This is my newest fan fic. It takes place in the year 2016. Mon and Chandler were married in 2001, and Ross and Rachel fell back in love at their wedding and were married in 2002. Joey married a fellow actor named Morgan(they starred in a play together) in 2008. Phoebee is not married but has adopted a little girl named Francesca(Francie) who is 5. Joey and Morgan have 2 kids Callie(6) and Conner (3) Mon and Chan have two kids Hunter(7) and Lilly(2) and Ross and Rachel have 3 kids Sasha(13) Braden(8) and Karmen (2.5) Everyone still lives in NY(Ross and Rach, and Mon and Chan are in Scarsdale) Joey and Morgan are in Long Island and Pheebs is still in the city

A Hospital Room-we see Rachel sitting next to a bed and crying

RACHEL: How can this be happening, how? I can't lose you, I can't, please dont die on me. (you can't see who is on the bed) God, I didnt think things could get any worse, I thought I had reached the bottom 6 months ago, but this, this is so unbearable and I, I just can't lose you

(Six months earlier)

SASHA: Bye, Dad, i'm leaving for school now

ROSS: Sasha, is your room clean???

SASHA:Yes, geesh dad, I'm not stupid

ROSS: I didn't say you were stupid I asked if your room was clean

SASHA: Well duh,but I know enough to clean my room

ROSS: Really, so that's why your mom found a plate with moldy pizza on it under your bed and nailpolish spilled on your floor

SASHA: Yeah, whatevr dad.

ROSS: be home by four tonite-remember we are going over to Aunt Monica's and uncle Chandlers tonite for Lilly's birthday

Sasha's school(she's in 8th grade)and it's at lunchtime so she's in the cafeteria with some friends

MEG: So Sash, did you see what Jonah was wearing today?

SASHA: of course I did, he is soo cute, esp in that blue shirt

LINDY: you know him and Molly broke up, right?

SASHA: Omi gosh no, are you serious

LINDY: Yeah, I thought you knew, he is totally free now

SASHA: that is soo cool, too bad he'd never even look at me though

MEG: Come on Sash, don't think like that, you are so pretty(if you have ever seen the tv show Once and Again, imagine Sasha looking like how Jessie does on there)

LINDY: YOu should ask him to the spring dance

SASHA: yeah, like that's gonna happen(the bell rings)

MEG: off to math, yahoo!(said sarcasticly)

(they all run off in diff directions to get to their classes)

later in the day-everyone is at Mon and Chan's for Lilly's party

MONICA: do you think I put up enough balloons

ROSS: Mon, there are no balloons left in the entire city and you know why?

MONICA: No smart ass, why?

ROSS: because they are all here

MONICA: well excuse me for wanting my daughters party to be perfect

ROSS: oh no, I have no prob with that, you enjoy it all you want, cause once she's a teenager all you have to look foreward to is doors slammed in your face

MONICA: is Sasha being uncooperative again

ROSS: no, Sasha is being Sasha(they both laugh)

(Phoebee and Francesca(her nickname is Francie) walk into the room)

FRANCIE: but mommy I really really want one

PHOEBEE: Francesca Illiana Lucinda Buffay you cannot have a pet Lion

FRANCIE: but what about a Cheetah mommy, can I have a Cheetaah?

PHOEBEE: maybe, we'll see

FRANCIE: yay!!!(kisses her mom and runs off to go play on the swingset with some other kids)

ROSS: so um Pheebs, where are you planning to get a cheetah from

PHOEBEE: Yeah, I know it may be a problem huh

MONICA: you mean besides the fact that they are not native to the US, they are wild animals and illigel to keep as pets in NY

PHOEBEE: Well, maybe I could get her a Bobcat or something

ROSS: Um here's a wacky idea, how about a "normal" cat

MONICA: what is up with her wild cat kick anyways

PHOEBEE: she read this book in preschool about this girl who has a pet Lion who like defends her and is all ferocicious whenever someone picks on her

MONICA: so kind of like a "guard cat"

PHEEBS: yeah

ROSS: so why not just get a regular cat and tell her it's a guard cat

PHOEBEE: Yeah, that might work, i'll go to the humane society tommorow and get one

Everyone is outside in Mon and Chan's backyard, their are picnic tables covered in tableclothes, balloons everywhere etc...(it's springtime) Mon appears holding a birthday cake and everyone begins singing to Lilly

