Life Through the Years - part 3

Hey here is part three, I had planend to cover ten years in each part but that is not going to happen, so this is going to be more than 5 parts not sure how many though.

Here is part three of my fic “Life Through the Years” It’s now 2030 and I’m going to give a run down of the characters before I begin the fic(I know all the diff people in it can be confusing and as the years go on it will only get worse) J

Ok Ross and Rachel have 4 children: Chelsea, Mallory, Courtney and Scott-Chelsea died as a child. Mallory is now 26 and engaged to a man named Mike and Courtney is 23 and Scott is 18.

Monica and Chandler have two children, Steven and Laura. Steven is now 27 and Laura is 25. Steven is gay and living with a man named Houston(who everyone accepts) Laura is living in Miami and working as a stripper, she basically flipped out and started drinking, stripping, flunking out of school etc… Her relationship with her parents(esp Monica) is very strained.

Phoebee was married to David for a brief time but they divorced she is now married to Joey(has been for 21yrs) and they have a son named Tyler who is 23

Girl Chandler(Channie) became very close to Phoebe and the group after her parents were killed in a car accident as was Frank JR(two diff accidents) recently Leslie also was killed in a fire. Girl Chandler is now married to a man named Ryan and they have three children: Deidra who is 6 and Amber who is 3 and Lucus who was born in Jan 2030 and is now 4 months old.

Ben is married to a women named Kate and their daughter Molly is 9 years old. I didn’t’ mention this before but Carol and Susan are still together but moved to San Francisco after Ben finished High School, Ben is now 35 years old.

Now on with the next part J This will cover the next few years. I had originally planned to cover ten years each chapter but if I did that they would be way to long, so I’m just going to get to a good stopping point, post and then start a new one.

Oh and a lot of new characters will be introduced in this part mainly the grandchildren, and in part four I will do another synopsis like this to remind you all of who everyone is J

April 2030

RACHEL: You look so beautiful Mallory, you can’t believe how proud I am of you.

MALLORY: thanks mom. That means a lot to me. Mom, can I ask you a question?

RACHEL: of course

MALLORY: were you nervous at your wedding

RACHEL: well that depends. The first one I just popped out the window and got the hell out, the 2nd one well, too drunk to care, then the 3rd and 4th yeah a bit, but I knew I was with the man of my dreams.

MALLORY: I still find it absolutely hilarious that 3 of your marriages were to the same person

RACHEL: hey, you just watch it there miss. That is not funny, not funny at all(pause) ok yeah it is funny.

MALLORY: I love you and all mom, but I really hope that when I go down that aisle and marry Mike it’s for keeps.

RACHEL: that’s what every women hopes. Believe me you do not have to worry, Mike is a great man and it’s obvious how much he cares for you.

MALLORY: do you really think so

RACHEL: Mal, I know so. He loves you so much and this is going to be the most magical day of your life. You have absoluty nothing to worry about. Now are you ready?

MALLORY: Yeah, yes I am. I can’t wait to become Mrs. Michael Jacobs.

USHER: Ma’m, everybody is seated, we need to get you seated before the processional begins(escorts Rachel to the front row)

(everyone else is there, Courtney is a bridesmaid and Deidra is the flower Girl the wedding colors are light blue and white)-Music begins and everyone rises

A:N I know Ross is Jewish and Rachel is part Jewish but I don’t know how a Jewish wedding ceremony would go, so I’m just going to do the normal way and say it’s with a Clergy person.*

CLERGY: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Michael Joseph Jacobs and Mallory July Geller. If there is anyone who believes this marriage should not take place, speak now or forever hold your peace.

TYLER(whispering to Scott) hey, I’ll pay you 20 dollars to say something

SCOTT: yeah and have my own sister murder me, I don’t think so

ROSS: (softly) Scott Ryan Geller this is your sisters wedding and I suggest you mind your manners if you know what’s good for you.

