The One With All The Love Games - Part III

- A FanFic by Nina -

This is the last part of my series. I hope you've enjoyed the last two parts. And you really should read them before reading this one.

It continues from where we stopped.

[Monica and Chandler's. Ross is there, siting on the couch and Chandler is next to him.]

Chandler: Man, this is great!

Ross: Really?

Chandler: Totally! You guys are so going to get back together. It is only a matter of time. You will talk to her Ross. You have to.

Ross: I know, Chandler. I love her so much but still, I am so afraid to get into this again. And to put Rachel through it again. She doesn't deserve to suffer anymore. I just love her too much to see her suffering. And what if I hurt her again?

Chandler: Would you stop! This is not going to happen. And you will hurt her if you don't tell her that you love her.

Ross: I really don't know.

[Monica walks from her room. And she just notices that Ross is not fine. Ross looks at her and then looks at Chandler.]

Chandler: That's ok, Ross. Monica knows.

Ross: She knows?

Monica: I know Ross. Of course, since it is pretty obvious. We could totally see you two exchanging looks during breakfast.

[Ross looks down.]

Monica: And Chandler is right. There is no need to hide your feelings from Rachel. I know you too well to see that you will work this time. And I am telling you one thing, Ross, because I am your sister.

Ross: What?

Monica: She loves you too.

[Ross looks surprised.]

Ross: Really? Did she tell you that?

[Monica nods.]

Ross: Oh my God! What did she say?

Monica: She said that she loves you and that she probably never stopped loving you. And that you are the love of her life.

Ross: God! I can't believe it! After all this time, and after everything that I did to her? She still loves me? (now he has a big smile on his face and he is very excited)

Monica: And she even said that she forgave you for that a log time ago. She said that she couldn't not forgive you, because she knows that you didn't mean to hurt her. It was a mistake.

Ross: Monica, I just can't believe it. I mean, she forgave me? She really did? That is like,... I don't know, but it feels like I can breath more easily. I really never forgave myself for doing that to her. And now you tell me that she is the one who forgave me. I just can't believe it. Rachel is such a wonderful person!

Monica: Yes, she is, Ross. And you are here, not knowing whether you should tell her about your feelings.

Ross: You are right, Monica. I should tell her. We can not lose another chance to be happy.

Chandler: That's it, Ross!

[Ross gets up and so Monica and Chandler.]

Ross: So, what do you think I should do? I would like to surprise her, you know, with a very romantic thing. (he is pacing around and doesn't know what to do)

Monica: That's great, sweetie. I can help you with dinner. You can ask her out for dinner. At your place. I think it would be more comfortable and private. And besides, we will be able to watch you through the window! (she laughs)

Ross: Ha ha , very funny. No watching, all right? Those curtains will be shut.

Monica: Oh man!

Chandler: That's ok, honey, Rachel will tell you everything anyway.

Monica: Yes, she will!

Ross: What can I do about it?

Chandler: Nothing. These are girls.

[Ross nods.]

Ross: But how am I going to ask her out? I mean, we are not even dating. She might say no, or even if she says yes, it won't be a surprise anymore.

Monica: Ok, relax Ross. We will figure a way. But it can't be today.

Ross: Why not? I can't wait any longer. I need her, Mon! I need her kisses. (close his eyes and starts wondering)

Monica: Ok, I don't need to know that! And calm down. You are apart for more than three years. One day or two won't make such a difference. And besides, I think it would be good if I talk to Rachel first, you know. So she wouldn't feel so confused and all.

Ross: But I am the one who wants to tell her that I love her.

Monica: Of course, Ross, but I will only talk to her about some things, you know, I won't spoil your surprise. You don't have to worry.

Ross: Fine. But we still have a problem. How come I will ask her out?

Monica: Use your charm. And besides, you are both in love with each other, so that won't be so hard.

[Ross smiles.]

Chandler: Or...we could pretend that we are all going to have dinner at Ross' and them, for some reason, Rachel will be the only guest.

Monica: Ooo...I like that.

Ross: I don't know. She might think it is a set up. I don't want it this way. I think things should be more natural.

Monica: So ask her out. What are you afraid of? I'm sure she won't say no.

Ross: I will think about it. But know I really have to go to work. As if I am gonna be able to do anything else. I can't stop think about her.

Monica/Chandler: Awww.......

Ross: See you guys! And thank you very much!

[Ross exits all happy.]

Monica: Oh, Chandler, I am so happy for them. We will finally have a couple to hang out! And Rachel is going to be my friend in law again!

Chandler: Yes, that's really great, honey. I think we did a great job.

Monica: We sure did. Hey hug.

SCENE - Cut to Rachel's office at Ralph Lauren -

[Rachel is there, wondering and not paying attention to anything around her.]

