TOW The Prom

[Scene: Lincoln High, the cafeteria, Monica and Rachel are carrying are carrying their trays looking for a seat. Monica is fat, and Rachel is wearing a cheerleading uniform but her nose looks just FINE!]

Monica: Oh look! There's two open seats! (they go over and take the seats)

Rachel: Oh god! I don't think I'll be able to eat! I'm too nervous!

Monica: Rachel will you relax! You already know you were nominated!

Rachel: Yeah but their announcing the finalist at the game tonight! What if I don't make it?

Monica: Please! Your totally gonna make it!

Rachel: Ugh! Thanks Mon.

Monica: No problem. Hey you wanna sleep over at my house after the game?

Rachel: Yeah sure!

[Scene: Half-time at the football game, the cheerleading squad does their routine then runs of the field and stands on the slide lines]

Announcer: Now the moment we've all been waiting for......the announcement of the finalists for senior prom king and queen. For prom king the finalists are Nick Barnes (Nick is the quarterback of the football team, all of the other football players give him a high five)....and Chip Matthews! (in is in the stands, the stands up and waves a little) And the finalists for prom queen are.................Amy Wealsh (a girl jumps up screaming from the stands) and..... (we see Rachel standing with the squad, she takes a deep breath and closes her eyes) Rachel Green! (Rachel smiles, then does a cartwheel and two back handsprings, the crowd cheers wildly)

Monica: (in the bleachers) Go Rachel!!!!!!!!!

[Scene: Monica is waiting outside the locker room, Rachel comes out in regular clothes carrying her gym bag]

Monica: Hey! Congratulations Rach!

Rachel: Thanks (they walk over to Monica's car and get in)

Monica: You see I told you, you had nothing to worry about! (they drive out of the parking lot)

Rachel: Yeah but I still have to actually win!

Monica: Oh my god! I will be so happy when this prom is finally over! That way you will have won I won't have to listen to you complain anymore!

Rachel: Monica!

Monica: Come on Rachel! You are head of the cheerleading squad, and your pretty and popular, your going to win prom queen without a doubt!

Rachel: Thanks, I just wish I was that confidant

[Scene: The Geller house, enter Monica and Rachel]

Jack: Hey! (kisses Monica on the cheek) Hey Rachel

Rachel: Hi

Monica: Hey dad, thanks for letting me borrow the car (gives him back the keys, enter Judy)

Judy: Hello Rachel

Rachel: Hey Mrs. Geller

Monica: Hey guess what? Rachel's a finalist for prom queen!

Judy: Oh well that's wonderful

Rachel: Thanks

Judy: So if you girls would like to go into the kitchen dinner's just about ready.....

Monica: Oh great! I'm starving!

Judy: No surprise there (Monica glares at Judy as they walk into the kitchen)

[Scene: Monica's bedroom, Monica and Rachel are there in their pajamas later that night]

Monica: UGH! I am so jealous of you! What I wouldn't give to be prom queen!

Rachel: Yeah well like I keep saying I haven't won yet, and I probably won't since I don't even have a date yet!

Monica: (frowns) Still haven't made up with Chip huh?

Rachel: No, I'm afraid not.

Monica: Rach what happened?

Rachel: Mon....

Monica: Come on! I'm your best friend! Why won't you tell me?

Rachel: (looks uncomfortable) I don't want to talk about it okay! Look I'm really tired can we just go to sleep?

Monica: (sigh) Fine! (Monica gets into her bed and Rachel lays down on the couch and covers herself with a blanket she rolls over but does not go to sleep, she stays awake looking sad)

[Scene: It is the next Monday morning, Rachel is walking to school. Chip comes up the road along side her on his motorcycle.]

Chip: Hey babe! (Rachel ignores him and just keeps walking) Hey come on! What's the matter with you?! (Rachel still ignores him) Rachel!

Rachel: What?! What do you want Chip?!

Chip: I wanna know why your acting like this! What did I do?

Rachel: (looks at him in disbelief) I am not even going to answer that! (starts walking again)

Chip: Is this about what happened in Destin? Come on Rachel I told you I was sorry! (Rachel signs) Baby I miss you, I want us to be us again! We always planned to go to prom...remember?

Rachel: (looks at him) You want us to go to prom?

Chip: Yeah

Rachel: (thinks for a minute) I'll think about it. Olay? (walks off)

[Scene: Rachel's locker, the cheerleading squad is there waiting for her]

Maria: Oh! There you are Miss Prom Queen!

Rachel: Hey guys

Mindy (yes the same Mindy who married Barry instead of Rachel): Congratulations Rachel! And as the only cheerleader who made it to finalist we are definitely going to help you win!

Rachel: Oh umm.....thanks.

Donna: Yeah we'll take you shopping, do your hair, everything!

Rachel: Well.....okay but I'm I gotta get to class so I'll see you later.