SCOTT: yes sir

CLERGY: Michael, repeat after me. I Michael take thee Mallory to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health until death parts us

MICHAEL: I Michael take thee Mallory to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold in sickenss and in health until death part us

CLERGY: now Mallory. Repeat after me. I Mallory take thee Michael to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickenss and in health until death parts us

MALLORY: I Mallory take thee Michael as my lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold, in sickenss and in health until death parts us.

CLEGY: Michael please place the ring on Mallory’s finger and repeat after me. With this ring I thee wed, and I set this as a bond of our everlasting love

MICHAEL: With this ring I thee wed and I set this as a bond of our everlasting love

CLERGY: now Mallory, with this ring I thee wed and I set this as a bond of our everlasting love

MALLORY: With this ring I thee wed, and I set this as a bond of our everlasting love.

CLERGY: with the power vested in me by the state of NY I now pronounce you man and wife-you may kiss the bride

(Mike lifts up Mallorys veil and the two of them begin kissing as everyone stands up and applauds)

The reception:

DEIDRA: Mommy, Know what?


DEIDRA: I’m never getting married

RYAN: really, why not sweetie

DEIDRA: cause then I’d have to kiss a boy, ewww gross

COURTNEY: some day you’ll want to kiss boys DeeDee

DEIDRA: nuh uh, never.

COURTNEY: Oh I bet you will. You wanna know something funny?

DEIDRA: what, what, what!!!

COURTNEY: when Scott was little he swore he would never ever kiss girls, and now he kisses them all the time

DEIDRA: Scotty kisses girls??

COURTNEY: yep he sure does

DEIDRA: do you do you Scotty, huh huh???(starts tugging on his suit)

SCOTT: What??

DEIDRA: do you kiss girls

SCOTT: yeah

DEIDRA: I don’t’ ever wanna be a teenager or an adult, cause you guys do gross stuff

TYLER: hey ladybug, what else do we do that’s so weird

DEIDRA: you eat gross food and you watch boring tv shows, all my daddy does is watch sports and borring documentary’s about Space Travel

COURTNEY: so don’t’ you wanna get married DeeDee

DEIDRA: course I do, I wanna wear a beautiful white dress and have pretty flowers and everone will wear pink and I’ll look so, so pretty

COURTNEY: well if you get married you have to kiss a boy

DEIDRA: I know

TYLER: wait, didn’t you j ust say you don’t want to kiss a boy

DEIDRA: yeah but I can still get married

GIRL CHANDLER: sweetie, when you get married you kiss your husband

DEIDRA: Momma, I know. I will kiss him but only that one time, but that’s it

TYLER: so why’s your husband gonna want to be married if you don’t kiss him

DEIDRA: cause I’ll make him soup and we can eat ice cream all day

SCOTT: now that sounds like a marriage, Ice cream and soup, wish I could find me a women like that. Hey Dee, wanna wait a few years and marry me


SCOTT: all right then here(hands her a flower from the centerpiece) you have to keep this flower forever and then someday we will get married

DEIDRA: ok but not til I’m at least in Kindergarten

SCOTT: Oh, I agree totally.I’d like to finish High School first too.

DEDIRA: Ok, then deal but you cannot kiss no more girls

SCOTT: yes ma’m. Now we have to shake on it(they shake)

RYAN: so Scott, speaking of High School are you excited about next month?

SCOTT: Oh yeah, I cannot wait to get the hell out of that place.

COURTNEY: oooh is my little brother ready to move on to college. Don’t be too excited you know mom is still upset about you going to California

SCOTT: Yeah I know, everytime I walk by she looks at me with puppy eyes or starts sniffling but I can’t help it, I really want to go to Berkeley.

TYLER: when do you leave, oh and remind me to laugh at you next month

SCOTT: I leave for CA in August and huh???

TYLER: Don’t you remember Mallory’s Graduation?

SCOTT: not really, sorta but no, not following you.

TYLER: when we were at Mallory’s graduation I promised I would laugh at you when I saw you in your graduation cap

SCOTT: Oh yeah, kinda hoping you’d forget.


