The One With All the Love Games - Part I

- A FanFic by Nina -

- This fanfic takes place somewhere in season 7 -

Monica and Chandler are together but they are not married. Phoebe still lives with them. Ross and Rachel are not together. Ross lives alone in his apartment and Rachel lives with Joey. This is a R&R fanfic but the other four are in the story too. But it is focused on R&R, because I just love them! I hope you like it. And Tina, thank you a lot for your help. You are the best!

SCENE - Monica and Chandler's - at night -

[They are all there. Monica, Chandler and Phoebe are sitting on the couch. Rachel is sitting on the armchair. Ross is sitting on the green ottoman and Joey is sitting on the floor. They are hanging out on the living room watching some TV. All of a sudden, Phoebe comes up with a game.]

Phoebe: Ok, everyone, I have a new game! Who wanna play?

Joey (really excited): I do! I do!

Rachel: What's the game, Pheebs?

Phoebe: Oh, it's a great game. I am sure you will all be happy to play. It's called "With who was your best time ever?". Isn't it cool?

[Rachel looks surprised. She quickly looks at Ross, who, by the way, is looking at her too. Then she just looks another way. Ross does the same. They look very uncomfortable. Phoebe notices that, but she doesn't say anything.]

Phoebe: So?

Ross: Phoebe, just one thing. It's "whom".

[Everybody just shoots him a look. Ross feels guilty.]

Phoebe: So?

Rachel: Well, Phoebe, I don't think we wanna play this kind of game.

Joey (yelling): Yes, we do!

Chandler: Yes, I think it will be fun, right Mon?

Monica: Yes, kind of. So, let's do it, Phoebe!

Phoebe (looking at Rachel): And Ross, do you have a problem with this game too or it is just Rachel?

[Rachel just mocks Phoebe, and start making faces.
Ross looks at Rachel and them at Phoebe.]

Ross: Well, I think you have already won, you know, four out of five. So my vote really doesn't count.

[Rachel looks at him a little bit ashamed.]

Phoebe: Great! (looking at Rachel). See?

[Rachel just pretends she is not hearing that.]

Phoebe: So...hummm .... Chandler, you go first.!

Chandler: Well, it was with Monica, of course, and still is.

[Monica looks at him and they kiss.]

Monica: Mine was with Chandler too.

[They kiss again and everybody look like, "oh my god, do we really have to watch this?".]

Phoebe (smiling): Awww... that was sweet. But now seriously.

[Monica and Chandler just look at Phoebe, not getting what she meant by that.]

Monica/Chandler: What???

Phoebe: Well, we wanna know the truth!

Monica (kind of mad): Phoebe, that is the truth!

Rachel: See? See? I told you we shouldn't play this game!

Phoebe (not really convinced): Ok, ok ... whatever. But I can read your minds!

Monica: Phoebe! Stop it!

Phoebe: All right. Ok. Now, Joey?

Joey: Well, there were so many... but it would have to be with Angela Delvechio (and makes a "how you doing" face)

[Chandler just nods.]

Chandler: You're right man.

Joey: Remember the butter?

All: Ewwww....

Rachel: Disgusting Joey!

Monica: We don't wanna know that!

Phoebe: Ok, ok. Now, Rachel, with whom was your best time ever?

[Rachel looks a little bit embarrassed. Ross looks down. Phoebe, again, notices it.]

Rachel: I am NOT gonna answer that!

All, except Ross Why?

Phoebe: You just have to! It's the rule.

Rachel (mad): There is no rule!

Phoebe: Yes, there is. The game is mine and I say that there is a rule and you will have to answer. And besides, I can read your mind too. You see, you can't hide it from me. I know! I know! I know!

Rachel: Ok, Phoebe. Just stop it, all right!

Phoebe: So, your answer would be...

[Rachel thinks for a second. She doesn't know if she should answer it or not. Ross looks at her for a moment but then looks down again.]

Rachel: Ok, ok, it was with Ross! Are you happy now, Phoebe?

[Phoebe looks at Rachel and nods. Chandler, Joey and Monica just look surprise by hearing Rachel's answer.]

[And Ross has a "I am a sex machine" look on his face. Rachel just shoots him a look.]

Rachel: So what?

