Open Arms

Disclaimer: The characters of Ross and Rachel do not belong to me but to the creators of FRIENDS. This is for entertainment purposes only.

(Rachel and her daughters Jordanna 17 and Jessamyn 14 are driving down a busy street.)
Jord: So Mom, Josh is picking me up at 8.
Rach: That’s fine as long as you are home by 11:30.
Jord: Cool! I like being at your house on the weekends. Dad is a major geek.
Rach: (smiling to herself) Jordanna your father just cares about you.
Jess: Nah, he’s just lonely. He keeps us hostage because he misses you, Mom.
Rach: Jessamyn, it has been over between your Dad and I for along time. I’m sure he has dates that help him with his loneliness.
Jord: How blind are you, Mom? He hasn’t been on one date since you two separated.
Rach: But our divorce has been final for over a year!
Jess: Duh! Mom! He still loves you! And you haven’t dated anyone either so you obviously still love Dad.
Rach: Yes, I will always love your Dad. But we drive each other crazy when we’re together. He’s possessive and jealous and I get all independent and determined. It just doesn’t work and then we end up fighting. And I don’t want to subject you two to anymore of that.
Jess: Uh- Mom you just passed school.
Rach: Damnit! (She does a U-turn and starts to head back towards school).
Jord: Ah, when one is in love it is hard to concentrate.
Rach: Jordanna Geller! Please girls this whole divorce thing was painful enough without you two constantly picking on me about it.
Jord: (hopping out of the car) Bye Mom.
Jess: Bye Mom.
Rach: Bye girls have a good day.
(On the way to her office Rachel’s mind starts to wander. She smiles to herself as she thinks about Ross. She loves him so much even though they are divorced. She allows her mind to go back to the good times):

Valentine’s Day 2003
(Rachel comes home from work and is surprised to find a path of red rose petals leading into her and Ross’ bedroom. On their bed sits Ross dressed in a tuxedo holding a dozen red long-stemmed roses. There is a bottle of champagne chilling in the ice bucket. The bedcovers are turned down and on Rachel’s side of the bed he has lain out a red negligee.)
Ross: Happy Valentines Day!
Rach: Ross, I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day! This is so sweet! Where is Jordanna?
Ross: Let’s just say she had a hot date with her Auntie Phoebe tonight. Now, why don’t you go get changed? (When Rachel comes out of the bathroom from changing Ross has poured the champagne. He hands her a glass.)
Ross: A toast to my lovely wife.
Rach: Happy Valentine’s Day! (They each sip their champagne for a few minutes. Finally, Ross puts down his glass and takes hers from her. He begins to kiss her very slowly and tenderly; it doesn’t take her long to get into it. As their kisses grow more passionate and intense she slides off his jacket and he begins to unbutton his shirt. He kisses her shoulders and slowly lays her on their bed.)
Ross: Have I told you today how beautiful you are?
(Rachel pulls him down for another kiss and soon they are lost in the passion of the other.)

(Rachel is brought back to reality when she pulls into her office-parking garage. She makes her way into her office and is quite surprised to see a vase of flowers on her desk. She gets little tears in her eyes when she reads the card, “Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you today. Ross” Rachel is touched.)
Rach: He is always so sweet to me even when I bail on him. (Rachel fingers the framed college degree sitting on her desktop and thinks back to the day she suggested the divorce.)

October 2018
(Ross and Rachel are in their bedroom fighting. They are trying to keep their voices down so their daughters don’t hear but the discussion is getting rather heated.)
Rach: Ross, I can’t keep having this same discussion with you over and over. I am going to get my Master’s.
Ross: Listen, Rachel you are just so stressed now with your job, your college work, and the girls. I just think it may be easier on you if you wait a couple of more years.
Rach: Easy for you to say, Dr.! You’ve got your education. I have devoted the last sixteen years of my life to part-time work so that I could be home more with the girls. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable to ask for a little time for myself now.