PHOEBE: So Rachel, your daughter married, now you can sit back, and wait for all those grandchildren to come

RACHEL: Yeah, I know(crying) all my babies are leaving me. Mallory’s married, Courtney is grown up and Scott, Scott’s leaving me(cries harder)

MONICA: Yeah but look at it this way, you get to look foreward to beautiful grandchildren, what do I get, nothing. I mean don’t get me wrong I love Steven and I want him to be happy but with him well, unable to create children the “normal way” and Laura off doing god only knows what in Florida I’m looking at pretty much a grandmotherless life

PHOEBE: Have you heard from Laura at all lately

MONICA: oh yes there was the letter she sent addressed to her dad with photos of her lying on a rug completely naked.

RACHEL: what the???

MONICA: yeah, you guys remember when Ross and Chandler fought over that joke in Playboy

PHOEBE: yeah

MONICA: well these photos made the ones in that magazine look innocent.

RACHEL: whoa

MONICA: whoa is right, I just can’t get through to her, no matter how hard I try. I write she doesn’t’ write back, I call she either doesn’t return my calls or hangs up on me. She is ruining her life and I can’t do anything about it.

RACHEL: well, maybe you’re not supposed to

MONICA: I’m her mother dammit, I’m supposed to make her listen to me

RACHEL: yeah but Mon, she is 25yrs old now, she has made her choices and now she needs to deal with what happens

MONICA: you know in her letter to her dad, the only letter she has sent him in over 5yrs she went into details about an ogy she was involved in

PHOEBE: oh my god, does she not have a brain in her body

RACHEL: is she using protection?

MONICA: I can only hope

RACHEL: I still can’t get over it, sweet little Laury

MONICA: well how do you think I feel, she’s my daughter. I raised her, I tried to teach her a good example and to be a good parent and I failed, she is messed up and it must be my fault because what else could it possibly be?

PHOEBE: Ok it is not your fault

RACHEL: no kidding. You were a great mom to those kids, look at how awesome Steven turned out I mean he’s one of the most successful Advertizing Execs in NYC, he’s smart, he’s kind, he’s polite you did a great job.Laura just chose to go down a bad path, it has nothing to do you with you or anyone else, she made her choice and now what’s done is done.

MONICA: yeah, but I still keep thinking if only

PHOEBE: if all you think about is the if onlys you’ll never truly enjoy life.

MONICA: yeah I know

RACHEL: anyways, what do you say we go congratulate my daughter and have some of that cake her father and I spent so much money on

MONICA: sounds good(the three of them walk over to the cake)

May 2030: Scott’s Graduation(everyone is in the stands and is watching Scott walk in with his classmates)

TYLER: (starts pointing and laughing hysterically) oh my god, look at that dork, what an idiot. Hey everyone Scott Ryan Geller is such a dork

AMBER: Scotty, Scotty, Scotty!!! Mommy I see Scotty, I see him I do!

G CHANDLER: Yes dear, now sit down and be quiet

DEIDRA: where is he, huh where’s Scotty at

AMBER: he’s over dere Deiwa

DEIDRA: my name is Deidra, Deidra not Deiwa.

AMBER: thas what I said, Deiwa.

DEIDRA: errrrgh, Moooom

RYAN: (Sternly) Girls

DEIRA/AMBER: Sorry Daddy

RACHEL: Ross, get out the camera, what are you waiting, for, turn it on, turn it on

COURTNEY: take a pill mom, geez

RACHEL: Hey, this is my baby’s gradation and I want every moment on tape

ROSS: I’m trying I’m trying, damn lens cap wont’ come off

RACHEL: well get it off, I don’t want a repeat of what happened at Courtney’s

MIKE: why, what happened at Courtney’s?

MALLORY: my parents had the lens cap on for half of it and didn’t notice until after she’done her Salutiturian speech.

COURTNEY: yeah my dad made me redo the whole speech that weekend at home. He even called the school to see if there was any possible way I could borrow a cap and gown to make it look authentic.

