TOW The Got A Lot To Talk About
Written By: Lisa (mokkajo)

Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me but to Bright, Kauffman and Crane. I do not want to make any profit with this story, it’s just for entertainment!! Some parts of this story are lent from episodes of “Friends” (Warner Bros.), especially from “The One in Massapequa”, Season 8.

To all readers: This is my first FanFic, so don’t be to strict when you judge me ;) And I’m from Germany (14 years old) so please excuse all of my mistakes!! My Story might not be one of the best, but I always wanted to write one and I thought you guys could read it and tell me how bad it really is ;) I’d really appreciate you sending me your opinion via e-mail: it’s Thx!!

By the Way: Now, after finishing the story, I think it sucks, but it was fun to write it so just read it, okay? R & R just change their minds too often in my FanFic but whatever, have fun reading it though ;)


(Chan’s & Mon’s apt; Phoebe, Rachel and Monica are in the kitchen, Chandler and Joey are sitting on the couch; Ross isn’t there)

Mon: So . . . you guys really kissed?

Rach: Yeah… Y’know, we weren’t just kissing, we were … kinda making out…

Mon: Really?? Rach! But…What does it mean ? Are you guys together again or what?

Rach: (puts her head on the table) Ugh, I don’t know!! I don’t wanna think about it now!

Pheebs: But, Sweetie, you guys made out, I think it’s kinda worth thinking about a reunion, don’t you think?

Rach: Really?

Mon/Pheebs: Yeah!!

Rach : But… Maybe it was just nothing, y’know ? Maybe he just… maybe he was just thinking “Hey, There’s Rachel, my ex-girlfriend. I’m alone, I want some making out!”

(Ross enters)

Ross: Who made out?

Phoebe: Rach… (Mon interrupts her)

Mon: …amil, the Armenian Guy from downstairs and Phoebe.

Phoebe: Me??

Mon: Yes, you ! Of course, you…you don’t have to keep it a secret, we all know!

Ross: Ewww, Pheebs, the Armenian Guy? The One with the hairy ears??

Pheebs: Yeah… y’know… I’m kinda into…. Ugh, whatever (leaves, sits down on the couch)

Ross (to Rach): Oh, Hi, Rach. So, you’re here. (looks at Mon and moves his head to the living room)

Mon: (doesn’t understand) What?

Ross: (sighs) Monica, just leave us a minute, okay?

Mon: Oh, right. I… I gotta go… see my favourite commercial.

(leaves, sits down on the couch, everybody looks at the two of them, listening and watching)

Rach: (about to talk to Ross, stops) Hey, you guys, could you go in the bed room just for a minute? Please?

(head bobbing, they leave)

Ross: Rach, I… I wanted to talk to you about something. About.. that kiss…

Rach: Yeah, I kinda wanted to talk to you about that too.

Ross: Honey, I… I think that…

Rach: You know what? It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. I know, that meant nothing. Let’s just forget it, okay?

Ross: (definitely disappointed) It didn’t mean anything to you?

Rach: Did it mean something to you??

Ross: To you?

Rach: Look, we can’t figure it out that way, okay? Let’s just leave it at that. It obviously didn’t mean anything to you, so…

Ross: Didn’t say that.

Rach: So you think it meant something?

Ross: No.

Rach: (confused) Ross, what is up with you? Remenber, you kissed me, so just tell me, why you did that!

(Awkward silence, Ross thinks)

Rach: Look, this isn’t leading to anything. I’ll better go. (Storms off)

Ross: Rach! Wait! (She’s already gone) (quietly) I… I love you.

(cut to Monica’s und Chandler’s bedroom)

Joey: Hey, guys, remember, when they had this big fight?

Mon: Joey, this is so inappropriate right now!

Joey: No, I just meant that I had this box installed here the next time we were stuck in here for hours. With all those condoms and stuff, remember?

Chandler: Oh my God, don’t tell me there’s still a box with condoms and three-years-old candybars under our bed!

Joey: Pah, No!

(Chandler’s relieved)

Joey: There are no candybars, just got a few sandwiches! (smiles happily and nodds)

Mon + Pheebs: Ewwww

Joey: What? They’re like a week old, always exchanging the content of the box every Monday. I’d never eat old Sandwiches!

Mon: Phew. Wait a sec… Joey, are you breaking into our apartment every Monday to exchange that box??

Joey: No!

(Monica’s relieved)

Joey: Just got an extra key!

