TOW All the Problems (part 1)

(Joeyand Chandler are playing foosball)
J- Score! Wow, my first one this game!
C- You still can't beat the Chan-man!
J- Dude, quit calling yourself that!
C- Why, what's wrong with Chan-man?
J- It just sounds stupid. Unlike Joseph, a very strong handsome name.
(Chandler rolls his eyes)


(Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, Joey, sitting on couch)

P- So Monica did you figure outsome more wedding plans?
M- Well, maybe
C- Wait, when did you make more plans? You never told me! I thought this was going to be OUR wedding, not just yours!
P- Well, it has to be otherwise Monica wouldn't have a groom. DUH!
M- I just thought of a couple, they aren't final yet. Any way, you're never around to help me make any. You're always-playing foosball with Joey!
J- Hey! Don't blame foosball!
M- Come on Phoebe. We have to go!
P- Okay, but where are we going?

(Phoebe stands up and follows Monica.Monica and Phoebe leave the room)
R- Hey, man I'm sorry.
C- No, it's not your fault. I should be there for Monica when she needs me. I am going to be a failure husband.
J- You may be a failure husband,but you wont be as bad as Ross!
R- Hey!
C- Thanks for the advice Joe.
J- No problem. Well, I better get going; I have to go a rehearsal. See you guys later!
C- I better go to. I should find Monica. I have to apologize to her. See ya later.
R- Bye.

(Chandler leaves Central Perk; Rachelenters)
RA- Hey Ross!
R- Hey.
RA- Where is everybody? I have been looking all over for Monica.
R- Mon. and Chandler had a fight, then Monica and Phoebe left, than Joey left for a rehearsal.
RA- Oh no! What was their fight about?
R- Something to do with wedding plans.
RA- Well, I better go try to cheer up Monica. I'll go look in her apartment.
R- I'll be up there in a minute.Bye!
RA- Bye.

(Rachel leaves Central Perk Ross goes to counter to pay for his coffee)


(Monica is crying on the couch)
RA- Monica, sweetie, are you allright?
M- No, Chandler and I had a big fight. I don't think I should have ever said yes when he proposed.

(Ross walks in silently)
RA- Well, at least you have someone you love Monica, think of it that way. I had that, with Ross actually. I let it go. I was so stupid to do that. I could kill myself for doing that, but I did, and you, you have someone special to share your love with. Monica, you are so lucky. Don't worry, Chandler loves you very much. He will apologize I know it.
(Rachel looks down like she is sad)
(Monica hears a sound behind her; she turns around t see Ross staring at Rachel like he can't believe what she is saying)
M- Hey Rachel..
RA- I bet you Chandler is on hisway up here right now to apologize.
M- Rach..
RA- You will forgive him, right?
M- RACHEL!!!!!!!
RA- What, you don't have to yell.
(Monica tilts her head as to say €œlookbehind you€, Rachel
understands what she is saying and slowly turns her headaround. Ross is
standing right behind her, looking at her)
RA- Oh! Umm, hi.
R- Hey
(Rachel looks at him for a couple moreseconds, than turns her
RA- Well, umm, I better be goingMon.
(Rachel gives Monica a hug)
RA- Bye.
R & M- Bye.

