TOW one answer , big price

Entering the first scene two month have passed since the wedding. Ross and Emily didn’t really get wedded , because Emily left him .Ross and Rachel had a serious
talk about it but Rachel didn´t tell him the real reason for her coming. Since that Ross and Rachel had a lot of talking lately .Ross already got over Emily but is still a
bit upset with his love life. Rachel helps him a lot , you may say the two of them got really, really close friends again like in the first part. They do a lot together .
Both haven´t realised that Monica and chandler have been together since the wedding but Joey and phoebe know. Joey and phoebe helped them to hide from Ross and
Rachel ,who(by the way) don´t seem very interested in that .Phoebe got the Babies and is together with a guy called Stephen. Joey still has a lot of girls and is in the
need of money ,so read it out……

(Stephen will be played by somebody …weird. He looks a bit like Phoebes brother but he is handsome.. so imagine who ever you wan´t ,okay? He is not on that script
yet. But he´ll be on one of the next and they talk about him.)

This is a Fanfic with the characters of “F r i e n d s”. I´m German and pretty young so don´t expect to much of it. I´ve had 3 years English in school and that means I
can´t speak to well… but you´ll see…

Scene one: Mon and Rach´s .Everyone is there except of Rachel

(Rachel storms in and picks up the phone dials a number)(Everyone glares at her)

Ra(chel): (out of breath to the phone)Hi this is Rachel green…..the answer is Armani ,Ar- ma-ni

(Jumps up screaming) …I knew it (Everyone is still staring, Phoebe backed away)

(to the guys happily while the man or woman on the phone is still talking)guys guess to whom I´m talking…(Chandler opens his mouth to
say something)…(almost screaming) to the show-master of “one answer ,big price”… (the man on the phone says something) ..ohh yeah sorry .I´m back … My address?
ohh yeahh. …(says her address) thank you .. bye. Yupp you betcha(Hangs up the phone)

chan(dler): (still shocked ) What the hell was that??

Jo(ey):she talked to the show master of ” one answer, big price” duhh. And you call

Me stupid?

Mon(ica) :Yeah whatever .So ,Rachel, will you tell us more about your call ,or what?

Ra : I saw the show on tv. The taxi driver ,that brought me had a little screen. The master showed a dress and asked , who made it . I thought that was so easy , I
mean it was black and had this little…

Ro(ss):( kind of nervous and bored) ..back to your point ,rach

Ra: oh sorry. It was so clear ,you know, but I didn´t phoned back then. The price was two Tickets to Italy. Nobody called so they said 4 tickets. I ran up here to
call and ..Guess what ?(chandler again opens his mouth to say something)Now we won 6 first Class tickets to Italy..

(everybody jumps up even they kind of knew and acts happily. But chandler ,who stand up first is mad )

Chan: ( loud)I knew it!(everybody is shocked, confused and looks at him) ..(calm and guilty)

You know when you asked “Guess what?”

Fade out/fade in

Opening credits: They are a bit changed because it’s a new series .So it shows some pictures of the wedding some pictures of the babies , some of Phoebe and Stephen,
some of Chandler and Monica and some of Joey flirting with girls

and some(actually a lot) of Ross and Rachel talking, or hugging.

Fade in:

Scene2:Central perk everybody is there all are (still) really happy

Monica is up to get a muffin

Ro: So , Rach ,you didn´t tell us when we are leaving.

Ra. : No? ..oh god, Mon is gonna kill me .(whispering so Monica won´t here her)

We are leaving in (looking on the face of her watch)..46 hours

Mon: (heard it) (very loud)WHAT?? (everybody(that means some people in the coffeehouse , too) looks scared and Rachel looks lost)

Stand up guys we have to pack!! COME ON!(They stand up) M O V E!

Phe(ebs)(While the gang is going out ) calm down Mon. we still have 46 hours

Mon:(still loud) Nooo! We just have 45 HOURS 58 MINUETS and 49 SECONDS.MOVE!

(The gang hears that and walks faster)

Scene two: Rach´s room .Monica and Phoebe help Rachel pack .the rest of the gang is already ready

Ra: so ,Mon . I think that´s it ,we are ready…

Phe:(interrupting)..and still have (looks on the face of her watch)39 hours left

Mon:(goes over to them)proud):good work girls

Ra: No, Mon, that’s not what we meant. We meant: what are we gonna do now..?

Phe:…we are bored

Mon :you can´t be bored we just finished packing.

Phe: (lost because she´s right)Yeaaah.. but .

(Mon looks mad and annoying)

Ra: What are the guys doing?

(Mon opens the door)we see the guys sitting around in the living room ,drinking beer ,watching a game and arguing who would be the best player .

(The girls look like they are going to say:” guys!” ”how typical” ..)

