The One With The Wrong Moment

(This is a continuation of The One with The Invincible Confession)

Written by: KC
Disclaimer: These characters are owned by Bright, Kaufman, and Crane. This fanfic was just made for fun and is non profitable

(Sorry I cut Phoebe on my story I can't think of anywhere to put her. So, lets just say she spends her time babysitting the triplets and are on a trip with Frank and Alice.)


Ross: (still staring at the photo) I want you back but I don't know if you feel the same. Rachel (she was shocked) if you could only hear me (pauses)I love you and I always will (Rachel faints) (he heard a loud thud from outside he ran and open his door and reveals who it is) Oh my gawd! Rachel!

- - - - - - - - -  Intro - - - - - - - - - -

(When Rachel fainted, she hit her head on the door which caused it to bleed a little. She's unconcious. Ross took of his shirt and wiped her forehead with it and carried her into his apt. He puts her on the couch and places an ice pack on her head, then he takes a blanket and covers her. He's kneeling down in front of her, staring at her every sign of movement.)

Ross: You probably can't hear me (but she really could cuz she's a little conscious now) but I just wanna say I'm sorry. For being a jerk all these years. For agreeing to Emily that I won't see you anymore, I still can't believe I did that. (tears start to come out of Ross' eyes and he dries his tears quickly and sniffs a little)(softly) I love you and I hope you feel the same (kisses Rachel's hand and just holds it for a while then he carries Rachel to his room and lets her sleep comfortably. Ross then sleeps on the couch)

(Scene fades)

[Scene: Ross' apt, It's 7:30 am, Rachel's still asleep, Ross just woke up]

(Ross gets up and gets his clothes from his bedroom. He sees Rachel sleeping comfortably he just smiles. Then he goes to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for work.)

[Scene: Joey's, he's gotten over the "Porsche Incident" and is into something different]

(Monica enters)

Monica: Hey Joey do you have any tomatoes I can borrow (sees Joey cooking pasta) Oh my gawd, your cooking
Joey: Yeah, since I'm not doing anything I thought I could whip up something (tastes it grabs another spoon dips it in the sauce and gives it to Monica) here (she takes it)
Monica: This is good, really good. Where did you learn all this?
Joey: My grandma, I watch her cook all the time. I used to help her alot when I was a teenager, but when girls came along, it was another story.
Monica: I have an idea, why won't you work with me as my assistant chef, not a waiter
Joey: Really? You think I'm any good
Monica: Oh yeah, I like this
Joey: You can have that jar of marinara sauce I made
Monica: Thanks Joey
Joey: No problem

(Chandler enters)

Chandler: Hey
Monica: Hi honey, look Joey's cooking
Chandler: I know I smelled it all the way out there
Joey: Hey man! Remember when I cooked that linguini with wine sauce
Chandler: Oh my Joey what's wrong?
Monica: huh?
Chandler: Everytime he makes linguini, he has a problem
Joey: I don't have a problem, I was just looking for something to do, and I found it. I tried to find a gig for my career, doesn't work, I tried cooking and it works for me, ok?
Chandler: Sorry man I didn't know
Monica: (to Joey) So you up for it?
Joey: Sure
Chandler: (confused)huh?
Monica: You better stop working really late
Chandler: (still confused as hell) what?
Monica: forget it

[Scene: Ross' apt, Rachel just woke up its 8:00 a.m. Ross is about to leave]

Rachel: Oh my head !, (eyes opening a little) Where am I?.(sees Ross' dino thing) Wait isn't that Ross'. (realizes) Noo, we couldn't have (looks under the sheets) Ok we didn't. Thank god! but why am I here?

(Ross went back to the room b/c he forgot his papers for work)

Ross: (whispering to himself) Ok, Ross quiet you don't wanna wake her up. (sees Rachel staring at him)hey
Rachel: hey
(they stare at each other in that special way. Looking like they have something to say, but it just wouldn't come out. Ross then breaks the silence)
Ross: Don't worry I didn't do anything bad
Rachel: (looks down) I know, thank you Ross. You're a real friend
Ross: (grabs the papers from his desk then looks at Rachel) My pleasure to have you as my friend (puts her chin up and smiles at her) cheer up Rach. (looks at his watch) look I gotta go to work (pauses) but if you want me to stay with you I could
Rachel: Go to work, I'll be fine (smiles)
Ross: You can stay here as long as you want. I'll leave the spare keys so you could lock the door if you want to go out. Oh yeah your food is on the table
Rachel: Thanks Ross (they hug) Can I talk to you later
Ross: Ok, where?
Rachel: Here I guess, since my head still hurts I could barely walk out
Ross: You sure you don't need me? (Rachel gives him a look) alright see ya then bye
Rachel: see ya

[Scene: Kitchen where Monica works, Joey and Monica are talking, its at night so noone is there but them]

Monica: So are you up for it Joey?
Joey: I guess I could handle that
Monica: Great, then tomorrow when you come, can you speak with an Italian accent
Joey: Sure (with accent) What do you want to order madame?
Monica: (laughs sarcastically) Just don't over do it
Joey: (with a smile in his face) ok

[Scene: Where Ross works, He calls Rachel at his place]

(phone rings, she answers it. split screen shows both of them)

Rachel: Hello, Ross is not here right now
Ross: Hey Rach
Rachel: Oh hey sorry I didn't recognize your voice, i guess my head still kinda hurts
Ross: Do you want me to go buy you medicine?
Rachel: (in very much pain) Can you?
Ross: Sure, I'll just drop off at the atm machine first
Rachel: Isn't it kinda late?
Ross: Yeah, but there's one right near here
Rachel: Be careful and be safe
Ross: I will thanks, you get rested ok? bye
Rachel: bye Ross

(they both hang up smiling)(scnene fades)

[Teaser: Ross is on his way out of the bank]

Thief: Freeze and don't move, put your hands up, and give me all your money
(Ross stood there with his hands up)
Thief: Why are you just standing there? give me your money
Ross: You just said to freeze
Thief: Just give me the freakin money or I'll blow your mind out
Ross: ok, ok, (hands the thief the money, thief grabs it) here just don't shoot
Thief: Don't move or else
Ross: ok
(the thief slowly walks out pointing his gun to Ross to make sure he doesn't move a bit. When the thief put his gun down Ross went tried to escape. The thief saw him, shot him on the leg and ran away. Ross was loosing a lot of blood good thing he had his mobile and called Rachel)
(split screen)
Rachel: Hello
Ross: (by now he's kinda pale) Rach help me
Rachel: Oh my gawd Ross What happend?
Ross: Money (pause) stolen (pause) gunshot, ouch
Rachel:(panicking)  Where are you?
Ross: Bank near the university
Rachel: (panicking)Hold on Ross I'll be there and I'll call an ambulance
Ross: Hurry
Rachel: I will don't pass out Ross (He dropped the phone) I love you (hangs up and dials 911 immediately) Hello,(screams) HELP
Ross: (screaming)HELP ME (holding on to his knee)

T o  b e  c o n t i n u e d . . . . .