The One With The Forgotten Proposal

If you have not seen the season 6 episodes then WARNING, this will be a spoiler. But if you live in the U.S.A., then this is nothing new.

Written By: Nicole

This fanfic starts when Phoebe and Rachel's apartment has burned down. Right now, Ross works at NYU as a professor and at the time is single living by himself. Chandler and Monica are living together and are pretty serious. Joey is living alone, and his ex-roommate Janeane has just moved out (Due to the incident between her and Monica). Rachel works at Ralph Lauren and is the most independent she has ever been right now. Phoebe...well, what can I say;she's Phoebe.

Also, one more note. To those of you who are major Ross and Rachel fans like myself, you probably have noticed in the past episodes, that Ross and Rachel have really drifted apart. I really do not like that they have, so it is my fanfic, and I'm planning to do something about it. Enjoy!

Scene One
Starting off from where everyone is in Phoebe's burnt down apartment, except for Ross.

Fireman #1: Well, most of the damage was done in the two bedrooms.

Phoebe and Rachel: Oh no. (Run towards their rooms)

Monica: So how do you think this whole thing happen?

Firemen #2: Well my guess is it was the hair curler we found in the bathroom

Monica: But neither Rachel or Phoebe curl their hair.

Firemen #2: Well, it's either a hair curler or hair straightener.

Monica: Oh

(Phoebe and Rachel come back into the living room with depressed looks on their faces)

Rachel: Well, everything is ruined. All my clothes, all my expensive make-up, everything!

Phoebe: And my guitar, and my expensive black Gucci pumps.

Rachel: Pheeb's, you don't have expensive black Gucci pumps.

Phoebe: Well somebody's expensive black Gucci pumps are ruined!

(Everyone looks at Phoebe weird and she just ignores them.)

Rachel: Well, how did this fire start?

Chandler: They're pretty sure it started form a hair curler or hair straightener being left on.

Rachel: Oh no, it's all my fault. I'm so sorry Phoebe.

Phoebe: No, it's fine. It could have happen to either of us.

Rachel: Well, where are we going to stay.

Monica: Oh, don't worry sweetie. One of you can stay at Chandler and I's apartment and the other can stay at Joey's for right now.

Joey: Naked Thursdays baby, yeah!

(Monica slaps Joey on the arm.)

Rachel: Well, because it's my fault the fire started, why don't you stay at Monica's Phoebe, and (sighs) I'll stay at Joey's.

Phoebe: (Quickly says) Okay.

Monica: Oh, were going to have so much fun! I can make you breakfast every morning and we can stay up late and watch scary movies.

Phoebe: (Childlike) Yea!

Monica: Oh, and you'll be the first person to stay at hotel Monica

Phoebe: Yea!

(Phoebe and Monica both run out of the apartment like children, and Chandler
follows mocking
them. Now it's only Rachel and Joey in the room. Rachel looks depressed.)

Joey: (Rachel looks over at him) Hey, how you doin'?

Rachel: (Moans very loudly)

Then Joey and Rachel both exit.

Scene Two

(It's later that night at Joey's apartment. Rachel is trying to move in the few things she salvaged into Joey's apartment. All of a sudden Joey comes in with a girl. They are both laughing.)

Joey: And right when they were about to fire me from Days Of Our Lives, I told them, "You can't fire me, I quit."

Girl: That's amazing.

(Joey puts on one of his "I know" smile)

Girl: Um, do you mind if I go sit down on your bed? My feet hurt so bad.

Joey Yeah, sure.

(She walks into Joey's room not even noticing Rachel.)

Rachel: (Gives Joey a disgusted look) That's your pick-up line?

Joey: Hey, it's the truth. (Rachel gives him a look) Fine it isn't, but she doesn't have to know that. (Rachel roles her eyes)

Girl's Voice: Joey, are you gonna come in here?