Phoebe: Yeah, Ross, so what? I can read your mind too. And just take this snobbish smile off you face!

[Ross looks down, a little ashamed.]

Ross: Ok, it was with Rachel too.

[Rachel has a little smile on her face, like "I knew it!"]

Phoebe: Awwww, that's so sweet, you guys!

[Ross and Rachel don't get what Phoebe said.]

Rachel: What Phoebe?

Phoebe: Well, you are the best you've ever had, so what are you waiting for?

[Ross and Rachel look puzzled]

Phoebe: Go to that room right now!

[Phoebe laughs and points to Rachel's old room.]

Rachel (furious): You have got to be kidding! That's ridiculous!

Ross: Yeah, ridiculous! [He sounds a little bit upset, but pretends to be like Rachel).]

Rachel (getting up): You know what? This conversation is just too much for me! I'm going home!

[Rachel storms out really mad. Ross looks like he is a little upset too.]

Ross (getting up): Yes, your game is just stupid, Phoebe! I am going home too!

[Ross storms out and slams the door.]

[The other four just stay there, looking at the door.]

Chandler: Man, what a babies! They just can't play a game!

Joey: Yeah, and it's such a niiiice game!

Monica: Joey!!!

Phoebe: God, I didn't know they were going to be so upset. And besides, I wasn't reading anyone's mind!

Monica/Chandler/Joey: No?

Phoebe: No, I was just playing a game to see if everyone would admit it. And it looks like those two did and also have issues!

Monica (confused): So, you think they...?

Phoebe: Monica, please! Totally, I mean, they are lobsters! In what planet do you live anyway?

[Monica, Chandler and Joey just look like "God, could that really be?"]

SCENE- Next day at Central Perk -

[Monica, Chandler and Joey are sitting on the couch. Phoebe just finished playing a song as Rachel walks in.]

Chandler: Oh, here is the stressed lady.

Rachel: Ha, ha, very funny.

Monica: Really, honey, what is the matter with you and Ross? I thought you guys were way over each other.

Rachel: So you are right. There is nothing going on, and I don't even know why we are talking about it. It's all Phoebe's fault!

Phoebe: Excuse me?

Rachel: You and your stupid games! And they're not even funny!

Phoebe: Ok, Rach. That's it! What do you think we are? Stupid?

Rachel: Well ... sometimes ...

Joey/Chandler/Monica: Hey!

Phoebe: We saw your reaction last night. Why would you do that if you were over Ross?

Rachel: Ok, people, let's get some perspective here. That was awkward! Come on, you guys! That would be awkward to you too, Phoebe, and also to you Mon. Imagine if it was Richard there?

Chandler: Ok, we got it. And please, no more Richard!

Monica: I understand you, honey, but I don't think it would be so awkward in my case because I am so over Richard.

Chandler: See?

Rachel: Ok, ok, but ... people are different.

Phoebe: People in love are different.

Rachel: Oh my God! Would you just stop it already? It's getting really old!

Joey: Well, maybe it would be better if you discussed it with Ross, Rach.

Rachel: Are you crazy, Joey? I can't just tell him this after more three years ...

Monica/Chandler/Phoebe: We got you!!! We knew it! Oh my God!

Rachel: Ok, I give up. I am not so over Ross as I thought I was. But what can I do? You have to help me! I need help! I don't think I can go through all that again.

Joey: Rachel, this is great, you see. You guys a so different now.

Rachel: Yeah, he has three divorces now, instead of one, and I have one.

Monica: Yes, that too, but you are more mature now. I don't think Ross will be so jealous again.

Chandler: Ok, but if you guys get back together, Ross will have to promise that we will never, ever listen to "we were on a break" again.

Rachel: Chandler!

Chandler: But it's true!

Phoebe: Rachel, but don't you think that Ross should know that? I mean, what if he is also feeling the same?

Rachel: And what if he is not? I won't be able to take it.

[Ross enters.]

Joey (in a very loud voice, and blinking to Rachel): Oh, hi Ross!!!

[Rachel just look at Joey in a "I can't believe you" way.]

Ross: Hi everyone!

Phoebe: So, Ross, how is the love life?

[Rachel almost freaks out]

Ross: Well, Phoebe, why are you asking me this? Are you trying to set me up with someone?

Phoebe: Well, do you want me to?

