Life Through the Years - part 9

This is part 9 of my fic, Life Through the Years J before I begin here is a rundown of everyone and their ages.

Monica and Chandler were married in 2001 and they have two children; Steven born in 2003 and Laura born in 2005. Steven is gay/homosexual and lives with a man named Houston. Laura was a rebellious, wild child, unable to deal with her brothers sexuality or the rules/values her parents tried to instill in her. She was kicked out of college and began working as a stripper in Miami. She has a daughter named Eva(born in 2031) who Monica and Chandler are raising, due to Laura’s lifestyle and problems with drugs

Ross and Rachel were married in 2002, when there first daughter Chelsea was 4 months old. They had 3 daughters, Chelsea(2002) Mallory(2004) and Courtney(2007) in 2010 Chelsea died in a horrific accident—it was not caused by Rachel but a choice she made contributed to it. In his grief, Ross blamed Rachel and they began to argue, she turned to drugs to deal with her pain and they subsequently divoced. They slept together once during this period and she became pregnant. But Ross denied being the father as Rachel also had a variety of one night stands. It was later determined that the baby was Ross’s and their son Scott was born in 2012. Ross and Rachel were remarried in 2025

Their daughter Mallory is married to Mike(2030) and they have two children

Annie born in 2032

Heather born in 2036

Courtney is married to Grant(and lives in Chicago) they have two children

Sarah born in 2033

Andrew(Andy) 2035

Scott attended and graduated from college in California and now works in N Cali as a 9th grade History Teacher, he is dating a women named Lisa, who teaches 12th grade History

Ben and Kate have a daughter named Molly who was born in 2021

Phoebe was shortly married to David, but left him and began dating Joey, she became pregnant and there was question as to who was the father, it was determined that the baby was Joeys and they were married in 2005

Their son Tyler was born in 2005, and was a few months old when they were married.

Tyler is married to Brooke and they have one daughter, Amanda born in 2035

Girl Chandler is the only one left of the triplets(and is like Phoebe’s daughter and part of the group) because Frank/Alice, Leslie and Frank JR Jr all died(in non related accidents)

She was married to Ryan, but divorced him after he was caught cheating on her, they have three children

Deidra(Dee) born 2024

Amber born 2027

And Lucus born 2030

So ages for everyone are:

Monica and Rachel- 74

Ross, Chandler, Joey- 75

Phoebe- 76

Ben 50

Girl Chandler- 47

Mallory- 41

Courtney- 38

Scott- 35

Steve 42

Laura- 40

Tyler- 40

Molly- 24

Deidra- 21

Amber- 18

Lucus- 15

Eva- 14

Annie(Anne) 13

Heather- 9

Sarah- 12

Andy- 10

Amanda- 10

It’s now Feb of 2045

Ross and Rachels

RACHEL: I cannot belive it has been 20yrs

ROSS: I cant belive I haven’t gotten divorced again

RACHEL: that’s because you have such a great wife.

ROSS: no, it’s not just that. I also think it’s cause that old saying is true

RACHEL: what old saying

ROSS: the third times a charm, took our 3rd marriage to each other to make it work

RACHEL: why you(hits him-not meanly in a joking way)

ROSS: my sister didn’t plan any big fancy parties for us did she?

RACHEL: no I made sure of that, I very specifically told her no big parties, wer’e just having a dinner out.

ROSS: good because I adore everyone but sometimes it’s so tiring having to sit around making small talk all day

RACHEL: I know, and all the kids and grandkids and I’m almost ashamed to say it but sometimes I cant think of who’s who anymore

ROSS: I know, I know. One of the pitfalls of old age

RACHEL: yeah that and wrinkles

ROSS: age spots

RACHEL: gray hair

ROSS: course it’s not all bad


ROSS: no. I mean we don’t have to work anymore, we can go on vacation anytime we feel like it, no more kids at home

RACHEL: no having to worry about not being toned enough for a two piece, no midnight feedings

ROSS: you can be as grumpy as you like

RACHEL: yeah!! After all everyone expect us old folks to be grumpy

ROSS: I sure do love you Mrs Geller

RACHEL: and I love you Mr Geller

(They kiss)

Now the two of them are at dinner at a nice, fancy , romantic restaurant. The whole group chipped in and paid for the dinner for them.

