Life Through the Years - part 5

It’s now 2034 In Feb of 2033 Courtney gave birth to a baby girl named Sarah. About two month after she found out she was pregnant her and Grant moved to Chicago because he got a job offer there, Ross and Rachel flew out to see their new granddaughter though

It’s now April of 2034 and G Chandler and Ryan are totally divorced, she has custody of the girls but he sees them every other weekend. Right now there having a hard time because his new wife doesn’t like kids very much-but he expects them to be nice to her. The ages of the grandchildren are as follows: Molly-13, Annie-2, Eva-3, Deidra-10, Amber-7 and Lucus-4. In the next chapter I will do another synosis of who everyone is in the story, as more characters will be introduced this chapter.

DEDIRA: I mean it Mom, she’s such a prick

G CHANDLER: where on earth did you hear that word

DEIDRA: from Molly

G CHANDLER: well I don’t want to ever hear you saying it again

DEDIRA: ok, ok, but it’s true


DEIDRA: ok ok

G CHANDLER: (under her breath) damn right it’s true

AMBER: mommy do I hafta go to daddy’s

G Chandler: yes sweetie you do

AMBER: but why

G CHANDLER: because the court said so and if you don’t listen to the court you get in trouble

AMBER: oh, ok then

LUCUS: Evvy play wif me

G CHANDLER: no big boy, Eva cant come play today, you have to go see daddy

LUCUS: nooooo Linda is smelly

DEIDRA/Amber: (laugh)

G CHANDLER: Lucus, is that anyway to talk about your step mom

DEIDRA: mom she is , she wears way to much perfume

AMBER: yeah and its’ the smelly kind too

G CHANDLER: ok you guys I know you don’t like going there but its only for a weekend and there’s really not much I can do about it, you’ll just have to learn to deal with it, now hurry and finish getting ready your dad will be here in a half hour

It’s now 40 min later and Ryan is at G Chandler’s door

RYAN: are the kids ready and packed

G CHANDLER: No I decided to just send them to your place with no extra clothing, of course there ready, why do you even ask

RYAN: there’s no reason to be rude, I really don’t care for the attitude

G CHANDLER: yeah, you lost the right to tell me your opinion when you slept with that slut

RYAN: do not call my wife a slut

G CHANDLER: it’s my house I can say what I want(Yells upstairs) Dee, Amber, Lucus—your dads here

LUCUS: Hi daddy

RYAN: he, hi there champ

LUCUS: I got a new car see(holds up a toy car)

RYAN: that’s a great car

LUCAS: I’m bringing it with me to play with

RYAN: oh well, I’m not sure if Linda will want you playing cars in the house, it might scratch the paint, we just redecorated

AMBER: so, who cares what Linda thinks she’ a dweeb anyway

DEE: yeah, a gigantic, stupid mega dweeb

RYAN: girls, that’s enough

DEE: ok ok, geesh don’t have an attack dad

RYAN: so are we ready to go


G CHANDLER: bye guys, I’ll see you on Sunday

KIDS: boy mom

The next day-Phoebe and G Chandler are having lunch at a little restaurant

G CHANDLER: I swear it’s like he’s a whole different person, I don’t know what I ever saw in him

PHOEBE: people change, sometimes not for the better. I mean you obvisouly loved him at one time or you would not have been married

G CHANDLER: yeah but its like I try to think back on those good times and I don’t know why

PHOEBE: to remember happy memories

G CHANDLER: yeah but then I just think of that stuff and get even sadder

PHOEBE: oh it will get easier, trust me

G CHANDLER: that’s right you got a divorce

PHOEBE: y eah from David

G CHANDLER: do you still talk to him?

PHOEBE: no, we haven’t talked since the day our divorce was final, last I heard he was still in Minsk still doing his science stuff

G CHANDLER: man being an adult’s sure not easy is it?

PHOEBE: nope it’s sure not

G CHANDLER: but anyways lets talk about more pleasant stuff, like Scotts graduation, do you have a gift for him yet?