Ross: But Rach, what about me? You never have any time for me anymore. It’s been months since we’ve had more than a two-sentence conversation and it’s been even longer since we’ve made love.
Rach: Ohh! So that’s what this is about sex?
Ross: No Rachel it’s not about sex! It’s about us; it’s about our relationship. I just want my wife back. I just don’t want you working yourself into such a frazzle that you aren’t able to be a good Mom or a good wife.
Rach: Is that how you view me? You think I’m a bad wife and a bad Mom?
Ross: That’s not what I meant. I just mean that when you get really stressed you tend to let things at home kind of slide sometimes.
Rach: Oh really! Well if that’s how you are going to view our relationship than maybe we shouldn’t have one.
Ross: Now come on you know you don’t mean that.
Rach: Like hell I don’t! I can’t live like this anymore! I need your support on this Ross and if I can’t have it then you need to move out.
Ross: (approaching her) Come on sweetie, let’s go to bed. We are both tired and emotional. We’ll be able to discuss this rationally in the morning.
Rach: (obviously still upset) I will go to bed you can sleep here (points to the couch.)
(The next morning’s discussion explodes into an even bigger argument and then Rachel says the words that rip apart their marriage.)
Rach: Ross, I think part of me will always love you no matter what. God knows I stayed up all night thinking about this and my mind just keeps coming to one conclusion. Ross, we drive each other crazy! All we ever do is fight. I think we need to give it a rest.
Ross: Fine, let’s go on a little vacation for a few days.
Rach: No Ross you are not understanding me. We can’t live together anymore. I want a divorce.
Ross: (crying now) Oh my God, Rachel I can’t lose you again. I won’t lose you again. I am not complete without you in my life. God, I love you so much. Please let’s just work on this. (he tries to hug her)
Rach: (pushing him away) No, Ross us just doesn’t work. I wish it was different but it’s not.
Ross: No Rach I won’t leave. I won’t give up on us. The last time I did that I almost lost you forever. I can’t put myself through that again.
Rach: Ross, please let’s just make this as amicable as possible. I want to stay friends. I wish there was a way to work past this but we both want different things right now.
Ross: There are three things I want in life right now; my son, my daughters, and YOU. Rach, what can I do to show you how much I love you? How much I want us to be together? How committed I am to our marriage and to us? Oh God, Rachel I love you so much.
Rach: I wish there was a way Ross. But this relationship is just too hard. I’ve never loved anyone like I love you. But I just keep thinking that if we live apart we will go back to being the good friends we used to be without having all of the pressure of a marriage.
Ross: I can’t believe you are giving up on us, Rach.

(Rachel’s assistant beeps into her office interrupting her thoughts)
Asst: Ms. Geller, you have a call on your personal line.
Rach: Who is it, Tina, please?
Asst: It’s your ex-husband
Rach: Thank-you Tina, I will take it. (on the phone) Hey Ross, what’s up?
Ross: Hi Rach. I just wanted to see if you are free for dinner tonight?
Rach: Well Jess has soccer practice and Jordy has a date with Josh.
Ross: She has a date on a school night?
Rach: Ross relax you know I give them a curfew and it is Friday night so there is no school tomorrow.
Ross: Did you get my flowers?
Rach: Yes they are so pretty. It was very thoughtful of you. What’s the occasion?
Ross: That’s why I want to have dinner with you tonight.
Rach; Ross, I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.
Ross: Come on Rachel please. It’s our anniversary.
Rach: (looks down at her calendar) Ross our wedding anniversary was in August.
Ross: No, it is the anniversary of our first time together.
Rach: Oh (thinks for a moment) in light of that I think it would be even more of a bad idea.
Ross: Please, I promise to behave myself. It will just be dinner as friends. I miss you, you know..
Rach; I miss you too. All right, I will have dinner with you but only as friends.
Ross: Great! I will pick you up at 7.