(Rachel walks quietly out of the roomand Ross watches her)
R- What was that all about?
M- How much did you hear?
R- All of it I think.
M- You might want to go talk to her Ross.
R- Okay, bye.
M- Bye.
(Ross leaves Monica & Chandler'sapartment and walks across the hall to Rachel and Joey's apartment. Joey is at the counter eating a sandwich)
J- What's up Ross? Want a sandwich?
R- Not really Joey. Have you seen Rachel?
J- Yeah, she's..
(Rachel walks out of her room, and stops quickly when she sees Ross)
RA- What are you doing here?
R- We need to talk Rachel.
RA- No Ross. We don't need to talk. It's over just forget about it
R- No I will never..
(Rachel and Ross glance over at Joey who is watching them while eating his sandwich.)
J- Um, I should be going. See ya!
(Joey leaves)
R- I will never forget about it Rachel. I never knew you felt that way.
RA- Well, that's because I don't feel that way. And if I did, it wouldn't matter to you, all right Ross! Are you happy now?
R- No Rachel, I'm not happy. I want to know how you feel. You're my friend, and it's important to me that you are okay. If you're not happy, then I'm not happy.
RA- Well, what do you want me to doRoss?
R- I want you to tell me the truth.Are you really mad that we broke up or
RA- All right, I'll tell you.
(Rachel sits down on the couch Ross sits next to her)
RA- Yes, I am very mad I broke up with you. I mean, Ross, you actually were the only boyfriend I had who respected me. I always trusted you. You were always there for me. Sure, a couple things got in our way, but that doesn't mean I don't love you!
R- Wait, are you telling me that you still love me.
RA- Ross, (sigh) I will always love you but only as a friend. Yes I did still love you before. But things are different now, and we have to move on.
R- Oh. (Sounds like he's disappointed)
RA- What?
R- Well, I was hoping you would say you still loved me, because, well, I still love you and not just as a friend.
(Rachel looks at him in astonishment)
RA- Really?
R- Yeah, but I guess it's over now.
(Ross starts to get up but Rachel pulls him back down)
RA- Maybe, it isn't over Ross.
R- What? You just said..
RA- Forget what I said Ross, maybe, I do still love you.
R- You do?
RA- Yes, well I think so.
R- Well.. Um.. Maybe.. We.. Could..
RA- Yes?
R- Go out sometime? Maybe tonight for dinner? Around 7:00?
RA- Sure.
R- Great.
(Ross bends over and kisses her)
R- Well, we better go tell Monica and the gang.
RA- Okay.
(They stand up. Ross takes Rachel's hand)

M- Hi.
J- Hi.
C- Hi.
P- Hi.
Ra- Hi.
R- What's up?
(Ross and Rachel sit down on the couch and start talking)
M- So Rachel, what's up with you lately?
R- Oh nothing, really.
(Smiles at Ross. Rachel looks at her watch)
RA- Well, I better go start getting ready.
R- Okay, see you at dinner.
(Rachel leaves the room)
R- Oh, yeah,Rachel and I got back together!
M- Oh my gosh!
P- That's great!
C- When did this happen?
R- Just about 10 minutes ago.
C- Oh, wow. You guys make up fast. I wish other people knew how to do that.
(Chandler looks at Monica. Monica smirks back)
R- Well, I better start getting ready to. See you guys later.
P- I have to go visit my brother and his babies.
M- By Pheebs, tell them Aunt Monica said hi.
(Phoebe leaves, Joey follows. Monica and Chandler are left alone in the room)
C- Umm, Monica?
(Monica pretends to ignore him)
C- Please forgive me Mon. I will be there when you make the plans, and for the rest of your life. I want this to be the most exciting day of my life.. I mean, our life.
M- Really?
C- Yes, definitely.
M- All right, I forgive you.
C- Okay great because Joey and I are going to start our foosball tournament.
M- Chandler!
C- Just kidding!

(Ross walks in and waits around for Rachel to come out. Then
Rachel walks out of her room)
R- Wow, you look gorgeous tonight.
RA- Thank you.
R- So, lets go.
RA- Okay, just let me get my coat.
R- No, I'll get it for you.
RA- Okay.
(Ross brings back Rachel's coat)
R- Okay, lets go!
RA- Where are we going?
R- It's a surprise.
(They walk outside and into the car)
R- Close your eyes till we get there.
RA- Okay. (Sounds unsure)
R- Don't worry.
(Ross stops the car at the museum)
R- You can open your eyes now,
RA- Were eating dinner at a museum?
R- You'll see.
(Theywalk inside the museum and get into the planetarium)
RA- Oh my god.
R- Your dinner awaits you.
RA- Ross this is so sweet, I can't believe you did this for me.
R- It's the least I could do Rach.
RA- This brings back so many memories.
R- It does, doesn't it, hopefully we wont wake up in front of a church group and a couple on nuns this time!
RA- Hopefully. You know Ross, I am glad we did this.
R- Did what?
RA- Got back together. I missed this. I forgot how romantic you are.
R- you think I'm romantic
(Hear the door being opened)
R- Oh, my gosh!
RA- who is it?
R- Its..

M- So what do you think the decorations should be.
(Chandlers heads on the table, you can hear a faint snoring)
M- Chandler?
C- What? Oh sorry Monica.
M- Do you want to go play foosball with Joey?
C- Okay-bye!