RACHEL: honestly did you ever think we would be here

ROSS: you mean here as in this restaurant

RACHEL: no, I mean here as in married 20yrs, after being married once and divorcing

ROSS: To be honest yes I did

RACHEL: huh?

ROSS: Serioulsy ever since the moment I saw you back in High School I knew id’ one day marry you. I even told Monica that.

RACHEL: wow, you were sure of yourelf for a geeky little boy

ROSS: hey! Watch it miss Prom Queen

RACHEL: ok Mr. Dinosaur man

ROSS: you know something

RACHEL: Many things

ROSS: Ha ha. I was going to say, I bet not many 70 year olds can tease bac and forth the way we do

RACHEL: hey what can I say, we know how to joke around and we’re not senile yet

ROSS: nor do I ever want to be

RACHEL: Ross I can honestly say that is something nobody wants to be, do you really think people wake up and say, hey I sure do wish I were senile?

ROSS: oh you, you’re such a funny, funny women

RACHEL: why thank you

ROSS: so have you picked a dress yet for Molly and Kyles wedding

RACHEL: I have it narrowed down to a couple of choices, the wedding isn’t until August I have time

ROSS: yes, but Iknow how much you still love to shop

RACHEL: oh quite right Mr Geller, quite right.

(the same night) Monica and Chandlers

MONICA: I wonder how Ross and Rachel’s dinner is going

CHANDLER: I’m sure it’s going fine.

MONICA: uh huh

CHANDLER: dotn tell me your still upset because you didn’t get to throw a huge party


CHANDLER: Oh yes you are, I know you. (gets up and puts his arms around her) sweetie It’s fine, I know you would have given them a great party but we need to respect there wishes. They just wanted a quiet dinner alone and you gave that to them, you should be happy’

MONICA: yeah I know(hugs Chandler) besides it’s not really that, that’s bothering me

CHANDLER: what then

MONICA: it’s Eva, she wonts say antying but I know she’s upset, about not having a date or plans tonight

CHANDLER: what about Luke?

MONICA: do you not pay attention to your granddaughters life at all

CHANDLER: well after dance class stories and cheerleading stories and track team stories it gets kind of hard to keep track

MONICA: Luke broke up with her a couple of weeks ago

CHANDLER: again??? That’s the 3rd time since school started, not to mention all the times over the past two years. There as bad as Ross and Rachel

MONICA: actually I think these two are worse, and I never thought that was even remotely possible

(up in Eva’s room)

EVA: oh you are so lucky Anne, Kurt is a great guy, I hope you have a good time tonight

Oh me, yeah I’ll be fine don’t worry about me. I’ve got cookie dough and some magazines, I’m set for a grrreat Valentines day


EVA: hold on a sec(covers the phone and yells) what, grandma?

MONICA: Luke is here

EVA: Um, Anne I have to go, Luke is here. Huh? I don’t know prob wants to get his sweatshirt back or something, Yeah I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye(hangs up and runs downstairs)

LUKE: hi

EVA: hey

LUKE: can we talk

EVA: I guess so, we can go in the family room

CHANDLER: so what do you think he wants

MONICA: shhhh(Chandler walks over and stands next to her)

EVA: so what do you want, if you want your sweatshirt it’s not here it’s at school

LUKE: Iw ant to get back together

EVA: what about Gina

LUKE: Gina’s a snot, she only cares about her makeup and clothes

EVA: well duh, I could have told you that

LUKE: I miss you Evvie, I never should have yelled at you for losing the bracelet

EVA: yeah you shouldn’t have. I didn’t lose it on purpose it did mean a lot to me, because it was from you

LUKE: I know and I’m sorry

EVA: (looks at him for a minute and smiles) it’s ok, I forgive you, just don’t do anything like that ever again

LUKE: I wont, I don’t ever want to lose you again

EVA: me either, I’m so empty without you, it’s like I’m nothing, like I have no purpose, no meaning to life

LUKE: I Love you Eva(they begin to kiss)

EVA: so now what

LUKE: lets have dinner

EVA: um it’s Valentines day, everything is closed

LUKE: no not everything—there is a special restaurant right outside here(takes her by the hand and out to the porch where he’s laid out a blanket with food on it)

EVA: aww, you are soo sweet. See this is why I love you so much

(they begin to eat, and kiss and eat and kiss and kiss some more…..)

