Life Through the Years - part 4

This is part four of Life Through the Years. This Chapter will cover 2031-32.

It’s now April of 2031, in Feb Laura gave birth to a baby girl who she named Eva Gabriella Bing(since she didn’t know who the father was she just used her last name) It’s now April of 2031 and everyone is at the Reception of Brooke and Tyler’s wedding.

JOEY: I cannot belive my son is married, man I feel old

CHANDLER: you are old Joe

JOEY: Yeah, yeah but I kept hoping it wouldn’t’ happen(looks to the sky and yells) We had a deal

CHANDLER: You had a one sided deal made 30yrs ago. You’re 62 Joe, accept that

JOEY: hey I may be 62 but at least my hair is not grey

CHANDLER: yeah it is

JOEY: oh yeah, what’s this(Points to his head of dark hair)

CHANDLER: that’s your hair that you dye brown

JOEY: hey, you, you sold me out

CHANDLER: I did not sell you out, anyone with a brain can figure out you dye your hair Joe, nobody has hair that dark when they are 62

RACHEL: yeeah sorry Joe, but I knew

MONICA: me too

JOEY: what about you Pheebs?

PHOEBE: sweetie, I live with you

JOEY: oh, yeah.

Molly who is 10yrs old, Deidra who is 7 and Amber who is 4 are sitting at the children’s table playing Barbies.

DEIDRA: Molly give it, stop, stop it or I’ll tell my mom you’re being mean

MOLLY: I’m not being mean, I’m being in charge of you, I’m the oldest.

DEDIRA: oldest does not mean you have the right to boss me.

MOLLY: oldest means I am in charge and you do what I say

DEIDRA: shut up Molly

MOLLY: don’t tell me to shut up(smacks Deidra upside the head)

DEIDRA: owww, I’m gonna tell my mom(runs off)

AMBER: you mean Mowwy, you make my sissy cry. I don’t like you no more

DEIDRA(runs up to G Chandler) Mommy, mom, mom

G CHAN: what, what happened

AMBER(running up after Deidra) Mowwy hit her

G CHAN: what!

KATE: What!!

DEIDRA: Molly was bossing and she said could cause she is oldest but I said no and she was being mean and I told her to shut up and she hit me on the head.

AMBER: yeah I sawed it, I was there

G CHAN: ok Deidra, Molly’s mommy and will go talk to her, but next time sweetie just come tell us right away, and you are not in trouble but yo know better than to tell anyone to say shut up

DEIDRA: ok mom, hey can Amber and I go dance

G CHANDLER: sure, it’s a wedding after all that’s what you’re supposed to do

DEIDRA: Yayy come on Ambs(grabs Ambers arm and pulls her onto the dance floor)

KATE: Molly Elizabeth Geller, get your butt over her right now

MOLLY: uh oh

KATE: yeah uh oh is right missy, I heard what you did, now explain yourself

MOLLY: I don’t know

KATE: you don’t know, you don’t’ know what

MOLLY: Mom, I wasn’t’ being mean honest, I was just playing and Deidra got mad

KATE: that’s not how I heard it, I heard you hit her


KATE: Molly
MOLLY: well she told me to shut up

KATE: that is no excuse, she is 7yrs old, you are almost 11. I don’t know what your problem is lately but I expect you to start acting your age when

MOLLY: fine, now can I go.

KATE: first you are going to listen to me. Number one do not ever do anything like that again, you will talk to me and your father and while e’re at it all adults with respect. 2) you will apologize to Deidra 3) you will start minding your manners because if you have any more attitude I will not hesitate to ground you until you are 18. Do you understand?

MOLLY: yes

KATE: good, now go apologize to DeeDee.

BEN: did you get everything straightened out?

KATE: yeah, but I am not looking foreward to the next couple of years, if she is this bad at 10 in a half, then what on earth will she be like as a teenager

BEN: hey if nothing else we’ll just send her to her grandparents when she is to much to handle

ROSS: hey, we are Senior Citizens, we need to be careful and not get overly excited

BEN: Dad, you went hiking last weekend, be careful and not get excited, yeah whatever dad

RACHEL: what your dad is trying to say is, we already raised 4 teenagers and partly raised you Ben, we want you two to have the pleasure of Molly growing up

KATE: wow, can’t say theirs not love in this family

Montague of scenes from the wedding: the bouquet and garter toss, the cutting of the cake, dancing, everyone laughing, pictures being snapped etc…

It’s now the next day and Brooke and Tyler are on their honeymoon. They are on a Cruise to the Bahamas I have never been to the Bahamas or an a cruise(although im taking one to Alaska this summer) so I’m just making this up as I go

TYLER: so what do you think of the ship

BROOKE: oh I love it, it’s spectatcular, but most of all I just love being here with you.