All: Bye! (Rachel leaves)

[Scene: A classroom, enter Rachel she goes over and meets Monica.]

Rachel: Hey Mon

Monica: Hey Rach

Rachel: Umm....I saw Chip on the way to school. He asked me to the prom.

Monica: Really! UGH! I knew it! I'm going to be the only one without a date!

Rachel: No, no you'll get a date.

Monica: Yeah right! I mean look at me!

Rachel: Well.....ok so your a little ummm.......yeah, there are a lot worse people than you!

Monica: Oh yeah like who?

Rachel: (thinks) There's that girl in the drama club. Ya know the blonde with the afro and the head gear?

Monica: (shrugs) Yeah I guess, but I still don't have date.

Rachel: Well I might not go with Chip anyway, I told him I'd think about it. (sighs) I don't know I man it's Chip Matthews, one of the cutest, most popular guys in school, but I'm still mad at him about what happened!

Monica: Well I could give you better advice if I knew what happened......

Rachel: Mon!!!!

Monica: Okay, okay! Look Rach it's up to you if you don't want to go with him and don't but if you do than do. (Rachel doesn't say anything, just looks down)

[Scene: A store, the cheerleaders are there, Rachel comes out of a dressing room wearing the blue dress from TOW The Prom Video]

Mindy: Oh my god!

Maria: You look gorgeous!

Rachel: Really?

Donna: Oh yes! With that dress and Chip Mathews as your date you can't lose!

Rachel: Um, yeah well I'm, I'm not so sure I'm gonna go with Chip after all.

Tanya: What! Okay Rachel listen I know this is kinda stressful for you but lets not go totally nuts!

Mindy: Yeah I mean who wants someone who can't even get a date as prom queen?!

Rachel: (looks upset)

Mindy: I am so sorry Rach. I didn't mean that to insult you but you have to be careful now! One mess up could damage your reputation, and coast you prom queen.

Rachel: Well, maybe your right.

Mindy: Yes, and umm something else..........this charity thing is getting kind old Rach.

Rachel: What charity thing?

Mindy: You know! Monica.

Rachel: What?! Guys I have known Monica since we were in elementary school I can't just stop being friends with her now!

Sara: Rachel your right, the last thing you want to do is alienate people! It would not be a good idea to get a reputation as a bitch just before everyone votes.

Mindy: Yeah but still.......look I'm not saying to betray Monica, I'm just say be more aloof, more neutral.

Rachel: What are you talking about?

Mindy: Oh....nothing, nothing. (Rachel looks at her weirdly, a girl comes into the changing room holding a dress, it is the other finalist for prom queen)

Amy: Oh hey Rachel! That dress looks really great on you!

Rachel: Thanks

Amy: Yeah....just be sure you don't wear a thong with it.

Rachel: Why?

Amy: Well I'm sure you'll want to impress people again with your little back flips when I'm winning prom queen! (smiles) Hmmm......(goes into one of the rooms)

Donna: Don't listen to her, she's just a bitch!

Rachel: Uh hu (looks thoughtful)

[Scene: Rachel's room, Rachel is sitting on her bed hugging a pillow, she sighs and picks up the phone]

Rachel: Hello Chip? It's Rachel

Chip: (os) Rachel? Hey!

Rachel: Look I decided....yes I will go with you to the prom. Bye. (hangs up, after a couple minutes the phone rings again) Hello?

Chip: (os) It's me.

Rachel: Hi

Chip: (os) I'm glad you decided to go with me.

Rachel: Well umm.....likewise

Chip: (os) So what are you doing tonight?

Rachel: Huh?

[Scene: Outside Rachel's house, Rachel comes outside and hops on the back of Chip's motorcycle. Next we see them at a hamburger stand drinking cokes, then a shot of them on the highway, then one of them back outside Rachel's house]

Chip: So...we cool now?

Rachel: (smiles) Yeah

Chip: Good (kisses Rachel)

Rachel: Night (gets off and starts up the drive way)

Chip: Yeah see you later (drives off, Rachel goes inside and up to her room smiling the entire way)

[Scene: Rachel's room, Rachel enter's the flops down on her bed, the phone rings]

Rachel: Hello?

Monica: (os) Hey it's me.

Rachel: Oh....hi

Monica: (os) I have the coolest story! I was outside Dairy Queen and I saw Nick Barnes there! Oh my god he looked so hot!

Rachel: Yeah, yeah that's fascinating, look I really have a lot of homework to do ok?

Monica: (os) Oh umm okay, so I'll see you tomorrow at school?

Rachel: Yeah whatever (hangs up)

[Scene: A classroom Rachel is there, enter Monica]

Monica: Rachel! (Rachel gets a look of dread on her face) Hey what, what was the matter last night?

Rachel: It was nothing! Okay!

Monica: Well okay fine. (Nick Barnes comes in) Oh (smiles) hey Nick.

