Episode 01 - TOW It All Begins


Disclaimer: I don't own the characters from the TV show FRIENDS.

Author's Note: I'm starting FRIENDS from the first season. It's going to start out a lot differently that the pilot of season 1 did!

0101 - TOW It All Begins

On a very beautiful March morning, 21-year-old Rachel Green was lying in the arms of her boyfriend of the last three months, 22-year old, college graduate, Ross Gellar. She had moved to New York City a couple of months ago in order to get back in contact with her friends Monica and Ross. Little did she know that her friendship with Ross would bloom into something much more. Things had moved so quickly in their relationship and there were a lot of things happening all at once. Ross had gotten a job teaching a class at the community college and it was paying good money, on top of him working at them museum. Rachel was running a website from home, managing an online clothing store. And then, there was a little one coming into the world, Ross' ex-wife Carol, the lesbian was having a baby anytime now.

Rachel stood up and walked across the room, putting on her bathrobe. Ross woke to look at his girlfriend.

Ross: Morning.

Rachel: Morning.

Ross: Where are you going?

Rachel: I'm just going to the bathroom. I'll be right back.

Rachel walked out of the room, pulled something out of her pocket, and hurried into the bathroom.

Ross got out of bed and pulled on his clothes. He walked out into the living room of the apartment and sat down on the couch. He put his pager on the coffee table. His ex-wife was supposed to page him when she went into labor.

The phone rang and Ross nearly jumped off of the couch. He was a little nervous lately, but he picked up the phone.

Ross: Hello?

Carol: Ross? Ross, it's Carol. I know I was supposed to page you, but I couldn't find the number . . . and my water just broke!

Ross: What?!

Carol: Susan is driving me to the hospital. Please get there soon!

Ross: Okay, okay! I'll be there.

Susan hung up and Ross got a look of fear on his face. He stood up as Rachel walked out of the bathroom. Ross looked at her.

Ross: Get dressed!

Rachel: Why?!

Ross: I'm having a baby! I mean . . . Carol is in labor!

Rachel: Oh my God! Okay . . .

She ran into the bedroom and began to get dressed.


Monica Bing, Ross' sister, was in the nursery of her apartment, rocking her three-month-old daughter Kathryn Elizabeth Bing back and forth in her arms. The baby's father, 22-year-old Chandler Bing, was sleeping in the bedroom that he shared with Monica. They had been married for a year. Their daughter had been born on Christmas morning and that was the best gift for 21-year-old Monica.

Monica: Good morning Katie.

The baby sniffled and Monica put her down on the changing table. She put a cute little outfit on her and carried her out into the living room. That was when the phone rang.

Monica: Hello?

Rachel: Hey Mon! It's me! Uh . . . we're heading to the hospital! Carol's in labor!

Monica: What?! Okay! Yes! I'm gonna be an aunt!

Monica hung up and put the baby down in her stroller. She ran into the bedroom and practically jumped on Chandler.

Monica: Chandler! Our niece or nephew is about to be born!

Chandler: What?! Oh! Okay! Let's go!

Chandler jumped out of bed and began getting ready to go to the hospital.

Monica ran across the hall to Joey Tribiani's apartment. She banged on his door. The 22-year-old got out of bed and walked to the door.

Joey: What do you want?

Monica: I'm gonna be an aunt!

Joey: Now?!

Monica: Yes! Call Phoebe and have her meet us at the hospital!

Joey: Okay. You go on ahead and I'll call Phoebe.


Ross ran into the hospital with Rachel behind him. Carol and Susan were talking with a nurse. Ross ran over to them.

Ross: Is it still in there? Nothing came out yet?

Carol: No . . . I'm getting ready to go back to a labor room.

Ross: Okay . . . well, as soon as I can get back there, I'll be there with you.

Carol smiled and Ross leaned down to kiss her cheek.

Ross: Don't have the baby without me.

Carol: I won't. It's gonna be hours.

The nurse took Carol back while Susan went down the hall to the ice machine to get some ice chips for Carol.

Ross turned to look at Rachel.

Ross: I'm gonna be a father . . .

Rachel: Yeah . . . hey, there's something I really need to talk to you about.

Ross: What is it honey?

Rachel: It's . . . it's about us.

Ross: Oh . . . honey, whatever I did . . . I'm sorry!

Rachel laughed a little.

Rachel: No sweetie. It's not you. It's . . . well . . . it's complicated.

The nurse came out.

Nurse: She's calling for you and Susan. Ross nodded and turned back around.

Ross: I'll see you soon. We can talk okay?

Rachel nodded sheepishly and Ross hurried after the nurse.


A few minutes later, Monica came rushing into the hospital, pushing the stroller. Chandler was right beside her with the diaper bag and a camera.

Monica: Did you bring the film?

Chandler: Yes. All fifteen rolls.

Monica: Do you think we have enough?

Chandler: I think we'll be fine.

Monica grinned at him and kissed his gently.

Monica: God, three months ago I was in the same place as Carol. I feel so sorry for her. But I'm just glad it's not me going through the pain!

Baby Katie started crying and Monica picked her up.

Monica: Come on sweetie, not now!

