TO Whoís Powerless Pt. 4 (Conclusion)


Scene: R and Rís apt.

Recap from previous chapter:

Ross: Uh...Iíll be right back. (gently lets go of her hands and turns toward his room.)


Rachel: Wait, what? Wait a minute...


Ross: (turns back to look at her. Sincerely says) Trust me.


Ross walks into his room and closes the door. Rachel stands there, with a flood of thoughts and emotions running through her body. Sheís afraid sheís said too much at the wrong time. Sheís upset because maybe the words didnít come out right. Sheís hurt because sheís left there abruptly, standing hopeful, but utterly clueless. She wonders if Ross is attempting to run away by using the fire escape. She wonders if before he leaves heís writing her a ďDear JohnĒ letter because he canít bear to watch her face fall if he were to reject her in person...Rachel doesnít know what to do...


Scene: R and Rís apt.

Finally, after what feels like hours to Rachel, but which have only been 3 minutes, Ross returns from his room. His smile reassures her fears. He slowly walks back towards Rachel, with his left hand behind his back. When he finally approaches her, he gently takes Rachelís left hand with his right, raises it to his lips and tenderly kisses her hand.


Ross: Something was missing...


Rachel: (breath taken and bewildered) What was it?


Ross: This...(he takes his left hand from behind his back to reveal the diamond ring. Rachel stares, open mouthed.)


Rachel: (very, very shocked. She begins to cry.) Ross...Oh my....Oh my, God...I had no idea you...this is the most beautiful ring Iíve ever seen...


Ross: I hoped youíd say that. (motions to put the ring on her finger) May I?


Rachel is completely overwhelmed. She slowly nods her head and smiles dreamily. Tears stream down her face. Ross gently glides the ring onto the finger of her trembling hand. They both look up and smile lovingly at each other. Ross softly wipes the tears away from her face.


Ross: (holding her hands and looking profoundly into her eyes) Everything you just everything I wanted to say to you last night. All of those years were wasted being afraid...We could have spent those years together, instead of arguing why we werenít....Rachel, I donít want to waste anymore time wondering when itíll happen, I just want it to happen now. Iíve loved you from the first moment I laid eyes on you...and now, especially with all thatís happened lately...with Emma and all...I feel like I love you more than I ever have. Or maybe Iíve loved you this much all along, but I my insecurities wouldnít let me see it...but now, now I do. I love you. And youíre right. Fate is standing right in front of us.


Rachel: Something we finally agree on...(smiles happily through tears) This is so unbelievably amazing, Ross. (ashamed) Oh would you look at me, Iím crying an ocean...(expression turns into contentment) but itís for a totally different reason now...


Ross: (adoringly, almost whispering) Iím, Iím not going to stop being sorry for all the hurt weíve been through Rach, but I promise, Iím going to spend the rest of my life making it up to you.


Rachel: (heavy tears of joy) Ross...honestly...youíre worth every tear.


And with Rachelís last words, their faces slowly lean into each other until their lips tenderly meet. They share a kiss so timeless, so can only exist in the imagination of a pure romantic. Eva Cassidyís rendition of Time After Time is quietly playing in the background.


Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick and think of you

Turning in circles, confusion is nothing new

Flashback to warm nights almost left behind

Suitcase of memories time after...


Sometimes youíll picture me, Iím walking too far ahead

Youíre calling to me, I canít hear what youíve said

You say go slow, I fall behind

The second hand unwinds


If your lost you can look and you will find me

Time after time

If you fall I will catch you Iíll be waiting

Time after time...


Scene fades...


Scene cut: Monica and Chandlerís later that evening. Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica and Emma are there. Monicaís cooking in the kitchen, Phoebeís by the window watching Emma, and Joey and Chandler are talking on the couch.


Joey: (referring to Mary) She was great, man. Not only was she hot, (*Okay, pretend I look like, umm...anybody you consider hot because Joey needs to think Iím hot for my story line and Iím just a dorky 21 yr. old. LoL!*) sheís got a killer personality! Seriously. It felt like it wasnít even an interview or anything. It was more like a casual date, just without the sex.


