TOW(The One Where) Love Never Ends - part 1

This fan fic is written by me!(Beth Parlow) It is done purely for fun and entertainment and is not for profit. I have no connection at all with the show and the Rights to Friends are owned by Bright, Kauffman and Crane and of course NBC and Warner Bros

 This fan fic takes place 10yrs in the future. The year is 2010. Here's some background on what has happened over the past ten years. In 2001 Chandler and Monica were married, they have an 8yr old son named Nathan(Nate) and a 4yr old daughter named Natalie. Joey married Kate in 2005(she moved back to NY) and they have a 4yr old son named Adam. Pheebs is single, but dating and enjoying life, she started her own 800 psychic phone line. In 2002 Ross got back together with Lizzie, it was during this that Rachel realized she was still in love with Ross, he and Lizzie got engaged and Rachel didnt' want to ruin his happiness so she kept quiet about her feelings. She began to distance herself from him because she couldn't bear to be around him and be reminded of what she had lost. They got in a big fight, when she told him she couldn't come to the wedding and haven't talked since. The night of there fight, Rachel got drunk and had a one night stand, she found out she was pregnant, and a couple months later recived a job offer in San Francisco and moved there. Her daugher Lindsay is 8yrs old, Ross and Lizzie had a daughter named Megan who is now 7. Rachel is single and Ross is too because LIzzie couldn't handle being a mom and walked out when Megan was 3 months old. As the story opens Rachel is preparing to move back to NY

 An Apt in San Francisco

 A small girl with long red, curly hair is laying on the floor watching tv

 RACHEL: Lindsay Allysa Green didn't I tell you to finish packing

 LINDSAY: But mom, it's powerpuff girls

 RACHEL: I don't care, turn off the tv get in your room and pack. The moving van comes at 6:30 am and our plane leaves at 9

 LINDSAY: Fine. (goes in her room grumbling under her breath)

 RACHEL: What was that?

 LINDSAY: I said, I don't see why we have to move to stupid New York anyhow, all my friends are here

 RACHEL: Sweetie, I know this is hard for you, but you'll make new friends, and you'll love NY, it's a lot of fun

 LINDSAY: I hope so

 They continue packing(Rachel begins to think to herself as she packs) "What if i'm doing the wrong thing and making a mistake by moving back to NY. it's been so long and everything is so different. I want to see the old group, I miss Monica so much and Chandler and of course Joey and Pheebs, but then there's Ross. I mean it's not like I can just not see him, he is Monica's brother after all


 ROSS: I can't belive you're not coming to my wedding

 RACHEL: Ross, I can't ok, I have so much work to do, there's the spring line coming in and the fashion show and...

 ROSS: But Rachel, this is my wedding

 RACHEL: Ross, I already told you I can't

 ROSS: Fine, obviously my happiness means nothing to you and I guess our friendship doesn't either. Maybe you should just get out of my life and stay out

 Later the same night

 Rachel is at a bar and clearly drunk out of her mind. We see her laughing and dancing with a red haired man, then we see her follow the man out the door


 Monica and Chandler's house(they are now living in Long Island)

 MONICA: Now you're going to be nice to Lindsay when she comes, Right?

 NATE:Mom, she's a girl(he has Monica's dark hair and Chandler's eyes)

 MONICA: Very good Einstein, I'm so proud to have raised such a smart son(she begins tickling him)

 NATALIE: (runs into the room) Me too Momma me too! (she is a very cute little girl with long dark hair and big blue eyes)

 (Monica begins tickling her too)

 A Yellow Taxi pulls up in front of Chandler and Monica's house. It's a white two story house with green shutters. Chandler is standing on a ladder, fixing one of the shutters. Rachel and Lindsay get out of the taxi

 CHANDLER: Rachel!(runs over and hugs her) I'm so glad you're here, Monica has been drving me crazy, wondering when you'd be here

 RACHEL: Is she inside then?