Nick: Hi uhh......Mona is it?

Monica: Monica

Nick: Right Monica (rolls his eyes)

Monica: (smiles)

Rachel: (sighs and looks embarrassed)

Teacher: (enters the classroom) Hola clase! Si?ntate, por favor! (everyone takes their seat, Rachel looks really deeply in thought, while the teacher starts the roll call) Nico?

Nick: Aqu?

Teacher: Monica?

Monica: Aqu?

Teacher: Raquel? (Rachel doesn't answer) Raquel Green? (Rachel still doesn't answer) Rachel Green!!!!!

Rachel: Huh? I mean here! I mean.....aqu?! (everyone laughs)

Teacher: Thank you for paying attention Miss Green (continues with the roll call, Rachel puts her head in her hands)

[Scene: Outside Rachel's locker later that day, Rachel is putting her books inside it, Monica comes up to her]

Monica: Rachel!!! You'll never guess what!

Rachel: (sigh) What?

Monica: Roy Gublic asked me to the prom!!!! Isn't that great?!?!

Rachel: Yeah.....great, look I have to go.....away (quickly rushes away, Monica looks confused)

[Scene: Cheerleading practice, they take a break and go over to have a sip of water]

Mindy: Rachel are you okay? You've been acting really weird all afternoon.

Rachel: UGH! No Mindy, I'm not okay! I have been blowing my best friend off all day because you told me too, and I made an ass of myself in Spanish class!

Mindy: Look I'm just trying to help you!

Rachel: By driving me insane?

Mindy: What is the matter with you?!

Rachel: I.....I don't know okay! I don't know what's going on I just feel......I don't know how I fell....look I have to go alright! (leaves)

[Scene: A store, Judy Geller is there, Monica comes out of one of the dressing rooms wearing a red dress.]

Monica: This is it!!!! I want this one!

Judy: Yeah, that one's nice.

Monica: (Smiles)

Judy: Now have a date for this right?

Monica: Yes

Judy: You really have a date??

Monica: Yes!

Judy: He's a real person right?

Monica: MOM!!!!!

Judy: Okay, okay (Monica looks mad) So is Rachel gonna come over before you guys leave?

Monica: Well I think so, we talked about that a few weeks ago.

Judy: When is the prom exactly?

Monica: May 25

Judy: Oh Ross is coming home that weekend

Monica: Oh no!!!! Mom can't you like tell him to stay?

Judy: Why?

Monica: Well Rachel's already really stressed out over prom queen, if she comes over to our house and Ross is there drooling all over her it'll upset her even more!

Judy: Oh Monica, quit being ridiculous!

Monica: (sighs and goes back into the changing room, she starts to take off the dress but there is a nock on the door, she opens it, it's Rachel) Rachel! Hey what are you doing here.

Rachel: I was just here picking some shoes and I saw you. (looks guilty)

Monica: Oh well....okay.

Rachel: I'm sorry I've been so weird today.

Monica: It''s okay I mean your just upset about prom queen right?

Rachel: (sad) Yeah, sure. So you have a date huh?

Monica: Yeah

Rachel: That's great

Monica: I know! So did you ever decide if you gonna go with Chip or not?

Rachel: Yeah....we're going together

Monica: Okay thats great! So are the four of us going to meet at my house before we go?

Rachel: (smiles) Yeah

Monica: Rachel are you sure your okay?

Rachel: I'm fine....really.

Monica: Well, okay (they both laugh then hug)

[Scene: Chip's room, Chip and Rachel are there making out on his bed, Chip starts to put his hand down Rachel's jeans]

Rachel: (breaks the kiss and pulls away)

Chip: What!? Rachel what's wrong?

Rachel: It''s nothing

Chip: Yeah right? What is it about what happened? Come on I told you I was sorry! Why don't you trust me?

Rachel: I, I do Chip, I do trust you

Chip: Then why can't we do it?

Rachel: (looks down)

Chip: We've been together since 9th grade. What do you not want me anymore?

Rachel: No! It's not that, it's just.....

Chip: What?

Rachel: (looks away)

Chip: Ya know what? Fine! (looks angry)

Rachel: Okay....we'll do it.

Chip: Really?

Rachel: (nods)

Chip: All right!!! (leans over to kiss her)

Rachel: (pulls away) Wait no! Not now......

Chip: (sigh) Then when?

Rachel: Prom

Chip: You'll do it with me on prom night?

Rachel: (hesitates)......yeah

[Scene: There is a montage with a soulful song. We see the cheerleading squad handing out flyers to people to vote for Rachel, then ballots going into a box. Then Monica and Rachel comparing prom dresses, and Chip with his friends]

[Scene: Rachel's room, Rachel is sitting in front of a mirror she is wearing her dress, she looks a little upset. There is a nock at the door]

Rachel: (looking normal again) Come in! (enter Sandra)

Sandra: Hey sweet pea

Rachel: Hi mom, umm....could you help me get this necklace on?