Phe: hey we could make a girls night. You know in our pyjamas with games ,talks.. and..


Ra.: yeahh. That would be great . We haven´t done this for so long

Mon: okay, seems like fun to me .I tell the guys to leave and you two get dressed…

And Phoebe you have this funny games .. you can bring some of them .

Ra :Okay..

Mon: … Okay…

Phe: ….Okay

Scene3:Joey and chandler´s .the guys are sitting around, watching the same game as before and are talking

Jo: (looking dumped).I mean they can´t just throw us out ,right?

Chan/Ro: (looking dumped too, agreeing) yeeah

Ro: That´s … not fair we are their friends too. We help them when ever we can and they…

… They…

Chan/Jo: …throw us out

Chan: We would never do something like that to them

Ro/Jo: Nope / Never

Jo: I mean , what are they doing in there (looking to the door , which is locked)

It´s not like they are having pillow fights in their underwear there(looking to the door again)


(Jo waits for an answer, faces the guys and finds them looking to the door with a dreamy expression on their faces. At first he looks like he was going to say something
but then he joins them. We leave the guys, which are still looking with “this” expression to the door. We zoom trough the two doors into the girl´s apartment)

Scene4: the girls apartment the girls are sitting on the floor, wearing their Pyjamas

And drinking a lot of alcohol lately. We can hear and see they are extremely


Mon:(to Phoebe)smiling) and.. everything´s fine between you and Stephen?

Phe:(smiling brighter) Yes he… is really nice… and sweet …and charming

(the girls smile at her)

And … And sexy(the girls make this weird “awww”-noise )

Mon: that’s good Pheebs.(Phoebe smiles again) and what´s going on in your

love life ,Rachel?

Ra: Nothing(The girls look like they are going to laugh at her comment) (serious)

No really, Nothing is going on.

Mon: And what´s that with brother ,Rachel(a bit ironic)

Ra: (still serious) we are just Friends , you know really close friends, a bit like before

when I first moved in here.

Phe: Rach,, back then he was in love with you , y´know?

(Mon and Phe laugh. Ra looks misunderstood)

Ra: noo.. I mean ,I know ..but .. now he is not .. I am not. We are not a couple,

We are friends ,Mon, like you and chandler

(Mon and phoebe , who know, burst out laughing. Rach looks lost)

Phe: (miming her)..not a couple …like you and Chandler, Monica

(They laugh even more .Rachel looks even more lost)

Fade in/fade out

Scene5: They are still sitting around on the floor and Monica and Phoebe are still laughing out loud . Rachel looks not lost anymore, because she realises what the

could mean. Now she looks kinda mad and really serious, even she is drunk.

Ra: (serious and mad).Mon did you sleep with Chandler?

(Mon stops laughing and looks at Rachel who seems to be really mad

Phoebe is still laughing at her own lame joke and it seems like she is not going to end it, ever!)

Mon:(guilty, because she hasn´t told her before) I .. I

(Phoebe laughs too loud so we can´t here what say are saying)

(Zoom to the guys ,who are still sitting there we can hear Phoebe laughing (i)n (t)he

(o)ther (a)partment)

Jo: (upset, still) That sucks, man, I wanna be there

Ra(screaming)(I t o a):Phoebe ,damn it, stop laughing ,this is serious!!

(the guys look afraid )

Chan : I don´t

Ro: me neither.

(Zoom to the other apartment. Still showing the same scene but phoebe stopped laughing and is now looking as shocked as the other two. Rachel is mad and Monica
doesn´t know what exactly to say so she keeps it)

Ra :(stands up ) I´m going to my room ,see you later(walks to her room)

(Mon and Phe don´t say anything. There´s a knock at the door)

Chan:(I t o a):can we come in?

Jo: … pleeease?

Phe :Okay

(The guys come in)

Ross: What happened , we heard you screaming.

Jo: I thought you wanted to have a girls night and not a chicken fight? ha ha ha

Mon:(ignoring him) We got into a fight with Rachel

Ro: ( going to Rachel´s room) I´ll look after her, okay?(he leaves)

Chan: You got into a fight , what about?

Mon: (looking at Chan) About us.

(Zoom into Rachel´s room . she is sitting on her bed almost crying. He just came in)

Ro : (going to her , hugging her) Do you want to talk about what just happened?

(Zoom into the living room. the four are sitting on the floor)

Mon: (almost in tears ,too)… and now she will tell Ross about it.

(Zoom into the other room again. Still the same scene)

Ra: (looking in his eyes ).. no. Not really.

Ro: (hugging her again really tight)Okay

(Zoom into the other room. Monica is now hugging Chandler ,the others left)

Mon: …what if he hates you then, Chandler. I mean I´m his sister. His younger sister. He … always thinks he has to take care of me. But I can take care of myself,

Chan: I know

Mon : But to make sure he wont be mad, you should sleep in your bed tonight. Okay?

