Life Through the Years - part 6

Hello! Welcome to Part 6 of Life Through the Years!! Before I begin, I’m going to give a rundown of everyone ages and family relationships.

Monica and Chandler were married in 2001 and they have two children; Steven born in 2003 and Laura born in 2005. Steven is gay/homosexual and lives with a man named Houston. Laura was a rebellious, wild child, unable to deal with her brothers sexuality or the rules/values her parents tried to instill in her. She was kicked out of college and began working as a stripper in Miami. She has a daughter named Eva(born in 2031) who Monica and Chandler are raising, due to Laura’s lifestyle and problems with drugs

Ross and Rachel were married in 2002, when there first daughter Chelsea was 4 months old. They had 3 daughters, Chelsea(2002) Mallory(2004) and Courtney(2007) in 2010 Chelsea died in a horrific accident—it was not caused by Rachel but a choice she made contributed to it. In his grief, Ross blamed Rachel and they began to argue, she turned to drugs to deal with her pain and they subsequently divoced. They slept together once during this period and she became pregnant. But Ross denied being the father as Rachel also had a variety of one night stands. It was later determined that the baby was Ross’s and their son Scott was born in 2012. Ross and Rachel were remarried in 2025

Their daughter Mallory is married to Mike(2030) and they have two children

Annie born in 2032

Heather born in 2036

Courtney is married to Grant(and lives in Chicago) they have two children

Sarah born in 2033

Andrew(Andy) 2035

Scott attended and graduated from college in California and now works in N Cali as a 9th grade History Teacher, he is dating a women named Lisa, who teaches 12th grade History

Ben and Kate have a daughter named Molly who was born in 2021

Phoebe was shortly married to David, but left him and began dating Joey, she became pregnant and there was question as to who was the father, it was determined that the baby was Joeys and they were married in 2005

Their son Tyler was born in 2005, and was a few months old when they were married.

Tyler is married to Brooke and they have one daughter, Amanda born in 2035

Girl Chandler is the only one left of the triplets(and is like Phoebe’s daughter and part of the group) because Frank/Alice, Leslie and Frank JR Jr all died(in non related accidents)

She was married to Ryan, but divorced him after he was caught cheating on her, they have three children

Deidra(Dee) born 2024

Amber born 2027

And Lucus born 2030

So the ages of everyone in this part are as follows: Phoebe-68, Ross/Chandler/Joey- 67, Monica and Rachel-66. Ben-42, G Chandler-39, Steve-34, Molly-33, Laura-32, Tyler-32, Courtney-30, Scott-25, Molly-16, Deidra-13, Amber-10, Lucus-7, Eva-6, Annie-5, Sarah-4, Amanda-2, Annie-2, and Heather-8 months

One final thing, if anyone has anything they would like to see happen, (a storyline) or has a character they’d like to see more of, let me know. I try to include everyone, but it’s hard to get them all in all the time J I also focus more on those who live in NYC so Scott and Courtney’s families wont be mentioned as much, but they will still be in this story at times. I cant promise I can fulfill all your requests, but I’ll try. *g*

It’s now 2037, the baby who Mallory was Pregnant with was a girl and is named Heather(as I mentioned above) she is now 8 months old

Ross/Rachels house- May 2037

RACHEL: Sweetie, don’t forget Molly is coming over this afternoon to interview us for her History Paper

ROSS: I remember, I’ll be here.

RACHEL: she called last night and said she had a surprise

ROSS: probably another piercing, ever since that girl turned 16 she’s gone piercing crazy

RACHEL: yeah, well we’ll just have to wait and see

ROSS: ok, I’ll see you tonight, love you(they kiss)

(Rachel sits down in a chair and begins reading the newest issue of Vogue) *she no longer works at RL by the way, she retired a few months ago-the phone rings and she picks it up

RACHEL: hello?

SCOTT: hi Mom!

