TO Whoís Powerless 1


Okay, this is the very first fanfic Iíve ever written. After reading the spoiler for the season finale, I got to thinking about possibilities for the cliffhanger. Basically, this is how Iíd like the whole R/R/J thing to be resolved. It also incorporates MUCH of the other ďfriendsĒ. If you like it, GREAT! If you donít, GREAT TOO! Just email me some suggestions at


WARNING: This fic contains specific scenes mentioned in the season 8 finale spoiler. So, if you guys donít want to know what happens in the finale, you probably shouldnít read my fic.


Oh yah, I donít own ANY of these characters (except for the doctor, nurse, myself and Jon), nor do I want to make a profit from this fanfic. This is strictly for entertainment purposes.


Setting: Everyoneís at the hospital. Rachel has already given birth.


Scene: Rachelís hospital room. The nurses have relocated her to a single-patient room including a private restroom and television. A very tired Rachel is sitting upright trying to maintain strength to carry on a conversation with Monica, Chandler and Joey.


Rachel: (looking at Chandler) So let me get this straight, you and Monica just had sex in the MORGUE because you suddenly realized you were ready to have a baby?


Chandler: (surprised at Rachelís reaction) What?! We did NOTHING wrong! You swear the people in there are going to gossip amongst themselves and tell everyone in the hospital!


Joey: (warningly) Yeah, but some of them can tell God.


Monica: (trying to defend their actions) No, No! Donít you see?! Weíre in the process of creating new life! Itís all for the greater good of mankind!


Rachel: (looking at Monica in disbelief) I canNOT believe you are the aunt of my baby.


Cuts to Scene: Phoebe and Ross are standing in the hall of the hospital looking through the window of the nursery at Rachel and Rossís sleeping newborn. Emma, along with many other newborns, is right by the window. Phoebe and Ross are both very quiet. Ross is in awe, staring at his new daughter. Phoebe is happy, relieved and especially tired after the nightís events, and is smiling at Emma too.


Phoebe: Sheís so beautiful.


Ross: (still watching Emma lovingly) I know...sheís all Rachel.


Phoebe looks up to see Rossís expression and something suddenly clicks in her head.


Phoebe: Hey, Ross?


Ross: (still staring at Emma) Yeah, Pheebes?


Phoebe: I know this is going to sound really random, but-


Ross: (interrupts her, looks at her and raises his eyebrows in a ďRossĒ way, then sarcastically says) You? Random? Never!


Phoebe: (stares at him like she doesnít understand what heís insinuating) Well, anyway...(pauses, trying to remember what it was she was going to say) Damnit, where was I?


Ross: You were-


Phoebe: (all excited) Oh, Oh now I remember! (composing herself to a more serious tone) Okay, so tell me again why you two arenít together?


Ross: (looking at Phoebe confused. Now he doesnít understand what sheís insinuating) Come again?


Phoebe: (emphasizes every word making sure Ross hears) Why-arenítĖyou-and-Rachel-together?


Ross now understands and slowly turns back to look at Emma. You can tell thoughts of Rachel had been previously dwelling in his head.


Ross: Phoebe I, I donít know what to make of anything right now. All of this has just been so overwhelming...(sighs) I just...I donít know how to explain my feelings.


Phoebe: Ross, you donít have to talk about it if itís too much for you to handle. I was just curious, you know? (pauses to gather thoughts) After everything you guys have been through, you two have managed to stay best friends. Sheís even living with you now. You guys have a child together. I mean seriously, everything youíve ever wanted since you were 16 is staring right at you.


Ross: (looks at Phoebe, thinks intensely)  But thatís just it, Phoebe. We DO have a baby now. Itís not just my feelings, or Rachelís feelings that are at stake anymore... or even the worry of getting you guys involved in the crossfire. I donít want to hurt Emma. Iím her father. Iím supposed to protect her. I donít ever want to be the reason why she cries...(he slowly starts to tear)


Phoebe: Okay, I understand what youíre saying, but look at it this way. You think Emma is more of a reason to be cautious, right? But what if sheís actually supposed to be pulling you guys closer? I mean you and Rachel have been a constant emotional roller coaster, falling in and out of love with each other at the wrong time...but after all of that, look at the end result... youíve created a whole other person. This has to mean something... (starts to cry too) I just-I just donít understand why you guys canít work things out...


Ross then remembers a conversation he had with Joey when he found out Rachel was pregnant...