TYLER: I know, I j ust love you so much, I want everyday to be as magical as this one

BROOKE: with you as my husband I’m sure it will be-come on lets check out the rest of the boat

(they begin to walk around and explore the ship)

TYLER: so do you want to go to the Captains dinner tonight

BROOKE: but of course I do, I’ll take any excuse I can to dress up and show off my handsome husband

TYLER: aww, right back at you

BROOKE: now what do you say we go put that honeymoon suite to good use

TYLER: I like the way you think

Later in the evening, Brooke and Tyler are at the captains dinner, he’s in a nice Suit and she’s in a black cocktail dress. There are two other coupel at there table, one of them is an older couple in their 50’s who ignore the others and talk only to each other, the other couple is a women of aobut 26 who is strikingly good looking(she is by herslelf as the 6th person is absent from the table)

TYLER: (to the women) I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name

WOMEN: My name is Kylie

TYLER: well it’s nice to meet you Kylie, are you traveling alone

KYLIE: yeah I am

BROOKE: wow, that is really brave I don’t if I could ever do that

KYLIE yeah well it was a present to myself, for dumping my loser boyfriend

BROOKE: well good for you

KYLIE: so are you two planning on checking out the lounge and clubs tonight

BROOKE: yeah we probably are

KYLIE: cool, maybe I’ll see you there.

Later that evening

TYLER: so feel like going out dancing tonight

BROOKE: yeah for a bit, not too long though, I’m really worn out

TYLER: still tired from the wedding?

BROOKE: no, from the honeymooning

TYLER: ohh, well it’s been good though right

BROOKE: oh it’s been real good

(They go down to the lounge) It’s a big room with a dance floor, tables to sit at and 3 bars and there are some pool tables and dart boards.

TYLER: (offers his hand to Brooke) would you like to dance?

BROOKE: hmm, let me think a minute

TYLER: Fine, fine, I’ll just go over there and dance with that pretty women

BROOKE: No, no, no, you are dancing with nobody but me, now get out there(puts her arms around him and they go to the dance floor)

TYLER: wow, already starting to act like an old married women

BROOKE: got that right, well all except the old part

TYLER: Oh I’m sorry, what could I have been thinking

BROOKE: it’s all right, just don’t let it happen again

(they dance for a couple hours)

BROOKE: hey sweetie, what do you say we call it a night

TYLER: I still have a lot of my drink left, how about if you go out to the room and I’ll be there in a few minutes

BROOKE: ok, and I’ll have a surprise for you when you get there

TYLER: ooh, I can hardly wait

BROOKE: that’s right, you drink that fast, you hear me sailor

TYLER: oh yeah

(Brooke leaves and Kylie wanders into the room)

TYLER: Hey Kylie

KYLIE: oh hi Tyler, how’s it going

TYLER: pretty good, this is a great cruise so far

KYLIE: yeah, yeah it is, esp now(looks at him and smiles)

TYLER: yeah

KYLIE: so do you want to dance?

TYLER: sure, not to long though, Brooke is expecting me up in the cabin


(they begin to dance, Tyler is just dancing with her in the friendship way,not how you would with a girlfriend or sig other)

KYLIE: this is a nice song huh

TYLER: yeah

KYLIE: This is one of my favorite songs, the words are just so meaningful. I know that sounds dumb huh? Most people think it’s weird to say stuff like that

TYLER: no, no it makes perfect sense

KYLIE: really, because songs just seem to speak to me and when I read a book, sometimes these certain phrases will just pop out at me

TYLER: I totally know what you mean, it’s like you see yourself or part of your life in the words

KYLIE: yeah, hey who is your favorite author

TYLER: well, I don’t know if I have a all time favorite but I like Steinbeck and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of Fitzgerald

KYLIE: oh he is just brilliant, like that opening passage in “The Great Gatsby” utterly brilliant

TYLER: and his description

KYLIE: wow, this is nice, I cant’ usually find someone to talk to about these things, you’re a great guy you know that

TYLER: thanks

KYLIE: I feel like I’ve known you my whole life, like we were meant to meet each other here(leans in and kisses him)

TYLER: whoah, what, what was that

KYLIE: how I feel

TYLER: wow, that, that was a great kiss

KYLIE: It was wasn’t it(leans in to kiss him again)

TYLER: Don’t’

KYLIE: why not, we’re obviously attacted to each other

TYLER: I think you are beautiful and smart and sexy but I don’t feel in love with you, I’m in love with Brooke, she’s my wife

KYLIE: you, you two are married

TYLER: yeah, this is our honeymoon

KYLIE: oh my, I feel so stupid, just forget this ever happened(runs from the room)

It’s now the next afternoon

TYLER: Brooke I have to talk to you and I want you to hear me out before you say anything

BROOKE: ok any sentence that has those words in it, can not be fortelling good things

TYLER: Last nite, after you left the club, Kylie came in. She asked me to dance and I did, we started talking about books nd music and she said she felt a connection to me and then she kissed me

BROOKE: what!!