Chandler: (sarcastically) Oh, of COURSE.


Joey: Yeah, and she made me feel so comfortable, like I knew her before from somewhere...Iím really looking forward to seeing her again...


Chandler: Glad to hear that my man, glad to hear that! (smiles triumphantly) Sheís coming to dinner tonight!


Joey: (surprised and scared) What?! (nervous) Sheís, sheís coming here, TONIGHT?

Why didnít you tell me sooner??


Chandler: Woah, dude, calm down. You just spent the entire afternoon with her and just now you couldnít talk about anything else but her. Why the change of heart?


Joey: Cuzí I thought it was just gonna be us and nobody special! I gotta go shower and change! (Joey gets up.)


Chandler: (looks at him skeptically) Shower and change??


Joey: (shamefully whispers) Iím gonna go put on some underwear.


Chandler: Yeah, thought so. (Joey runs out of the apartment. Chandler to himself proudly) Wow, good job Chandler-my-boy...wait, NOBODY SPECIAL? Heís lucky Monica killed the last of my ego, or I mightíve been really hurt!


Phoebe: (Phoebe finishes feeding Emma with a bottle of milk. She puts her down into her bassinet to sleep. She looks over to Ross and Rachelís apartment and sees them hugging. She smiles. ďGood Job, Phoebe,Ē She thinks to herself. To Chandler) If you think youíre good, you need to come see what I did. (she motions for Chandler and Monica to come to the window.)


All three: (looking at Ross and Rachel) Aaww...(they share a moment of silence and look at each other, and then they laugh.)


Chandler: Finally! (sarcastically) They give the phrase ďlong over dueĒ a whole new meaning!


Monica and Phoebe: (still laughing) I know!


Monica: (walking back to the kitchen) Hey guys, can u taste the broccoli sauce, I donít want to get it wrong and Iím a little insecure after the whole ďbad reviewĒ saga a couple weeks ago.


Chandler: Sure, hon. (Walks over to Monica. Tasting it from the spoon.) Itís good.


Monica: (looking at him skeptically. Upset.) Oh what do you know!! Damnit, I suck at this! I donít know WHY Iím a chef...(Chandler looks like heís been slapped in the face. Just then, thereís a knock at the door. Itís Mary and her brother, Jon. Monica goes to answer it.)


Monica: (letting Mary and Jon in. *Letís pretend Jon looks like Josh Hartnett or something*) Hey Mary! Glad you guys could make it!


Mary: Thanks for inviting us! By the way, this is my brother, Jon.


Jon: (Jon grins sheepishly. Shakes Monicaís hand.) Hi, nice to meet you.


Monica: (shyly and dreamily) The pleasure is mine...


Phoebe: (whispering to Chandler, referring to Jon) Oh, hellooo nurse. (Chandler looks at her weirdly.)


Monica: Joey, Rachel and Ross will be coming soon. Why donít you guys have a seat and chat with Chandler and Phoebe?


Mary: Sure thing. (hands a bottle of champagne over to Monica) This is for you. Hey! Something smells good!


Chandler: (to Mary) Be careful, I just complimented her and she bit my head off.


Monica: (glares at Chandler with the ďha-haĒ look. Turns back to Mary) Thank you. (Mary and Jon go sit on the couch. Chandler and Phoebe come over to the living room to talk. Chandler sits in the ďchairĒ and Phoebe sits next to Jon. Monica continues cooking.)


Phoebe: (to Jon very flirty) Hello you.


Jon: (shy and a little taken aback by her aggression) Umm...hi.


Chandler: (whispering to Mary) THAT is a computer-geek??


Mary: What? He is. (laughing incredulously.)


Chandler: (still whispering) Where are the wire-rimmed glasses and the dorky hair-cut and the...the LACK of muscles? I see no geek! You owe me a geek!