Ross: Well, it depends on who is the girl.

Phoebe: Who said it's a girl?

[All, but Ross, laugh]

Ross: Very funny. But who is she?

Phoebe: Well, she is one of my best friends. She is pretty and just loves shopping.

[Rachel is now definitely freaking out. Ross looks confused.]

Joey: Is she hot, Phoebe? How come you never told me about her?

[Phoebe just ignores him.]

Chandler: Joey, don't you have go to an audition?

Joey: No, I wanna know about this hot girl!

[Chandler and Monica just rolls their eyes.]

Phoebe: So, Ross, what do you say? And Rachel? It's ok for me to set Ross up, right?

Rachel: Phoebe!!!!!!!!!!

Ross: What Rachel has to do with that, Phoebe?

Phoebe: Well, she is you ex girlfriend-wife, so I feel it's my obligation to have her permission.

Ross: Are you crazy? No one has ever asked for my permission to set Rachel up!

Rachel: Of, course, because it's none of your business. And besides, no-one set me up here. I don't need that!

Ross: So why do I need your permission?

Rachel: It's all Phoebe's idea. Don't put the blame on me!

Phoebe: Ok, you guys, obviously you are not ready to date anyone else at this moment. So, Ross, I am sorry, but no dates for you!

Ross: I can find my own dates!

Chandler: Yeah, maybe in 9 years...

[All, but Ross, laugh.]

Ross: I heard that! I'm leaving!

[Ross leaves.]

Rachel (really mad): Thank you guys very much. That was just perfect! I was right when I said that you are stupid. And Phoebe? What were you thinking????

Phoebe: Yeah! That was crazy, huh?

[Rachel just looks at the other three and really doesn't know what to do.]

SCENE - Monica and Chandler's later that same day -

[Monica is cooking. Chandler and Phoebe are on the couch watching TV.]

Monica: Now seriously, Phoebe, what was that all about?

Phoebe: What?

Monica: Phoebe!

Phoebe: Ohhh, that thing with Ross? Well ... I really don't know, Monica, but I just felt like doing something for them. After all, they are lobsters.

[Chandler just rolls his eyes.]

Phoebe: Hey, it's true!

Chandler (ironically): Of course it is, Phoebe.

Phoebe: Yes, thank you, and I really think we should do something about it. Rachel is so not over him! But we still have to check on Ross to see if he feels the same. Because we don't want to see Rachel heart broken, right?

Monica/Chandler: Of course. You are right, Pheebs.

Phoebe: Thanks. I know though....So, what can we do?

Monica: Well, I think that Chandler should be the one to talk to Ross.

Phoebe: Are you sure? I don't think it is a very good idea.

Chandler: What???? Why? I am very good at this!

Phoebe: No, you're not. You are the one who told Ross to get over Rachel right before he went to China and them let slip that he loved her. And ... and you were the one who convinced Ross to make that stupid list!

Chandler (realizing): Oh ...

Phoebe: See?

Monica: Come on, Phoebe. Chandler is not that bad.

Chandler (in a mad way): Thank you.

Monica (not realizing): You're welcome, sweetie. And besides, I think Ross might open up better with a guy. So Chandler can get all the truth from him.

Chandler: Yes, you will see. Ross will tell me everything.

Phoebe: Ok, so just try to get all from him and please, don't spoil this.

Monica: Rachel will kill us if she finds out we are doing this.

Phoebe: But she won't find out.

[Joey and Rachel enter.]

Rachel/Joey: Hey, you guys!

Chandler/Phoebe/Monica: Hi

Rachel: I am glad you are all here. I would like to apologize for my behavior on the coffee place earlier. I know you guys were only trying to help me and all. But you know what? Let's just forget that all and move on, all right? Me and Ross are not even an issue anymore. And I guess I was all confused. It's been more than three years. So, that is just old news. Is that ok with everyone?

All: Oh, yeah, totally. We understand you.

Rachel: So, what you were doing?

Chandler: We were ... humm ... guessing Phoebe's thoughts!

Phoebe: Really?

[Chandler and Monica just roll their eyes.]

[Rachel looks confused.]

