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LOWDOWN LOL- Takes place in season 3 Ross and Rachel is dating they never really had big fights and there was neither Mark nor Chloe, it takes place episode before TOW Ross and Rachel Take a Break BUT THEYDON'T TAKE A BREAK! UNDERSTAND? .GOOD! But Rachel works at Bloomingdale's but got the job not by Mark

* it may have some grammer mistakes sorry! and this fanfic completely sucks*


***Opening credits*** (We see Chandler, Joey, and Ross looking at rings at this place)

Ross-There's so many to choose from, it's too confusing

Chandler- How is it so confusing when this is the second time buying an engagement ring! (Ross shots him a look) Sorry!

Joey- Look they even has some type of weapon! (You know from when Chandler was picking an engagement ring for Monica) (He picks it up and he makes like a tough guy face)

Man behind the counter- Please don't tough that

Joey- Why?

MBTC- Because

Joey- Fine! (To Chandler and Ross) THAT GUY IS SO MEAN! (Chandler and Ross make yea sure face)

(Opening theme song *hum it lol*)

(Monica and Rachel's apartment **the girls are there** they are eating Chinese Food)

Monica- So.. The big 1st anniversary is coming right!

Rachel-(stops eating) Yup! I'm so excited! (Starts again)

Phoebe- I'm having this feeling (pause) something very exciting is going to happen

Monica- Am I going to find a new job or something! Phoebe- No.. (Monica gives her a look) something to Rachel Rachel-(Looks up fast SHOCKED) What (PAUSES) What? Phoebe- Hold on I'm getting more (pauses) No I'm not Rachel- ok... (Long silence) Monica- Anyway where's the guys? Phoebe- They said they are going to the Statue of Liberty, I said I wanted to go But they said they said no, those rotten boys! (she said that like in TOW NO ONES READY)

(At the ring store thing lol . J+R+C are there) Ross- This is perfect (hold ups this beautiful ring you can picture it whatever you Want)

Chandler- Great choice man (pats him on the back) if you were proposing to me I would definitely say yes (Ross gives him a look, chandler looks the other way)

Joey- I can't believe that you and Rachel are getting married! You guys were sitting in a tree and you are going to the next level! (He does that laugh thing with the face .chandler and Ross look at him weirdly)

***Central Perk*** (Ross and Rachel are snuggling on the couch and Monica is sitting next to them Joey is at the table and Chandler is sitting on the couch)

Waitress-Now Presenting Phoebe Buffay! Phoebe-Hi! Here's a song I made while I was well sitting on that couch! Ok it called Well I don't have a name for it yet but I will make one soon! Ok im going to start ok! : (This song me and my band called the Krazy Dawgs made this, in season 3 they didn't have avril lavigne and nelly so just bear with me! NOTE- SONG VERY DUMB!)

Janet Jackson why you faxing! Singin' in the Rain , Singin' in the Rain Ludacris why don't you give me a kiss Singin' in the Rain Singin' in the Rain Here we go making fun of people! Chill out what you yelling for! Are You Ready! I'll be there for you when the rain starts to pour! I don't wanna wait for my life to over I'm sorry miss Jackson hoo I AM FOR REEEAAAL! I think my butt is BIG This looks like a job for me so everyone just FOLLOW ME! ITS GETTING HOTT IN HERRE HERRE (PHOEBE NORMAL VOICE) I HATE THAT! (BACK TO SINGIN) SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOHES! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!


Chandler- (sarcastic) nice song Pheebs!

(two - skinny young girls walk in one has a point shoes over her shoulder and one has a basketball and a sweatband around her head and looks ready to kick someone's butt in basketball)

Chandler- Oh no

Monica- What?

Chandler- There's that girl, that girl!!!!!!!!!

Joey- OH KNOW THE GIRL!!!!!!!


Joey- That girl! SHE IS SO GOOD IN BASKETBALL SHE BEAT US 21 TO 5! (we cut to the counter) The girl- Hey look Melissa theres those guys that I killed in basketball

Melissa- Oh yea.I remember that was after my recital then we went to Central Park this

(we see Danielle tap Chandler's shoulder then we see chandler's face with looks scared and turns around)

Chandler- Hello, my worst nightmare

Danielle-Howdy (we see Melissa laughing so hard but at the same time trying to laugh silently) Do you want to play us again?

Joey- Who's us?

Danielle- Me and my cousin Mike, I was just going to meet him but me and Melissa went down here to get hot chocolate.

Chandler- Is he any good?

Danielle-Nah (lying)

Joey- ok fine

Ross-Oh Rach we got to go, our reservation is at 7

Rachel- ok bye

Joey and Chandler- (screaming like little kids) GOOD LUCCCK!

Danielle- I think you need all the luck

Rachel- Why are they wishing good luck

Ross- I don't know! They're crazy you know that!

(r+r leave)

(At the restaurant)

ROSS OVER VOICE-OK Ross just do it ok 1-2-3

Ross- Rach I knew you all my life and loved you like since forever Rachel Karen Greene will you marry me?

(Rachel face lights up but we fade out)