 CHANDLER: Yeah, the kids are there too

 LINDSAY: Kids?? Any my age

 CHANDLER: You must be Lindsay(puts out his hand to shake hers)

 LINDSAY: Yep! Now about these kids

 CHANDLER: My son Nate is your age, Natalie is 4

 LINDSAY: No girls my age

 CHANDLER: Not right now, but my niece Megan is 7 and she'll be here later tonight


 RACHEL: You're niece huh? So that would be??

 CHANDLER: Ross's daughter

 RACHEL: and she's coming over tonight?

 CHANDLER: yeah, Mon wanted to have a BBQ, Joey, Kate and Adam are coming and so is Pheebs

 RACHEL: Is Ross, umm coming?

 CHANDLER: Yeah he is,(looks at Rach) Rachel, are you ok?

 RACHEL: Yeah, I think, it's just... I haven't seen him for so long, I knew i'd have to I just didn't expect it to be so soon

 CHANDLER: Rachel, it's going to be all right, it's been 7 years

 RACHEL: I hope so(walks inside)

 Monica and Rachel see each other and start hugging and crying

 MONICA: This must be Lindsay(smiles at her) I think that Nate has some videos in the playroom, and I made fresh cookies, they're out in the kitchen

 NATALIE(runs over and grabs Lindsay's arm) Come on!! My moms cookies are the best

 (The kids run off to play and watch videos)

 MONICA: How have you been Rach?

 RACHEL: Fine, I mean it's been hard raising Linds on my own, but I've managed

 MONICA: She's beautiful, all those pictures you sent me just dont' do her justice, I cant' get over that red hair

 RACHEL: Yeah, she's wonderful, except when she gets mad, she can be very stubborn

 MONICA: I can imagine, Natalie is only 4 and she's already so much more difficult than Nate ever was at that age

 RACHEL: So when is this BBQ?

 MONICA: Chandler told you?

 RACHEL: yeah

 MONICA: did he also tell you...

 RACHEL: that Ross is coming? yes.

 MONICA: Rach, I know it's going to be awkward but I had to invite him

 RACHEL: I know, I guess I'm just nervous about seeing him

 MONICA: Rachel it's been seven years, i'm sure it will be ok

 RACHEL: That's just what Chandler said, you two really are a perfect match.But I highly doubt everything will be ok, you didn't see how mad he was that day, the day he told me to get out of his life forever


 RACHEL: what do you mean get out of your life

 ROSS: If you were really my friend, if you gave a damn about me, you'd be at my wedding, now are you coming or not

 RACHEL(thinks to herself) I don't want to hurt him, but I can't I just can't go to that wedding. I can't bear to see him with Lizzie and to know that i've lost him, I should tell him, but I can't I can't ruin his happiness

 ROSS: So are you?

 RACHEL: Ross, I can't

 ROSS: Fine

 RACHEL: Ross, I want to it's just...

 ROSS: Save it Rachel, I don't care. I don't care what your reason is because it doesn't matter, nothing matters except that you care nothing about my happiness

 RACHEL: Ross, I have to work

 ROSS: Yeah right, you know you could get out of work if you really wanted to. But then again, you've always been selfish MONICA: Rach, are you ok

 RACHEL: Yeah, yeah I was just thinking. So what can I do to help with this Bar B qu?

 (They start getting stuff together for the BBQ)

 LINDSAY: Oh cool, you've got Karate Kid, I loove that movie(does a karate kick)

 NATE: cool, how'd you learn that?

 LINDSAY: I take karate

 NATE: Awesome!!! I want to but mom keeps saying we'll see. But, my uncle Ross is trying to get her to let me. He says "Karate is fundamentally beneficial to leaving a fullfilled life."


 NATE: I don't get it either, Uncle Ross likes to use big words

 NATALIE: I take dance and I get to start piano next year

 LINDSAY: I take dance too, I do tap and ballet. Can you do this?(starts doing pullbacks and Natalie tries to copy her)

 NATALIE: I can do a cartwheel, wanna see(does one)

 NATE: watch this(does a flip off the couch, causing the whole house to shake. Monica and Rachel run in the room)

 MONICA: All right, it's time for three kids I know, to go outside

 NATE: Mom, Lindsay takes Karate and she's a girl, I've got to take it, pleeese

 MONICA: I already told you, we'll see. Now go outside because I just saw uncle Joey and Kate pull up

 NATE: Yeah!!!!! Come on Lindsay, you're gonna love Uncle Joey he is an actor and he runs a homemade Jam business

 LINDSAY: You sure have a lot of uncles

 NATE: Joey isn't really our uncle, but he and my dad are best friends so we call him that

 NATE and NATALIE: Uncle Joey, Uncle Joey!!!