MONICA: well, it's official, I get to look foreward to the "terrible two's"

RACHEL: (jokingly) well don't expect any symphathy here, remember I have a 2yr old and a 13yr old, not to mention an 8yr old who thinks he is superman. Braden Anthony Geller you'd better not even think of climbing up onto that roof(he is looking at a ladder propped up next to the side of' the house)

MONICA: I meant to ask, can you watch Lilly this weekend, Hunter has a dentist appointment at 3

RACHEL: Yeah, that won't be a problem, Braden is going to a friends house and I'll bring Sash and Karmi along with me

MORGAN: You are such a louse, I dont' ever want to see you again, I can't belive you would do this too me, how dare you even try to speak to me after what you did

JOEY: But baby, wait a minute, I didn't mean for you to find out, don't you see it was a mistake. let me explain

MORGAN: explain what, explain how our whole life is a big lie, how you are nothing but a fake, I don't ever want to look at you again(storms off)

MONICA: what the hell??

RACHEL: yeah, did I miss something???

MONICA: Hey Joey

JOEY: yeah

MONICA: come here a sec

JOEY: Yeah Mon?

MONICA: what on earth happened between you and Morgan

JOEY: nothing, why??

RACHEL: nothing, you do not scream at each other like that, for nothing

JOEY: oh that, that was a scene from a play we are both trying out for


RACH: Joe, you might want to explain that to the other guests

JOEY:(screams) hey all, I'm not breaking up with my wife, we were practicing a play

Everyone continues talking and enjoying the party and little by little all the people leave

Next day: Pheebs is at the Humane society looking at cats

PHOEBEE: Um mr Cat person, yeah i'd like that one(she points to this big, ugly, growling/hissing cat. Just imagine the ugliest, meanest, looking cat you've ever seen)

CAT GUY: are you sure miss, he's very ferocious, hisses everytime anyone gets near him

PHOEBEE:Yes, I"m sure

CAT GUY: well, whatever butter's your toast

(Phoebee gets the cat home and in the apt that she lives in, it starts investigating and Pheebs sits down to read the paper, it promptly jumps into her lap and starts purring)

PHOEBEE: No, no, you're not supposed to be friendly, you are not to purr, you are supposed to be a ferocious, scary guard cat, come on, come on be scary

CAT: Purr, meow, purr, purr(begins rubbing up next to her and licking her hand)

Phoebee picks up the phone and calls Joey-he comes over after about 15 min

JOEY: alright, what's the big emergency. You interrupted my downtime with Morgan, both kids are at my moms for the day

PHOEBEE: Yeah Joe sorry to interrupt the loads of sex you have with your wife every day, but I need your acting skills

JOEY: Oh really, what for??

PHOEBEE: Well I got this cat for Francie cause she wants a feroscious guard cat, but as you can see this cat refuses to act tough(points to the cat who is rubbing against Joey's ankles and purring)

JOEY: Wow, that is the ugliest cat i've ever seen. But also the friendliest. (Picks the cat up and starts cuddling it) Hi Mr Kitty witty, who's a cutie wootie kitty witty. YOu are, yes you are, oh there's a happy guy, oh yeah listen to the happy purr purr motor

PHOEBEE:(stares at him with an oh my god expression on her face) Um Joey-if you could stop baby talking to the cat for a few seconds I need you to teach it to act tough

JOEY: No problem. Ok cat, be tough, be tough cat, act tough, come on you can do it(the cat continues purring)

PHOEBEE: Yeah Joe, it's not workin

JOEY: well, I don't think he is cut out to be a tough cat, I guess you'll have to settle for a friendly cat

PHOEBEE: but what do I tell Francie

JOEY: Just tell her he's a guard cat, but he is a secret guard cat, like a super hero. His ferosciousness power is secret and hidden

PHOEBEE: Yeah, yeah that might work. Thanks Joe

(Joey Leaves)

FRANCIE: Hi Mommy, did you get my kitty

PHOEBEE: Hi Sweetie, yes I did he is in here

FRANCIE: Where is he(the cat runs up and starts purring) oh Mommy he is perfect, but why is he purring, that is what fiendly cats do right

PHOEBEE: He is purring cause he is happy and he loves you. See that is what is great about him. To the people who he loves and who are nice he is a happy, friendly cat, but to those who are bad or mean, he is a guard cat. But he only acts like a guard cat when he has too. Kind of like how Super Heroes keep there powers hidden.

