging a fee

SCOTT: Aunt Monica?

MONICA: yes, Scotty

SCOTT: Is Laura going to be grounded?

MONICA: yes she is

SCOTT: she told me that she doesn’t have to listen to you anymore, that she can do whatever she wants and no one can tell her not too.

MONICA: oh she did, did she

SCOTT: yep

MONICA: oh she is wrong, she is so very, very wrong.

(Everyone continues talking and eventually goes home. Monica and Chandler have their “friendly talk” with Laura” and she’s put on restriction, she protests but is told that if she is going to act like a baby, she’ll be treated like one. The semester ends and she has a GPA of 1.2 percent (which is very, very, very bad) so she is allowed to return for 2nd semester but is put on academic probation, if her grades aren’t back up to at least a 2.0 by May she’ll be kicked out of school.)

Feb 2024(Valentines Day)

Ross and Rachel are out eating at a nice, fancy, restaurant. Rachel is in a stunning black dress(nothing really showy but nothing really frumpy either-something classy and elegant) and Ross is in a nice suit

ROSS: so how do you like the wine, Rachel?

RACHEL: oh it’s excellent. A great choice.

ROSS: yep, 2009, a great year

RACHEL: yeah. So Ross, have I told you lately how much I love you

ROSS: oh not for a few minutes

RACHEL: well ill just have to remedy that now won’t I sir, (begins moving her foot up his leg)

ROSS: why Miss Green

RACHEL: You like that Mr. Geller

ROSS: the word coming to mind is yuh huh

RACHEL: God I’ve missed this

ROSS: I know, these past months have been like heaven, I thought so much of what it would be like to get back with you and now, now

RACHEL: now what?

ROSS: Now its even better than I ever could have imagined


ROSS: shh, no talking(leans over and kisses her) I have something I want to ask you(removes a small black box from his pocket)

RACHEL: Oh, oh, oh my god

ROSS: Rachel Karen Green, I know I have said this before, but I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life. We have been through so much and we still always end up together I know in my heart we are meant to me and you would make me the happiest man in the world if you would be my wife. Rachel, will you marry me

RACHEL: Oh, oh, oh my god, oh my god Ross, Yes, Yes, Yes. I know we have done this before but I know we can make this work, I know we are meant to be and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you.(they begin kissing each other)

AN: I know I did’nt really concentrate much on their dating, but Hey, I have to cut out stuff to make this story as short as possible, it’s already going to be super long, and I figured hey’ they’ve been apart for over ten years, so it’s not like I’m really rushing things*

The next day: Rachel, Monica and Phoebe are eating lunch at Monica’s restaurant

RACHEL: so guys, I have some news

MONICA: really? What?

RACHEL: well last night Ross and I went out for dinner and

PHOEBE: oh my god he proposed again

RACHEL: how the.. how did you know?

MONICA: you mean he really proposed? It’s about damn time

PHOEBE: I knew because first off I’m psychic and also because Joey told me

MONICA: wait a minute Joey knew before me

PHOEBE: yeah, Ross told the guys

MONICA: What!!!!!

PHOEBE: yep, Ross made them swear not to tell, in case he chickened out, but I talked it out of Joey

MONICA: so you two married again, huh. Wow!!

RACHEL: yeah I know it seems weird, but I mean, it’s Ross, it’s Rosssss I know we are meant to be together

MONICA: I don’t’ think it’s werid at all, look at how many times you two have found your way back to each other and you both have changed so much

PHOEBE: yeah, so when is the wedding going to be?

MONICA: yeah, do you have colors picked out yet???

RACHEL: well, it’s going to be next Feb, on Valentines day, that date has always been special to us. We’re not going to have a big wedding, no bridesmaids or attendants or any of that stuff, I mean we did that once, just a small wedding with close friends and family and then a nice dinner out

MONICA: that sounds nice-I mean yeah, why spend money on Ross’s what is this now his 5th wedding.

PHOEBE: well to be fair 3 of those were to the same women so…

RACHEL: you two can joke all you want, I don’t care. I love him

MONICA: we know you do sweetie, and we couldn’t be happier for you.

It’s now May of 2024

Monica and Chandler’s

Monica is in Laura’s room talking-or to be more specific yelling at her.

MONICA: God Damn you Laura, we told you to get your grades up, to go to class and to do your work and you bring home a report card even worse than last semester

LAURA: Shut the hell up mother, it’s my life, not yours

MONICA: yeah, well you are ruining your life. You have been kicked out of College, kicked out, do you even comprehend what this means

LAURA: do I even care.