Mary: Not every computer-geek looks like you. (Chandler gives Mary a sarcastic laugh.) Chandler, relax! Even if she wanted to, Monica wouldnít have a chance while Phoebeís all over him. (They look over and you see Phoebe staring dreamily at him. Jon is looking down with his hands in his lap.) And besides, heís very shy. (Jon looks up to see Phoebe staring at him. He looks scared. Just then, Joey comes back in, looking very confident.)


Mary: (whispering to Jon, in a very girlish way) Oh, there he is! (Jon just looks at her like, ďwhatís the big dealĒ, then turns away quickly to hide the excitement on his face. Heís secretly a huge fan of Joeyís.)


Joey: (all excited like he hasnít seen them in awhile) Hey guys!


Chandler: Hi Joey! (sarcastically) No, I didnít just see you fifteen minutes ago!


Joey: (comes over to the living room and sits next to Mary.) Hi, Mary. (smiles innocently) I didnít know you were joining us for dinner.


Mary: (smiling back) Yeah, I ran into Chandler in your hallway. He and Monica invited me. This is my brother, Jon.


Joey: (to Jon) Nice to meet you.


Jon: (star-struck) Hi-hi Mr. Tribbiani...I mean Joey, I mean...(doesnít know what to say) Dude, youíre so cool. (Mary and Chandler exchange glances like, ďuh-ohĒ)


Joey: (bashfully) I try. (Phoebe gets jealous because Jonís attention is taken away from her. She tries to interrupt.)


Phoebe: Hey and Joey should go check out the view on the balcony! (Mary and Joey donít hear her. Theyíre kind of just staring at each other sweetly.)


Joey: (Shyly) Hi.


Mary: (just as shy) Hi.


Joey: (Shyly again) Hi.


Mary: (almost laughing) Hi.


Chandler: (whispers to Joey) What a way to sweet talk, Joe. (Just then, Rachel and Ross come in.)


Rachel: (jumps into the apartment and announces elatedly) WEíRE ENGAGED!


Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey: (as though itís not a big deal) Yeah, we know. (Rachel looks disappointed.)


Mary: (tries to break the ice) Umm, Jon and I didnít know that! Congrats!


Rachel: (beaming) Thanks! (pauses, confused) Wait, who are you?


Mary: Iím Chandlerís friend, Mary, and this is my brother, Jon.


Rachel: (understands) Oh. (smiles. Extends her hand) Iím Rachel. (then happily says to everyone) Iím engaged and I have a new baby...(thinks) things just keep getting better!


Chandler: Wait Joe, you werenít here when we saw them through the window, howíd you know they were engaged?


Joey: Duh! How obvious do they need to be? (Monica then notices the glare from Rachelís HUGE engagement ring. She quickly runs over to her and grabs her hand to look at the ring.)


Monica: (very jealous and very whiny) Chandler?!!


Chandler: (incredulous and mocking to Rachel) Yeah, things just keep getting better.


Time Lapse


Scene: C and Mís apt. Everyone is now present. Theyíve just finished dinner. Everyone looks very full.


Mary: Monica, seriously, this duck confit with the broccoli rabe was absolutely delicious. (*this dish is from TOW Phoebeís Cookies*)


Jon: I agree.


Monica: (soaking up the compliments) Oh go on...(serious tone) Really?


Mary: Oh yeah...Iím not kidding. Itís just as good as the one my favorite restaurant serves.


Monica: Oh? (curious) And whereís that?


Mary: Thereís this great place in Manhattan called Allesandroís. I go there all the time and I always order this exact dish. Itís divine.


Monica: (excited and in disbelief) Allesandroís is my restaurant!!


Mary: Are you serious?? Wow! My compliments to the chef. (Mary looks at Chandler and winks. He acknowledges the compliment gratefully knowing that they set it up to boost Monicaís confidence in her cooking. Everyone clears theyíre plates into the sink, and move over into the living room except for Chandler. Itís his turn to do the dishes. Emma begins to gurgle.)