(Later that evening Rachel is at home getting ready for her date. Jordy is sitting on Rachel’s bed grading every outfit. Rachel steps out of the bathroom in black slacks and a navy blouse.)
Jord: That’s a C. Oh come on, Mom, wear your red dress.
Rach: No Jordanna this is two friends having dinner not a date. I can’t dress like it’s a date.
Jord: Whatever! Mom this is two friends having dinner that think they are just friends but are actually madly in love and have two beautiful daughters together. Wear the red dress Dad will love it.
Rach: I don’t want your Dad to love it.
Jord: (grinning wickedly at her) Yes you do!
Rach; Jordanna Ruth Geller, don’t you have your own date to get ready for?
Jord: You just called it a date! (she runs out of the room laughing and goes up to her room to get dressed for her date with Josh. When the doorbell rings Jessamyn answers it. It is Ross.)
Jess: Hey Daddy! Mom’s almost ready come in.
Ross: Hey Jess! How are you getting to soccer? Don’t you have practice?
Jess: Kate’s Mom is coming to get me and Mom said I could spend the night with her. (hears a honk) There she is. I got to go get my stuff. (she runs off into her bedroom and Rachel comes out of hers wearing her red dress after all. She is putting her earrings in as she walks)
Rach: Hi Ross, I didn’t hear you come in.
Ross: Hello Rachel. You look beautiful.
Rach: Thanks Jordy picked out my outfit.
(Jessamyn runs out of her room carrying her bag) Night Mom! Bye Dad! Have fun at your dinner as friends!
Ross: Are you ready?
Rach: Yeah just let me tell Jordanna that we’re leaving.
Ross: And remind her of her curfew.
Rach: Right! (she goes into Jordy’s room for a few minutes and then comes back out grabs her jacket and they leave.)
(Ross and Rachel are sitting at a quiet little restaurant. They have already eaten and are now just talking and drinking wine.)
Ross: That was so NOT funny! You know how protective of my girls I am- all three of them.
Rach: (blushes) Ross….
Ross: Let me say something please.
Rach: Ross, you promised.
Ross: (grabs her hand across the table) I need to say this, please just hear me out.
Rach: (smiles weakly at him) Okay.
Ross: You are so beautiful when you smile. You are just beautiful. I never stop thinking about you. I have never stopped loving you not even for a moment. The year and a half since our separation has been absolute hell. I go to bed alone every night aching for you. My entire being cries out to be with you. I want to talk to you, parent with you, laugh with you, fight with you, and make love to you.
Rach: (crying) I knew this was a bad idea.
Ross: Rachel, you are still the love of my life. God, I miss you so much. I love you so much.
Rach: I love you too, Ross but-
Ross: no, no buts Rachel. There are no buts in love. Come here (he leans towards her and she leans in too they share a soft, quick kiss). I love you, Rach.
Rach: (embarrassed) Do you want to get out of here. Go to my place so we can talk? I think there are some things that need to be said.
Ross: Yeah that would be good. (Ross leaves money on the table and they leave.)
(They are back at Rachel’s house. Ross and Rachel are sitting on the couch talking. Ross has her arm around her shoulders and is using all his self-reserve not to kiss her. Rachel is finishing a long statement about their failed relationship)
Rach: That’s why I’m not sure us is going to work. You understand?
Ross: (lifting her chin and gazing into her eyes) I understand that I am nothing without you. I understand that I waited for what seems like an eternity to do this (he kisses her, at first Rachel tries to resist but then sinks into it and soon the kiss grows very intense and passionate, they finally break but their eyes stay locked) you were worth the wait, Rachel, always. (he leans in and again they kiss, things start to get very intense and Ross begins to move his kisses down her neck and shoulders)
Rach: Ross, I love you. I never stopped. (they hug tightly for several minutes until Ross finally breaks it)
Ross: I’m so glad to hear you say that. I was so worried that you don’t love me anymore or that you will have found someone else.