Rachel (thinking): "I will have to find a way to be around Ross and not feel so uncomfortable. I can't be like I was this morning. After all, he will notice it. And I don't want him to feel sorry for me or anything. Phoebe said he loves me, but I don't know if I can believe it. Maybe Phoebe is just guessing. Maybe Ross doesn't even think of me as a woman anymore. Maybe he just thinks of me as his friend. Oh, God knows I don't want to be just a friend."

[She takes a picture of her and Ross and keeps staring at it for a long time. Then she sighs.]

Rachel: Oh Ross....

- Cut to Ross' work -

[Ross is there, not working. He just can't stop thinking about Rachel. He also has a picture of her and he keeps staring at it for a long time.]

Ross (thinking): "Oh, Rachel...I am so sorry for everything. I promise I will make it up for you. I love you so much. You will be the happiest woman on the world. Everyday I will remind you of that. And I just can't believe you love me...and you forgave me. You are just amazing. I can't live without you anymore. "

Ross (whispering): I love you...

[Then, all of a sudden, Ross just "wakes up" and open his note book. He starts dialing a number.]

Ross: Hi, good afternoon. I would like to order some flowers, please.

SCENE - Cut to Rachel's office -

Rachel didn't go to lunch. She didn't fell like eating. It is about 4 p.m. She is looking at same reports, trying to work. The phone rings.

Rachel: Rachel Green.

Monica: Rachel?

Rachel: Mon, hi, what's up?

Monica: Nothing really. I just wanted to see if you are ok.

Rachel: Yes, I am. It's a little hard to concentrate but I am trying.

Monica: Ok, I would like to talk to you later.

Rachel: All right. I will go home in about a hour.

Monica: Great! See you.

Rachel: Bye.

[Rachel hangs up the phone and starts wondering.]

Rachel (thinking): "What Monica wants to talk to me about?"

Then there is a knock on the door. Rachel gets up to answer and it turns out to be a flower delivery to Mss Green. ( Just imagine the most beautiful bouquet ever. Did you? Well, it is even better ). Rachel just looks amazed at the flowers. She is just speechless.

Delivery boy: You have to sign here, Mss Green.

Rachel: Oh...ok. Thank you. These are the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen.

Delivery boy: They are really pretty. Your boyfriend must love you a lot.

[Rachel doesn't say a word. She just smiles. The delivery boy exists. Rachel closes the door and get back to her sit to look at the flowers. She is now looking for the card.]

Rachel: Here you are.


These flowers are just to remind you of how beautiful and special you are. Love, Ross

[Rachel is crying very softly. She just can't believe it.]

Rachel: Ross! I can't believe that. This is so sweet...

She keeps crying softly for a while.

Rachel starts thinking: "Should I call him and thank him? Or should I wait until I see him?"

[Rachel just can't decide what to do. Then she thinks it is better to thank him now. It would be more polite. Rachel starts dialing a number. She is shaking and very nervous.]

Rachel: Oh my God, what am I doing?

[Ross picks up the phone.]

Ross: Ross Geller.

Rachel: Ross? (in a very weak voice)

Ross: Rachel? (excited and happy) Is that you?

Rachel: Yes, it's me.

Ross: It's good to hear you voice.

[Rachel is melting by now.]

Rachel: Thanks. I am calling you to thank you for those beautiful flowers, Ross. That was really sweet. You didn't have to.

Ross: Did you like it?

Rachel: Very much. They are so beautiful!

Ross (softly): Just like you.

[Rachel is speechless now. She doesn't know what to say.]

Ross: I am glad you liked them, Rach.

Rachel: Yes, it was a beautiful surprise.

Ross: I just thought that it had been such a long time since I last sent you flowers. And you like them so much. So I just decided to send them to you.

Rachel: That was very kind of you, Ross. But you didn't have to worry, you know.

Ross: Of course I do. I always worry about you.

Rachel: Well, thanks again. I should go now. I still have some work left.

Ross: Ok, I'll see you at night. Bye honey.

Rachel: Bye.

[Rachel hangs up the phone and her heart is beating very fast. She can barely breath. She just takes some water.]

Rachel (thinking): "Honey? He called me honey? Gosh, what's going on? I am so confused! And happy too. And what is happening to me? I was so nervous and excited while talking to him. I don't remember feeling like this since...since we were dating. Oh, Ross, you are so sweet...So gentle and kind."

[She looks at the flowers again and sighs.]

Rachel (looking at the card again): I love you....

SCENE - Cut to Ross' office -

[Ross is really happy. He is smiling and looking at a Rachel's picture.]

Ross thinking: "Oh, Rach, I am so glad you called me. I didn't think you would. You sounded so surprised and confused at the same time. But I think you liked it. Ohhh that voice....that sweet voice...."

SCENE - Monica and Chandler's -

[It is around 5 p.m. Monica is in the kitchen waiting for Rachel to get back from work. Because she wanted to talk to her. Rachel enters. She is carrying the huge flower bouquet.]

Rachel: Hi Mon! (sounding very happy)

Monica: Hi! My God! Are these yours?

