TOW All the Problems (part 2)

Special Guest Star(s): Emily (E)
(The museum, in the planetarium. Show part of the last episode)
RA- You know Ross, I am glad we did this.
R- Did what?
RA- Got back together. I missed this. I forgot how romantic you are.
R- You think I'm romantic?
(You hear the door being opened)
R- Oh my gosh!
RA- Who is it?
R- It's..

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R-It's Emily!
RA- Emily being the Emily who were about to marry?
R- Yeah.
E- Well, look who it is. Ross and..RACHEL! Ross what are you doing here with..with her?
R- Well.. Um..
RA- We're going out. Yes that's right, we're going out!
E- What?
R- Emily, it's over okay. I am not going to go out with you anymore. I love Rachel, and I would never trade her for you anytime, anywhere!
RA- Really Ross?
R- Yes, definitely.
E- Well,
(Emily walks up to Rachel)
E- Have a great life together.
(Shakes Rachel's hand)
E- Just pray he wont say my name at the alter instead!
R- What are you doing here anyway Emily?
E- I was just visiting for work, and I came here to help out my friend, when I heard noises in this room, and I opened the door and guess who I saw. This is unbelievable I think I am going to go now. Goodbye.
(Emily slams the door)
R- Well that was close.
RA- You really love me that much?
R- Of course. You know what Rach, I know this is great and all, but, before Emily 'tells' on us, we better leave.
RA- Okay.
(They pack up the stuff and run out thedoor when someone walks in with Emily)
E- They're right.. here.
Guy who's with her- I don't see anyone.
E- They were just here!
Guy who's with her- I don't see them, I think you are just homesick Emily. We should get you on the next flight to England.

(Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe , and Joey sitting on couch. Rachel walks in)
Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey: Hey Rach
R- Hey sweetie.
RA- Hi!
(Rachel sits down next to Ross)
P- So you guys, how was your date last night?
RA- It was.. weird.
M- What happened?
R- Emily walked in.
C- WHAT! Are we talking the Emily you almost married?
RA- Yeah, she busted right in the door. Then we left.
M- Gosh, that would have been weird.
R- Believe me it was. Well I better get going to pick up Ben, See you guys later. Bye sweetie.
(Gives Rachel quick kiss)
RA- Bye.
(Ross leaves)
C- Hey Joey, want to go play some foosball?
J- Sure!
C- Is it okay if I go Monica?
M- Sure, go ahead.
P- Oh, I want to come and watch!
J- Come on Pheebs.
(Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe leave. Monica moves next to Rachel)
RA- So did you and Chandler makeup?
M- Yeah, we had a 'fun' night.
RA- Cool.
M- How are you and Ross holding up?
RA- Oh, Monica its amazing! It's sooooo great.
M- That's good.
(Sounds sarcastic)
RA- What?
M- I just don't want you to be hurt again , that's all.
RA- What do you mean?
M- Every time you guys break up, you're always so upset.
RA- Well, what if we don't break up this time? Then what Monica?
M- Than you wont be hurt, DUH!
RA- Well, fine, if that's how you feel , that's okay.
(Rachel stands up and starts to walk outdoor. Monica stands up and yells after her)
M- Well.. Um.. Bye?

(Joey and Chandler playing foosball)
C- Score!
P- Chan-man does it again!
J- Stop calling him that!
P- Why?
J- It sounds stupid. Unlike Joseph, a very strong name.
P- Joseph is a strong name.Chan-man sounds wussy.
C- Hey!
P- Move out of the way Chandler, I am going to play against Joey.
C- Fine. I guess I'll see you later Joe.
J- Uh huh.
(Chandler walks out of the room to see Rachel sitting on the little step thing)
C- What are you doing out here?
RA- Monica and I had a big fight.
C- About what?
RA- About how every time I get together with Ross, I'm always upset when we break up.
(Chandler sits down)
C- Well, do you think that will happen?
RA- I didn't but, I think I am starting to change my mind.
C- Do you love him Rach?
RA- Yeah, very much.
C- Than don't blow it. Stay with him. Don't listen to what other people think.
RA- Really?
C- Yeah.
RA- Thanks Chandler.
C- No problem.
(You can hear sounds threw the door)
P- Well, not as bad as Chandler!
J- Yeah, your right,
(Joey opens the door)J
J- Rachel, you have a phone call.It's Ross!
RA- Okay.
(Rachel walks in he room and takes phone)
RA- Hello?
R- Hey Rach.
RA- Hey, did you pick up Ben?
R- Yeah he's over here right now. Do you want to come over?
RA- Sure, I'll be there in a minute.
R- Okay. I love you.
RA- I love you to. Bye.
R- Bye.

(Rachel knocks on door)
R- Coming.
(Ross opens door)
R- Hey!
RA- Hey!
(Rachelwalks in)
RA- Where's Ben.
R- Oh, he just fell asleep like 30 seconds ago.
RA- Oh, that's to bad. Do you want me to go?
R- No, stay. Please.
(They sit down on the couch)
RA- So how's Carol doing?
R- Great.
RA- Susan?
R- As great as ever.
RA- Good, good.
(There's silence for a couple seconds)
RA- Hey Ross?
R- Yeah.
RA- Do you think we will break up this time?
R- Well, hopefully not. But then wouldn't we have to get..
RA- Married?
R- Yeah.
RA- I guess so.
(More silence)
R- Do you think we'll ever get married?
RA- Well, I hope so.
R- You do?
RA- Yeah, I love you a lot Ross.
R- Me too. Hey do you want to know why I called you over here?
RA- It wasn't to see Ben?
R- Truthfully, Ben isn't here.
RA- Than what did you go to pickup?
R- This.
(Ross gets on his knees)
RA- Oh god..
(Ross opens the little jewelry box he's holding)
RA- Ross, oh my god
(Rachel starts to get tears in her eyes)
R- Rachel, in all my life, I have never loved anyone more then I have loved you. You are one of my best friends, and my girlfriend. If you accepted this, I would be the happiest man alive.
(Meanwhile, Monica opens her blinds tosee Ross on his knees, holding a little box to Rachel. She immediately thinks they are getting married. She calls Chandler over)
C- What is it?
M- Look across the street, at Ross'apartment.
C- He isn't.. proposing is he?
M- I don't know?
(Back to Ross' apartment. Rachel's tearsare falling down her face)
R- Rachel, will you marry me?
RA- Oh my god, I can't believe this!
R- Please say yes.
(Rachel slides off the couch next toRoss)
RA- Umm..
R- Please?
RA- Yes!!!!!!!!!!
R- Really?
(Ross starts to get tears in his eyes)
RA- Really.
(Ross kisses her. They stand up)
R- Oh my god I cant believe this is happening!
RA- Me either!
R- Lets go tell everybody.
RA- Okay!
(They run out the door)

(Ross and Rachel knock on the door)
C- Coming!
(Chandler opens the door)
M- Oh hi guys what's up?
R- We have to tell you something.
RA- Ross, and I are..
R- Getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C- OH my gosh!
M- Really?
R- Yeah.
M- Oh come here.
(Monica hugs Rachel)
M- I am sorry for saying that at Central Perk
RA- I forgive you!!!!!!!
(Chandler hugs Ross)
C- Congratulations man!
R- Thanks!

J- Jeez Phoebe, you rock at this!
P- I thought I stunk.
J- Well, you're doing better than me, and anyone who's better than Joey,
P- Cool. I am finally better than you Joey! HA HA!
J- Hey don't brag.