(cut back to Ross, standing in front of the TV, with his back to the door, quietly talking to hisself)

Ross: “I love you – Rachel, I love you” Why is that so hard?? Could’ve just told her… It’s not like I never did that before. I… I am such a loser..

(hears the slam of the door and turns around. He is stunned when he sees that Rachel had come back and hearde everything)

Ross: Rach! Why… why’d you come back?

Rach: Just forgot my keys, but… Ross, is that true?

Ross: What?

Rach: Don’t you stand there and keep pretending that nothing happened! Don’t do that to me! We kissed last night and now you’re standing there, telling me that you

still love me…

Ross: I wasn’t telling you that I loved you!

Rach: Ross, you said it to yourself and I heard it! Damn it, where’s the difference?

(Ross is silent again, then says: )

Ross: It’s just…

Rach: What? That you lied to yourself?! You were kiddin’ yourself? Ross, come on, we’re both grown-ups, aren’t we? So just tell me what’s up. You either tell me that you love me or not or I’ll go out that door now and date the next guy I see, I swear.

Ross: Rachel! How can you do that to me?

Rach: (shaking, with tears in her eyes) How I can do that to you? How I can do that to you??! Ross, have you ever thought about what you did to me? How I felt after you cheated on me?

Ross: Of course, Rach, listen…

Rach: No. No, Ross. I’m tired of listening. Now you listen to me. If it was just some… guy who did that to me, it would have been okay. Horrible, but I’d get over it. But, you, Ross . . . You were the person I trusted most in the world, you were my best friend and my boyfriend, I never had that before in my life – and then you cheated on me with some girl. Can you even imagine how hurt I was? I would have never guessed that you could do something like that to me… With Barry I thought I would’ve known love. But then we broke up, you and I got together and I got to know love itself. I’m not lying when I say I never loved anybody else in my entire life as much as I love you.

Ross: Love? Present tense?

Rach (seriously) Yes, Ross, I still love you, but that doesn’t mean that I can forgive.

Ross: Rachel, it’s like three years ago!

Rach: (angry) It’s not about that Ross! Understand, it’s not about how long it’s been, it’s about how much you hurt me, okay? I… after last night, I thought there was a chance for us two again, but… I guess I was wrong. I can’t forgive you if you stand there and lie to me, play your games with me. “I love you” – “I don’t love you” We’ve already been through it, Ross. You loved me, I didn’t love you, then I loved you and you didn’t love me. (quietly) You better make up your mind and think about your true feelings before you talk to me about that again. I just can’t stand at the moment.

(leaves again, Ross doesn’t follow her, he obviously doesn’t know what to do know)

(Monica enters, the gang follows)

Mon: Honey, we heard what happened.

Chan: At least the most of it, because Joey had to song “Like a Virgin” for some inexplicable reasons.

Joe: Hey, I got tired! (looks at everybody, Phoebe agrees with him and nods her head)

Pheebs: Yeah, I know that, I always sing “Carry me home, Lousiana” when I’m tired.

Monica: Pheebs, that’s not even a real song!

Pheebs: Didn’t say it exists!

Ross: (looks confused for a moment, shakes his head then) Anyway. Guys, it was just terrible! (sits down on a chair, Monica rubs his back)

Mon: Sweetie, we heard it. What are you up to do now?

Ross: I… ugh, I don’t know!

Phoebe: Ross, what’s up with you?! Don’t you sit here and be so pathetic! Go get her, try to get her back, you stupid moron!

Ross: (almost crying, very whining) Phoebe!

Phoebe: No, I’m serious, Ross! We all know, you still love her – hell, even you know, you why don’t you just tell her?!

Ross: I can’t just do that, Pheebs, it’s a lot more complicated than you think.

Phoebe: Complicated? Okay, anybody tell me what is so complicated about this and what couldn’t be solved with a simple “Rachel, I love you, I wanna be with you again, I’m sorry and you were right, we weren’t on a break” Oh, wow, that was a long sentence (takes a deep breath)

Ross: But, we were… (Pheebs interrupts him)

Phoebe: Oh, please, you still believe that? Just go and get her, okay? Oh come on, we all know, you weren’t on a break and you know it too. You’re just not man enough to admit it…

Ross: I am ! Gonna go over to her place. (takes his jacket and storms off)

Phoebe: (smiles at the others) See? Works every time!

Monica: You really think he’s gonna tell her?

Phoebe: Of course he will! Tell me any guy who doesn’t want to be a “real man”!

Chandler: I don’t!

(everybody looks at him)

Chandler (VO): Did I say that out loud? (silence) Just forget I said that (still silence) Oh, please, guys, forget it!