RACHEL: Oh hi Scotty, how are you

SCOTT: I’m good. I have some big news

RACHEL: really, what? Oh, oh did you..

SCOTT: no not yet, but I’m going to

RACHEL: when?

SCOTT: we’re going out to dinner tonight

RACHEL: I’m so happy for you, Lisa’s a great girl and I’d be glad to have her as a daughter in law

SCOTT: she hasn’t said yes yet mom

RACHEL: she will, stop worrying so much. Call me later tonight and let me know how it goes, Molly is coming over to talk to dad and me about Relationships from some paper she is writing

SCOTT: well, you’d be the two to talk too. Listen, I need to go, but I’ll give you a call later

RACHEL: ok, bye love you

SCOTT: Love you, bye

(Rachel hangs up then picks up the phone and makes a call)

a few minutes over we see her, Monica and Phoebe at a Restaurant having brunch)

MONICA: I cannot belive he is getting married

RACHEL: well she hasn’t said yes, yet

PHOEBE: oh she will, it’s Lisa after all, they adore each other

RACHEL: yeah, you’re right

PHOEBE: anyways, you’ll never belive what Channa told me the other day

MONICA: what?

PHOEBE: Dee asked her if she could get her tongue pierced like Molly’s

MONICA: see what a bad influence your granddaughter is

RACHEL: hey don’t blame me, I didn’t pay for her piercings

MONICA: Ben and Kate didn’t did they

RACHEL: oh god no, they just couldn’t stop her once she turned 16.

MONICA: so what all does she have pierced

RACHEL: her ears, each about 5 times, her nose and tongue, but

PHOEBE: on no, not a but, a but is never good

RACHEL: she is coming over tonight to interview Ross and me for a history paper, and said she had a surprise

MONICA: oh you have to let us know, what that is

PHOEBE: seriously what else is there for her to pierce

RACHEL: well she’s been talking about doing her eyebrow, but she said that is the last thing she wants done

MONICA: one can hope

(the three of them continue talking….)

Later that night-Molly is at Ross and Rachels’ house. She’s a really pretty girl about 5’6 and slender(she plays soccer, runs track and is a cheerleader) with shoulder length blond hair, with a pink streak in it(AN: now granted this is more of a current 2002 style, but just say that stuff is back in style for 2037 or something) she has her tongue, nose and has just gotten her eyebrow pierced.(She’s one of those people who looks good with the piercings though and they’re small and very tastefully done)

MOLLY: Ok Grandma, grandpa what would you too say is the most important thing in a relationship

ROSS: I have a question for you, before we begin. What is this paper for?

MOLLY: I told you, school

ROSS: I know that silly girl, I mean what is the topic about, why interview us?

MOLLY: it’s for history class, we have to write something showing how life today isn’t that much different from the past, yes there are differences but people over time all feel the same and have the same dreams, and I wanted to focus on love.

ROSS: ok, well we can tell you lots about that

RACHEL: oh yeah, and I’d say one of the most important things is trust, if you don’t have trust you have nothing

ROSS: very true

RACHEL: was there ever a time you two didn’t have trust

ROSS: oh yeah

MOLLY: was it when you met Chloe?

RACHEL: I hate that name

ROSS: Rachel, it’s been 40yrs

RACHEL: I don’t care, I still don’t like that name

MOLLY: so is she the one that you cheated on grandma with

ROSS: yeah

MOLLY: so what made you two get back together

RACHEL: well for me it was a combination of things, I realized how much I Loved your grandfather, as dumb as he acted and as crazy as he could be about things, I truly cared for him

ROSS: and I realized your grandma was the most beautiful women I’d ever known, both inside and out

MOLLY: that is so sweet. So what else can you tell me

RACHEL: well there was London

ROSS: oh yeah, there was definitely London

MOLLY: wasn’t that where Aunt Monica and Uncle Chandler started dating

ROSS: yep, hey are you interviewing them for your paper too, because you should

MOLLY: yeah I’m going to go talk to them next

(The three of them continue talking…)

A restaurant in California:

SCOTT: so how’s your week been?