FRANCIE: Oh, that is soo neat, I want to name him that

PHOEBEE: You want to call him that as in come here that

FRANCIE: No mommy, I want to call him Super Hero

PHOEBEE: Ah, I see, well that is a lovely name

(Francie takes Super Hero up to her room to play)

The Weekend-Mon and Chandlers's

MONICA: Ok I will be back around 5 from the Dentist cause I'm going to do a few errands while i'm out. I have a Souffle in the oven and when the timer goes out it absolutly must be taken out of the oven(notices Rachel is only half listening to her) Rach, I mean it it HAS to be taken out of the oven right away. Can you handle that

RACHEL: Sarcasticly, No Mon, I don't think I can take it out of the oven, why dont' you draw me a map

MONICA: Ha Ha, i'm not kiddin Rach, it had better not be ruined when I come home

RACHEL: Don't worry Mon, i'll get your precious souffle out of the oven right away

MONICA: Ok, well i'll see you around five(leans over to kiss Lilly) bye Angel Baby, mommy will be home soon, you have fun with Auntie Rachel

LILLY: Auntie Rachel me go simmin

RACHEL: Alrigh Lilly, we'll go swimming as soon as I get Karmen's suit on her

KARMEN: No, mommy no, Me no wanna swim

RACHEL: well ok,but lets' take your suit out back just in case

(Rachel, Karemen, Lilly and Sasha go out to the backyard pool and Rachel gets in teh shallow end with Lilly while Sasha and karmen sit on the deck

KARMEN: Mommy me too, me too. Karmi want to swim

RACHEL: Ok Karmi, you can swim, ask Sasha to help you into your suit

KARMEN: Saha(she calls her that cause she can't pronounce Sasha) you help me peese

SASHA: (helps her in her suit) there ya go Karmi. Mom, can I use the phone to call Meg?

RACHEL: Yeah,but use the cordless and just bring it out here

SASHA: okay(she gets the phone sits in a lounge chair and starts talking on it

(about 20 min later)BRrring(the oven timer) RACHEL: Ok Sasha, I have to go get the souffle out of the oven or Auntie Monica will kill me, so keep an eye on the girls for a sec

SASHA: Sure mom

(Rach runs inside. Sasha becomes really engrossed in her phone convo and doesn't notice when Lilly climbs out of the pool and runs over to grab a toy. She runs back to the pool and as she is running she slips on a pach of water and falls into the pool slamming her head against the side)

KARMEN: Liwwy, Liwwy wake up, Liwwy(starts to cry) Saha Liwwy hurt, Liwwy hurt Saha

SASHA: Looks up and see's Lilly floating in the pool. Oh my god, I have to go my cousin is hurt(throws the phone down and dives in after Lilly)

RACHEL: Oh my god what happened(runs over to where Lilly is)

KARMEN: Mommy Liwwwy fell in the pool

RACHEL:(works on giving Lilly cpr) Sasha call 911 and take your sister and go inside

SASHA: alrigh mom, come on Karmi(they go inside) (Rachel keeps working on Lilly but isn't able to get a pulse the ambulance comes and they work on her, they are able to get a tiny pulse but on the ride to the hosp she stops breathing 3 diff times-they get to the hosp and Rush her to the ER

(a few mins later Mon and Chan run in-they were both paged)

MONICA: where is she, where is my baby

NURSE: they're working on her right now

Mon sits in chair and begins to sob, Chandler puts his arms around her

Ross runs in and sees them sitting there. He goes over and Hugs Mon

ROSS: how is she

MONICA: I dont' know they haven't told us anything yet

ROSS: (Goes over and hugs Rach) sweetie what happened

RACHEL: I don't know I went in the house for a second and when I came out she was in the pool, I guess she must have slipped or something

(about an hour passes and a doctor finally appears)

DR:Mr and Mrs Bing?


DR: I'm so sorry to have to tell you this but she didn't make it. She was in respiratory distress when she arrived and actually stopped breathing 3 times on the way here. We worked as hard as we could but her heart stopped and we tried for 45 min to get it restarted but it was too late

(Chandler just stared at the Doctor in shock and slowly sank into a chair and stared blankly ahead. Monica began screaming and sobbing as Chandler reached up and hugged her.