Phoebe: Anyway. I bet he’s gonna tell her.

Joey: $50 he won’t.

Monica: Joey, this is so inappropriate right now!

Joey: What? I thought we were up to bet??

Chandler: Joe, sometimes you just keep that to yourself, dude.

(There’s a knock on the door)

Rach: Who is it?

Ross: (from the other side of the door) It’s just me, Ross… Please open up, Rach.

(silence) Rach?

Rach: Who? Can’t hear you, I’m just blow-drying my hair. Wait a sec. (opens the door) (surprised: ) Ross! What are you doin’ here?

Ross: I wanted to talk to you about our… whole thing again, Rachel. I… I thought about it and I know how much I hurt you, I understand that. You really made me think, you know?

Rach: Ross, now is not the time, I…

Ross: No, just listen. I’m sorry for kissing you the other night, but you can’t hide it, you kissed me back. I… just wanted to apologize if I confused you because I know there’ll never be anything between us again and…

Rach: Ross, I…

Ross: Wait a minute, this is ridiculous. You know what? I’m not sorry. What should I be sorry for? Kissing you? No, I’m really not sorry for that. Because I love you. Yeah, okay, big deal, I said it, I love you. I fell in love with you in ninth grade and never stopped loving you, not even in my marriages. You are the only one that can make me happy and you know that. But if you don’t want to – fine, then I’ll go. Just promise me this one thing: Always be my friend. Losing you as my girlfriend was the worst thing that ever happened to me – you don’t know how often I lay awake in bed after what I did to you and regretted that whole thing. It was worst thing ever and I’m not gonna let you go as my friend. I miss you, Rachel.

Rach: Oh my God, Ross…

Ross: Yes, everybody can hear it: I love you! (some guy walks out of the elevator) Yeah, that’s right, you there, I love her! Rach, if you don’t wanna be with me, I understand that after what you said today, but please listen to me when I say I’m sorry. I Know, I can’t change things, can’t change the past, but I can try to make it up to you. In any way I can. If you let me, I will be the greatest husband ever.

Rach (stunned and almost crying): Husband?!

Ross: Yeah, I… (a man walks to the door out of her apartment) Mark??

Rach: Yeah, Ross, that’s what I was trying to tell you… Mark is here… We…

Ross: (angry,disappointed) I just came here to tell you I love you and to propose to you and you’re with Mark?!

Rach: Pro-propose?

Ross: Of course. What do you thin is this for, hein? (pulls a velvet box out of his pocket and gives it to her) Maybe I wasn’t gonna do it today, but when the time would have been right… I bought it when we were first going out. I was so sure, I bought it like two weeks after we started dating. Should have been very romantic. With Lillies and everything. In the museum, where we first… (swallows) Here. Take it. I don’t want it, just reminds me of what we have. And that is obviously a chapter of my life that’s over now. (walks away angrily)

Rach: Ross! Wait… (He doesn’t listen) (her eyes are fillin’ with tears again)

Mark: Well… I’ll better go now…

Rach: Yeah. Just run off, like every one of you does when there’s a little problem. Damn it, Mark, that’s the exact same thing Ross did when he was jealous of you. And if you hadn’t come over none of this would have happened.

Mark: Hey, calm down. Don’t blame me for him cheating on you with that bitch. He’s the one you should be mad at, that stupid ass—

(she slaps him)

Rach: (her voice is “shaking”) Don’t you dare talking about him like that. He made a mistake, yes – but he’s still a great guy and he does earn a little more respect.

Mark: (rubbing his cheek) A little mistake? Man, ya chicks really are confusing. Never know what ya want.

Rach: Go.

Mark: Rachel, aren’t you mad at him?

Rach: Just go. At least he has a little proud and doesn’t speak ill of people he doesn’t even know. You are so pathetic, Mark. Just get outta her and leave me alone, you already ruined my relationship once, that’s more than enough, I’m not gonna let you ruin it this time.

Mark: Well, if you don’t know, what’s good for you…

Rach: Oh, belive me, I do.

(he gets off)

(she is still standing in the door, looking at the box. She opens is and a beautiful diamant ring appears)

Rach: (out of her breath) Oh my God! (she tries it on, it fits, whispers: )Oh Ross… (tears roll down her cheek and she sighs)

Cut to monica’s and chandler’s
Phoebe: Ugh, I’m tired of waiting.

Monica: Pheebs, he’s been out the door for like 20 minutes.

Phoebe: ah, whatever.