MOLLY: grandpa, how could you not know the lens cap was on, that’s kinda dumb

ROSS: Hey it’s the same color as the camera, it’s a mistake anyone could have made

CHANDLER: Yes that’s right

MONICA: you really think so

CHANDLER(to Monica) are you kidding me, no only an idiot would do something like that.

Two weeks later(at Scott’s Grad party, Ross/Rachel’s house)-everyone is there including Brooke, Tyler’s girlfriend

MONICA: so Scott, how’s it feel to finally be done with High School?

SCOTT: better than I could ever put into words, now I have the whole summer to relax and then California Baby

ROSS: um, excuse me?

SCOTT: what?

ROSS: relax my foot kicked up your ass, you’re going to be doing some work this summer

SCOTT: Daaad this is m y last summer at home, I’ve been working since I was 15, you cannot possibly expect me to get a job this summer too

ROSS: oh, that’s exactly what I expect young man and I know exactly where you can work too

SCOTT: Oh please, oh please tell me

ROSS: at the museum with me, you can work as a tour guide

SCOTT: oh yay! The museum(said with saracasm)

ROSS: what was that?

SCOTT: Oh yay!! The museum (said with fake enthusiasum)

CHANDLER: Come on Ross, it’s the boys Graduation party, talk about the boring stuff like work on another day

ROSS: fine(walks off)

CHANDLER: thank god, we don’t have to listen to any dinosaur stories. So anyhow, are you having a good time Scott, got any good presents yet??? Made a lot of money?

SCOTT: Oh yeah! I havent’ even opened all my cards but so far I’ve made 300 dollars. I’ve had people I barely know send me money like great aunt Millie in Texas, but I was wondering um, is um, I mean do you have Laura’s address or know if she is sending anything

MONICA: Sweetie, I don’t think so, we don’t hear from her much and I think she wants to just forget about her life here.

SCOTT: Yeah, yeah I know I just thought, I mean we were close once and I thought maybe

MONICA: I know, I know I wish the same thing every day, I wish that she’ll come back or remember the good times but as much as I hate to admit it I don’t think it will ever happen.

JOEY: Scott, get over here we’re all playing volleyball you’re on my team, we’re gonna beat the snot out of Tyler

TYLER: Yeah you just keep on dreaming dad

CHANDLER: hey, I want to play

MONICA: yeah volleyball, my team is soo gonna win

CHANDLER: Monica, you’re 59 years old, do you think you could stop the competiveness for even just five minutes

MONICA: nope

CHANDLER: damn(sees the looks she’s giving him) but I love you anyway

G CHANDLER: All right everybody, you have exactly 24 minutes until the burgers are ready.

MOLLY: what she means is, everbody get over there who’s gonna play so we can start this game already

KATE: gosh our daughter is bossy

BEN: yep, sure is, now you heard here, let’s play some volleyball!!!

CHANDLER: what’s up with this, you don’t have your girlfriend on the same team as you Tyler?

TYLER: well, I just thought she’d do better on the other team

CHANDLER: and why is that

TYLER(softly) cause she sucks

CHANDLER: why????

TYLER cause she sucks


TYLER: (loudly) because she sucks ok, I’m sorry Brooke but you’re a horrible volleyball player

BROOKE: that’s ok, there’s lots of stuff I do, do well, course after this your chances of seeing it are pretty slim

(all the adults start cheering and laughing)

MOLLY: I don’t get it

SCOTT: you will someday, munchkin

MOLLY: yeah, yeah, yeah are we gonna stand here all day or are we gonna play

JOEY: we’re gonna play, serving 0/0(he hits the ball over the net)

We now see a montage of the party, we see the team that Brooke is on beating Tyler’s team, Joey jumps up and down and cheers. Then we see everbody rushing over to eat hamburgers and steak and just sitting and talking, the middle aged adults in one group, the 20 somethings in another, the teens in one and the younger kids running around and playing tag, catch etc…

Scotts’ graduation cake is brought out and he cuts it for everyone to have a piece, finally as the sky darkens people begin to gather their belongings and leave.

August 2030- California

Ross, Rachel and Scott are dropping him off at his dorm room at Berkeley.