 JOEY: Hey guys!(hands them both a jar of jam) This must be Lindsay(hands her a jar too)

 LINDSAY: Yea, so you make jam

 JOEY: yeah Jam, I loove Jam, Jam is great, Jam, ooom jam

 KATE:(slaps him on the arm) snap out of it Joe(bends over to say hello to Lindsay) Hi, Lindsay I'm Kate and this is our son Adam(He's an adorable little boy with dark brown hair and Joey's deep brown eyes)

 ADAM: How you doin

 LINDSAY: Great, I'm gettin hit on by a preschooler

 ADAM: I'm very mature

 LINDSAY: So are the pyramids, doesn't mean I want to date them

 ADAM: We don't have to date, we can just have fun

 JOEY: That's my boy

 (Nate and Natalie taste the jam)

 NATE and NATALIE: Yuck! Uncle Joey, this jam is gross, what kind is it?

 JOEY: Duh, pimento

 MONICA:(Runs over and grabs the jam from the kids)Joseph Tribbiani I cant' belive you would give my children pimento jam

 JOEY: What??(in that perplexed way he has)

 MONICA: Pimento?? Nobody likes Pimento it's like the white trash of foods

 JOEY: Hey, dont' ever say Joey Tribbiani aint original

 MONICA: Joe, there is original and then there is stupid

 (rachel approaches from across the yard)

 RACHEL: I see you finally made good use of your love affair with Jam

 JOEY: Why Rachel Karen Green, you look just as beautiful as ever

 RACHEL: Thank you Joey(they hug) I'm so sorry I wasn't able to come to you and Kate's wedding, but Lindsay had strep throat and I just wasnt' able to travel

 JOEY: That's ok, I dont' even like traveling with Adam when he's healthy

 RACHEL: Joey!!

 JOEY: Well, it's true, you didnt' have to spend 12hrs with him driving to Michigan with his(looks over at Chandler when he says this) loud, stupid, annoying, electronic robot. Now where did he get that again, oh yeah--from Chandler

 CHANDLER: Don't mention it man, glad you liked it

 JOEY: Oh yeah, almost as much as you're going to like what I bought for your kids for christmas

 CHANDLER: ooh, am I intrigued, you're flingin, flanigin right I am(walks off)

 RACHEL: So what did you get

 JOEY: A drum set

 RACHEL:(starts laughing) Joey, you didn't

 MONICA: (wanders over from the BBQ) what is so funny

 JOEY: Oh nothing

 MONICA: spill it Rachel

 RACHEL: Let's just say you'll be having a very musical christmas

 MONICA: Christmas, oh my god Christmas, I have to start planning the menu, and getting gifts and....

 RACHEL: Whoo, slow down skippy, it's only Sept I think you can wait a few weeks before you hit panic mode.

 MONICA: yes but there is so much to plan, I have to figure out what to cook and what kind of candy to make and... Hey, Phoebee's here

 RACHEL: Thank God(under her breath)

 (Phoebee and Rachel see each other and start jumping up and down and hugging and crying)

 PHOEBEE: I'm going to venture a guess that the redhead over there is Lindsay and that she got that red hair from her dad

 RACHEL: Yeah, that's Lindsay, but whether her dad had red hair I don't know

 PHOEBEE: You don't know

 RACHEL: Pheebs, remember I was drunk

 PHOEBEE: Oh Yeah, sorry Matt has these new super strong aromotherapy candles, and sometimes I breathe in too much smoke

 RACHEL: (Stares at Phoebee for a minute) um ok

 PHOEBEE:(looks across the yard) Hey, there's Ross!