Cuts to scene from TOW Rachelís Date...

Ross: Itís just I always thought when I had another kid it would be different. Now I-I love Ben, but every time I have to drop him off at Carol and Susanís, itís likeóIt breaks my heart a little. I mean Iíve always had this picture of me and my next wife in bed on Sunday and, my kid comes running in and leaps up onto the bed. And we all read the paper together. Yíknow? Maybe fight over the science section.

Joey: Hey, can I ask you something? In this, in this picture of you and your wife, is your wife Rachel?

Ross: It used to be. Now she doesnít really have a face.

Joey: But, the face Ross, the face isnít Rachel.

Ross: No but ahh! How much easier would it be if it were?

Joey: I know, but I donít think thatís what she wants.

Ross: No, itís not what I want either. I mean I-I canít force myself to fall in love with her again now.


He steps closer to Phoebe and they share a gentle hug. They turn to look back at Emma with tears in their eyes. Everything becomes silent once more. Meanwhile...


Scene cuts back to Rachelís hospital room. Rachelís sleeping soundly while Chandler and Monica decide on baby names. Joeyís watching television and looks very bored.


Chandler: (thoughtful) How about Yasmine for a girl?


Monica: (looks at Chandler incredulously) Youíre already married! The fantasy is over buddy-boy!


Chandler: (looking disappointedly at Monica, expression changes to fear. Keeps on thinking) How about Jason for a boy?


Monica: I dated a Jason and hate him now. How about Maxi for a girl?


Chandler: As in ďMaxi-PadĒ? (then sarcastically says) I didnít know we were deciding on ways of permanently humiliating our children as well?


Monica: Well, I didnít think of it that way. In any case her girlfriends will remember her at least once a month! (laughs to herself. Chandler glares at her) Okay, fine...but hey, your name is Chandler and you turned out alright....(then quietly says) kind of...


Chandler: (trying not to look hurt) Well itís your fault weíre even thinking about this! Youíre the one who went and gave the name of our FUTURE child to Rachelís PRESENT child! Now our baby has NO name! Sheís a nameless baby!


Joey: (senses the tension and realizes Rachelís sleeping) Hey guys, quiet down. (to Chandler) Actually, sheís a non-existent baby, and if you hadnít noticed, Rachel just spent the last day giving birth to a real one. So unless any babies are gonna be poppin out of Monica within the next few hours, Iím sure you two have plenty of time to continue this at home.


Monica: (looking at Rachel) Yah youíre right. (begins to walk out of the room. Quickly turns to Chandler and says offensively) But donít blame me because Rachel had a baby before we did. If YOU werenít such a scaredy-cat, we wouldíve HAD a baby Emma by now! (huffily walks out of the room)


Chandler: (follows after Monica) Excuse me?! Youíd be afraid too if you were married to YOU!


Rachel: (stirring from her sleep. Groggily opens her eyes to see Joey watching tv) Hey Joe...what are you still doing here? You should go home and get some sleep.


Joey: (upset because he realizes Monica and Chandlerís fight woke Rachel up) Oh for cryiní out loud those two should come with a ďmuteĒ button!


Rachel: (softly laughing) Hey itís okay. Who needs sleep when you know you have a new baby?!


Joey: (agreeing with Rachel) Come to think of it, Pheebs and Ross havenít come back from the nursery yet.


The mention of Ross brings thoughts to mind. She faintly hears Janiceís annoying voice in the back of her head, telling her that when Ross finds his ďrealĒ family, heíll forget all about her and Emma. She tries her best to put it aside.


Rachel: Oh, really? How long have I been asleep? Do you know if theyíre going home right after?


Joey: Yes; for about an hour; and Iím not sure.


Rachel: Oh...(her voice trails. She realizes sheís still amazingly tired) Joey seriously, you donít have to stay with me. Iím just going to fall asleep again anyway.


Joey: (gets up and goes over to her bed) Itís okay, Rach. Iíll just wait for Phoebe and Ross to come back. I donít want you to be alone. What if you need something?


Rachel: (takes Joeyís hand) Aww, Joey youíre so sweet...(realizes sheís hungry) actually, come to think of it, Iím craving something sweet. 


Joey: (in that oblivious Joey way) Rachel! Youíre not even healed yet and youíre already hitting on me! Iím just way too smooth. Man, I should come with a Mute button!


Rachel: (laughing) No Joey, no! I meant FOOD wise. Can you get me some red jello or chocolate pudding from the cafeteria?