ROSS: holy mother of all that is good and holy(a huge line of students waiting to check in and get their room keys streches out across the Quad

SCOTT (Throws a suitcase down and sits on it) –gestures to the suitcase next to him. Have a seat dad

ROSS: no thanks, I’ll just stand here, in this eternal line

RACHEL: what exactly do we have to do

SCOTT: we have to check in and get my room key and elevator pass key and then I guess we can start taking stuff up

RACHEL: why you brought your guitar along I do not know, you played the thing exactly 2 times in the past 4 years

SCOTT: maybe I’ll feel like playing it again

RACHEL: whatever, but you’re carrying it to the room, what floor are you on again

SCOTT: the 9th A.N: I actually live about 20 min from Berkeley, CA but I have never been to the school so I have no ideas what it is like, so I’m just making this stuff up.

ROSS: so anyhoo, what are we going to do after this?

SCOTT: Oh I so want to go to the Wharf, and to that chocolate place

RACHEL: oh yes!!! We have got to go to Ghirdelli Square and to see the sea lions

ROSS: what sea lions

RACHEL: did you not read the San Francisco Guidebook, at Fishermans Wharf there is a spot where hundreds of Seas Lions lie and tourist stop by to watch them.

ROSS: wow, I did not know that(grabs the guidebook) It says here that ever since the big earthquake they have been coming in closer and closer to the area and that more and more of them come each year.

A.N: I have seen these sea lions many times and they are beyond cute, if you are ever in the SF area, go and see them*

RACHEL: hey Scott I have an idea, how about we call up Carol and Susan and see if they want to hang out with us?

SCOTT: ok is that cool with you dad?

ROSS: hmm my ex wife and her lesbian life partner, sounds good to me

RACHEL: Ross, you haven’t seen them in years I’m sure they’d like an update on Molly

ROSS: I know Rach, I was just joking, I’d love to see Carol again

SCOTT: what aobut Susan?

ROSS: I would never say I’d love to see Susan, but I will tolerate seeing Susan.

RACHEL: hey the lines moving

SCOTT: bout damn time

ROSS: Scott Ryan Geller

SCOTT: Oh please dad, I’m 18 I think I am old enough to say the word damn

RACHEL: he’s got a point

ROSS: yeah I know, it’ just hard to stop the parental stuff ya know

SCOTT: Well I’m going to be 3,000 miles away, I think you have to let go sometime dad

ROSS: I’ll pretend I did not hear that

RACHEL: you know even though you are 18 and thousands of miles from home we still expect you to act like a gentleman and not do anything stupid.

SCOTT: I’ll try not too

ROSS: you’d damn well better try real hard

SCOTT: oooh dad, you said damn

ROSS: no @#%$

(They all laugh) finally Scott is moved into his room

ROSS: Ok, I called Carol and her and Susan will meet us at 2pm tommorow at the Embarcadero BART Station, then were all going to take the Muni to the Wharf and after we look around we’ll take a cable Car to Powell Street for Dinner.

SCOTT: sounds fun

RACHEL: yeah, hey do you know what the weather will be tomorrow

ROSS: about 65 and windy


SCOTT: why mom?

RACHEL: so I can choose which shoes to wear with my outfit

SCOTT: Mom you must be the only almost 60yr old who still goes shoe shopping every weekend

ROSS: hell your mom also prob has the worldest largest supply of shoes

RACHEL: oh you two…

(The Next day at the Berkley Bart station

ROSS: what the, how the hell does this thing work?

SCOTT: um dad, yeah yoo hoo, brain cells at work here. You take the ticket and turn it this end, see where it says this end up, and put it into the little slot, then oooh, ooh look it’s like magic, you can go thru and get on the train

ROSS: ok smart ass, which train do we take

SCOTT: well since that one says Pittsburg Bay Point/East Bay and that one says SF/Daly City/Colma I’m gonna say the oen that says San Francisco.

(they pay and climb onto the train when it arrives)

ROSS: whoah, what a dilemma, which way to sit, some seats face foreward and some face backwards.