Rachel: Yes! Ross sent them to me!

Monica: Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I can't believe it, Rach!

Rachel: I know! I still can't believe it either! But wasn't it sweet?

Monica: So sweet, Rachel. I didn't know Ross would do that.

Rachel: Why? (confused)

Monica: Because I talked to him this morning after you left. He was devastated and I just told him about you.

Rachel: Monica!

Monica: Rachel, I just had to! I couldn't see him like that! He was afraid to tell you how he feels because you might not feel the same.

Rachel: Oh God! He loves me?

Monica: Duh!

[Rachel looks at Monica. She is surprised.]

Monica: What did you think, Rach? Do you remember what Phoebe told you yesterday?

[Rachel doesn't pay attention. She is wondering.]

Monica: Rachel?

Rachel: Oh ... he loves me. He really does, right?

Monica: Of course. I thought you had figured that by now, you know, after these flowers.

Rachel: Well, kind of, but I didn't want to rush into anything.

Monica: Don't worry. You are not rushing things.

Rachel: Oh... Mon, it all makes sense now. The flowers. The card. Ross' sweet way over the phone.

Monica: Over the phone?

Rachel: Yes, after I received the flowers I called him to thank him.

Monica: Ohh ...Really? That was a nice thing, Rach. And what did he say?

Rachel: He sounded so sweet, Monica. I just didn't known what to say. He said that the flowers were beautiful just like me.

Monica: Awww....

Rachel: And he called me honey.

Monica: Rachel, I am so happy! Let me see the card!

[Rachel gives her the card. Monica reads it.]

Monica: How cute! I don't even know what to say.

Rachel: Imagine me!

[Monica and Rachel hug. Rachel's eyes get all teary, because she is very happy. Then they just sit on the chairs and keep looking at the flowers. Then Monica gets up.]

Monica: I am gonna put them on an vase.

Rachel: Thanks.

[Then there is a noise. Someone is opening the door. It's Ross (awwww...). He enters. Rachel just turns around and see that it's him. She gets all nervous and her heart beats faster than ever. Ross keeps looking at her. And she also keeps looking at him. There is this huge silence. Monica realizes it and she just doesn't know what to do. Ross is standing next to the door and Rachel is still siting. They keep looking to each other.]

Monica: Oh, hi Ross! Gosh! I just remember that I have to by some...things. Bye!

Monica leaves.

Ross: Hi Rach. (in a very sweet-Ross way)

Rachel: Hi.

Ross: I didn't know you were here.

Rachel: Yes, I just got back from work.

[Ross approaches her. He sits next to her. Rachel is more nervous than ever.]

Ross: So, you really like the flowers, hu?

Rachel: Oh...I loved them, Ross. It was very sweet. But again, you didn't have to, you know.

SCENE - Cut to the hallway between the apartments -

Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler are there, trying to hear Ross and Rachel talking. (Just like in TOW the morning after)

Monica: I can't hear anything!

Chandler: Maybe we shouldn't be doing this.

Monica: Oh Chandler, shut up!

Chandler: Ok. (kind of hurt)

Monica: Sorry, but I am so curious. You should see the flowers he sent her. And the card!

Phoebe: Oh...I wanna see it too!

Monica: Rachel will show you later.

Phoebe: Ok.

Monica: Now shut up! I can't hear anything!

Joey: Ok, this is getting boring. I am hungry. I am going home.

[Joey enters his apartment and the rest stays there, with their ears on the door.]

SCENE - Cut to Monica and Chandler's -

[Rachel gets up and goes sit on the couch.]

[Ross looks down. But then he follows her and sits next to her again. He keeps staring at her, in a very sweet way. He just puts his hands on her hair and moves some of her hair from her face. Rachel is all melted. And she is looking at him to.]

Ross: You are so beautiful, Rachel.

[Rachel just smiles at him.]

Ross: You get prettier every day.

Rachel: Oh... Ross. Thank you.

[Ross holds her hands. He notices that they are all cold and sweat. Rachel can barely breath by now.]

Ross: Can I ask you something?

Rachel: Yes.

[He is still holding her hands.]

Ross: Will go out with me?

[Rachel is astonished. She doesn't know what to say.]

Rachel: With you? When?

Ross: Tomorrow night.

Rachel: Just the two of us?

[Ross nods.]

Rachel: Do you want to talk to me about something, Ross?

Ross: Yes, I do. So, will you?

Rachel: Yes, Ross. Of course.

Ross: I thought we could have dinner at my place. It's more comfortable and quiet.

Rachel: Sure. At what time should I be there?

Ross: No, I will pick you up.

Rachel: But it's right acRoss the street, Ross. You don't need to.

Ross: But I want to, Rach. I will pick you up at 8 p.m. Is it good for you?