PHOEBE: no, and I have no clue what to get, I’m going out with Joey later this week to look for something. Tyler called and I guess him and Brooke already got their gift, they evidently made him something

G CHANDLER: little Scotty graduating college

PHOEBE: Yeah not so little anymore though

G CHANDLER: Oh I know, he’s so tall now. What is that boy 6’3

PHOEBE: close to that at least

G CHANDLER: everyone is getting so old, Dee is already 10 and Lucus is 4, he starts Kindergarten next year

PHOEBE: yeah we’re all practically artifacts

G CHANDLER: hey speak for yourself, I’m not that old-yet

PHOEBE: yeah stress that yet, your day will come

A couple days later

G CHANDLER: so did you guys have fun at your dads

DEE: no

G CHANDLER: why not

DEE: because of her


DEE: yeah

AMBER: ewww, Linda, she thinks we’re misbehaved brats

G CHANDLER: where did she get that from

DEE: because Lucus didn’t want to eat lima beans at dinner and I aksed if I could watch tv

G CHANDLER: she got mad at you over that?

DEE: yeah, and her and dad were fighting about it

G CHANDLER: oh really, your dad and the wonderful Linda fighting

DEE: yeah, we heard them at night. She said that he has to pick, us or her

G CHANDLER: and what then

DEE: if he says he wants to keep seeing us kids, she’ll leave him

G CHANDLER: So what’s he going to do?

DEE: don’t know, he has til this Friday to decide

G CHANDLER: I see, well how about you guys go get unpacked and we’ll go out for Pizza tonight

AMBER: yeahhhh!!!!

(They run to their rooms to unpack)

G CHANDLER: (on the phone) Hi Ryan, I heard about Linda’s little ultimatum, her or the kids huh

RYAN: yeah that did come up in conversation

G CHANDLER: so have you made a choice yet

RYAN: yeah I have, I was going to call and invite the kids out to a movie and then tell them but yeah, I made a choice

G CHANDLER: why don’t’ you just tell me now

RYAN: I chose Linda, I love her.

G CHANDLER: you don’t love your kids

RYAN: of course I do, it’ sjust they are my past she is my present and my future

G CHANDLER: ok, well you enjoy your life then(hangs up on him)

DEE: (she had walked into the room while her mom was on the phone) dad picked her

G CHANDLER: yeah, sweetie I’m sorry

DEE: It’s ok

G CHANDLER: It is not ok, he is your father he shouldn’t make choices like that or be forced to say or do such things

DEE: so now what

G CHANDLER: well, no matter what he is still your father, he will always be your father. Maybe someday he’ll realize what he is givng up, and anytime you want to write or talk to him, then you do it

DEE: Linda will get mad

G CHANDLER: who cares, she’s not in charge, if you want to see or talk to your dad it is your choice

It’s now May and the day of Scott’s Graduation from College(He’s majored in History) Everyone is in CA for the big day, Ross, Rachel, Mallory with her husband Mike and Daughter Annie, Courtney and Grant with baby Sarah, Monica and Chandler with Eva, Steve and Houston, Phoebe, Joey, Tyler, Brooke, G Chandler, Deidra, Amber and Lucus, Ben and Kate with Molly

There all sitting in the stands waiting for the ceremonies to begin

ANOUNCER: I’d like to welcome you all to the graduation exercciese for the Class of 2034. On this special day I’d like us to refect back over the changes in our life and society that have brought us to this delightful day. In our lives there comes many a day when trials and stife must be overcome and….

LUCUS: mommy, this is boring, I wanna go get a hot dog

DEE: they don’t sell hot dogs here stupid

AMBER: mom, Dee said stupid

G CHANDLER: I heard her, Dee no calling names and Lukey sweetie we can’t get hot dogs here

LUCUS: why not

TYLER: cause it’s not a ball game, buddy

STEVEN: he’s right though, this is kinda boring

TYLER: kind of boring, this blows

MONICA: hey it’s the last one of these things we have to sit through for awhile

KATE: well for five years anyhow

JOEY: what, who’s in five years-all these guys are babies still

DEE: hey

KATE: Joey, Molly is 13, she starts 8th grade in the fall

BROOKE: she’s that old already

MOLLY: yeah I’m that old already

RACHEL: would you people please quiet down, I’m trying to watch my son graduate here

ROSS: yeah pipe down(does the quiet down sign with his hands)

ANNOUNCER: Now I’d like to have all members of the History Department please rise

RACHEL: this is it, this is it

ROSS: Camera ready

CHANDLER: lens cap off

ROSS: of course

CHANDLER: are you sure

ROSS: of course I’m sure

CHANDLER: really then what is that(points to the lens cap)

ROSS: errrgh-you think that’s funny do you

CHANDLER: (laughing) oh yeah

RACHEL: would you two shut up about the lens cap and start photographing. Mike

MIKE: Yeah

RACHEL: your videotaping right

MIKE: sure am

RACHEL: good, start taping

ANNOUNCER: will you all please move your tassles from the right to the left(that’s the direction right???) Pleaes be seated

AMBER: now what?