Monica began walking around the hospital with her daughter. She found Rachel sitting in a chair against the wall. She walked over to her and sat down after plopping a pacifier into the baby's mouth.

Monica: Hey Rachel! I'm gonna be an aunt!

Rachel: And I'll be a stepmother . . . well, as soon as Ross and I get married . . .

Monica: You guys are getting married?!

Rachel: Oh . . . if we get married. I hope we do . . .

Monica grinned.

Rachel: God . . . I wish everything was simple . . .

Monica: What do you mean?

Rachel: Never mind. Hey, can I hold Katie?

Monica: Sure . . .

She handed the baby to her Aunt Rachel and smiled.

Rachel: Hi there Katie bug!

The baby squirmed.

Joey and Phoebe entered the hospital together. Phoebe was herding a group of small children. Phoebe, only 21 years old, had had a pretty big year two years ago. When she was nineteen, her then eighteen-year-old brother and his much older wife were wanting to have a baby. Well, they couldn't get pregnant, so Phoebe stepped in to be a surrogate mother. Little did she know, she was getting a lot more than she bargained for. Five embryos were implanted into her uterus, and every one of them took. So, about seven and a half months later, five tiny babies were born. 3 girls and 2 boys, all named Leslie, Chandler, Chelsea, Frank Jr. Jr., and Joey.

Phoebe: Okay. You guys are gonna be with me all day, so you've gotta do what I say.

Phoebe put the two-year-olds in chairs along the wall. Joey sat down beside them and Phoebe sat down next to him. They looked at Monica and Rachel.

Rachel: You've got them all today?

Phoebe: Yes. I've always go them Saturday and Sunday, and then, tomorrow night, they get to go with Frank and Alice.

Rachel: Are you glad you've got shared custody with them?

Phoebe: Yeah. I've got weekends with them. It wasn't even my idea though. It was always Frank and Alice's idea for me to take them. But it's not easy taking care of all of them. It's hard, especially without help. But I'm managing.

Monica: God, I feel sorry for you! Taking care of one is hard enough.

Chandler walked over to join them all.

Chandler: I just saw the weirdest thing.

Joey: What's that?

Chandler: I've never seen a woman breast-feed her baby before . . .

Joey: Where?

Chandler: Around the corner.

Joey: See you guys later.

Joey got up and hurried away. Chandler sat down in Joey's seat.

Chandler: Sorry, just wanted to sit down. Really didn't see anything.

Monica laughed and Rachel handed Katie back to her reluctantly.

Rachel: I'm gonna go to the bathroom. I'll be back.

Monica nodded and Rachel walked away.


A while later, Ross came out holding a bundle in his arms. Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe stood up. Ross had a smile on his face but there was something in his eyes that said that not everything was right.

Ross walked over to them and showed the baby to them.

Ross: It's a boy.

Monica: Oh wow!

Ross: His name is Ben. We liked that name . . .

Rachel: What's wrong? Something doesn't seem right.

Ross: I don't understand. She told me to . . . take the baby . . .

Rachel: What?!

Ross: She said she was too scared to take care of a baby. She said that not even with Susan around could she feel at ease . . .

Monica: That doesn't make any sense! She gave you the baby?!

Ross: I guess so . . . but she wants to be able to see him whenever she can. That's fine . . . fine with me.

Monica: Wow . . . can I hold him?

Ross nodded and handed the little brown-haired baby boy to his sister.

Rachel pulled Ross away from the group for a moment and she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him gently.

Rachel: You're a daddy . . .

Ross smiled at her.

Ross: Yeah. I guess I am!

Rachel grinned.

Rachel: You love children, right?

Ross: Yeah . . . they're great.

Rachel: Good . . . cause I'm gonna need you . . . Ross, this might not be the best time to tell you, but I just found out that I'm having a baby.

Ross: A baby?

Rachel: Yeah. You know, one of those things that Carol just had.

Ross: How far along?

Rachel: I don't know . . . but I'm guessing about three months . . .

Ross: But we've been together for three months!

Rachel: I know . . .

Ross: Oh my God . . . this is huge!

Rachel: I know. How do you feel about it?

Ross: I'm happy about it! I've wanted a baby with you since high school!

Rachel giggled and kissed him again.

Rachel: So you're really happy about this?

Ross: If you are.

Rachel: Good. Cause I'm thrilled! But . . . scared.

Ross: I'll be there for you. Don't worry.

Rachel grinned and hugged Ross lovingly.

Rachel: I love you.

Ross: I love you.

Ross and Rachel rejoined the group, where the baby was being passed around. Rachel got to hold Ben, finally, and she looked at her friends.

Phoebe: Rachel, you look so sweet with Ben!

Rachel: Thanks!

Ross: We should tell them . . .

Chandler: Tell us what?

Rachel: We're having a baby!

Monica: Oh my God!

Joey: What?!

Chandler: Wow!

Phoebe: That's so awesome!

Ross and Rachel laughed and Rachel looked down at little Ben.

Rachel: Wow . . . one day, I'm gonna have my own little baby . . .

Ross: He's your son too . . .

Rachel looked up at Ross and she was speechless. She just smiled and tears came to her eyes. Things were going to be perfect!