Rachel knows

Rachel knows : the continuation of Whoever said what u don’t know can’t hurt
u was wrong

Ross looks around the apartment and doesn’t find Rachel anywhere so he
decides to call Monica

Monica: hello?

Ross: Mon it’s Ross do you know where Rachel is?

Mon: Yea umm I think you should come over

Ross: okay I’m coming bye

Ross walk into Monica and Rachel’s apt.

Monica: Ross hi

Ross: what’s going on ?

Monica: Why don’t you ask Rachel ?

Ross: she’s here?

Just then Rachel walks out of her room and not realizing Ross is there she
keeps talking and she’s too busy packing a bag to look up

Rachel: I just need to get out of here Mon I can’t deal with Ross right now.(
Just then she looks up and sees Ross standing there with a hurt and dejected
look on his face aww) Ross

Ross: Rachel I can explain

Rachel: Well Monica already explained for you okay and I don’t care what the
doctor said.

Ross: That’s not fair

Rachel: Don’t tell me what’s fair and not fair okay? I don’t think it’s
very fair that you used me, lied to me, and made me believe that everything
between us was perfect ! All I did these past few weeks was ramble on and on
and on to Monica and Phoebe about how great and sweet and sexy and amazing
and loyal and trusting you are! How do think that makes me feel ? I told you
I loved you , I let you kiss me and touch me god Ross I’ve never felt so used
. And you know what the worst part is ? It’s that I was used by someone I
loved ,someone I thought would never hurt me,( at this point she’s about to
cry) and now.... I can’t even look at you Ross.
With that she walk out the door and is walking out of the building and into
the rain then she gets into a cab. Then Ross comes up behind her out of
breath from running.

Ross: where are you going ?

Rachel: Ross I don’t want you following me okay? Just leave me alone

Ross: I can’t do that

( Rachel’s cab drives her away and Ross is left standing there in the rain

Time lapse Ross is inside Monica and Rachel’s talking to Mon

Ross: she left

Monica: where’d she go?

Ross: that’s the thing . I don’t know ( and no I didn’t make those lines
rhythm on purpose)

Monica: she’ll be okay

Ross: mabey....but I wont

Monica: Ross I’m sure she’ll call soon.

Ross: she won’t talk to me

Monica: she just needs some time that’s all.

Ross: I need to talk to her Mon she’s probably alone crying somewhere and I
can’t do anything about it.

Monica: mabey she needs to be alone right now.

Ross: but I need to talk to her.

Monica: well mabey it’s too painful.

Ross: and her being alone and upset isn’t ?

Monica: I know it’s hard to understand that she wants to be alone. but seeing
you would just make her more upset right now.

Ross: well mew sitting here isn’t helping her or me.
( he starts to walk out the door)

Monica: where are u going?

Ross: for a drive I’m gonna look for her

Monica: but you don’t know where she is

Ross: I don’t care I’ll find her or at least I’ll try to. I’m gonna go
crazy if I just sit here thinking about her.

Monica: Ross wait!

Ross: what?

Monica: ( defeated) I know where she went

Ross: you what?!

Monica: she made me promise not to tell you I’m sorry

Ross: I can’t believe this ...you know what just tell me ok? I’m not gonna
waist anymore time here.

Monica: she’s staying at the ___ Hotel it’s upstate here’s the address and
the number

Ross: thanks but I’m not gonna call her. Knowing her she’d probably just
leave before I could get there.

Monica: okay well she’s in room # 14

Ross: okay well I better go bye

Monica: bye...good luck

Time lapse

Ross is driving in the rain trying to find Rachel’s hotel room
He finally finds it after 2 hrs of driving and he walks to her room door and
knocks and Rachel opens the door you can tell that she’s been crying then she
see’s Ross there standing and she has a hurt look on her face

Ross: can I come in ?

Rachel: I can’t talk to you right now Ross ( she starts to close the door)

Ross: Rachel wait! You don’t have to talk to me just listen to what I have to
say. please ?

Rachel: okay ( they both go inside) I’m listening

Ross: okay well when your doctor was telling me about your amnesia I
explained the situation to him and he told me I couldn’t tell you what

Rachel: Ross that was weeks ago! When were you planning on telling me?! After
I figured it out for myself ?