 (Ross arrives with an adorable little girl walking beside him, she has his dark eyes and Lizzie's hair)

 ROSS: Hey Pheebs(they hug)

 RACHEL: (tentitively) Hi, Ross

 ROSS: Oh, hello Rachel(bends over to talk to the little girl) Hey Meggie what do you say we go show Aunt Monica the picture you drew?

 RACHEL: Oh God, oh God he hates me, he hates me I was stupid to move back here this is never going to work, everything will be weird and awkward and...

 PHOEBEE: Ok Rachel, breathe, yes that's right breathe slowly, slooowly. So Ross is mad, are you surprised? Come on we all know how stubborn he is, just wait til later and then go talk to him

 RACHEL: Yeah, ok

 (Nate, Natalie, Adam and Lindsay are kicking a soccer ball around the yard, Lindsay sees Megan and runs over to say hello to her)

 LINDSAY: Hi, my names Lindsay and I'm 8

 MEGGIE: Hi, my names Megan but everyone calls me Meggie, i'm 7

 LINDSAY: Come play soccer with us

 MEGGIE: I can't

 LINDSAY: Oh don't worry about it, i'll teach you. Actually i'm not very good but it's fun

 MEGGIE: No, I can't. I'm not allowed to, I have this heart problem and I have to be careful, I can't run and stuff.

 LINDSAY: Oh, i'm sorry

 MEGGIE: It's ok, i've had it since I was a baby so I'm used to it. Hey, do you like Barbies?

 LINDSAY: Yeah!!

 (they start playing with Meggie's Barbies, Natalie notices and runs over to join in)

 ROSS: Megan Alanna Geller you'd better not even think of cutting Barbie's hair

 MEGGIE: Daddddy, this isn't Barbie, her name is Jessamyn Franceca and besides I haven't cut any of my dolls hair since I was 6

 LINDSAY: I once cut my Barbies hair and colored it with a blue marker, my mom was not happy

 ROSS:(bends over to talk to Lindsay) I'm sorry, I should have introduced myself I'm Ross Geller, Meggie's father.

 LINDSAY: Hi! I'm Lindsay Allysa Green

 ROSS: Well, it's nice to meet you Lindsay, you girls have fun now

 (the evening passes and they all eat dinner, talk etc... Things are very awkward between Ross and Rachel but they act polite and make small talk. Everyone else has left and Ross approaches Rachel

 ROSS: Rachel?


 ROSS: I was wondering if it would be all right for Lindsay to spend the night with Meggie some evening?

 RACHEL: Of course, and Meggie is welcome to stay with us too

 (they exchange addresses and phone numbers)

 RACHEL: Ross?

 ROSS: Yeah?

 RACHEL: Was that um all that you wanted

 ROSS: Yes, what did you think I wanted to talk to you, wanted to maybe forget about the past or become friends again. It's not happening Rachel, you made your choice 8 years ago

 RACHEL:(looks at Ross like she wants to say something) Oh never mind

 (a couple months pass by, Rachel and Lindsay get a small house about 3 blocks from Monica and Chandlers and about a mile from where Ross and Meggie live. Rachel fits right back in with the old gang, except for Ross, and Meggie and Lindsay become best friends. It's now xmas afternoon. Everyone is at Monica and Chandlers including Ben(he spent Xmas eve with Carol and Susan) who is now 15 and the Frank and Alice along with the triplets who are 11

 MONICA:Joey, remind me to kill you later(glances over at the playroom where all nine kids are busy banging on the drumset)

 JOEY: Don't mention it, Joey Tribbiani always aims to give the gift of music to his friends

 MONICA: I can think of a gift i'd like to give you, the gift of my foot going (notices Natalie is standing next to her)

 NATALIE: What gift mommy?(crawls into Monica's lap)

 MONICA: Oh nothing, Mommy was just being silly

 (the other kids are still banging away on the drum, but Meggie has moved off to the side)

 LINDSAY: Meggie, are you ok

 MEGGIE: (holding on to the side of a chair and looking very pale, she is obviously having trouble breathing) No, get my daddy please, tell him to hurry.(she moves to sit down, sways and falls to the floor unconscious)

 (Nate runs to tell the adults what has happened, Adam starts crying and Ben and the triplets try to calm the younger kids down. Ross runs in and listens to her pulse)

 CHANDLER: Is she breathing?