ROSS: that’s it

LUCUS: that’s it?????

G CHANDLER: yep that’s it

AMBER: That was soo boring

TYLER: well get used to it, you’ll be going to a lot of these in your lifetime

ROSS: ok we’re meeting Scott at the main gate, he has to turn in his robe and stuff and then he’ll come find us

MOLLY: are we going out for dinner then Grandpa?

ROSS: Yeah, but Uncle Scott gets to choose

LUCUS: I want hot dogs

AMBER: you cant pick, Scott picks

LUCUS: so, I still want hot dogs

AMBER: maybe you wont get them

LUCUS: mommmy

G CHANDLER: Amber, cut it out. Lucus wherever we go, we’ll make sure there is a kids menu

TYLER: how does that guarntee hot dogs

G CHANDLER: when you have kids you’ll know, every kids menu has hot dogs on it

TYLER: wow ther’s a lot I don’t know about having kids, guess we’ll have to learn huh Brookie

BROOKE: yep, I guess so(squeezes his hand and smiles at him)

RACHEL: ok what was that look about

BROOKE: what look

MONICA: that secretive happy look, Brook are you…

BROOKE: yeah

PHOEBE: Oh my god how long

BROOKE: only about a month

RACHEL: when


AMBER: what are you talking about

BROOKE: I’m having a baby sweetie

AMBER: cool, a baby

EVA: baby

MONICA: that’s’ right Evie

EVA: momma me go potty

MONICA: hey im gonna take her, we’ll be right back

ROSS: ok, we’ll be here

COURTNEY: know what, I’ll go with you Aunt Monica, Sarah needs to be changed

SCOTT: Hey guys, what’s going on

ROSS: we’re wating for you, now where are we having dinner at

SCOTT: oh how about mchdonalds


RACHEL: please tell me you’re joking

SCOTT: of course I’m joking. I know of a really nice steak house about two miles from here

LUCUS: do they have hot dogs

SCOTT: I’m sure they do Lukey. So everyone ready to go

CHANDLER: Monica took Eva to the bathroom

DEE: and Courtney took Sarah

MOLLY: there they are(yells) you guys hurry up Scotts here

EVA: Scotty, Scotty

SCOTT: hey cutie(picks her up)

MONICA: so where are we going

SCOTT: There’s a steak house nearby that I like

MONICA: sounds good

JOEY: that’s right it’s good, Steak gooooood

PHOEBE: eh, steak

SCOTT don’t worry Phoebe they have a vegetarian menu too

PHOEBE; well all right then, lets go

The Restaurant(everyone is seated around the table eating)

ROSS: so son, how are the job options looking

SCOTT: Great

ROSS: Great as in your looking hard

SCOTT: Great as in I found one

RACHEL: where?

SCOTT: in Martinez, working as a 9th grade History teacher

RACHEL: you’ll be staying in California

SCOTT: yeah, I love it out here

BEN: 9th graders huh Ben, well I can honestly say I don’t envy you a bit

SCOTT: oh how bad can they be?

BEN: how bad, how bad you dare to ask me the father of a 13yr old, only a year away from being a 9th grader that-have you seen my daughter lately? Her hair is purple

MOLLY: it’s not purple dad, it’s streaked with magenta

BEN: oh I’m sorry(to Scott) her hair is streaked with magenta

SCOTT: well, I’m still not worried, well not too worried anyway.. ok so I’m a tiny bit worried

BROOKE: I’m sure you’ll do fine, there 14yr old kids, how much trouble can they cause

BEN: once again, obvious none of you have a teenager

They continue talking and laughing…

It’ now November of 2035(In Feb Brooke and Tyler had a baby girl named Amanda)

Ross and Rachel are in Chicago to see their newest grandchild, Andrew(Andy) his big sister Sarah is now 20 months old(they are the only ones there none of the other kids or gang came-although they all sent cards/gifts and congratulations)

RACHEL: so this is Chicago! I like it

ROSS: yeah it’s a great city, I always liked it when the Museum used to send me here

RACHEL: it certainly lives up to it’s name though(grabs her coat tighter around her) damn it’s windy

GRANT: you get used to it after awhile

ROSS: so how long of a drive to your house?