Ross: Well I just I didn’t want to hurt you Rach ,and I knew that once I told
you .....things would go back to the way they were before, when we barley
talked to each other. but I finally decided yesterday that I would tell you
tonight remember I told you I had to talk to you? That’s what I was going to
talk to you about.

Rachel: oh ya like I really believe that. How stupid do you think I am ?

Ross: Rachel I’m telling you the truth. I know I should have told you sooner
but I couldn’t let you go..... .............I love you

Rachel: You know I’m really starting to hate how you use that word.

Ross: what?

Rachel: I hate how you think you can just say that ....and it just makes
everything ok.... but it doesn’t Ross.

Ross: don’t do this Rachel ......what can I do ? Just tell me what I can do.

Rachel: You already did it.

Ross: Rachel I can’t loose you again....I can’t .

Rachel: Well it’s not your choice Ross . You should go

Ross: fine but this isn’t over Rach ( he tries to hug her but she backs away
so he just hold her hand in his for a couple of seconds looking into her face
but she looks down and then he walks out the door)

Rachel: yes it is( Rachel breaks down and cries)

Ross decides to get a room in the hotel and after going to the lobby and
purchasing his room he goes up and sees that it’s right next to Rachel’s
room. He reluctantly goes inside fighting the urge to walk into Rachel’s room
. When he gets inside he can hear her through the wall crying.

Cut to
Rachel on the other side of the wall in her room. She’s crying still an
talking to herself

Rachel: why do you do this to me Ross why ?

Cut to Ross

Ross: I don’t know Rach all I know is that I love you

Rachel sits on her bed continuing to cry as Ross’s eyes starts to tear up as

Time Lapse

The next morning

Ross and Rachel are still in their rooms alone thinking .....about each other

Ross walks out his door and stands there in front of Rachel’s wondering if he
should go inside or not just then Rachel opens her door and sees Ross just
standing there.

Rachel: your still here?

Ross: yea I couldn’t leave

Rachel: oh .....

Ross: I mean I didn’t want to leave

she just looks up at him and they are held in a stare together ( or should I
say they have a R and R moment but Rachel breaks it reluctantly)

Rachel: Ross I
cutting her off

Ross: Shhh ....don’t ( he looks into her eyes for a moment and then kisses
her softly Rachel gets caught up in the moment but then pulls away)

Rachel: Ross .....no.

Ross: but I

Rachel: I’m sorry ( she walks into her room and closes the door Ross sighs
and slumps down to the floor on his feet holing his head in frustration and

Time lapse

3 hrs later

Rachel hears a knock on the door and goes to answer it yea you guessed it
it’s Ross

Rachel: Ross

Ross: I just wanted to let you know that I’m leaving I mean I’m going back
home .me being here obviously isn’t helping and it’s too much for me. so
gonna go

Rachel: oh okay

Ross: so when do you think you’ll come home?

Rachel: I think I’m gonna stay here for a while

Ross: right well um goodbye

Rachel: bye

( Ross turns around to leave but then walks back over to Rachel before he
reaches the door)

Ross: I just I have to tell you something before I go Rach I want you to know
that those 3 weeks I had with you were amazing and I know you think I used
you and I know I did a stupid thing by waiting to tell you but I was falling
even more in love with you then I’d ever been before...... because this time
I knew what it was like to miss you and not be with you. And I know that
pretty much means nothing to you right now but I had to get it off my chest.
The only reason I didn’t tell you sooner was that I knew what would be ahead
......this. I couldn’t end it. And don’t you remember how in the beginning I
didn’t touch you or kiss you unless you did first and you were all upset
about that well I was gonna tell you right then I wanted to but I couldn’t
you looked so hurt already so I didn’t. If I was using you I wouldn’t of
cared so much abut hurting you and I wouldn’t have felt guilty kissing and
touching you.

Rachel: you cheated on me and now this Ross I’m sorry but I can’t forgive
you I just can’t

Ross: ya well I knew I was gonna get hurt from the very beginning when I
chose not to tell you so I guess I had this coming . Please come home soon.
I’m really gonna miss you.

Rachel: Goodbye Ross

Ross: bye

Rachel: wait!
Ross turns around

Ross: what?

Rachel kisses Ross softly but Ross breaks it pretty quickly

Ross: why do you have to play with my heart like that ?