TYLER: I didn’t kiss her back and I told her how I feel about you, nothing at all happened but I couldn’t’ not tell you, I really did not mean for her to kiss me

BROOKE: I’m not mad at you, don’t’ worry

TYLER: you’re not

BROOKE: no, I’m glad you think enough about me and our relationship to be honest and tell me these things, it says a lot for our future together, we can’t expect to have a good marriage if we cant’ be honest and share the good and the bad

TYLER: yeah, I never really thought of it like that I just knew how guilty I felt not telling you what had happened

BROOKE: I think we’re going to have a real happy life together, in fact I know we are



RACHEL: ok ok I’m here, now what was the big emergency

MONICA: oh you are not going to belive who just called me


MONICA: Social Services of Florida

RACHEL: huh?

MONICA: apparently about a month ago Laura got picked up for drug use, they searched her place and found drugs and drug parophnalia everwhere

RACHEL: oh my god, where is she now

MONICA: well since it was her first time being caught she was put on probaton, but ordered into drug treatment

RACHEL: where’s Eva?

MONICA: I’m getting to that, evidently the baby wasn’t developing right or getting proper nutrition and they want to put her in foster care, they said the only way to stop that from happening is for a family member to take her, because they will not let Laura have her back

RACHEL: you mean….

MONICA: yes, Chandler and I are going to raise Eva. I know ‘it’s crazy, I’m almost 63 years old, and to raise a baby now but oh my god do you know how happy this would make me

RACHEL: I do know and I think it’s great

MONICA: you don’t think it’s crazy

RACHEL: she’s your granddaughter she deserves to be with her family, and she deserves better than being put in some foster home and shuttled around

MONICA: that’s exactly what I thought

RACHEL: so how is Chandler about all this?

MONICA: oh he’s been great, he was all for the idea, in fact he’s decorating her bedroom as we speak

RACHEL: how old is she now

MONICA: 11 months, she’ll be here within the next two weeks they said

RACHEL: this is the best news ever

MONICA: I know!!

RACHEL: does Laura know you are taking her

MONICA: yes she was told, apparently she doesn’t care, she said she never wants to see either of us again

RACHEL: I can’t belive a mother would say that about her own child

MONICA: I know, I try not to dwell on it so much but I still wonder if I could have done differently with her, if I’d done something different maybe she would n ot have turned out this way

RACHEL: you did nothing wrong, her choices and her problems are just that-hers. Don’t’w orry about her, you worry about that granddaugher of hers

MONICA: yeah, yeah, she deserves a good life and I’m going to give that to her. Speaking of babies how is Mallory doing

RACHEL: she’s doing good, she’s in her 4th month now, she’s due the beginning of June

MONICA: just think the new baby and Eva can grow up together

RACHEL: yeah and form a new generation of the gang


(In June Mallory gave birth to a baby girl named Annie)

Rachel and Ross’s place

MALLORY: thanks for watching her for me Mom, I just really need a day out alone

RACHEL: it’s no problem, never too soon to start spoiling my granddaughter and I’m sure Molly will be a big help with her new Cousin, right Moll?

MOLLY: yeah, whatever

MALLORY: Ok, bye mom, bye angel baby(leans down and kisses Annie who kicks her feet and giggles)

MOLLY: (stares at the baby) boy, she sure is ugly, and stupid too


MOLLY: well she is, she smells, she looks funny and she’s stupid and she’s boring(kicks the baby carrier and Annie starts crying)

RACHEL: Molly, that behavior was uncalled for I want you to go sit in the guestroom and wait for me

MOLLY: fine(stamps her feet as she goes and slams the door)

RACHEL: ok youhg lady what was that about

MOLLY: I don’t’ like her

RACHEL: she’s two months old, I don’t think you really know her yet

MOLLY: I don’t care, all anyone talks about is Annie, Annie this and Annie that, it’s soo annoying, nobody notices me anymore

RACHEL: Molly, she is 2 months old she needs people to watch out for her, because she cant’ take care of herself. You are 11yrs old, you can do so much more than she can and just because you are not the only grandchild or the center of attention anymore does not mean we do not love you. You were my first and you’ll always be special

MOLLY: I’m not your real grandchild though, I’m only a step

RACHEL: has I ever said that, has that ever mattered to me?