Joey: Yeah, I'm comin. (Smiles at Rachel and puts his thumbs up and runs into the bedroom. Rachel roles her eyes once again and goes back to unpacking what she has left. All of a sudden, you hear noises from the other room. Use your imagination. Giggling, etc. Rachel tries to ignore
them, but it keeps getting worse and worse. She finally grabs her coat and leaves.)

(Central Perk. Everyone is there except for Joey and Rachel. All of a sudden Rachel storms in.)

Rachel: I can't take it! I hate that apartment. Joey watches Baywatch all day, he's with a girl right now and it sounds like their killing some exotic animal, and the whole apartment reaks of chicken, duck, and for some weird reason it smells like...

Chandler: (Cuts her off) Oysters?

Rachel: Yeah.

(Chandler starts laughing to himself then notices everyone is staring at him and stops.)

Monica: Come on Rach, it can't be that bad.

Rach: Oh, it's pretty bad. God, I just want to have all of my clothes back and not share my bathroom with farm animals.

Everyone: Sorry Rach, etc...

Ross: Well Rach, if it's that bad, then I guess you can live with me for a while.

Rachel: I don't know Ross. Don't you think it will be kinda akward?

Ross: No, of course not. You were gonna move in a while ago.

Rachel: Yeah, but I didn't know we were still married then, and we just got a divorce a couple of weeks ago.

Ross: So? It won't be akward. I mean, neither of us still have feelings anymore, and we weren't even sober when we got married. It'll just be two friends living together.

Rachel: I don't know.

Ross: Fine, I don't care. Live with a duck.

Rachel: Okay, fine.

Phoebe: Hey, I lived with a duck once when I was homeless.

Chandler: You lived on the streets of New York with nothing but a duck?

Phoebe: No, no. I lived with an old Turkish man from Bangladesh named duck, not a real duck, duh?

Chandler: Right, what was I thinking? That makes more sense. (Everyone smiles except for Phoebe.)

Scene three

(Ross's apartment early in the morning. Rachel is eating cereal on the counter. Ross comes from out of his room fixing his tie all ready to go to work.)

Ross: Have fun last night sleeping on Ben's race car bed?

Rachel: (Sarcastically) It was a blast. But really, thanks Ross. I really appreciate you letting me stay here. I don't know what I would have done at Joey's. If I was still living there, tonight would have been naked night.

Ross: I know your going to miss that. But don't worry, tomorrows naked night at Ross's. (Rachel's eyes widen. Ross laughs.) You're so gullible. (He grabs all of his stuff and an apple and leaves.)

Rachel: (Mocking him) You're so gullible.

(The phone rings.)

Rachel: Hello.

Phoebe: Hey.

Rachel: Oh hey Pheebs.

Phoebe: So hows it goin' at Ross's?

Rachel: Oh pretty good, better than at the Farmer Joey's Play Boy apartment. (Phoebe laughs.)

Phoebe: Hey, aren't you suppose to be at work right now?

Rachel: Yeah, but I called in sick. I'm so depressed about losing all of my stuff.

Phoebe: Yeah, me too. But hey, maybe we can go shopping or something today.

Rachel: Yeah, that sounds great, but why don't we go later tonight. I think I'm just going to hang out by myself over here for awhile and watch TV or something.

Phoebe: Okay, bye Rach.

Rachel: See ya Pheebs.

Rachel: (Talking to herself) Oh my head is killing me. Where does Ross keep the aspirin? (She start looks in the medicine cabinet.) Of course he has to put them somewhere besides the medicine cabinet. Oh, wait. When him and I were together, I remember one time I had a headache and I asked him where he kept the aspirin and he said...Oh yeah. He keeps them in the desk next to his bed.

(She runs into his room and opens the droor of the desk next to his bed. She goes through the droor and comes across a small black box.)