(Joey’s playing with some spoons)

Chandler: Joe, what are you doing?

Joey: What?! Is she the only one who’s allowed to get bored??

Monica: Look, Guys, we’ll just have to wait. I mean, how long did it take Chandler to propose to me?

(everyone stares at her)

Chan: What??

Monica: I mean… how long did it take him to tell me he loves me… uhm, just mixed that up, I…

Joey: He wasn’t gonna propose, was he?

Monica: Well…

Chandler: Yeah?

Monica: …maybe

Phoebe: Oh my God, why didn’t you tell us?

Mon: I promised him not to. He already told me last weekend that he was maybe gonna.

Chandler: Wow, that really scares me.

Monica: I know, what if she says no?

Chandler: No, I meant, how the hell did you keep that secret so long to yourself?! You’re like the biggest secret-teller ever!

Monica: Ugh, just shut up. Another joke like that and somebody will be sleeping on the couch for a long time!

Chandler: (extra.sweet) I love you, Honey!

Phoebe: Oh my God, what a disaster.

Mon: Why? Wouldn’t it be great if the two of them got married?

Phoebe: Of yourse, it would, but When I left our apartment today Mark was just walkin’ in.

Monica: Oh No! Mark the Bloomingdale’s-Guy? Mark the “Ross is so jealous of him that we gotta take a break”-guy? Mark, the one who hit on her when she dated Ross? The One who..

Phoebe: Okay, Mon, I think we got it! Stop it, it really freaks me out! By the way, I mean that guy.

Monica: My god, what was he gonna do? He wasn’t… asking her out or anything?

Phoebe: I don’t know but I guess it won’t be so good if Ross proposes to her right in front of Mark…

Joey (giggles)

Chandler: What’s so funny about that?

Joey: Hm, sorry?

Chandler: Why are you laughing? It’s not funny – not even for me.

Joey: up, wasn’t listening, sorry. Just saw that this spoon looks pretty much like a butt cheek (nods and grins at Chandler. Than stops smiling when he glares back)

(the telephone rings)

Monica: I’ll get that.

(Rachel’s on the phone)

Mon: Hallo?

Rach: Hey Mon, is Ross there?

Mon: No, but…

Rach: D’you know where he is? I really gotta talk to him. He’s not at home and not at work so I figured he’d be over at your place.

Mon: No, he’s not, sorry, I don’t know.

Rach: Damn it!

Mon: Rach, what happened?

Rach: Well, that’s a long story…

Mon: Okay, we already know about you doing Mark and the Proposal…

Rach: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a sec! I didn’t do Mark! He came over and I was just up to send him away when Ross came. He was all going like “blablabla Rachel, let’s be a couple… whawhawha I’m so pathetic, please date me etc. etc.” and so I offered him a coffe. We talked about us and about me never being together with him and that was it!

Mon: (understands) Ooh…

Rach: Anyway, how do you know about the proposal?

Mon: Promise you won’t be mad at me?

Rach: Yep.

Mon: He told me like a week ago. I knew he bought the ring about four years ago or so but I didn’t know he was gonna propose today.

Rach: Mon!! How could you not tell me?!

Mon: You promised you wouldn’t be mad!

Rach: Had my fingers crossed.

Mon: Well, what’d you say?

Rach: Ugh, it didn’t really came to giving me the ring and everything because of Mark… Ross just… He just looked at me like a hurt dog – oh, I felt so sorry – gave me the ring, told me, how he was gonna do it and said that it obviously would be over forever now. Oh my God, I blew it!

Mon: Come on, Swetie, you didn’t blew it ! If anything, he blew it.

Rach: What?!

Mon: Okay, you’re right, I was just trying to be polite. You definitely screwed it up!

Rach: (sarcastic) Oh, thanks a lot, that really helps.

Mon: what are you waiting for? Search him! But – wait!

Rach: What?

Mon: Are you … are you gonna say yes?

(silence, Monica flips on the speakers of the phone)

Rach: Well, I… I guess… We got a lot to talk about, but still… I do love him and – yes. I’m gonna say yes.

(everybody shouts with joy)

Rach: Mon, did you just put on the speakers??

Phoebe: No time to talk about that. Go search him!

Rach: You’re right. Wish me luck, you guys!

Everybody: Have Luck!

(they both hang up the phone)

Monica: (very excited) Oh my God, can you believe that? Two of our best friends are getting married!

Phoebe: Monica, don’t get your hopes up too soon!

Monica: Why?