SCENE - Ross' later at night -

Ross is laying on the couch looking at some old photo albums. By the way, he is now staring at some pictures of him and Rachel together. (Good old memories, huh?). There is a knock on the door. Ross gets up and goes look who it is. And it turns out it's Chandler. ( The plan is about to begin ... )

Ross: Hey man, what's up?

Chandler: Hey, Ross. I know it's late. But I just couldn't sleep. So I saw that your lights were on and I decided to come over.

Ross: Oh, come in, man. I am not sleepy either. I was just looking at some pictures.

Chandler (realizing ): Ohhh ... old pictures?

Ross: Yes, from all of us, and some from the time Rachel and I were dating. I only have a few. Rachel kept almost all of them.

Chandler: Oh, I see.

Ross: Yeah ....

[There is an awkward silence.]

SCENE - Cut to Monica and Chandler's -

[Monica and Phoebe are on the balcony spying on Chandler and Ross. They can't hear them, of course, but they just want to see Ross' expressions.]

Phoebe: So, Monica, do you think it's going to work?

Monica: It just has to! Look! It seems that they are looking at some pictures. Oh my God, I am so curious! Chandler will have to tell us everything. Everything!

[Rachel enters the apartment and starts calling for Mon.]

Rachel: Mon? Mon? Where the hell are you?

[Monica and Phoebe just notice Rachel]

Rachel (noticing where they are): Oh, you guys are on the balcony! What are you doing there? It's freezing out there!

Monica: Well ... Phoebe and I were just catching some fresh air.

Phoebe: Yes, we were!

Rachel: Some freezing air ... are you guys crazy? Were you spying on someone?

Monica/Phoebe: NO! We were just hanging out, Rach. Come on, let's go inside, Phoebe.

Rachel: So, where is Chandler, Mon?

Monica: Chandler?... Well ... humm ... Chandler is out ... He is out ... He is out with Ross. They were supposed to meet some old college friends, I guess.

Rachel: Really? I don't remember Ross saying anything about any college friend.

Monica: Well, but they are. Why? Don't you believe me? Do you think Chandler would lie to me?

Rachel: No Mon! Relax, honey, I was just wondering.

Monica: Ok, sorry.

Phoebe: So, do you guys want to play truth or dare???

SCENE - Cut to Ross'-

Chandler: So ... let me see those pictures!

Ross: Oh, yes. Here it's all of us on that beach house. And here is Rachel and I when we took that trip to Atlantic City. [sounding a little sad]

Chandler: Hey, I remember this picture at the beach. Monica and I weren't even dating. God, it's been a while, huh?

Ross: Yeah, a while.

Chandler: So, do you miss that time?

Ross: What?

Chandler: You know, that time?

Ross: Why Chandler?

Chandler: Well, you just sounded a little sad.

Ross: No, I am not sad. It's just that sometimes looking back on the past can hurt a little.

Chandler: You're talking about Rachel, right?

Ross: Well ...yes, we were so great together and then ...

Chandler: Wow man, I didn't know you still feel this way about her.

Ross: Well, she is the woman I loved most in my whole life.

Chandler: Loved?

Ross: Well ...yes. Why?

Chandler: Are you sure this is the right verb tense, Ross?

Ross: Yes, Chandler. We have already hurt each other a lot. There is no need to go through all that again.

Chandler: Yes, but sometimes the best things happen to us when we are not ready to have them yet. So, maybe you and Rachel are meant to be, but that time just wasn't the right time. Maybe now is the perfect time. You know, you both are more mature and besides, you know what you want in life. Rachel is already set on her job. And I think you are a more secure person now.

[Ross thinks.]

Ross: Yes, you are right about this time thing. But I am not getting this conversation, Chandler. Rachel and I have been apart for more than three years. So, why are you coming up with this now?

Chandler: Well, I ... I don't know, Ross. I guess I just want you to be happy. After all, you are my brother in law. And you were so happy when you were with Rachel. I think I've never seen you happier.

Ross: You are right. That was the happiest time ever. Since Rachel and I broke up my life got all messy and it's getting worse each day.

Chandler: Don't say that, Ross.

Ross: But it's true.

Chandler: Yeah, you are right. It's true. But you know what? You can change it, man! Get this butt out of this couch and do something about it!

Ross: What?

Chandler: Don't you wanna be happy again?

Ross: Yes!

Chandler: So? What have you got to lose?