Sandra: Yeah sure (takes the necklace and helps Rachel clip it on, she then runs her hands down Rachel's shoulders) You look so pretty sweetie.

Rachel: (looks in the mirror) Thanks

Sandra: (kisses the side of Rachel's cheek) Chip will love it (Rachel smiles)

[Scene: Monica's house, Monica is in her dress sitting on the edge of the couch, Judy is holding the video camera]

Judy: Dance with him.

Monica: Mom, I'm hungry.

Judy: Dance with your father.

Jack: I may not know any of your flash dances but I'm no slouch on the dance floor.

Monica : Alright. (they dance while Judy films)

Judy: Aww....I remember my prom night do you remember prom last year Ross? (Ross is there, his hair is a little long her than usual but he doesn't have an afro or a mustache. He looks kinda geeky but kinda hot too)

Monica: (stops dancing) Of course he doesn't he doesn't, his date was inflatable!

Ross: Hey!

Monica: (sticks her tongue out at him)

Ross: (glares at her)

Monica: Mom can I go get something to eat now Rachel will be here any minute!

Judy: Fine! Do whatever you want! (sighs)

Ross: Rachel's....Rachel's coming here?

Monica: Yes she is! And don't get all weird and freak her out okay? (goes in to kitchen)

Jack: (To Ross) Don't worry son you'll be fine.

Judy: Here Jack you take the camera and film for a while.

Jack: Okay (takes the camera)

Judy: Over here Jack. OK. I see, Rachel's coming up the path. Oh doesn't she look pretty. Jack, get this. (enter Rachel)

Judy: Get another shot of Monica. Where's Monica?

Monica: Over here dad. (he pans over to Monica who is eating a sandwhich)

Jack: Wait, how do you zoom out? (zooms out) There she is.

Monica: Oh, you look so great.

Rachel: Ahh, so do you, beautiful. (they hug)

Monica: Oops.

Rachel: What?

Monica: Shoot, I think I got mayonaise on you.

Rachel: Oh, that's OK, it's just the shoulder, it's not my dress.

Jack: Everybody smile.

Monica: Oh, dad, turn it off!

Jack: It is off.

Monica: Dad, it is not. What's with the red light?

Jack: It's the off light. Right Ross? (he turns the camera over to where Ross is)

Ross: Yeah right dad

Monica: Whatever! (the two girls turn away from the camera)

[Scene: Later Ross is standing near Rachel]

Ross: You look pretty tonight.

Rachel: Oh, thanks. So, uh, what are you gonna do this summer?

Ross: Oh, you know, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna hang out, work on my music.

Rachel: (the shoulders of her dress keep falling off her shoulders) Is my hook unhooked? These things keep falling down, I can't. . .

Ross: Uh, hold, let me see, I don't know. So what're you gonna do. . . (doorbell rings)

Rachel: Oh, the guys are here. (runs off)

Ross: this summer?

[Scene: Ross is sitting on the stair play in Axel-F]

Rachel: Where's Chip, why isn't he here yet?

Roy: He'll be here OK, take a chill pill. (Roy pins Monica's corsage on, Monica then turns and whispers to Rachel, they both giggle)

Monica: (Checks her watch) Oh we have to leave in like 10 minutes

Rachel: What but on my god I can't go to my own prom without a date, I can't, it's too late!!! (starts to cry)

Monica: If you're not going then I don't want to go either.

Roy: Oh, I'm gonna kick Chip's ass.

Judy: (to Ross on the stairs) I have a wonderful idea. You should take Rachel to the prom.

Ross: Doubtful.

Judy: Jack, give me that. Talk to your son.

Jack: Your mother's right. Take her, you can wear my tux.

Ross: Dad, she won't want to go with me.

Jack: Of course she would, you're a college man.

Ross: I don't know.

Jack: Well, c'mon. Don't ya want to find out?

Rachel: I can't believe I don't get to go to my own prom, this is so harsh.

Ross: OK. Hold my board.

Jack: Atta boy. (Ross scrambles upstairs to change)

-- time laps a couple mintues --

Jack: C'mon kid, let's go. (Ross comes out)

Judy: Ahh, are you hadsome.

Jack: Let's show 'em.

Ross: Uh, just a sec dad. (to himself) OK, be cool, just be cool. (walks down the stairs and grabs the flowers out of the vase on the end table) OK dad.

Jack: (going downstairs) Rachel, ready or not, here comes your knight in shining. . . oh no. (Chip has shown up and the four are leaving)

All: Bye.

Judy: Oh, dear. Jack, how do I turn this off?

Jack: Press the button.

Judy: Which one? Which button, Jack.

Jack: The button, the button. (Jack goes over and helps Judy turn off the camera)

Jack: Ross uh I'm sorry

Ross: ( a sad look on his face) Oh it's ok

Judy: Ross.....