RACHEL: that’s because it’ doesn’t, it doesn’t matter that Ben is not really my son, I consider him my son too, and you my granddaughter and you lucky you have Me and Grandpa Ross and Grandma’s Carol and Susan, so many people who love you

MOLLY: yeah, I never thought of it like that before

RACHEL: so will you give your cousin a chance

MOLLY: Ok, but I’m not changing any diapers

RACHEL: deal

MOLLY: hey wanna see my dress I got from Aunt Courtney for her and Grants’ wedding

RACHEL: sure

MOLLY: here is it, the JR Bridesmaid dress(holds up a dark blue dress with a flared skirt)

RACHEL: oh that is nice

MOLLY: I wish it was light blue though, I like the light blue better

RACHEL: but dark blue looks better for a fall wedding, and her wedding is in October

MOLLY: yeah, I know but when I get married it’s gonna be in spring

RACHEL: oh you may change your mind by then

MOLLY: no, it’s definitely going to be in spring

(they continue talking…)

November 2032-Phoebe and Joeys

G CHANDLER: Hey can I ask you something, or I guess more like talk to you about something

PHOEBE: sure

G CHANDLER: well I don’t’ know how to say this except to just say it, I think Ryan is maybe, possibly having an affair

PHOEBE: what!!!! Why do you think that?

G CHANDLER: well I’m not positve but just little stuff that has been happening, like he gets these phone calls at weird hours and he came home the other night with lipstick on his collar, which he said was because someone bumped into him and…

PHOEBE: why don’t’ you just ask him

G CHANDLER: I’ve tried and he yells at me, he’s either always at work or yelling at me, It’s like wer’e not even married anymore

PHOEBE: ask him again, you have a right to know what is going on

Later that night/early next morning-apporx 3 am

G CHANDLER: where the hell have you been?

RYAN: nice greeting

G CHANDLER: I asked where the hell you have been, it’s 3 am, you have gotten home at this asinine hour for the last month now and I want to know what the hell is going on

RYAN: I don’t think that’s neccasarily your business

G CHANDLER: you know what, when you are never home, when you make up stupid stories and arent’ around to see your kids it becomes my business, are you having an affair

RYAN: I don’t have to listen to this

G CHANDLER: answer me dammit, are you??

RYAN: oh my god, could you be any more of a nag

G CHANDLER: if I’m such a nag then why did you marry me

RYAN: you know I’m beginning to wonder that more and more

G CHANDLER: oh really, well wonder on this(picks up their framed wedding photo and throw it at him, it hits the wall and cracks down the center)

RYAN: what the hell are you trying to do

G CHANDLER: I’m trying to get you to tell the truth are you having an affair or not

(during this Amber ran into Deidras’s room and the two of them are crying, Lucus starts to wimper and Amber goes and gets him from his crib)

RYAN: fine, you want to know the truth

G CHANDLER: yes, I want to know the truth

RYAN: yes, yes I’m having an affair, her name is Linda and I plan to marry her

G CHANDLER: and when were you planning to tell me this

RYAN: I don’t know, I was going to get around to it

G CHANDLER: you know what, just get out

RYAN: what?

G CHANDLER(Screams) I said get out, get the hell out of my house, pack your damn stuff and get out

RYAN: fine(throws some stuff in a bag) I’l be back later to get the rest(hands her a piece of paper) Here is the address where I’ll be

G CHANDLER: I don’t care where you’ll be

RYAN: it’s not for you it’s for the kids

G CHANDLER: you think you’re going to see the kids again, ill do everything in my power to keep you away from them, you don’t’ deserve those children

RYAN: no Judge or Jury in the nation will take your side, I have not hit your, done drugs or anything like that and they are my children, mark my words I will get them

G CHANDLER: well why don’t we let the Judge be the one to decide that

RYAN: fine(storms out)


G CHANDLER: oh baby girl are you awake, I’m so sorry, come here

DEDIRA: momma is Daddy really gone

G CHANDLER: yes sweetie, your daddy still loves you but we don’t’ love each other anymore, so w’ere going to live at different places yet

DEIDRA: I don’t want to go with him, I want to stay here, I want to stay here(starts crying)

AMBER: me too mommy, me too

G CHANDLER: did you hear daddy and I talking

DEIDRA: yeah, and I don’t wanna live with him, Kelsy had to live with her daddy after her parents got divorced and she moved all the way across town and had to change schools, I don’t wanna do that

G CHANDLER: you won’t have to, I promise, you will not leave me. None of you will.

Chapter five coming soon J