[Rachel nods. She smiles at him. He smiles at her too. There is this silence. Rachel just wants to ask him what he wants to talk to her about, although she thinks she already knows. But she can't talk. Ross keeps looking at her. Then he approaches her and stays very close to her. Rachel is just still. Ross gently kisses her cheek. Rachel sighs. Ross moves back from where he was.]

Ross: I will pick you up tomorrow then.

Rachel: Ok.

Ross: Bye.

Rachel: Bye.

[He walks to the door but turns back to see her again. She is looking at him. He just smiles and leaves. Rachel just lays down on the couch. She is in heaven. She just closes her eyes and touches her cheek. She sighs again.]

SCENE - Cut to the hallway between the apartments -

[Ross is just finishing closing the door. And he sees Monica, Chandler and Phoebe, who are pretending that they weren't listen to anything.]

Ross: What are you doing here?

Monica (obviously lying): Nothing!

Ross: Yeah, all right.

[Ross looks at Chandler.]

Ross: Can I talk to you for a second.

Chandler: Sure.

[They enter Joey and Rachel's.]

[Monica and Phoebe run to the door and they enter the apartment.]

SCENE - Cut to Monica and Chandler -

[Rachel is still laying on the couch, dreaming. Monica and Phoebe approach her.]

Monica: So?

Rachel: Oh Mon, he asked me out! (all happy )

Phoebe/Monica: Oh Rachel....

Rachel (panicking): Tomorrow night. I have to buy a dress. I have to think about what to say. I have to go to work too. But I can't go to work. I have to...

Monica: Rachel, calm down! It is ok. You've done this before.

Rachel: I know, I know, but I am so nervous, Mon. And Ross was so sweet with me. He told me beautiful things. And he kissed me right here (touches her cheek).

Phoebe: Oh...what a gentleman!

Rachel: He was very sweet. I am afraid of what might happen tomorrow. I don't think I can resist him.

Monica: I hope you can't. After all, that's what you want, right?

Rachel: Yes, but it all happened so fast, you know. I really didn't have time to think about it. I know I really never stopped loving him, but I was ok. I really never let myself think of him before, because I knew how it could hurt. But now... everything is so different. I mean, I just can't stop thinking about him all day. And I am feeling this thing, you know. It's all so weird.

Phoebe: Rachel, that's normal. You are feeling like this because you love him. So just relax and enjoy this moment.

Monica: And I know it all happened so fast for you. But you two are feeling like this for a long time. So, this feelings exist for a long time. It's just that now you are aware of it. And it's ok to be afraid. But don't let it spoil your date tomorrow, right?

Rachel: Of course. Oh God! What should I wear?

Monica: I am sure Ross will like you anyway.

[Rachel smiles a little.]

Rachel: Yes, but I just want to look nice.

Phoebe: We'll help you to buy a dress tomorrow.

Rachel: And I have to call my office and tell them that I won't go to work tomorrow. I have to relax. I'll just say I am sick.

Monica: Great!

SCENE - Cut to Joey and Rachel's -

[Ross, Chandler and Joey are there. Ross looks at Joey and then looks at Chandler.]

Joey: It's ok, Ross. I know. Phoebe told me.

Ross: Everyone knows???

Chandler: What do you think? We were trying to help!

Ross: Ok, I am sorry.

Ross has this very nice look on his face.

Ross: I asked her out, guys. And she said yes!

Joey: Score man!

Chandler: That's great, Ross. So how was it?

Ross: I sent her flowers this afternoon. She called me to thank for the flowers. And I was all romantic with her. She sounded so adorable! (starts wondering)

Chandler: Ross?

Ross: What? Oh... and then I met her at your place after work. She was there talking to Mon. So, Mon left and we got to talk. And I'll pick her up at 8 p.m. tomorrow. And then I kissed her on her cheek. (very happy)

Joey: On her cheek????

Ross: Yes!

Chandler: Don't listen to him, Ross. I think you were right. You didn't even started dating again yet. It was a very nice thing to do.

Joey (ironically): All right.

Ross: This is Rachel we are talking about. I respect her. I wouldn't kiss her just like that. I have to be very careful. I don't want to lose her again. I can't lose her again. This is my last chance to be happy with her. And I will be. We will be. I am sure.

Chandler: That's it, man.

Ross: And Joey, I will need your help tomorrow morning, ok?

Joey: Sure.

Chandler: For what?

Ross: Just something I would like to do. Another surprise for Rachel.

Joey/Chandler: Awwww....

[Ross smiles.]

Ross: I have to go home now. And tell Mon to call me about the dinner.

Chandler: Ok. Bye man.

Joey: Bye.

Ross: Bye,

Ross exits.

SCENE - Joey and Rachel's - the next morning -

[Joey is having breakfast. Rachel is just coming out of her room.]

Joey: Hi Rachel. Good morning! Did you sleep well?

Rachel: Oh...Joey, I had the most beautiful dream! (looking all happy)

Joey: Hummm... nice.

[Rachel just sighs.]