GRANT: oh we live about ten mins from the Aiport

RACHEL: you know, for the “busiest airport in the world” that wasn’t bad at all, it was very easy to find your way around

GRANT: yeah O’Hares a good airport

ROSS: what’s the other one like?

GRANT: you mean Midway? I’m not sure I’ve never been there, it’s smaller though, I know that much

RACHEL: ok enough airport talk, what is my grandson like

GRANT: oh he’s a great baby, head full of dark hair, big blue eyes, gonna be a sports star someday

ROSS: or a scientist

RACHEL: oh give it up Ross, let the kid have a happy life and play sports

ROSS: ok Miss “my granddaughters gonna be a fashion expert”

RACHEL: yeah, yeah whatever

GRANT: we’re here

(they all go inside)

COURTNEY: Mom, dad(runs up and hugs/kisses them)

RACHEL: hey sweetie, oh I love your haircut

COURTNEY: thanks, yeah with a toddler and now a new baby I wanted something simple

ROSS: as you can see your mom has taken to dying her hair

RACHEL: hey, It’s my hair and I just don’t care for the grey(it’s dyed a reddish color-I don’t know how to explain it but it’s a color I’ve seen on lots of older people it’s not red per say but kind of a golden/reddish color)

ROSS: you will see I let my hair go through it’s natural color changes

RACHEL: and congratulations to you

GRANT: (laughing) I hope Courtney and I will have as much fun after we’ve been together as long as you too

ROSS: I’m sure you will, marriage is a lot of hard work but if you put in the effort it’s worth it. Look at the two of us, we have had problems to last a lifetime and we worked through them, if we can anyone can

COURTNEY: thanks dad

RACHEL: so let me see this big boy(picks up Andy-he’s about 3wks old) ohh, what an angel.

SARAH: me too gwamma

ROSS: How bout you sit on Grandpa’s lap for awhile, ok Sarah Beara

SARAH: okee. Look Gampa me owie(points to a scrape on her knee)

ROSS: aww, how did that happen

SARAH: mean ticicle twipped me

COURTNEY: she was running and she tripped over her trike

ROSS: well, you’ll just have to be more careful huh

SARAH: yes, I wanna go swing

GRANT: ask nicely and maybe grandpa will take you out back and push you on your swingset

SARAH: gampa pwease can I swing

ROSS: you certainly may-if you’ll excuse us, we have some swinging to attend to

COURTNEY: you know it’s a really nice day out, I could bundle Andy up and we could all sit outside, nice days in Nov are few and far between in Illinois

RACHEL: that’s a great idea

(they all go outside and sit)

the rest of the week passes by(I could write out all they do but hey this story is already going to be super long so…) J but they go to Watertower Plaza, they go down the Magnificant Mile, To Navy Pier, to Giodannos for Pizza and to the Sears Tower, at the end of the week R/R fly back to NYC

NYE(New Years eve) 2035 everyone(who lives in NYC) is at Monica and Chandlers

BROOKE: I’ll be right back guys, I’m going to go lay Amanda down in the guestroom

JOEY: Oh give her here, I want to hold my sweet granddaughter

(tyler hands her to Joey-and she begins to stir and whimper)

JOEY:” no, no prinicess it’s ok, see grandpa’s here(he starts singing her a song)

MONICA: it’s so cute watching Joey with her

BROOKE: he’s been like that since the day she was born, I can’t belive it’s been almost a year

KATE: time goes by fast doesn’t it. I can’t belive I have a daughter almost ready for High School

RACHEL: speaking of which, where is my granddaughter

KATE: oh she’s staying the night at a friends house. Speaking of Molly, did I tell you what she asked me the other day

ROSS: no, what?

BEN: oh this is good-this is about the toungue right?

KATE: yeah

CHANDLER: please don’t tell us she asked you for kissing tips

KATE: no, I can honestly say I wish that had been it, but no she asked for permission to get her tongue pierced

MONICA: what did you say?