MONICA: you should care, you can’t do crap without a college degree, you think anyone will hire you.

LAURA: that’s what you know, I know a job where I can make thousands of dollars a month

MONICA: doing what

LAURA: stripping

MONICA: what, what the…. Don’t even think such a thing that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I swear you get stupider everyday

LAURA: for your information, Mother, I’ve already done it.

MONICA: what!!!!!!!!!

LAURA: yeah, I’ve been working at The strip bar on 34th Avenue

MONICA: oh my, oh my, oh my god

LAURA: oh come off it mother, it’s my body

MONICA: that you are letting strange men ogle and… you don’t let them touch you, do you

LAURA: Mother, do you even know how much I can get for a private lap dance

MONICA: I, I don’t even know what to say to you right now

(Rachel enters with Molly-who’s she’s watching for Ben and Kate. Molly is now 3yrs old)

RACHEL: Hey Mon! We just dropped by to say hello

LAURA: Hi Aunt Rachel, I was just leaving

RACHEL: Mon, Mon, hey what’s wrong(see’s mom sobbing)

MONICA: Oh Rachel, it’s it’s… (cries harder and falls into Rachel’s arms)

RACHEL: shh, it’s ok, it’s ok Mon

MOLLY: Gwamma, why Auntie Monca sad

RACHEL: I don’t know sweetie, hey why don’t you go over their and play with your dolly all right


RACHEL: Ok now Monica, tell me what is wrong

MONICA: its Laura

RACHEL: again

MONICA: oh this is worse, it’s not just her grades this time, although she has flunked out of college

RACHEL: What??? She flunked out

MONICA: yeah, but that’s not the worst of it, she’s she’s

RACHEL: what??

MONICA: she’s started working as a stripper to make money. She is letting guys look at her naked, my baby girl is letting strange, nasty, old, perverted men touch her body and ogle her and…

RACHEL: oh my god, oh my god that, that is huge. Mon, I know you might not want to hear this but she needs help, she is out of control and she needs to talk to someone.

MONICA: no, no you’re right. I thought we could handle it but this, this is bad, her dad is going to want to kill her for this.

RACHEL: It’s going to be ok you know, we’ll all be here for you guys.

MONICA: yeah I know… and thanks

A few days later. Chandler has found out about Laura’s job and was furious. Words were exchanged and they finally told her that she ws going to go to a Psychiatrist. She refused but since she is smaller than both Chandler and Monica(Laura is very tiny) they basically dragged her to the car and forced her to go

Psychiatrists office(the Psychiatrist will be named Dr Allen)

DR ALLEN: So Laura. You are here to discuss your behavior do you know why your parents wanted you to come here?

LAURA: because there freaks

DR ALLEN: do you really believe that

LAURA: duh I just said it didn’t I

DR ALLEN: Do you think it could possibly be because they care for you?

LAURA: Do you think you could possibly be more of an @#%$

DR ALLEN: You know Laura, we can’t begin to possibly make progress if you wont work with me

LAURA: who said I gave a damn about making progress, I could care less about being here, I was forced here. It was not my choice to come.

DR ALLEN: All right then. You are 18 correct?

LAURA: I’m 19

DR ALLEN: well regardless you are of age, you are an adult and as such you cannot be forced into this treatment. I belive that you need help, you are hostile and there is something bothering you, but no one can help you if you don’t want help. So unless you come here of your own free will, these sessions are over

LAURA: thank god(leaves the office)

June 2024:

Ross, Rachel and Scott are playing soccer in their backyard

LAURA: Hey Aunt Rach, Uncle Ross can I talk to you guys for a minute

ROSS: Sure Laura, what’s up

RACHEL: Hey so have you thought of doing the summer school program for college(it’s a program that anyone can take, regardless of grades or academic standing-if Laura took it and did good, she’d get back into school)

LAURA: ok, I have one mother I don’t need another. I don’t care about school,that’s what I came to talk to you guys about. I’m moving to Miami

ROSS: what the.. why?

LAURA: because Miami is a hotbed for exotic dancers, they have all kinds of bars and clubs and my friend Lisa and I are gonna go , she knows some people and we got connections

RACHEL: Wait a minute, now besides the obvious question of how stupid are you? I thought you stopped stripping, didn’t’ you promise your mom you would

LAURA: yeah I did and I did stop, if only to keep her from nagging, but I still want to do it. So I’m gonna go to Miami, I leave tomorrow

RACHEL: Tomorrow, does your mom knows, does your dad know, what about Steve and..