Rachel: (Holding the box) Huh, this must be his old wedding ring. (She opens the box and it's a ring, but a woman's ring.) Huh, this can't be Carols, because she still has hers, and it can't be Emily's, because hers has only one diamond and this one has three. That's so weird. (She finds
the aspirin and puts the ring and box back in the droor.) I'll have to ask him about that.

(Later that day at Central Perk. Everyone is there except for Ross.)

Rachel: Do you guys want to know the weirdest thing?

Everyone: Sure.

Rachel: Well, This morning I had a really bad headache, and I was looking for the aspirin in Ross's droor and I found this really expensive beautiful wedding ring.

Monica: Was it Emily's or Susan's?

Rachel: Well, it couldn't be Carol's because she still has hers, and it could be Emily's, but Emily's only had one diamond and this one had three.

Chandler: Oh, I know. It's probably the ring that Ross was going to propose to you with on the night you guys broke up.

(All three girls scream 'What?.' Rachel spits the coffee out of her mouth. All of a sudden Chandler gets a horrified look on his face.)

Chandler: Oh no, no, that's not what I meant. I meant, I meant.

Joey: (Him and Chandler are very worried that Ross is going to kill them.) He meant the wedding ring that Chandler was going to give to you.

Rachel: Why would Chandler give me a wedding ring. (Chandler rolls his eyes.)

Joey: Uh, I don't know. Hey, why am I even worried about this? Chandler is the one that let the cat out of the bag, not me.

Rachel: I can't believe this. He was going to ask me to marry him the night we broke up?

Chandler: (Rolls his eyes) Yes, he was going to put the ring in your champagne and everything, but you kicked him out of your office before he could ask you.

(The three girls are in shock)

Monica: I can't believe you didn't tell me this. (She hits Chandler over the head.)

Chandler: I'm sorry, but only Joey and I knew and Ross told us he never wanted Rachel to know, and we couldn't tell you or Phoebe because then you guys would've definitely told her.

Monica: No...Okay fine probably.

Rachel: Oh my god, he was going to ask me to marry him and I kicked him out of my office. (Starts to get up) I have to talk to him.

Chandler and Joey: NO!

Rachel: Why not?

Joey: He is so touchy about the whole thing Rach. If we ever mention it he always leaves the room or gets mad at us and tells us not to talk about it.

Chandler: Yeah, and if he found out I told you then he'll kill me.

Joey: And he'll probably kill the whole state of New York, because he hates reminiscing about it.

Phoebe: Well, if he hates reminiscing about it, then why does he still have the ring?

(Everyone is silent. Rachel gets up to leave.)

Chandler: No, no. Where are you going?

Rachel: I don't know. I just have to leave. (She exits. Chandler and Joey run after her.)

Monica: Oh my god, oh my god, I can't believe this!

Phoebe: Poor Ross. He must have been so heartbroken when Rach said she wanted  a break.

(Chandler and Joey return out of breath. They are both kneeling over.)

Chandler: Oh my god.

Monica: Did you hurt yourself trying to catch her.

Joey: No, she hurt ourselves trying to catch her. (They both moan in pain.)

Scene Four

(Rachel is in Ross's apartment. She is sitting on the couch with the ring staring at it. All of a sudden Ross comes in from work. Rachel quickly hides the ring from him.)

Ross: (In a good mood) Hey Rach.

Rachel: Oh, hey.

Ross: I had the best day ever today. The dean of the college watched my class today and he said he has never heard such a good lecture about paleontology in all of his life and he said if I keep up the good work, I'll be able to teach a higher paleontology class which means I'll get a raise.

Rachel: Oh, I'm happy for you.

Ross: Also, I found a twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk today, and this beautiful woman asked me for my number. I'm tellin' you Rach, nothing could ruin my day today. (Not noticing that Rachel is in a very bad mood) How was your day today Rach? (He goes into his room while still talking to her.)

Rachel: Well, I didn't go to work because I was so sad about all of my stuff and then I got a horrible headache. I took some aspirin and it really hasn't gone away.