Chan: okay.

( Ross enters from Rachel´s room)

Ro: Hey, can you tell me what happened before?

Mon: She didn´t?

Ro: No, she didn´t.

Mon: I don’t wanna talk about it . I’m going to bed. ´night.(she goes to her door)

Chan: Good night ,Monica

Ro: Good night(worried ,after she left)She isn’t taking it to well, is she?

Chan : (Feeling lost , because he is alone with Ro).. Nope

Ro: Rachel is not that good either. I think it was a really big fight.

Chan: yes.. I mean I think that ,too.

Ro: So ,she hasn´t told you anything?

Chan: (obviously lying) nooo…

Ro: (confused) hmmmm (??)

Fade out/ Fade in

Scene 6:The girls apartment all except Rachel are there. It´s 12 0´clock..the guys are ready but Monica and Joey are still having breakfast. Rachel hasn´t showed up yet.

(Rachel enters from her room)

Chan/Ro/Phe/Jo: Hi/ morning /etc

Ra: G´morning guys.

Mon: Good morning ,Rachel

Ra: Monica.(goes to the bathroom)

(the guys look at Monica and show that they are sorry for her .Phe hugs Mon.)

fade out /Fade in

Scene 7: the girls apartment, many luggage is laying around in the apartment. Everyone is there. They are ready but still have time. Rachel is still mad at Monica and
they are not talking.

Jo: Ohh, Rachel, we haven’t thanked you yet for winning these tickets.(goes over to

hug her.) Thank you, Rach (hugs her)

Ra: No problem I mean it was so easy………

Phe : (joins the hug) Thanks

Chan : ( goes over to hug her, but looks a bit uncomfortable at Monica)

Yeaah .. thank you.(Hugs her fast, then goes back to Mon)

Ro : (who was standing behind her takes her hand and kisses her on the forehead)

Thank you very much ,Rach

(Rachel smiles at him. Now it is Monica´s turn. She goes in Rachel´s direction.)

Ra: (who sees Monica coming. takes out her watch not really looking at it instead looking at Monica) Ow, I think it´s time to go.(walks out of the door)

(everyone again looks sorry for Monica and we can see Monica is really hurt)

fade out /fade in

Scene: 8 the guys are in the plane. Phoebe is sitting at the window , then there is Joey ,who wanted the seat at the window first then there is Ross , who is sitting next
to Rachel. Monica and chandler are sitting behind them, because there are only 4 seats in one line.2.line:woman, we don´t know ; kid, we don´t know; Chandler;

Mon: Rachel, were exactly is the hotel?

(Rachel doesn´t answer)

Ro: Rach, Mon asked if you know exactly..

Ra: ( interrupting) I am ignoring her. I think she doesn´t really(making sure Mon can hear her) WANNA TALK TO ME!

Ro: Rachel, calm down .. .. and could you tell me ,please tell me ,what your fight was about yesterday?

Ra:(looking in his eyes like she wants to tell him that, really much ) I .. I . can´t

I have to go to the toilet. (storms out)

(Monica who heard that follows her to talk to her)

Mon: (knocking at the door of the toilet) Rach , please open up we have to talk.

Ra: ……………………(opens the door) Come in

(She gets in ,too and they lock up. The people all look kind of confused .The gang looks happy )

(Zoom into the toilet. Rachel and Monica are standing there talking)

Monica: I am so sorry ,Rachel, I really wanted to tell you but I was scared. I mean you are my best friend and I know I could tell you everything but …but I wanted to
keep that as a secret for a while, until I know that we are going somewhere..

Ra: It´s okay , Mon, I don´t care anymore. But tell me are you seeing that going somewhere?

Mon:(smiles) yeahh I think this is going somewhere ,really.

Ra: good!(smiles) come here ( they hug)

Mon: (still hugging )thank you, Rachel, for taking me to Italy

Fade out / Fade in

Scene 9. the plane toilet . Monica and Rachel are still hugging

Mon: shall we go out to the guys?

Ra:(breaks the hug ) Yeaah, totally

(They go out)

:closing credits

(The plane Rachel and Ross are sitting in their seats. Phoebe and Joey already left)

Ro :You know what? I heard the Italian were the smartest European.

Ra: Really? I don’t think so. Do you remember Paolo

Ro: ( with Italian accent) Paolo?

Ra :Yes ,he wasn’t smart

( We can see a Italian girl running way from something. We see it’s Joey. The girl is running away from Joey. )

Jo: (while running after her) Okay so I am not Clintons son.

Ro: See, smart

Ra:(At first she looks like she was going to say:” your point” but then she realises

something) But he is Italian ,too , remember?


Friends scripts: the characters belong to “F r i e n d s”