TOW Phoebe Realizes

SCENE: Joey is holding the ring when Rachel says yes, suddenly Phoebe opens the door and enters.

Phoebe: Whatís going on?
Joey: NothingÖ
Phoebe: You were proposing to Rachel? (looks very disappointed) can I talk to you outside please?
(They go out)
Phoebe: What are you doing?
Joey: I donít know, it was an accident, and all of the sudden she said yes! I donít know whatís going to happen!
Phoebe: Iím so disappointed of you Joseph!
Joey: (suspiciously) Why?
Phoebe: I just had this big talk with Ross and he was coming up to tell her that he loved her!
Joey: OhÖ do you think I ruined it?
Phoebe: Maybe, what did she say?
Joey: Actually, she said yes.
Phoebe: And you are going to continue with this charade?
Joey: I donít know what am I going to do, she still thinks that I love her
Phoebe: Well, donít you?
Joey: I donít know, Iím sort of confused. Canít we have this talk later?
Phoebe: Ok, but youíve got to solve this problem, I will go and hold Ross back.
(Phoebe starts to walk when sees Ross entering to the hospital room)
Phoebe: (shouting) ROSS!!! (throws herself to the floor pretending she is hurt)
Ross: Oh my god Phoebe!!! What happened?
Phoebe: (pretending) Oh my God it hurts so much!
Ross: Wait a minute, Iíll call a nurse.
Phoebe: NOOO!!! Please, I just think I need you to stay with me a little bit.
Ross: ButÖ I followed your advice, Iím going to tell Rachel I love her.
Phoebe: Oh my God, thatís SO cool!
Ross: Isnít it? (laughs goofily) Iím going to call Monica to come and help you.
Phoebe: Why canít you help me? Itís not like you will stop loving her in 10 more minutes.
Ross: Oh, Ok.

SCENE: Rachelís Room, Joey has just come in

Joey: Rachel we need to talk.
Rachel: I know, Iím so embarrassed, I should have said yes. Iím so sorry, I was feeling miserable thinking about Ross not being with me. Believe me honey, itís not that I donít love you.
Joey: Thank God this whole thing is straighten up.
Rachel: Hey, shouldnít you be disappointed?
Joey: Well donít take this the wrong way, but I didnít mean to propose, it was an accident.
Rachel: And where did you get that ring from?
Joey: I got it fromÖ Naaa, I canít tell you.
Rachel: Why?
Joey: Because I canít, I just canít tell you. But you will find out soon. I have to go!
(Joey exits quickly)

SCENE: Monica and Chandler are behind a counter

Monica: Uf! I guess we shouldnít be worried about having a baby anymore.
Chandler: You can tell??? How???
Monica: No you idiot! But I guess that if we try one more time, I will get all stuffed up.
Chandler: OhÖ
Monica: But we should be sureÖ Backups are never a bad thing.
(they start kissing)
Chandler: Wait a minute, are we sure about this?
Monica: Well honey, itís no time to get worried now, whatís done is done.
Chandler: but, can we do this? I mean, this is all so new for me.
Monica: You can practice with Emma, Iím sure Rachel wont mind.
Chandler: Yeah youíre right, plus I got the easiest part in the process.
Monica: Yes but after 9 months be prepared to let me have the easier part.
Chandler: (sarcastically) Yeah, thatís fair.
(they kiss again)

SCENE: Joey has found Ross and Phoebe, they are in the hall and Phoebe is on the floor.

Joey: Here you are, itís all taken care of.
Phoebe: Great (Gets up and starts walking normally)
Ross: Phoebe! How can you walk? And what has been taken care of?
Phoebe: (noticing she is walking) My leg, canít you see I can walk.
Ross: How in earth did Joey fix your leg and I didnít notice, Iíve been here all the time!?
Joey: Remember when you got knocked out by a big wheelchair?
Ross: That didnít happen.
Joey: Hey, just because you donít remember it, it doesnít mean it didnít happen!
Phoebe: Oh My Gosh! I just remember something! Iíve got to go.

SCENE: Phoebe is talking to Cliff.

Cliff: Where have you been.
Phoebe: Realizing stuff. Listen, I canít see you anymore. I just figured something out. No hard feelings?
Cliff: So you like your actor-friendÖ
Phoebe: Where did you get that from?
Cliff: Címon, itís obvious.
Phoebe: Am I that transparent?
Cliff: No, he is. Looking after you like that.
Phoebe: You think so?
Cliff: Totally, but donít worry, Iím a strong guy.
Phoebe: Ok, thank you.
Cliff: For what?
Phoebe: For making me realize how foolish Iíve been, all the time he was in front of me and I might have lost my chance.
Cliff: How do you figure?
Phoebe: He is in love with my former-pregnant friend.
Cliff: I donít think so.
Phoebe: Hopefully you donít. Bye
Cliff: Good Luck.

SCENE: Rachelís room, Ross has just come in

Ross: Hi, how are you doing.
Rachel: Great actually.
Ross: (Hands her some flowers) Here, this are for you.
Rachel: O Lilies, they are my favorites.
Ross: Yeah, I know.
Rachel: Thanks honey.
Ross: Iíve got to tell you something, but I donít want to ruin things.
Rachel: What is it?
Ross: Just remember that this is not an obligation, just because we have a mix of us now, Ok?
Rachel: Youíre making me nervous.
Ross: Ok, here it goes: I want to be with you. (Laughs nervously)
Rachel: Oh Honey, it seems so perfect. But what If It doesnít work out? Wasnít that what you were telling me a couple of hours ago?
Ross: Yes, but I had this talk with Phoebe and she made me realize that all I wanted was just in front of me, this is the chance we have to be happy, you are my only love.
Rachel: Oh my God, Honey this is going to be so cool.
Ross: I know.
(They kiss)
Rachel: So that was your ring?
Ross: How do you know about the ring? My mother gave it to me.
Rachel: It doesnít matter. What matters is that know we are 3.
Ross: I hope youíre talking about Emma.
(Rachel kisses him)

SCENE: Joey and Phoebe are talking in a cafeteria.

Phoebe: How did things go with Rachel, how did she reacted?
Joey: A lot better than I expected, she was actually relieved.
Phoebe: And how are you? Are you too bummed?
Joey: No not really.
Phoebe: Didnít you love her?
Joey: I just realized that sometimes you get confused, things may be so obvious.
Phoebe: What are you talking about?
Joey: I donít know if I want to talk about something that may ruin a perfect friendship.
Phoebe: (Smiling) Why do you assume things will be ruined?
Joey: Wont they? What if it gets weird?
Phoebe: Then we will have to accept things weird. Things are the way they are.
Joey: Did you just said ďweĒ? What do you mean?
Phoebe: Donít you get it?
Joey: OhÖ How you doiní?
(Phoebe Laughs Nervously)
Joey: Come here. (leans over to kiss her)
Phoebe: Wait just one second. (Looks at him and realizes that he is the man for her) Iím fine!
(They kiss passionately as the scene fades and ďOnce In A LifetimeĒ (Chicago) Plays in the background)