Ross: Mom it's fine

Jack: Judy, just leave the boy alone for a bit

Judy: No, he doesn't want to be left alone (goes over to Ross) sweetie, is there anything we can do??

Ross:'s fine mom I'm just gonna go get back into my regular clothes. (goes upstairs)

[Scene: The prom, Like A Virgin by Madonna is playing Rachel and Chip are dancing]

Chip: (after the song ends, he holds her tightly against him) So you ready to go?

Rachel: Already?

Chip: We've been here for almost 3 hours already.

Rachel: Well.....they haven't announced prom king and queen yet.

Chip: Aww who cares? If we won they'll tell us on Monday morning. C'mon (leads her out of the gym, Rachel doesn't look very happy)

[Scene: Geller household, Judy, Jack and Ross are sitting in front of the tv]

Ross: (sighs) Hey ummm.....I think I'm gonna go for a drive. (gets his coat) I'll be back later

Judy: Okay sweetie. (after he's gone) Jack are you sure he's okay?

Jack: What does "have mercy" mean anyway? (according to my friend if you watch Full House you'll get that one)

Judy: (rolls her eyes)

[Scene: The prom, an hour later, Roy and Monica are dancing]

Roy: Hey I'm gonna go talk to some of the guys? That okay with you?

Monica: (disappointed) Oh umm....okay. (Roy leaves, Monica sits down in a chair. In the background we see Mindy and Nick watching her. Mindy whispers something into Nick's ear, he nods then she kisses him and walks off. Nick goes over to Monica)

Nick: Hey

Monica: Nick! Uhh...hi.

Nick: So, what's up?

Monica: Oh just ya know, hanging out. (smiles)

Nick: Yeah, yeah. So you wanna dance.

Monica: (looks behind her) Me?

Nick: (laughs) Yeah

Monica: Oh...umm....okay (they go into the dance floor and start dancing)

[Scene: Somewhere in the country, a ways away from NYC. Ross is driving along in his car, he looks pretty depressed. Next we see Rachel walking along the road, her hair and make up are messed up, part of her dress is torn, and she is crying, she see's a car come around the corner so she stops and sticks her thumb out, the car stops]

Ross: (inside the car) Rachel?

Rachel: (looks up) Oh....Ross.....hey

Ross: Hey, what are you doing out here? What happened?

Rachel: Um......nothing.

Ross: Do you need a ride?

Rachel: Yeah, thanks (gets in the car)

Ross: (concerned) So you wanna go home?

Rachel: NO! Take me....(thinks) take me back to the prom.

Ross: Okay (drives away)

[Scene: The prom, Monica and Nick are dancing, mostly everyone has left by now]

Monica: Well everyone's leaving

Nick: Yeah....umm so what were you planning to do later tonight

Monica: Well I was just gonna go home

Nick: Oh, well there's a party at J.T. Anderson's house, you wanna come

Monica: (gasps) Wha?! Are you kidding me? I'd love to!!!!

Nick: Okay, I'll just go get my car (leaves)

Monica: Oh my god!!! I am going to a party with one of the cutest guys in school! Oh I must be dreaming!......Okay I really have to stop talking to myself. (walks off)

[Scene: Outside the gym, Ross pulls up Rachel gets out, and starts toward the gym then stops]

Ross: (gets out) Rachel!

Rachel: (looks at him, in a very dazed and shocked state) Everyone's.......leaving....

Ross: Okay come on! Let's get you out of here! (leads her back to the car, they get in and drive off)

[Scene: Ross's car, they are driving along Rachel has the window open to let some cool air blow on her face.]

Ross: You feeling better now?

Rachel: Ohhh.....(groans)....where are we going?!?! I don't want to go home!!!!! Ross, please!!!!!

Ross: Well were do you want to go?

Rachel: (starts to cry) I don't know!!!!!! Just pull over here!!!!

(he pulls over into a large field, Rachel gets out immediately, Ross follows her)

Rachel: (kicks the car wheel) UGH!!!! Why did this have to happen to me huh?! I was suppose to win prom queen tonight! It was suppose to be the best night of my life!!!!!!! (rests her head on the hood and cries)

Ross: (approaches her slowly) What happened?

Rachel: (sighs) I promised Chip I'd lose my virginity tonight. So we left the prom early and he took me too this place.........

-flashback- Rachel and Chip are sitting on Chip's motorcycle making out. Rachel stops.

Rachel: Hmm....Chip listen I, I know I promised you we'd do it tonight but....I'm sorry I'm just not sure I'm ready.

Chip: (angry) Aww man! What the hell are you talking about?!?!?! You don't just back out of something like this!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Look I know your upset but....

Chip: (grabs her by the hair on the back of her head) But what?!?!?!? HUH?!?!?!

Rachel: Ah! Chip please!