Joey: (feeling kind of foolish, but tries to hide it) I know what you meant! I was just...(pauses, trying to find an explanation. Gives up, smiles sheepishly, shrugs at Rachel in that ďJoeyĒ way and heads for the cafeteria)


Scene cuts to Phoebe and Ross walking back to Rachelís room. Phoebe stops Ross in his tracks. She motions over to an empty lounge section. She sits down on one of the chairs. Ross does the same. (Note: Audience doesnít know that Phoebe and Rossís conversation continued after the scene cut, and I donít want to give away the ending. Basically, Ross came to a conclusion and Phoebe knows what it is. Read on to find out what happens.)


Phoebe: So, what now?


Ross: I, I donít know Pheebs. I mean, I know what Iím going to have to do, but I donít know how. I guess weíll just have to take one day at a time. But, but I donít want to bring it up with Rach just yet and upset her. Sheís been through enough today.


Phoebe: (understanding him) Are you sure this is what you want?


Ross: (thinks for awhile. Then finally answers) Thatís the thing about me. Iím never really sure about what I want. The only thing I am sure about is that this has to be done.


Phoebe: Ross, your one of my best friends, and Iíll support you no matter need to know that.


Ross: (looks at her lovingly) Thank you. (They just sit there for awhile.)


Scene cuts to Rachelís hospital room. Rachel has just finished her chocolate pudding and Joey has just finished 2 sandwiches, a brownie, a big bag of potato chips, and is taking the last sips from a can of soda.


Joey: (burps) I tell ya, giving birth makes me hungry!


Rachel: (laughing) Thank you for the pudding, sweetie.


Joey: No problem. (looks at his watch. Notices itís nearly midnight) Where are those two?


Rachel: (understands heís referring to Phoebe and Ross) Hmm...Theyíve been gone for nearly 2 hours. Maybe they really have gone home.


Joey: Nah, I donít think theyíd leave without checking up on you first. Phoebeís probably having a hard time prying Ross away from the nursery window.


Rachel: Yeah...(suddenly she gets a revelation and she starts to panic) Ohmigosh Joey...


Joey: What?! What?! What?! You feeling sick? You need to go to the bathroom? Are you hurting or something?! I just bought this shirt so if youíre gonna hurl, warn me!


Rachel: No, no. Itís not that...(her voice trails off as she gets lost in thought)


Joey: (anxiously waits for an answer. Then gets up from his chair and suddenly yells) RACHEL WHAT IS IT?!


Rachel: (startled) Huh?! (then sadly says) Joey...Iím a real mom.


Joey: (doesnít understand. Sits on the foot of her bed.) Huh?


Rachel: Yeah, Iím a REAL mom now. Iím not ďpregnant RachelĒ anymore. Iím not just ABOUT to have a baby! I HAVE a baby...Iím ďmommy RachelĒ. (she suddenly begins to cry)


Joey: (gets closer to embrace her in a hug. Rachel leans on his shoulders. He strokes her hair and says in a soothing voice) Hey now...itís gonna be great! Youíre going to be such a wonderful mother! Emma is a very lucky little girl...


Rachel: (still sobbing) But-but, I donít know HOW to be a mom! I mean, the whole pregnant thing was enough and that was only for 9 months! This is for the rest of my life! Iíve never done this before! How will I know if Iím doing everything right?


Joey: Rach, no family is perfect. But if you base all of your decisions on the love you have for your daughter, everythingís going to work out alright. I promise.


Rachel: (calming down) You sure?


Joey: (looks at Rachel lovingly and kisses her on the forehead). Positive.


Rachel suddenly gets a flashback of a moment they once shared when Joey had confessed his feelings for her a few months before then....


Cuts to a scene from TOW Joey Tells Rachel...

Rachel: Oh Joey honey I donítÖI donít want to loseÖ

Joey: Hey-hey-hey, hey! You canít. Okay? Ever!

Rachel: Iím so sorry.

Joey: Oh no-no Rach, please, donít be sorry. Okay?


They stay hugging for awhile longer. That sudden burst of emotion drains the tiny amount of energy she has left. Rachel begins to yawn. Still holding her, Joey gently bends down to rest Rachelís head on the pillow. He lets her go.


Rachel: (closes her eyes and half consciously whispers) I hope Emma loves me as much as I love her.