MONICA: You bitch(to Rachel) this is all your fault, you cant' do anything right can you, everything you do, you mess up. You are such a screw up and now you managed to kill my baby. I will nevr forgive you for this (screams) EVER

RACHEL: Walks over and puts her arm on Monica's shoulder. Mon, you know I would have never hurt Lilly on purpose, I loved her she was my niece, I didnt' mean too, I didn't mean for it to happen, I was only gone for a second. I'm sorry I'm so sorry(begins to sob)

MONICA: save it, Sorry won't bring my baby back and as far as i'm concerned we are not friends, I dont' ever want to see you again(she storms out and Chandler looks at Ross with a "what can I do look:)

RACHEL:(begins to cry and Ross walks over and puts his arm around her) Ross, how could she, how could she say those things, when she knows they aren't true

ROSS: Rach, she's just upset, her child just died, it'll all blow over she just needs to get over the shock, now come on let's go home

(It's about two months later.) Mon and Rach still have not really talked, Rachel is going over to Joey and Morgans to drop off some of Braden's old clothes for Conner to wear)

RACHEL: (opening the door) Hey Morgan, here are the clothes I promised you(sees Monica and Phoebee are also in the room) oh um, Hi Pheebs, hello Monica

MORGAN: Hey Rach, come on in(takes the clothes) oh these look great, Conner will love this shirt with the baseballs and baseball bats

MONICA: Now that you have broght the clothes, dont you think you had better leave-cause if you don't i'm going to

RACHEL: Ok you know what Mon, I am soo sick of this. Yes I made a mistake, yes I feel horrible but nothing can bring Lilly back, you need to quit treating me like i'm some sort of crimminal, i'm supposed to be your best friend

MONICA: Yes, supposed to be, you lost that title and all rights to it when my daughter died, now get out

RACHEL: Monica, this isn't even your house

MONICA: Well Morgan agrees with me, right

MORGAN: You know, I really don't want to get involved

PHOEBEE: How can you not want to get involved, how can you not agree that it is Rachel's fault

RACHEL: What, what the hell??

PHOEBEE: Oh please Rachel, Monica is right you are nothing but a big screwup

JOEY: Shut up Phoebee, it wasn't Rachel's fault and you know it,it was an accident and maybe if you took your nose out of Monica's ass for 5 seconds you'd realize that

MONICA: don't you ever talk to my friend like that again, come on Phoebee we dont need to be around these liars

JOEY: Hey Monica, why don't you go catch a bus to hell, and Phoebee, hop on and join her

(Mon and Pheebs leave)

(Rach and Ross's house)

RACHEL: I cannot belive her, I cannot belive she said that, and now she has Phoebee convinced i'm some evil person. It's like it's this big stupid war and everyone is taking sides. And the worst thing is, no matter what I say or do I can never change things, I can never take back what happened. I should of just let her damn souffle collapse(begins to cry) because, because then Lilly would still be here and everythign would be the same and no matter what things will never be normal again

ROSS: Rachel, I know this is hard for you, but you have to understand what Monica is going thru. My god, that was her child/her baby and she is gone forever. I'm not blaming you and I know it was an accident, but if you'd only had the kids come inside with you, none of this would have happened

RACHEL: do you think I haven't thought of that, do you think I don't replay the accident over and over again, night after night. I should have brought Lilly in with me, I should never have trusted Sasha to watch her, esp knowing she was prob going to be distracted by the phone

ROSS: Don't blame Sasha for this

RACHEL: Dammit Ross, I'm not blaming her. I'm just saying that if I had done things diff and not put Sasha in charge for those few minutes, it never would have happened

(during this exchange Sasha has been standing in the hallway-she then runs into her room and begins to cry)

(It's now about 3 months later, the group is basically divided, Mon and Pheebs refuse to talk to Joey or Rach. Chandler is sticking by Monica although he isn't really mad at Joey-they are finding it hard to maintain their friendship. Ross is basically caught between his sister and wife and him and Rachel are fighting more and more frequently)

BRADEN: Mom, when is daddy coming home, I want to practice catch with him

RACHEL: I have no idea Braden, I don't know anything about what your father does anymore

BRADEN: are you and daddy fighting again

RACHEL: No, Braden we are not fighting, ok now please stop pestering me so I can think about what to make for dinner

SASHA: Yes you are

RACHEL: Excuse me, yes I am what?