LISA: pretty good, you know how I give a quiz every Friday


LISA: well, last week a lot of the students didn’t’ do real well, so this week they came in to class and asked if we could have a review day

SCOTT: are you going to

LISA: yeah, they cared enough to ask so I’ll do it. I like when they take initiatve these stuents are going off to college in a few months after all

SCOTT: I wish my 9th graders would get initiatve. No, scratch that. I wish they would have the initiative to talk about something besides who’s dating who or why Katie is no longer friends with Ashley

LISA: awww, is that this weeks topic

SCOTT: yep, apparently Ashley asked out Mike even when she knew Katie liked Mike

LISA: the love triangles of 14yr olds,you have to love them. Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment, I need to visit the ladies room.

(she gets up and leaves-while she is gone Scott opens up a small black box and places a ring inside her folded napkin)

LISA: so are your students ready for the STARS Testing next week(as she is asking this she picks up her napkin-to put on her lap and gasps as the ring falls out) Oh my, what what is this

SCOTT: (Picks up the ring and gets down on his knee) Lisa, ever since the moment I met you I knew you were the women for me, the one I wanted to spend my life with, will you marry me

LISA: yes, yes yes!!!(they hug and kiss as the restaurant explodes in applause)

It’s now June of 2038 and the day of Scott and Lisa’s wedding-everybody flew out to CA for the big day, the wedding is being held at a park, the ceremony will take place in a gazebo surrounded by chairs for the guests, the walkway is covered with flowers and there is a pond fillwed with ducks. Scott has picked some college friends as his best men, Steve, Houston, Mike and Grant are ushers, Lisa picked some of her friends as bridesmaids and Mallory is also a bridesmaid-everyone else is just at the ceremony.

RACHEL: here, let me straighten that out for you(reaches up and adjusts Lisa’s veil)

LISA: thanks, so let me ask is it normal to be this nervous

COURTNEY: oh yes, definitely. I remember when I…excuse me(she runs into the bathroom)

MALLORY: good thing you didn’t ask her to be in the wedding, she’d have to go puke during the middle of the ceremony

COURTNEY: (walks back in) like I can help it, it’s part of pregnancy besides it always stops by early afternoon

ANNIE: mommy

MALLORY: what Annie

ANNIE: I’m hungry, when are we gonna eat

MALLORY: after Uncle Scott gets married, remember I told you how we have a big party and dinner after the wedding

ANNIE: well how long til then

MALLORY: soon, now go out and sit next to daddy

LISA: she is so cute, I hope we have a little girl

RACHEL: wait a minute are you..

LISA: oh no, not even close, I just meant in the future

RACHEL: well another granddaughter is always nice, but a grandson would be good too, I know Ross would like that

COURTNEY: there is a lot of girls in the family huh? Well maybe I’ll have another boy, I know Andy would be happy

MALLORY: so he’s excited about his new brother or sister

COURTNEY: well right now I don’t think he fully understands, I’m sure they’ll be some problems once the baby is here. Sarah was about the same age when he was born and it took her a few months to get used to having a brother.

CLERGY PERSON: (pokes head in door) everyone is here and ready whenever you are, as soon as we see you lined up we’ll signal the organist to begin the processional

LISA: thank you (looks at everyone) well I guess this is it.

RACHEL: congratulations and good luck(leans over and Kisses Lisa) then her and Courtney go and sit in the audience as Mallory, Lisa and everyone in the wedding party line up.