Rachel: Hmm...somebodyís awake. (her and Ross exchange loving glances.)


Monica: Ooh! Iíll go check up on her! (she runs over to Emma and the gang laughs. Monica picks up Emma and starts cradling her by the window. Ross sits in the ďchairĒ with Rachel on his lap, Joey and Mary sit next to each other on the couch, and Jon sits on the other end of the couch with Phoebe next to him on the floor.


Joey: (flirtingly) Hey Mary, did I ever tell you about the time I went backpacking through Europe? (Ross and Rachel try not to laugh while Jon just listens. Phoebe doesnít pay attention to the conversation because sheís figuring out a way to seduce Jon.)


Mary: (looking him over skeptically, and then smiling) Umm...actually yeah you did Joey. Remember, you were telling me your best pick up lines earlier this afternoon.


Joey: (trying to remember. Then becomes incredibly embarrassed but tries to hide it.) I, I know...I was just trying to see if YOU remembered. (Mary just smiles back, humoring him.)


Rachel: Yeah, it is one hell of a line, Joey. I tell ya, that line should come with a surgeon general warning. (Rachel, Joey, Ross and Mary laugh.)


Phoebe: (gets an idea, ignorant of what they had just talked about) Hey Jon, did I ever tell you about the time I went backpacking through Europe?


 Jon just looks at her weirdly. Mary, Joey, Ross and Rachel look at each other, then laugh louder. Chandler finally finishes the dishes He goes over to where Monica is and sits on the window seat, watching her and Emma. He smiles.


Chandler: I love you, Monica. (Monica doesnít hear him.) Umm...Monica? (Chandler gets up and stands right in front of her. Monica is focusing all of her attention on Emma. He stares at her incredulously, knowing that heís being ignored.) Monica, Iíve just cut off my right leg and now Iím beating Ross over the head with it!!


Monica: (dazed) Thatís nice dear. (Chandler stands there open-mouthed.)


Phoebe: (overhearing them) No, no, Chandler, youíre approaching her wrong. Watch this....HEY MONICA JON FORGOT TO USE A COASTER AND NOW THEREíS WATER CIRCLES ON YOUR COFFEE TABLE!!


Monica: What?! (She puts Emma back into her basinet and runs over to look at the table. She sees nothing there. She looks at Phoebe suspiciously.)


Chandler: Oh My God! You wonít look up to say you love me, but youíll trip all over yourself for wet ringlets on your furniture?!


Monica: (trying to calm him down) Chandler, sweetie...what is the big deal?


Chandler: (still upset) The big deal is that...youíre baby crazy! Sooo baby crazy, that you donít even care Iím here!!! And, should be crazy about me! If this is how itís going to be, well, I donít want to have a baby anymore!


Monica: Chandler, honey...Iím-Iím sorry but, but I might ALREADY be pregnant...


Chandler: Well, well...(thinks) well...I take it back! Give me back my sperm! (the gang looks at him weirdly) Okay fine! Keep it! But if you donít mind, I am going to go freak out in the hall! (he walks out and slams the door. Monica goes after him.)


Mary and Jon: (looking at each other) Woah...


Phoebe: Yeah, well if you think THEYíRE should see these two. (points to Ross and Rachel. They laugh sarcastically at Phoebe.)


Scene cuts: in the hallway between C & Mís apt. and Joeyís apt.


Monica: Chandler! Wait! Donít be mad...please!


Chandler: How can I not be mad? I find out the only reason you married me is so that you can have babies! Babies, babies, and more babies!


Monica: What?! Are you crazy?


Chandler: Youíre asking ME that??


Monica: Honey, I married you because I love you.


Chandler: Yeah, well, lately I donít feel like you do.


Monica: Iím sorry if Iíve been a little off with us lately...but, Iím just really excited about Emma! You know, arenít you excited too?