Joey: (watches Rachel as she falls back asleep. Then says under his breath) It would be impossible not to love you...


Joey turns off the lights in the room, sits back down on the chair and goes back to watching TV but he turns off the sound. After a few minutes he realizes he has to pee and gets up to use the private restroom. He gently closes the door of the restroom before he turns on the lights so the reflection doesnít wake Rachel up.)


Scene cuts to Chandler and Monicaís apartment. Monica and Chandler are lying in bed still contemplating baby names. Then, a thought enters Chandlerís mind.


Chandler: Hey Mon, we should name one of our sons Joey.


Monica: Huh? You MUST be joking. One Joey is plenty.


Chandler: No seriously. I was just thinking about how Joeyís still in love with Rachel and everything...and how obviously nothingís going to happen between them. I guess I just feel bad...Joeyís been with so many women...and the one time he falls in love, it had to be with one of his best friends who doesnít feel the same because she only loves him as a best friend, and she used to love his other best friend, and sheís also having his best friendís baby, and all of this is while his other best friends are already married, to each other, and the last best friend is...well, just a whole different story.


Monica: (trying to let all of that sink in but still confused) And naming one of our sons ďJoeyĒ is going to solve all of his problems?


Chandler: Of course not...Iím just saying...Joey isnít the type to fall in love easily. Who knows when heís going to fall in love again, or even if he ever will? I just, I think it would mean a lot to him if we named one of our sons after know, to continue his name in the family, in case he doesnít get to start one of his own...


Monica: (softening up and understanding now) Okay, I know what you mean. And actually I think itís really sweet. (kisses Chandler. Then says warningly) but if our sonís first words are ďHow You DoinĒ, Iím kickiní your ass!


Scene cuts to Phoebe and Ross in the lounge area.


Ross: Alright, Iím going to see if sheís alright and then Iím going to head home. You gonna come see her?


Phoebe:, itís okay. My 6th sense tells me sheís fine. Iím just going to head home. But you go.


Ross: Okay. (Hugs Phoebe) Thanks again for everything tonight Pheebs.


Phoebe: (in her famous Phoebe way) Yeah, I know.


Ross and Phoebe go in different directions. As Ross comes to Rachelís room, he notices the lights are off. The television is on, but itís muted. He doesnít know Joey is in the bathroom. He pulls a chair close to Rachelís bed and sits down. He just sits there, watching her, just as he was watching Emma, slowly debating on whether or not he was making the right decision and wondering if he should tell her now.


Ross: (whispering) Rach...Rachel? (realizes sheís out cold) Actually, itís kind of good you canít hear me...Thereís something I want, no NEED, to tell you, but I donít think I have the guts...


At the very moment Ross sits down, Joey is about to come out of the bathroom. He turns off the light before he quietly turns the doorknob. Since it is facing the opposite direction Ross is facing, Ross canít see Joey about to come out. However, Joey sees Rossís figure sitting in the chair and is about to say his name until he hears what Ross says. Confused, intrigued, and very guiltily, he slowly leans back inside the restroom and leaves the door open a little to hear whatís going on.


Ross: See Rach... Phoebe said something to me tonight that affected me more than anything Iíve ever felt for you...actually it was more of a mental realization than a feeling. (pauses) I just...I donít think I can do this anymore. Itís too hard. Now, thereís an entirely new life involved, and augh, this is so hard to say... I feel like, like I shouldnít be here or something...


Joey in disbelief about what he had just heard suddenly walks out of the bathroom. Ross turns around and looks at him surprised.


Joey: (angrily) Did I just hear right?! Are you going to leave her?! You made it such a big deal when you couldnít be there for her when she was convinced her to move in with you, you made her all these promises...and now, NOW that thereís an actual baby, you donít think you can HANDLE it anymore? Ross, she TRUSTS you, man! Just a little while ago she was crying her eyes out because this entire ďMotherĒ ordeal has gotten her completely freaked! Youíre not just leaving Rachel, dude. Youíre leaving your daughter too!


Ross: (defensive and angry) Donít you think I know that?! (then realizes) Joey, no offense, but this really doesnít concern you. You have NO idea what itís been like between Rachel and me. You may have observed a lot, but I was the one in the actual relationship. You shouldnít be giving off your opinion about things you donít understand.


Joey: Okay, so you listen to Phoebe, but you donít listen to me? Ross, exactly how does my opinion differ from Phoebeís? Is it because sheís WILLING to let you do this?!