SCOTT: you know dad, I don’t think it’s supposed to be a mind numbing issue, just pick a seat

They arrive at the Wharf.

RACHEL: Oh Ross, oh look at them, aren’t they the sweetest things you have ever seen. There must be hundreds of them.

ROSS: from what I can figure there’s close to a thousand

RACHEL: wow, a thousand sea lions

SCOTT: I think it’s discusting how some people throw trash in the water

CAROL: It is, isn’t it

RACHEL: Carol(they hug) how have you been

CAROL: pretty good-so this is that son of yours, wow, can certainly tell he’s Ross’s kid

SCOTT: Hi, nice to m eet you, so where’s Susan

CAROL: she’s parking the car.

ROSS: you actually drove, I’d get lost as anything with all those one way streets and the hills

CAROL: its not bad, you get used to it. So we’ll give you the tour of the Wharf, take you to eat some of the Best Clam Chowder ever and then give you a tour of the rest of the city

RACHEL: like what??

CAROL: Well we can go through Chinatown, that wont’ take long though cause it’s pretty repetive and to be honest if you’ve been to one China Town you’ve been to them all. Then we can take a Cable Car to Lombard Street and then we’ll s

Stop by Haight-Ashbury.

SCOTT: cool

SUSAN: so are we going to stand around and talk all day, or are we going to get some food, I’m starving

RACHEL: Susan!

SUSAN: wow, so the rumors are true, you and Ross really did marry, and look at what you created

ROSS: actually we created 3 more besides him

SUSAN: oh, hello Ross

ROSS: hello Susan

(they go to a Seafood stand and everyone orders Clam Chowder-they find an outdoor table and sit down)

CAROL: so how is everyone back in NY?

RACHEL: everyone is great

CAROL: and how is my granddaughter?

ROSS: Molly? Oh she is wonderful, she’s 10 and just the prettiest thing

RACHEL: oh yeah, Kate is already freaking out over her teenage years. She’s going into 5th grade and has already tried to wear Makeup to school.

SUSAN: how are all the others, is Courtney still with Grant

RACHEL” actually they are getting married in 2032

CAROL: whoah, they’re thinking ahead

RACHEL: oh yes, she has decided it will take at least two years to plan the perfect wedding

ROSS: hmm sounds like someone I know-who had her life plan worked out by the time she was 30

RACHEL: yeah well someone screwed that up(said playfully)

ROSS: yep!!

RACHEL: anyways, and Tyler, Phoebe and Joey’s son, is getting married to his girlfriend Brooke next April

CAROL: that is so weird to think of Phoebe and Joey with an adult son, I still think of Joey as “the man who tried to convince me one night of passion would turn me straight”

(they continue talking for a bit and then leave to look around SF-they see Lombard Street, Haight-Ashbury, China town, go on a Cable Car ride etc….) then 2 days later Ross and Rachel fly back home.

JULY 2030

Monica and chandler’s-the yard is set up for 4th of July. Now I want this to be like how 4th of July is in my town. Imangine tha Monica and Chandler live in a house on a residential street and there are hills and a park nearby. People come from all ove the area to sit on the hill and watch the Fireworks, and the kids play in the park. People who live nearby sit in their yards and have huge cookouts and parties. The nearby businesses(restararaunts etc..) have all their parking lots fill up with cars of people prked to watch the firewowrks and people set up lawn chairs in the parking lots. (Oh and if you haven’t figured, M/C do not live in NYC they live near it but not in it, same with R/R, P/J are still in the city though)

MOLLY: Mom, can I go play at the park

KATE: yes, if you take DeeDee and Amber with you

MOLLY: moooom, that is so not fair, Kindy and Leah want me to come over and do sparklers with them

KATE: It is 7pm it’s not even dark yet, take DeeDee and Amber to the park for one hour and then you can do sparklers.

MOLLY: fine, come on runts

DEIDRA: I’m not a runt

AMBER: yeah no me

MOLLY: uh huh, yeah yeah, get a move on

KATE: Molly-do you want to be sent to the guestroom for the evening

MOLLY: no, come on guys lets go-we’re gonna have fun!