SASHA: Yes you and dad are fighting, all you do anymore is fight, it's really annoying

RACHEL: excuse me but what your father and I talk about are grown up issues and i'll thank you to stay out of our business

SASHA: Fine, now can I go to the dance this weekend or not

RACHEL: what dance

SASHA: Duh, the end of the year dance at school

RACHEL: I dont know, ok I'll think about it

SASHA: Well think quick, cause if I"m going you need to take me shopping for a new dress

RACHEL: Dammit Sasha, I don't have time to take you shopping ok, shopping is the last thing on my mind. If you havent noticed your aunt and uncle hate me, your dad is always at your aunts house and our entire family is being torn apart-(starts screaming) all because you couldnt do one simple thing and keep an eye on your cousin, I can't trust you to do anything so why the hell would I buy you a new dress for some stupid dance

(Braden and Karmen are standing in the doorway listening, and when Rachel turns around they run into their rooms, and Sasha runs into her room)

(later that nite-the kids are all asleep)

RACHEL:(ross is coming into the bedroom) well it's about time you got home, only dispointed your son after promising to play catch with him

ROSS: gee Rachel i'm sorry, I'm sorry I was trying to be their for my sister

RACHEL: what about your kids, what about me, your wife.

ROSS: Me, Me, Me is that all you ever think about, She is my sister Rachel my sister, she will always be my sister, you're only my wife because of marriage

RACHEL: are you saying you dont want to be married anymore

ROSS: sometimes, yes

RACHEL: well you need to make up your mind on that issue, because i'm not staying with someone who doesnt want to be with me

ROSS: fine

(Sasha's room)

-we see Sasha sitting at her desk, crying and writing in her diary

"Mom and dad are fighing again, tonite it was different though, tonite for the first time they talked about getting a divorce, and it is all my fault. I dont think mom will ever forgive me, or dad or Aunt Monica and Uncle chandler. Becasue of me, my baby cousin died, I'm the one that didn't watch her and i'm the one who killed her, I dont blame them for hating me because I hate myself, but it's ok though cause after this weekend they won't have to worry anymore." (Rach and Ross's room)

RACH: What the hell are you doing?

ROSS: I"m going to stay at Monica and Chandlers' my sister really needs me and I need to think, you and I both need time apart, we need to think things thru before we do something we regret

RACHEL:(Starts throwing stuff at the wall-after he has left) The only thing I regret is being stupid enough to marry someone like you-Mr married a lesbien, s said the wrong name at the alter, copygirl sleeping jerk.

3 days later

Sasha is home by herself and she goes into the bathroom medicine cabinet and takes out about 6 bottles of pills, she's crying and she gets a glass of water then stares at her shaking hand for a few seconds before suddenly dropping the pills into her mouth. She then goes over to the shelf by the front door and takes a key off of a hook, she walks into the garage and sticks a rag into the tailpipe of the car, then starts the car and climbs inside(with all the doors and windows closed

RACHEL: (she's carrying Karmen who is alseep and Braden is carrying his soccer gear) Ok Brady, I'm going to put Karmi down for her nap, so you take your soccer stuff upstairs and then get started on those math problems

BRADEN: (runs upstairs to his room-he sees a white piece of paper as he runs up the stairs) Mom, mom there is a note for you from Sasha

RACHEL: well what does it say

BRADEN: it says that she is sorry and not to worry cause she knows it was her fight but now you dont have to worry anymore

RACHEL: What???(takes the note from Braden)what the.... (all of a sudden realzies what it means) BRADEN:(at the same time as Rach realizes what has happened) Mom, Mom, someone was in your medicine,there are pill bottles all over the floor in your bathroom

RACHEL: Oh my god, Sasha, Sasha, Sasha Joelle Geller, Sasha. Braden, go check downtairs and outside and see if your sister is there

BRADEN: MOM-she's in the car mom, Mom, Mommmy the airs all funny I can't breathe

RACHEL: get inside Braden(he just stands there as she takes a shovel and breaks the glass on the car window) Braden, Get inside NOW

She reaches into the car and pulls Sasha's limp body out-cutting her hands on the glass