Ross: (exasperated, not at all convinced) Joey, you donít know what youíre talking about. Seriously. And I know you still have feelings for Rachel and youíre just trying to be protective.


Joey: No youíre wrong. Iím not trying to be protective of her feelings. Iím trying to protect you because I know how much youíre going to regret this. You of all people know what itís like to love her and lose her. She doesnít forgive easily. If you walk out on her and your daughter now, youíre going to lose her for good, and not just as someone you love, or even as the mother of your child, but as your best friend. She told you from the very beginning that you didnít have to be involved, and you were the one who fought so strongly for her dependence. And Iím sorry if my feelings for Rachel lessen the value of my opinion, but I TOO am your best friend...or was anyway.


With all that said, Joey storms out of the room. Ross stares after him still shocked about the conversation that had just happened. When he turns around to face Rachelís bed, he sees that she has woken up, and is crying. Ross sighs heavily and slumps back in the chair with his face in his hands...


Scene cuts to Joey outside the hospital, dialing a number on a nearby payphone.


Phoebe: (barely entering her apartment and rushes to the phone) Hello?


Joey: Pheebs! You convinced Ross into leaving Rachel?


Phoebe: (caught off guard) Joey?? Huh? What are you talking about?


Joey: Ross just told Rachel, while she was asleep might I add, that he is leaving.


Phoebe: Leaving?? What? I never told him to do that! I just...we were...he said...(doesnít know what to say. Then wonders something) Wait, where are you?


Joey: Iím outside the hospital blowing off some steam.


Phoebe: Is Ross in the room with Rachel right now?


Joey: I donít know if he still is, but I left him there.


Phoebe: Joey did he really say he was going to leave her and Emma?! That just doesnít make sense...


Joey: Yeah!! (then thinks for a moment and tries to replay the conversation in his head so he can repeat it to Phoebe) He said how it was too hard for him, how thereís another life involved now, how he feels like he shouldnít be there...


Phoebe: Joey are you sure when he said he wasnít sure if he should be there he was referring to ďbeing in her lifeĒ and not ďbeing in the roomĒ?!


Joey: Well, he didnít deny it when I accused him!


Phoebe: What did he tell you??


Joey: He got all defensive and said it was none of my business, and that I didnít know what I was talking about because I wasnít him and stuff.


Phoebe: Joey heís not going to leave her!!!


Joey: WHAT?! But-but he just said...


Phoebe: (cutting him off) No! You are such an ass Tribbiani!


Scene cuts to Monica and Chandlerís bedroom again. Chandler and Monica are hugging and giggling. Theyíve been teasing each other about their choices of baby names.


Monica: Hey honey, I just realized something.


Chandler: Whatís that?


Monica: Weíre going through all of this trouble trying to find perfect names for our children. And weíre not even sure if Iím pregnant yet. I mean, you canít bake the bread without putting it in the oven first!


Chandler: (finally understanding) Oohh....well, how long until we find out?


Monica: (calculating in her head) I think weíve got at least 2 weeks until I can take a pregnancy test.


Chandler: Well then, that means weíve got at least 2 weeks to go baby-making crazy! We shouldnít waste any time! Letís ďstudyĒ for the test!


Monica: (in her famous Monica way) Okay! (They start getting frisky.)


Scene cuts back into Rachelís hospital room. Sheís lying on her back with her face turned away from Ross. She composes herself and wipes away the remaining tears.


Rachel: (very coldly but clearly) Itís way past visiting hours. You should leave. Now.


Ross: (not taking his hands away from his face and not attempting to make Rachel face him) Rachel please donít be upset. Itís not how it seems. You donít understand...


Rachel: (turns to face him. emotionless) You know what? Surprisingly, I really donít care at the moment. I donít care if what I heard was right or wrong. I donít even care that youíre upset. I am too tired to be thinking about anything else except for my lack of sleep. (exhales heavily)The past year all I had been thinking about was being 30 without being married, and being without children, and even being without a steady boyfriend. To top that, when I found out I was going to have a baby, it wasnít at all how I imagined it would be. Then the baby was LATE. And just when I thought things couldnít possibly get any worse, I find out the baby was facing the wrong direction in my uterus. And finally, to ice this beautiful ďrealityĒ cake, I have spent the ENTIRE day in labor...Now THIS...(pauses to think for a moment) But the funny thing is, none of this seems to faze me anymore. My mind and my body are completely numb. All I care about is getting a LITTLE rest so I can be well enough to see my daughter in the morning and start my life as being a good mother. (then threateningly says) So leave, before I call in a nurse and she makes you.