Phoebe: Hello? Didn’t you hear her?? You know Ross, right?

Monica: Of yourse, I do, he’s my brother.

Phoebe: Well, then you know that he means what he says and that he can be very unforgiving.

Monica: So…?

Chandler: Open your eyes, darling, he told her he would “start another chapter in his life”. He said that once before – when Emily left him. And he really did.

Monica: Ah, Come on, it’s not like that. He didn’t love Emily like he loves Rachel! And… she was so mean and possessive. Of course they will get married… won’t they??

Cut to the museum (Ross sitting alone in the planetarium, Rachel walks in)

Rach: I thought I’d find you here.

(he looks up)

Ross: Oh. Had some fun with Mark?

Rach: Stop it, Ross, don’t start that again. Nothing happened, I threw him out after we drank a coffee.

Ross: But still, he heard me… heard me revealing that I love you… heard me – proposing…

Rach: I tried to interrupt you, but you didn’t let me, I’m sory.

Ross: Okay, let’s just make this shorter.

Rach: No, Ross, Can’t we just talk about it again? Without anyone of us storming off? Please?

(He nods his head)

Rach: (takes a deep breath) First of all I love you too. (pause)

Ross: And second of all?

Rach: Were you really gonna do that? I mean, after what we had… Did you expect me to say yes?

Ross: I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking. I just thought… that I wanted you back. Forever. I wanted to marry you. I know, everybody jokes about my marriages all the time, but, they just didn’t work because I chose the wrong girl. Or the wrong time – with you and me in Vegas. But, just think of it, the day Carol left me, you came into my life again, in your wedding dress and everything (laughs), when I was up to marry emily, I said your name at the wedding – and then we two got married. Don’t you think we’re just meant to be together? I do – and that’s why I wanted to marry you. Propose to you. Here. Where we had our first date. With your favourite flowers, but now…

Rach: Please, don’t say anything. You know, what I’ve been thinking about since you left my place? How stupid I was letting you go. You know, I saw that ring… and I… I remembered how I felt when we were together. I couldn’t wait to get you to marry me, honestly. You… you just never asked.

Ross: Really? You wanted?? Well, I had this ring all the time, I was just waiting for the right time, y’know?

Rach: Oh, Ross, we could have saved so much time…

Ross: How do you mean it? Do you…

(she holds up her right hand with the ring on her finger)

Rach: No. (pulls off the ring and gives it to him; he looks totally disappointed)

Ross: (quietly) I knew it. Why’d you come over here, just to rip my heart out again?

Rach: shh, Ross. No. No, I didn’t. I just thought… I can’t be wearing that ring, because…

Ross: …you don’t want to?

Rach: No. Because you didn’t actually propose yet. (smiles)

Ross: You mean… you-you want to?

Rach (still smiling) If you still want to. But only if you do it now.

Ross: Oh, I do.(goes down on one knee and holds her hand) Rachel Karen Greene, you’ve always been the only one I loved and I am going to show you that you always will be the only one for me. I swear I’ll never stop loving you and I’ll do anything to make you happy. Will you marry me? (puts the ring on her finger)

Rachel (cries again, but smiles): Yes, of course! I will! (he stands up and looks her in the eye)

Ross: Oh, my God, we’re actually engaged! (laughs)

Rach: Don’t you wanna kiss me, you idiot? (smiles, they kiss passionately and fall down on the floor, where they first…. You know)

Closing Credits
The Next Day At Monica’s and Chandler’s (Everybody’s there but R & R, they just walk in)
(everyone stops talking and looks at them)

Monica: Hey, guys, are you… ?

Rachel: (fake-sighs) Well, We didn’t really…

Everybody but R & R: (sighs) aaawwww (everybody’s sad)

Ross: Just kiddin’ you guys: we’re engaged ! ! (Rachel holds up the ring)

(everybody’s shouting and screaming)

Monica: Oh my God! I can’t believe it!

Phoebe: Congratulations, you guys! (they hug)

Chandler: I’m so happy for you!

Rachel: Yeah, we just figured out we belong together ! (smiles at Ross, they kiss)

Ross: And she finally said yes! Although I left out the lillies…

Joey: Oh my God!

Rachel: Well, we can’t believe it either, we’re gonna get married!

Joey: What?? You’re gonna get married?! Why didn’t anybody tell me?!

Rach: We supposed you know since we just came in and told everyone...

Joey: Yeah, right, like I’m always listening. Don’t you see I’m playin’ with the spoons?!


well, that's it. boring, but it was fun to write it, really ;)