Joey: Rachel, your boss just called. She said that they will need you there this morning. But that you are free the afternoon. They said that something happened and that they will need you.

Rachel: Oh man! I can't believe it! This people can't do anything without me! Argghhhh....

Joey: Relax, Rach. It's not that bad. You still have the afternoon.

Rachel: Yeah. I guess. ( a little bit upset )

[Rachel just goes sit on the couch when she sees a flower on the coffee table.]

Rachel: Joey, what's this?

Joey: Oh, it's for you.

Rachel: For me?

Joey: Yes, Ross just came here earlier and he didn't want to wake you. So he left you this.

[Rachel looks lovely at the flower. She has a sweet look on her face.]

Rachel: This is from Ross? (in a very weak voice)

[Joey nods.]

[Rachel just takes the flower and open the card.]


I can't wait to see you tonight.


Rachel (whispering): Awwww.... he is so sweet.

[She sighs.]

Joey: Did you like it?

Rachel: Ohhh...I loved it, Joey. I loved it!

[She goes and kisses Joey's cheek.]

Rachel: I am so happy!

Joey: That's great, Rach!

Rachel: And hey, did you know about me and Ross?

Joey: Yes, Phoebe told me and then Ross told me too.

Rachel: That's ok. I want the whole world to know!

Rachel goes to the bathroom singing. Joey looks at her and smile.

SCENE - Cut to Monica and Chandler's -

Monica, Chandler and Phoebe are having breakfast. They are talking.

Monica: So, Phoebe, at what time Rachel said we are going shopping?

Phoebe: I think she said around 10.

Monica: Good. Then I have to get back to make dinner for Ross. I will make salmon with potatoes. Rachel loves salmon. And Ross said he would buy the most expensive wine.

Chandler: This sounds great!

Rachel enters. She is ready to go to work.

Rachel: Hey you guys. You are not gonna believe what happened?

All: What?

Rachel: My stupid boss called me and said that I would have to work this morning. Apparently, something happened and they need me there. Arghhhh!. I am so mad! We were suppose to buy my dress for tonight. What are we gonna do?

Monica: But you still have to afternoon, right?

Rachel: Yes, thank God!

Monica: So relax, sweet, we will go out after your work. When are you gonna be free?

Rachel: I think around 1 o'clock.

Phoebe: That's perfect. We can have lunch together. YAY!

Rachel: Ok, that's great!

Monica: But I have to be back by five.

Rachel: I think we will be done by then. So, now I really have to go. Bye.

All: Bye!

[Rachel exits.]

Monica: Oh God! I totally forgot! I am suppose to help Ross this afternoon!

Chandler: That's ok, Mon. You cook the dinner until 1 o'clock. And after 5 o'clock you go help Ross.

Monica: Yes, I think that will be ok.

Phoebe: Man, this setting up thing is tougher than I thought!

[Monica and Chandler laugh.]

SCENE - Cut to Rachel's office -

[Rachel is arriving there. There are all this papers on her table. But then she notices this flower with a card on the corner. She just looks at it and she just can't believe it. Rachel takes the flower ( by the way, it is a red rose, just like the one she got earlier. And they are Rachel's favorite ) and opens the card.]


I can't stop thinking about you. Love,


[Rachel's eyes are all teary. She is just amazed. She smells the rose.]

Rachel thinking: "He is so sweet. I just don't know what to say to him when I meet him. This is just adorable. He seems to really love me. And I love him so much. And red roses...he remembered that they are my favorites..."

[Rachel sighs.]

SCENE - Cut to a restaurant -

[Rachel, Monica and Phoebe are at this restaurant. They are having lunch. It's around 1:30h.]

Rachel: I forgot to tell you this morning, because I was so mad that I had to work. But guess what happened?

Phoebe: Ross asked you to marry him?

Rachel: No, Phoebe! He left a red rose with a card at my apartment.

Monica/Phoebe: Really? Oh, that's so cute!

Rachel: Yeah, but that's not all. When I arrived at work, there was another red rose with a card on my table.

Monica: Rachel, that's so romantic!

Rachel: I know! I loved it. And I think that he must really loves me.

Phoebe: You think?

Rachel: Well, I don't wanna jump into any conclusion...

Monica: Rach, I've told you already! There is nothing to jump. He loves you and that's it. Otherwise, how would you explain the roses, and the bouquet and all the romanticism?

Phoebe: And what we wrote on the cards?

Rachel: Oh....this is the best part!

Monica: That wasn't the best part?

[Rachel smiles.]

Rachel: On the first one he wrote "Rachel, I can't wait to see you tonight. Love, Ross."

[Phoebe and Monica sigh.]

Rachel: And on the second one he wrote "I can't stop thinking about you. Love, Ross."

[Phoebe and Monica sigh again.]

Rachel: Wasn't it just perfect?

Monica: Oh, so prefect! I didn't know my brother could be so romantic.