 ROSS: Yes but her pulse is really erratic, first it's really fast, then I can barely hear it. (angrily) Where the hell is that damn ambulance?

 MONICA: (puts her arm around Ross) they said they were on their way

 (the ambulance arrives and takes Meggie to the hospital. Everyone is in the waiting room, Ross has just finished talking to the Doctor)

 JOEY: Dude, what did the doctor say, is she going to be ok?

 ROSS: They said they got her stabalized, they want to observe her for a couple of days, but she seems to be doing a lot better, if she contines to improve she should be able to come home by Wed

 EVERYONE: That's great, good, great news...

 ROSS: Well, not all great, he also said that she is getting worse and he has moved her name up on the transplant list, her heart is getting weaker and the valves are beginning to clog

 RACHEL: What does that mean?

 ROSS: Hmm, gee Rachel let me think, oh yeah duh, it means that if she doesn't get a new heart soon she's going to die.(storms off)

 MONICA: Rach, he's just upset, don't take it personally

 RACHEL:(walks over to Ross) Ross, I'm sorry about Meggie ok, I"m sorry I didn't come to your wedding, i'm sorry about everything. Can't we just be friends again, I want to help you through this, I can only imagine how hard it must be for you

 ROSS: Yes that's right Rachel, you can only imagine, your daughter is healthy, you don't know what's it like, so you can't help(walks down the hall towards Meggie's room)

 LINDSAY: (approaches Ross hesitantly) Excuse me, is Meggie really going to be all right? She's my best friend you know

 ROSS: (sees Lindsays tear stained face) yes, of course she is, she'll be home in a couple of days ready to play Barbies

 LINDSAY: Can I see her?

 ROSS: No i'm sorry no one under 14 is allowed to visit

 LINDSAY: Oh, well can you give her this card?

 ROSS: I'd be happy too

 *It's now February, Meggie is doing better, she isn't able to walk long distances anymore and has to carry oxegyn with her wherever she goes but she's doing pretty well. Everyone is at the Bowling Alley for the evening

 G CHANDLER:(she's about 4'10 with chin length blond hair that has pink streaks dyed in it) Nice one Frank Junior, you almost hit the pins that time

 FRANK JR: (he's 5'4 with close cut blond hair) Shut up Chandler, least I don't have stupid looking hair

 G CHANDLER: Least i'm not stupid

 LESLIE:(starts laughing) Good one Channa. (she's 4'10 with shoulder length blond hair

 FRANK JR: Shut up Leslie

 G CHANDLER: Don't tell her to shut up

 LESLIE: Yeah!

 FRANK JR: oooh good comeback, musta taken ya light years to come up with that one

 BEN: Hey, I have an idea, why dont' you all shut up

 TRIPLETS: Shut up Ben

 MONICA:Hey, I have an idea, why doesn't everyone shut up?

 (Meggie and Lindsay have been sitting at the counter coloring and laughing at everyone else)

 BEN:(walks over and sits down next to them) Hey what are you guys doing?

 MEGGIE: Colorin, wanna color a page?

 BEN: Ohhh Yeah, cool!!!

 (Nate runs over) NATE: Ben, why are you playing with girls, girls are dumb

 LINDSAY: Nuh uh, boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider and girls go to Mars to get more candy bars

 NATE: No, girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider and boys go to Mars to get more candy bars

 LINDSAY: Noooo, boys go to....

 BEN: No, no one gets the candy bars cause I just ate them all

 NATE: anyhow, why aren't you bowling Linds?