LAURA: They all know, well except for Steve I haven’t talked to him, none of them like the idea but I really don’t’ give a damn.

ROSS: Laura, I know I’m not your father, but I say this as an expert of one who has made many mistakes. Before you do anything, stop and think, think about the consequences of your actions

LAURA: I have thought and this is what I want to do, I want to dance and strip and I don’t’ give a damn what anyone thinks. I’ve gotta go finish packing now, but I’ll contact you guys once I figure out where I’m staying. (turns to walk off back to her car as she goes she yells goodbye to Scott)

SCOTT: where’s Laura goin, I didn’t get to talk to her

ROSS: she just stopped to say hello is all, she has to go do some stuff

SCOTT: what kind of stuff, she always talks to me- Laura, Hey Laura wait up(she drives off)

RACHEL: Scott, sweetie Laura is going to be going away

SCOTT: huh

RACHEL: she’s moving down to Florida to live with a friend down there

SCOTT: is she going to get her act together

ROSS: one can only wish

RACHEL: where on earth did you hear that expression from

SCOTT: From Uncle Chandler, he said he’d like to kick some sense into her so she’d get her act together.

ROSS: Scott, this is very difficult to explain but basically Laura has made some bad choices and done some bad things

SCOTT: I know she does drugs and she drinks, she gets drunk all the time, that’s what my friend Alex’s older brother says, he says she’s a slut

ROSS: that is neither here nor there Scott, she is your cousin and regardless of what others say or what you hear, you will not talk of her in that way again

SCOTT: yes dad

ROSS: ok, now what do you say we play some more soccer

SCOTT: yeah!!!!

It’s now Feb of 2025 and the day of Ross and Rachel’s remarriage, They are just being married in a courthouse and Rachel is wearing a beautiful White Pantsuit and Ross is in a nice suit, then everyone is going out for a nice dinner, including Molly who is 4yrs old and Deidra(Girl Chandler and Ryan’s daughter) who was born in July of 2024 and is now 7 months old. The vows have been exchanged and now everyone is out at the dinner celebration oh and Steve and Houston moved in with each other in December.

JOEY: I so cannot believe you two are married

PHOEBE: it’s happened before

JOEY: yeah but I mean ok the first time, drunk in Vegas, not really a wedding. The 2nd time, great wedding but fate screwed up lives, now this one, well it’s gonna be the magic one

ROSS: thanks Joey, that was, well that was profound

CHANDLER: oddly profound coming from you

JOEY: so did I tell you guys I got a part in a movie

RACHEL: oh my god which one???

JOEY: The Clock Strikes at 11

ROSS: who’s in it?

CHANDLER: and what kind of title is that

JOEY: well it’s not a movie movie

BEN: ok, did you not just say it was a movie, did we not all hear him

HOUSTON: I heard him

STEVEN: I heard him too

JOEY: well it’s a movie but it’s not

COURTNEY: Ok it is either a movie or it isn’t I mean otherwise it’s just, it’s, it’s

MALLORY: not a movie


JOEY: It is a movie but it’s a made for tv movie, its gonna be one of those Sunday night abc movies

MONICA: oh I love those.

CHANDLER: yeah and you run through the worlds supply of Kleenex watching them

MONICA: can I help it if I’m sentimental

TYLER: sentimental is an undestatement Aunt Monica(yeah Iknow they are not related but the kids call all of them aunt/uncle since they are all so close)

CHANDLER: well Joey, I wish you the best of luck and I know I speak for everyone here when I say, we cant wait to see it

MALLORY: whoo hooo

CHANDLER: but as I was saying, we need to move on to the reason I am standing up like this, and that is my toast to tonights happy couple. Ross and Rachel I have known you both for so many years now, I have seen you two fight, yell, scream, cry, kiss, hug, love each other and every other emotion in between and all I have to say is it’s about damn time you got together and for the love of god, would you make it last this time.

MONICA: I would also like to say congratuations, I have never seen a couple so meant for each other, well besides Chandler and me, but anyways through every obstacle and cirmumstance you two have found your way back to each other and I wish you health, happiness and love as you continue on in life.

July 2025 it’s Scott’s 13th b-day and everyone is at Ross and Rachel’s house for his party. The adults are there as an excuse to ge together and hang out and of course Monica took over the cooking. Scott and his friends from school are down in the Rec room in the basement. Courtney graduated from HS in May and is going to Suny Buffalo to major in Business and Mallory has started Grad school at NYU.