Phoebe: Yes, me neither.

Rachel (sighing ): I knew...

SCENE - Cut to a mall -

[We see scenes of the girls in some store, looking at some dresses. Rachel is trying on a lot of dresses and then she shows them to Monica and Phoebe. Then she just puts on a beautiful red dress (imagine the dress Jennifer Aniston wore at the Emmy's) and she just looks beautiful. The girls tell her that this is the one. And she buys it.]

SCENE - Cut to Ross' -

[We see some scenes of Ross and Monica. He is decorating the place with candles and Monica is helping him. He looks very happy. Then Monica tells him about the dinner. We can see Ross' place all beautiful. The table has these candles and everything looks great. Just waiting for Rachel. Then Ross hugs Monica and thanks her for her help.]]

SCENE - Hallway between the apartments - around 8 o'clock -

[Ross is arriving at Joey and Rachel's. He looks wonderful. He is wearing a navy blue suit. He looks very happy and he is holding a red rose. He knocks on the door. Rachel is alone and she is almost red. She hears the knock.]

Rachel: Come in, the door is open.

[Ross opens the door and enters. He doesn't see Rachel. She is still in her room.]

Ross: Rachel? It's me, Ross.

[Rachel just walks out of her room. She looks wonderful too. She is wearing that red dress and her hair is pulled up ( like in TOW Ross finds out - when they kiss at Central Perk ). She is wearing silver sandals. Ross looks at her and she just can't believe what he is seeing. He is speechless. He is amazed.]

Ross: Wow! .... Rachel, you look so pretty! I don't think I have ever seen you so beautiful.

[Rachel smiles at him, a little bit ashamed.]

Rachel: Thank you, Ross. I am glad you liked.

Ross: I loved it. You look perfect!

[He just can't stop looking at her.]

Rachel: You look beautiful too, Ross. As always...

Ross: Thank you. (he smiles at her)

[There is a silence.]

Rachel: I want to thank you again for the roses. I was so surprised, Ross. You are so sweet.

Ross: You deserve them, Rachel. You deserve more.

[Ross approaches her and gives her the red rose he was holding. Rachel looks very happy.]

Rachel: Thank you again, Ross. And how did you remember that they are my favorites?

Ross: I've never forgotten anything about you, Rach.

[Rachel just blushes. She looks at him and gives him a sweet look. Then she approaches him and kisses him on his cheek.]

Rachel: Thank you for being so sweet.

[Ross looks warmly at her and hold her hand.]

Ross: Shall we go?

Rachel: Yes.

[They exit.]

SCENE - Cut to Monica and Chandler's -

[Chandler, Monica. Phoebe and Joey are there. They are watching TV.]

Monica: I am so excited to know what is going to happen with those two tonight.

Phoebe: Duh! They are getting back together, of course.

Monica: You think? I am so nervous that something bad happens.

Phoebe: Of course I am sure.

Joey: And I can tell you guys what's gonna happen on that apartment tonight.

All: What?

Joey: They are gonna do it!

Monica: Joey! That's none of your business.

Joey: Yeah ... but I am right.

Chandler: The man's got a point.

[Monica and Phoebe kind of agree.]

SCENE - Cut to Ross' -

[Ross and Rachel are arriving. They are holding hands and Ross just opens the door for Rachel (What a gentleman!). They enter the apartment. Rachel sees all the candles and she just looks amazed.]

Ross: Did you like it?

Rachel: Ross, it's beautiful!

Ross: I did it all for you. (He kisses her hand).

[Rachel smiles at him.]

Rachel: And this smell ... It is so good!

Ross: It's our dinner. I think we should eat now. What do you think?

Rachel: Yes, I would love.

[Ross pulls the chair for Rachel. She sits. And he walks to the kitchen to take the dinner and the expensive wine.]

Rachel: Ross, do you need any help?

Ross: No, honey, thanks. You are not doing anything tonight. You are my guest.

Rachel: Ok then.

[Time lapse.]

[They are now on the table and the dinner is already served. Ross is pouring Rachel some wine.]

[Time lapse.]

[They are eating and talking. They are laughing and remembering of the old times.]

Rachel (laughing): I still can't believe that you would drink the fat!

Ross: Well, you didn't give any other choice.

Rachel: Yeah, I know.

[Ross smiles at her.]

Ross: Hey, and remember when I won that big hat for you?

[Rachel is laughing.]

Rachel: Oh my God! That hat! I remember that. No-one could walk near me! Ross: I know!

Rachel: And at the museum, when that whole class saw us!

Ross: Oh God! That was so embarrassed!

[They both laugh. Ross just takes Rachel's hand.]

Ross: But that was so worth it.

Rachel: I know. For me too.

[Ross keeps looking at her.]

Ross: I just missed so much having these conversations with you, Rach. It's so good to talk to you. It just feels right, you know.

Rachel: I missed that too, Ross. Sometimes I remember all the fun we used to have.