It’s now May of 2045

RACHEL: Ross, your hair looks fine, now lets go

ROSS: it looks old, I have old looking hair

RACHEL: that’s because you are old

ROSS: but it’s white, my hair is white

RACHEL: yeah-and mine is gray what’s your point?

ROSS: White Rachel, white.

RACHEL: if it helps any, I think it looks very nice that way, very dapper

ROSS: I’m not a Happy Days Character A/N that will only make sense if you’ve seen the HD’s episode “Fools Rush in”

RACHEL: You look fine Ross, even more handsome than th eday I met you

ROSS: Rachel, it was 1982, no one looked good in 1982

RACHE: ;which is precisely why you look better now

ROSS: Gee, thanks. I am old though, I have a 50yr old son

RACHEL: yes and we both have children in their 30’s and 40’s- age is only a state of mind

ROSS: Well thank you Miss Hallmark

RACHEL: are you ready to go?

ROSS: yes,yes I’m ready

The two of them arrive at Ben and Kate’s house. Everyone is there except Scott/Lisa and their family. Courteny and Grant are in NY for a visit-along with their children Sarah and Andy

KATE: Hey you guys, welcome

RACHEL: Hi Kate! Hey Ben, congratulations

BEN: thanks Rachel. Hey dad

ROSS: Look at you, my baby boy all grown up and half a century old(hugs him)

BEN: so how have you two been, it’s been a couple weeks since we talked

RACHEL: oh cant complain. My arthritis has been acting up and I had a touch of the flu, but I’ve been ok

ROSS: I keep telling her, her arthritis wouldn’t flare up so bad if she didn’t insist on sewing the grandchildren new clothes all the time

RACHEL: what, I like sewing, and I can still see to do it so why not? If I was ever like poor Phoebe I don’t know what I’d do

ROSS: she’s not blind yet, you make it sound like the women’s life is over

BEN: what exactly is wrong with her?

RACHEL: she has emacular degeneration of the eye (A.N this is a rreal thing, my grandma had it, but I’m not sure how to spell it)

KATE: so what does that mean?

(Monica and Chandler have wandered over and joined them)

MONICA: it means she’s going blind-slowly

BEN: oh that’s just horrible

CHANDLER: but she’s fine for now

ROSS: Yeah, she’s just not suppose dto drive at night, otherwise so far she’s ok

KATE: well that’s good

JOEY: hey, are we gonna eat over here or what?

ROSS: it’s amazing, the man is 75yrs old and still eats like a 20yr old

RACHEL: it’s going to catch up with him someday

BEN: yeah, but he’s happy so who cares

RACHEL: I know, I’m just saying

AMANDA: Eva, I have a question

EVA: yeah

AMANDA: are you going to be all mopey all day, I mean so Luke isn’t here, big deal

EVA: you are such a child Amanda, you know nothing about love

AMANDA: and you’re 14, you don’t either

HEATHER: yeah, you guys are dumb always kissing and hugging.

AMANDA: ooh Luke I love you, ooo kissy kissy

HEATHER: ooh kiss kiss, oh Luke I’m scared hold me

ANNE: (pushes Heather) go away brat, you two babies go play barbies or something

EVA: come on guys(Anne and Sarah follow her)

HEATHER: Sarah, don’t you want to play with us?

SARAH: sorry guys, I’m too old for that little kid stuff. (walks off with the two older girls) so anyway Eva, where is Luke today

EVA: he had a softball game

ANNE: and your’ not watching because…

EVA: because grandma and grandpa made me come here, and we’re going out tonight anyways

ANNE: ooh where too

EVA: to the Attic

ANNE: the new dance club-wow, do your grandparents know

EVA: do you think I’m crazy, of course not. They’d flip if they knew I was going to a dance club, even if it is only ages 14-20

ANNE: man, I wish I was 14

SARAH: me too

ANNE: you don’t even live in this state Sar

SARAH: ok, I wish I was 14 and that I lived in NYC

EVA: you guys don’t look now but I think we have a spy

ANNE: (looks back and see’s Amanda following them) damn it Amanda, would you get lost. How dumb are you, we don’t want you around, so go away

AMANDA: fine I’ll just go walk,. By myself, all alone

ANNE: ok

-the three older girls walk off, Amanda picks up a stick in anger and hurls it at them, but it doesn’t come close to hitting them. Frustrrated and angry she runs off in the opposite direction and begins wandering thru the woods.