Ross: (Still in his room) I'm sorry Rach.

Rachel: Then I went to the coffee shop and I heard something I wasn't suppose to here.

Ross: (Still in his room) What did you hear?

(Rachel is just quiet. Ross finally comes out of his room. Sits by her on the couch looking interested)

Ross: Well?

Rachel: (Looking disturbed) Why didn't you ever tell me?

Ross: Tell you what? (Still in a very good mood)

Rachel: About this... (she hands him the ring)

Ross: (Very seriously) Where did you get this?

Rachel: When I was trying to find the aspirin, I...

Ross: (Upset/angry) You had no right to go through my stuff.

Rachel: Well, I knew you kept your aspirin in your droor and I just stumbled across a black box and...

Ross: And you opened it! God, I can't believe you. I'm nice enough to let you into my house and you have to open things that aren't yours and that don't concern you. (He is pacing around the living room, Rachel is looking very upset.)

Rachel: I am so sorry I opened the box Ross, but it does concern me.

Ross: (Quickly looks at Rachel) Why would you say that?

Rachel: Well, after I saw the ring, I went to the coffee shop like I said. Well, I told everyone about the ring, and...

Ross: (Quietly, and hurt) You know.

Rachel: Ross, why didn't you just tell me about this on our anniversary?

Ross: I couldn't Rach. You were so mad at me, and when I called you I was going to tell you, but Mark was there. And after I slept with Chloe, and I was telling you how I couldn't live without you and your good heart and when I dropped to my knees and was hugging you, I
wanted to ask you so bad right then and there, but then you told me to leave and that it was over for good. I just didn't want to look like a fool Rachel. I never wanted you to find out and now you have and now I am a fool.

Rachel: You're not a fool Ross.

Ross: Sure, but it doesn't really matter anymore, right? I mean that was like three years ago. It's over.

Rachel: Yeah, you're right. (A brief silence.) But answer me this. After all of this time, why do you still have the ring?

Ross: I don't know.

(They both look deep into each others eyes. A classic Ross and Rachel moment.)

Ross: Wait, who told you about this?

Rachel: Well...

Ross: It was Joey and Chandler, right? God, I can't believe them.

Rachel: Look, Ross. It's not a big deal.

Ross: But it is a big deal.

Rachel: No it isn't. I probably would of found out sooner or later.

Ross: Rachel, do you know the hell I went through that night? Look, I know I hurt you and everything, but I have never experienced such a pain so deep before in all of my life. Since ninth grade I've been planning our wedding. Then after ten years I was finally going to make my dream come true (They both have tears in their eyes) then, not only did I break up with you, but the thing I wanted the most was gone. All I ever wanted was to grow old with you, have a family with you, love you forever, and in the time period of twenty four hours, it was all gone. That's why it is a big deal. This ring (Takes the ring) symbolizes so much, and I guess that's why I've kept it for three years. I never wanted you to know I was going to propose to you, because just thinking about three years ago kills me, and to have you starting to think about it kills me more. I can't stand watching you be hurt Rach.

(Chandler and Monica's. Everyone this whole time has been watching them from the window.)

Chandler: What do you think is happening now?

Phoebe: I don't know, but it looks like they are both crying.

Joey: Are they still talking?

Monica: It doesn't look like it.

(Back to Ross's after a long silence)

Ross: Well, ya know, I think I'm gonna go to bed now.

Rachel: Alright.

(He starts to walk to his room. They both have tears in their eyes)

Rachel: Ross.

(He turns around not saying anything.)

Rachel: (softly) Just so you know, I would have said yes.

Ross: (Doesn't say anything because he doesn't want to cry. He just nods and goes into his room.)

(Chandler and Monica's)

Joey: What? That can't be it. No kiss and hug, no make up?

Phoebe: God will they ever get back together?

Monica: Poor Rach. Look at her, she's just standing there crying. Should we go over there?