[They both look down a little. They are thinking about the past and of how much they've lost. Ross looks at her again.]

Ross: Do you wanna go sit on the couch?

Rachel: Yes, sure.

[Ross pulls the chair for her again and they go to the living room.]

SCENE - Cut to Monica and Chandler's -

[Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey are at the balcony. They are spying on Ross and Rachel. It turns out that Ross forgot to shut the curtains. Now they just see Rachel and Ross on the living room.]

Monica: Oh...that's so sweet!

Chandler: We shouldn't be doing this.

Monica: It's just for a moment, Chandler, so we can see if they will kiss.

Joey: Of course they will kiss!

Phoebe: Yes, Mon, of course. But I want to see too. We swear that once they kissed, we go inside.

Monica: Yes!

Chandler: Ok, I can't compete with that.

[They keep looking at Ross' apartment.]

SCENE - Cut to Ross' -

[Rachel sits on the couch and Ross brings the wine.]

Ross: Do you wanna hear some music?

Rachel: Yes, that would be nice.

[Ross just puts a CD on and "The Way You Look Tonight" starts playing. (I love that song. I think it is so romantic and so right for this moment)]

Rachel: Oh...I love this song.

Ross (smiling at her): I know.

[Ross sits next to her. They are now looking at each other very deeply.]

Ross: Rachel, I want to talk to you about us.

[Rachel keeps looking at him.]

Ross: I think we need to talk, you know, talk about everything that bothers us so we can work this.

Rachel: I know, Ross. There is so much I want to tell you. I've been waiting for this moment for such a long time.

Ross: Me too, honey.

[He takes her hands and kisses them very softly.]

Ross: I love you so much, Rachel.

[Rachel is just astonished by hearing those words.]

Ross: And I want to tell you that I am so sorry for everything. I am so sorry that I hurt you. I am so sorry that I made you cry. And I am so sorry for not being everything that you wanted.

[Rachel's eyes are all teary and she starts crying softly. Ross just notices that and dries her tears.]

Ross: Don't cry, Rach. I don't want to see you sad.

Rachel: I am no sad, Ross. I am happy. I am so happy to be here with you. And you are wrong. You have always been everything that I wanted. Everything that I dreamed of. I could never ask for more. And I am sorry too, for everything that I did to you.

Rachel keeps crying softly.

Ross: Rach, I want to be with you again. Forever. I want to have you again in my life. I need you so much.

Rachel: I need you too, Ross. But at the same time, I feel so afraid, you know. I don't want us to get hurt again. I am so afraid, Ross. Ross just hugs her very tight.

Ross: You shouldn't be afraid, honey, because I will never hurt you again. I love you so much, Rachel. More than anything. And I will remind you of this everyday, until I die.

Rachel: Oh Ross. You are so sweet. I missed you so much all these years.

Ross: I feel so guilty for that, Rachel. You have no idea.

Rachel: No, Ross, that was not all your fault. We were both wrong. We were both immature. And I forgave you for everything that you did, as I expect you to forgive me too.

[Ross touches her face very softly.]

Ross: There is nothing to forgive, Rachel. That is all in the past. I don't keep any sorrow. And you know, those three roses that I gave you today had a meaning. We've been apart for three years. And during all these years, I couldn't give you what you deserved. I couldn't be next to you. I couldn't protect you. So, today I just thought that there is no way to make that up, because we can't come back in time. So I just wanted to give those flowers to say that I am sorry for not being there for you all this time. And to tell you that it won't happen again. Ever.

Rachel: Ross, I don't even know what to say.

[Ross keeps looking at her. He approaches her and gently kiss her mouth. She kisses him back. The kiss is softly at the beginning and then it starts to get very intense. Ross kisses Rachel's neck and she just sighs.]

Rachel: Oh...I love you so much, Ross.

[Ross looks at her in a very sweet way.]

Ross: I love you, Rachel.

[They kiss again and keep like this for a long time. They seem to want to make this moment last forever.]

SCENE - Cut the Chandler and Monica's -

[They are all still on the balcony, watching Ross and Rachel kiss. They are cheering and very happy.]

Monica: Oh, thank God! Now we can sleep! I am so happy!

[They all hug and go back inside.]

SCENE - Cut to Ross' -

[Ross and Rachel are still kissing. They are enjoy it very much. (who wouldn't?)]

[Rachel gently breaks the kiss and looks at Ross.]

Rachel: Ross, we are doing the right thing, right?

Ross: Yes, we are, honey. We love each other. And this time nothing will stop us from being happy. Forever.

Rachel: That's all I want. All I want. Ross just takes Rachel's hand.

Ross: Will you give me the honor of being my girlfriend again?

Rachel (crying again): Yes, very much.

[They look at each other in a very romantic way. Then they start kissing again. They get up and Ross just takes Rachel on his arms and go to his room.]