Chandler: Sure I am, but-but itís like, youíve been ignoring me....or-or when we do talk, itís only about baby stuff! I feel like youíre sick of me already or something. And, well, I didnít think weíd be like this until we were both 50 and married for almost 20 years...


Monica: (looking at him weird) 50?


Chandler: Okay, 45.


Monica: (agreeing) Yeah! (beat, change of tone. Softly and comfortingly) But, seriously...Iím sorry. Iíll try to contain myself...itís just that...Iíve been dreaming about motherhood for a LONG time, you know? And, now that weíre married...every time I see Emma, I get so excited knowing that you and I are going to be parents soon...


Chandler: Yeah, I guess I can understand that...


Monica: I love you so much Chandler...nothing, or no ONE will ever be able to change that.


Chandler: (softening up completely) I love you too, Mon. (They hug for awhile and go back inside the apartment.)


Scene cut: C and Mís apt. again.


Rachel: Hey Chandler, I just realized havenít held Emma yet. (she walks over to him with Emma.)


Chandler: Well, no I donít think I should...donít I need to go to school for this first or something?


Rachel: No, Chandler...really, here...itís okay...just put your arms out. (she gently places Emma in his arms.)


Chandler: (looking at Emma awkwardly and is feeling very tense. Once he is holding her, his face changes to a look of surprise and then he, like Monica, becomes mesmerized. Dreamily he says) sheís so she smells so good... (he looks at Monica) canít we just have this one?


Monica: (laughing) Honey, soon weíll have one of our own...


Joey: (trying to sound macho in front of Mary) Oh come on Chandler! Be a man! Itís just a baby!


Chandler: havenít held her yet either...come here...


Joey: (overly confident) Pssh...whatís the big deal? A babyís, a baby...(Chandler gives Emma to Joey. And now he, like Chandler, falls into the same trance. Breathlessly in a babyish voice) wow...hey little Emma...Iím your Uncle Joey...(looks up to the gang who is smiling at him) she smells like, like warm milk... and baby powder....and fabricís so cute...


Chandler: See? I told you. (holds his arms open) Okay, Joe. Lemme have her.


Joey: No.


Chandler: Joey! I wasnít done holding her yet! I just wanted you to see what I saw!


Joey: You let her go. Now youíre just going to have to wait your turn again...


Chandler: (getting upset) Wait my turn?! Was I supposed to call ďdibsĒ or something?! (tries a different approach) Well, what about all that macho stuff? ďMr. I-like-to-wear-womenís-undies!Ē (*referring to the TOW Chandlerís Dad*)


Joey: (looks at Mary, tries to convince her) I really donít wear womenís underwear. (then looks back at Chandler, warningly) What about you, bubble bath boy? (*referring to TOW Chandler Takes a Bath*)


Chandler: (offended) What was that Joey?! I wasnít paying attention because your panties were showing!


Joey: Oh, you want to play dirty huh? So Chandler, did I ever tell you that your Mom looks EXACTLY like Kathleen Turner? Op, no, no, no, no...THAT WAS YOUR DAD!! (Chandler looks REALLY offended now and just stares at Joey open mouthed.)


Ross: Guys, guys?! (in a ďscolding Ross wayĒ) Umm...seriously quit it. Emma is a human being, NOT the latest edition of Playboy...(the guys keep bickering and ignore Ross.)


Monica: (trying to be the mediator) Guys donít fight. (comfortingly) It takes REALLY secure men to wear womenís underwear AND like bubble baths. (Sweetly) Now Joey, give Emma back to me.


Rachel: (getting angry) Wait! Sheís my baby! (to Monica) Go make your own! (Monica looks incredibly butt-hurt)


Soon, they all start yelling and Emma begins to cry. Mary, Jon and Phoebe just sit back and watch, amused.


Mary: (laughing) Phoebe, you have some crazy friends.


Phoebe: (thinking, and agreeing) Yeah...yeah I do...(smiles)