Rachel: I just

Ross: Forget it....... bye

Rachel: bye

Ross leaves

Montage of the next 5 days during this the song worlds apart by Journey plays
(hey don’t trash it until you’ve heard it everyone has a guilty pleasure cd
plus the lyrics are perfect)

Ross is driving back home and he has a tear running down his cheek

Here we stand
world apart, hearts broken in two

Rachel is in her room crying and thinking about all that’s happened in the
past two days

Sleepless nights
Loosing ground
I’m reaching for you

Ross is at his apartment he sees Rachel’s bag that she left from their last
date and he softly starts to cry

Feelin' that it's goneCan change your mind
If we can't go on
To survive the tide life divides

Rachel is in her hotel room she comes across a picture of Ross and tears
stream down her face as she recalls what happened when he said goodbye

Someday love will find you
Break those chains that blind you
One night will remind you
Ross is at his place with the guys and one of them mentions Rachel and he
gets a sad look on his face

How we touched
And went our separate ways
True love won't desert you
You know I still love you

Rachel calls Monica’s and Ross picks up ,Rachel hangs up and looks hurt

Though we touched
And went our separate ways
Troubled times
Caught between confusions and pain

Ross hears Monica talking to Rachel on the phone and walks away

Distant eyes
Promises we made were in vain
If you must go, I wish you love

Rachel is riding in a cab going home and thinking of Ross as she looks out
the window

You'll never walk alone
Take care my love
Miss you love

Rachel goes inside her and Monica’s apartment and Monica is there talking to

Monica: Hey Rach you’re here !

Phoebe: hey your back

Rachel: I missed you guys. so what’s going on ?

Monica: nothing really are you okay sweetie ?

Rachel: I guess ( obviously lying)

Phoebe: you are totally lying .

Monica: Phoebe!

Rachel: she’s right I’m a mess .

Monica: I’m sorry sweetie is there anything we can do ?

Phoebe: wanna talk about it ?

Rachel: I guess so. Ok well after I took off in that cab.........

She finishes telling them what happened

Rachel: and I just don’t know what to do

Monica: wow .....I don’t know what to say

Rachel: tell me what to do

Phoebe: but we can’t you have to figure it out on your own

Rachel: ya I guess so but this is so hard.

Monica: we know honey

Phoebe: your still in love with him right?

Monica: Phoebe!

Phoebe: oh come on like you don’t want to know

Monica: that’s true

they both look at Rachel for an answer

Rachel: well I guess.....anyway that doesn’t matter because I can’t be with
him at least not now .

Phoebe: but why not if you still love him ?

Rachel: because I just can’t forgive him for what he did ....I can’t. He
really hurt me and it kills me to see how this is hurting him but I just
can’t be with him right now. I just I feel so used.

Monica: you know he really does love you and he was really worried about you
when you were in that coma Rach. I think he’s telling the truth.

Rachel: I don’t know you know what can we just not talk about this right now ?

Monica: yea sure

Rachel: I’m gonna unpack

Monica: okay

Time lapse
Rachel’s just finished unpacking the girls are talking and Ross walks in

Ross: hey Mon

Monica: hi Ross

Ross: Would it be okay with you if I .....he sees Rachel come out of her room
and stops talking then just stands there looking at her for a moment

Monica: what were you asking me Ross?

Ross: oh right sorry well I was gonna ask you if I could stay at your
apartment tonight cause my place just got painted inside and the fumes are
really strong but um....( He looks over at Rachel) you know what I think I’ll
just ask Joey and Chandler.

Monica: are you sure ?

Ross: yea I’ll see you later bye

Monica: bye

Ross leaves and the girls look over at Rachel who looks very hurt

Monica: are you okay Rach ?

Rachel: ya I’m fine. Ya know what I think I’m gonna go take a walk I’ll
you guys later.

Monica/Phoebe: ok /bye

Rachel leaves and Monica and Phoebe start talking

Monica: I can’t believe this is happening again

Phoebe: I know they already went through that whole breakup and now this.

Monica: I hope they can fix this somehow

Phoebe: what do ya mean ?

Monica: well it looks like they can’t even talk to each other and that has to
change because their gonna be around each other all the time.

Phoebe: ya I wish those two could just be happy.

Monica: ya I know we all do sweety.

To Be Continued............