The wedding goes by uneventfully, it’s a beautiful ceremony and the funniest moment is when 6yr old Annie sees Mallory marching by and screams out to 18 month old Heather “Look Heather, there’s mommy”

The reception is filled with laughter, happiness, dancing etc… everyone has a great time and the sweetest moment is when 14yr old Deidra walks up to Scott holding a pressed,purple flower

DEE: Hey Scott, congratulations

SCOTT: thanks munchkin

DEE: oh you’re so very clever(Deidra is short for her age, her 11yr old sister Amber is already taller than her)

SCOTT: you know I love you

DEE: yeah I know, anyways this is for you(hands him the flower)

SCOTT: (stares at it for a minute, confused then suddenly remembers) this is the flower from Mallorys wedding

DEE: yeah! You remembered, since we’re not going to end up together, I thought you’d like it back

SCOTT: (leans down and kisses her) you know what, you keep it

DEE: thanks, I’ll keep it forever. Know what else?

SCOTT: what?

DEE: remember that wedding and how I said I’d never kiss boys

SCOTT Yeah, let me guess you kissed a boy

DEE: I’m 14 of course I’ve kissed boys, but last weekend I got felt up by a boy

SCOTT: wow, that was… a lot of information I did not need to know

DEE; (laughing) you shoud see the look on your face

SCOTT: yeah yeah, well having little shrimps telling me stuff like that, tends to make one surprised.

DEE: ohhhh the bouquet toss, bye Scott(runs over to where Lisa is throwing her bouquet)

Its now January of 2039. In December of 2038 Courtney and Grant had a daughter Hannah Danielle. Ross retired and him and Rachel are on a romantic trip to Italy. AN: I have unfortonatly never been overseas(although I intent to travel all over the world) so all I know about Italy I know from books. They are in Venice

RACHEL: this is so beautiful

ROSS: I know, and I’m here with the lovliest women in the world

RACHEL: wow, 70yrs old and still romantic

ROSS: yes ma’m, in fact maybe later tonight I show you how romantic

RACHEL: what gall you have, coming on to an old women

ROSS: that’s right(leans over and kisses her)

RACHEL: it was definitely worth the money to ride one of these(there in one of the gondolas on the Canal)

ROSS: don’t you know by now, no money is too much for your happiness

RACHEL: that’s lovely, did you read it in a book

ROSS: oh that’s nice, just mock my romantic gesture

RACHEL: Ross, I know you, you don’t come up with that stuff on your own

ROSS: yeah, it was from a book. A book Chandler bought. Top ways to Woo Your Lover

RACHEL: (laughing) to woo your lover??

ROSS: yes, he wants to spice things up with Monica

RACHEL: but she hasn’t been feeling good lately

ROSS: I know, but you know how Chandler is, he’s a man, he has needs

RACHEL: so do you have these needs

ROSS: I may be old, but I still have them

RACHEL: well then, lets go take care of that problem

The two go back to their hotel and spend a romantic night, filled with love, candles, chocolates, room service etc…. The next day they decide to go sightseeing. Now since I know very little about Italy and have never been, just imagine they are taking the train and driving all over the country to see various sites. They tour the country for about 4 days and finally on the 4th day stop for Lunch at a Café in Florence.

ROSS: I’m getting to old for all this travel

RACHEL: yeah yeah, whatever old man

ROSS: hey, I’m two years older than you

RACHEL: ok, I hear you old man. Hey, lets get one of those chocolate éclairs

ROSS: ok, but the ones with chocolate filling

RACHEL: of course, this is a vacation after all, we might as well live it up

ROSS: of course. What the?? Who would be calling us(the cell phone is ringing)

RACHEL: why don’t you answer it and see

ROSS: hello, oh hey Joey. What, what… Oh my god, we’ll be on the first flight home(he turns and looks at Rachel with fear in his eyes)

RACHEL: what’s wrong Ross??

ROSS: that was Joey, Monica passed out at the restaurant, they think she had a stroke

Chapter 7 coming soon

In the next chapter

Find out what happens to Monica

Ross and Rachel welcome new grandchildren

Courtney and Grant face a family crisis

Molly graduates from High School and Anniversaries and Family Milestones are celebrated