Ross: Dignity?

Chandler: Ross, come on. Wanting to be happy won't take your dignity away. But you have to ask yourself just one thing: do you still love her?

[Ross doesn't know what to say. He starts pacing around, just thinking.]

Chandler: Well, I should go, man. You better be alone now.

[Chandler exits and Ross doesn't even notice.]

SCENE - Ross' building hallway -

Chandler: YES!

[He walks away all happy and proud of his "job".]

SCENE- Monica and Chandler's -

[The three girls are there.]

Rachel: Truth or dare, Phoebe????

Monica: Yes, Rachel, it will be fun. I can make you margarittas. So, what do you say?

Rachel: Yeah, all right. And I want those margarittas.

Monica: Ok, I will make them right now. Rachel: Great! ... I am going to the bathroom.

Monica/Phoebe: Ok!

Monica: Phoebe, great idea!

Phoebe: I am a genius!

Monica: Well, I wouldn't say a genius, but that was pretty smart.

Phoebe: We will take all the truth from her.

Monica: Yeah, we so will. Chandler is doing his part and we will do ours too. Man, that's so fun!

Phoebe: I know!

[They laugh as Chandler walks in.]

Monica: Honey, you're here already?

Chandler: You are not going to believe how great I was!

Monica: Oh my God, Chandler, we just can't talk about it now. I so want to hear you, but Rachel is in the bathroom and we are going to play truth or dare with her.

Chandler: Teens again?

Phoebe: No, Chandler, we will try to do the same with her, you know, take all the truth.

Chandler: Oh ... ok, so I am going to Joey's. Bye. (kisses Monica) Good luck, hon.

Monica: Thank you. And hey, don't say anything to Joey. You know...

Chandler: Yeah, I know. He is still wondering about that Phoebe's hot friend. [rolls his eyes]

[Chandler exits as Rachel comes out of the bathroom.]

Rachel: So ...where are my margarittas?

Monica: In a minute, Rach.

SCENE - Cut to Ross' -

[Ross is still laying on the couch, thinking. There are pictures of him and Rachel all over the floor and he looks pretty sad.]

Ross thinking: "Oh my God! What I am going to do? Why Chandler had to bring it all back? .... Oh, come on, Ross, you know it was never forgotten. Yeah, I know that. But it just hurts me so much. I know I love Rachel still. I think I am going to love her forever. She is the best thing that happened to me and I blew it. I know we both made mistakes but I think I was worse. I mean, I cheated on her and them lied to her about it. She had to find out through other people. Oh my God, what have I done? I am so stupid! Being with Rachel was so good, so warm, so ... everything. It was like being home. I really think we completed each other. And God ... She is so pretty! Those beautiful eyes, that mouth, that smile. Her kiss. Oh... her kiss! How I miss it! She is a gift from God. And I didn't realized all that. And now it's been more than three years and I completely lost her forever. I don't even know how to talk to her about it again. And I don't think I should do that. I mean, she is probably over me by now. And she is right. She has to be happy... But I have too. And I feel that I am only going to be completely happy with her. Chandler was right. That was the best time ever. Wait! That game Phoebe made up yesterday! Rachel said I was the best she has ever had! Oh ... is this possible? Does she still have feelings for me? What I am going do?????"

[He starts to look at Rachel's pictures again and then closes his eyes very softly.]

SCENE - Cut to Monica and Chandler's -

Phoebe: So, Rachel, are you excited about playing Truth or Dare?

Rachel: Well, Pheebs, I don't know. I guess I've been more excited before, you know, when I was 14.

Phoebe: That's great! ... Let's play!

Rachel (a little confused): Ok.

[Monica arrives with the margarittas.]

Rachel: Oh, Mon, it is great! Thanks.

Monica: You're welcome. And hey, there is more. We may get you drunk tonight, dear.

Rachel: I think I really need that. I am 31 years old and I am playing truth or dare with my friends on a school night.

Monica: Oh, it is not that bad. See, at least we are beautiful friends.

Rachel: Yeah! (laughs a little) So, who is going to start?

Phoebe: I AM!

Rachel: Ok, easy, Pheebs.

Phoebe (looks at Monica and blinks): So.... Rachel, truth or dare?

Rachel: Oh God...truth!

End of the first part

To be continued...

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