Ross doesnít even attempt to argue or to reason with Rachel. He sadly gets up and leaves the room. Rachel knows she lied to him about not caring, but she doesnít feel bad. Even though sleep is the furthest thing from her mind, she didnít want to talk to Ross. Her thoughts start to drift and we can see specific flashbacks of Ross and Rachelís history...


Cuts to scene from TO In Massapequa...

Rachel: That proposal, at the planetariumÖ

Ross: I know, I know it was stupid.

Rachel: Are you kidding?! With the, with the lilies, and-and the song, and the stars! It wasÖreally wonderful! Did you just make that up?

Ross: No, actually I thought about it when, when we were going out. Itís how I imagined I uh, I would ask you to marry me.


Cuts to scene from TOW Old Yeller Dies...

RACHEL: Ok, I'm sorry, I'm just not very good with babies. I mean I haven't been around them, I mean, you know, since I was one.
Ross: It's alright, it's no big deal.
Rachel: Really?
Ross: Yeah, definitely, I'm sure you'll feel totally different when it's our baby.


Cuts to scene from TO The Morning After...

Ross: Look, look, thereís got to be a way we can work past this. Okay, (takes a hold of one of her arms.) I canít imagine, I canít imagine my life without you. (Both of them are starting to cry.) Without, without these arms, and your face, and this heart. Your good heart Rach, (drops to his knees and hugs her around her waist) and, and....
Rachel: (crying) No. I canít, youíre a totally different person to me now. I used to think of you as somebody that would never, ever hurt me, ever. God, and now I just canít stop picturing you with her, I canít, (Ross stands up and backs away) it doesnít matter what you say, or what you do, Ross. Itís just changed, everything. Forever.


Cuts to scene from TOW Ross finds out...

Ross: And now, now youíre over me?

Rachel: Are you over me?


Joey comes back to Rachelís room to find her very much awake, sitting upright with her arms crossed, and staring blankly ahead. Without a word, he sits down. Phoebe had just explained to him on the phone what Ross had told her, so now Joey understands. No matter how hard it is for him to accept it, he realizes that the situation is out of his hands, and he too needs to support Ross. He knows not to mention anything to Rachel, so he just sits there patiently, hoping everything will work out for the best. Rachel finally breaks the silence.


Rachel: (still staring ahead. She speaks to Joey in a daze.) Do you know what itís like to be completely powerless over someone, and not even realize it? (Joey just listens.) I mean, is love really supposed to be this hard? How many times do you need to go over the same problems before everything gets better? Itís like, no matter what, I canít NOT be affected by him. I keep getting hurt, and weíre not even together...Augh! I wish he wasnít Emmaís father!


Joey: (finally speaking) Rach-you donít mean that. I donít know what heís told you but-.


Rachel: (cutting him off) he didnít need to tell me anything. I heard what you said to him and I know heís leaving Emma.


Joey: (surprised) You heard everything?


Rachel: I heard enough to be upset.


Joey: Look Rachel, I was wrong. My emotions just got the better of me and I got caught up in the moment. (wonders if he should admit his feelings once more. Does it anyway) You know...the whole ďpowerlessĒ thing...You, you need to talk to Ross. I know the situation doesnít look good, but everything will turn out for the best, youíll see.


Rachel: (sadly looks over at Joey. They share a long, intense gaze. Sheís trying to read the expression on his face. She quietly says) Joey, what the hell is going on? What is it that you know and I donít?


Joey: (trying to play it off like he doesnít know anything) Rachel, nothing. Iím just saying...itís you and Ross for Godís sake. There has to be a reason WHY you two affect each other so much...


Rachel: Joey Iím just so tired of hurting...Iím so tired of never being sure about anything...Iím so tired of hoping for something, and having it not happen...Iím just...tired. When will it be enough?


Joey sighs. Rachel slowly lies back down, and faces away from Joey. By now itís nearly 2am. Without turning her head, she speaks for the last time that night.


Rachel: (barely audible) Joey, I know this might sound really selfish, but please donít leave me in this room alone. With all thatís happened tonight, having your presence here eases me.


Joey: Rach, you know Iíd never leave you...


Rachel softly cries herself back to sleep.


Scene fades here...


To be continued with TO Whoís Powerless Pt. 2