 LINDSAY: Because Meggie can't and she is my best friend and we are having fun together

 MEGGIE: Yeah!(throws her arm around Lindsay)

 (later that night, at Ross and Meggie's house)

 MEGGIE:(half asleep) Know what Daddy, I sure had fun today

 ROSS: I'm glad, I wish you could have bowled though

 MEGGIE: Oh I didn't mind, I had fun with Lindsay. I'm sure glad she moved here she is my very best friend you know

 ROSS: I know angel(leans over and kisses her)

 * a couple of days later

 LINDSAY: But moooom, it's not that far. I can ride my bike I know how to get there and Meggie wants ta show me her new Barbie

 RACHEL: Lindsay, you know I don't like you riding that far

 LINDSAY: Mom, it'll be ok, it's going to take you all afternoon to look at sketches(Rachel is looking at sketches for the spring line)Mom, pleeeese

 RACHEL: Fine, but be careful, walk your bike across the busy streets, look both ways, wear your helmet and call me when you get there

 LINDSAY: I will(Runs and grabs her helmet and jumps on her bike, once she's out in the street she takes the helmet off,because she hates wearing it)

 (she continues on to Meggie's house and stops at a stop sign, she rides out into the intersection, when I suddenly a car flies around the corner. Lindsay hears the car approaching, turns and tries to move out of the way but the car keeps coming, she tries to jump out of the way but her foot becomes tangled in the bikes pedals, she stares in shock as the car hits her. She's thrown up into the air and lands on the grass


 The phone rings

 RACHEL: Hello, yes this is her mother. What, what?? Oh my god, how is she is she hurt, where is she at???

 (Hangs up them immediatly dials a number)

 RACHEL: (obiously panicked) Monica, this is Rachel, you have to get to the hospital there's been an accident, it's Lindsay


 Rach is there along with Monica and chandler. She is visibly upset and keeps pacing the room. Monica and Chandler are trying to calm her down but they are also very upset.

 RACHEL: Oh god, oh god, I can't belive I let her ride her bike, I knew it was too far, what was I thinking. I'm soo dumb, I knew she hated wearing her helmet but i just let her go. What kind of bad parent am I , this is all my fault.(she kind of flops down onto one of the waiting room chairs and puts her head in her hands and begins to sob)

 MONICA: (Comes over and sits down next to Rach and hugs her) Rach it's going to be ok, you have to belive she is going to be ok, you have to have faith.

 (Chandler moves over and stands behind both of them with his arms on their shoulders)

 (Phoebee, Joey and Kate run into the ER, they had been at dinner and went to the hosp as soon as they heard the message)

 PHOEBEE: Oh my god, what happened, is she ok, what's going on??

 JOEY: Rach-(stops in shock when he sees how upset Rach is)

CHANDLER: guys come over here(they go to the other side of the room) Lindsay was hit by a car while riding her bike. All we know is that she has two broken legs, a broken pelvis, a collapsed lung and a severe head injury, they're doing suregery right now to reduce the swelling in her brain.

 PHOEBEE: Oh my god, poor Rach, poor Lindsay(she begins to cry and Chandler hugs her, the four of them go over and sit next to Mon and rachel.

 JOEY: Hey, where is Ross?

 CHANDLER: He took Meggie to the zoo he must have turned his cell phone off, we can't get ahold of him, but we left a message on the asnwering machine telling him to come here as soon as he gets home

 The Doctor comes out into the waiting room

 DR: MS. Green?

 RACHEL: Yes,yes Doctor how is she, is she going to be ok

 DR: I'm sorry there was just too much damage to her brain, there's nothing else we can do, she slipped into a coma and she's too serverly brain damaged, there is no hope, your daughter is brain dead. Ma'm,(reaches out and touches her shoulder) I know this is difficult for you but have you considered the possibility of organ donation?

 RACHEL: (She's so much in shock that's she acting and thinking in a very robotic like manner-the fact that Lindsay is dying hasn't hit her yet) Yes, if it's possible to donate her organs i'd like to do so, and um how much longer will it be until she, she...(begins to sob)

 DR: It's hard to tell, right now her organs are being kept alive by a machine that is breathing for her, since you want to donate her organs we will try to keep her breathing as long as possible to keep the organs alive, but i'd say prob within 3-4 hrs she will be gone

 RACHEL: Can I see her?

