The One With Rachel’s Birthday

Written by: Zahira

This one takes place after The One With Mr.Fince.

Scene: Joey’s and Rachel’s apartment. Rachel comes out from her room.

All: Surprise!!!

Ross: Happy birthday sweetie.

Rachel: What? My birthday is tomorrow.

Monica: Rachel ?! What’s the date today??

Rachel: Well, I dunno.

Ross: Sweetie, it’s your birthday today….(kisses Rachel on the cheek)

Rachel: Oh my god it is? …. Yeah it is !! Ahh!! Guys thank you so much.

(everyone hugs her)

Scene: In a restaurant. Ross and Rachel are having dinner.

Rachel: Ross thank you so much for this .. it was great.

Ross: Nah! No need to thank me .. As your boyfriend I should make you happy and not hurt you like I did before.

Rachel: you wanna go back to my place to have desert?

(knowing what she meant .. Ross agrees and both of them went to Rachel place to have .. You know ..)

Scene: Central perk. All present except for Ross and Rachel)

Chandler: Uggghhh! My day sucks big time .. That WENUS keeps on giving me problem.

Monica: Chandler honey.. You will feel better tonight.

(chandler smiles .. Rachel and Ross walks in)

Phoebe: So how was the dinner and did you guys do anything last night?

Joey: I’m telling you they did something all right .. When I wanted to check to see how many condoms are left .. There was no more so I guessed that Rachel’s having sex.

Monica: Okay .. Back to Phoebe’s question.

Ross: Well we did have sex and it was really great.

Rachel: Yah he knows his way round the bed.

(they kissed)

Chandler: Joey , I thought you have a date with that hot girl like 10 minutes ago?

Joey: Oh yeah. (runs out as fast as possible)

Ross: (to Rachel) Do you want anything honey?

Rachel: Get me a coffee , decaf. (Ross nods)

(at the counter)

Gunther: Are you and Rachel back together?

Ross: Yeah why?

Gunther: Nothing . (goes to the toilet area and breaks something)

Scene: Chandler’s and Monica’s apartment. (Joey comes in burning up. Slamming the door)

Phoebe: What’s wrong Joey?

Joey: I was dumped while have sex.

Rachel: Ah! That’s why I heard something at the door.

Chandler: No no that was me I wanted to see if Joey’s still awake.

Ross: Umm, Rach .. Today I have a date .

Rachel: (madly) What ?!

Ross: I have a date with this women from work to a lecture.

Rachel: Oh that. Well ,okay.

Ross: Honey if you dun want me to go with her you can come with me.

Rachel: No .. you go with her .. I can’t handle the cold.

Ross: Okay then .. I’m going off.

Rachel: Ross wait . (Gives him a really passionate kiss like the kiss she gave him in TOW The Jealousy.)

Chandler: Nice job there Rach .. I don’t think he can focus at the lecture later on.

Scene: At the museum. (Ross was with his date at the lecture and was not paying attention.)

Date: Ross, why aren’t you focusing to the lecture?

Ross: I just … never mind.

Date: Did you get a really good kiss by your girlfriend before coming here?

Ross: Well yeah. Why?

Date: Well that’s explain why you were not paying attention.

Ross: How do you know that.

Date: My 7th sense .. My 6th is that I could know what colour underwear a men’s wearing yesterday.

Ross: Ohh , cool.