TYLER: ok Scott my man, it is time to liven this party up. Have any of you children ever heard of 7 minues in Heaven

SCOTT: no what’s that

MILES: yeah what’s that(any names that aren’t of the characters already introduced are Scotts’s Friends at his party)

TYLER: well it’s a really fun game, now how many girls do we have here(counts) 8 and 9 guys, well ok one guy will have to go twice.

SCOTT: so what do you do, what do you do

MELISSA: isn’t tha the game where you go in a closet with whoevers number you call and then have to kiss them for 7 minutes

TYLER: yeah that’s it

SCOTT: oh yeah, lets do that

TYLER: ok Scott you go first since its your birthday, pick any number at all


TYLER: ok, who’s number 6


SCOTT: (giggles) hey

LINDY: (giggling) hi

TYLER: ok into the closet you too

LINDY: so do we really kiss for 7 minutes

SCOTT: I don’t think we have to we just make them think we did

LINDY: Scott, have you ever kissed a girl before

SCOTT: well my cousins

LINDY: No I mean a real girl, one your not related too

SCOTT: No, have you, I mean kissed a boy

LINDY: No, so do you wanna

SCOTT: wanna what?

LINDY: kiss

SCOTT: ok(they kiss) wow!!!

LINDY: Yeah, wow!!

TYLER: ok times up, so how was it?

SCOTT: it was, it was, oh wow!!

TYLER: yeah, and it’s only gonna get better. Ok who’s next


MONICA: ok the cakes done all it needs is the 13 candles and one to grow on and we can take it down to the kids

MALLORY: are you sure you want to do that Aunt Monica

MONICA: well what else would we do with the cake I mean cakes to eat after all and it is Scott’s birthday so..

MALLORY: Aunt Monica, I know you’re getting up there, but do you not remember being 13 at all, do you not remember what goes on at these parties.

MONICA: huh??

MALLORY: Ok guys, think about it, this is Scott he is 13, he is having his first guy girl party, this is the boy who took 2hrs trying on clothes and putting on cologne this morning. The same boy who up until a few months ago though girls had cooties.

MONICA: ohhhh

RACHEL: you mean you think there

MONICA: oh of course they are

RACHEL: but what ones

PHOEBE: prob spin the bottle or 7th minutes in Heaven

RACHEL: so should we just call them up here to eat

MALLORY: yeah, or risk scaring the boy for life, I bet you anything he comes upstairs with a dopey grin on his face

RACHEL: Scott, everyone cake time

(the kids all run upstairs and Scott has a total lovestruck look on his face and he keeps looking at Lindy and smiling)

MALLORY: see, I told you

It’s now June of 2028 everyone is out for a celebration for Phoebe and Joey’s 20th anniversary. Molly is now 7yrs old, Deidra is almost 4 and G Chandler had another daughter in Sept of 2027 named Amber who is 9 months old and Mallory has begun seriously dating a man named Mike.

CHANDLER: I cannot begin to say how proud I am of my friend Joey, once the ladies man of New York, for settling down and makng a marriage last for 20yrs with one of my dearest friends

ROSS: here, here

CHANDLER: There are 6 of us here who have been friends since 1994, that is 34yrs and I think we all need to go around the table and share a Joey and/or Phoebe memory

MONICA: all right I’ll start. I remember the day I broke up with my first love Richard, it was back in 1996 and I was incredibly devastated. I was afraid and frightened and didn’t’ think I’d ever find true love again, I panicked and thought id’ never find a husband to have children with, so I wanted to go to a sperm bank and Joey talked me out of it. He said he imagined me with someone who loved me a great deal and who was my soulmate and that in our house he imagined there being a sign that said “we don’t swim in your toilet so don’t you pee in our pool” I’ve never forgotten that day or what a good friend he was

ROSS: Ok, I remember the day Joey told me he was going to propose to Phoebe.I had never seen such love or excitement in his eyes, and the way he talked about Phoebe, I knew right then that joey’s stand as New York’s ladies man were over for good

RACHEL: Ok I remember how great Joey was when I was pregnant with Chelsea, here I was a single mother, afraid and alone and he was there for me all of those months, and never judged me or put me down.

CHANDLER: and finally me, I remember the day Joey brought home my sweet little Dicky and our darling Yasmine, such memrories, taking a bath with our birdies, watching Baywatch, man that was good tv, the barcaloungers, Stevie…

COURNTEY(whispers to Mallory and Steven) do you guys know what the hell he’s talking about

MALLORY: not a clue

STEVEN: just humor the guy, smile and nod

ROSS: I propose that we raise our glasses and toast the happy couple.

EVERYONE: To Phoebe and Joey!!

END OF PART TWO Part three will be coming soon!!