Chip: Please! Why should I??!?! What do you think it's funny to torture men like this?!?!?!?! Hi, I'm Rachel the cheerleading bitch! I like to make guys horny than let them down!!!!!!!

Rachel: Chip!!!!! (tries to get him to let go of her hair, Chip forcefully kisses her, Rachel pulls away but he yanks her back so she struggles and ends up falling off the motorcycle tearing her dress on the handle bar on the way down)

Chip: UGH! Forget you!!!! (drives off and leaves her sitting in the middle of the road crying)

-present time- Rachel is telling Ross the story

Ross: Are you kidding me?

Rachel: Look it's no big deal okay? The same thing happened this spring break in Destin, Florida.

Ross: You mean he's done that before?!

Rachel: Ross! I told you it's no big deal! He doesn't really hurt me! I, I got hurt falling off the motorcycle, not because of him.

Ross: Rachel are you listening to yourself! You just basically said that this guy tried to rape you!

Rachel: No! It's not like both cases if he really had wanted to rape me he could have. He just gets.....frustrated and acts mean but he wouldn't really force me when I didn't want to.

Ross: Do you actually believe that?

Rachel: What that he wouldn't really hurt me?

Ross: No that what he's doing is no big deal?

Rachel: Well, I don't like it-

Ross: Then break up with him!

Rachel: Oh come on! How can I break up with Chip Matthews?

Ross: You say to him, "Chip....I'm breaking up with you!"

Rachel: UGH! You wouldn't understand! Chip is the most popular guy in school and if I break up with him than......people will think I'm a loser!

Ross: So what?

Rachel: Well maybe your okay with being a loser but I'm not!!!!!

Ross: (mad) Look let me tell you something Rachel, if you really think that some stuck up, snobs thinking your a loser is the worst thing that could happen to you than you really need to open your eyes and get a taste of the real world!!!!!! In three weeks your not even going to be in high school anymore!!!! Once you get to college no one will give a crap if everyone in high school people thought you were a loser! And even if people in college think your a loser too, who cares? You know your not!!!!!

Rachel: That makes sense actually.......oh great!!!! This is just wonderful!!!! Now I'm the biggest idiot in the world as well!!!!! (sits on the ground a few feet away from the car)

Ross: (softening) Rachel your not an idiot....

Rachel: Yes I am! (looks down)

Ross: (looks worried for a minute, he goes around to the back of the car, after about 10 minutes he comes back with something in his hands behind his back) Close your eyes

Rachel: What?!

Ross: Just do it!

Rachel: (sighs and closes her eyes, Ross hands her a large ring shaped thing made of white clover) What is this?

Ross: It's your crown!!!!! (smiles)

Rachel: What?

Ross: (takes the crown, and kneels in front of where she is sitting) Congratulations Miss Green, you are the 1987 senior prom queen!!! (puts the crown on her head)

Rachel: (laughs) This is.....really sweet. Umm thanks I guess. (Ross brushes a stray lock of hair out of her face and slightly brushes her cheek with his thumb by accident, they look at each other for a couple seconds)

Ross: Ummmm.....(sits down next to her)....lots of starts out tonight, huh?

Rachel: (looks up) Yeah, yeah.

Ross: Hey you can see Leap Frog tonight

Rachel: (laughs) What?

Ross: Well I don't know the names of any of the stars so I just made up ones.

Rachel: Laughs

Ross: Go ahead try it

Rachel: Okay....(looks up)....well, that one looks like a pair of boots from Bloomingdale's that I wanted!

Ross: (looks at her weirdly than looks up trying to see the pair of boots)

[Scene: J.T.'s party, Monica and Nick arrive]

Nick: So what do you think?

Monica: It's totally cool!

Nick: Here you want some punch? (hands her a glass)

Monica: Oh thanks (drinks the punch, a group of guys in the back smile smugly at Nick)

[Scene: (about 40 minutes later) Ross and Rachel are laying down watching the stars]

Ross: There's one that looks like a cat!

Rachel: (tired) Hmm....uh hu (she yawns and roll on to her side so that she is laying really close to Ross, with her nose just a few millimeters away from his side, however she is already asleep so she doesn't notice. Ross does however, he gets a sort of nervous look on his face, then he slowly puts his arm around her and smells her hair, then the watches her sleep)

[Scene: Just about sunrise the next morning, Ross's car pulls up outside Rachel's house]

Ross: Well here we are.

Rachel: Yeah....listen umm Ross, I just wanted to say thanks for being there for me last night...I, I know I was a mess.

Ross: Oh umm, it was no problem

Rachel: (nods) Well, thanks again (gets out of the car and walks inside, she shuts the door behind her and leans her head on it, after a couple seconds like that she quietly goes upstairs to her room. Once she's inside the takes off her dress and gets into some comfy sweats. After pulling the sweat shirt over hear head she takes off the crown and runs the flowers through her fingers. Just then the phone rings, Rachel picks it up) Hello?