KATE: that it would be a cold day in hell before that happened

BEN: or to wait until she is 16

ROSS: are you crazy, id never let her do it

BEN: dad, I don’t like the idea, but the piercing places will do it if you’r 16 and up, under 16 needs parental permission. Once she’s 16 she can just go ahead and have it done without telling us

KATE: we made it clear though that we don’t like the idea, and that she has to pay for it all herself and pay for any medical bills she may incur if something goes wrong

RACHEL: you know if I was about 50yrs younger I’d get one

MONICA: Rachel

RACHEL: what, I would

ROSS: my wife, ladies and gentleman

PHOEBE: I think you should get one, I could see it now, granny gets tongue pierced

TYLER: you guys it’s 2 min til the ball!!!!

PHOEBE: oh, oh where is it, where the oh sweet mother of crap

JOEY: um, calm down

CHANDLER: what are you looking for Pheebs

PHOEBE: the champagne

AMBER: Steve and Houston have it

PHOEBE: Steve(yells)

STEVE: yeah

PHOEBE: the ball is about to drop get that champagne in here

STEVE(comes out arm in arm with Houston) Sorry we were just having a toast to love


(Chandler pours champagne for everyone-sparking cider for the kids who are awake)-Dee, Amber, Lucus and Eva. Annie and Amanda are sleeping. Eva is actually only half awake and sitting on Monica’s lap)

EVERYONE: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

DEE: whoo hooo, HAPPY NEW YEAR< whoooooo!

G CHANDLER: my dauggher is never staying up this late again

MONICA: you know I think the ton of junk food she ate, didn’t help much

AMBER: mom, when are we gonna go

DEE: arnt you having fun Ambs??

AMBER: yeah but I’m tired

DEE: I’m not, I’m soo awake(starts bouncing around)

JOEY: yeah we can tell

G CHANDLER: would anyone like to take her for the night


G CHANDLER: thanks guys

DEE: Mon, I really am not tired

G CHANDLER: I know, but we need to go because other people,. Such as myself are tired. So here is the rule. When we get home you do not have to go to bed, you may either stay in your room with the door closed and do quiet activities or you can watch a video, with the sound on low and the Tv Room door closed.

DEE: ok

MALLORY: wait, before everyone leaves-Mike and I have an annoncement

MIKE: yeah ther’s something we want to tell everyone

MALLORY: We’re going to have a baby

EVERYONE: wow/yay/good job/congrats….

ANNIE: (who was woken up when her dad was getting her ready to leave) yayyy, I’m gonna have a sissy

MALLORY: it might be a boy you know

ANNIE: no, no it will be a giwl, a sissy for me

The next day

RACHEL(on the phone) Yaeah the party was great, Monica cooked a ton of food as usual. Oh yeah I know, I kept telling her not to overdue, it her leg has realy been bothering her lately

SCOTT: is it serious

RACHEL: no, well I mean not life threatening or anything, it’s her arthritits-she still thinks she 30yrs old

SCOTT: is Uncle Chandler doing ok

RACHEL: yeah he’s doing great, he’s thinking about Retiring next year

SCOTT: yeah, what about Aunt Monica nad the restaurant, she still isn’t doing allt he head chef work herself right?

RACHEL: no, she has people to help, she mainly just plans the menu’s now and goes down and bitches if things aren’t being run the way she likes

SCOTT: what about you mom?

RACHEL: what about me

SCOTT: when are you going to slow down

RACHEL: I’m fine, besides I’d go crazy if I was home all day

SCOTT: mom you’re in your 60’s have you thought at all about retiring

RACHEL: actually yeah, your dad has 2 more years at the University though, so I want to keep working unti he retires, then we can be home together

SCOTT: I worry about you working so much

RACHEL:: ok Mr. Worrywart, woud it make you happy if I cut back on some hours

SCOTT: yes it would. Oh Mom, did I tell you I met a girl

RACHEL: really?

SCOTT: yeah she teaches 12th grade history, she told me that the devils I teach 9th grade History too, will eventually grow up and turn into human people

RACHEL: lol-you weren’t such a prize yourself at 14 you know

SCOTT: yeah I know, but I couldn’t have been this bad

RACHEL: so what is this miracle womens’ name

SCOTT: her name is Lisa, and Even though I”ve only known her a short time, I really think I’m in love with her

RACHEL: that’s great, I’m very happy for you and I hope to meet her sometime

SCOTT: I’d like that.

RACHEL: oh crap, I have to go over to Mon and Chandler’s they need to run errands and I promised I”d watch Eva for them

SCOTT: ok, well bye mom and give my love to everyone

RACHEL: I will, bye