Written by: DC Freak_02

Hi This is my first fanfic so bare with me. This fanfic takes place in the fifth season
Chandler and Monica are trying to hide their relationship but Joey just found out
two days ago and Joey canít keep it a Sercet. Ross has finally relaised that he
belongs with Rachel after a he gets a hint from Chandler. He and Rachel talked and
decied to give their relationship an anther shot but they want to keep it a secret from
the gang and Pheobe is starting to have feelings for Joey and wants to ask him out
on a date but she is to shy and Joey and Phoebe try to find out who Rachelís Serect
boyfriends is now on with the Show.

[Scene Central Perk Pheoebe is Talking To Monica and Rachel]

Pheoebe:Guys Iím going to tell yo something but you canít tell the guys ok
Monica and Rachel:ok Pheobes
Pheoebe: I was going to ask Joey out yesterday but I couldnít
Rachel: Why not
Pheoebe: Because Iím a little nervious
Rachel: you mean your shy
Pheobe: yes
Monica : all do it for you
Pheoebe :No
Monica :ok
Pheoebe: Iím not that despert Iíll ask him tonight

Opening Credits
[Same scene central perk everybody is there]
Joey:Hey Pheobe

Pheobe: Hi

Joey: Hey I was wondering if you would like to go out with me.

Pheobe: sure Joey

Joey: Yes

Pheobe: Why did you ask me out

Joey: I told the guys I liked you so they told me to ask you out

[Scene Monica & Rachelís Apartment]

Monica: Rachel you want to go out with me and chandler tonight

Rachel: No I have plans tonight

Monica: Who is it

Rachel : Iím not going to tell you

Monica: ok

[Monica has left Rachel is on the phone with Ross]

Rachel: Ross I think Monica Knows about us

Ross: Did you tell her

Rachel: no

Ross: ok

Rachel: has Chandler metioned anything to you, can you come over

Ross: ok What about Monica

Rachel: She is going to spend the night at Chandlerís

Ross: ok

Rachel: Ross

Ross: yeah

Rachel: do you think we should hide it from them

Ross: of course I am

Rachel: ok I order a pizza so you bring the Beer and movies ok

Ross: ok see you in 10 minutes

Commerical Break

[Chandler and Joeyís Apartment]

(Joey is getting ready for his date with Phoebe thereís a knock at the door Joey
opens the door and itís Phoebe an hour early she comes in)

Joey: Hey Pheebs

Phoebe: hi

Joey: your here an hour early and i was supposeed to pick you up

Phoebe: I couldnít wait

Joey: Since your here early why donít we go bug Rachel and her sercet boy friend

Phoebe: ok

[Monica and Rachelís Apartment]

(Close up of the tv you can see a movie on then Joey and Phoebe enter the apartment
and look for Rachel and her date then Phoebe spots a crack in Rachelís door and
decide to peek in)

Phoebe:(whispering) Joey (pointing to Rachelís open door)

Joey:(whispering) yeah oh letís check it out

Phoebe: ok

(Just as Phoebe and Joey check out to see who Rachelís serect boy friend is they
Come out Rachel first then Ross. Joey and Phoebe are both shocked.)

Commerical Break
[Cont from before Monica and Rachelís Apartment]

Joey & Phoebe: are you guys back together

Ross & Rachel: Yes you guys canít tell any body ok

Phoebe: ok

( no answer from Joey )

Ross: Joey

Rachel: Joey

Phoebe: (Really loud) JOEY

Joey: (really scared) ok

Joey: Pheebs are you ready to go

Phoebe: yeah

Ross & Rachel: Bye ( as Joey and Phoebe)

Ross: How long until Joey caves I say a day

Rachel: I say 4 hours

Ross: Well I loved to stay but Joey and Phoebeís little raid got me out of the mood so
all call you tommorrow ok

Rachel: ok ( They kiss then he leaves)

Commerical break

(Joey and Phoebe at the movie theters going to see Rush Hour)

Joey: I canít believe there back together

Pheobe: Joey be quiet or will get kicked out

Joey: pheebs can we leave I donít think i can hold this serect much longer]

Pheobe: Ok

[Chandler and Joeyís Apartment]
(Pheobe and Joey are Returning from there date)
Phoebe: You better not tell them rember last time

Joey: Yeah

Chandler: tell us what

Monica: Tell who what

Chandler and Monica: Joey

(Joey canít hold it in any more)

Joey: Ross and Rachel are back together

Chandler: What

Monica: What

Ending Credits

{Rossís Apartment}

Rachel: should we tell our parents

Ross: no

Rachel: ok

Ross: I think we should tell Monica and Chandler tommorrow before Joey tells them

{Will monica and chandler let on they no about Ross aand Rachel}

Part 2 comming soon