Monica: (os) Rachel!!! Oh thank god!!! Where have you been I've been trying to call all morning.

Rachel: (still looking at the flower crown) Well....I had a pretty strange night.

Monica: (os) you think by any chance you could get a car?

Rachel: Yeah why?

Monica: (os) Well I need you to come pick me up.

Rachel: (confused) Where are you?

[Scene: Outside a broken down warehouse, Rachel pulls up in a Ferrari (I'm thinking Rachel's dad drives a Ferrari)]

Rachel: (gets out) Mon? Monica?

Monica: Rachel? Over here! (stands up from behind as stack of old boxes, her dress is really dirty and her hair has cigarette butts in it)

Rachel: (rushes over to her) Oh my god!!!! What the hell happened to you?!

Monica: I.....(tries to cover her eyes from the sun)....I don't know, but I do have a really bad hang over!

Rachel: Well you look like you spent the night in an ash tray! (waves her hand in front of her nose) Or maybe a sewer!!!!!

Monica: OH!!!! Rachel what am I going to do? I can't go home like this my parents will kill me!

Rachel: Okay, okay it's okay, look my parents are going to the country club today, and my sisters are both going to spend the day out so you can come to my house and sleep it off....and maybe take a shower! We'll call your parents and tell them you spent the night at my house!

Monica: Really?

Rachel: Yeah

Monica: Oh, thanks hon!

[Scene: Rachel's house, Monica is asleep in Rachel's room, Rachel leaves and closes the door behind her. The phone rings, Rachel picks it up.]

Rachel: Hello?

Sara: Hey Rachel it's Sara

Rachel: Oh hey, look now isn't the best time-

Sara: No I need to tell you this, you know your friend Monica?

Rachel: Yeah?

Sara: Well Nick, Mindy and the football team played a trick on her last night.

Rachel: What?!

Sara: Yeah Nick pretended he liked her to get her to this party, then they got her totally smashed and video taped! Their going to show it at graduation!

Rachel: Oh my god!!!!

Sara: Yeah, also.....there's something I need to tell you about Chip too....

Rachel: What about Chip?

[Scene: (3 weeks later) Monica and Rachel's graduation]

Principal: And with a special announcement is the President of the Student Council Nick Barnes (everyone claps)

Nick: Okay well since they disappeared before we had a chance to announce this at prom....(lots of laughing and suggestive hoots come from the students)

Principal: Alright settle down!!!!!!

Nick: Thank you, the winners for prom king and queen are Chip Matthew and Rachel Green! (everyone claps, as Rachel and Chip go up to the stage, Chip accepts the crown)

Chip: Well I just want to thank everyone who voted for me. You guys made a good choice! (the audience claps, next it is Rachel's turn, Mindy comes over and puts the crown on her head)

Mindy: Congratulations Rach

Rachel: Ahem...well I would love to accept this crown (everyone smiles) unfortunately I cannot. (takes off the crown, the everyone is shocked)

Mindy: WHAT?!

Rachel: I can't I mean if I take that than I would be like taking a bride from a bunch of back stabbing snobs!

Mindy: Excuse me?!?!?!

Principal: Okay, okay (rushes up to the podium) Why don't we just go on to the Remembrance tape! (he motions to someone in an unseen location, and a projector starts to play)

Tape: Four years of hard work have lead up to this very moment, when you have your whole life ahead of you- (suddenly the tape cuts to Moncia holding a cup of punch and dancing around obviously drunk)

Rachel: (gasps) Oh my god!!! This is not the Remembrance video! (Nick looks really pleased with himself, Monica looks horrified. The tape keeps going, suddenly we no longer see Monica instead we see Mindy and Nick making out against a building) Oh!!! This is so shocking!! (the tape goes on and we see Nick at football practice picking his nose!! Then Mindy laughing while she's eating with her mouth wide open!) WOW! How in the world could this have happened?! (by now the audience is rolling with laughter)

Mindy: (fuming) You did this!!! You bitch!

Principal: Hey, hey! (pushes them apart) This isn't a mud wrestling match! Return to your seats both of you! (they both go back to their seats, the ceremony continues normally, once the entire class has gone up and gotten their diploma they all throw their hats into the air, and go join their families)

Rachel: (goes over to her family)

Sandra: I cannot believe you turned down prom queen!!!!!!!

Leonard: Sandra!!! Rachel just graduated! I don't think that really matters now! (to Rachel) I'm very proud of you baby (hugs her)

Sandra: You know I am too right?

Rachel: Yeah mom, (hugs her mom also)

Sandra: So, what do you want to do now?

Rachel: Umm...I think I'm just going to go for a walk, I'll see you guys later.

Sandra: Okay (smiles, Rachel smiles back, the leaves)

[Scene: Over where the Geller's are, they are all congratulating Monica. Ross notices Rachel going out the door]

Ross: Hey will you excuse me for a minute? (leaves)

[Scene: Outside the gym, Rachel is walking, Ross comes out after her]

Ross: Rachel!!!