SCENE - The next morning -

[Ross and Rachel are still in bed. They are cuddled. They look so adorable together! Then, Ross softly opens his eyes and sees that Rachel is next to him. She is still asleep. He looks at her in a very sweet way. He smells her hair and kisses her.]

Ross (whispering): I love you.

[Rachel softly opens her eyes and looks at him, smiling.]

Rachel: I love you too.

[They kiss. A very gentle kiss. Then they break the kiss.]

Ross: Good morning, my love.

Rachel: Good morning. I think I am still dreaming. I can't believe I am waking up next to you again. I missed this so much.

[Ross kiss her again.]

Ross: I missed this too, Rach.

[They hug.]

Ross: This is so good. I don't ever want to get out of here.

Rachel: Me neither.

[They stay cuddle for a while.]

Ross: Look, sweetie, why don't we sleep a little bit more?

Rachel: Ok.

[Rachel just closes her eyes and tries to sleep again. Ross stays awake, watching her sleep and touching her hair. When he notices that she is asleep, he gently gets out of bed. He kisses her on her cheek and goes to the kitchen.]

[Time lapse.]

SCENE - Cut to Ross' room again.

[Rachel is still sleeping and Ross just enters the room with a breakfast tray. It is so beautiful, with a red rose and all. So romantic! He puts the tray on the bed and leans to kiss Rachel again. He kisses her and she turns to him.]

Ross (in a very sweet way): Aren't you going to wake up, my sleeping beauty?

Rachel (still sleepy): Oh ... Ross.

Ross: I miss you already.

[They kiss and Ross takes the red rose and gives it to Rachel.]

Rachel: Oh...honey, that's so sweet. Thank you.

[She kisses him and sees the breakfast tray.]

Rachel: You made me breakfast in bed?

Ross: Yes, I want to spoil you a lot.

Rachel: Are you sure?

Ross: Very much!

[They smile at each other. Ross kisses her and puts the tray next to them. They start having breakfast.]

SCENE - Cut to Central Perk - later -

[Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey are there. It's saturday, so no-one is working. Chandler and Monica are sit on the couch. Phoebe on that chair on the left and Joey is on that little table. They are talking and drinking coffee.]

Phoebe: When Ross and Rachel will show up? I wanna congratulate them.

Chandler: Well, I don't think they want our company now, Pheebs.

Phoebe: What? Everyone wants my company!

[They look at Phoebe and just roll their eyes.]

Monica: Anyway ... I also want to see them. I want Rachel to tell me everything!

Chandler: Are you sure, Mon? Everything? Ross is your brother.

Monica: Yeah ... maybe not everything. Just what they talked.

Joey (laughing): Do you think they talked?

Monica: Joey, Ross is not you!

[Joey doesn't get this and just looks confused. Then, Ross and Rachel enter the coffee place. They look so happy, with a big smile on their faces. Ross has his arms around Rachel. They look like the most cute and happy couple ever. The rest of the gang sees them and starts clapping. Ross and Rachel smile at them and kiss. The others just look at them.]

Chandler/Monica/Phoebe/Joey: Awwwww....

Ross and Rachel sit on the couch. He still has his arms around her. They just can't take their hands out of each other. And also their eyes.

Monica: Oh, we are so happy for you!

Phoebe: Yes, we were just talking about you. Ok, I have to make a speech!

Rachel/Ross: Ok, Pheebs.

Phoebe: I just want to say that I am very happy to see you together again and that I hope you two stay like this forever.

Ross: Thank you, Phoebe.

Rachel: That was sweet!

Phoebe: Ok, I am not finished yet!!!

[Ross and Rachel just look at her.]

Ross/Rachel: Ok.

Phoebe: And ... that when your first child is born, I call godmother!

Monica: What???? I am his sister!

Phoebe: But I called it first!

Monica: You'll see!

Ross: Ok, ok, you guys. We are not even having a baby right now. So, calm down.

Rachel: Yes, and besides, I can have twins. So you two will get to be godmothers.

Phoebe and Monica: YAY!

[Rachel smiles at them.]

Ross: Ohh honey... I would love to have twins with you.

Rachel: Awww......

[They kiss and keep kissing for a while.]

Joey: Niiiice!

[Ross and Rachel are still kissing.]

Monica: Ok, that's it! We're here! Hello????

[They keep kissing.]

Phoebe: Get a room!

[Ross and Rachel break the kiss. They look at Phoebe.]

Ross: Good idea, Phoebe! We will!

[Ross and Rachel get up. Rachel looks at the gang with a big smile. Ross holds her hand and they storm out. (Imagine that scene from TOW Joey's moves out, when Rachel had just got a tattoo. Ross asks her if they can do stuff. And they run to her room. Well, they run exactly like that).]

Joey (looking at Monica): And you think that they talked....

[Monica just shoots him a look. And Phoebe and Chandler laugh.]

The End

So, that's it! I really enjoyed writing this. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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