A few hours later

MONICA: well I think Chandler and I are going to go ahead and go. (Yells) Eva

EVA: what?

MONICA: get your stuff together it’s time to go home

EVA: ok

ANNE: By Ev, and good luck tonight

EVA: thanks

TYLER: yeah I think we’re going to take off too. Mom, dad you guys ready to go

PHOEBE: I am, you ready Joey

JOEY: huh

PHOEBE: I said are you ready Joey

JOEY: am I steady.huh what are you talking about

PHOEBE: (Yelling) I said are you ready to go

JOEY: oh yeah I’m ready

PHOEBE: I’ll be so glad when his new hearing aids get here

BROOKE: where is Amanda

TYLER: Mandi, Mandi?? Amanda Renee Tribbiani

BROOKE: where did that child go to now. Wasn’t she with Heather and Andy

TYLER: I thought so. Heather, Andy come here a minute


TYLER: do you know where Amanda is?


BROOKE: wasn’t she with you guys

HEATHER: she was but then she wanted to follow the older girls around and spy on them but me and Andy were having a race and didn’t want to quit, so she left

BROOKE: errrrrgh. So she came back with you guys then(looks at Eva, Anne and Sarah)

EVA: she followed us and we told her to get lost, so she ran off the other way , we thought she was going back to those guys(points at Heather and Andy)

TYLER: ok here’s what we’re going to do, everyone, is going to buddy up and go search around the area, knowing her she’s prob sitting and daydreaming somewhere.

-everyone starts searching. Ben and Kate live in a house on somewhat of a seculuded area there are woods and trails everywhere, but there very well marked so everyone spreads out and starts looking

EVA: oh my god, Anne look

ANNE: what

EVA: (starts running) Amanda…

-the two girls run up to Amanda who is lying unconscious and motionless on the ground her leg bent back at a weird angle

ANNE: she must have fallen out of the tree

EVA: look Anne(points to a broken tree brach) I bet she was standing on it and it broke, that’s a pretty thin branch

ANNE: look how high up she was, see you can see the place on the tree where it broke off

EVA: I’ll run back to the house and tell whoever is there that we found her, you stay here ok

ANNE: ok

-while Eva is gone, Amanda begins to stir, she tries to raise her head and begins to sob-as she has a concussion from falling so far, her head hurts and she feels nausaus

AMANDA: where’ my mom? I want my mom

ANNE: she’s coming Mandi, don’t worry Eva went to get her, but I’m here it’s ok

AMANDA: owww it hurts to bad, make it stop please, please make it stop

ANNE: it’ll be ok. Hey you want to hear a story about when you were born

AMANDA: (talking softly because she’s in a lot of pain and driting in and out of consciences) you don’t know any, you were only 3yrs old then

ANNE: I know one funny one, my mom told me. I don’t remember it, but I’ve heard about it. See when you were born your grandpa was sooo happy and so proud that he went to every store in the city he could think of and bought like thousands of those pink, gum cigarette things and handed them out to total strangers

AMANDA: really

ANNE: yeah he really loves you, we all do, Everone was so worried about you

AMANDA: even you

ANNE: of course, I know we fight a lot but it’s just cause I need to have privacy and secrets, you’re a big part of my life, I mean we grew up together but I cant always be with you now that im a teenager, you’ll know what I mean in a couple of years

AMANDA: I’m sorry I followed you

ANNE: and im sorry I yelled, if I hadn’t told you to get lost you wouldn’t have ended up here

-at that moment everyone else comes running up along with a paramedic to transport Amanda to the hospital

end of chapter nine

In the next chapter!!!!!

Eva and Luke grow even closer

An accident teaches the grandchildren generation just how fragile life is

A special goodbye

Coming soon J