Rachel: Ross hey, what's up?

Ross: What you did in there....I cannot believe you did that!

Rachel: (shrugs) Well....Monica didn't do anything, she didn't deserve to be humiliated for no reason.

Ross: I'm really proud of you, I know how hard that must have been for you

Rachel: Well, don't be proud of proud of yourself! You helped me see who my true friends really were.

Ross: No I didn't, already knew deep down.

Rachel: (smiles and shakes her head) And I always thought you were a loser! (they both laugh, then hug {friendly hug})

Ross Well gotta go, I'll see you later?

Rachel: Yeah, bye (turns around the corner of the gym and see's Chip standing there)

Chip: I knew it! I knew you were cheating on me! For Christ sake Rachel at least you could have chosen someone who wasn't so pathetic!

Rachel: Shut up Chip!!!! Believe me your the last person to be calling people pathetic!

Chip: Why did I ever date a slut like you?!

Rachel: I never cheated on you Chip. However you can't say the same thing now can you?

Chip: What are you talking about?

Rachel: Did you really think I wouldn't hear about you and Amy Wealsh? Please! I'm no the cheerleading squad with Sara Javenson, she's the biggest gossip ever!

Chip: (mad) Well at least Amy's hot! You however chose some nobody!

Rachel: There's no reason I should be ashamed to be friends with him

Chip: (laughs) You don't actually believe that do you?

Rachel: Actually I do! Ross Geller has been in love with me for years, and on prom night I was depressed and vulnerable, however he didn't try to take advantage of me! Not even once. That shows me that he is a good person.

Chip: He sounds like a fag to me!!!!!

Rachel: (laughs) We're through Chip (leaves before he can say anything)

[Scene: The Geller house, the Green's and Geller's are throwing a graduation party for their daughters.]

Rachel: (is standing by the stairs sipping a drink, Ross comes over and joins her) Hey

Ross: Hey. So you enjoying the party?

Rachel:'s just feels like such a relief ya know? I finally made it! UGH! But then college starts soon!

Ross: what are you going to do over the summer?

Rachel: Hmmm....I don't know, I....I haven't really thought about it.

Ross: Well if you ever want to just, ya know hang out I know a great little coffee shop in the city.

Rachel: Oh? Well maybe I'll stop by sometime.

Ross: Okay...(trying to act cool)....okay....good deal.

Rachel: (laughs)

[Scene: The bathroom, Monica and Rachel are re-doing their makeup]

Monica: So.......I heard you broke up with Chip?

Rachel: Yeah

Monica: You okay?

Rachel: (looks at her, then smiles) Yeah......I'm just fine (opens her compact and starts putting on powder)

Monica: (looks at Rachel weirdly for a minute) Alright normally I would say it was crazy but I just gottta there something going on with and my brother?

Rachel: (looks at Monica) Do you think that?

Monica: Well I would have never before but now, I don't know!

Rachel: (looks in the mirror thinking, then puts away her compact) Maybe there is.........maybe there isn''s none of your business anyway. (leaves)

Monica: Wait! Rachel!!!

[Scene: The Geller house, everyone is leaving, Jack and Judy close the door after the last person.]

Judy: So Rachel are you staying over for the night?

Rachel: Yeah I had planned to

Judy: Okay that's fine. Well we're going to bed

Rachel: Goodnight

Jack/Judy: Night! (they go up the stairs, Rachel follows them but stops at a window in the hall, Ross is laying outside on the roof.)

Rachel: Hey

Ross: (looks back) Hey

Rachel: (half climbs out the window and sits on the sill) What are you doing?

Ross: Just, thinking about....stuff.

Rachel: know, Monica has this theory.

Ross: Yeah?

Rachel: She thinks......that I like you.

Ross: Yeah I know, she was bugging me about that all night.

Rachel: (laughs)

Ross: Although......I have been wondering.....what is with you? I mean your acting so different, you talking to me never do that!

Rachel: see Ross I know I've changed and right now I don't really know what I'm feeling, what I'm thinking.....about anything, but I also think that's exciting, I don't have everything figured out, but that's okay. I know that doesn't really make any sense.

Ross: No, makes sense.

Rachel: (smiles, then climbs out the window) So what have we got tonight? (lays down beside Ross, this time they cuddle up very close, Ross puts his arm around her and Rachel lays her head on his shoulder)

Ross: Well there's Ursa Major.

Rachel: I thought you didn't know the names?

Ross: (blushes) Well I kinda studied up on the a little over the past few weeks

Rachel: (laughs) I...I also might have looked at a couple books.

Ross: Really?

Rachel: Yeah. (points) There's Orion.

Ross: (looks) Oh yeah (they lay together on the roof like that looking at the stars as the scene slowly fades out)