TOW All of the Moving


[Central Perk](Everyone except Ross are there]


Pheobe: And then, I was all like no, and he was like yes! So our wedding has been changed to August 14.


Chandler: No offense Pheebs, but I stopped listening a long time ago.


(Ross enters)


Ross: Hey guys.


Rachel: Hey youÖ(He goes over to her and they kiss for a long, long moment.)


Chandler: Can you guys breath?


(They break)


Ross: So, is anyone helping Rachel and I move?


Monica: I am.


Pheobe: Monica! You promised to help me move today!


Chandler: Well; I promised Rachel and Ross too.


Joey: What about Pheebs?


Ross: Iím sorry Pheebs,


Rachel: Whatever! Listen Pheebs, you snooze you loose ok


                             Opening Credits


[Joey and Rachel's place](Ross and Rachel are getting the last box)


Ross: So, um, thatís the last box.


Rachel: mmmmmm, yea, and we still have 30 minutes until Joey and Pheobe get back.


Ross: Yea, it would help if there was a bed but there isn't so...


Rachel: Let's get that box over to your place.


Ross: Ok. (Goes to pick up the box but it won't budge.) This could be a problem.


Rachel: Let me see...(Still won't budge.) Huh.


Ross: Ok, so, should we lift together?


Rachel: Ok. (STILL WON'T BUDGE!!!)




Rachel: Just, hair stuff, cd's, a computer...


Ross: A computer?


Rachel: Yea, my daddy got it for me.


Ross: Why?


Rachel: He said that living with you, I would need some kind of entertainment.


Ross: What kind of entertainment?


Rachel: Chat lines, um, Websites...Dating sites....


Ross: what?


Rachel: He just said that I would be bored. And that he forbids me to move in with you, but thatís all.


Ross: So this is a bribe?


Rachel: (unsure) uh-huh


Ross: And, y-y-you took the bribe?


Rachel: (unsure) uh-huh


Ross: why?


Rachel: Well, it's a Dell.


Ross: We can't keep it.


Rachel: Why?


Ross: That's like agreeing to not move in with me.


Rachel: But Ross, I love you. No one can change that. It's a computer. It's not like he sent me a husband.


Ross: Yea, I guess.


Rachel: And, itís really cool.


[Pheobe's place]


Pheobe: That is the last one.


Joey: Let's go.


Pheobe: I-I-I-I I can't do it Joey.


Joey: Wha? WHY?


Pheobe: I'm gonna miss this place so much, y'know. There are so many memories. Over there is where I tried walking up the wall, and over there was where Rachel and I had our first heart to heart talk. I can't just leave.


Joey: Listen Pheebs, Life is about moving on. You will make so many memories at my place too! We will make our own memories.


Pheobe: Ok.


        (Joey leaves. Pheobe is all alone in the apartment. She turns for one last shot of it, then turns off the lights and shuts the door behind her.)






Chandler: Looks like my dad's room in here.


Monica: The doctor will be in at any minute with the results of how our baby is doing.


(On cue, the doctor enters)


DR: Hello. How are we?


Monica: We are great.


Chandler: Yep.


DR: Ok, I have some really bad news. Iím afraid you have lost the baby.


Monica: What? How?


DR: It appears that you are infertile, which means you cannot carry children.


 Monica: O MY GOD! Are-are you sure? Thereís no possible way?


DR: Iím sorry, no.


Monica: So, so thatís it. I canít have kids. I canít have a family.


DR: Oh, of course there are other options.


Chandler: Like?


DR: Adoption, oh, and you could have another able woman carry the child.


Monica: My friend did that for her brother.


DR: See? And I will ask youÖwhy bring another child into this world when there are so many others suffering, being abused and hurting themselves. Canít you take the love that you have for a child and give it to one who needs it?


Monica: (disappointed) Yes. I can.


DR: There you go. Now, if you decide to adopt, here are some brochures. If you find a person carry the baby for you, hereís my number in my office.


         (DR exits)


Chandler: Mon, itís going to be fine.


Monica: No, itís not.


      [Rachel and Rossí]


Ross: There, now you are fully unpacked.


Rachel: Now we can relax.


Ross: SoÖ.


Rachel: you want to plug in my computer donít you?


Ross: uh-huh.


Rachel: OK!


   (They go and plug it in)


Ross: wow, nice monitor.


Rachel: I know. I like the mouse.


Ross: Well, should we thank your dad?


Rachel: no, itís a bribe.


Ross: Well, now you can tell him that he canít boss you around. But youíre keeping the bribe.


Rachel: If I keep the bribe I have to move out, Ross; if I give it back, he will know that I can make my own decisions. 


Ross: I want to keep it.


Rachel: Well, um, tell yaíwhat. We give this back and stand up to the big bad wolf, and our first thing we buy together in our home, is a Dell Computer. Okay?


Ross: Okay.




Rachel: I love you.


Ross: I love you too.


Rachel: Ok, so letís pack it up.