Rach: No, Ross there’s no one else. Never has been. (she kisses him and unbuttons the top buttons of his shirt)
Ross: Rach, are you sure?
Rach: Make love to me, Ross. (He picks her up in his arms and carries her into the bedroom. He lays her down on the bed and as their kisses begin to heat up they are swept away by their newfound love for each other.)
(Later that night Jordanna comes home from her date and sees that her Mom’s door is closed so she goes to her own room to go to bed. In Rachel’s room Ross and Rachel are laying under the covers Rachel is sleeping contently. Ross is watching her sleep caressing her arms lightly lost in his thoughts. “Open Arms” by Journey begins to play.
Lying beside you here in the dark
Hearing your heart beat with mine
Softly you whisper, you’re so sincere
How could our love be so blind?
Montage: scenes from Ross and Rachel’s relationship. A scene of their wedding kiss, an argument, and then them holding hands walking in the park.
We sailed on together
We drifted apart
And here you are by my side.
Scenes of Ross and Rachel holding Jordanna as a baby and then Jessamyn, Ross holding a rose out to Rachel, Rachel running into the house to tell Ross something, them kissing passionately.
So now I come to you, with open arms
Nothing to hide, believe what I say
So here I am with open arms
Hoping you’ll see what your love means to me…
Open Arms
Scenes of Ross leaving the house with all of his stuff after the divorce, Rachel laying in bed alone at night crying, both of them eating dinner at their separate houses alone.
Living without you, living alone
This empty house seems so cold
Wanting to hold you, wanting you near
How much I wanted you home
Replay of Ross and Rachel dinner’s earlier, them kissing on the couch, lying in bed together after making love cuddling and talking.
But now that you’ve come back
Turned night into day
I need you to stay
(The next morning Jordanna gets up and see her Mom’s door still shut. She happens to glance out the kitchen window while she’s getting a drink of water. She sees her Dad’s car parked in the driveway and a huge smile spreads across her face. She hurriedly picks up the phone and dials)
Girl (otp): Hello?
Jord: Hey Kate. It’s Jordanna. Is Jess there? I gotta talk to her real quick.
Jess: Hi Jordy. What’s up?
Jord: Oh my God, Jess guess who spent the night last night?
Jess: Josh!
Jord: Yeah cause I want to die slowly with one of Dad’s lectures. NOT! Guess again.
Jess: Uh, Grandma Green?
Jord: You really are dense Jessamyn Geller! Mom’s date spent the night last night.
Jess: But Mom’s date was- Oh my God!
Jord: I know! This is huge! I am so excited and so happy for them! Anyway, I just called to tell you the good news and that there is no need to rush home. I think I’m going to go over to Kristy’s and leave them alone a bit longer. They have a lot of catching up to do.
Jess: (giggling) yeah they do! Thanks for calling Jordy. I’ll wait till around lunchtime to come home. Mom didn’t give me a time anyway.
(Back to Rachel’s room. She awakens slowly and smiles when she sees Ross come out of her bathroom wrapped in a towel.)
Rach: Hey you.
Ross: Hey you. (He lies down next to her) Last night was incredible.
Rach: (smiles at him) yes it was.
Ross: I was going to get dressed and go out to get some breakfast. Do you want anything?
Rach: Yeah, yeah I do. But (she takes the towel off of him) but you won’t be needing clothes.
Ross: Isn’t Jordanna home?
Rach: I’m sure she is. But I think she probably figured out you’re here. I don’t think we need to worry about her. (She kisses him) and I know it’s too early for Jess to come home.
Ross: Speaking of home, Rachel, do I get to come home?
Rach: (winks at him) What do you think?
Ross: I love you, Rachel.
Rach: I love you too. (They kiss deeply and Ross pulls the covers up over them as they chorus plays and the scene fades out).
So now I come to you, with open arms
Nothing to hide, believe what I say
So here I am, with open arms
Hoping you’ll see what your love means to me
Open Arms….