Chandler: And have there be a chance Ross sees me and Joey...

Chandler and Joey: NOOOO!

(The girls role their eyes)

Joey: Wait, look! Ross is back out there.

(Back to Ross's apartment)

(Ross comes into the living room. Rachel looks up. Ross looks at her and walks over and kisses her. Just like their first kiss. You see everyone at Monica and Chandler's cheering. Meanwhile, Ross and Rachel are still passionately kissing. Both of them have tears coming down their faces. After awhile they brake apart from kissing, yet they're still holding each other. They look into each others teary eyed faces. They then start kissing again while they are walking backwards towards Ross's room. They get in there and Ross shuts the door.)

(Chandler and Monica's)

Phoebe: Yea, yea, yea!

Monica: I know!

(While Phoebe and Monica are still cheering, Chandler walks over to Joey)

Chandler: Is Ross still going to kill me?

Joey: Yeah.

Chandler: Just making sure.

(Ross's apartment. It's about three in the morning. You see Ross and Rachel in his bed . Ross is holding Rachel, like in the one episode that Ross and Rachel have made up after the beach. Rachel is sleeping, but Ross is awake holding her close to him. He looks on his desk near his bed and sees the ring. He slowly picks it up and looks at it. He then looks down at Rachel and kisses her head. He then slowly puts the ring on her finger. She is so exhausted from what has happen these past couple of days that she doesn't wake up. He kisses her one last time on the head then falls asleep with a smile on his face.)

(Morning Time. Ross's room is beautifuly litten up with light from outside. Ross is in the bathroom and Rachel is still sleeping.)

Rachel: (Slowly waking up, she stretches and sees something is on her finger.) Huh? (She ignores it for the time being, rolls over, and tries to go back to sleep.)

(Ross then comes back into the room. He gets on the bed and starts to kiss Rachel's neck. Rachel finally wakes up and kisses him back.)

Rachel: Hi.

Ross: Hi.

(They share another passionate kiss.)

Ross: (While he is kissing her neck.) I love you so much.

Rachel: I love you too.

(They start kissing, they are about to go where NBC networks will not show you. He grabs Rachel's left hand. He forgot he put the ring on her finger.)

Ross: Ow.

Rachel: What?

Ross: Something on your finger just pinched me.

Rachel: (Takes her hand from under the covers to see what it was. They both see the ring.)

Ross: (Now remembering) Oh. (Rachel looks up at him for an answer. He goes into kiss her. Then stops one centimeter away from her mouth. They both look into each others eyes.)

Ross: (Whispers) Marry me.

Rachel: (Smiling, she whispers) Yes.

(When she says that magic word, Ross smiles, she smiles. They share the most passionate kiss ever with two big smiles on each others faces. Ross pulls the covers over each other.
***YEA***, sorry. I'm a huge Ross and Rachel fan :)

Closing Credits

(Chandler and Monica's. Joey and Chandler are sitting at the table and Monica is making them breakfast.)

Joey: (Whining) Man, I'm so bummed about this whole Ross and Rachel thing.

Chandler: Why? They got back together. They are engaged Joe.

Joey: That's why I'm upset. If Rachel would have stayed at my apartment, then I would be having naked Thursdays with Rach. But now Ross gets naked Rach all week long for the rest of his life!

(Monica and Chandler stop what they are doing and give Joey a 'what the hell are you talking about' look)

Joey: Yeah, you're right. I know, hey Phoebe. (He walks towards her room.) I have a proposition for you.

Phoebe: What. (You can't see Phoebe and Joey right now because the camera is facing Chandler and Monica with a disgusted look on their face.)

Joey: Hey, how you doin'?

(Chandler and Monica listen for a reply from Phoebe.)

Phoebe: (Does her little high-pitch giggle)

Joey: (Comes back to Chandler and Monica) Just wanted to see if I still have the Joey charm.

(Monica and Chandler roll their eyes)

The End.