 DR: Yes

 RACHEL(walks down to Lindsays room after the Dr indicates where it is)She goes over to Lindsays bed, where the little girl is lying there covered by tubes and wires, a heart moniter is beeping slowly, and the oxegyn and heart machine are breating for her. Her red hair is fanned out on the pillow and her face is pale and covered with bruises

 (Rachel begins to stroke back Lindsays hair and holds her hand within hers, she begins to sob as she speaks to her daughter) Linds, it's mommy. Princess I love you so much, you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I'm so sorry I wasn't there to protect you or save you, you brought so much happiness to my life and I can't imagine my life without you, I want you to know that you don't have to be afraid, I know you are in pain, and I want you to feel free to leave me. I love you so much and I, I don't even know what i'm saying or what I'm doing--all I know is how much I love you.(bends over and kisses her) I'll be back in a few minutes, I need to go tell everyone else what is going on

 MONICA: (jumps up as Rach walks into the waiting room-they hadn't heard what the doctor had said) How is she, is she going to be ok?

 RACHEL: She's she's (begins shaking and sobbing uncontrollably and is unable to speak)

 (The others all begin comforting her and trying to calm her down

 RACHEL: Lindsay is, is... she's, she's going to die, the Dr said she is already brain damaged and only being kept alive by machines as of this point, I'm going to donate her organs and they need to keep them working as long as possible which is why she is still on the machines. I went in and saw her, and she looked so pretty, she cant' be dying, I mean I know she is but it doesnt' seem possible, I keep thinking this is all a bad dream and she'll wake up and be ok(by this point Rachel is talking as if she's in a trance)I, I have to go see her, I have to be with her(walks towards Lindsays room)

 MONICA: (follows and touches Rach on the arm just as she is about to enter the room) Rach, I dont' know what to say, for the first time ever I don't know what to say, but I want you to know that i'll, that we'll be hear for you no matter what and I'm so sorry(begins to cry as the two of them hug)

 RACHEL: Thank you- I, I need to go be with Lindsay now(suddenly thinks of something) OH my god, I have to find the doctor(runs down to hall to f find him)

 DR: Yes Ms. Green

 RACHEL: I have a question about the organ donation, is it possible, I mean can I specify that her organs go to someone in particular if I know someone who needs them

 DR: Yes, you can, it's called direceted donation, it's not very common but it is possible. Of course the blood types have to match and some tests will have to be done, who did you have in mind?

 RACHEL: Megan Geller

 DR: Yes, i'm familiar with her case, i'd have to contact her primary caregiver and some tests would have to be performed, but we can definitly look into it working, we just would need to get Megan in here asap

 RACHEL: She's with her father at the zoo right now and he turned his cell phone off.

 DR: Not a problem, we can have them paged, i'll get right on it

 The Zoo

 MEGGIE: Dad, let's go see the leopards again

 ROSS:(jokingly) dont' you ever get tired of the leopards

 MEGGIE: Nope, they're cute

 (they are walking back to the cat area of the zoo when they hear over the loudspeakers-"Will Mr. Ross Geller please come to the information desk immediatly, you have a phone call"

 ROSS: I wonder what that is all about, come on Meggie.

 DESK CLERK: Yes sir, may I help you

 ROSS: I"m Ross Geller, I was told that I have a phone call

 DESK CLERK: Yes sir, the phone is right over there, i'll connect the call

 ROSS: Hello

 DR CARTER: Ross, we need you and Meggie here at the hosp immediatly, we may have a donor for her, the blood types match and the little girl is about Meggie's age, we just need to perform a couple more tests and if it is a match we can proceed with the surgery

 ROSS: Oh my god, thank you, thank you(he picks Meggie up and twirls her around in the air)

 MEGGIE: (giggling) daddy what is it

 ROSS: That was the hosp they think they have found a donor for you, but we need to get their right away

 MEGGIE: Yay!!! But, but what if it doesn't work, what if something goes wrong

 ROSS: Megan Elizabeth Geller, none of that negative talk, this is going to work you are so strong and you have been so lucky so far, and you will make it, you're going to get better, and then you can ride your bike and run and play soccer and do all those fun things, and just think no more oxegyn

 Now the are at the hosp, the tests all went well and Meggie is getting ready to go into surgery

 MEGGIE: I love you daddy, and Aunt Monica, and Chandler, and and everyone else

(to be continued...)