RACHEL: (Runs inside and dials 911 while trying to do cpr on Sasha) Hello, yes I need an ambulance right away, my 13yr old daugher took an overdose of pills and locked herself in the car in a closed up garage

BRADEN: Where's daddy, i want daddy

RACHEL: Braden, go outside and wait for the ambulance ok, and I'll take care of SSasha and call daddy(he runs outside) Rach dials the phone. Hello, Monica may I speak to Ross please

MONICA: Oh hello, i'm not sure if he is able to talk right now, perhaps you should try again later

RACHEL: Dammit Monica, do you think you should quit being a bitch for 5 seconds. Tell him that his daugher is hurt, tell him that his 13yr old daughter overdosed on pills and tried to kill herself by locking herself in a car and garage filled with Carbon Monoxide because she thinks it's her fault your daughter died(Rach then slams down the phone)

Chan and Mon's

MONICA: Oh my god, Ross, Ross get in here now, ROSS

CHANLDER: Hey, wer'e not deaf, we're just ignoring you(laughs)

MONICA: shut up Chandler, Sasha is in the hosp, she tried to kill herself, Ross. She took a bunch of pills and locked herself in the garage with the car running

ROSS: WHAT, what the hell are you talking about

MONICA: that was Rachel on the phone, she just got home and found her, just go to her, just go to the hosp and make sure she is ok, we'' be there as soon as I call the others

The Hosp

Rach is in the emergency room sitting on a chair, Ross approaches and hugs her as they both begin to sob. ROSS: how is she

RACHEL: I dont know, no one will tell me anything, oh god, Ross what if she dies, what if I lose her too, I've already lost you and my friends, I can't lose my daughter I can't

ROSS: Rachel, it's ok, she's going to be fine, she's going to make it, Sasha is tough

RACHEL: It's weird you know, I just keep thinking of what she said in the note, show she doesnt want us to fight anymore and she thinks if she dies then things can go back to normal again, since she thinks it's her fault Lilly died. BUt it wasnt it, it was mine, it was all mine, I was the adult, I should not have left them by the pool alone, I should have watched her and I, I,(starts crying harder) I should be the one that's dead, I wish I had died sometimes, she was just a baby, and I mess up things all the time

MONICA: Rachel, dont say that, it wasnt your fault, it wasnt Sasha's fault it wasn't anyone's fault. It just happend, it was just a horrible horrible accident and I was wrong to blame you, I was just too caught up in myself and my grief to realize that, and to realize how much I was hurting everyone. It's my fault Sasha is hurt

RACHEL:( turns around and notices, the group is there) no, its my fault, it's all my fault

PHOEBEE: Oh you guys(starts crying) it's nobodies fault ok, we were all acting supidly and maybe we needed this to happen to teach us a lesson, to show us how ridiculous we were all being and to help us get our friendships back, now come here you two(The three of them hug)

JOEY: hey Pheebs, you know when I told you to go to hell, well I didnt mean it

PHOEBEE: I know Joe(they hug)

DR: Mr and Mrs Geller, you may go in and see your daugher now

ROSS: is she going to be ok? Right now she is stable but the next 24 hrs will be crucial, if she makes it thru the nite there is a very good chance that she will live

(Ross and Rachel go into her room)-before they enter, Ross stops outside the door

ROSS: You know that discussion we had, where you said I needed to think about what I wanted


ROSS: Well I dont have to think about it, I already know, I have everything I could ever want right here, and coming so close to losing it made me realize that I dont ever want to let it go again(they kiss and then walk into Sasha's room and hold hands as they sit by her bed

(Rachel says the speech from the beg part of the story, then Ross also talks to her and tells her how much he loves her)

two weeks later, everyone is at Ross and Rach's house, Sasha is smiling and loking at a magazine with some of her friends

MONICA: just look at how happy she looks

RACHEL: yeah I think she is finally getting better she still doesnt like to talk about it much with me, but her psychologist said they are making real headway and she is beginning to break thru her feelings

MONICA: I Just hope she's able to forgiver herself and to work thru everything

RACHEL: you know, I think she will be just fine, I mean even after all that happend, her friends never stopped calling or gave up on her, I think if you have friends you can make it thru anything

MONICA: and just what made you so smart

RACHEL: Oh just having the best group of friends in the world