KATE: how am I ever going to get through her being a teenager, I used to wish we had another child but I’m so glad we didn’t

ROSS: oh, she’s not that bad

BEN: Dad, she could rob a bank and you’d think she was perfect, I don’t remember you being this calm when I was young or with any of the girls

RACHEL: that’s because we are grandparents, our job is to spoil the kids and not worry about what they do wrong

ROSS yes, it’s like Karma Ben, remember the time in 10th grade when you streaked through the hallway to win a 20 dollar bet

BEN: yeah(embarresed)

KATE: you did what??!!!

ROSS: yes, my son, your husband streaked naked down the hallway during the middle of school, in order to win a 20 dollar bet and I told him that one day he would have a child who would drive him crazy.

KATE: hmm, 20 dollars huh, wonder what you’d do for 100

BEN: maybe tonight I show you

ROSS: and maybe you keep that part of your life private from your almost Senior Citizen Father

PHOEBE: (comes running up to the group) Oh my god, oh my god you will not belive who is here

RACHEL: Olivia Newton John

PHOEBE: no, but oh how cool would that be, we could sing Xanadu songs together

ROSS: Phoebe, who is here


RACHEL: Laura as in Monica and Chandler’s Laura

PHOEBE: yep, she just walked in the door like nothing had ever happened

ROSS: so, what is she like

PHOEBE: oh she’s as rude as ever, and well lets just say I think she has paid the Boob Job fairy a visit, if you know what I mean

BEN: Pheebs, when you put it that bluntly, it’s hard not to know

PHOEBE: shut up, boy who peeked at me while changing

KATE: Ben!!! Gee we should get together more often I’m learning all kinds of things about my husband

BEN: I was 8yrs old, and Phoebe had left me alone playing a video game while she went to take a shower

PHOEBE: yeah, you make your excuses Ben Geller(jokingly)

KATE: so is anyone else wanting to stroll on inside and see Laura

RACHEL: hell yeah

(they all go inside and see Laura who is wearing a short, short, short, leather skirt, a pink crop top and high black boots, her chest has obviolsy went up a few cup sizes)

RACHEL: hello Laura

LAURA: oh hey Aunt Rach

ROSS: so are you in the area for good now Laura-perhaps making plans to continue to school

LAURA: no, I got a ride comin in the morning to take me into the city, a friend and I are gonna check out some of the clubs in the area.

MONICA: Laura, if you don’t mind my asking, no wait I am your mother I’ll ask whether you mind or not. What are you doing here, it’s obviously not because you cared about seeing any of us

LAURA: I came here because I have something to tell you. I debated not saying anything but since you are the grandparenst I guess you have a right to know

CHANDLER: would you just get on with… wait a minute, what did you just say

(Monica is standing there with a smile on her face)

LAURA: yeah you heard me, I got myself knocked up, I’m gonna have a baby-sometime next winter iv’e been told

MONICA: I’m going to be a grandmother, yesss!!!

ROSS: wait a minute, you can’t be doing what you do while your pregnant

LAURA: well see my Boss Ted, he doesn’t want me to do any drinking or smoking while I;’m pregnant, doesn’t want bad press for the business, I’l continue dancing as long as I can and then have the baby

MONICA: The hell you are, you’re moving back home, today, this instant young lady

LAURA: you can’t tel me what to do, I’m raising my child in Miami, whee it’s far away from you

MONICA: you little Bitch(this is the first time Monica has ever spoken negatively at or about Laura)

LAURA: go to hell mother. Dad, I’m sorry I was going to stay here tonight but I can’t do this, I’m just going to leave(walks outside to an expensive looking car(just pick a fancy car) (yells back to everyone) and Mom, if you think you will ever set his grandchild forget it, I don’t want you to even remotely be a part of this childs life, as far as I am concerned it has no grandparents(gets in the car and speeds off)

Chapter 4 coming soon. Oh and for those who may think I’m screwing Chandler and Monica over, don’t worry J I have plans for them.